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  • Package Includes: 12 Duplex Wall Plates, And Screws
  • Premium Quality, Shatter-Proof, Heat And Fade Resistant
  • Fits Any Standard Wall Plate Of The Same Configuration: 4.5 X 2.76 Inches
  • Includes Painted Screws To Match The Wall Plates

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Bates choice duplex standard size wall plates are made from thermoplastic material, for maximum resistance to impact, fading and discoloration.

12 duplex outlet covers:

  • Package includes: 12 duplex wall plates and screws
  • Premium quality, shatter-proof, heat and fade resistant
  • Fits any standard wall plate of the same configuration: 4.5 x 2.76 inches
  • Includes painted screws to match the wall plates

Life-time warranty

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You use wall plates every time you flip a light switch or plug something in, but you probably rarely think about them. Did you know that new wall plates will help make your home or commercial space healthier and safer? Older wall plates eventually crack, corrode, and collect dust, filling your space with electrical hazards. Nowadays, wall plates function as more than just wire covers. A worksite with a lot of harsh chemicals and high humidity calls for a very different type of wall plate than, let’s say, the dining room of an older home.

Why change your wall plates now? Here are some signs you should make the switch:

1. Cracked wall plate or dust build-up around the wall plate:

Have you seen what happens when you use dryer lint to make a campfire? Now imagine that happening to the wires behind your electrical switches. As it burns easily, dust poses a danger to your wires, increasing the risk of a house fire. If your cover plates allow dust to get inside, you need to replace them. Causes include the wall plate cracking due to age or the wrong size wall plate was installed.

2. You want to upgrade your outlet types:

Ever gone to a newly built hotel or office building and noticed all the fancy types of outlets? Would you like that in your own home? New outlet options these days include USB outlets, phone jacks, fiber, multi-port connectors, and dimmer controls. If you upgrade your outlets, you certainly need new wall plates that accommodate the shape of the new outlets.

3. Burned/charred outlet or plate is warm:

If these apply, you need to rewire or replace your outlet. Causes of burned outlets and warm plates include a worn-out outlet and/or an outlet that cannot handle the amount of power you plug into it.

If the last two apply, you may have faulty wiring or too many plugs connected to the outlet. You need to rewire or replace your outlet in addition to buying a new wall plate. Call a technician for help if you do not know how to install it yourself.

Buying the proper wall plates or light switch covers improves the look and functionality of the space, as well as the safety. Here at HomElectrical, we sell many types of wall plates to fit your needs. Before you buy, evaluate your space, and ask these questions to find the perfect wall plate.

  • Are there harsh chemicals or other corrosive elements in your space?
  • Is it a high traffic space?
  • Is there high humidity in your space?
  • Is the look of the wall plate important?
  • Are you planning on painting over your wall plate?

Plastic Wall Plates:

Plastic electrical wall plate

Thermoset: Plastic light switch plates and wall plates are very common, especially thermoset plastics. If your worksite contains high operating temperatures or harsh or corrosive chemicals and substances, you need a thermoset plastic wall plate. Thermoset plastics never bend, making these the most rigid type of wall plate.

Nylon: Nylon plastic wall plates differ from thermoset plastics in that nylon provides additional resistance to impacts, abrasion, and fading. In high traffic and high moisture spaces, nylon wall plates do the job without breaking or cracking.

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate plastic wall plates resist fading or warping due to UV light and humidity. If you live in Georgia like us, you know just how much damage humidity can inflict on your light switch plates. Choose a polycarbonate wall plate to withstand any moisture in the air.

Metal Wall Plates:

Metal electrical wallplate

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel wall plates withstand heavy use, clean easily, and their design prevents wall damage and dust build up around the edges. If you plan on painting your walls and want your wall switch plates to match, go with stainless steel.

Brass: Restoring an older building? Brass wall plates provide an antique look and work well with yellow, brown, and cream paint. In addition, the metal resists corrosion and premature oxidation.

Now that you know the different types of wall plate materials, you can make the switch and provide everyone with a healthier and safer space. HomElectrical sells UL listed wall plates of various materials at competitive retail prices. Shop our collection today to find blank wall plates, switch plates, and outlet covers for your space!


Sours: https://www.homelectrical.com/what-wall-plate-material-should-i-get.6.html
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How To Cut Nylon Wall Plates


When a professional interior photographer takes photos of a room, there’s one thing they almost always strategically cover up - the outlets and switches! While the photographer and designer can do a deceiving good job of hiding the outlets with furniture, plants, or even cutting boards leaned up against the kitchen backsplash, in real life those dang outlets can really become an eyesore!

Like in our office for example, we have 5 outlets and one switch in that tiny little room and although I still love love LOVE our hunter green slat wainscoting, the white switch and outlets have always felt like wall pimples to me. They need to either disappear into the wall or become an intentional design element.

$20 Upgrade - Swapping out our standard switch and outlet covers for brushed brass designer wall plates. Inexpensive outlet and switch covers that aren't boring. | Nadine Stay
$20 Upgrade - Swapping out our standard switch and outlet covers for brushed brass designer wall plates. Inexpensive outlet and switch covers that aren't boring. | Nadine Stay

So after a year of looking at those wall pimples, I finally convinced myself that designer wall plates are the way to go. I don’t know why it took me so long to make this change…especially since it only cost $20! We swapped out our white switch and outlets for black ones and instead of going for standard wall plates I found $2 bronzy brushed brass plates that feel super luxe in our office. SUCH an inexpensive way to give attention to the small details. The brass somewhat disappears into the dark wainscoting so they’re less obvious, yet when you do notice them they still feel like an intentional design element. Here are the links to the brass outlets and switch covers I bought.

$20 Upgrade - Swapping out our standard switch and outlet covers for brushed brass designer wall plates. Inexpensive outlet and switch covers that aren't boring. | Nadine Stay

There are so many great places to incorporate designer wall plates including the kitchen, bathroom (this is probably my favorite place to play around with unique outlets), the laundry room, bedroom, or any uniquely styled space that’s its own room.

I browsed the internet and found 15 more stunning switch plates in brass, black, and white! If you’re ready to add some designer covers to your home, shop the links below! (PS all the styles below come in rocker switch and duplex outlet form too so you can complete the set for your entire room!)

DIYDanicablog, Blogs 6, outlets, switch, light switch, brass, bronze, switch covers, outlet covers, wall platesComment
Sours: https://nadinestay.com/blog/designer-wall-plates

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