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Rollin' in it: Two of My Favorite Rollerball Refills That Aren't the Schmidt P8126/P8127

If you've been paying regular attention to this blog and my social media feeds, you might have noticed that rollerball pens have been gradually working their way into my carry. Everyone talks about the Schmidt P8126/P8127 capless rollerball refill - and that refill is indeed one of the best out there for retractable pens. But what about other options for rollerball pens with caps? I'll walk you through two of my favorite refills here. 

Montblanc Rollerball pens will accept both a traditional rollerball refill as well as a fineliner refill. I tend to switch between them and they're both good (though expensive). 

In terms of overall quality and available color options, Montblanc makes my favorite rollerball refill. I've never had one dry out prematurely, the ink flow is consistent, and they're threaded, which eliminates any "tip wiggle" when used in authentic Montblanc pens. They also come in a wide range of colors, including not only black and blue, but red, green, turquoise, brown, and purple, in addition to periodic limited edition colors.  The downside? As you might expect, price, which can run upwards of $7 per refill, depending on where you shop.  

The Montblanc Le Petit Prince Classique Rollerball, courtesy of site sponsor Appelboom. Look for a full review in the future! This has the "bold" fineliner refill inserted. I've found that Montblanc refills tend to write a finer line than other bran…

For a more economical take, my go-to option is the Schneider Topball 850, another quality German refill that I first discovered when I purchased the Field Notes "Brands Hall" rollerball pen a couple years back. It's possible to find these in a 10-pack at around $1-2 per refill, which is exceptional value, and the best part is that the Topball 850 comes in a .5mm tip size. I currently have this refill loaded into an Aurora Optima rollerball, a Karas Kustoms Reaktor Galaxie, and even an Inventery Bolt Action Pen (though I'm not sure how long it will last, given that it's not technically a "capless" cartridge - so far, so good though). Size-wise, the Topball 850 seems to be compatible with most pens that take a Pilot G2-size refill, though note that it is NOT compatible with Montblanc pens, and I've not yet had the chance to experiment and find a less-expensive Montblanc refill option. It does appear that Monteverde makes a refill advertised as compatible with Montblanc pens, though I've not tried it so YMMV. 

Takeaways and Where to Buy

Rollerball pens can serve as a much more functional writing instrument than fountain pens or even ballpoints, especially in a work environment.  The main downside is that refills can get relatively expensive, especially on pricier cartridges like Montblanc. For general writing, I use the Schneider Topball 850 (purchased from Amazon) in most of my pens, which is quite economical when purchased in packs of ten. Colors options are limited to black and blue, though. 

Montblanc rollerball refills are still among the best I've used over the years, and their "fineliner" option is exceptional. Montblanc cartridges are available from any authorized Montblanc retailer, but as I mentioned, they are quite pricey. I tend to bargain-hunt and stock up whenever I find a good deal, and Amazon is usually the easiest way to do that. As discussed above, if you can live with a "medium" tip size, Montblanc offers a selection of colors you can't find elsewhere in a rollerball. Note that Montblanc also releases rollerball versions of certain limited edition inks, such as Le Petit Prince, Lucky Orange, UNICEF Blue, and Writers' Edition inks such as Homer and Antoine de Saint-Exupery. These can be hard to find but do turn up if you look around or purchase directly from Montblanc.  

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 


Monteverde Capless Gel Ink to fit Montblanc(2pk) Ballpoint Pen Refills

Buy capless gel ink refills for Montblanc ballpoint pens for less. With Monteverde replacement refills to fit Montblanc ballpoint pens, get high quality gel ink in a fine, medium or broad tip. Choose from black, blue, or blue black ink. Convert your Montblanc ballpoint pen into a rollerball!

For the first time ever this refill for Montblanc pens is available in a gel ink. Smoother writing with the finest developed inks. High quality metal parts and a stainless steel tip.

Product Specifications

Available Sizes & Colors
The Monteverde Capless Gel Ink to fit Montblanc(2pk) Ballpoint Pen Refills usually ships within 1-3 business day unless otherwise specified or marked as special order.

Guaranteed Quality
Each Monteverde Capless Gel Ink to fit Montblanc(2pk) Ballpoint Pen Refills we sell is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic and will arrive brand new & unused!
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Free Shipping on Orders over $65

In 2008, we began offering Monteverde for Montblanc refills for the significant additional colors and point choices that were made available. We eventually dropped the Montblanc branded refills due to the infrequent availability and lack of colors offered. Our customers have been thrilled at the quality, colors and of course, significantly lower price. 

The Monteverde refills you will view are liquid ink and gel ink. To view the properties of these inks, visit our Refill University.

Most Montblanc ballpoint pens accept our Monteverde for Montblanc liquid ink or gel ink refills. There's a variety of color options and point sizes in either option. 

The Monteverde rollerball refill for Montblanc fits Montblanc rollerball pens. One exception is the Montblanc LeGrand rollerball pen. That takes a larger refill which is only available from Montblanc. 

For your Montblanc fountain pen we offer the international-sized ink cartridges from Colorado Pen. This cartridge fits your Montblanc fountain pen perfectly. Our customers love the quality of the ink. If you prefer to use your ink converter and bottled ink, take a look at our large selection of bottled inks.

How to Refill a Mont Blanc Mechanical Pencil

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