60 tooth mini bike sprocket

60 tooth mini bike sprocket DEFAULT
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Our #40/41/420 chain - 60 tooth rear sprocket for mini bikes is ready to mount. This heavyweight (3.4 lbs.) sprocket is made to take heavy-duty trail use as easily as it does the paved suburban cul-de-sac.

Please see specifications below for the dimensions. Note Depending on current stock you may receive a sprocket that is black or silver in color. Neither color will negatively effect performance in any way.


Weight: 3.4 lbs.
Chain size: #40/41/420
Tooth count: 60
Overall diameter: 9-3/4"
Central hole diameter: 1-5/8" / 40mm
Mounting hole diameter: 3/8"
Mounting hole distance (side-by-side): 2-1/4"
Mounting hole distance (across): 3-1/8"


Will this work with coleman ct200u? Will I need more chain and do you sell the chain?
Although we have not confirmed the compatibility of this rear sprocket with the Coleman CT200U, we do carry item N83-9062 which we do show is compatible with that model. The compatible chain is item X98-9506.
What is the inner diameter of the sprocket?
The central hole diameter of this sprocket is 1-5/8" or 40mm.


Good sprocket for the mb165 mb200 or other similiar type of mini bikes fits perfect. Original design style from the stock adding torque.
Solid sprocket...super strong!
both are quality parts. still need a fewmore parts before i can put it back together. . this is a bolts and frame restore
Sours: https://www.monsterscooterparts.com/420-chain-60-tooth-rear-sprocket-for-mini-bikes.html

CT200U - Increase Top Speed? 60 Tooth Rear Sprocket?

More info...
If you want a simple and super strong way to raise the engine, get this solid piece of aluminum. It is 1" thick and 4" x 7" long.
$22 with free shipping.
You can also fab something up using 1" square steel, if you have that. It won't be as stiff torsionally (resistant to twisting), but steel tubing will work.

Also, the mounting bolts in some of these cheap kits are metric and the engine has SAE threads. You might have to go to the hardware store and buy 4 bolts. They are 1" long and use a 5/16 Fine thread. I usually just get allen head bolts as they are stronger than grade 5 regular bolts. Check the bolt that holds the clutch to the crank. Sometimes you need to buy one of those for the same reason, metric in kit, SAE on crank. If the bolts don't thread easily BY HAND into the engine or crank, then you need different bolts. Don't force the bolts in if they don't go all the way in easily by hand. A lot of guys make that mistake, you don't have to :)
Good luck.



Sours: https://oldminibikes.com/forum/index.php?threads/ct200u-increase-top-speed-60-tooth-rear-sprocket.163234/
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Coleman CT200U minibike sprocket change /40 tooth

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Sprocket bike tooth 60 mini

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Were doing a step by step rear sprocket change on our Coleman CT200U-EX

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