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Mountain City Funeral Home

224 S Church St, Mountain City, United States

(423) 727-9700

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Danny and his crew took excellent care of our family in the passing of my mom in 2012, and my dad in 2019. Would recommend Mtn City Funeral Home to everyone.

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Reece joins Mountain City Funeral Home as Pre-need Counselor

October 24, 2018

Temple Reece

By Tamas Mondovics

Danny, Patsy, and Eric Cullop and the staff of Mountain City Funeral Home were pleased to announce last week and welcome Temple Reece as a Pre-need Counselor. According to a recent press release, Reece is a licensed counselor with years of experience and recently earned her license from the State of Tennessee as a Pre-need Agent. Reece is currently employed at Johnson County Bank and is volunteer Assistant Director at Johnson County Center for the Arts. She has been very active in our community for many years and will be an asset to the clients of Mountain City Funeral Home, the release stated.

“Pre-arranging your services is not a morbid or sad experience but a positive and empowering one,” Reece said. “We talk, plan and work together to share your choices for celebrating your memory and your life. This will keep your loved ones from having to make all those decisions for you. We all know that is one of the hardest things to do when someone we love is gone.”

Reece added that pre-arranging also ensures that the services and merchandise chosen now will be guaranteed for the same price no matter what the cost is in the future.

“It allows you to have the option of government assistance in the future by making the plan irrevocable and has so many more benefits,” Reece said. “It’s a wise, independent choice and is easy to do. People who have pre-planned say they are very happy that they have it done and are glad their family will not have this burden. Family members feel a sense of relief knowing their loved one’s wishes will be met. What a gift for your loved ones and for yourself.”

To schedule an appointment at your convenience, please [email protected] or call (423) 727-9700.
To learn more about pre-need services, please visit

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Mountain City Funeral Home

S Church St, 224, Mountain City, United States

(423) 727-9700

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Danny and his crew took excellent care of our family in the passing of my mom in 2012, and my dad in 2019. Would recommend Mtn City Funeral Home to everyone.

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