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Metal Carports

Metal Carport Styles

Carport Direct brings you the best standard metal carports and triple wide steel carports in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Maryland, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, Louisiana, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. We offer our standard and triple wide Car Ports and Car Covers in three different roof styles –

  • Regular Roof Style Carports
  • A-frame or Boxed-Eave Roof Style Carports
  • Vertical Roof Style Carports

The above carport roof styles are listed in their order or increasing base price. This means that the regular roof style metal carports cost the least whereas the vertical style roof metal carports cost more than the other two roof styles. However, Carport Direct highly recommends you vertical style roof metal carports for their great curb appeal, longer life, and less maintenance. Snow and debris like fallen leaves do not accumulate on the roof of a vertical roof carport making it easy to manage and clean. Moreover, a carport or a metal building increases the value of your home, so choose your roof style wisely.

Metal Carport Prices

The carport prices listed on the Carport Direct website are for a top-only carport structure. The prices for these metal carports include 14-GA tubing, 29-GA roof panels, delivery and installation, 4 corner braces, and a center brace on each leg. You can opt for the thicker 12 GA framing, enclose the sides or the ends of the steel carports with panels, fully enclose the carport to turn it into a carport garage, add garage doors, windows, walk-in doors, framed openings, and choose from a wide list of 14 color options.

Carport Direct has conveniently priced a wide selection of Standard and Triple Wide Size Steel Car ports in sizes from 12’ to 30’ wide, & from 21’ to 41’/51’ long, which are suitable for most of our customers. We offer these standard sizes to save you time & money. We can build any custom size in between these sizes. Any custom size is priced the same as the next size up. I.e., a 16′ wide is priced the same as an 18′ wide, a 29′ long would be priced the same as a 31′ long.

Why Choose Metal Carport?

You can join the metal carports at the end to produce a long carport. We have built steel carports as long as 300’ long and there is a small end to end connection fee using which you have to pay to join ends. You can also add a utility space to your carport along the width (at the front or the back) or along the length (one of the sides enclosed). You can also add a lean-to to your carport turning it into a barn like building with one or two lean to’s. These barn buildings are very popular in the semi-urban and the rural American markets and have been used as horse barns, ranch, hay units, and depots. Our standard drop on a barn is 4’ on 12’, and we can build classic, continuous, and step-down barn buildings.

Metal Carports are excellent steel structures you can use to cover your car, truck, farm Equipment, motorcycles, RV, boat & equipment. They also are used for metal canopies, carport covers, metal RV covers, metal shelters, boat covers, shed garage kits, metal carport kits, steel canopies, and motorhome covers. If you want to protect and enhance the value of these items, a metal carport will preserve the appearance & value of your vehicles.


Carports & More offers the finest carport Kits, Metal Carports & Garage Kits For Sale Across the USA

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Build a Carport

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Build an RV Cover

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Metal Storage Sheds

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Portable Storage Sheds

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Greenhouse Kits
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carport kit buildings
Carportssolve all of your outside storage space and Garage kit needs. Long gone are the days of hiring expensive contractors. Today, anyone can have steel carportsor garage kit to park their car, store their tools and even house their livestock within a few hours! Our award winning buildings do the job. At CPM, you can have convenience and portability all in one at a great price and without the hassles of hiring unknown builders.

Carports and more, California based and the nations largest independent dealer of all you'll need for your prefabricated garage building kits and carport canopy needs, is located in gorgeous Northern California. Whether you need kits, utility storage sheds, metal garages or livestock shelters, CPM has it all!

Carports For Sale - Build your Metal Garage kits & Building Kits

Carports aren't as much of a task or as expensive as you might think. Prefabricated Garage Kits not only shelter vehicles, and steel carport kits can also save you time. With car ports, you can protect your car from all kinds of elements including snow, ice and hail. Your cover also protects from all bird excrement that can eat away at the finish, and you won't have to spend time scraping ice or brushing snow during the winter months. The convenience of portable carport covers will help maintain the value of your car and make life easier.

Metal Building Kits Garage & Prefabricated Steel Buildings in 48 states

You should consider what's going in your portable metal garage kits or carport. Most likely you want to protect something that you've spent time and energy earning money for, so you want to make the right choice. Many people successfully use prefabricated garage kits as boat covers or car ports. You invested money in your boat, so it makes sense you want to protect it! Garages or metal building kits can also be used as RV carport covers for extra protection. If you think you can't find affordable Prefabricated Garage Kits that is large enough to protect your RV, think again!

Did you know that you have many different kinds of carport kits and Canopies to choose from? You can get carport kits in many different colors. If you desire, you can even customize your building with fancy covers. In fact, some people buy carport canopies that match the color of the car it will be housing! A canopy style cover is perfect for anyone who doesn't like to tackle complicated projects with all kinds of directions to follow and little nuts and bolts that need to be affixed everywhere. Canopy covers can be very easy to put together.

Outdoor Metal Storage Sheds & RV Car Port covers for homes and business

Thinking about steel carports or metal garage kits for your property? Our are made out of steel and are very economical when compared to hiring a contractor to build one from scratch. Steel carports arent lightweight, so don't be fooled into thinking that they can't do a good job protecting your valuables. They are very durable and easy to put together. Steel garage kits are able to stand firm against all kinds of weather conditions. You can find the right size no matter how many vehicles you wish to protect. Steel garage kits offer peace of mind and outstanding protection.

Prefabricated Garage Kits can offer you more flexibility if that's what you are looking for. It is important for some people to make sure that any additional buildings on their property are similar to or match the design of their home. You can get all kinds of portable aluminum garage kits like or aluminum carports that are able to be formed in such a way as to work with the current architectural scheme on your property.

Portable shelters come in more options than just portable garage kits. Sometimes the sizes of most are just too big for personal storage shed needs. In that case, you might need portable buildings like storage sheds. Buying units that are portable and easy to assemble is much safer and more economical than trying to build your own using free shed blueprints, especially if you aren't an experienced builder. Storage buildings come in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. If you are looking for a sturdy instant shelter, you might want to consider metal sheds. Another portable shed option is to get one with a steel frame and a polyethylene cover that's treated to be able to withstand the elements.

Car Ports - Metal Garages & Garage Kits many uses

You may need canopies or agricultural steel buildings. Portable livestock shelters allow you to offer protection to many animals from horses to dogs. Depending on your area, you may want to protect more than just your animals, you might need to look at car ports or greenhouse buildings. Greenhouse kits can not only protect your plants, but they can also help prolong your growing and harvesting season.

Shipped and delivered in these States below

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

Finally, you might simply be looking for a Prefabricated Garage Kit or car port that will provide shelter and shade when you entertain. People with large families, who entertain frequently or simply enjoy spending time outdoors without having to build a permanent outbuilding love the flexibility a car port shade canopy offers them. Car port kits are easy to assemble and can be put up and taken down! For the creative we can provide engineered cad drawings you could use on a 3d printer to make a prototype.

You have limitless possibilities at great prices for all of your outside car port storage needs. From utility carports to portable carports and all other kinds of outdoor shelter needs, CPM has options for everyone. Our Carports for sale in northern & southern California are backed by exceptional quality. The northern California steel car ports are backed with live support at our toll free #1-877-275-7048. Even though we are located in Sacramento and proudly provide metal car port kits to the outlying areas as well as the entire U.S.A. There is a price difference between states when it comes to building and you better believe that we will try to beat any advertised price you may come across if its built the same.

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Shop Prices Of Metal Carports For Sale | Metal Carport Depot

Our Metal Carports and Metal Shelters for sale online are available in three styles: Regular Style, Boxed Eave Style, and Vertical Roof Style. Free Delivery and Free Installation are included.*

For Metal Carport Prices Choose A Style Above Or Select From The Images Below For Pricing.

Regular Style Metal CarportBoxed Eave Style Metal CarportVertical Style Metal Carport

Three Roof Styles Of Metal Carport Structures

The Regular Style Steel Carport with the standard rolled cornered roof design, sometimes called the Barn or Classic Style, is designed to be both sturdy and cost-effective.

The Boxed Eave Style Steel Carport can be constructed with more roof paneling options than the Regular Style. The Boxed Eave Style can be built with horizontal roof panels or vertical roof panels.

The Vertical Roof Style Steel Carport has panels that will complement most homes better, as well as displace water, leaves, and snow more effectively than the horizontal roof panels. The Vertical Roof Style is the strongest roof style available. On the Boxed Eave Style with the Vertical Roof, the Roof Panels are laid in a vertical orientation starting from the peak and ending at the eaves/sides, unlike the regular style and the boxed eave style where the roof panels are installed horizontally. This roof configuration displaces water, snow, etc., much more efficiently and water will not pond on the roof. The Vertical Roof Style also has 18 Gauge Hat-Channel "Purlins' running length-wise attached to the bows. This also makes the structure more sturdy with it's added rigidity and strength. Any Metal Structure longer than 36 feet must be upgraded to the Vertical Roof Style. You may also want to order this style to more closely resemble other buildings on your property.

Steel Buildings And Metal Carport Garages Sold And Installed In The Following States:

AL, AR, AZ, CA, CT, CO, DE, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KY, KS, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MN, MS, NC, NH, NJ, NM, NV, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT, WA, WV, & WI. Call for quotes in states not listed in the products installation states.

Standard Size Carport Options Available

The Regular Style Carport (standard rolled-corner type) and the Boxed Eave Style Carport (A-frame type) both come standard with the horizontal roof design. The Boxed Eave Style Carport can be built with the vertical roof design. Each style can be constructed with either the 14 gauge steel frame or the 12 gauge steel frame. The ridges of the steel panels on a horizontal roof design run parallel to the sides of the carport. On a vertical roof design, the ridges of the steel panels run from the top of the carport to the sides. Both roof types can also serve as the metal frame of any full or partial enclosure, or any type of custom job you may require.

We strongly recommend the Vertical Roof Design on all structures over 31' long. See our FAQ for reasons why.


We offer a variety of add-on options with our Standard Size Metal Carports.

  • Additional Leg Height Up To 16', For More Clearance.
  • Gable Ends Add Strength To The Structure. Also If You Are Placing The Carport Near Your Home It Has A Nicer Curb Appeal.
  • Panels Down The Side To Keep The Blowing Rain Off Of Your Vehicles Or Equipment.
  • 12 Gauge Steel Frame Upgrade From The Standard 14 Gauge Frame For Higher Snow Load.
  • Helical/Asphalt Anchors For Certification On Ground Or Asphalt.
  • Ground-To-Ceiling Wall On The Back End And/Or The Sides Of The Metal Carport.
  • 14 Color Choices Are Available For The Roof, Walls, And Trim Colors.
  • Higher Snow Load Or Wind Rating To Meet Local Codes.

We can also build custom configurations according to your needs and specifications, including different-sized roll-up doors, roll-up doors on the side, specific widths or lengths, and more. Try Our 3D Custom Design Center To See All Of Your Options Available

Custom High-Quality Metal Carports And Metal Garages

We offer a wide selection of Standard Size Metal Carports in sizes ranging from 12 ft. to 24 ft. wide and from 21 ft. to 41 ft. long, which are suitable for most of our customers. We offer these standard sizes to save you time and money. We can build any custom size in between these sizes. Any custom size is priced the same as the next size up (e.g. a 16' 6" wide is priced the same as an 18' wide, a 28' long would be priced the same as a 31' long, etc). We can also accommodate your needs with any custom size.

Metal Carport Depot offers a wide variety of Pre-Engineered Galvanized Steel Carports and Garages. A prefab Metal Garage is the perfect solution for covering your car, recreational vehicle, boat, farm equipment, or anything else that needs protection from outdoor elements.

Carport structures are one of the best metal buildings you can use to cover your car, truck, farm equipment, RV, boat, and more. Metal carports and garages can be used as car covers, RV covers, shelters, RV cover, RV carport, boat covers, boat storage, RV storage, steel garages, carport, garage kits, large metal sheds, storage buildings, and much more. A metal carport will preserve the appearance and value of your vehicles by blocking the sun UV rays as well as a heavy downpour, snow, and hail throughout the year.

Financing Options Available

We have partnered with Major Lenders to offer financing to our customers.

View Our Financing Options Here

Rent To Own

Land and homeowners have the option to rent to own any metal garage or carport building. Contact Us for details.

With Ten Available Manufacturing & Distribution Centers Nationwide, Metal Carport Depot LLC is confident in offering you the quickest lead times in the industry.

See Our FAQ For The Most Comprehensive Information Online About Metal Carports & Metal Buildings.

Prices are subject to change without notice. See product listing details for specific pricing in your area. Local sales taxes apply. Certification is based on concrete installation with a proper footing or the use of optional ground installation anchors to a suitable surface.

*Free delivery, installation, and anchoring to your level ground or concrete slab. Warranty varies by manufacturer and region. See dealer for details.

Our Metal Carports can be ordered online or by phone. Call for a free quote: 1-800-324-5315

  • Monday to Friday 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM Central Time
  • Saturday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Central Time

All purchases of metal carports and garages require a down payment of 10-15% when placing the order. Balanced paid in full after installation. We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, PayPal, and Debit Cards. Choose a style above to get started.

Images are for illustration purposes only.
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