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Dual POV The story of how Naruto overcame grief after Hinata's death & how he found love again. This is a love story: Naruto & Kazuki, an orphan who lived next door to him, grew up together, as childhood friends. She always loved him and spent her life preparing herself to serve him when he became Hokage, travelling the world, as a diplomat, building relationships with the other villages. This kept her from ever declaring her love for him & when she came back, he was already married & had children. This story happens 2 years after Hinata dies, when Kazuki comes back to the village to work as Naruto's advisor.
SADA KAZUKI - From Japanese 一 (kazu) meaning "one" or 和 (kazu) meaning "harmony, peace" combined with 輝 (ki) meaning "brightness", 希 (ki) meaning "hope"
From 定 (sada) meaning "certain, true, definite, sure," also used as 貞, referring to chastity and virtue.

Trying Something New By : Chozin_Yi Published : July 7,
Updated : July 7, pm Rated : Adult Chapters : 1 Reviews : 0 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

After a particularly tough day at the Academy, Naruto comes across Hinata with an illicit magazine. After a small talk, they head to his place to check it out.

Content Tags : COMPLETE loli MF Minor1 Oneshot Oral Shouta

A Celebration to Remember By : reptilia28 Published : April 13,
Updated : April 13, am Rated : Adult + Chapters : 1 Reviews : 0 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Hinata asks Naruto what he wants to do on their anniversary. He suggests somethingspecial.

Content Tags : 3Plus Anal COMPLETE DP Fingering HJ MF Oneshot Oral PWP

BITCHED! By : modeac Published : November 17,
Updated : September 19, am Rated : Adult ++ Chapters : 8 Reviews : 16 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

AU of Naruto 6: Road to Ninja; Naruto/Genjutsuworld!Hinata pairing. Warning; violent Female Domination, Bondage, Humiliation, Torture, S&M, brutal (and plentiful) Pegging are present in this story!

Content Tags : Anal, BDSM, Bond, Dom, Fetish, Fing, HJ, Humil, BJ, M/F, Peg, S&M, Spank

A Quick Quickie By : Cool Burn Published : June 18,
Updated : June 18, am Rated : Adult + Chapters : 1 Reviews : 3 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Hinata and Naruto have some quick fun in the bedroom. A self-imposed 1k challenge.

Content Tags : COMPLETE MF Oneshot PWP Vaginal

Naruto Short Stories By : thatguywiththeface Published : March 4,
Updated : March 4, pm Rated : Adult + Chapters : 1 Reviews : 1 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Short stories set in the naruto universe

Content Tags : Bi MF Oral PWP

Where we first met By : Fanfictionfan Published : August 19,
Updated : August 19, pm Rated : Adult Chapters : 1 Reviews : 3 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Hinata has Naruto meet her in the spot they had first met on the anniversary of the meeting

Content Tags : COMPLETE Exhib HJ MF Oneshot Oral PWP

Good morning Hokage By : Fanfictionfan Published : August 16,
Updated : August 16, pm Rated : Adult Chapters : 1 Reviews : 3 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Hinata gives Naruto the perfect wake up call

Content Tags : COMPLETE HJ MF Oneshot Oral PWP

Monster By : Sessakag Published : September 7,
Updated : July 29, pm Rated : Adult ++ Chapters : 25 Reviews : 21 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

New danger is on the horizon for the shinobi world. Peace on the edge of collapse. Naruto, a celebrated war hero, finds himself, once again at the forefront of the fight, but which side is he on this time? Love. Tragedy. Happiness. Heartache. The growing pains of becoming a man, have molded, shaped and brought forth a new Naruto Uzumaki.

Content Tags : 3Plus Abuse Bigotry BP DP Fingering HC HJ OC Oral Solo TF Violence WD WIP

Dark Chakra By : Nescafe Published : September 20,
Updated : January 8, pm Rated : Adult + Chapters : 11 Reviews : 9 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Crossover with The Dark Carpathians. He disappeared 10 years ago, breaking her heart. Now another has came into her life with his name and looks, but claiming to be something other than human. Who and what is he? Why does he resemble her childhood crush? And most importantly WHY does he claim to be her husband??!!

Content Tags : Fingering MC Oral Preg TF WAFF WIP

Happy Birthday Hinata By : LiquidPhazon Published : December 28,
Updated : December 28, am Rated : Adult Chapters : 1 Reviews : 0 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

With today being Hinata's Birthday, she gets the one thing she truly desires, Naruto Uzumaki, from Sakura and Ino, who use a little Jutsu to make sure Hinata receives her gift and gets to have as much 'fun' with him as she likes. One-shot. Involves NaruxHina, but through Naruto being brainwashed.

Content Tags : COMPLETE MC MF Minor2 Oneshot Oral

Shower Fun By : lagseeing Published : October 2,
Updated : October 2, am Rated : Adult + Chapters : 1 Reviews : 0 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Naruto's tired from driving for such long hours. But his girlfriend Hinata knows just how to help her boyfriend relax. Warnings: Rated M. PWP. Shower Lemon. Straight. NaruHina. One-shot.

Content Tags : COMPLETE Fingering MF Oneshot Oral

Naruto's Flirtacious Feline By : agitosgirl Published : September 2,
Updated : February 19, am Rated : Adult + Chapters : 11 Reviews : 69 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

While on his first mission since his training trip, Naruto runs into a bit of a problem. He meets an odd girl with cat ears and a tail. She's attractive, perky, and very deadly. She also appears to be very misinformed. What's a guy to do?

Content Tags : 3Plus Anal Anthro D/s Dom Fingering HJ M/F Oral Solo TF WD

Euphoria By : Insideafourteenyearoldgirl Published : February 6,
Updated : February 6, am Rated : Adult + Chapters : 1 Reviews : 0 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Naruto tries to get more of Hinata in bedand goes too far.

Content Tags : Abuse Anal COMPLETE Contro CR Dom MF Rape

Come In From The Rain By : MrFreaky Published : August 7,
Updated : August 8, am Rated : Adult ++ Chapters : 4 Reviews : 5 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Naru x Hina Romance, Humor She couldn't see him that clearly as he hopped in and out of his car every five minutes or so, probably trying to warm up before trying something else to get his car moving again. One thing was for sure: he was built.

Content Tags : Angst M/F Oral PWP

Endless Lemons By : agitosgirl Published : May 6,
Updated : August 5, pm Rated : Adult ++ Chapters : 8 Reviews : 15 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

This is just a bunch of lemony oneshots rolled into one story! From a foxy Naruto, to a cute little bunny Hinata! Do you have an idea for a lemon that you want to see typed out? Well then, come on in and you just might find it!

Content Tags : Anthro BDSM Dom Fingering HJ M/F NoSex Oral

Twisted By : Dot Published : February 24,
Updated : April 30, pm Rated : Adult + Chapters : 4 Reviews : 3 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Naruto and Hinata switch their core personality traits. How would the Ninja world change, with a shyer Naruto and a more outgoing Hinata?

Content Tags : Angst Fingering HJ Solo WD WIP

Lord Hokage By : EroPrincess Published : November 19,
Updated : May 25, pm Rated : Adult + Chapters : 5 Reviews : 10 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Ch. 6 - Penance: To commemorate seven years of blissful marriage Naruto prepares for a romantic evening with his wife on their anniversary—until Hinata forgets.

Content Tags : 3Plus Anal COMPLETE D/s Fingering HJ M/F Oneshot Oral PWP Spank

dorks. By : EroPrincess Published : April 19,
Updated : April 30, pm Rated : Adult + Chapters : 2 Reviews : 4 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Random sexual exploits featuring Konoha's most innocent couple. (Set some time after The Last, but before the wedding.) [NaruHina]

Content Tags : Bond M/F Oral PWP WIP

Confessions By : EroPrincess Published : April 7,
Updated : April 26, am Rated : SFW Chapters : 2 Reviews : 1 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

Fledgling romances blossom because of a taxicab. Next: Naruto & Hinata!

Content Tags : COMPLETE M/F Oneshot

Hands Tied By : InTheMist Published : February 4,
Updated : February 4, pm Rated : Adult + Chapters : 1 Reviews : 2 Dragon prints :
Located : Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Naruto/Hinata

When she told him she could love him with her hands tied, she didn't think he would take it so literally. One-shot, NaruHina, Rated M,

Content Tags : COMPLETE M/F Oneshot Oral PWP

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“naruto-kun!” | naruto

prompt: Hokage Desk [Taken from the Naruhina Smut Month prompts and challenged by neshasmind to do a smut fanfiction. I couldn’t turn it down]

pairing: Naruto | Hinata

notes: This is smut, and I’m going to try to make it heavily filled with it. So if you don’t like nsfw material don’t read this. This is also for my 50th fanfiction I’ve written on here. And I would like to thank you all for your lovely prompts and support in my writing, I couldn’t do it without you. I mean I could, but they would be in the journal somewhere and hidden from the rest of the world. Anyway, I want to also thank you for the follows I’ve gotten in the past five months. I love you all so so much! (Also, this is kind of lame.) Enjoy!

There’s just something about danger that turns people on.

The desk was pressed up hard against her back, it dug deeply into the exposed skin and it was a little cold. Or maybe that was because of her shirt was completely off and Naruto was already working on the clasp to her bra. 

“Damn thing.” He fussed, fingers fumbling with the clasps, blond brows furrowed in determination. 

“D-Do you really think we should be doing this? This is y-your office. Someone could walk in.” Lavender eyes fell to the door, already weary of someone coming in and she did not want to have to explain what she was doing there with her shirt off. 

Finally, the clasp unhooked and Naruto let out a triumphant hurrah while the piece fell from Hinata’s shoulders, setting her breast free from the confining piece of clothing. They fell heavy against her now that there was no support holding them up and she would have groaned if not for his hands already kneading away at them.

His tongue licked against the warm flesh, tasting the softness while mumbling. “Don’t worry, I locked the door.” Hinata wasn’t worried about a locked door, she was mostly afraid of her voice. 

“Nn! Naruto-kun..don’t!” Hinata gripped hard against the desk as Naruto took her right nipple into his mouth, teeth sinking taking hold of it and nibbling while his fingers twisted and pulled her other one. He knew her weaknesses better than she did by now. 

“I like when you moan. I want to hear more.” His blue eyes looked fiercely at her, she could see the promise in them. 

Rough hands wrapped around her waist, and then she was facing the other way, stomach pressed against the desk and her legs spread apart. Naruto pressed himself to her, and she could now feel the warmth of his bare skin against her, he had taken off his shirt. Then his hands found her breasts again, massaging them tenderly, the fleshy mounds barely fitting in his palms. 

She found herself sliding forward each time her forced himself more against her, his body grinding against her back side. Her palms pushed papers, scrolls, and books forward, some falling off the desk and falling heavily to the floor. This made her gasp out in surprise, and her head quickly turned to the door thinking that just the falling of books would send someone in. 

Naruto chuckled, fingers pinching her swollen nipples making her squirm under him. “Relax, no one is going to come in. Hokage’s promise.” 

His hands were gliding down her back, and her breasts were pressed against the desk now, uncomfortably pressing into loose paper as well. His hand found her rear, the palm rubbing circles around and around before giving a firm slap against the cloth of her pants. The gesture sent her head spinning. Usually she didn’t feel like this, not when she was in the comfort of her own home where no one could potentially walk in on them, but here, in the Hokage Mansion where he was watched like a hawk, the danger was real. So why was she so turned on?

“Hinata, stay like that for a minute, okay?” He whispered against her ear, placing a few strands of her long dark hair out of the way. 

She nodded, unable to speak as she wondered how red her skin must look because her body felt like it was on fire and that she might just melt into the desk right this moment. 

Behind her she heard the unzipping of pants and the ruffling of clothes falling to the fall. Her body tensed. Naruto Uzumaki was going to actually have her right up against his desk, with busy people just outside the door. Now she really was melting into the desk. She didn’t think she’d make it. 

His hands found her rear again, gracefully making arching marks from the crease her cheeks made to the outer width with his fingers. The feeling made her shiver but the anticipation made her stomach churn. 

“Did I ever tell you that you have a great butt, Hinata?” He said while his fingers trailed down to her inner thigh, making her tremble. She was too busy thinking to answer. He laughed, “I mean, all of you is amazing, of course. But I never really looked at your butt enough.” His fingers moved closer to the private place that craved him the most. “I think this angle suits you well.” His fingers stopped roaming and he stood, those same fingers in a new place now, at the top of her pants were he pulled, underwear and all, down so everything piled on the floor at her feet. 

“N-Naruto-kun!” Hinata flinched at the sudden exposure of her private part because if anyone were to come through that door right now, they would see it and she would die right then and there. 

One hand gripped her waist, holding her steady while the other pressed against her moist womanhood. “Why didn’t you tell me you were this wet?” A small chuckled came from him as two of his fingers plunged inside her, spreading her insides. 

Her hands reached out, gripping onto anything close and crumbling it in them. Even his fingers were enough to send her over the edge. “Don’t..say things l-like that, ah!” She bit the inside of her cheek, fearing her voice was too loud. 

He started moving them, in and out to the beat of her labored breathing. It felt like he was reaching deeper and deeper inside her. More paper was destroyed each time and now she didn’t even care if they were important or not because all she was thinking of was how amazing his fingers felt. She was almost unaware of how loud her moans were getting but she managed to subdue them against her forearm by pressing her mouth to it. 

And then his fingers were gone and her body felt heavy as it left the cloud she was on. But as soon as his fingers left something new was replaced. Something warmer, thicker, and prodding against her opening. 

She knew what it was and all of her fears of being discovered were going to be tested right now. “N-no, don’–uhn!!” He pushed himself inside her and everything rushed away. Her cheek pressed against the now warm wood of the desk and her mouth parted while he put in every inch of himself into her. His girth spreading her insides and making her twitch and groan out on the wood. 

“Hinata, come by my office later, I need to give you something.” Naruto said just before leaving their home. His lips found hers and kissed them fiercely before parting away. 

Her face brightened in color while she waved him on. “I wonder what he needs to give me..?” 

She knew what he wanted to give her now. It was this. And even before she knew it was this and it was only them kissing innocently against his desk she had an idea it would lead to this. And despite the danger of them getting caught she wanted this. Hell, she craved this kind of sex. The fear of getting caught made her sick but also excited her. The excitement out weighed the fear and she found  herself drifting into her own pleasure, the sounds of her moans getting louder each time her thrusted into her. 

“Yes..yes!” She yelled out in joy, the force of their bodies inching the desk closer and closer to the window. 

His palm found the bare skin of her butt against and gave it a few quick slaps which excited them both equally. Naruto didn’t even think it would have lead to this and the scroll he wanted to give her was probably somewhere on the ground, forgotten. None of that mattered now because it was just him and his wife. And he had to admit that the danger of getting caught made him uneasy but turned him on and even just thinking about it made him thrust deeper into her. And the sounds of her moans and his echoing against the walls and he was sure anyone who walked by could hear it. 

“H-Hinata..ahh!” He pushed into her one more time, climaxing inside her, his fingers gripping her rear while she twitched beneath him having her own orgasm. 

He pulled out when he was down, his manhood semi-flaccid dripping with sperm from his ejaculation. He went to her, pressing a hand lightly to her back, leaning in and kissing her shoulder. “Are you okay?” 

She was breathing roughly, her own climax had been intense and she had never actually experience one like that before. It was both bizarre and amazing. “I’m..okay.” She said between breaths as she turned around to face him. He was smiling at her and she couldn’t help but smile back while bringing her hand to his face. 

He gave her that stupid crooked grin she loved to much. “Round two?” He said, then he was on top of her.


My Lover's Request -- Naruto x Hinata Doujinshi

AN: This takes place between chapters 13 and 14 of the Lemon Games. At the time of writing chapter 14, I had only a bare bones idea of how the date with Hinata should go. Now, I have a better idea of what I want, and so I write this for all of those Naruto/Hinata fans out there.

The Lemon Games Naruto’s Date with Hinata

Naruto continued across the rooftops of Tanzuka Gai were staying at. Tsunade had woken Jiraiya and Shizune before leaving while Naruto was out getting Jiraiya’s and his packs. Thus, when he went around the quick method to find Jiraiya and Tsunade coming back from the hotel he and Jiraiya had stayed at, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune had instead taken the long path to search for him so that they could leave the town quicker.

Naruto ended up meeting them back at the first hotel that he and Jiraiya had stayed at, landing on the ground between the three. “Sorry, got turned around and lost.” He said as he stood to his full height. He looked to Tsunade. “I need to speak with you, privately, without Shizune or the pervert.”

Tsunade cocked an eyebrow, somewhat amused. She sincerely hoped the blonde wasn’t going to do something stupid. She noticed that Jiraiya hadn’t moved, even though Shizune was already walking a path back to Konoha. “Private conversation Jiraiya.” Tsunade said.

“I just want to congratulate my cute little apprentice. Going after Tsunade so soon after meeting her!” Jiraiya patted Naruto on the head. “I knew I’d make a pervert out of you yet.” Jiraiya said with a laugh.

Naruto glared at Jiraiya, his Mangekyo Sharingan showing. “I swear by the Log if you are not moving in the next ten seconds, I will use my extensive knowledge of the human anatomy to change you into a woman before using my Mangekyo Sharingan to give you the impression that you are a woman, not a man who had been forcefully turned into one.” Naruto said simply.

Tsunade crossed her arms under her bust. That was quite the threat. She had threatened Jiraiya with being turned into a woman before; the pervert said he would welcome it because that meant he could enter the female’s side of the Hot Springs.

“And if that’s not enough,” Naruto continued. “I will have you keep your qualities of a Super Pervert, only you will have the mindset of a woman.”

Jiraiya paled. His own godson and apprentice would turn him into a male-loving Super Pervert woman. “Now, now, let’s not be so hasty.” Jiraiya said backing up with his hands in front of his face trying to have them in a placating manner.

Naruto used a subtle Sharingan technique to make them appear to spin, the Chain links of his Mangekyo making a nice effect.

Jiraiya ran off after Shizune.

Tsunade got a few chuckles before she looked to the blonde. “Alright Gaki, lay it on me.” Tsunade said wanting to know exactly what happened that he needed to talk to her about.

“Do you feel stronger, more rejuvenated, more energy, even lessened effects of a Hang over?” Naruto asked suddenly.

Tsunade rolled her shoulders a bit before shrugging. “Sure, I suppose. I guess I do feel more spring to my step.”

Naruto nodded and sighed. “Okay, here’s the gist of the situation. Last night, during our… private time, the Kyuubi was also drunk and she sent her chakra through me, into you.”

Tsunade’s eyes went wide for a moment. “I’m not about to explode am I?” she asked.

Naruto shook his head. “You got a minor dose and I acted as a filter. Besides, you’re Uzumaki enough that you can hold back the Kyuubi’s power in small doses. She sent it specifically to that seal.” Naruto reached up and tapped it, surprising Tsunade. “She claims that it is used for a Regeneration technique you have,”

Tsunade nodded. “It is, it stores chakra into it and when I release it the seal speeds up the process of cell division in my body to the point it can be considered regeneration. The problem with it is that it literally shaves off my life span; it’s hard to say by how much each time I use it. It’s a Medical Kinjutsu.”

Naruto nodded, understanding what she was saying. “Kyuubi says that through the seal, she was able to affect your cells. She gave you years back on your life, how much I don’t know.”

Tsunade ran a basic self-diagnostic on herself for a moment. “I’d say thirty years have been given back to me.” She said softly. She knew that her life span was greatly reduced through the effects of her Jutsu. She would still likely live to see a hundred now, the Uzumaki Bloodline was a wonderful thing indeed, but with the thirty or so years she got back from the Kyuubi, she could honestly say she felt like she was back in her thirties.

Tsunade then noticed the blonde fidgeting in front of her. “What else” she asked. She almost dreaded the answer but at the same time, she was almost hopeful.

Naruto bit his lip. “Well, you might, now this is a might we don’t know, have the Mokuton.” Naruto said.

Tsunade watched Naruto for a moment. “Mokuton?” she asked.

“Mokuton.” Naruto confirmed, nodding his head.

Tsunade rubbed the back of her neck. “Hell, I’ll have to dig out Hashi-Jiji’s scrolls on the Mokuton then.” She said softly. “Anything else?”

Naruto shrugged a moment before stomping the ground, blasting a small crater around his foot. “I got the feel of your Super Strength technique, as well as the Mokuton from the Kyuubi. Blame her; she was drunk last night too.”

Tsunade palmed her face for a moment. “I’ve made worse decisions while drunk.” She said and shook her head with a sigh. “Okay, fair enough. Let’s go Gaki before this day gets any stranger.”

Naruto turned and walked beside Tsunade for a while. It didn’t take them more than ten minutes to catch up to Jiraiya and Shizune. Tonton was in Shizune’s arms, so the same went for the small pampered pig. Naruto could tell Tsunade was in thought, and if he could so soon after meeting the woman then so did Jiraiya and Shizune.

He needed to keep them both from thinking too much about why he would have needed to talk to Tsunade. He scratched his chin a bit. “Hey Ero-Sennin,” he noticed the slight twitch from Jiraiya. It was so easy to rile Jiraiya up. “What are my chances of making Chunin when we get back?” he asked.

Tsunade perked up a little bit, hearing the question. She had heard the Chunin Exams had happened. Even that the little blonde walking alongside the group had decimated his competition. She was going to have to look at the videos when she got back, see what had happened and all. She needed to see who deserved a promotion.

Jiraiya scratched his chin. “Well, I’m not sure truth be told, and I’m not the Hokage who you should be sucking up to for the promotion. I’d say not answering a damned question on the first exam will hurt you, though Ibiki got a kick out of that for a little bit of time.”

“Oh come on! That was such a bullshit test!” Naruto shouted. “Literally everyone but me had a method to cheat with. Hinata and Neji had their Byakugan, Tenten and Lee had the experience to do that mirror bullshit Ibiki called them out on at the end, Kiba had Akamaru, Shino had his bugs, Sakura was just that damned smart, Ino sat behind Sakura, Shikamaru is that smart, Choji got Shadow Possessed by Shikamaru,” Naruto didn’t know that last one for sure, but it was an educated guess, “Sasuke had his Sharingan. The fuck do I have? A giant mass of chakra sealed in my stomach and shit loads of Shadow Clones that I can’t make without them being noticed in an instant? Kakashi-sensei hasn’t taught us anything about stealth and infiltration.”

Tsunade suppressed a faint smile at the blonde’s words. He was quite smart to figure all of that out by himself and while she didn’t know any of the clans most of the people were part of it wasn’t hard to tell whom was part of what clan “And what did you do for the second test?” she asked. Tsunade knew that it took place in the Forest of Death; it was part of why she wanted medics on every squad.

Naruto shrugged. “That I cheated my ass off on. I picked Anko’s pockets for the scrolls before the test even began. Then I just booked my ass to the tower with my team. Ji-san…” Naruto winced at the name but swallowed the pain down. “Ji-san said I was allowed to pass. He seemed to like that I thought outside the box.” He said.

Tsunade was a little thoughtful. Naruto did think outside of the box and he must have had some big ass balls to try something like that with Anko. She really would have to see the videos of the various matches; she wanted to see the blonde work a bit more under pressure. She would also talk to the various Shinobi in Konoha and find out how he did under the duress of War.

But Tsunade was also thinking about her newfound youth. If the Kyuubi gave Naruto the abilities he got by way of having a sample of Chakra, then wouldn’t he have gotten the Hyuuga’s? Jiraiya told her who the blonde fought and as a medic she knew that residual chakra would have been pumped into his system.

She had discreetly, while scanning herself earlier, taken a sample of the Kyuubi’s chakra and while it seemed manipulative even on a DNA level, how else would she be younger, the chakra didn’t seem potent enough to adjust DNA purely on a foreign chakra alone. Something else was going on and she damned sure didn’t know what it was. Plus, even if the Kyuubi had been able to adjust DNA on a foreign chakra alone, it would need a sample of the chakra from someone with a Mangekyo Sharingan, which to her knowledge no one outside of Madara had obtained one. Even with Naruto’s cover of Kyuubi having been controlled by Madara, it still wouldn’t make any sense and the ‘feel’ of the chakra wouldn’t be enough.

Tsunade was the best damned medic in the world, but she couldn’t get a fix on how the blonde was gaining these abilities. She damned sure knew he hadn’t been born with him. She didn’t want to confront the blonde either until she had a damned good idea as to how he did it, and possibly proof as to how he did it.

Tsunade went up to Naruto and put a hand on his head, scratching him on the top of his head, making him look up to her with a raised eyebrow. She wouldn’t make mention of it until she had some proof. She liked the blonde though, she wouldn’t tell him to stop. Not unless it was a security issue with the village. He was just getting stronger and as a Hokage who was she to stop one of her Shinobi from doing so?

If it became an issue though in the future, Tsunade would put her foot down on the matter.

The trip back to Konoha was relatively uneventful other than occasional craters being blasted into the country side when Tsunade helped train Naruto in her super strength technique. It was impressive that he was picking up on it, despite the fact he had such a deep well of chakra to attempt to control in his gut.

It made her wonder how vigorously he trained to keep it up.

As they made it back through the gates, Naruto looked to Jiraiya, almost begging to be let go to his own devices. The white haired super pervert waved him off. Tsunade rolled her eyes as the blonde bundle of energy sprinted off.

“I envy the Gaki, he’s got a date with a cute Hyuuga girl” Jiraiya said as he walked alongside Shizune and Tsunade. “Too young for my tastes, but I can tell she’ll be quite the looker in later years.”

Tsunade momentarily felt jealous before she shoved the feeling down. She had just gotten drunk with the blonde and had an amazing night. She was probably his girlfriend or something. Tsunade frowned slightly, noticing Shizune looking slightly upset about the fact as well.

Shizune hadn’t… Tsunade thought about the facts. Her apprentice had, now that she really thought about it. Hmm, this was an interesting facet to be thinking about. Polygamy wasn’t unheard of, extremely uncommon but not unheard of.

Was the blonde playing the women in his life? Tsunade tapped her foot a bit as she kept moving further through the village. She wanted to review a few things and ask those close to the blonde.

It was… asinine to think that his powers might stem from having sex with people. It couldn’t be that.

Could it?

Over the next few days, Naruto spent a great deal of time avoiding everyone he knew and had been intimate with. Word got out that he had a date with Hinata and of course several of the others were asking where theirs was. Naruto hadn’t even gone on his date with Hinata yet, and they were asking about them. It made things… difficult.

Of course then there were those like Anko asking about the date, wanting details like when it was going to happen and such. Mikoto even seemed interested, trying to find out what was taking the blonde so long.

It was about ten days after they got back when an ANBU said that Tsunade was calling him to her office. He headed that way and was surprised to see Shikamaru beside him walking up. “Any ideas?” Naruto asked the genius.

“A few now that I’ve seen you. All of them troublesome.” Shikamaru said in his usual sloth like demeanor.

When they entered Tsunade’s office, Naruto was a bit surprised to see all the proctors for the Chunin Exams as well as a few important Chunin. Anko offered a wave from the wall.

Tsunade gave this speech about how they impressed several people. They showed tact, an ability to think outside the box, to plan ahead, even teamwork. Naruto was surprised when he was given his own Chunin Vest. He stared at the flak vest with a bit of awe, holding it.

Shikamaru muttered his signature word to himself before he slipped it on.

Naruto rolled his eyes at the lazy genius before he clapped him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about it Shika. It’s a good position, nothing too hard, and no boring D-ranks.” The blonde said as he walked out with Shikamaru.

“Yeah, but I didn’t want promoted so soon. So damned troublesome.” Shikamaru said.

“Gaki,” Naruto felt his arm get grabbed by Anko. “You’re coming with me.” She made use of the Body Flicker technique.

Naruto felt his feet touch the ground at his apartment and was soon dragged inside by Anko and he was pushed onto the couch. Naruto glanced around, noting who all was there. Hana, Tsume, and Mikoto were over by his bedroom door, leaning against the wall. Karin, Kin, and Tayuya were behind him, leaning on the couch a bit. Ichibi sat on the arm of the couch, watching him. Anko, Shizune and Ayame were in front of him, watching him. Temari sat on the other arm of the couch, watching him. All eyes were on him.

“What?” Naruto asked, looking at all of them.

“So when’s your date going to be with the Hyuuga girl?” Anko asked, crossing her arms under her bust.

So that was what this was about. Naruto offered a sigh and stood up. He held up one finger to Anko as he walked towards his bedroom.

The girls all followed him, with Mikoto and Tsume entering his room before him with slight frowns on their faces. Why wouldn’t he just answer the question?

Naruto walked over to his closet with purposeful strides and slung the door open, revealing a sea of orange jumpsuits. “And what would you like me to wear on the date? I think the date should be nicer than me wearing my Shinobi garb” Naruto turned to his closet and pulled out one hanger. “Orange jumpsuit,” he tossed it onto the bed. “Orange jumpsuit,” he tossed the next one onto the bed, “Orange jumpsuit,” he tossed the next one. “Orange jumpsuit,” he tossed the fourth one onto the bed. “Orange jumpsuit that I use for spare parts to patch the others.” This one also joined the others on the bed.

Naruto turned and leaned against his closet door. While he wouldn’t treat the women in his life like shit, he wasn’t about to be pushed around either, even by their show of force by all of them being in his room. “I was a Genin for the past eight months, before that I was an orphan barely having any money to my name. All my bills came out of my monthly stipend that stopped when I got my headband.” Naruto inhaled and exhaled slowly. “One of those months, I was training for the Chunin Exams, so I couldn’t perform missions and bring in a whole lot of money. For about another two of those months, I was on two separate missions that didn’t exactly bring me a whole lot of cash. Getting Tsunade back to the village wasn’t exactly a paying mission because it was a necessity. Saving Wave didn’t exactly pay a lot having to be split between three Genin and an Elite Jonin.”

Naruto was glad they were letting him speak and defend his position. “I’m helping support Ichi-chan, Kin-chan, Tayuya-chan, Karin-chan, and Temari-chan. Three apartments, plus utilities, are not cheap each month. The girls help, they really do and I appreciate the fact, but all my savings went into getting the other two apartments so that we weren’t trying to fit six people in this small apartment on a permanent basis. When I got back from getting Tsunade, all my money that I had won gambling went into paying off the apartments, the utilities, getting supplies that I had used during the Month and a half I was gone for, getting food for the house once more. Not to mention for the past ten days I’ve only been able to do the occasional mission because many of them are being snatched up due to the damage Oto did during the invasion.”

Naruto inhaled and exhaled. “The fact of the matter is I have no money to buy something nicer to wear for my date with Hinata. I get charged more at shops and while it’s not as bad as it has been, it still happens usually when I go clothes shopping. Something relatively formal, but still casual, will cost me money, especially since I don’t want to get something that’s neon bright orange. I like orange, but for a date it’s not that great of a color. I have enough money to take Hinata to a relatively nice restaurant.” Naruto bobbed his foot up and down a bit, obviously agitated.

He saw many of the faces turn a bit more sympathetic, some murderous at the idea of the blonde being overcharged for clothes.

Tsume crossed her arms under her breasts with a pronounced frown on her face. “And why didn’t you ask any of us? We would be more than willing to help.” She said. Inuzuka help their pack mates and the blonde was technically her Alpha still.

Naruto looked away. ‘I hate being pitied.” Naruto said simply. “I hate asking for handouts, I hate asking for charity, I hate getting charity.” Naruto said as he moved over to the window and leaned against the frame, looking out over the village from his spot. It wasn’t a great view, not really, but if he was going to be the Hokage someday then he had to love all of Konoha.

Tsume tapped her foot a bit. She could understand where the blonde was coming from she supposed. She could see a look of understanding in the others as well. The blonde tried hard to be independent, and after practically raising himself she couldn’t blame him. But he was also a nice kid, helping out others when they needed it.

Tsume shared a look with Hana and then with Mikoto and Shizune. “Hana, why don’t you and Ichi-san take Kin-san, Karin-san, Tayuya-san, Temari-san, and Ayame-san out of here?” Hana gave a nod to her mother before she left, leaving Naruto with the four highest ranking women. “Alright Gaki, come on.” Tsume moved over and grabbed the blonde’s arm, leading him out of the room.

“Where we going?” Naruto asked watching as Shizune, Anko, and Mikoto followed.

“Shopping,” Mikoto said walking at Naruto’s other arm. “For you.” She said simply.

Naruto bit his tongue a bit. “I don’t want charity.” He said sternly.

“It’s not going to be charity!” Anko said cheerfully having caught onto the other women’s plans. “It’s a gift.”

Naruto narrowed his eyes before looking at the four. “For what?”

Shizune offered a grin. “Well, you made it to Chunin and on your first time too. That to me sounds like a good enough excuse to get you something.”

“So,” Tsume started. “Mikoto and Anko are going to pitch in for your clothes for your big date with Hinata-chan. Shizune and I are going to pitch in for the place you will be taking her.” Tsume said.

Naruto blinked a little bit. The girls were sly. It sounded quite a lot like charity to him but at the same time it was a gift. A rather oddly timed one, but a gift nonetheless. He could accept a gift better than he could accept charity.

Also realizing he had no choice in the matter, he allowed for his arms to drop and followed them out towards the market district of the village. They passed every clothing shop that Naruto had tried in the past to go for making him raise his brow a bit. Eventually they stopped in front of a rather simple looking shop with the name ‘Tomoe Threads’ painted in bold above the door.

Naruto was greeted with dozens upon dozens of rolls of cloth, both expensive and not, as well as various mannequins. There were racks of clothes as well; it was quite an impressive clothing store. It was… amazing really.

“Cho-san!” Tsume called out and soon enough a beautiful dark haired woman walked out. She wore a plain blue dress over her form and she had kind brown eyes. She wasn’t that tall either, barely cracking five feet.

“Tsume-san, Mikoto-san, it’s good to see you.” The woman, Cho, said and walked over. “What can I do for you today?”

“We’re getting the Gaki here some new threads.” Anko said putting her hand on Naruto’s head and rubbing it, making him blush a bit.

Cho smiled at Naruto. “Then you came to the right place. My name is Tomoe Cho, founder of Tomoe Threads. My husband will help you out. Sano-kun!” she called out.

Naruto watched as from the back a large, bigger than Jiraiya tall, man walked out from the back with long silver hair that was tied back into a pony tail and draped over his form. He wore a black kimono over the rippling muscles Naruto could tell were under the clothes. But it was the eyes that had Naruto’s attention. One was pure green, the other a pure blue. Naruto could tell this man was a warrior.

“Tomoe Sanosuke.” He said, offering Naruto one large and scarred hand. Naruto gladly shook it, the man looked him in the eyes and the blonde couldn’t see any distaste, “Come to the back, we’ll get you outfitted. Anything in particular you need?”

“Get him something nice, something that can be formal with a few additions to it, but semi-formal as well.” Mikoto said. “Also, make it out of some nicer materials but keep it sturdy and give him plenty of room to hide his gear in it just to be on the safe side.”

Sanosuke rubbed his face a bit. “Alright, I think we can do that. Come on.” Sanosuke led Naruto back into the back of the shop where there was more privacy for fitting purposes.

Naruto looked around and stepped up onto the platform that Sanosuke asked him to. Naruto wasn’t sure what to talk about as the man moved around him a little bit.

“So who is the lucky girl that you’re getting some new clothes for? One of the four outside?” Sanosuke wasn’t going to judge that the blonde was in the company of four hot women, maybe even dating one of them.

“No, my classmate Hyuuga Hinata, I have a date with her sometime soon hopefully.” Naruto said as he watched Sanosuke circle him.

Sanosuke had heard of the Hyuuga girl. He supplied her cousin with his clothes. “Well good on you.” Sanosuke said. “Alright, strip down to your boxers; I need to get some measurements.” He got some measuring tape out of a pocket

Naruto did as he was asked and stood relatively still as the tailor made quick work of measuring. Naruto hoped what he got was awesome. “Could… could what I get have a small amount of orange? Not a whole lot but just some.”

Sanosuke nodded thinking a little bit as he moved away and began to hold up some blue fabric to Naruto’s face, judging the color on his eyes. “Alright, get dressed. I should have it done in a few days.” Sanosuke was the best at making clothes by hand and he had written down every measurement he could think of for the blonde.

Naruto hopped off the platform and quickly got dressed once more, about to move to leave.

“Wait one second.” Sanosuke said, moving down a few shelves, tapping a few boxes. “I have something here I want to give you. It was… for a friend of mine. I did a lot of work on his clothes and I had made him something special but he passed before I could give it. You remind me a lot of him.” Sanosuke pulled out a sizeable box and took it over to Naruto.

Naruto accepted the box and peeled off the lid, looking down at the crimson fabric. He drew it out of the box and looked at the trench coat. It had black cuffs and black hem work, along with the edges of the lapels being done in black. It was crimson in color, but along the back and bottom it had dark orange flames.

Sanosuke leaned against the counter a bit. “I made the coats for the Yondaime Hokage.” He said with a hint of pride. “This was to be the ultimate of my crafts. It is made of the highest quality of silk from the Aburame’s most coveted stock. Generations of breeding of silk worms accumulating over five years, carefully bred to produce the best, fed only the best ingredients and fine chakra, this silk was near impossible to get.” Sanosuke didn’t even bother saying how he got it; he would respect the Aburame in not saying how he got access to it. “It’s as strong as steel, unable to be pierced even by a crossbow bolt, but so very light as to not burden the wearer. If it ever gets damaged, just channel chakra into it and it will absorb any impurities such as dirt, blood, sweat, sand, etc. while at the same time fixing any tears, gashes or fraying. Fighting in a coat is a little difficult, so I would recommend holding off on it for a few months.”

Naruto listened to Sanosuke’s words before he carefully folded up the coat and placed it back in the box. “I can’t accept this.’ Naruto said. It had to be worth Sanosuke’s weight in gold.

“You can and you will.” Sanosuke said sharply. “I want you to have this Naruto.” Sanosuke knew of his name, most merchants knew of the ‘Demon Brat’ though Sanosuke and his wife never thought of him like that. “The coat is meant to be an intimidation factor and it will keep you alive.”

Naruto looked down to the box in his hand before looking to Sanosuke’s multicolored eyes. He finally nodded his head; he would accept the coat then. “What about shark skin or fire?” Naruto asked. “Would either of those damage the coat?”

Sanosuke shrugged. “Possibly, though all you need is enough of a patch to channel chakra into as well as time.” The silk could only grow so much at once.

Naruto nodded his head. “Thank you Sanosuke-san.” He said and bowed his head a little bit. He was surprised when a rough hand clapped his head.

“Don’t worry about it, now go on back outside. I got work to do.”

Naruto turned and went out to the front of the shop where it looked like Tsume and Shizune were brainstorming an idea on where to go to eat. “We don’t want him going to some place that will throw him out.” Shizune said

Tsume nodded softly. “Yeah, but I’m not thinking of very many places that will let him in. He should be there as himself with Hinata, not as someone else.”

Cho came out of a fitting area with Mikoto and ended up catching the last two bits of information. “Are you looking for a restaurant?” she asked politely.

Tsume looked over to the young woman. “Yes, the pup there has a date and it’s going to be semi-formal, something nice but not too nice that they need to be stiff about it. They’re just kids after all.”

Cho tapped her chin a little bit. “My cousin Sakana runs a sushi restaurant in the village, over by one of the lakes. It’s a little upscale but she charges good rates for the food she serves and the fish are caught fresh daily. It also has music for the patrons to dance to if they would like”

Shizune looked over to Naruto. “That sounds lovely.” She said, it would be perfect and give Hinata plenty of time with Naruto.

Over the next few days, several things happened. One, Naruto continued his training only this time he was training in more practical arts, such as knowing how to dance. Shizune made a point of saying most people that sought to be with a woman knew at least how to dance on a basic level. Another, Naruto had sent a clone over to the Hyuuga Estate; spoke with Hiashi and getting his permission in dating Hinata. It was going to happen anyways, he even told Hiashi the fact, but Naruto wanted to at least try and ask for Hiashi’s blessing. While the clone was over at the estate, he made sure to tell Hinata when the date was and that she should dress for a semi-formal affair.

Lastly, Naruto’s outfit arrived for him and it fit quite wonderfully.

It was a pair of high quality fabric slack like pants that were black and didn’t show in the shadows. Second was a dark blue shirt that at first Naruto had made the mistake of thinking it was one solid color. Instead, it had faint stripes through it of a slightly darker or lighter shade of blue; just enough that depending on how the light hit his shirt, Naruto’s eyes would seemingly darken or brighten in blue. It was a rather nice effect. It also came with a matching black jacket, which for the sake of the date Naruto left at home. When questioned about why it was styled the way it was and not as a traditional Kimono, Sanosuke simply said that he wanted to try something different and have it look formal.

All in all, Naruto had a very nice outfit, including a pair of leather polished shoes to go with it.

The day of the date, Naruto got out of the shower and quickly dried himself off, making sure to do a thorough job so he didn’t ruin anything. He forewent his headband, instead leaving it on his dresser. He combed out his hair, or tried to, the naturally spikey locks refused to be too tamed after all. He then went about pulling out the shirt and buttoning up; each movement of the long sleeved shirt caused his eyes to shirt slightly in hue in the mirror. Pants were next, followed by socks and shoes. Naruto even put on the Shodai Hokage’s necklace, his necklace technically, for added measure. It was a nice necklace after all. Lastly was a slight hint of cologne on his wrists and neck, about a half spray only. It smelled like cinnamon rolls. Hana had gotten it for him saying Hinata would like it.

Naruto walked out to see Shizune, Tsume, and Mikoto sitting on his couch, all of them having wanted to see him in formal wear. “Well?” Naruto asked, turning to give them a good view.

Tsume pushed herself up from her seated position and walked over to the blonde. She grabbed his shirt and carefully un-tucked it, making sure she didn’t wrinkle it. “There, semi-formal, right?” She asked, looking over her shoulder at Mikoto and Shizune.

Shizune nodded. It looked good on the blonde and she had to suppress the urge to bite her knuckle. She quite vividly remembered her own time with the blonde.

“Now remember,” Mikoto started. “You don’t have to run over to the Hyuuga Estate, you have plenty of time to walk and be yourself on this date.”

Naruto nodded and sighed softly, patting himself. Hidden kunai pouch, check; wallet, check; hidden scroll containing his swords, check; Shinobi ID, check; It looked like he had everything he needed. Naruto gave each of the older women a hug before he headed out.

Naruto was nervous; he had slight flutters in his stomach from the prospect of a date with Hinata. He wanted it to go right for the shy girl. If it went right with Hinata, he could start planning for the other girls, the deserved a nice date every once and a while.

Naruto thought he felt someone following him, but when he glanced around he didn’t see anyone really paying him all that much attention. He shrugged and continued on his way to the Hyuuga Estate.

Shizune let a small sigh of relief out threw her mouth before glaring at the stupid drunk in her arms with needles sticking out of his neck, paralyzing him temporarily. She, Tsume, Mikoto, Cat from ANBU, Anko, and even Kakashi were all running interference for the two teens tonight.

Tsunade was going to order all of ANBU but had decided against it after some deliberation. Naruto still was not quite liked in the village, but among its Shinobi forces there were plenty of people with wagers on how well this date was going to go. Tsunade herself even bet that Hinata would give a kiss by the end of the night.

Coincidentally, a good number of Shinobi moved their bets away from that spot once Tsunade placed her bet. Tsunade had put Ryo on something that now had odds.

Shizune plucked the needles out of the civilian’s neck and laid him down against the wall. He would wake up with a splitting headache and a sore neck, but nothing permanent. She then leapt away, moving quickly to watch the blonde once more.

Naruto made good time to the Hyuuga Estate and he followed the guards inside to Hiashi’s study, where the clan head was apparently waiting on Naruto with a pot of tea. “Ah, good, you are quite punctual Uzumaki-san.” Hiashi said, offering the boy to sit down. “And you have indeed dressed appropriately enough for such an affair.” Hiashi wasn’t going to expect formal wear fitting for an audience with the Daimyo unless the blonde was actually going to have a formal date with his daughter.

“Thank you Hiashi-sama.” Naruto said, being polite to the father of the girl he was about to be taking on a date. Had he been dating say, Ino for example, he would be polite to Inoichi as well.

Hiashi sipped some of his tea, looking to the blonde. “I also expect that you have prepared for an emergency as well, some Shinobi supplies hidden upon your person?” he asked.

“Of course Hiashi-sama, Hinata-chan’s safety is second only to her happiness.” It was dinner, what was the worst that could really happen?

Hiashi nodded accepting that statement. Many might argue that her happiness should come after her safety, but for the past half a month Hiashi had watched as Hinata had gotten extraordinarily excited, then extraordinarily depressed and then back to excited. He wanted his daughter at her best, happy, and safe. It seemed that her best coincided with her happiness, so he would be patient. “I also expect that nothing… inappropriate will happen Uzumaki-san.” Hiashi had heard a few rumors going on about the blonde’s rather… promiscuous activities. He wasn’t sure to put any weight on such rumors, but he was going to make sure that nothing happened to Hinata that was inappropriate for a young lady of her age and stature.

“Of course not Hiashi-sama.” Naruto said as he drank some of the tea. “It will just be eating and perhaps dancing.”

“Good,” Hiashi said softly as he finished his team some. “I will lay down some ground rules Uzumaki-san. Bring her home by hours sharp. If it becomes and she is not home, I am calling upon the entirety of the clan to go out looking for you and her. You had best be dead, dying, or in pursuit of her kidnappers.”

Naruto noticed that Hiashi didn’t say he should be fighting. So if it ended up happening, something he prayed to every deity he could think of that it wouldn’t happen, he had best end the fight fast.

“I expect you to be… polite and considerate.” Hiashi added. “You will not kiss her of your own accord. If she initiates a kiss, it had better be chaste and quick. Your hands had best stay in appropriate places during any time you dance, or hug her.”

Naruto committed these rules to memory. He knew someday he might have a daughter and these were good rules that he wanted memorized.

“Lastly, I expect for you to keep your eyes in appropriate places. If I find out your eyes wandered Uzumaki-san, I will castrate you with my bare hands.” Hiashi said. “If you have broken any of these ground rules, I will castrate you with my bare hands.”

Naruto was sufficiently terrified now. That was a hefty threat; one Naruto was going to do his best to avoid. “I will endeavor to keep in compliance with each of your rules Hiashi-sama.”

“And allow me to give you one last bit of food for thought.” Hiashi said. “My eyes may be white, but that does not mean I am blind. I will be watching.”

Naruto gulped and nodded just as he heard a knock. He turned just as the door slide open and he forgot to breathe for a moment.

Simply put, Hinata was gorgeous.

Since Naruto had last seen Hinata, she had been growing her hair out and instead of doing something traditional with it, liking putting it up in a bun, she instead had it hanging loosely towards the middle of her shoulder blades and it framed her face. Naruto could pick up just a slight scent of vanilla and lilacs, something he usually placed with Hinata. She wore a gorgeous dark purple kimono with a black obi and on it were patterns of various butterflies done in a few blues and reds. It was just so out of character for the normally shy Hyuuga girl and Naruto could tell she went natural. He didn’t see any lipstick or make-up, something he could tell by the slight blush on her face at seeing him.

“Father, Naruto-kun…” Hinata said softly, trying to keep her stuttering. She wanted this night to go perfectly.

“I will see you both later tonight. Remember Uzumaki-san, ” Hiashi said

Naruto inclined his head once more to Hiashi before standing up and going over to Hinata. He blushed slightly as he got closer. He was almost tripping over his tongue as he looked to her. He then offered his left arm. “Shall we Hinata-chan?” he asked looking her in the eyes.

Hinata smiled, blushing a bit more before she gave an enthusiastic nod and slipped her arm around Naruto’s, leaning close. “Let’s.” she said softly. She bit her lip as she walked with Naruto, able to smell the slight scent of cinnamon rolls on him. Mixing with his natural scent, it was quite the combination and made her blush a little more.

Shizune nodded to herself as she saw the young couple leave the Hyuuga Estate without any followers surprisingly. She followed discreetly from the rooftops until they headed into Kakashi’s sector. She hoped he was ready.

Kakashi got a visual on the young couple, Naruto was talking animatedly to Hinata, pausing a moments to let the young girl speak. Kakashi snapped his book shut and put his ANBU training to work. This night was not going to be ruined, come Hell or High Water.

They were almost out of Kakashi’s sector when he noticed an incoming problem: Gai and his team.

Kakashi had nothing against Gai and his eccentrics. It was just how Gai had come to cope with being a Shinobi. Kakashi read porn, Gai shouted about Youth. Kakashi was tardy, Gai wore spandex. Kakashi made lame excuses about why he was tardy; Gai was constantly challenging himself to ridiculous challenges.

The problem was his eccentrics tended to… ruin things for other people. He was not going to risk Naruto and Hinata, who were looking to be a very cute couple all dressed in dress clothes, running into Gai and his team. Gai would start shouting, which would cause Lee to start shouting, and then the sunset came.

This meant that Kakashi was going to have to take one for the team.

With a sigh, Kakashi braced himself and moved to intercept Gai and his team. The results of him cutting them off were instant. “Kakashi, my youthful eternal rival!” Gai said jovially moving over to catch up to Kakashi with his team in tow.

“Hmm, oh Gai, did you say something?” Kakashi said, knowing how much it pissed Gai off. If he was out of hearing range of Naruto and Hinata, then they were out of range for Gai’s boisterous comments.

“Blast you Kakashi!” Gai shouted, “You and your hip attitude!”

Kakashi tapped his chin. “Actually, Gai… I need your help with something.” Kakashi said playing it off like it would be something helpful. He felt like cringing when he noticed he had Gai’s rapt attention. “You see, my student is getting to be quite the Shinobi and to be frank I just want to make sure my skills stay sharp you see?” Kakashi had no inadequacies about his abilities truthfully. “I can’t have my student surpassing me just yet, not after only eight months of being a Genin. So how about a spar tonight? Darkness will make it more challenging you know?”

“YOSH! I shall help you fan your hip flames into a raging inferno of YOUTH!” Gai shouted

Kakashi bobbed his foot. “You know, I’m actually feeling pretty good tonight Gai… why don’t I spar against you and your team… at the same time? I’ll use my Nin Dogs for support.” Kakashi noticed Neji flash his Byakugan on behind Gai’s back. The look of surprise before the narrowing of eyes told him that Neji caught onto what he was doing.

“Gai-sensei,” Neji started. “I believe it would be beneficial of us to spar with Kakashi-san.” Neji said. “It would enable us to get a feel for several styles that Kakashi-san no doubt uses given his Sharingan eye. At the same time, it would also give us experience in fighting a greater foe alongside you so that the team is not a hindrance but instead advantageous. As well, it would give us experience fighting a stronger Shinobi during the nighttime.”

Kakashi was thankful for Neji speaking up

“YOSH!” Gai shouted. “To the training grounds!” he then made a one-eighty and began to walk towards said training grounds.

‘You owe me Gaki.’ Kakashi thought, knowing Naruto owed him for this.

Naruto paused in his conversation with Hinata as he turned to continue heading for the sushi restaurant. “Did you hear anything?” he asked her. “I could have sworn- no never mind. That would be preposterous.”

“I haven’t heard anything Naruto-kun.” Hinata said and leaned into Naruto a bit more. She was too focused on the blonde and the fact he smelled so good. Maybe she could lean in and nibble on his neck… No… Bad Hinata!

Tsume watched as Naruto and Hinata entered her sector. Kuromaru came back and she quickly got the situation and sighed. “Murphy is out in force tonight.” The wild looking woman said before jogging off with Kuromaru to deal with the only possible problem: Tora.

One of the Genin teams chasing the cat down must have thought using a tranquilizer would make the cat drowsy; all it ever did was piss the bastard off. Thus three teams were chasing Tora, and they were heading right for Naruto. She estimated at the current pace they would collide and Tora would mess up the two teens’ clothes, something she wasn’t going to let happen.

Tora was a bane to Genin and even some Chunin. But to a Jonin such as herself, it was child’s play. Kuromaru leapt down in front of the brown cat growling and barking viciously. While the cat had been known to attack people twice Kuromaru’s size, the cat remembered the angry looking dog.

It had been one of Kuromaru’s and Tsume’s first missions. The cat was the reason Kuromaru had one eye and one ear and swore a blood oath to have revenge, no matter how long Kuromaru had to wait. As the humans said, ‘An eye for an eye’

The cat skidded to a halt, just inches before Kuromaru’s snapping jaws before bolting the other way, slipping past the three Genin teams.

Tsume nodded to herself, the danger had been resolved and the blonde and his date were steadily making their way out of her sector.

Sakura watched with a gob smacked expression from the flower shop as her teammate of all people walked arm in arm with Hinata down the street. They were also fairly fancily dressed. “Ino…” she said softly but couldn’t get the platinum blonde’s attention. “Pig.” Still nothing and Sakura was still staring at Naruto and Hinata. She finally grabbed Ino’s arm and drew her over, turning her head to look down the street.

Ino was about to turn and lay Sakura out. Ever since she started training through Naruto’s work, she had gotten stronger, faster and even had one mean right hook. But her senses for juicy gossip were going off and her sight focused in on blonde spikey hair. Naruto was out with Hinata. “Ooh.” Ino said softly giving a wide grin. “Come on Forehead, let’s follow them.”

Naruto felt as though he and Hinata were being followed. Hinata must have noticed it as well because she moved away just a little bit, about to activate her Byakugan. Naruto shook his head a little bit; he didn’t want her to give them away like that. Who knew who was working against them? They could be in front; they could be behind, to the sides… even on the rooftops that Naruto was scanning with his eyes.

He fingered the scroll that slid down his sleeve a little bit, prepared to unseal a sword at a moment’s notice. But as they continued their steady pace to the sushi restaurant, Naruto noticed the feeling disappear.

This was getting strange.

Sakura and Ino looked up, terrified as they stared at the proctor of the second exam staring down at them. While Ino had come far in two and a half months, she still was not ready for a Special Jonin who had wrapped them up with snakes and then yanked them into an alleyway where she proceeded to tie them up.

Anko dusted herself off for a moment. “Don’t try to follow Blondie right now.” Anko said with a grin. “We’re not letting anything out of the ordinary happen tonight, and we’re not going to risk one of you two doing something to ruin the date.”

With that, Anko tossed a kunai to the ground before taking off to the rooftops, the two should be resourceful enough to free themselves, but it would take a little bit of time.

Naruto opened the door to the restaurant, already liking the feel of the place. A beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes in a pink kimono waved them over and led them to a booth over by a window. Naruto had pointedly kept his eyes off the woman, especially given her generous assets. She was beautiful, but Naruto wanted to make a point of having all-eyes for Hinata.

Naruto sat down across from Hinata, looking to her. He could see the hint of relief in her eyes that he was focused on her, and the slight embarrassment.

“Welcome to Sakana’s Sushi.” The hostess said to the two of them, drawing a notepad and a pen from the apron she wore. “My name is Tomoe Sakana, proprietor and chef. Can I start you off with something to drink?” she asked.

“Tea, please.” Hinata and Naruto said at the same time, causing them both to blush slightly.

Sakana smiled softly. “Tea it is. My husband will bring it out shortly. Do you need a moment to find something you’d like or could I recommend the sample platter for you both? It serves two and has a wide variety of the sushi we offer.”

Naruto looked to Hinata to see what she would like. She gave a small nod and Naruto looked to Sakana, making sure he was looking to her eyes. “The sample platter please.” He said.

Sakana nodded softly and jotted it down onto her notepad before tucking it back into her apron. “Please, feel free to dance on the dance floor if you would like while you wait.” Sakana turned and then headed back to the kitchen, avoiding another waiter who was taking sushi to another table.

Naruto looked back to Hinata and offered a small smile. “Would you like to dance?” he asked.

Hinata smiled and blushed a little bit, nodding. “I’d love to.”

Naruto stood up and offered Hinata a hand, leading her out to the dance floor soon enough. He noticed the dance floor was a floor of tempered glass that allowed the dancers and patrons to watch fish swim by underwater, giving an interesting sensation. Naruto began to move with Hinata in the dance for the song, actually knowing this one.

Hinata leaned in and rested her head on Naruto’s chest. She was enjoying this, just being on a date with the blonde. She was feeling so relaxed too. “Thank you for this Naruto-kun.” She had refrained from stuttering the entire night. Just being asked to the place was a huge boost in confidence for her. Having Naruto ask her out, it was an even bigger boost. She had always thought she wasn’t pretty or worthwhile.

Naruto asking her out helped a little bit with her confidence.

But she could also tell he went through a great amount of effort for her, something she appreciated greatly. She had never seen Naruto dressed up, aside from the funeral after the invasion which wasn’t a fair comparison. She could tell the outfit was of high quality, though different from what she was used to see that was formal or even semi-formal.

The restaurant was a good pick as well. It was not extremely fancy, but she could tell their meal was going to be of high quality and undoubtedly be a little expensive. It was good for a first date type of spot, and the music was at a steady beat for her to dance with Naruto at.

And the dancing! She had never known Naruto could dance. It was enough to make her heart flutter a little bit, though that might be from the slight smell of cinnamon rolls on him still.

They danced for two songs, though the second one had Hinata giggle a little bit as she led Naruto through the steps. She would never claim he was an expert at dancing, but he certainly could when he knew the dance.

Eventually they made their way back to their table and this time Naruto patted the spot beside him, wanting to sit beside Hinata. It was a spot she took quite happily.

That was the exact moment when a dark but short haired man came over with a serving tray. Hinata’s eyes widened slightly at the size of the man. He was about built as Asuma who she had seen several times to compare to. But the startling feature of the man was the eyes. They were icy blue but held a fire to them. This was only made more apparent by the vertical scar over his left eye, along with a second scar that went over the bridge of his nose, just below the same eye. He wore a dress similar to Naruto, though his was done in solid black edged in vivid white. “Here you go, two teas.” He said setting down the two steaming mugs of hot, green tea. He then placed a small kettle down as well. It would be enough to give two refills apiece. Those blue eyes turned to Naruto and his lips quirked into a smirk. “You met Sanosuke. The outfit is completely his style”

Naruto looked surprised, though he supposed if the two women were part of the same family then it wouldn’t be impossible for the two men to meet. “Yes,” Naruto said without denying it. He had met with the man.

“Tomoe Roy.” The man said holding his hand out for Naruto to shake. “And yes, my parents were that cruel as to name me Roy.” This got a grin out of Naruto. It was such a simple name, sort of like Lee’s. “I’d like to thank you for not staring at my wife.” Roy looked over his shoulder to Sakana and smiled softly before looking at the young blushing couple. “Well, I’ll be off.” He then turned and walked away to the kitchen to continue running orders.

Naruto watched the man walk off and frowned a bit. “He’s… he’s strange.” Naruto said. Like Sanosuke had been. It was a sort of personality quirk, like they had seen so much violence and had grown tired of it that they had a sunny disposition, just to keep from moping and not having to deal with violence. Roy’s entire body had been covered; even his hands were covered by gloves. The only part not covered was his head and Naruto was able to see the two scars himself. He was willing to bet an A-rank Mission’s pay that Roy had several more.

It made Naruto wonder about the man and what he had been before he had been a simple waiter at a Sushi restaurant.

Shinobi didn’t often have scars like what Roy had contrary to their violent life style. They were either so weak that such wounds killed them, or they were better than their opponent and killed them. There was a small middle ground where a Shinobi could get such a deep enough blow, which would scar, without dying. Most of the time a Shinobi didn’t stay in this middle ground long. Either they went to the side where they were simply that good, or they met someone who had.

It was actually sort of morbid to think about.

Still, Naruto continued to enjoy Hinata’s company and the tea they were given. It was really good tea surprisingly, even Hinata thought so and she had access to higher quality tea.

Roy came back out with a large platter in hand and soon set it on the table for the two. “Twenty five of our fifty different varieties of sushi, two of each variety including three of our ‘Dessert’ Sushi varieties, enjoy you two. Just call if you need anything more.” He said before walking away

Naruto enjoyed himself as the night dragged on and he ate with Hinata. Eventually, it was time for them to go and he paid for the meal before walking arm in arm with Hinata once more towards one of Konoha’s parks. He walked around with her, making sure to keep track of the time.

Hinata was a little saddened when it had to come to an end and Naruto began to escort her to the Hyuuga Estate. But she would not be upset about it, she had fun and she was hoping to do it again with the blonde sometime.

Hinata bit her lip a little bit. She had to do something that would get her noticed, that would put her firmly in the blonde’s sights. She leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips right outside the gate inside before pulling back. It was short, chaste, but she hoped it worked. “Good night Naruto-kun.” She whispered before turning to head inside quickly before he could come to his senses.

Naruto touched his lips softly, pausing a moment. He chuckled a little bit before he started to walk home, his hands up behind his head. “Good night Hinata-chan.” Naruto said as he headed away.

He could almost hear Tsunade celebrating in the distance for some reason.



Lemon hinata naruto x


Chapter 9

New Year lemon special Naru x hina lemon

Hey people it's already! I hope you had a great new years to start off the new year. This chapter will have a very long lemon. Naruto x Hinata, since Hinata seems to be the best out of the other girl's according to the fans so this chapter will have Naruto and Hinata again. I know I made too many of this couple already but I still like Naru/Hina so the next chapter will have the others in it. Temari's chapter will be long. And It will have a story leading to the lemon. I know that this chapter was supposed to be Temari's special welcoming. But since this is the new year I wanted to make a chapter with the best girl in the fic. Right now it happens to be Hinata so please forgive me, I beg of you.Aaaaand that's it for what I had to say about the chapter. So review, leave a suggestion, and give a scenario for a lemon if you have a few seconds and an idea. Also, I need the reviews. Because how else am I supposed to know what I need to work on, or if I'm getting better.

So without further adieu. Heres the chapter

_-_-_-_-_The Next Morning_-_ A.M._-_-_-_

Naruto and Hinata were still asleep after their vigorous love making the previous night.

_-_-_-_-_Two Hours Later_-_-_-_-_

Hinata finally started to stir. Fully awakening she noticed that Naruto was still sleeping and that he had gone soft within her, although that was rapidly changing as her muscles subconsciously milked him.. 'Look at him, he looks so cute when he sleeps. I wish we could stay like this for a little while longer. But I want to give my Naruto-kun a surprise when he wakes up. I think I'll make him some homemade Ramen, and hopefully he gives me a present too.' Hinata pondered as she thought of all the dirty thing he'd do to her.So she slowly pulled the covers back and lifted herself off of his hardening member, barely holding in a moan as he slipped out of her. She started for her closet when she noticed she was nude, remembering how she ripped her nightgown in half because it was in the way the night before she surmised she would need some clothes. No one but her Naruto-kun would see her naked. She got a pair of her regular silk pajamas, fixed her hair a little, and went downstairs. When she got to the kitchen however she noticed a note on the refrigerator. Plucking the shuriken shaped magnet from over it she caught it with her free hand as it fell and started reading.Dear DaughterNeji, Hanabi, most of the clan's main and cadet branch, and I have went to the international clan meetings. As you know it's held every couple of year's so the bigger clans can mingle together better and the clan head's can talk about political marriages, new traditions, other important matters. I wanted to take you with and leave your sister here but she caught me just as I was about to open your door. She said you were up training hard and you needed your rest. I'm very proud of you for that. So I will inform you all about it upon my return, since you will be the future clan leader it will do well for you to know how these conventions work. so we will be gone for a week, maybe longer. I also gave the guards the week off. So enjoy yourself, have a few friend over if you want. But don't have too much fun, I want your chakra reserves to be at least half again what they are now by the time we return.Love, Father. (A/n I know he's not really like that but in my fic he is)P.s. What I just told you about the traditions and the marriages? Total bullshit, we just get drunk and screw around. Don't spread that around though, i'm only telling you because your my heir. Burn this note upon reading it. After she got done reading the note she used a quick fire jutsu and threw it in the ashtrey on the table for just that purpose. She was so happy! She had the whole house to her self with her Naruto-kun! This was great, now she didn't have to be careful about her and Naruto having sex in the house. She then remembered what she was actually here for, completely forgetting how close her father came to either finding her fingering herself or riding Naruto like a pony. She wanted to make Naruto homemade Ramen so he would fuck her senseless again! Operation: Bribery was a commencing now! Getting an apron she put it over her pajamas, wouldn't want to ruin them, they were a gift from her sister. She got started collecting her ingredients, some flour, water , carrots, beef, onions

_-_-_-_-_Half An Hour Later_-_-_-_-_

She put the finishing touches in the noodles. A rather light aphrodisiac, any heavier and it would change the taste of the Ramen, but it was enough to make sure she would be walking funny, or not at all, tomorrow. Grabbing a big pan, she filled it up with the broth she had made and put the noodles in and brought it to a boil. Ten minutes later it was done. so she got a big bowl she filled it with the Ramen and set it on the tray. Humming a happy tune to herself she started walking up the stairs towards her room. When she got there she slowly pushed the door open, not bothering to close it, as she had the house to herself. Walking to the side of the bed where Naruto was laying she set the tray down on the nightstand and gently grabbed his shoulder. "Naruto-kun, wake up. I have a surprised for you." She whispered in his ear. Being a ninja he woke up instantly at the sound of her voice. "'Morning Hinata-chan did you have a good rest?" He asked while rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "yes I did Naruto-kun, you made sure of that. And here, I made you something. I hope you like it." She replied with a big blush on her face while picking up the tray and carefully handing it to him. She had never cooked for someone else before and she was nervous he wouldn't like it, and then he would be disgusted with her, and then leave, and maybe he wouldn't love her anymore! And no more love meant no more sex! And no more sex meant a very sad Hyuuga. Oblivious to the possible nervous breakdown currently happening in Hinata's head a few feet away he grabbed some chop sticks from the tray and started to eating. Slowly at first but he quickly picked up the pace, finding himself becoming rather addicted to the noodley goodness that his favorite lover had made. All but moaning in delight he broke her from her increasingly depressing thoughts, she had just gotten to the part where she was disowned and had to do D-rank missions for the rest of her life just to stay alive, "Mmmm Hinata-chan this ramen Is great! I love your cooking! Um how much did you make anyway? He asked. Noticing his chopsticks struck empty bowl, he picked up the bowl and drank the broth. Her eyes widened in shock, she knew he could eat a lot but,"N-Naruto-kun that was a two gallon bowl! I'm afraid that's all I made, I could make more if you like?" She asked, grabbing the tray she walked toward the dresser. "Well yeah! I'd love that, it was the greatest Ramen i've ever tasted!" He declared, slightly confused by her shock. She acted like two gallons of Ramen was a small amount or something! Blasphemy! She would have to be punished Putting a little more sway in her step, now practically strutting to her dresser she put the trey on the top of it. Naruto eyes were glued to her shapely ass as she walked. Watching is bounce back and forth. Noticing that she was wearing a pair of silk pajamas and an apron he asked,"Hey Hinata-chan? How come your wearing pajamas? Why not just go naked and wear the apron. It would look very sexy." "I thought my family was home, and they probably wouldn't have liked it if they saw me wearing only an apron so I put these on when I went downstairs. I saw a note that said that my family will be gone for a week or longer and that the guard's are gone too. A clan conference. How did you know about that anyway?" Hinata asked, stripping off her pajamas and apron, she put them in a neat pile in her top drawer. Walking over to the bed she pulled the blankets back and sat on his lap. Slipping his cock into her and slowly started bouncing as she waited for an answer. The aphrodisiac doing it's job, making him so hard the head of his cock was almost purple. Thanks Hime, I don't think I could have held back from ripping those clothes right off of you and fucking you through a wall. Anyway- Mmm faster- I heard some passing Inuzuka members talking about it when I was helping Ino with some boxes the other day." He answered, grabbing her breasts he started the knead them. "Since everyone's gone for the week or so I don't see a reason for you to stop yelling while I fuck you." Naruto said aloud while thinking, 'Now I don't have to divert part of attention from this hot piece of ass so I can make sure the door is locked and no sound is getting out.' As he palmed Hinata's ass cheeks. "so fuck me hard, fast, and rough and maybe i'll scream for you." She said seductively, remembering how much he seemed to like her screaming yesterday, as she ground her hips into his crotch before resuming her bouncing, this time even harder. Enjoying the loud slapping sound that echoed through her empty house. "Ah, Naruto-kun faster! Please fuck me however you wish. I don't care. I'm cumming!" she arched her back as she had her first climax of the morning. Noticing her slowing down he flipped her around and set her down on her knees. Putting his hands on her shoulder he pushed her face down into the pillows, her arms prevented the headboard from bruising her noggin as he started hammering into her hard enough for the bed to start shaking. "Geez Hime, look's like you didn't have enough last night! Oh well, your pussy is the best, I guess it's only fair it demands the most of my cum. I did promise to fuck you till you dropped as well." He thought out loud as he started jack hammering her pussy making the bed start hit the wall every few thrusts. "I'm so close. I'm going to cum again. Make me scream Naruto-kun. Fuck me raw!" She moaned as she felt him grab her wrists, lifting her up at a diagonal angle so his thrusts made her bounce up in the air.. "Your pussy's so tight Hime. I'm gonna full you up with so much cum. Scream for me, tell me how much of a dirty noble whore you are. Now that no ones her I want you to scream at the top of your lungs!" ordered Naruto as he let go of her wrist, causing her to hang onto the top of the headboard for support, and started pounding her as hard as he could, stretching out her womb as the head of his cock slammed into her cervix, moving the bed once again as it started slamming into the wall. Hinata, feeling the sudden intrusion in her womb was overwhelmed with pleasure and screamed as loud as she could, "I'M YOUR DIRTY HYUUGA WHORE NARUTO-KUN! I LOVE GETTING FUCKED BY YOUR BIG FAT COCK. USE THIS BODY AS LONG AS YOU WANT! I'M YOUR PERSONAL SLUT! I'M ABOUT TO CUM. FUCK YOUR WHORE HARDER!" Feeling her climax rapidly approaching. "Thats a good slut. I'm almost there too, keep talking." Said Naruto as he molded some chakra and set it to circulate through his body. "OH GOD I'M CUMMING NARUTO-KUN! AHHHHHHHHHH!" She screamed as they both came at the same time. Naruto's cock unloaded several cups of baby batter into her hungry womb as her hot juices dripped onto the bed. "Now Hime, I'm gonna fuck you in the ass so hard that you wont want to sit down for a week." He said seductively as he put his hands in the ram seal. "Kage Henge!" His crotch was covered in smoke as he had two cocks once again, they were back to the one on top and one on bottom arrangement. "While I'm fucking your tight ass I want you to tell me how good it feels to get have me in your ass." he told her, as he put his cock heads in her ass, grabbed her by the hips, and with a quick increase in chakra, he slammed balls deep within her now stretched rectum. Hinata almost passed out as the pleasure her ass was sending her brain was received. "YOUR A GENIOUS NARUTO-KUN! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU FUCK ME IN THE ASS, AND IT'S EVEN BETTER WITH TWO! DEEPER! FUCK MY ASS HARDER! AH, AH, AH, OH, MY ASS! IT HURTS SO GOOD! I WANT TO FEEL YOUR WARM CUM POUR INTO ME SO MUCH! OH GOD, FUCK YOUR SLUT SOME MORE! FULL ME UP WITH YOUR CUM! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU FUCK ME LIKE THIS!" She screamed as she braced herself against the headboard. As he was fucking her he let go of her hips and grabbed her breasts and started to squeeze, pinch, and pull them. "I love your tits Hime, they're so big! What size are you any way?" He asked as he angled himself a bit lower so his balls were slapping into her pussy. "Double D's, but I'm very close to a size G." gasped out Hinata as she could feel a familiar pressure building up within her. "More Naruto-kun! I'm so close to Cumming! I don't know how much longer I can last! I'm Cumming!" She moaned out, her juices sprayed all over her bed as he shot a double dose of his seed within her ass. They collapsed to the bed, Naruto still on top within her, and enjoyed the aftershocks of their orgasms, catching their breath. "Master that was great. My ass feels so good! How was it?" "It was the best anal i've had all week. I think you should give me a tour of your house though." He said slyly before picking her up, slipped his cocks into her pussy and ass and wrapping her legs around his waist. Standing up she locked her arms behind his head as they headed for the door, Hinata moving her hips up and down slowly as she gave him directions. And so they walked. Slowly fucking as they went through the kitchen, the parlour, the living room, a few other spare rooms on the ground floor, stopping in each room to thoroughly dirty one piece of furniture each. Tables, chairs, the couch, even her father desk weren't safe from the horny duo. Slipping back inside Hinata after a particular hard orgasm while fucking her doggy style on her in her fathers study Naruto then took them upstairs. She thoroughly showed him their three maid's rooms, and a few of the storage rooms. It was almost noon by the time they walked by Hanabi's room. however Naruto gained a devious grin and opened the door. He cut her protests off by lifting up her hips and slamming into her extra hard. Sending her into a screaming orgasm. His plan almost backfired however as his legs turned to jelly as her orifices did their best to suck him dry, succeeding in coaxing more of his cum from him. Not able to catch himself as his orgasm played out he turned a full degrees and leaned her against the wall. He recovered a few seconds later and started pushing her into the wall as he picked up the pace. "Ah, oh, ah, ah. Naruto-kun I wasn't ready for this. Your stretching me out so much, i'm so sore! After this I want to suck your cocks again. I haven't had any thing to drink and I'm thirsty for more of your cum." She moaned out as Hinata's breasts rubbed against Naruto's rock hard chest. "I'm almost there Hime your so hot and tight. You can really take a lot of my cum cant you? You really are a cum dumpster." Naruto said as he went faster and faster pulling in and out of her holes. "Yes I am! I'm only yours, I only want your cum in me Naruto-kun. I love it so much, oh God more, I can feel your cum in me from before, it's so warm. I need more! I have to cum so badly!" Gasping In pleasure she held on tighter as he was speeding up. "Not yet my precious Hime. Hold it as long as you can, and let's see how long it take's you to disobey me." She was sweaty enough now that when he would thrust into her she would grind up the wall a little bit, leaving sweaty imprint of her back on it. After a few minutes she couldn't take it anymore. She needed this so badly, if she didn't cum she would go insane! But she didn't want to disobey her love in any way. It was too much for her "Naruto-kun I have to cum! Can I please cum?" She pleaded desperately. She started working her pussy and ass muscles in an attempt to get him off faster. "No, not just yet. Not until I cum first, like I said earlier I'm gonna fill you up till you cant take any more. I'm gonna cum." He shot his load deep within her, setting off her own orgasm. Naruto held onto her tightly, making sure all his cum went inside her. Naruto didn't stop Cumming in her for thirty seconds. Both of their juices fell on the floor leaving a very big puddle of cum. Hinata let go of Naruto and slid down the wall, her leg's sore from being held for so long. She was about to get on her knees and start sucking him off but he picked her up and marched for her sisters bed. "But Naruto-kun, why on Hanabi's bed? We'll make a mess." She cautioned. "Revenge mostly, she did something to Kono and now whenever she they're in the same room he literally tears the nearest door down to get away from her. So i'm going to cover her bed in so much cum she won't be able to sleep without sticking to the mattress." Naruto did his best impression of Orochimaru's pedo chuckle. It was more comical then it was threatening and she let out a giggle as he set her down on the middle of the bed and summoned a clone. She marveled at the four cocks pointed at her. Hinata, thinking quickly, shifted so her head was hanging off the bed and gestured for the real Naruto to use her breasts. Realizing what she was doing Shadow bent down and shoved his cocks in her mouth as Naruto lightly sat on her upper torso and used her giant melons to get himself off. Summoning another clone he had it start fucking her abused pussy and ass. All three Naruto's quickly found a good rhythm and were fucking every hole she had. Ten minutes later the clone fucking her face was the first to climax. With a loud groan he stuffed himself completely down her throat and rested his balls on her chin as he got to work filling her stomach with his seed. It only took two more minutes for the second clone fucking her lower holes to explode within her. She moaned as she felt his warm cum flood into her womb and ass. Before it pulled out and joined the other clone off the to side in waiting for their boss to finish. The real Naruto quickly followed, gripping her breasts almost painfully he sped up as much as he could and released his load. Covering her entire face and neck. Moaning in delight and slurping up his cum she shifted so she was laying on her hands and knees. Glancing at his clones they telepathically divvied up who would fuck which hole first. They decided the real Naruto would get her mouth and the clones would get her pussy and asshole, respectively. And thats how it went for the next ten hours. The three Naruto's would alternate between her pussy, ass, mouth, and breasts. Her seemingly endless ability to absorb his cum had stopped after the first seven hours of constantly being filled with his cum and now the bed was covered in a thick layer of it. Not even a single centimeter was spared from the sticky white liquid. His revenge was complete, Hanabi would never be able to get the smell of his essence out of her mattress, blankets, and pillows even if she did succeed in washing all of it off. A very cum drunk Hinata was now beating off the two clones as she bounce up and down on the real Naruto's cocks. Feeling him slam her down she enjoyed the feeling of his cum shooting out of her already filled to capacity orifices and the quadruple loads she got as both clones came, covering her already sticky body with a fresh coat of cum. She had currently swallowed two gallons of his cums and had almost a dozen shot into her or sprayed on her, suffice to say Hinata was a very happy part succubus right now. The clones gave a salute of respect to their creator, poofing out of existence a second later, their chakra depleted. Looking at the clock on the wall and seeing it was a little past P.M. he picked her up bridal style, she went limp as a noodle and simply enjoyed the feeling of snuggling into his muscular chest. Releasing the Kage Henge he did his best to perform a decent Shunshin no jutsu to teleport them back to her room. Carrying her to the shower he quickly got the water at the right temperature and stepped in. Being careful he activated his Massage of Healing technique and washed all of his cum off of her, soothing any aches and soreness she most surely had from over twelve hours of near constant sex. She slowly started to come out of her jizz induced high as he worked. Washing her hair he couldn't help but think. 'Were her ears always pointed slightly? And were her breasts always this perky? Considering how big they are I thought they sagged just a little bit. HA! Suck on that gravity my girlfriend has the ability to ignore you!' Mentally slapping himself for insulting a concept he got back to cleaning them both. A few minutes into the shower Hinata finally regained motor function. She was standing in front of Naruto as he worked a lufa filled with body wash around her generous curves. She stayed still, simply enjoying the sensation of being cleaned by her love. She turned around the second he was done and gave him a kiss, which he eagerly returned. Pulling back she wrapped her arms lightly around his shoulder and gave her best puppy dog eyes, "Just once more, please?" She pouted. Naruto twitched as he actually tried to resist for several seconds, which felt like eternity, before he gave an almost convincing sigh and nodded. She would have jumped for joy had she not dropped to her knees and got to work coaxing out her final snack for the night. Using her breasts he almost went cross eyed in pleasure as the warm water allowed her to go even faster then normal, and for it to feel even better. She started sucking on his exposed cock, swirling her tongue around the tip as she kept up her quick stroking with her breasts. He couldn't take more then five minutes of this treatment and struggled to hold himself back from just grabbing her head and shoving his cock into her stomach. Giving one last hard suck she listened to his low moan in glee and started swallowing the flood of cum that made her cheeks puff outward. Barely managing to accomplish it the flow of semen finally slowed and eventually stopped. Keeping one mouthful she savored it for several seconds before swallowing it loudly and looking up at the half lidded gaze of her love. This heartwarming scene was interrupted however as a small belch made it's way up her throat and reverberated off the shower walls. Eyes widening in horror, blushing heavily, she slapped a hand over her mouth and let out a squeak while Naruto threw his head back and let out a loud laugh. Falling backwards onto his rear end he continued laughing, holding his ribs as he fell over again onto his side. Scowling cutely she joined him in laughing a second later, his laughter being rather contagious, while thinking, 'Well that's one way to fuck him till he drops.' _-_-_-_-_Five Minutes Later_-_On The Bed_-_-_-_-_ They both dried off and got back in bed and pulled the covers up not even bothering to put clothes on. Naruto draped his arm over her waist as he snuggled up behind her, enjoying the smell of her freshly washed hair. "Wow Hinata-chan you were great! I don't think I can get hard any morewell.. maybe a couple dozen more times but you actually almost wore me out! Was it too much for you? I was a little rough for that last six hours." He asked, concerned for her health. "This has been the greatest day of my life! It was a little hard to handle, but i'm fine, in fact, I feel wonderful! We should have clone orgies more often all that tasty cum" She muttered dreamily "Yeah, I think thats what wore me out the most too. So I think i'll be doing that more often from now on. And thanks for my present, It was sooo delicious." He caught himself before he drooled all over her hair. Steadily welcoming sleeps warms embrace she asked one last thing. "When are we going to the Hokage to see about our house?" "We'll go after a good nights rest. We both need it." he muttered as they both fell asleep.

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The Shy \u0026 Secret Kiss -- Naruto x Hinata

Hinata's Special Apology - Pile of Lemons R (NarutoxHarem) - Chapter 9 by Saint_Lewd full book limited free

Naruto was quite happy. He had just had a threesome with his Sakura-Chan and Ino, the academies 'Most Voted to turn Lesbian' duo. And he still felt like he could go for a few more hours! Being a stamina freak had its perks. While he was tree jumping he remembered he forgot to release his Peeping Jutsu, doing that he started to think of how he would go about this, and about Hinata herself. She used to be the shy timid girl that would root him on from the shadows, now however; she was more the kind of girl to demand fucks her till they dropped kind of girl and the only man she ever wanted was him. She was the only one who could probably tire him out. Which made her all the even more sexier in his opinion, sure the other girls were great and he loved each of them but it was just frustrating having them pass out on him. Sure, he could just have his way with their unconscious bodies but where's the fun in that? The more he thought about her the more he couldn't wait to see her and then fuck her brains into mush.

After 5 minutes of jumping he finally got to the mansion. He remembered that Hinata had recommended in the note that he should try sneak his way in so the guard's wouldn't catch him. So, after a little bit of casing the place he decided on the best course of action.. Easily jumping the fence, he ran up the wall. Crouching on top of the cement wall he looked around and quickly spotted the window Hinata had been fantasizing about him. Jumping through the window he action rolled as he landed. Sure it was a tad excessive, but he always wanted to do that. (1)

His train of thought came to a sudden halt in such a way that made using a record scratching as the sound effect would have been perfectly acceptable.

Hinata was laying on her bed, with a light blue see through nightgown with her leg's wide open, with two finger's inside of herself.

Naruto didn't want her to know he was there yet, so he just sat back and enjoyed the show.

Hinata had closed her eyes. She couldn't stop thinking about her Naruto-kun! She started to moan, louder and louder she got as her fingers started picking up speed, "Naruto-kun, mmm yes, hurry up! Where are you? I want your cock so badly! I can't wait to feel it in me. Ah, Naruto-kun, I want you to cum in me so much! I've been such a bad girl. Ah, Oh God, I'm almost there Naruto-kun! My pussy's so hot. I want to feel your hard long warmth in me so much. I'm Cumming!" Hinata screamed, as her juices sprayed all over her bed. Her breathing started to slow down as the pleasure slowly went away. She started to fall asleep but was awoken completely by a familiar tone filled with perverse amusement.

"So, Hime (Princess)? You want my hard cock in your wet pussy right? Or should we start with a little foreplay?" Naruto asked as he walked to the bed and quickly crawled on top of her. Putting his hands on her breasts he slowly pulled her nipples up, instantly wiping the last thoughts of sleep from her mind.

"Naruto-kun! How long have you been here?" She responded as his massaging of her breast turned even more pleasurable with a quick use of Touch of Heat.

"I got here just in time to see a good show, apparently. I love the outfit by the way; I hope you don't need it after tonight because I don't think I can wait for you to take it off." He responded.

"Oh God yes! Tear it off of me! Ravish me!" She pleaded while turning over and getting on all fours.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Taking off both his pants and boxers in one move Naruto was reminded that he'd never canceled the Kage Henge.

"Oop, forgot to cancel the ju-gasp He was cut off as Hinata looked over her shoulder and gasped, her eyes widening in disbelief. He suddenly found himself laying face down on the bed with Hinata nuzzling his dicks like they were her new religious symbol.

Getting an idea Naruto began talking, slipping a little depression in his voice, "I have a problem Hime, one only you can help with."

Ripping her eyes from the greatest thing she'd ever seen since Naruto himself she responded in a comforting tone, failing to stop the lust from slipping into her voice, "Anything Naruto-kun. You can count on me."

Smiling down at her he started explaining, "Well, I worked so hard on making this new technique and it was wasted on Ino-Chan, even with my help she still couldn't get all of me down her throat, and Sakura barely got one, much less two. You're my only hope Hinata-chan."

Hinata was on cloud nine; her love needed her for something only she could do. Getting started she took her time. Stroking one while licking the head of the other, alternating every few seconds. Flipping herself over so she was laying with her pussy in front of Naruto's face she started taking them into her mouth. It was difficult, mostly because He started eating her out, but also because it took a few seconds to adjust to having two dicks in her throat.

Struggling to pick up speed, as Naruto inserted two fingers within her and started tonguing her asshole, she managed to get to the halfway mark. Wrapping her arms around his waist she started forcing her head deeper. Managing to get all the way to ten before she pulled back and started licking him once more.

She grabbed a cock in both hand and started pumping her hands as she said deviously, "Looks like I can take both of them completely, buuuut your going to have to get me off first. Be quick or no deep throat for you." Giggling as he picked up the pace, she started moaning as he took his mouth from her ass and started sucking on her clit, repeatedly tapping her G-spot with his fingers.

She had to stop her hands as her orgasm slammed into her. Collapsing on top of him she suddenly felt two hands grab her head; they positioned it right in front of his cocks. Taking the hint she engulfed them within her mouth. Wrapping her arms around his waist once more she started slamming her head down, taking more and more into her mouth.

Finally, after three minutes she slammed her head down extra hard and succeeded in taking all 14 inches of both Naruto's cocks into her throat. Pausing as a small orgasm overcame her from the pleasure in her throat, she was about to pull back and start building up a quick rhythm but she was surprised by his hands latching onto her scalp and holding her head in place.

Pulling his hips downward into the mattress a few inches Naruto started hammering into her mouth as fast as he could. Her mouth felt so good, the muscles clenching and unclenching. She started to hum however and that threw him off the edge. Pushing down roughly and thrusting upward he unleashed his first load of the night down her throat.

Releasing several huffs of air Naruto let his hands and hip tumble to the bed as he enjoyed the afterglow of his orgasm. "Thanks Hime. Out of all the girls, you're the best."

Swelling in pride she lifted her head, sucking as she went, causing a groan to force its way out of her lovers mouth. His cocks finally slipped out of her mouth with a louder than usual Pop.

"Now, it's about time I got to fucking that beautiful asshole of yours." He said, grinning. Hinata nodded eagerly and got on all fours again, facing the foot of the bed. Moaning in slight disappointment when his cock returned to normal.

Answering her unasked question he said, "Sorry Hime, but I gotta save some things for tomorrow. I'm gonna be fucking you all day after all."

Liking the idea heavily she couldn't help but reply as he ripped her thong off of her body with a Snap! and tossed it across the room. Grabbing her hips and lifted up her nightgown, "What about father? I'll get in trouble if I stay on my room all day."

"I'm sure something will happen to take him and your immediate family away from the mansion for a while. You'll find out tomorrow." He finished mysteriously. Lining up with the puckered asshole he slammed balls deep in one thrust, her response cut off by a scream of pleasure. She grabbed onto the footrest at the bottom of her luxurious bed so he could pound her faster, while his hands grabbed her breasts again.

"Oh yes! Naruto do me any way you please! Faster! Pound me more! Oh God you're so good, you're long, hard, cock is so hot! Ah, ah, more! Fuck my asshole harder Naruto-kun!" She pleaded while he continued fucking her senseless.

He decided to go even harder, making sure he brushed up against her anal G-spot every few thrusts. "Damn Hime, Your ass is so tight! It's even tighter than Ten-ten's! I'm almost there! You're my Hyuuga whore aren't you? Tell me how much you want me to fuck you!" He groaned as he switched to quick powerful thrusts.

"Yes! I'm your slut! Your cum-slave! Anything you want! I love the way you fuck me! I've waited all day for your glorious cock! The more I thought about you, the more I had to masturbate to keep myself sane. Oh Naruto-kun! I'm almost there. I've thought about you fucking me so much! Even when I was training. All I wanted was to feel you in me!" She almost screamed out.

"Okay then my Hyuuga slut, cum for me. I want to feel your warm juices on my cock. You got that? Cum for me slave!" With a burst of chakra he slammed his entire length into her ass. Creating a loud, wet, slapping sound. "I'm Cumming!" He grunted, mirroring her scream, as both of them came at the same time. Her juices spraying all over the bed, and his seed warming her sore rectum.

It was the first of many orgasms she would have that night.

Hinata's arms gave out and she fell face first into one of the extra pillows she had placed at the foot of her bed. His, still hard, cum covered cock slipping out of her.

Her ass sticking up while her hair was splayed out around her. The light blue nightgown she was wearing was covering her nether region from view, or at least, it would have, had it not been see-through. He liked this position a lot and waddled on his knees behind her and lined himself up with her pussy as best as he could through the silky material.

"Look at that Hinata-Chan you already picked out the next position. Such a good girl. Now, my cum dumpster, this time when I fuck you I want to scream as loud as you can. I want to make sure the rest of you clan knows how much you love me, and how much you're willing to do for me." As he shoved his entire length into her welcoming pussy, easily ripping through her silk covering, tearing a hole in it. Not even bothering to get a rhythm going he just slammed into her with reckless abandon.

He had set up privacy seals on his way in so he didn't actually have to worry about her alerting anyone but it would still be hot to hear.

Instantly she started to yell out, not caring in the slightest about the consequences. "Fuck me more Naruto-kun! Oh God yes! I'm your Hyuuga whore! I'll fuck you anywhere you want! Anytime you want! Ngh God Naruto-kun your fat cock is spreading out my pussy! I've been a naughty girl Naruto-kun and I deserved to be punished! Fuck me rough! I love the way you fuck me! You're the only man I'll ever fuck! So please cum in me! Claim me as yours and yours alone! I want to have your children! I'm almost there Naruto-kun! I can almost already feel you're hot cum coursing into me! I don't care if any of my clan members see me like this! I am your personal Hyuuga fuck toy! I'm Cumming!" She finished her screaming with a loud moan.

"Me too! I love the way you talked dirty. Let's cum together." They both came again as her juices went all over his cock. Naruto shot 8 ropes of cum inside her before pulling out. Some of his cum was still shooting out onto her ass so out so he grabbed her head, rubbing his cock against it. Leaving streams of his cum all over her face, some dripping onto her generous bust, forever staining her nightgown.

"Mmmm Master. That was the best fucking you've ever given me! So what now?" Hinata muttered distractedly, as she started licking the cum off of herself, using her hands for the globs that were out of reach.

Putting on an amused smile he looked at her and replied, "My silly Hyuuga whore. You haven't given me a titty fuck yet. I have a lot more positions I want to try on you better do a good job. When you're working those giant tits on my cock I want you to tell me how much you love it." As he sat down on the edge of the bed. She quickly followed, but paused when her silky covering got In the way.

Hinata growled in her throat quietly, her outfit was extremely hot and served it's purpose of turning her lover on, but now it was just in the way. Gripping it with both hands in the middle she pulled it apart with a satisfying tearing sound.

Naruto's eyes were glued to her wonderful breasts as they bounced around from her quick movements. H couldn't wait to have them wrapped around his cock. He didn't have to wait for her long as after she tossed what was left of her nightgown across the room, coincidently landing right on her discarded thong, pulling her breasts apart she slapped them together around his cock forcing her hands together on either side of them to keep up the pressure around his cock.

"Your breasts feel so good! Faster whore, I love seeing your breast bounce like this. You're doing such a perfect job. How did you get so good at this?" asked Naruto as he started to moan.

"Well, when you were on your training trip I found a set of books called "How to make a man yours" I had to buy them from different villages though so it took me a while to get them all. I got four the last four on the mission right before Pein showed up. The first chapter of the new one is called 'fuck till he drops' so I think you'll enjoy everything I've learned." She told him, steadily increasing the speed of her pumping and the pressure she was putting on her breasts as she was talking.

Almost five minutes later He started moving his hips slightly and moaning louder, "I'm almost there Hinata-chan. It's a big one. I'm going to make sure everyone know that your mine! I love the way your breasts feel! I'm gonna cum!" He groaned loudly as he came again. As he predicted it was the biggest load he's had yet. Cum exploded from his dick. He couldn't even tell what color her skin was anymore she was covered so completely from the waist up. Naruto liked the way she looked and gave her a loving smile.

Watching as she quickly cleaned herself of using her mouth and hands, he helped her clean off her hair with a spare blanket. Picking her up bridal style he told her, "Well Hinata-chan I think you can only handle one more for the night, you look rather tired and I wouldn't want to spoil tomorrow. Since you picked the last two positions and it's almost we should hurry this up. Now it's my turn to pick positions." As he finished he laid her on the bed on her back.

"Spread you legs open." He ordered, sitting on his knees in front of her.

Yes master, I'll do whatever you say!" She opened her legs as he crawled on top of her, and put his throbbing cock in her soaked wet pussy. She loved the way it felt. His cock going in her pussy, stretching it out pleasantly. She shuddered in pleasure as he slipped into her womb.

Flipping them over Hinata put her hands on Naruto's shoulders, while he palmed her ass and guided her up and down faster, watching their juices splashing all over their joined gentals.

"More Master! I love when you fuck my pussy! It feels so good! I love being on top. Oh God, I love your big long cock so much! It drives me crazy. Faster! Fuck me Harder! I'm so hot Master! I want to cum so badly! I'm going to be so sore after this but I love it! I want this so badly, I want your child in the future. Make me pregnant. Treat me like a whore if you want! I love you so much Naruto-kun! I'll do whatever you want. Just fuck me more! I don't care what the Hyuuga clan law is. I'm the future head of this clan and you're going to be the father of the next heirs. Pound that hard cock in me! I don't care who hears me I'm getting fucked so good! Ah, Oh God faster! I'm almost there!"

"I love fucking Hyuuga pussy it's the best there is! I'm almost there too. Let's make this the best one of the night. Harder Hinata-Chan, I love seeing your breasts bounce. I love fucking this beautiful body of yours. I love you! I'm Cumming Hinata-Chan!" He grunted, thrusting upwards to meet her, slamming into her womb causing Hinata to see stars, "Me too Naruto-kun. I'm Cumming!" Hinata moaned out as they both came together again. Hinata's womb was absorbing his cum as fast as it could but it's sucking pushed him over the edge again and cum started pouring out from around his cock, dripping down her ass and onto the bed. she fell onto his chest and remained there. Both breathing heavily she looked up at him and they started kissing, both enjoying the pleasant soreness, Hinata more so then Naruto, as they made out.

Pulling back he couldn't help but say, "Wow Hinata-Chan you lasted twice as long as the other, especially considering you've been up this late and you were training today. It's great to find someone who can last at least half long as I can. You're definitely the best out of all the girls by far." he complemented.

"You have no idea how happy that makes me. I love you so much Naruto-kun. I hope we can be like this forever." She replied as she rested her head on Naruto chest.

"We will Hinata-Chan, nothing's going to break us apart. You better get some rest for later today though. I'm gonna be fucking this beautiful body all day." He told her, grabbing her ass with both hands and squeezing gently after applying a drop of Kyuubi's chakra.

"How?" Moaned Hinata as his skillful hands massaged her red ass cheeks. "My family will be home all day, granted only my Father and Sister live in this mansion but they'll still come to check on me if I never leave my room." She fought to keep her eyes open. His hands were causing pleasant warmth that was easing her to sleep.

"Now now, didn't I say not to worry about that? Now rest, I'm not going to go easy on you tomorrow." He answered a devilish smirk making its way on his face.

"Okay Naruto-kun, I'm looking forward to it. But I have to ask one thing first."

"Well I was thinking since we're both 17, and I think I'm old enough to leave this house. I was thinking that we could get an apartment or even a house together."

"But won't Your father get pissed and maybe even disown you." Naruto warned.

"He might. But I doubt it, you're a hero remember? Polically he couldn't refuse and as a father he should be happy for me. I hate that you live alone and even with all the girls it will get lonely without someone waiting for you, maybe cooking you dinner, or just there to talk about you latest mission when you return home. You'll never be lonely again with me there."

"I think it's a great idea! But there's two problems."

"First, I still have to ask granny about the house problem. Ever since I woke up a few days ago I've been living from house to house. I think it's time I finally know where I'm going live from now on. So tomorrow we'll have to see her.

And second, what about the other girls? Once they hear your moving in they may want to as well."

"Now Naruto-kun, as long as I to be the only one allowed staying in your bed at all times I don't care who lives in our house." She replied in a seductive tone before turning serious, unknowingly her eyes started glowing purple.

"But I'm the only one you're allowed to marry. All those other sluts are no better than concubines, toys to get you off when I'm not there okay?"

His face went slack as his voice went monotone and he replied, "Yes Hinata-sama" before shaking his head and looking around confused for a second. "That was weird, I can't quite remember the last thing you said, but sure! I feel the need to agree wholeheartedly." Giving her one last peck on the forehead he reached around her and pulled the blankets on top of them. Hinata apparently deciding to sleep with him still inside her.

"Okay then my love. Goodnight." She replied and put her head back on Naruto's broad chest. Slipping into dreamland a few seconds later.

'I think this might work out, i'll just ask for a building and just remodel it. I can't wait till later today, i'll make love to Hinata-chan till sundown, we'll fall asleep in each others arms again, which is always nice, and when we wake up, we'll give Baa-chan a visit.'He closed his eyes and after a few minutes of thinking about his how he'd make his new house, and a few dirty thoughts about the girls that would be residing within it, he fell asleep.


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I lightly touched it with my tongue and ran it around the head, picking up all of its grease. A few more times, I cut my tongue over the soft skin of the head. Ilya's light moans swept through the room. And I already loaded his member into the mouth. I grabbed it with jaws and began to move smoothly along the trunk.

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