Libra and capricorn famous couples

Libra and capricorn famous couples DEFAULT

Here's how compatible your favorite celebrity couples are, according to their zodiac signs

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Editor's Note: Astrology is just for fun and is not supported by scientific evidence.

Celebrity couples are both intriguing and baffling; while their love stories capture the hearts of many fans, it's impossible to truly know the inner workings of famous relationships.

Astrological compatibility, however, can offer some basic insight.

"[Compatibility] is all about understanding what each sign needs, and then thinking 'Well is this a good fit for me?' So I recommend first learning about each sign — what they want from love, what their nature is — and then learning about your own sign," Ophira Edut, half of the famous "AstroTwin" duo, previously told INSIDER. "It's like putting two pieces of a puzzle together."

Compatibility can be evaluated in a number of ways with a number of factors, including elements (fire, earth, air, or water), ruling planets, and the angles of the zodiac wheel.

Of course, this can still be very confusing — so we've done the heavy lifting. Here are some of INSIDER's favorite couples of 2018 and how compatible they are, according to the zodiac.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé respect each other's ambitions.

jay-z beyonce
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As a Sagittarius, Jay-Z values curiosity, ambition, and freedom. Sagittarians are known for getting bored easily and some even go so far as to characterize them as commitment-phobes. 

Beyoncé, on the other hand, is a shrewd Virgo. This speaks to her detail-oriented, perfectionist nature as an artist — and indicates that she sets a high bar for her partner, expecting a deep level of commitment and attentiveness.

While it certainly may seem like these two signs are incompatible in romance, Sagittarius and Virgo are three away from each other on the zodiac wheel.

"That angle is one where the couple might fight or break up a lot, but they also can't resist each other," Ophira previously told INSIDER. "There's a tension between the signs that keeps it hot."

By overcoming those possible tensions, this partnership can evolve — and in this case, as many would argue, has already evolved — into the coveted "power couple" designation.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen overcame their differences.

john legend chrissy teigen
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John Legend is a stoic, ambitious Capricorn. Chrissy Teigen is an adventurous, quick-witted Sagittarius.

These two signs are not typically seen as compatible: Capricorns crave stability and are slow to trust others, while Sagittarius is generally seen as a fickle and restless sign.

These signs are, however, capable of learning a great deal from each other if they can overcome their differences. As a focused earth sign, Legend can help Teigen harness the limitless energy of her fire sign. Conversely, Teigen's good-humored Sagittarian nature has the ability to break down Legend's walls and get him to loosen up. 

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas found romance through an easy friendship.

priyanka chopra nick jonas
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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra recently got engaged after a seemingly brief courtship — and their astrological compatibility may explain how these two are already so comfortable with each other.

Read more: A complete timeline of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's whirlwind relationship

Jonas' sign, Virgo, and Chopra's sign, Cancer, are two away from each other on the zodiac wheel. The AstroTwins previously told INSIDER that such a match-up is "easy and breezy," like dating a best friend but with more sexual chemistry.

Both Virgo and Cancer make devoted, soothing partners and have a deep appreciation for commitment. Ultimately, both signs crave stability and understanding.

Jonas and Chopra likely have excellent communication, though they may occasionally lapse into friendly territory and need to work a little harder to keep the spark alive. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can learn from each other.

prince harry meghan markle
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As a Virgo, Prince Harry's birthday comes just after Leo Meghan Markle's birthday. Being one away from each other on the zodiac wheel, these two will experience some difficulties due to intense differences in personality and style.

"With one sign apart it can be very hard to get on the same page," Ophira previously told INSIDER. 

According to the AstroTwins, however, this couple can learn from each other's differences and force each other out of "fear-based comfort zones."

Markle's warmth, sociability, and passion may help to draw her husband out of his shell, for example. Conversely, Harry's practical, cautious nature can help temper Markle's tendency to seek attention — which may prove useful in her new role as a royal.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin share similar idealistic goals.

Justin Bieber & Hayley Baldwin leave The London Eye Loved Up
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In the eyes of astrology, newly engaged couple Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin initially seems like an odd pairing.

Bieber's fiery Sagittarius sign indicates that he is spontaneous, gregarious, and fiercely independent. Conversely, Baldwin is an aloof and thoughtful Pisces — a sign that thrives in an intimate, nurturing relationship.

Sagittarius and Pisces do share, however, an undying optimism. These signs are idealists, likely to ignore technical incompatibility in favor of passion.

Read more: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were reportedly spotted getting a marriage license — here's a complete timeline of their relationship and whirlwind engagement

Sagittarius and Pisces are also three away from each other on the zodiac wheel, meaning they probably experience a magnetic attraction. Though they may encounter some obstacles or even weather some break-ups, they will rarely resist an opportunity to reunite.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have to deal with opposing communication styles.

kristen bell dax shepard
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Cancers, like Kirsten Bell, are famously emotional and effusive. If a Cancer is in love with you, odds are they'll go above and beyond to make sure you know it.

Being a water sign, Bell is likely sensitive and can easily misunderstand an earth sign's more reserved nature — like that of her husband, Dax Shepard, a stoic Capricorn. These signs have very different styles of communication and may struggle to understand each other.

Luckily for Bell and Shepard, a Cancer's patience and a Capricorn's resilience can lead them past differences and foster a deep connection, even if they're not necessarily compatible on the surface. Indeed, Shepard has even admitted that he and his wife are "opposites" and "it has taken a tremendous amount of work and therapy" to make their relationship work.


We Asked Astrologers to Explain Why These Celeb Couples Work

In astrology, one of the most exciting topics to cover is love, sex and relationships. Why? Because your birth chart can tell you so much about yourself and your romantic relationship with others. 

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Beyond just wondering how to find love if you’re single, a big aspect of love readings has to do with zodiac compatibility. Like, can an air sign with intimacy issues make it with a lovesick Pisces? Can two people with the same sign keep things interesting? What signs really create magic as they navigate sex, parenting, and day-to-day life as a couple? It’s the hottest form of gossip for personality-type obsessed folks (me, specifically).

I firmly believe that true love conquers all (no matter what the stars say!) — but you’ll notice that some star signs don’t often end up on the path to perfect chemistry, and sometimes the signs that you never expect to be together actually create a harmonious relationship.

To get a sense of astrological compatibility in action, I asked Astrologists Allie Schultz and Rebecca Gordon to examine the IRL romantic pairings between some of our favorite celebrity couples with sun sign placements across the board. Read on to learn more about these star-powered couplings!

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Libra Man With Capricorn Woman Compatibility

The Libra guy is romantic and the Capricorn girl likes it that way. He is one man who would woo his partner by his romantic approach. Capricorns on the other hand know how to appreciate and relish romance. Though there would not be much passion involved, the Libra guy makes all endeavors to bring out passion into the relationship.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Libra man and his Capricorn woman have better compatibility when they are involved as friends as well. Though there would not be much rapport with this pair as comrades they have common civility that would mean friends to the outside world.

Compatibility for Marriage

The Libra male and his Capricorn female partner usually share a compatible marriage. This would be a very sensible and practical combination. The logical Capricorn leads the marriage. She makes a deal with the Libra guy right from the start. He has to from time to time make all efforts to get into the good books of her. He needs to work a lot to keep the marriage going on the right track.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex would be more or less a compatible affair between the Libra male and the Capricorn female in a relationship. They treat it as a pass to get things done by the other partner. Each day they look forward to having sex and this steady dose keeps them going for years together despite occasional hitches in compatibility.

The End game

It is usually the Capricorn girl who has to call it splits. When the Libra guy would have drifted away for a long time, she would call the final shot. The Libra man being indecisive cannot fathom the split and its aftermath. But the Capricorn girl conducts it in a very business-like approach. Even after a long time the Libra guy would be searching for the reason for the separation while the Capricorn girl would have settled down comfortably in life with yet another partner. Rating 7/10

Zodiac Signs Compatibility

Gemini   Cancer  Leo  Virgo  Scorpio  Sagittarius   Capricorn   Aquarius  Pisces  Aries  Taurus

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Comparison: Zodiac Compatibility

Capricorn man + Libra woman Famous Couples and Compatibility

The Capricorn man and the Libra woman are a complex and mysterious union. For a man, it may be love at first sight, but not for a woman. He is fascinated by her ease, optimism, and enthusiasm, but she sees him as tedious. A Capricorn man will have to try hard to attract a Libra lady’s attention and make her fall in love with him. But nothing is impossible. Partners will be able to build strong and long-term relationships with both parties’ strong desires.

It will not be easy for the zodiac signs to be together; they have a lot of work on relationships and setting up their daily lives. If the partners do everything right, their relationship will be built on mutual love, support, respect, and understanding. Libra will reveal the best qualities in a man, such as making good money, solving problems, being supportive and protective. She will give him a feeling of home and comfort, where he is always loved and desired.

Famous Capricorn man + Libra woman couples

Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington ❤️

famous libra and capricorn couples

Denzel is Capricorn, and Pauletta is Libra. The couple met in 1977 on the set of Wilma and started dating. He asked her to marry him twice, and the answer was negative. Finally, on the third time, she said “yes,” and the two tied the knot on June 25, 1983. They have four children together, and all of them are acting or working in showbiz. When asked about the secret of their long marriage, Denzel said that there is no single thing. The secret is everything that makes you feel at home. This is all thanks to his wife, who donated a lot to raise children and create all this. He is also a protection for her.

Kate Winslet and Ned RocknRoll ❤️

famous libra capricorn couples

Kate is Libra, and Ned is Capricorn. They met on Richard Branson’s private island when lightning struck the house, and a fire started. She only managed to grab a bra, children, and passports, and he brought them out with a head torch. Then Kate fell in love with him. The couple got married in 2012. They had a son the following year, and Kate has two children from previous marriages. In 2019, it became known that Ned decided to change his last name from RocknRoll to Smith to set a good example for his son and not embarrass him. Partners feel like a real family. Kate tries not to take a job that forces her to leave her children.

Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson 💔

capricorn and libra celebrity couples

Dita is Libra, and Marilyn is Capricorn. The couple started dating in 2001. They dated three years when Marilyn proposed to Dita, and the two tied the knot on November 28, 2005. Unfortunately, their relationship was not destined to last any longer, as, after the marriage, she opened her eyes to the truth. He promised that he would accept her bisexuality and not condemn her and that he would become her reliable support. However, Dita filed for divorce in 2006. She couldn’t come to terms with his desire to go to parties and meet other girls.

Lena Headey and Dan Cadan 💔

libra and capricorn celebrity couples

Lena is Libra, and Dan is Capricorn. The partners have known each other since childhood, so initially, their relationship began with a friendship. They became close when Lena started having problems in a relationship. Dan supported her, and after the divorce, the couple’s relationship turned into a romantic one. In 2015, they welcomed a child, but paternity was not mentioned until 2017. Their relationship was so private that to this day, no one knows if they were married. However, in any case, the couple broke up in 2019. They have come a long way in life as friends, but they did not get along in a romantic relationship and decided to split up peacefully.

Catherine Deneuve and David Bailey 💔

famous capricorn libra couples

Catherine is Libra, and David is Capricorn. The couple got married in 1965. At that time, Catherine already had a child. He was a British photographer and lived in London; she was a French actress and lived in Paris. They broke up in 1970, but the official divorce took place in 1972. Already in old age, David often recalled in interviews how they broke up. When she called him and said that it was wonderful, they broke up because now they can be lovers. It is assumed that one of the reasons for their divorce could be a language barrier. He didn’t learn French, and she was always too tired to speak English. Catherine never married again.

Kiele Sanchez and Zach Gilford ❤️

libra capricorn celebrity couples

Kiele is Libra, and Zach is Capricorn. The two met on the set of The Matadors and started dating in 2010. At the end of 2011, two lovers got engaged and tied the knot the next year. They are madly in love and love each other, but unfortunately, their marriage was not without sorrow. In 2015, the couple was expecting a child, but in the last stages of pregnancy, there was a miscarriage. It was a tough period, but they coped and in 2017 welcomed the daughter born via surrogate.

Other famous Libra woman + Capricorn man couples

libra capricorn famous couples
  • Robert Duvall (Capricorn) and Gail Youngs (Libra) 💔 – started dating in January 1981. Their relationship developed rapidly, and in 1982 the two tied the knot. Their marriage didn’t last long, and in 1986 the union filed for divorce. They had no children together.

And couples famous libra capricorn

Libra Woman With Capricorn Man Compatibility

Hence there would be some incompatibility in this area. Also passion would be lacking in the relationship of this duo. There would be constant moments of hatred and mud-slinging from either side.

Compatibility for Friendship

There would not be any compatibility between a Libra woman and a Capricorn guy to be friends in life. Constant nagging and pestering would be found here that comradeship would be lost in the din. Mutual interests would be lacking here and only sexual attraction keeps them going together.

Compatibility for Marriage

There would be a compatible married life between a Libra woman and a Capricorn man. The duo would be more focused on child-rearing, raising a family, building a home, increasing the financial resources and the like. The Libra woman would rule the roost and the Cap guy can take the centre-stage only in the love-making process.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex would be a compatible affair between the Libra woman and the Capricorn man. There would not be any emotions and feelings involved. Instead it would be a satisfying phenomenon of the senses for both. Libra uses sex as a means of controlling her Capricorn partner. He in turn would be equally obliged to satisfy her needs both mentally and physically.

The End game

When a Libra woman and a Capricorn man call the day off it would be a very tough job for both. The Libra woman needs to be blamed for most of the splits in this combination. She would not understand the Capricorn guy till the separation has bee done. Only after she feels lonely would she be able to realize his necessity, but by then the Cap guy would have crossed the river for his own better. Rating 8/10

Zodiac Signs Compatibility

Cancer   Leo  Virgo  Scorpio  Sagittarius   Capricorn   Aquarius  Pisces  Aries  Taurus  Gemini

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Top 10 Celeb Couples Who Are Perfect Zodiac Sign Matches

Libra man and Capricorn woman Celebrity Couples and Compatibility

The union of the Libra man and the Capricorn woman is full of contradictions. Their outlook on life and priorities may differ. Still, this is not a problem for these two, and they will be able to find a common language and come to a compromise. They will overcome all the difficulties in their path and become a healthy couple and family if they wish. A man is romantic by nature, and he likes to figure out how to surprise a girl. He also subtly feels her needs and mood, making it easier for him to win her heart. The lady is guided by logic and continuously analyzes everything around her so she will look closely at her partner.

The relationship between a Libra man and a Capricorn woman will initially look like a romantic movie. Everything will seem perfect to them. However, after a while, they will notice that the ideal does not exist, and there are some disagreements in their union. These misunderstandings will not be serious, so they will not correct anything. Relationships develop in stages, and partners come to the idea of having children consciously.

Famous Capricorn woman + Libra man couples

Sting and Trudie Styler ❤️

famous libra man capricorn woman couples

Sting is Libra, and Trudie is Capricorn. They met in the 1970s. They lived next door, and Trudie was his wife’s friend. They are not proud of how it turned out, but the two found love for life. After ten years of relationship, they got married in 1992, and the couple has four children together. Sting also has two children from a previous marriage. The secret of their relationship and long marriage is that they don’t just love each other; they are also best friends.

Amanda Peet and David Benioff ❤️

capricorn and libra famous couples

Amanda is Capricorn, and David is Libra. The couple met in early 2006 through Amanda’s manager. From the first meeting, she felt that this was her man and she wanted to marry him. And so it happened. They started dating shortly after they met and got married just a couple of months later, in the fall of 2006. The couple has three children together. David admires his wife, her work and constantly celebrates her successes. He also notes her positive influence on him and that it is easier for him to achieve his goals with her.

Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston ❤️

capricorn and libra married celebrity couples

Jeff is Libra, and Emilie is Capricorn. The first meeting of partners is similar to the plot of the film. The couple met at Equinox gym on Sunset Boulevard. Jeff saw Emilie in a crowded room and came up to her to start a conversation. For him, it was love at first sight. They got married in the fall of 2014. The pair have two children together. For Jeff, this is the third marriage, but the way the couple managed to keep the same spark as when they first met at the gym amazes. Jeff is shining when he speaks of his wife.

Elaine Cassidy and Stephen Lord ❤️

libra and capricorn famous couples

Elaine is Capricorn, and Stephen is Libra. The couple met on the set of the film The Truthin 2006, and a year later, the two got married. Both actors worked hard not only on their careers but also on their relationships. The secret of their marriage is that they respect each other, listen and hear. Parenting became a natural step in developing their union, and it was a conscious decision for which they were ready. Now the couple has two children, and they arrange their busy schedules in such a way as to spend enough time with the family.


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12 Astrologically Incompatible Famous Couples & Why They Work

Astrological compatibility isn't everything. Sometimes an earth sign and an air sign can fall head-over-heels for each other. Sometimes a fire sign and a water sign can live happily ever after. Zodiac signs can be pretty telling, but I'm a firm believer that true love can conquer all, and some of the most astrologically incompatible famous couples work to prove my theory. It's just a fact that there are some astrological signs that are destined to butt heads. However, the stars don't know everything, and they certainly couldn't have predicted how well some of Hollywood's biggest stars would fare together.

From actors to singers to politicians, A-list relationships are rarely predictable. Fans can't know what a celeb couple is like behind closed doors, after all, so we have to rely on body language, social media, and public appearances to decode just how well a relationship appears to be going. It’s an imperfect art, not a science. But as it turns out, not even astrology can always predict which Hollywood pairings will stand the test of time. A few astrological antagonists have survived not only the strain of fame, but total astrological incompatibility, and I'm pretty sure that makes these couples the real deal. Way to beat the odds, you guys.

Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams

Just a look at either of their Instagram pages will show you just how meant-to-be these two recently engaged lovebirds are, but Sarah Hyland (a Sagittarius) and Wells Adams (a Taurus) are actually as astrologically ill-suited for each other as you can get.

While a Taurus partner often prioritizes family and stability, a Sagittarius tends to favor traveling and exploring over staying in one place. Happy-go-lucky Sagittarians have no problem leaping before they look, and their unpredictability is almost always bound to irritate a fixed earth sign such as Taurus. Luckily, Hyland and Adams seem to have found a balance in their very different (yet equally strong) personalities, as they got engaged in July 2019. Who knew a Sagittarius-Taurus relationship could be so dreamy?

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

Although Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been married since May 2018 and are now proud parents to their son, Archie, and daughter, Lili, their loved-up relationship is a strange one when you consider their astrological signs. You probably won't be surprised to learn that Markle is a Leo, whereas her hubby is a Virgo, and these two don't tend to mix.

Harry seems pretty fun-loving to me, but Virgos are actually often reserved — certainly more so than wildly gregarious Leos. However, it's possible that Virgos can help keep Leos grounded and Leos can convince Virgos to loosen up a bit, which seems to be the case for these two.

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas

I don't think anyone would disagree that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas seem like a match made in heaven. But their astrological compatibility (or lack thereof) tells a different story. Turner is a Pisces and Jonas is a Leo, and this water sign and fire sign tend to go together like... well, water and fire.

Pisces are total softies who wear their heart on their sleeve, where Leos tend to be guided more by reason than emotion. These signs tend to have very different communication styles, which can make for a trying relationship, but they can certainly make things work with plenty of empathy and patience. One look at Turner's quotes about her husband will tell you that Jonas is always there for his Pisces wife.

Michelle Obama & Barack Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama may be the country's coolest power couple, but that doesn't mean their astrological signs are as great a match as these two appear to be. Barack is a Leo, while Michelle is a Capricorn, and while these signs are both full of passion and drive, they don't often share common goals or attitudes.

Leos aren't typically planners, and this fiery sign loves nothing more than to take action despite the potential risks. Capricorns, on the other hand, value carefully laid plans above all else. The good-natured lion isn’t always likely to see eye-to-eye with a stern, serious sea-goat, but when these Leo and Capricorn work together, amazing things can happen — successful presidential campaigns included.

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

Sagittarius and Capricorn is another tricky match, but Chrissy Teigen and John Legend make it look effortless. Teigen, who is (unsurprisingly) a Sagittarius, is an odd match for Legend's Capricorn, but the love between these two is ~legendary~ regardless.

Anyone with an internet connection knows that Teigen is never afraid to say what's on her mind, a habit that occasionally gets her in trouble. Legend is certainly the more cautious and soft-spoken of the two, but rather than get annoyed by Teigen's antics, he seems as endlessly amused by his wifey as the rest of the world. And when the time comes, Legend is ready to defend his wife when her words come back to haunt her. Put that all together, and this duo to be one of the strongest Sagittarius-Capricorn couples.

JAY-Z & Beyoncé

JAY-Z and Beyoncé have had some bumps in the road during their long partnership, but their romance has clearly prevailed through it all, despite their astrological incompatibility. Bey is a Virgo, and Jay's a Sagittarius, and these two signs are typically far from an ideal match.

A Sagittarius likes to do what they want, when they want, whereas a Virgo is cautious and methodical. While both signs are known for their adaptability, the impulsivity of a Sagittarius is sure to annoy a careful Virgo (and vice versa). Despite this, it seems like this famous Sagittarius-Virgo couple is sticking together no matter what.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are one of Hollywood’s most iconic couples, and they’ve weathered plenty of storms together. But their astrological compatibility is not quite as impressive as their real-life relationship. DeGeneres and de Rossi were both born under the sign of Aquarius, and Aquarians are known for valuing independence.

It can be difficult for two Aquarians to commit to a long-term relationship that requires sacrificing some of that personal freedom. Despite these astrological odds, these two have been married since 2008 and together since 2004 — so, suffice to say, commitment has not been a problem for them.

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake may be one of the sweetest pairs in Hollywood, but when it comes to their zodiac signs, they aren't fated to be as good a match as you might think. Despite having been together for more than a decade, Biel is a Pisces and Timberlake is an Aquarius, which isn't usually the strongest zodiac pairing.

Air sign Aquarius tends to be distant and impersonal, while Pisceans (like all water signs) are basically overflowing with love and emotions. Pisceans usually get frustrated with reticent Aquarians, and that emotional distance can cause a lot of tension. Timberlake’s rumored cheating scandal in 2019 exemplified this astrological discord. Having gone through that rough patch, the couple seems stronger now than ever.

David Beckham & Victoria Beckham

The Beckhams look for all the world like Hollywood's ideal pairing, but where David is a Taurus and Victoria is an Aries, these two strong-willed and stubborn signs actually make for a pretty contentious match. What else would you expect when you put a bull and a ram together?

Aries are impulsive and blindly optimistic, while Taureans take things slow and steady and are known for their stability. A Taurus may be patient, but usually not patient enough for an excitable Aries. However, I'd like to think that sharing four kids and more than 20 years of marriage speaks for itself.

Amal Clooney & George Clooney

No one could believe it when forever-bachelor George Clooney decided to tie the knot with Amal, and the pairing is even more shocking when you consider their zodiac signs. George is a Taurus, while his lawyer wife is an Aquarius, and like most earth sign and air sign pairings, they're more than a bit mismatched.

A Taurus’ down-to-earth mindset is nothing like the always-unconventional approach of an Aquarius. Taureans also tend to resist change, while Aquarians are the most progressive of the zodiac. A relationship between a Taurus man and Aquarius woman might not be easy, but these two seem up for the challenge.

Glennon Doyle & Abby Wambach

Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach’s romance sounds like it was written in the stars, but their astrological signs are not the most compatible. Doyle is a Pisces, and Wambach is a Gemini. Although both signs are mutable, meaning they’re willing to change and adapt, they have some core differences that can make Pisces and Gemini relationships challenging.

Pisces tend to be more willing to rush into romantic relationships and can have a tricky time setting boundaries with their partners. Geminis, on the other hand, prefer to maintain some distance in romantic relationships as a way to preserve their independence. Although these differences may make things a bit more complicated, it looks like this duo has figured out exactly how to compromise effectively to make their romance work.

Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen

Tom is a Leo, and Gisele is a Cancer. If you’re new to astrology, the short version is that these signs could not be more different. Ruled by the sun, Leos tend to be loud and attention-grabbing whereas moon-governed Cancers are a bit more reserved and introverted.

Although Leo and Cancer may not go about life the same way, they hold many of the same values and place serious emphasis on loyalty and commitment. (A perfect connection to build a family on!) Plus, their differences can make life together all the more exciting.

Like I said, anything can happen in Hollywood romances, but I feel pretty confident that these famous couples who defy astrological incompatibility can do just about anything.


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