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Emerald Engagement Rings: 6 Shocking Facts

It&#;s not easy being green. But it can be! Many people hold the mistaken belief that Emeralds are not an engagement ring option due to being too soft. But what if I told you that Emeralds are actually harder than other common gems like Amethyst or Citrine? Read on below to learn 6 shocking facts about Emerald engagement rings, why they&#;re a great option, and how to pick the best one!


Shocking Fact #1: They&#;re not actually &#;too soft&#;

Do emeralds scratch easily?

No. Contrary to popular belief, Emeralds are actually quite scratch resistant, being a on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This means they are pretty durable for everyday wear! What is actually more important to understand about Emeralds is that many have extensive inclusions. Jewelers call these special Emerald inclusions its &#;jardin&#; (or its garden!). Emerald jardin is very normal, as Emeralds are a Type III stone (inclusions expected). Importantly, however, is that some of these inclusions may reach the surface. And, surface-reaching inclusions can make a stone vulnerable to chipping. So, by choosing a stone without (or without many) surface-reaching inclusions, your Emerald is not &#;too soft&#; to be an engagement ring!

Can emeralds crack?

Yes. Like all stones (yes, even diamonds!) Emeralds can crack or chip if struck. Because many Emeralds have surface-reaching inclusions, cracks can occur more easily. So, when choosing an emerald, make sure to look for a stone with no (or only minor) surface-reaching inclusions. If the stone you&#;re looking at has a surface-reaching inclusion, make sure to set it in a protective setting, such as a bezel or halo!


Shocking Fact #2: Emeralds can be eye-clean

Are real emeralds cloudy?

Many are, but not all! Because Emeralds are a Type III stone, we expect them to have inclusions &#; and often so many that the gem is somewhat cloudy. However, super high-quality natural Emeralds can be eye-clean! Another way of choosing an eye-clean Emerald is to choose a Lab-Created Emerald. Lab-Created Emeralds have the exact same mineral makeup as a natural Emerald, but will not show a jardin (and are therefore often more durable).

Do emeralds sparkle?

Eye clean Emeralds will offer green flashes, but not &#;diamond-like&#; rainbow sparkle. This is because Emerald&#;s refractive index is &#; , whereas diamond&#;s is That means that when light enters an Emerald, it does not reflect it as much as a diamond. Instead, light makes an eye-clean Emerald brighten and almost glow. 🙂

Moving gif of Emerald Sparkle

Shocking Fact #3: High-quality Emeralds are rarer than Diamonds

High-quality eye clean natural Emeralds are rarer than diamonds! It takes moving around x more rock to locate a high-end Emerald than it does a Diamond. So, you can rest assured that choosing an Emerald engagement ring shows your love.


Shocking Fact #4: Natural stones are oiled for beauty

To make an Emerald&#;s jardin less noticeable, and it&#;s green more green, natural Emeralds are oiled after they are faceted. This is a normal treatment and all natural Emeralds are expected to be oiled (just like Sapphires are expected to be heated.) Think about it like a hot oil treatment you put on your hair! 🙂

How can I clean my emerald engagement ring?

Because natural Emeralds are oiled, natural Emeralds should be cleaned by hand in warm soapy water with a soft toothbrush, and not with an ultrasonic or steam cleaner (which may strip out the oil). If you accidentally remove the oil from your natural Emerald, don&#;t panic! A competent jeweler can have your Emerald re-oiled (don&#;t try this at home, kids).

PS: If you&#;ve chosen a Lab-Created Emerald, you can clean your Emerald by hand or ultrasonic &#; no oil to worry about! 

Can you wear an emerald ring everyday?

Sure. Because Emeralds are a on the hardness scale, they are durable enough for everyday wear. Like all fine jewelry (yes, even diamonds), you should remove your rings before doing anything strenuous. So, before you work out, garden, do the dishes, etc., take off your ring! This will help protect it from unnecessary hits.


Shocking Fact #5: Lab Created Emeralds are super affordable

(left) Lab Emerald vs Natural Emerald (right)

Are Emeralds cheaper than diamonds?

Natural top AAA quality Emeralds will be more expensive than diamonds. This is because they are rarer in nature and much more expensive to find! However, if you like the look of an Emerald with more jardin (and there are some cool looking jardins out there), you can definitely find a natural Emerald that is less expensive than diamond. Also, Lab-Created Emeralds are incredibly affordable! And, a Lab-Created Emerald is much less expensive than a Lab Created Diamond.

How much is a 1-carat emerald worth?

A natural top quality 1 carat Emerald will range upwards of $4,+, however, a Lab-Created 1 carat Emerald is only $! Check out below how this compares with diamond:

mm Natural AAA Emeraldmm Round Lab Emerald1ct (mm) Round I/VS2 Diamond

How much is an emerald engagement ring?

The price of your Emerald Engagement ring is simply the cost of your chosen Emerald center stone and your ring setting &#; we have Emerald engagement rings starting at $! Couples can choose from large Emerald center stones, beautiful Emerald three-stone engagement rings, or even Emerald halos! We love it all, and can make the Emerald engagement ring of your dreams.

Olivia Wilde's Emerald Engagement Ring

Shocking Fact #6: Emeralds make great engagement rings

Is Emerald OK for an engagement ring?

Yes! Emeralds make great engagement rings: they&#;re beautiful, rare, and durable! I love Emerald engagement rings because they are unique and said to bring good fortune, too. 🙂

Are emerald engagement rings popular?

Although not as popular as Sapphire engagement rings, Emerald engagement rings are popular with those who love green. They enjoy a celebrity following, too! Halle Berry&#;s engagement ring showcases a gorgeous Emerald cut Emerald, as did Jacqueline Kennedy&#;s! Victoria Beckham has a beautiful cushion cut Emerald, and Olivia Wilde&#;s engagement ring has a unique Art Deco Emerald halo.

Who should not wear emerald?

People who do not want to have to remove their jewelry before being active should consider other stones. Those who want an ultra-durable green gem should consider green diamond (we can source natural, color enhanced natural, or lab green diamonds!) or green sapphire. Both of these gems are more durable for extreme wear.

Green diamond vs Emerald vs Green Sapphire Side by Side Comparison

(left) Green diamond vs Emerald vs Green Sapphire (right)

Who is an emerald engagement ring right for?

Those who love a natural green look and who will treat their Emerald with care! Emeralds are a lovely engagement ring choice for lovers of green and gardening. They are best for people who don&#;t mind removing their jewelry when being active.

How to Pick the Best Emerald Engagement Ring

Should I pick a Natural or Lab Emerald?

It depends on why you want an Emerald! Couples choose Natural Emeralds for their rarity, prestige, and natural beauty. Couples choose Lab-Created Emeralds for their price, their high clarity, and their ease of maintenance. Both are beautiful, durable, and make excellent engagement rings!

Side by side comparison of Natural vs Lab Emerald engagement rings

(left) Natural Emerald engagement ring vs Lab Emerald engagement ring (right)

What color Emerald is best?

The top color for an Emerald is very slightly blueish Green. The slight blue tint gives your Emerald a regal look! That said, color is an incredibly personal choice. Some people love a super dark Emerald, some like Emeralds with a more yellowish tone! As the most important factor when choosing a colored stone is color, so don&#;t let anyone tell you to like something you don&#;t! For example, I love greyish toned gemstones, even though they are less valuable than their more vivid counterparts.

Side by side comparison of emerald color variations

(Left) medium-light very slightly yellowish green; medium-dark green (middle); medium-dark bluish green (right)

Are dark or light emeralds better?

The most valuable tone (meaning how light or dark an Emerald is) is medium-toned (so not too light, and not too dark). You want to be able to see green (not black), but also not have it be so light that it appears washed out. So, try to strike a happy medium.


What if my Emerald isn&#;t eye clean?

That&#;s ok! Most Emeralds are not eye-clean. Think of your Emerald&#;s jardin as its unique fingerprint &#; there&#;s not another one out there like it! Moreover, many people love Emeralds for their mossy, lush look. That includes its beautiful garden-like inclusions!


What cut is best for my Emerald?

As you would expect, Emerald cut is the traditional shape for Emeralds! However, Emeralds are beautiful in all shapes. Ovals and Pears are also common shapes, as their long facet patterns echo natural Emerald crystal shapes. Couples choosing a natural Emerald should be aware that because of their rarity, natural Emeralds may have some cutting and symmetry inconsistencies. That means that sometimes an Emerald may have a small flat area on a curve, or extra facets on one side. And that&#;s ok! Cutting inconsistencies occur because gem cutters try to keep as much weight for you as possible out of the small amount of Emerald material mined!

PS: If you&#;re choosing a lab-created Emerald, the sky is the limit! You can choose any size and shape, as gem scientists are growing and cutting it special for you. 🙂

Oval vs Pear Emerald Engagement rings side by side

Which metal is best for Emerald?

I love the look of an Emerald set in a yellow gold head with a white band, but it looks great in all metals! Yellow gold will bring out the color of an Emerald, while white metals (such as white gold or platinum) will give it a cooler tone. We suggest against rose gold, as pink and green are not as complimentary.

How can I Order an Emerald Engagement Ring from Do Amore?

Email us at [email protected] or drop us a note here! Let us know about the Emerald you want, and we&#;ll happily provide you a quote. Don&#;t know what you&#;re looking for, or what you can afford? No worries! Let us know what budget you&#;d like to stick to, and we&#;ll give you options. Feel free to ask for me, Corinne, the gemologist. I love helping customers find the perfect gemstone engagement rings (I have one too!).

Sours: https://www.doamore.com/emerald-engagement-ringsshocking-facts/

Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Considering an emerald-cut engagement ring? You're in good company. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, and Beyoncé sport the Art Deco-style shape—there's a reason why the emerald cut has become a celebrity favorite in recent years! An emerald-cut diamond's elongated shape actually makes the stone appear bigger than other diamond shapes, while the gem's vertical facets create a glamorous, mirror-like effect. It's an elegant cut that gives your rock some serious presence.

What Is the Emerald Cut?

An emerald-cut diamond is a rectangular stone with cut corners. "Emerald-cut diamonds feature step cuts, which are large facets that sit parallel to one another," explains gemologist Ryan Kelsie of Ritani.

Full disclosure: the emerald cut is not the sparkliest style on the market (if you're looking for sparkle, check out round or brilliant-cut stones). However, it is just as beautiful! "In an engagement ring, it creates a flattering, slenderizing effect on the finger," offers Kelsie. "The emerald-cut diamond is a desirable choice because its large surface area makes it appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight."

Meet the Expert

Ryan Kelsie is a gemologist at Ritani, a fine jewelry company that specializes in engagement rings and bridal jewelry.

And despite being around for centuries, the popularity of the emerald cut saw a resurgence during the Art Deco period in the s and s. Ahead, learn more about the emerald cut and what makes this diamond selection one of the best.

Platinum vs. White Gold: What's the Difference?

Pros and Cons of Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

Unlike other cuts, emerald-cut diamonds put an emphasis on the stone's clarity rather than sparkle, per Kelsie, making clarity and color grade important details—and something to pay attention to when ring shopping.

There are some cons to note too. "Because of the large table and open facets, emerald-cut diamonds show imperfections and color easily," adds Kelsie. She suggests finding a stone with a "minimum clarity grade of VS2 or higher and a color grade of H or higher," adding that many consumers favor diamonds that appear colorless rather than yellow.

What to Look for in Emerald-Cut Diamonds

  • What if you're ordering the engagement ring online? If you happen to be engagement ring shopping online, Kelsie urges you to always ask for high-definition imagery and videos before purchasing the emerald-cut stone.
  • How much do emerald-cut diamonds cost? Typically, diamond prices are dictated by their shape. For an emerald cut ring, the cost ranges anywhere from $1, to $6, When pricing a ring, consider the carat of the diamond and the metals used to create the ring.
  • What setting should you choose for an emerald-cut diamond? Since emerald-cut diamonds are stunning on their own, the setting will only enhance the beauty of the stone. Halo and solitaire settings are the most popular settings of rings, and using this shape for the emerald-cut diamond, pairs nicely for the overall look.

How to Care for Your Emerald-Cut Diamond

Emerald-cut diamonds should be cleaned with mild soap and warm water: Kelsie suggests using a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub between the prongs and hidden corners. In addition to routine at-home care, you should bring your diamond ring to the jeweler at least once a year. "Your jeweler can tighten the prongs so your diamond doesn’t become lost," she shares, adding, "jewelers can also professionally clean your ring to make it look just as beautiful as the day you first got it."

History of the Emerald Cut

According to Kelsie, the emerald cut is one of the oldest diamond shapes and has been around for centuries. "It gets its name from the emerald gemstone, which was cut in this fashion," she says. "Gemstone cutters found that emeralds chipped less when they were cut this way."

How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Below, scroll through unique, bold, and minimal emerald-cut engagement rings for every kind of bride.

Catbird Erstwhile Deco Solitaire Ring

Current engagement ring trends all lead to minimalism, making this solitaire-set ring from Erstwhile a stunning option for a low-key bride. The emerald-cut diamond sits on a delicate 18K yellow gold band—another popular trend!

Cool Ring Jewelry Emerald-Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring and Marquise Wedding Ring

This two-piece set comes with a vintage-inspired emerald-cut engagement and complementing marquise wedding ring. But perhaps what is even prettier than this diamond ring pair is the price.

Zales /3 CT. T.W. Emerald-Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum

Similar to singer Demi Lovato's engagement ring, this Zales creation includes a center emerald-cut diamond and two trapezoid diamonds.

Catbird ManiaMania Eternal Ring

For color and shine, look no further than ManiaMania's Eternal ring. Set on a solid 14K gold band, a bi-color sapphire is surrounded by pavé of white diamonds.

Tiffany & Co Tiffany Novo Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring with Diamond Pavé Band

Featuring a single emerald-cut diamond, this Tiffany Novo ring puts the rock on full display. But don't worry, this bauble isn't without sparkle thanks to the diamond pavé band.

Valerie Madison Vera Emerald Cut Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

Although an emerald inspired the name of the emerald cut, there's no rules that state the ring has to have that green emerald shade. Here, the diamond stays in place by four claw prongs that highlight the entire stone. The band is simple, and makes the basket setting look traditional.

Ritani Solitaire Diamond Gallery Engagement Ring

Go back to the basics with this Ritani engagement ring. A single emerald-cut white diamond rests on a white gold band, making this a ring that will never go out of style.

Gemist Emerald Solitaire Ring

Here, the celeb-favorite diamond cut is paired with a celeb-favorite gold band, making it a stylish, simple option for brides inspired by recent A-list engagement rings.

Vrai The Signature East West Solitaire Ring

Another East-West set option, a diamond pavé band adds bling to the otherwise simple, yet elegant ring.

Gemist Emerald Halo Ring

There's really no setting the emerald cut doesn't look good in, especially when the center stone is surrounded by a diamond halo. Besides, the more bling the better!

Allurez Halo Morganite and Diamond Ring

Color, sparkle, size—this Allurez ring has it all. Featuring an emerald-cut morganite center stone with a diamond halo and pavé band, this piece of jewelry makes a sophisticated statement and feels one-of-a-kind.

Blue Nile Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring

This petite solitaire ring from Blue Nile looks twice as expensive than it actually is. A great option for budget-conscious couples, this gorgeous ring proves beauty and quality don't have to cost a fortune.

Liven Co. East-West Emerald Cut Colored Stone Ring

East-West setting, diamond halo and a diamond pavé band—what's not to like? Plus, the center stone comes in a variety of colors from white topaz to rainbow moonstone.

Vrai The Trio Three-Stone Ring

We've been obsessed with three-stone rings ever since Meghan Markle donned one in Here, three emerald-cut diamonds are paired together, creating a luxurious look.

Anna Sheffield Attelage Ring

We can't tell what we like best about this engagement ring by Anna Sheffield: the double band, diamond halo or stunning center stone. It's the perfect foundation for creating the ultimate ring stack, yet still stands out on it's one.

Kay Jewelers Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds are truly the name of the game with this sparkling engagement ring from Kay Jewelers. If you're looking for shine, the emerald-cut stone, double diamond halo and diamond-encrusted band this will no doubt satisfy!

Anna Sheffield Bea Three-Stone Ring

This ring was originally designed for a specific client, but Anna Sheffield can create a unique version to match your desires and price point. We particularly love the champagne diamond paired with the rose gold band and prongs.

Tacori Simply Tacori Engagement Ring

This emerald-cut engagement ring is all about the details. From the East-West setting to the diamond-tipped frame, the diamond pavé band to the crescent silhouette, you'll never get sick of staring at this beauty.

Tiina Smith Fancy Light Brown Diamond Ring

Want a ring that makes a statement? This carat ring will do the trick. The large emerald-cut diamond is flanked by pear-shaped white diamonds and is actually set on a 14K yellow gold setting.

Mocuin Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

The delicate emerald-cut diamond is set East-West and surrounded by a modified bezel setting all on a square gold band. What's not too like about this one-of-a-kind piece?

Sours: https://www.brides.com/gallery/emerald-cut-engagement-rings
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Emerald Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Colored gemstone engagement rings have steadily become more popular among brides-to-be, not only for their vibrant colors but also their unique flair. One of our favorites? Emeralds. An emerald's deep-green hue makes it instantly eye-catching, and, just like glimmering diamonds, options are limitless when it comes to settings, cuts, and style. Hues range from bright green to bluish-green, and it pairs beautifully with different types of metals, stones, and settings.

What Is an Emerald?

Emerald is a richly green gemstone belonging to the beryl family of minerals. They are rare and beautiful and serve as the May birthstone.

Whether your tastes are bold and statement-making or subtle and simple, emerald engagement rings come in a wide range of styles to suit all aesthetics and budgets. We talked to jewelry designer Grace Lee about what to look for in an engagement ring and how to care for this colorful gemstone.

Meet the Expert

Grace Lee is a fine jewelry designer who launched her eponymous collection in All of her pieces are meticulously produced in Los Angeles.

Ahead, learn the pros and cons of an emerald engagement ring, why the cut is so important, and why a lower-carat emerald is a great option.

Pros and Cons of Emerald Engagement Rings

If you do spring for an emerald solitaire or center stone, be aware: Emeralds are softer than other stones, making them more fragile to cut. "Green emeralds rate on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness compared to a diamond’s hardness of 10," explains Grace Lee. "While softer than diamonds, emeralds can still be cut and polished into a variety of beautiful shapes by expert cutters and are safe for daily wear."

High-quality emeralds are rarer than diamonds and, therefore, tend to come with a higher price tag. However, since emeralds have a lower density, a one-carat emerald will actually appear larger than a one-carat diamond. 

Emeralds are bright, beautiful, and highly versatile, and they look stunning as center or side stones.

What to Look for in an Emerald Engagement Ring

Thinking green for your engagement ring? Here are a few questions and answers you should know before you look for the perfect stone.

  • How important is the color of the emerald? "I tell clients that color is the most important factor when it comes to green emeralds," says Lee. The consistency of coloring, the tone, and saturation of the green are all factors that can help determine the quality of the emerald. 
  • What should I know about emerald clarity? Most natural emeralds have inclusions (small imperfections known as "jardin," which means garden in French) and fractures or fissures that present as tiny lines within the emerald. These tiny lines don't necessarily detract from the look of the gemstone and can actually add to its overall beauty. Lee notes that an emerald can be cut strategically to ensure the fissures do not come up to the surface and/or corners of the emerald.
  • Why are emeralds sometimes treated with oil? "Oil is commonly used on emeralds to fill in fractures and enhance their clarity," explains Lee. "While oiling does not devalue the gemstone, disclosure of oiling and the degree is important when sourcing an emerald."
  • Where should I source my emerald from? "As with all precious gems, I recommend sourcing from a reputable and trusted jeweler or dealer," says Lee. "Green emeralds are not typically accompanied by a certificate but can be certified if you have concerns."

How to Care for an Emerald Engagement Ring

Although emeralds are safe for daily wear, they are softer than most gemstones and require more care. Since emeralds are often treated with oil, it's best to avoid exposing your emerald to extreme and potentially damaging heat. As for cleaning your engagement ring, Lee notes that using gentle soap and warm water is the safest way to clean emerald jewelry.

How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring: 12 Dos and Don'ts

Set on getting a gorgeous green gemstone ring? Check out our edit of emerald engagement rings for every style and budget.

Grace Lee Emerald Signet Ring

This emerald baguette ring crafted from 14K gold is an utterly stunning choice for the bride-to-be who appreciates a timeless design.

Tiffany & Co. Art Deco Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring

If you have a penchant for vintage jewelry, then you'll love this art deco ring from Tiffany & Co. circa This impressive piece boasts an enchanting emerald flanked by a pair of old European-cut diamonds.

Cartier Solitaire Emerald Ring

A gorgeous mix of vibrant green and dazzling platinum, this ring strikes the perfect balance between classic and glamorous. Set with an emerald-cut emerald and brilliant-cut pavé diamonds, this piece is sure to never go out of style.

Bario Neal Ray Solitaire Emerald-Cut

For the minimalist bride-to-be, this simple yet stunning engagement ring should suit your pared-back aesthetic. Opt to pair it with the matching wedding band for the complete look.

Mark Broumand Emerald and Diamond Ring

If you're looking for a little sparkle, this stunner featuring a halo of shimmering diamonds will not disappoint. Pair yours with a diamond band for added glitz and glamour.

Chroma by Greenwich St. Jewelers Cleo Brazilian Emerald Ring

In brilliant green, this emerald ring feels at once modern and timeless. Its polished 18k gold setting lets the stone speak for itself.

Martin Katz Emerald-Cut Emerald Ring

If you're anything like us, you won't be able to stop staring at this insanely exquisite ring from Martin Katz. This ct emerald-cut emerald will make for a jaw-dropping proposal.

Harry Winston Classic Winston Baguette

It doesn't get more classic than an emerald-cut emerald. A mix of platinum and 18K yellow gold sets this gemstone engagement ring apart. Pair yours with a gold or silver wedding band.

Leo Ingwer Emerald Art Deco Ring

This exquisite emerald piece is a beautiful example of a vintage-inspired engagement ring. In 18K yellow gold and accented with straight baguette diamonds, it has art deco written all over it.

Allurez Pear-Shaped Emerald and Floral Diamond Halo

What could be more beautiful than an emerald showcased in a floral diamond halo? This style feels as fresh and feminine as a garden wedding set in the English countryside.

Yoshinobu Kataoka Inishmore Emerald Ring in Gold

Understand yet exquisite, this engagement ring is perfect for the bride-to-be who appreciates simplicity. Its dainty band is elegant and really makes the center stone pop.

Van Cleef & Arpels Menuet Emerald Ring in Platinum

We love this engagement ring for its rich green gemstone, classic baguette-cut diamonds, and timeless aesthetic. This piece would look stunning paired with a traditional ballgown.

Wwake Nestled Emeralds in Yellow Gold

Why have only one emerald when you could have two? This ring with nestled emeralds isn't something you see every day and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.

Kwiat Oval Emerald Ring With Pavé

If you're not one to shy away from sparkly bling, give them glitz and glamour with this oval-cut emerald engagement ring surrounded by dazzling diamonds.

Anna Sheffield Yellow Gold and Emerald Rosette Ring

Calling all future brides with bohemian sensibilities—this oval rosette ring is for you! This stunner could easily be stacked with several bands or with a simple yellow gold band for a more pared-back style.

Bayco Cosmopolitan Collection Emerald-Cut Ring

Make an impact with an engagement ring that features an emerald so light-catching and transparent that you could get lost in it for days.

Kotlar Collection Harmonie Emerald Ring

Vibrant and showstopping, this Harry Kotlar design is crafted with a breathtaking asscher-cut emerald mounted between two diamonds and a band featuring a double row of diamonette-infused pavé.

Danhov Tubetto Diamond Shank Emerald Ring

A deep-green stone and diamond halo make this ring feel instantly classic. This style is offered in 14K and 18K white gold as well as platinum.

David Yurman Three-Stone Emerald Ring

Leave it to David Yurman to create an emerald ring to make us green with envy. This three-stone style is meant to symbolize a couple’s past, present, and future.

Maria Jose Jewelry Emerald Solitaire Ring

Stunning doesn't even begin to describe this work of art by Maria Jose. If you're a solitaire kind of gal, then this ct emerald ring will seriously take your breath away.

Edwardian Emerald and Diamond Navette Ring

Brides-to-be who are drawn to all things vintage will appreciate this circa Edwardian emerald ring. An emerald-cut emerald is set to the center of a navette shape cluster for a truly striking piece.

Azlee Emerald and Baguette Diamond Ring

This beautiful piece of emerald jewelry will look stunning on your ring finger and can be engraved for an extra-special touch. Wear yours stacked or solo.

Grace Lee Crown Bezel Emerald Ring

For a delicate and elegant emerald engagement ring that you'll love and cherish for years to come, you can't go wrong with this rose-cut emerald set in a 14K gold crown bezel.

Olsen K Sparkle 18K Yellow Gold Emerald Diamond Ring

Sours: https://www.brides.com/gallery/emerald-engagement-rings
Emerald Shaped Diamond Size Comparison on Hand Finger Engagement Ring Cut 1 Carat 2 ct .66 3 4 1.5

Green Emerald Engagement Rings - All Viewable In ° HD

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Gemstone","AvailableTotalPrice":"","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"","CategoryName":"Halo","ItemPageLink":"gemstone-rings/emerald-engagement-rings/carat-halo-engagement-ring","sku":"Y14"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"","RealPrice":"","TotalPrice":"","OrderID":"","MetalID":"3","SumCarat":"","Title":"14K Rose Gold Pave Setting","GemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Round Gemstone","ComponentSumCarat":"","Carat":"","Shape":"Round","Color":"Emerald","GemstonePrice":"","JewelPrice":"","Code":"","JewelID":"","AvailableGemstonePrice":"","SimilarAvailableGemstoneID":"","SumAvailbleCarat":"","AvailableGemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Round Gemstone","AvailableTotalPrice":"","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"","CategoryName":"Pave","ItemPageLink":"gemstone-rings/emerald-engagement-rings/carat-pave-engagement-ring","sku":"R14"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"","RealPrice":"","TotalPrice":"","OrderID":"","MetalID":"3","SumCarat":"","Title":"14K Rose Gold Halo Setting","GemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Emerald Gemstone","ComponentSumCarat":"","Carat":"","Shape":"Emerald","Color":"Emerald","GemstonePrice":"","JewelPrice":"","Code":"","JewelID":"","AvailableGemstonePrice":"","SimilarAvailableGemstoneID":"","SumAvailbleCarat":"","AvailableGemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Emerald Gemstone","AvailableTotalPrice":"","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"","CategoryName":"Halo","ItemPageLink":"gemstone-rings/emerald-engagement-rings/carat-halo-engagement-ring","sku":"R14"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"","RealPrice":"","TotalPrice":"","OrderID":"","MetalID":"5","SumCarat":"","Title":"18K Yellow Gold Pave Setting","GemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Cushion Gemstone","ComponentSumCarat":"","Carat":"","Shape":"Cushion","Color":"Emerald","GemstonePrice":"","JewelPrice":"","Code":"","JewelID":"","AvailableGemstonePrice":"","SimilarAvailableGemstoneID":"","SumAvailbleCarat":"","AvailableGemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Cushion Gemstone","AvailableTotalPrice":"","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"","CategoryName":"Pave","ItemPageLink":"gemstone-rings/emerald-engagement-rings/carat-pave-engagement-ring","sku":"Y"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"","RealPrice":"","TotalPrice":"","OrderID":"","MetalID":"1","SumCarat":"","Title":"14K White Gold Halo Setting","GemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Round Gemstone","ComponentSumCarat":"","Carat":"","Shape":"Round","Color":"Emerald","GemstonePrice":"","JewelPrice":"","Code":"","JewelID":"","AvailableGemstonePrice":"","SimilarAvailableGemstoneID":"","SumAvailbleCarat":"","AvailableGemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Round Gemstone","AvailableTotalPrice":"","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"","CategoryName":"Halo","ItemPageLink":"gemstone-rings/emerald-engagement-rings/carat-halo-engagement-ring","sku":"W14"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"","RealPrice":"","TotalPrice":"","OrderID":"","MetalID":"1","SumCarat":"","Title":"14K White Gold Halo Setting","GemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Cushion Gemstone","ComponentSumCarat":"","Carat":"","Shape":"Cushion","Color":"Emerald","GemstonePrice":"","JewelPrice":"","Code":"","JewelID":"","AvailableGemstonePrice":"","SimilarAvailableGemstoneID":"","SumAvailbleCarat":"","AvailableGemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Cushion Gemstone","AvailableTotalPrice":"","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"","CategoryName":"Halo","ItemPageLink":"gemstone-rings/emerald-engagement-rings/carat-halo-engagement-ring","sku":"W14"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"","RealPrice":"","TotalPrice":"","OrderID":"","MetalID":"5","SumCarat":"","Title":"18K Yellow Gold Vintage Setting","GemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Round Gemstone","ComponentSumCarat":"","Carat":"","Shape":"Round","Color":"Emerald","GemstonePrice":"","JewelPrice":"","Code":"","JewelID":"","AvailableGemstonePrice":"","SimilarAvailableGemstoneID":"","SumAvailbleCarat":"","AvailableGemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Round Gemstone","AvailableTotalPrice":"","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"","CategoryName":"Vintage","ItemPageLink":"gemstone-rings/emerald-engagement-rings/carat-vintage-engagement-ring","sku":"Y"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"","RealPrice":"","TotalPrice":"","OrderID":"","MetalID":"4","SumCarat":"","Title":"18K White Gold Side stones Setting","GemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Emerald Gemstone","ComponentSumCarat":"","Carat":"","Shape":"Emerald","Color":"Emerald","GemstonePrice":"","JewelPrice":"","Code":"","JewelID":"","AvailableGemstonePrice":"","SimilarAvailableGemstoneID":"","SumAvailbleCarat":"","AvailableGemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Emerald Gemstone","AvailableTotalPrice":"","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"","CategoryName":"Side stones","ItemPageLink":"gemstone-rings/emerald-engagement-rings/carat-side-stones-engagement-ring","sku":"W"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"","RealPrice":"","TotalPrice":"","OrderID":"","MetalID":"1","SumCarat":"","Title":"14K White Gold Three Stone Setting","GemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Round Gemstone","ComponentSumCarat":"","Carat":"","Shape":"Round","Color":"Emerald","GemstonePrice":"","JewelPrice":"","Code":"","JewelID":"","AvailableGemstonePrice":"","SimilarAvailableGemstoneID":"","SumAvailbleCarat":"","AvailableGemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Round Gemstone","AvailableTotalPrice":"","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"","CategoryName":"Three Stone","ItemPageLink":"gemstone-rings/emerald-engagement-rings/carat-three-stone-engagement-ring","sku":"W14"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"","RealPrice":"","TotalPrice":"","OrderID":"","MetalID":"7","SumCarat":"","Title":"Platinum Three Stone Setting","GemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Emerald Gemstone","ComponentSumCarat":"","Carat":"","Shape":"Emerald","Color":"Emerald","GemstonePrice":"","JewelPrice":"","Code":"","JewelID":"","AvailableGemstonePrice":"","SimilarAvailableGemstoneID":"","SumAvailbleCarat":"","AvailableGemstoneTitle":" carat Emerald, Emerald Gemstone","AvailableTotalPrice":"","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"","CategoryName":"Three Stone","ItemPageLink":"gemstone-rings/emerald-engagement-rings/carat-three-stone-engagement-ring","sku":"P"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"","RealPrice":"","TotalPrice":"","OrderID":"","MetalID":"4","SumCarat":"","Title":"18K White Gold Three Stone Setting","GemstoneTitle":"

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Carat ring 1 emerald engagement

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1 carat Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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