Blank face coloring page

Blank face coloring page DEFAULT
Blank faces coloring pages.

Blank faces coloring pages.

Blank Faces Coloring Page &#; Thanks to all the incredible comments and feedback I&#;ve received from my original &#;Blank Faces&#; post, I&#;ve decided to do a follow-up post.  When I originally created this page it was just a cute colouring page I threw together to entertain my daughter.  Never is my wildest dreams did I expect the mass interest in something that seemed so simple and unassuming.

Since releasing the original post, I&#;ve been contacted by hospital staff, researchers, teachers and therapists.  It&#;s currently being used in emergency rooms, pediatric cancer wards, special education services, Autism research groups and psychologist&#;s offices.  I would be remiss if I didn&#;t mention all the parents and grandparents who have thanked me for helping to keep their little ones entertained too. I have been overwhelmed with thanks and this simple and innocuous coloring page has opened my eyes to the world of need out there. With that being said, this coming week I have an appointment to visit  my local hospital to donate a large package of  &#;Blank Faces&#; coloring pages to our local pediatric ward  (as well as the Robots page, I-Spy, and Jellyfish bracelet templates).

One bit of feedback that I received from my original design is that people wanted to see more ethnically diverse faces so that a variety of children can relate better to the images.  So with that in mind, I have created the next in the series of faces that I hope will accomplish that task.  I want to say in advance that obviously these images are huge generalizations and I am wary of doing anything that may offend or neglect certain individuals or groups.  So please keep in mind that this was only created with the best and noblest of intentions.

Please continue to comment on what or who you printed these pages for.  I love hearing from you.

Download your blank faces coloring page here.

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Thanks for reading!

~ Jamey

Free printable blank faces coloring page.

Free printable blank faces coloring page.


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Kids will love drawing in the faces with their own designs.

Kids will love drawing in the faces with their own designs.

Blank Faces Drawing Page &#; My daughter loves to draw (I wonder where she gets that from). Most of the time she just draws from her imagination but sometimes she asks for pages to colour. She really enjoys drawing faces and experimenting with different styles of eyes, noses and smiles, so I created a page full of various blank faces for her to practice her facial features and expressions on.

Noelle can&#;t be the only little person out there who loves to draw, so I&#;m passing this colouring page on so that other kids can share their creative genius too. Have fun!

Blank Faces-download here.

UPDATE: To get the 2nd edition of my blank faces coloring page go to my post here.

Keep the kids entertained with this blank face printable.

Keep the kids entertained with this blank face printable.

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