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COVID UPDATE: Pura Vida Coffee will continue to be roasting and shipping coffee. Our office hours will be limited and staff will be working remotely. You can order online from our web store or email orders to [email protected]. You can also leave a voicemail at () . We appreciate your continued support during this difficult time. Blessings to all of you.

Click here to access our COVID GUIDES

Our Covid Guides were developed as a learning tool to help minimize the risk of coronavirus spread at your workplace, church, home, etc. We are here to help you!

Serve Pura Vida Coffee At:



Pura Vida Coffee was established in to roast great Fair Trade Organic Coffees and then use most of the net proceeds of the business to fund programs through our Create Good Foundation that help at-risk youth around the world.  We believe we were one of the first businesses to adopt a social venture business model that we continue to follow today.

The growers of our premium Fair Trade Organic are paid fairly and better able to provide for their families.  Our customers benefit by enjoying a terrific cup of coffee.  When you serve Pura Vida Coffee at your workplace, church or home, every single purchase has a purpose.

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Our Office

Gateway Dr S, Suite
Seattle, WA,
United States


Sours: https://www.puravidacreategood.com/

Vera Bradley acquires a majority stake in online jewelry store Pura Vida Bracelets

Vera Bradley announced Thursday it has agreed to pay $75 million to buy a majority stake in Creative Genius, the owner of Pura Vida, an online seller of handmade bracelets.

"Pura Vida is a highly differentiated lifestyle brand with uniquely strong products and amazing consumer loyalty," Vera Bradley CEO Robert Wallstrom said in a statement. "We have many similarities in our value-based cultures, in our authentic brands, and in our devoted customer bases and emotional customer connections."

Pura Vida reported net income of $ million on revenue of $ million in

The La Jolla, California-based company was co-founded in by Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman. The company sells colorful string or braided bracelets that start from $6 each. The jewelry is made by artisans around the world and are sold online and in retail stores.

The amount Vera Bradley will pay on the deal is subject to potential price adjustments. Also, if Pura Vida reaches certain performance targets, an additional $ million may be paid as a bonus.

Vera Bradley has the right to buy the remaining 25% stake in the company five years after the deal closes. The transaction is expected to be completed in the second quarter.

Vera Bradley shares were up more than 3% in trading Thursday on the news. The stock, which has a market value of $ million, has gained more than 40% since this year.

Sours: https://www.cnbc.com//06/20/vera-bradley-acquires-a-majority-stake-in-pura-vida-bracelets.html
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About Pura Vida 

Pura Vida Bracelets Review

Pura Vida is a movement that celebrates the simple things in life. In Spanish, &#;pura vida&#; means pure life. It&#;s a mindset about enjoying the little pleasures, slowing down, and living life to the fullest. 

Pura Vida partners with artisans around the world to create handcrafted bracelets in endless color combinations. They cater to a primarily female clientele, having curated an enviable collection of jewelry, accessories, and Pura Vida stickers.

Over the last couple of years, Pura Vida has contributed to more than charitiesworldwide to donate an impressive $ million to worthy causes.The brand has been featured in notable publications for its philanthropic contributions, including Forbes and Teen Vogue

This Pura Vida bracelets review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its jewelry, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they&#;re worth the buy.

Overview of Pura Vida

Pura Vida Bracelets Review

Pura Vida was created by two friends from Southern California, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman in As fresh graduates of San Diego State University, the pair took a trip to Costa Rica, where the inspiration for their brand took root.

Griffin and Paul came across two bracelet makers named Joaquin and Jorge, whose colorful string bracelets captured the simple beauty of Costa Rica. The Pura Vida founders were moved by the artisans&#; struggle to survive on barely livable wages.

Desperate to help, Griffin and Paul requested bracelets to take home with them. Once back in San Diego, the bracelets were put on display in a local boutique and soldout within a few days.

Griffin and Paul then set out on a two-part mission: to provide sustainable jobs to artisans worldwide while raising awareness for charities. The two friends were determined to grow a brand that offered help to less fortunate communities through the products they sold.

Pura Vida Bracelets Review

Today, Pura Vida partners with over artisansacross impoverished countries including Costa Rica, El Salvador, and India, where the company creates steady income for artisans in a positive work environment.

On the Pura Vida website, customers can shop handcrafted pieces or participate in a fundraiser for a charitable organization of their choosing.

Pura Vida also offers customizable bracelets in original and exclusive designs. This option is mostly geared toward jewelry boutiques and store owners, with a minimum order requirement of 50 bracelets—though this would be a great wedding favor as well.

Pura Vida Bracelets Review

Before this Pura Vida bracelets review dives into their bestsellers, here&#;s a sum up on the brand:


  • Variety of handcrafted artisanal jewelry, accessories, and more
  • The company contributes to over charities worldwide and partners with over artisans
  • Customers can shop individual pieces or participate in a charitable fundraiser of their choosing
  • Products packed in biodegradable bags that break down after days when buried 
  • Pura Vida has over , 5-Star customer reviews 
  • Installment payments offered on orders over $35
  • 1 year warranty from time of purchase


  • Some customers report issues with shipping, customer service, quality control, and jewelry turning skin green 
  • All purchases made on Pura Vida are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged, except for rings
Pura Vida Bracelets Review

All Pura Vida bracelets are % waterproof, wax-coated, and adjustable to inches in diameter. The collection features Pura Vida charm bracelets, metal bracelets, individual charms, style packs, and the original designs that started it all, with every piece marked as final sale.

These colorful pieces look cute and dainty by themselves or make a bold statement on your arm if they&#;re stacked. This Pura Vida bracelets review will showcase some of their most sought-after styles.

Pura Vida Solid Mini Braided Bracelet Review

The Pura Vida Solid Mini Braided Bracelet comes in 9 unique colors, so this bracelet can go with anything that you have in your wardrobe. As one customer noted, “The solid mini braided bracelets are super cute!! I always wear one with the originals. Layering is fun!” 

EveryPura Vida Solid Mini Braided Bracelet also comes with a gold-coated &#;P&#; charm. It&#;s perfect for those who want a subtle, natural, and minimalist look. The Pura VidaSolid Mini Braided Bracelet is listed for $

Pura Vida Multi Mini Braided Bracelet Review

Time to remix a classic, the Pura VidaMulti Mini Braided Bracelet is a delicate and creative twist on a classic design. The bracelet comes in 9 whimsical and intricately woven styles and in 6 unique colors to match any and all of your beachwear. 

Just like all Pura Vida bracelets, the Multi Mini Braided Bracelet is % waterproof, so don&#;t be afraid to go deep diving or simply showering off after a long day at the beach.

The Pura Vida Multi Mini Braided Bracelet is normally priced at $, but currently on sale for $

Pura Vida For The Troops Braided Bracelet Review

Please show your support for the brave service members and their families with the Pura VidaFor the Troops Braided Bracelet. For each bracelet sold, 5% percent is donated to the Semper Fi & America&#;s Fund.

This USA non-profit provides immediate and financial assistance and lifetime support to combat wounded, critically ill, and catastrophically injured members of the US Armed Forces and their families. 

The Pura Vida For the Troops Braided Bracelet, priced at $,is interwoven withthree distinct colorsrepresenting the Armed Forces.The Pura Vida For The Troops Braided Bracelet comesin black, green, and beige, the classic military colors.

Pura Vida Cure Childhood Cancer Charm Bracelet Review

Join the fight to end childhood cancer with the Pura Vida Cure Childhood Cancer Charm Bracelet. For each bracelet sold, Pura Vida donates 5% percent to Cure Childhood Cancer, a non-profit dedicated to conquering childhood cancer and supporting patients and their families. 

They are delicately woven together with white material styling, the iconic Pura Vida &#;P&#; charm, and a cancer ribbon charm. You can make a difference in a sick child&#;s life with the Pura VidaCure Childhood Cancer Charm Bracelet, priced at $.

Pura Vida Float On Bracelet Review

The bracelet that started it all. The Pura Vida Float On Bracelet is a collection of strings reminiscent of the idyllic beauty of Costa Rica. The beachy shades on this Float On Bracelet remind this Pura Vida bracelets review of warm sand and cool saltwater.

The Float On Bracelet is adorned with the Pura Vida &#;P&#; charm in a unique black hue. If you dream of sipping pina coladas on a sunny beach in Costa Rica, the Pura VidaFloat On Bracelet can capture that feeling for $

Pura Vida Multi Braided Bracelet Review

The Pura Vida Multi Braided Bracelet is the perfect accessory to enhance your beachy surfer babe or dude aesthetic. Each of the three available color combinations complements one another, like the balance of warm, cool, and neutral shades pictured here.

Many happy customers suggest layeringthis bracelet for a beachy look. TheMulti Braided Bracelet is priced at $

Pura Vida Happy Camper Charm Bracelet Review

Express your wanderlust on your arm with the Pura Vida Happy Camper Charm Bracelet. This dainty charm bracelet comes in green or beige, reminiscent of the woods or a sandy beach.

This Pura Vida bracelet comes with cute dangling silver- and gold- colored charms that are just the right fit for outdoor adventures: a Pura Vida charm, sunflower, compass, hiking boot, and acampfire.

Take the Pura VidaHappy Camper Charm Braceleton your next road trip or cottage weekend for $

Pura Vida Cosmic Charm Bracelet Review

Get some astronomy vibes with the Pura Vida Cosmic Charm Bracelet. The braided design comes black and off-white with silver- or rose gold-colored charms for a sweet outer-space style. 

This funky little bracelet is adorned with five cool charms including a star, planet, crescent moon, lightning bolt,andan alien! Elevate your outfit to out-of-this-world status with the Pura VidaCosmic Charm Bracelet for $

Pura Vida Keep It Cosmic Pack Review

The Pura Vida Keep It Cosmic Pack is for lovers of all things extraterrestrial. This set features alien and UFO charmson four braided and chain bracelets (two of each). Wear them together for a grand intergalactic statement, or try them on their own for just a hint of celestial charm. 

The Pura Vida Keep It Cosmic Pack comes with bracelets in smoke blue, opal, navy, and lavender. This enviable bracelet combois priced at a collective $

Pura Vida Suicide Awareness & Prevention Pack Review

Nearly , people die by suicide in the world each year, which is roughly one death every 40 seconds.Help raise awareness with the purchase of the Pura Vida Suicide Awareness & Prevention Pack.

With every purchase, Pura Vida donates 5% percenttoSuicide Awareness Voices of Education. SAVE is on the mission to prevent suicide through public awareness and education, reduce stigma, and serve as a resource to those affected by suicide. 

The Suicide Awareness & Prevention Packcomes with two multi-string bracelets and one intricate braided bracelet. The braided bracelet sports a white band and comes with a genuine Amethyst stone charm.

The Pura Vida Suicide Awareness & Prevention Pack is priced at $. These vibrant bracelets complement one another well without being outlandish. By purchasing this bright jewelry, you can help bring light to those in the dark.

Pura Vida Bracelets Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Pura Vida Bracelets Review

This Pura Vida bracelets review found that the Better Business Bureau grades the company as an A, the second-highest a business can attain. If you&#;re not familiar with how the BBB evaluates companies, Pura Vida&#;s grade indicates responsible business practices and thorough resolution of customer complaints.

On Trustpilot, reviewers give Pura Vida /5 stars. Out of 6, ratings, 70% deemed the bracelets Excellent (5/5 stars). On the Pura Vida website, all the bracelets have between 4 and 5/5 stars, with thousands of positive reviews across the site.

Buyers on these platforms consistently admire PV&#;s support of artisans and describe the jewelry as beautiful and well-made. Pura Vida bracelets reviews also acknowledge the wide range of unique designs and affordable pricing.

This Pura Vida bracelets review also took a look at how Amazon customers rated the jewelry. Here&#;s a snapshot of how these bracelets perform on the site:

  • Ocean Sunrise Bracelet: /5 stars out of 1, ratings
  • Solid Pacific Blue Bracelet: /5 stars out of ratings
  • Silver Wave Bracelet: /5 stars out of ratings
  • Rose Gold Wave Bracelet: /5 stars out of ratings
  • Rose Gold Mother of Pearl Bracelet: /5 stars out of ratings
Pura Vida Bracelets Review

There are some red flags that this Pura Vida bracelets review cannot dismiss. There are Pura Vida bracelets shipping reviews that state the products received were damaged or broken. It took weeks or months for some customers to receive their orders, while others hadn&#;t received theirs at all.

Other unhappy customers were dissatisfied with the no refund or exchange policy, or had difficulty reaching customer service. There are also claims of Pura Vida jewelry turning customers&#; skin green and reports of low quality.

Are Pura Vida Bracelets Worth It?

Pura Vida Bracelets Review

This Pura Vida bracelets review came across mixed feelings about this jewelry, but the vast majority of wearers seem happy. Since these bracelets cannot be returned or exchanged, it&#;s inherently a risk no matter what—but we think it&#;s a low-risk buy, given the thousands of glowing reviews and affordable prices.

Even more importantly, this jewelry offers the opportunity to make a difference in multiple ways. Whether it&#;s supporting artisans around the world, US veterans and their families, or those suffering from a mental or physical illness.

When you factor in sustainable packaging, this Pura Vida bracelets review recognizes the responsible nature of this businessoverall. With so many unique designs, it won&#;t be difficult to find a piece that you admire as much as the brand itself.

Pura Vida caters to beachy, surfer, and bohemian looks. If any of these are your desired aesthetic, this Pura Vida bracelets review thinks this jewelry is worth the buy.

Pura Vida Promotions & Discounts

Pura Vida Bracelets Review

Pura Vida is currently running a sale on select jewelry items. Customers can get 30% off certain bracelets and accessories at the moment.

Where to Buy Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets Review

If you rather shop in a physical store, you may be wondering, where are Pura Vida bracelets near me? You can find the closest Pura Vida shop by accessing the Store Locator on their official website, PuraVida.com

You can also explore the Pura Vida bracelets Nordstrom carries, the Pura Vida bracelets Walmart collection, or visit the Pura Vida bracelets Amazon page.


What do the Pura Vida bracelets mean?

The Pura Vida bracelets meaning is translated from Spanish and means pure life. It is a movement about appreciating the small things in life, taking time to slow down, and living your best life. 

Where are the Pura Vida bracelets made?

Pura Vida Bracelets are made worldwide.Pura Vida has partnered with over artisans worldwide in places such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, and India. 

What thread is used for Pura Vida bracelets?

Pura Vida string bracelets are made from a waxed coated polyester cord. 

Is Pura Vida a VSCO bracelet?

This Pura Vida Bracelets review would deem Pura Vida as a VSCO bracelet. As quoted by the New York Times, &#;Pura Vida, which makes stackable bracelets, is doubling down on the VSCO-girl market.&#; You only need to visit the Pura Vida Instagram page to gauge what aesthetic they market.

Is Pura Vida real silver?

While Pura Vida offers sterling silver pieces, most Pura Vida&#;s products are not real silver. Be aware of purchasing products and check the &#;Details&#; section on any piece if you want more information. 

Why are Pura Vida bracelets so popular?

As stated by an article on Sourcify: &#;The beautiful, intricate bracelet became a symbol of this philosophy, quickly turning the brand into a wholesome lifestyle that attracts millions of girls and women. By buying the bracelet, shoppers are showing their support and love for the Pura Vida lifestyle.&#; 

How much is Pura Vida bracelet? 

The price of a Pura Vida Bracelet entirely depends on the style. The more simplistic and minimalistic bracelets tend only to be $6+. In contrast, Pura Vida Bracelet packs can be upwards of $45+

Can I shower with my Pura Vida bracelets? 

The majority of Pura Vida string bracelets are % waterproof. However, if you are worried if you can shower while wearing your Pura Vida Bracelet, double-check the &#;Details&#; section. It will tell you if the item is waterproof or not.

How do I track my Pura Vida bracelet?

If the bracelet was purchased directly from Pura Vida, you can track your order using the Pura Vida tracking section on the site. Either enter your order number and email or the tracking number that Pura Vida provided.

How long do Pura Vida bracelets take to deliver?

Pura Vida ships around the world. Pura Vida shipping costs $4 for customers in the US and Canada, $5 for Europe, and $15 for all other locations.

For orders placed from the US, Canada, or Europe, the estimated delivery time is business days, with an additional days for processing. For all other orders, PV estimates business days for shipping, and no estimate is provided for processing.

Pura Vida is not responsible for any duty and tax fees for international shipping. To find out if you will be charged for duties or taxes, refer to your local customs website.

Can you return Pura Vida bracelets?

All purchases made on the Pura Vida website are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged (except rings). Double-check the &#;Details&#; section on the product to confirm if your item is a final sale. There are a handful of exceptions to this standard:

  1. Your bracelet or accessory breaks within a year after purchasing (online orders only). In that case, Pura Vida will send you a new one based on inventory availability. There is no need to send back the damaged one. 
  2. Your item is damaged upon delivery, no need to return the damaged item. Contact Pura Vida with your order information and a photo of the damaged item (again only for online orders). Pura Vida will send you a replacement. 
  3. You received your item as a gift, and it breaks within a year of the original purchase date (online orders only). In that case, Pura Vida will send you a replacement. All that is needed is the order number or the email address of the person that got you the gift.  

All Pura Vida bracelets and accessories come with a 1-year warranty, meaning that the company will replace the damaged item within a year from the time of purchase if it is an online order.

 To get a replacement, send Pura Vida an email containing your name, shipping address, order number, and a picture of the damaged item.

How to Contact Pura Vida

If you have other questions that weren&#;t covered in this Pura Vida bracelets review, you can contact the team through:

Pura Vida customer service hours are Monday to Friday, 6 am to 6 pm PST.

Looking for more ways to give back? Check out Causebox for hand-crafted, sustainable clothing, jewelry, and lifestyle products.

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Sours: https://www.honestbrandreviews.com/reviews/pura-vida-bracelets-review/
pura vida haul \u0026 unboxing! - i bought way too much...

Pura Vida Original Bracelet

Item # Stash Points: 99 (?) This is the number of points you get in The Zumiez Stash for purchasing this item. Stash points are redeemable for exclusive rewards only available to Zumiez Stash members. To redeem your points check out the rewards catalog on thestash.zumiez.com.

Item # Stash Points: 99 (?) This is the number of points you get in The Zumiez Stash for purchasing this item. Stash points are redeemable for exclusive rewards only available to Zumiez Stash members. To redeem your points check out the rewards catalog on thestash.zumiez.com.


Have some fun and soak up the sun while you're wearing the Pura Vida Original bracelet.

  • Pura Vida Original bracelet.
  • Comes in a variety of custom assorted colors.
  • Adjustable pull strings for custom wrist sizing.
  • Multiple small twisted strings tied together.
  • Handmade bracelets.
  • Small gold P charm.
  • Imported.
Sours: https://www.zumiez.com/pura-vida-original-bracelet.html

Sold near me pura vida

Where to buy pura vida bracelets near me

Where to buy Pura Vida bracelets near me: Pura Vida Bracelets is an online, boutique, and handcrafted bracelets and jewelry based in La Jolla, California. After discovering the bracelets on holiday in Costa Rica and turning the local phrase into a cheap product brand in , Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman developed it. Interest in the product grew after a number of celebrities were seen wearing it, and the company has since sold over 2 million bracelets.

Pura Vida bracelets &#; You Can Buy This Product Here:

Where to buy pura vida bracelets near me

Pura Vida collaborates with a variety of charities to create bracelets in their colors and donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of those bracelets to the charities. The company started with the original 9-string bracelet model and later extended its product range to include a variety of bracelet styles.

Where to buy pura vida bracelets near me

Braided bracelets, charm bracelets, and bead bracelets are among the options. The charms on their items reflect waves and mountains, according to Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, since they allude to the Pura Vida lifestyle. Pura Vida Bracelets can be found on Instagram and Twitter, among other social media sites. The company’s Instagram account has over million followers as of April

Sours: https://falloutmemes.com/where-to-buy-pura-vida-bracelets-near-me/
Pura Vida Bracelets Fail - Wrong Bracelet Subscription Club Pack Sent - April 2021

Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets is a La Jolla, California–based company that sells hand-crafted bracelets and jewelry online and through boutique stores. It was founded in by Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, who discovered the bracelets while on a vacation in Costa Rica, then took the local phrase and turned into a brand of cheap goods.[1] After a number of celebrities were spotted wearing the product, interest increased, and the company has since sold over two million bracelets. Pura Vida partners with a number of charities, producing bracelets in those charities' colors and donating a portion of those bracelets' sale prices back towards the partner charities.


The company, which is based in La Jolla, California, was founded by Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman in [2] Thall and Goodman traveled to Costa Rica together on vacation after graduating from San Diego State University, where they met a pair of bracelet makers named Joaquin and Jorge. They then purchased bracelets for $ to bring back to the United States. The pair initially sold their original stock at Planet Blue, a small boutique located in Malibu, California.[3][4][5] After a number of celebrities &#; including reality television personality Lauren Conrad, soccer player David Beckham, and musicians Rihanna and Skrillex &#; were seen with the bracelets, Pura Vida saw an increase in web traffic and sales.[6] By late , Pura Vida had grown to a dozen US-based staff and 50 Costa Rica-based staff.[7] By the end of , the number of Costa Rica-based employees had doubled to over [8] As of March , Pura Vida moved , bracelets a month through 3, physical retail outlets and through their website.[9] As of February , over two million bracelets have been sold.[6] As of July , the company has over employees that work to create these bracelets.[10]Pura Vida means "pure life" in Spanish; in Costa Rica it is said frequently and has many meanings, such as hello, goodbye, or even to say thank you.[11] In an interview, Thall and Goodman called the term "the slogan of Costa Rica, just like the word 'aloha' from Hawaii".[8]

The company initially began with the original 9-string bracelet model and later expanded their product line with the addition of different style bracelets. These bracelets include braided styles, charm bracelets, and bead bracelets. Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman explained that the charms on their products represent waves and mountains because they allude to the Pura Vida lifestyle.[12] Pura Vida Bracelets can be found on many social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. As of April , the company's Instagram account has over million followers.[13]

Pura Vida also creates bracelets for charitable organizations, as a cause marketing fundraiser; bracelets are produced in a charitable organization's colors, and a portion of the sale of those bracelets goes to that charitable organization.[6] As of March , over $ million has been donated to charitable organizations;[8] over charities have been the beneficiaries of this program.[7] In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Pura Vida sold a memorial bracelet and was able to provide $30, to the memorial fund.[7] In addition to producing its own line of products, Pura Vida produces bracelets for the MyIntent Project.[14] Other charities Pura Vida Bracelet's has partnered with include: The American Heart Association, Shatterproof, UNICEF, charity:water, The Surfrider Foundation, Peach's Neat Feet, and many others listed on their website.[15] In , Vera Bradley purchased a 75% stakeholder share in Pura Vida’s parent company, Creative Genius. The 75% of the company was valued at $75 million. They have the option to purchase the remainder of the company in [16][17]


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