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The Best Cases for Your Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases Lineup

Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are faster and better than ever, but they&#;re also more fragile than ever before. Thanks to the glass that covers the front and back of the device, one bad drop can cause permanent damage. Fortunately, there is an almost infinite number of cases to choose from to protect your brand new handset.

Before we begin, note that we have linked cases for the Samsung Galaxy S Each of these accessory manufacturers also sells the cases for the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra. You&#;ll be able to find the case for your phone after clicking on the individual links.

Best Budget Cases

Cases and other accessories tend to be expensive. When you&#;re already spending $1,+ on the handset, your bank account might not allow you to spend much too much on extras. Fortunately, there are a number of inexpensive cases for the budget-conscious.

Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor on the Samsung Galaxy S20

If you buy a case for your Galaxy S20 from your carrier at the same time as your handset, you&#;ll likely pay a minimum of $ Why pay such a high premium when you can get the Spigen Rugged Armor for a quarter of the price? This case is made out of a TPU material that should be able to absorb minor drops and offers clicky button presses.

Caseology Parallax

Caseology Parallax Case on the Samsung Galaxy S20

If the Rugged Armor is too boring for you, check out the Parallax series. Not only does Caseology&#;s product offer a more interesting design, but it also includes dual-layered bumpers that should offer more protection from accidental drops. The Parallax case is available in Midnight blue, Matte Black, Aqua Green, and Burgundy.

Best Thin Cases

Starting at inches, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is a large phone. As such, you don&#;t want to add a bulky case that&#;ll make the handset unwieldy. Fortunately, there are several ultra-thin cases that you can add to your new smartphone.

Totallee Thin Case

Totallee Case on Samsung Galaxy S20

Companies like Samsung spend a lot of time making phones sexy. Throwing a case on top of the build tends to take away from the device&#;s design. If you want to retain the Galaxy S20&#;s fit and finish while also saving it from scratches and minor falls, look no further than Totallee&#;s Thin Case. The case is crystal clear, allowing you to see your phone through the transparent, rubbery TPU. If that isn&#;t for you, the company also offers a thin case in black with a matte finish.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case on the Samsung Galaxy S20

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor isn&#;t transparent, but it is one of the thinnest cases you can get for your Galaxy S The matte finish adds grip to your device that reverses the slippery nature that comes from Samsung&#;s all-glass design. The company&#;s &#;Air Cushion Technology&#; is also made to protect the handset from drops and accidents.

Best Rugged Cases

Accident-prone Galaxy S20 owners should look at rugged cases. You might pay a premium for extra-strength drop protection, but that added cost will protect you from paying even more to replace your expensive smartphone.

Urban Armor Gear Plasma

UAG Plasma Case on the Samsung Galaxy S20

You know Urban Armor Gear&#;s (UAG) Plasma case is rugged based solely on its industrial design. Looks aren&#;t everything though, so the company proudly touts that the case meets the MIL-STD G drop-test standard.

UAG also makes the Monarch case for the Galaxy S20 that&#;s made out of metal and carbon fiber, which meets two times the military drop-test standard.

LifeProof Next

LifeProof Next on the Samsung Galaxy S20

The LifeProof Next case features a two-piece design that keeps most liquids out of the Samsung Galaxy S A cover that resides at the bottom of the case protects the phone&#;s USB-C port from dirt and other debris. The form-fitting design is built to protect your device from drops up to six and a half feet.

Buy at BestBuy

Urban Armor Gear Civilian

UAG Civilian Case on the Samsung Galaxy S20

The Civilian series is the latest case from Urban Armor Gear (UAG). Its sleek and refined design consists of shock-absorbent material, impact-resistant bumpers, and a hard shell. Just like the company&#;s other cases, it meets the MIL-STD G drop-test requirements.

Best Clear Cases

Samsung spends a lot of time perfecting the design of its devices. But by covering your Galaxy with a case, you&#;re not only losing out on handset&#;s design, but you&#;re also losing the Galaxy S20&#;s original color. Clear cases ensure that you can keep an eye on your phone inside.

Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear

Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear on the Samsung Galaxy S20

The Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear case is equal parts transparent and drop resistant. The case doesn&#;t look rugged, but its impact shock-absorbing design can take drops up to 13 feet. Unfortunately, you&#;ll find a small Speck watermark in the top-right corner of the case.

If you want to jazz up the Presidio&#;s design, Speck also makes the case with gold glitter and another with a grippy material.

Caseology Solid Flex Crystal

Caseology Solid Flex Crystal on the Samsung Galaxy S20

Caseology&#;s Solid Flex Crystal case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is the budget choice for those looking to add drop protection to their device while retaining its original look. The accessory is thin and watermark-free on the back of the case, but the reinforced corner bumpers do take away from the overall design.

Best Grippy Cases

Just because you put a case on your Galaxy S20 doesn&#;t mean it&#;s any less slippery. If you&#;re looking for a case that won&#;t jump out of your hand or fall of a tablet, take a look at some of the most grippy cases that you can purchase right now.

Speck Presidio Grip

Speck Presidio Grip on the Samsung Galaxy S20

The Speck Presidio Grip packs the company&#;s Impactium Shock Barrier which will help protect your Samsung Galaxy S20 from drops of up to 13 feet. The rubber ridges that cover most of the accessory makes it one of the best grippy options on the market. The case is available in black, gray,, blue, and includes microban protection for a 99 percent reduction in bacteria.

Gear4 Battersea

Gear4 Battersea Case on the Samsung Galaxy S20

The Gear4 Battersea is a case made out of D3O, an impact-resistant material used in helmets and other safety products. The soft-touch material is slim, anti-microbial, and should protect your Samsung Galaxy S20 from drops from up 16 feet.

Buy from Zagg

OtterBox Commuter

OtterBox Commuter Case for the Samsung Galaxy S20

The OtterBox Commuter is a two-piece case that offers increased grip and drop protection. The soft rubber material easily slips over your Samsung Galaxy S20 and a hard shell fits over the entire device, completing the package. The grippy edges make it nearly impossible to drop. The Commuter is available in black and mint.

Best Customizable Cases

Switching between cases on the daily to match your outfit can get costly. Fortunately, there are cases out there that allow you to customize the look and feel for a relatively low price.

dbrand Grip

dbrand Grip on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

dbrand is known for its 3M vinyl skins that help customize the look and feel of your tech. But if you want more than scratch resistance, you&#;ll want to check out the Grip. As the name suggests, the case is ultra grippy and is designed to protect the Samsung Galaxy S20&#;s display. Plus, when you get tired of the case, you can apply a new skin to change up the device&#;s look.

Buy from dbrand

OtterBox Pop Symmetry Series

OtterBox Pop Symmetry Series on the Samsung Galaxy S20

The Pop Symmetry Series includes the drop protection that comes with being an OtterBox product but includes the added benefits of having a built-in Popsocket. As there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Popsocket designs available, you can change up the look of your Galaxy S20 accessory whenever you liked. The case is available in Black or Mint.

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The best Galaxy S20 cases


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By Don Reisinger

Protect your phone with the best Galaxy S20 cases

The new Galaxy S20 comes with a inch screen, a megapixel selfie camera, and a triple camera on the back that offers ultra-wide, wide-angle, and telephoto picture captures. But thanks to its $1, price tag, you'll want to pick up one of the best Galaxy S20 cases to protect your investment.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to protect that investment with a case. Companies as far-ranging as Samsung and OtterBox to Spigen and Caseology are all selling cases you'll want to consider. 

From stylish designs to the best in protection, here are the best Galaxy S20 cases you can buy now. 

Gear4 Battersea

If you're looking for a case with a balance between design and usability, the Gear4 Battersea is one of the best Galaxy S20 cases you can buy.

The case comes with a slim design and provides drop protection at up to 16 feet. It has a soft-touch feel, but has a rough surface to reduce its chances of falling off a table. Best of all, it's anti-microbial and works with wireless chargers.


SkinIt Carbon Fiber

The Skinit Carbon Fiber is designed to not detract from your device's design, while still providing ample protection to keep you safe.

The case comes with an air-pocket design, so the corners of the handset are always protected when it's dropped. Skinit also promises protection from scratches and dust intrusion. Add that to a nice design and a great price, and the Skinit Carbon Fiber is a winner.


OtterBox Symmetry Series

OtterBox has been one of the biggest names in cases for years, and the company's Symmetry Series might be one of the best for Galaxy S20 owners.

The case comes with a raised beveled edge to protect your phone if it falls face down and thanks to its polycarbonate and synthetic rubber design, should keep it safe from falls and drops. Better yet, the case comes with support for PopSockets, so if you like the idea of using the PopSocket, you can integrate it into the case with ease.


Tech21 Evo Check

If you're in the market for a super-slim case design, the Tech21 Evo Check might be the way to go.

One of the best Galaxy S20 cases, this add-on has an extremely thin design that hugs the sides of your Galaxy S20 without adding too much bulk. It also covers the buttons around the device, so you can keep those free from dust intrusion. The case is coated with an anti-germ layer, and despite its small size, can protect your phone at drops of up to 12 feet.


Mous Limitless

The Mous Limitless case is all about giving you the flexibility you want to use a case with materials you care about.

Mous offers the Limitless in fiber, bamboo, black leather, and walnut. Each case comes with a unique finish that you won't typically find elsewhere. And regardless of the finish you choose, the case will work just fine with wireless charging systems, so you don't need to take the phone out of the case to boost its battery.

On the protection front, the Mous Limitless protects your screen with a beveled edge and can protect your entire device when you drop it. You can even store a second SIM in the case.


Speck Presidio Pro

If you're looking for a workhorse case that offers a nice balance between features and support, the Speck Presidio Pro is one of the best Galaxy S20 cases out there.

The case comes with a slim and simple design that suggests its core focus is to just get the job done and keep your phone safe. It achieves that by delivering an anti-microbial finish and boot drop protection. And since it has a matte finish, it won't so easily slide off the table and damage your phone.


Samsung Smart LED View Cover

If you'd prefer to go with the first-party case option for the Galaxy S20, look no further than the Samsung Smart LED View Cover.

Samsung's case has a folio design that completely envelops your phone. On the front flap that covers your screen, Samsung has bundled an LED array that tells you the time and can display a variety of notifications, so you can see what you might have missed when you weren't using the handset.


Urban Armor Gear Plasma

There are times when you want the latest and greatest protection against any kind of damage to your phone. And in those instances, the Urban Armor Gear Plasma is one of the best Galaxy S20 cases for the job.

The Plasma is a fully rugged case, complete with military-grade protection that surrounds the entire handset and keeps it safe from falls, shock, debris intrusion, and much more. The case also envelops the buttons on the handset and delivers its own tactile keys, so you can easily use the phone while it's in the case.


Caseology Parallax

The Caseology Parallax aims at delivering protection for Samsung's smartphone, while still remembering that style and functionality matter.

Caseology's case achieves that by offering a dual-layered 3D design available in a slew of color options to satisfy your aesthetic. And although it comes with military-grade protection and a grooved design for reducing chances of it slipping off the desk and being harmed, it comes with full support for wireless charging.

Arguably the Parallax's most appealing feature, however, might just be its price. At $25, it's one of the most affordable options in this roundup.


Spigen Tough Armor

One of the best Galaxy S20 cases for those who want maximum protection, the Spigen Tough Armor case is designed to provide degree protection for your phone.

The case comes with multiple protection layers and what the company calls "extreme impact foam" to safeguard your phone when you drop it. Indeed, Spigen is quick to point out that the case works at military-grade standards, so you shouldn't have any worry about it falling from tall heights. That said, be aware that because the case is designed for protection first, it's bulkier than many of the options in this roundup.


Don Reisinger is a communications strategist, consultant, and copywriter who has also written for many leading technology and business publications including CNET, Fortune Magazine and The New York Times, as well as Tom's Guide. 

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Best Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra cases to protect your phone


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By Mark Knapp

Save your Samsung Galaxy S20 from tough love

The Samsung Galaxy S20 doesn't come cheap, and that goes even more-so for the Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra. But, for all the money it takes to buy them, they aren't made substantially more durable than other phones. 

So, if you want to be sure you're getting the most out of your Galaxy S20 by giving it a long life, you should be seriously considering a case to protect it as much as possible.

Even if you got a good deal on the Galaxy S20, it's worth making sure your phone will stay in one piece, so we've put together this guide to the best cases for each phone in one place.

Best Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra cases

1. Spigen Tough Armor

Affordable durability

Reasons to buy

+Low price+Kickstand

Reasons to avoid

-Extra bulk

Spigen's Tough Armor is a trusty go-to when you want to add a solid case to your phone without spending too much. The Tough Armor case for the Galaxy S20 combines three layers of protections to ensure your phone can hold up against being dropped far better than without a case. 

The raised edges of the case will also help protect the fancy, Hz display and the multi-camera array on each side of the phone. There's even a handy kickstand built into the case, so you can go hands-free.

2. Samsung S-View Flip Cover

A case your phone will recognize

Reasons to buy

+degree coverage+Display area

Reasons to avoid

-No clasp

Samsung always has some exciting cases for its own phones, and that's best exemplified in the S-View Flip Cover. This case gives your Galaxy S20 protection on the front, back, and edges. 

The folio cover keeps your screen protected, while a viewing area turns a small portion of your display into an active notification zone even while the cover is closed. However, the cover isn't held shut with a clasp or magnet, so it may not offer as great of drop protection as some other folio-style cases.

Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra

Top 10 Galaxy S20 Plus Cases!

The best Samsung Galaxy S20 cases you can get

The newer Galaxy S21 has usurped Samsung’s Galaxy S20, but you can’t count out the phone just yet. It’s become fairly easy to get the Galaxy S20 at a discount, and it should serve you well for years to come. If you’re thinking about the former flagship, you’ll still want to keep it in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Here are the best Samsung Galaxy S20 cases you can buy right now!

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 cases as more become available. We also have cases for the S20 Ultra and S20 Plus.



Looking for a thin Samsung Galaxy S20 case? There is no thinner case than the PHNX MNML case, which comes in at just mm. It’s so thin, it will look and feel like you have no case at all. It doesn’t offer much drop protection, but it will protect you from the day-to-day scratches that can accumulate. The PHNX MNML case costs $27 and comes in three different colors: frosted black, frosted white, and matte black.

Right now, you can also take 15% off your order with the promo code 15AA.


Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Ultra Hybrid comes with a rigid polycarbonate back panel and soft TPU bumper to provide excellent protection for the Galaxy S A raised lip keeps the display and rear camera safe, and the buttons are covered as well. The case utilizes Air Cushion technology to ensure the phone survives any accidental drops.

Check Pricing

See also: Spigen cases: A buyer’s guide

Speck Presidio Grip

The Speck Presidio Grip combines a polycarbonate outer shell and an impact-absorbing inner material to keep the phone safe. Angled rubber ridges on the back add to the grip and stop the phone from sliding off surfaces. Raised bezels around the screen, covered buttons, reinforced corners, and Microban antimicrobial technology (that reduces bacteria by 99%) add to the protective capabilities of the case.

Check Pricing

See also:The best Speck cases you can get

Caseology Parallax

The Caseology Parallax features a dual-layer design that combines TPU and polycarbonate materials into a slim cover that barely adds any bulk to the phone. The geometric design on the back adds a touch of style, and the textured finish helps with the grip. You get covered buttons, precise cutouts for everything else, and a raised lip around the display and rear camera setup.

Check Pricing

See also: Caseology cases: A buyer’s guide

Spigen Neo Hybrid

The Spigen Neo Hybrid is an old favorite that has been redesigned to be even better. The case combines a TPU body and polycarbonate frame and also utilizes a spiderweb design on the inside to provide excellent drop protection. Dual-tone colors and patterned backs make the Neo Hybrid one of the more stylish cases you can get for Galaxy S

Check Pricing

Ringke Fusion-X

The Ringke Fusion-X comes with a dual-layer design that offers a lot of protection. The hard polycarbonate back is transparent and lets you show off the color and design of the phone. A raised lip keeps the display and the rear camera safe, while the sides and corners are reinforced with a TPU bumper for added drop protection. You also get a built-in lanyard hole to connect wrist and neck-straps.

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UAG Plasma

The UAG Plasma case combines a transparent hard shell and an impact-resistant bumper with reinforced corners to provide MIL-STD G protection for your phone. The raised ridges on the back have a matte finish to keep them scratch-free and you can see the internal honeycomb reinforcement. An extended lip keeps the display, rear camera, and fingerprint scanner free from damage.

Check Pricing

See also: The best UAG cases: A buyer’s guide to what UAG has to offer

ESR metal kickstand case

If you’re looking for a case that isn’t bulky but still offers the convenience of a built-in kickstand, this ESR case is for you. The flexible TPU case comes with a raised lip and reinforced corners. The metal kickstand is sturdy and lets you prop up the phone in landscape and portrait orientations, and allows you to change the viewing angle.

Check Pricing

FYY genuine leather wallet

The FYY Samsung Galaxy S20 wallet case is made with genuine leather that looks and feels great. A magnetic clasp holds the folio cover in place, and the latter can also be folded into a kickstand. It comes with three slots for bank cards or ID and a large cash pocket.

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See also: The best phone wallet cases: A buyer’s guide

Encased Thin Armor

Belt clip holsters are usually available with rugged cases. If you’re looking for this convenient accessory but with a thin case, the Encased Thin Armor is for you. The slim TPU case keeps the phone safe, and a patterned back adds to the grip. The rotating belt holster holds the phone securely in place.

Check Pricing

Spigen Tough Armor

The Spigen Tough Armor offers dual-layer protection with a soft TPU core and a hard polycarbonate shell. It’s one of the best rugged cases for the Samsung Galaxy S20 you can get, coming with a MIL-STD G certification for drop protection. The case also has a built-in kickstand that lets you prop the phone up in the landscape orientation.

Check Pricing

Otterbox Defender

Otterbox is the usual go-to for anyone looking for a rugged case for their phone and the Defender series provides the most protection. It’s thick and bulky, with covered buttons and ports, and has a raised lip to keep the display safe. The Otterbox Defender also comes with a belt clip holster. This rugged case is expensive and will be overkill for some. If complete protection is what you want though, that’s what you get.

Check Pricing On Amazon

The BestSamsung Galaxy S20


S20 5g cases best samsung

For the longest time, I've refrained from putting a case on my phone. A case ruins the look and (sometimes) hides a fun color scheme! Then I dropped a phone hard enough to shatter its glass and immediately reconsidered my stance.

Smartphones are expensive, and it's wise to protect them. Samsung's latest phones, the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra, start at $1, and go up to $1, Drop one of these glass slabs and you'll end up forking over a few hundred dollars to repair it. Why take the risk when a relatively affordable case could prevent disaster?

I've spent many weeks playing around with more than 40 cases from 15 brands, and I've slotted each of Samsung's new phones into all of them. Below are my favorites. We've linked to the Galaxy S20 Ultra by default but you can find links to the S20 and S20 Plus cases just above the buttons.

Updated for April We've added four cases from Moment, Incipio, Samsung, and Olixar.

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases in 2021

The best Samsung Galaxy S20 cases and covers

Samsung&#;s Galaxy S20 range &#; four phones, including the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, and now, the Galaxy S20 FE &#; is stylish and impressively powerful, but curved glass and shiny metal do not bear the consequences of accidental meetings with the sidewalk at all well. In other words, you really need to find some solid protection for your smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S20 may be the smallest of the new range, but it&#;s every bit as fragile as its siblings. Here are the best Galaxy S20 cases we&#;ve spotted so far.

Ringke Fusion-X & Strap

Ringke&#;s Fusion-X is a classic for a reason. The unique design will help you to stand out, even if it isn&#;t for everyone &#; and the top-quality materials mean it&#;s an excellent protective case as well as a good looking one. The black TPU bumper grants good grip along the sides, while also functioning as a good shock-absorbing barrier. The clear back is made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate (PC), and it gives the case a solid backbone. The real unique selling point, though, is the strap that comes bundled in. This attaches to the bottom of the case, and allow you to wear your phone on a shoulder or wrist. Not too fussed about the strap? You can also pick the Fusion-X without a strap for a bit less, but even with, it&#;s not an expensive case.

Ghostek Nautical Waterproof Case

The Galaxy S20 comes with a sturdy IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, but if you&#;re often in wet or dust environments, you may want to double-down on that protection. After all, two layers are better than one. Enter: The Ghostek Nautical case. It sports an IP68 rating as well, thanks to the complete seal it offers, which extends to an integrated screen protector around the front. There&#;s a clear, scratch-resistant back panel, and a military-grade bumper around the edge of your phone. It&#;s certainly not a cheap case by any means, but if your phone&#;s survival depends on its protection against the elements, then this may be a good investment.

UAG Monarch Case

Few case manufacturers are built to support an active lifestyle as much as UAG, and the Monarch is the king of UAG&#;s phone case range for a reason. It blends luxurious materials with strong protection, giving your phone the sort of protection you&#;ll be proud to show off. It&#;s composed of five layers of protection, including top-grain leather, impact-resistant rubber, plates of polycarbonate, metal alloy fixings, and a honeycomb traction bumper, UAG&#;s Monarch is proof against drops of up to four feet high. it does all this while avoiding packing on the pounds, being slim and lightweight. An excellent case, but pricey.

Burkley Carson Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case

Photo shows the Burkley Carson Magnetic Detachable Wallet case in Antique Golden Brown leather

Wallet cases are great, but you don&#;t always need the extra storage space offered. Wouldn&#;t it be easier if you could just remove the wallet part and keep the case? That&#;s clearly what Burkley thought, and it&#;s led to the excellent Carson magnetic wallet case. The case is magnetically secured to the wallet, so you can detach it when you just need a case, and attach it when you need a little extra room for cash, cards, or tickets. It&#;s made from premium full-grain leather, so it&#;ll age gracefully, can fold into a kickstand, and comes in a variety of colors. The downside is the high price &#; but if you&#;re after a versatile case with a lot of style, it&#;s a great choice.

Spigen Slim Armor CS Case

Photo shows the Samsung Galaxy S20 phone in a black slim armor case from Spigen

Spigen&#;s Slim Armor case is a classic, and the Slim Armor CS is a very welcome spin on a classic formula. It takes everything we love about the Slim Armor &#; the sleek design paired with tough materials and build quality &#; and pushes it to the next level with the addition of a sliding compartment with room for up to two cards or spare cash. It&#;s basically a wallet folio case without the folio, and it&#;s a great way to sneakily cart around your essentials. It comes with all of Spigen&#;s usual protection, like the Air Cushion tech to bolster against drops, and a premium dual-layer construction &#; and best of all, it&#;s not a bad price at all.

Otterbox Otter + Pop Symmetry Case

Picture shows the Samsung Galaxy S20 phone, front and back view, in a black OtterBox Otter + Pop Symmetry Case

If you want protection, it&#;s hard to recommend anyone other than Otterbox &#; and now that it&#;s partnered with PopSocket, it&#;s even harder to recommend anything but the Otter + Pop Symmetry case. Essentially a Symmetry case with a PopSocket stuck on the back, the Otter + Pop gives you the extreme protection of the Symmetry case, including its durable dual-layer build that protects against a variety of threats, combined with the versatility of a PopSocket. The PopSocket sits flush with the case when not in use, but when popped out, it can be used as a finger grip or a kickstand for watching videos. It&#;s a great little case, though the high price may put some off.

Tech21 Studio Design Case

Photo shows a Samsung Galaxy S20 phone in an aqua coloured Tech 21 Studio Design case

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a little on the understated side, but don&#;t worry, you can fix that with the brightly colored Studio Design case from Tech The fun pattern on the rear side of the case adds personality, and comes in a number of cute colors, making it a good choice for anyone who wants to make an immediate statement with their choice of case. But it&#;s not all about the looks &#; it&#;s got brawn too. Tech21 claims it can handle drops of up to 8 feet, it&#;s made from plant-based materials, and it has a microbe-fighting coating to help keep your phone squeaky clean. That&#;s a heck of a resume, and it makes the Studio Design a hard case to pass up.

Speck Presidio Grip Clear Case

Photo shows the front and back of the Samsung Galaxy S20 phone in a clear case from Speck

Drop protection is important, but preventing a drop is even more important, and that&#;s where Speck&#;s Presidio Grip excels. The iconic ribbed design of Speck&#;s case isn&#;t just for looks, and the raised ribs are perfect for helping you keep a hold of your phone. It has a clear design, which means it&#;s perfect for showing off your phone&#;s style, and the anti-microbial coating reduces staining and odor over time. So it&#;s grippy, but it&#;s also very protective, with Speck boasting of drop protection up to an amazing 13 feet. If drops are your biggest fear, this case should be your choice.

Mous Limitless Case

Photo shows a black Mous Limitless case in Aramid Fibred

Rejecting the idea that style and substance are mutually exclusive, the latest version of the Mous Limitless case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 offers serious drop protection in a seriously stylish package. It&#;s a slim case, considering the protection it affords, and that&#;s partly due to the AiroShock technology which is designed to take the sting out of any impact. The back panel pictured is Aramid Fibre, at $55, but this case also comes with black leather, and in a walnut or bamboo wood finish for $ The frame adds grip and all the cutouts and button covers you need are present and correct. This case also works with a series of add-on accessories from Mous such as wall and car mounts.

Samsung Clear View Case

Photo shows the front and back of a Samsung Galaxy S20 in a grey Samsung Clear View Case

If you&#;re not a fan of bulky cases, but you&#;d like some screen protection, then the official Clear View case from Samsung could be exactly what you&#;re looking for. It clips onto the sides of the Galaxy S20 and gives some basic protection at the corners, but the main attraction is the clear cover that folds over your screen when you&#;re not using it. The smart thing about this case is that it reveals incoming notifications without you having to open the cover. If you want something slim that won&#;t interfere with the feel of your S20 or any of its functions, then this unusual case could be ideal. You could make a strong argument that it&#;s overpriced, but official cases tend to be pricey and no other case is quite like this one.

Kerf Wood Case

Photo shows a Samsung Galaxy S20 phone in a wood case by Kerf

It&#;s tough to beat the natural beauty of wood and every case from Kerf is handmade in the U.S. with responsibly sourced hardwoods. You have a choice of 14 different wood types and you can get text or images engraved. Kerf also offers a lifetime warranty, so if you&#;re concerned about how durable the wood will be, you needn&#;t be. The inside of the case has an ultra-suede lining to cushion the S There are wooden button covers, accurate openings, and you can use wireless charging or NFC for mobile payments without having to remove the case. On the downside, these cases do inevitably add some bulk and they&#;re also expensive, starting from $69 and going far higher from there, but they&#;re a good choice if you want something unique.

Totallee Thin Case

Photo shows a Samsung Galaxy S20 in a clear Totalee Thin case

If you want a thin layer of basic protection that will also enhance your grip on your S20, but you can&#;t stand logos or superfluous details, then Totallee has you covered. This case is as thin as they come &#; we&#;re talking inches for the matte black and inches for the clear one. It&#;s so light you&#;ll barely feel it and it&#;s completely free of branding. It offers a little protection for the camera suite and it will stop you from getting scratches or dings on the frame or glass of your S20, but we wouldn&#;t rely on this case for drop protection. It&#;s a little expensive for what it is, but fans of the minimalist look will be satisfied with this case.

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet Case

Photo shows a Samsung Galaxy S20 phone in a plum leather Snakehive vintage leather wallet case

Wallet cases can be handy if you like to travel light, or if you just prefer something that offers all-around coverage for slinging your phone in a bag or pocket. Snakehive brings some expertise and style to the table with this case inspired by vintage leather wallets of yore. There&#;s a simple plastic cradle in each wallet to hold your Galaxy S20 in place and the leather surround has a magnetic closure. The inside cover is soft and sports three slots for credit cards or ID. There&#;s a full range of openings for easy access for everything, including the camera on the back. These wallets come in a wide range of colors, from classics like black or brown to teal or plum. The leather feels good in hand and will age in interesting ways.

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