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Pewter Color Paints: The Best Pewter Colors Compared

how to choose pewter color paints for your home with paint chips compared
best pewter color paints from popular paint stores

Pewter Color: Looking for the perfect pewter color paint for your home? I&#;ve rounded up the best pewters from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Glidden, Behr, and Valspar to give you the complete analysis&#;plus I&#;ve answered burning questions like &#;what colors go with pewter?&#;


pewter color paint chips compared

Pewter paint colors are all the rage&#;and for good reason. Some of the most popular gray paint colors are in the pewter color family! Their muddy, warm, yet dramatic color make it an appealing color to paint your master bedroom or living room&#;or powder room! 

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Below, I&#;ve rounded up the top pewter paint colors from several different paint companies. Here&#;s the complete list and you can scroll down to see a more detailed review of each. 

  • Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
  • Benjamin Moore Light Pewter
  • Glidden Pewter Grey
  • Sherwin-Williams Pewter Cast
  • Benjamin Moore Pewter
  • Sherwin-Williams Pewter Green
  • Behr Pewter Mug
  • Valspar Pewter

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pewter color paint chips compared from sherwin-williams, benjamin moore, valspar, glidden, and behr


My personal favorite pewter color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore&#;it&#;s called the best paint color for good reason&#;it truly is fantastic to work with. See my complete review of it here. You can see it&#;s on the lighter side of most of the colors. We tried it in our family room; but, ultimately, it was too dark (our family room is a north-west facing room hidden by lots of trees, so we went with something totally different&#;Benjamin Moore White Dove.)

benjamin moore revere pewter best gray paint colors

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benjamin moore light pewter color paint chip

I wanted to put these two paint chips side-by-side so you could see how they compare. Revere Pewter is more saturated and has more green in it than Benjamin Moore Light Pewter, which reminds me more of Benjamin Moore Classic Gray or Balboa Mist. 

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 GLIDDEN PEWTER GREY HDGWN50 glidden pewter gray paint color

Glidden&#;s Pewter Grey is another lighter paint color in the pewter family. It is less warm than Revere Gray, and reads more as a true gray paint color. If you are looking for a nice neutral gray, consider Glidden&#;s Pewter Grey. 

light gray pewter colored cabinetsSHOP THE ROOM

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PEWTER CAST sherwin-williams pewter cast- pewter paint color

Similar to Glidden&#;s Pewter Grey, Sherwin-Williams Pewter Cast is a less green, and truer gray. It is more saturated than Glidden&#;s Pewter Grey and has quite a bit more purple in it than the others. It reminds me somewhat of Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray. It&#;s a nice color for a more intimate room whether that&#;s a den that you want to feel cozy or a powder room.   


benjamin moore pewter

I wanted to make sure that this color is recognized as being different than Revere Pewter. You can see that it&#;s much more of a true gray than either Light Pewter or Revere Pewter by the same retailer (Benjamin-Moore). It is very similar to Valspar&#;s Pewter and is much more saturated. Again, pick a more saturated paint color for a more intimate or cozy feeling.



sherwin williams pewter green paint chip

Out of all the pewter colors in this paint round-up, Sherwin-Williams Pewter Green is the most distinct and interesting in my opinion. The greenish tones make it more of a chameleon like color than the others. Just make sure that you want a very dramatic color for your room because this is a dark statement-making pick!


behr pewter mug paint color

Behr&#;s Pewter Mug reads (at least on the computer screen) as eerily similar to Valspar&#;s Pewter #A-4, so make sure to double-check these two side-by-side in real life. Darker than Benjamin Moore Pewter, it has more gray and less purple. This is another statement-making color that would look fabulous in a cozy den perfect for watching movies!

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valspar pewter color paint

Like I mentioned above, Valspar&#;s version of Pewter is very similar to Behr&#;s Pewter Mug and Benjamin Moore&#;s Pewter. All three would look great in a cozy room. 

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What color is pewter?

Pewter is a rich saturated tone of gray. It is darker than silver, and less saturated than charcoal.

Are pewter and charcoal the same color?

Pewter and charcoal are not the same color. Pewter is lighter than charcoal, which is closer to black. 

Still struggling to pick out the perfect paint colors? 

Check out my foolproof method for picking paint colors here, and print out my favorite gray paint colors by clicking on the image below!

How to pick paint colors for your home

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Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors

Are you searching for the best Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors to enhance your curb appeal, and create an exterior look that will be the envy of the neighborhood? The right paint color can give you the transformation you&#;ve been dreaming of, but the wrong color could become a costly mistake.

One of my favorite things to do as a designer is help homeowners choose new paint colors for their exterior, and over the years I&#;ve curated a list of my all-time favorite paint colors. Earlier this week, I published a post about my favorite Sherwin-Williams paint colors for exteriors, and today I&#;ve rounded up my favorite Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors for you.

These 12 colors are the best-performing, most consistent Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors that I recommend time and time again to my clients!

In this post, I’ll show you each exterior paint color with simple white trim, so that you can easily see the pure color by itself. However, all of these colors can be combined with other hues and shades to create a gorgeous and sophisticated color palette for your home. I’ve mentioned a few of my favorite coordinating colors below. 

1. White Dove

White Dove is a beautiful, bright, warm white with a touch of gray that gives it a nice soft look. If you&#;re looking for a bright white, but one that won&#;t blind your neighbors or look too stark, this is a fantastic choice! White Dove is a very popular white for exteriors (trim too), and tends to work well in all lighting conditions. Pair it with BM Wrought Iron for that ever-popular modern farmhouse look. If you want something just a bit more creamy, but still nice and bright, check out BM Swiss Coffee &#; another classic. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM White Dove HERE.

2. China White/Seapearl

China White and Seapearl are the exact same paint color, just different names. This is a great choice for an off-white, because it&#;s really more of a light warm greige. The undertones are very neutral, so you won&#;t see yellow or beige coming through. With its greige notes, it pairs just as beautifully with blues and greens, as it does with dark brown or bronze accents, and can give a smoother transition with gray stonework.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM China White/Seapearl HERE.

3. Edgecomb Gray

Edgecomb Gray is a warm greige, that can lean more gray on a cloudy day, and more beige in the warm afternoon sun. It&#;s a soft and sophisticated neutral that appears very light when painted on exteriors.  This is a great option if you want something slightly darker than off-white, but don&#;t want to go too far into the darker beige or gray categories.  I love using Edgecomb Gray with white trim, and blue or teal accents. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Edgecomb Gray HERE.

4. Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter is another fabulous greige paint color. It&#;s darker and has less beige to it than Edgecomb Gray. It also has a slight gray-green undertone that can show itself in certain lighting. Revere Pewter is beloved for interiors, but its timeless quality allows it to work just as well as an exterior body color. This is a very versatile shade that looks great with both white and dark trim colors. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Revere Pewter HERE.

5. Stonington Gray

Stonington Gray is a lovely, medium gray with cool, blue undertones. In most lighting conditions, it will look look perfectly gray, but it can show its blue notes on north-facing homes. With its crisp, cool nature, I love pairing Stonington Gray with fun pops of color on the front door. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Stonington Gray HERE.

6. Cape May Cobblestone

Cape May Cobblestone is a solid choice in the gray family. It has a classic, elegant feel with its warm undertones, and tends to be in the sweet spot of not too light, and not too dark. It works well in pretty much all lighting conditions, never showing any undesirable undertones like some other grays can.  

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Cape May Cobblestone HERE.

7. Boothbay Gray

Part of their Historic Collection, Boothbay Gray is one of my most favorite Benjamin Moore colors, and I&#;m not just talking about exteriors. It is a beautifully balanced blue-gray (with a touch of green) that looks sophisticated and elegant wherever it&#;s used. I recommend this color often for shutters and front doors, especially paired with a creamy off-white body. However, it&#;s equally gorgeous as a body color, and can be a perfect choice for a subtle coastal look.  

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Boothbay Gray HERE.

8. Sag Harbor Gray

Sag Harbor Gray sits somewhere between a grayish-brown and a sage green, and in certain lighting, can shift toward one side of the spectrum more than the other.  It has a distinctive, natural, traditional quality to it, and its green undertones can help your exterior blend in with surrounding trees and landscaping. Sag Harbor Gray looks equally beautiful with dark or light colored trim, and pairs nicely with other earthy tones.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Sag Harbor Gray HERE.

9. Creekside Green

Looking for a sage green for your exterior? Well, then you should definitely consider Creekside Green. A timeless Benjamin Moore paint color, and a favorite among architects and designers alike.  If you gathered up all of the best colors in nature and combined then, you&#;d have the gray-green shade of Creekside Green. It has an organic and serene quality that is hard to beat.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Creekside Green HERE.

Chelsea Gray

Chelsea Gray is a refined, warm gray that sits between a medium gray and a charcoal. It tends to work really well with brick accents, and can have a slight green undertone, which helps it blend nicely with surrounding landscaping.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Chelsea Gray HERE.

Hale Navy

Possibly the best navy blue paint color of all time for both interiors and exteriors. Yes, it&#;s that good! Ask any designer for a great navy blue paint color, and Hale Navy will be at the top of our list. What makes it so special is that it&#;s slightly desaturated, and has just a tiny hint of green to keep it from leaning toward purple. This is a dark, sophisticated, timeless color for exteriors, and looks amazing with white trim and a fun pop of color on the front door.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Hale Navy HERE.

Kendall Charcoal

You just heard me say that Hale Navy is the best navy blue, and Kendall Charcoal is the my top pick for the best charcoal paint color ever made. It&#;s just one of those grays that looks amazing everywhere it&#;s painted, both for interiors and exteriors. Kendall Charcoal is perfectly balanced, with a hint of warmth. It never reads blue or purple, and works with most color schemes. It&#;s a dark, luxurious color for exteriors that looks gorgeous with white accents, and equally beautiful with wood tones.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Kendall Charcoal HERE.

These Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors are tried and true favorites. Next time you&#;re planning to paint your exterior, be sure to add these to your list of samples to try. Any one of them will enhance your curb appeal, and make your house enjoyable for you to come home to. 

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I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Please click my Disclosure Policy to learn more

BM Pewter Paint Colors
SW Pewter Paint Colors
Pewter Paint Colors

Pewter paint colors are neutral colors that range from dark to light and warm to cool.

Well hello friends!

Today is a good day. Everyday is a good day but today is extra special. Why?

Because we are talkiing paint colors, of course!

But these aren’t just any old paint colors.

The other day, while going through my Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint decks, I discovered that there are some truly amazing pewter paint colors.

I couldn’t help myself and just knew I had to share these amazing colors with you guys.

So in this post I’ll be exploring the wonderful world of pewter paint colors.

pewter paint colors

Generally, when most people think of a pewter paint color, they picture some variation of gray. But I’m here to tell you the pewter colors we will be talking about are more than just grays!

But, before I jump into the colors, I want to answer a few pewter related questions.


I looked up the definition of “pewter” and Merriam-Webster defines it as:

1: any of various alloys having tin as chief component
especially: a dull alloy with lead formerly used for domestic utensils
2: utensils of pewter
3: a bluish-gray


When it comes to paint colors, I think the term “pewter” is up for interpretation. I myself see pewter paint colors as dulled down or muted. I wouldn’t consider them to be vibrant colors. Yet don’t let the terms dull and muted lead you to believe they are boring, nothing could be further from the truth.

Pewter colored paints have a ton of depth and pigmentation to them. They are also neutrals so they are extremely versatile.


I think the most common perception of the color pewter is a mid-tone gray. It’s neither super dark nor super light, right smack in the middle.

Now, in terms of pewter colored paint, the shades range from dark to light. As you’ll see later on in this post, it’s basically a mixed bag of dark, mid-toned, and light colors.


In the case of pewter paint colors, they can be either warm or cool-toned. However, some of the colors strike a nice balance of both warm and cool tones, some slightly on the warmer side and some on the cooler side.

Don’t start painting until you have the right tools!



Below are 12 pewter colored paints from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

As you read through the list, you’ll see how both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore interpret pewter colors.


Sherwin Williams Pewter Green is a stunning paint color. This pewter color is on the deeper end and has an LRV of It’s a cooler shade of green that also has traces of blue and gray in it.

Deep colors don’t always have to be black or navy. Pewter Green is a great example of a darker shade that is as versatile as a black paint color. This brilliant green is saturated with beautiful pigmentation and will give magnificent energy to a room. Pewter Green is the on-trend shade of green.


LRV : 33

Pewter Tankard is a warm gray paint color. It can also be considered a geige. This neutral color is super versatile and looks fantastic especially on the exterior.

Fun fact, Pewter Tankard is one of the colors used in the HGTV Dream Home in Park City, Utah.


LRV : 31

SW Pewter Cast is very much on the gray side. This is a color that many people would expect pewter to look like. It’s more of a cool-toned muted shade of gray. Pewter Cast is somewhat like a steel/ silver gray.

Compared to Pewter Tankard, Pewter Cast is much more cool toned.

Michelle of MW Designs used Pewter Cast in her son’s bedroom. You can see in the photo how gray the color looks.


SW Warm Pewter

LRV : 42

Warm Pewter is a newer addition to the Sherwin Williams paint color list. It’s a part of the Emerald Designer Edition Pain Color Collection. Warm Pewter is a mid-toned shade of gray. It has warm and cool undertones, leaning more towards warm.

I’d suggest Warm Pewter to those who really enjoy warmer gray paint colors like Agreeable Gray or Worldly Gray,


LRV : 17

Library Pewter is another Sherwin Williams pewter color. This rich color is on the darker end of the spectrum. Library Pewter is a brown with some gray and black in it. The hints of gray and black in this color give it a decent amount of coolness which makes it different from your traditional warm brown like French Roast SW


SW Roycroft Pewter

LRV : 13

Roycroft Pewter is a deep, dark paint color. This pewter paint color is a stunning shade of charcoal gray. Roycroft Pewter has a ton of depth and strong pigmentation in it. There is also a touch of blue in it. This is an incredibly versatile dark gray that would add significant personality to anywhere it’s used.

Now’s a good time to take a break and talk about paint samples.

Quickly, let’s talk about testing paint colors.

Instead of physically going to your nearest paint store to grab your samples, you need to try  Samplize Peel & Stick paint samples.

Why should you try Samplize?

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  • Mess-free
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  • Environmental friendly
  • Reusable
Samplize Swatch

These peel & stick paint samples are super affordable and allow you to test a paint color in all different areas of a room without the mess of a traditional paint sample! 

 You know how I feel about testing paint colors, it’s a must! 

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LRV : 33

Pewter by Benjamin Moore is more or less what a traditional “pewter” color would be. It’s a muted shade of blue-gray. With its soft blue undertones, Pewter can be described to have a steel-like look to it. BM Pewter has a calming, serene feel.




Light Pewter is one of the lightest shades on this list. It’s a gorgeous light gray that has some beige in it which gives it a hint of warmth. Light Pewter works as the perfect backdrop color for a room. It will allow you to add color in other places such as decor and furniture. This light neutral gray is a timeless paint color that looks fabulous in almost all interiors.



Benjamin Moore Vintage Pewter is a mid-toned gray paint color. This is pewter color is softer tan some of the other pewter colors on this list. It has some beige/brown in it , which gives it some warmth. Vintage Pewter can also be considered a greige paint color. This neutral color has just enough depth to if to keep it from falling flat.



Revere Pewter is the most popular pewter color on this list. RP is a gorgeous warm gray or also know as a greige paint color. It’s a mid-toned neutral color that can hold its own. It has some yellow in it as well as a tiny bit of green. This earthy gray is timeless and classic.



Dark Pewter is a rich moody pewter color with a ton of depth to it. It is a dark saturated gray paint color with a blue undertone. This stylish pewter color is pretty dang versatile for being so dark. It works seamlessly meshes in almost any style of home and will surely make a statement anywhere it’s used.



Antique Pewter is a gorgeous shade of dark green. It’s soft and subtle but on the same note, it can really pack a punch. This green has some beige in it giving it a warmer, cozy feel. Antique pewter looks best with a lot of natural light.


Since these Pewter colors are neutral, they will look great with all different colors.

Personally, I think crisp whites like Sherwin Williams Extra White or Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace look phenomenal with pewter colors. The rich pewter shades tend to really pop and show their remarkable depth against a clean crisp white paint color.

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Here’s a quick list of the pewter paint colors broken down between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.


  • Pewter
  • Light Pewter
  • Vintage Pewter
  • Revere Pewter
  • Dark Pewter
  • Antique Pewter
BM Pewter Paint Colors


SW Pewter Colors
  • Pewter Green
  • Pewter Tankard
  • Warm Pewter
  • Pewter Cast
  • Library Pewter
  • Roycroft Pewter


I must admit, I have been sleeping on these pewter colors. There are some absolutely outstanding colors in this mix.

Ranging anywhere from warm to cool and dark to light, I’m pretty sure you will be able to find a pewter color you love.

These colors are classic and timeless. They will unify a space and create a fabulous backdrop that will allow you to play with different colors in your decor and furniture.

Are you unsure if you want to commit to using a pewter color all over the walls? Why not try using one of the colors on an architectural element, such as a fireplace, within your home? This will create visual interest, not to mention it will make a grand statement.

Pewter paint colors have an extraordinary presence. I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m a fan!

I would percent reccommed these colors and I highly suggest checking them out!


painting checklist


5 Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Secrets That Will Save You Money

I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Please click my Disclosure Policy to learn more

These 20 Amazing Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors will eliminate all the headache and stress involved in finding an exterior paint color for your home.

When it comes to our home’s exterior it’s safe to say we all want it to look beautiful and put together. That’s not asking much right? Right.

Well, we have a clear vision of what we want, now where do we begin?

The exterior paint color of course! Finding the right exterior paint color for your home is the first step to take to boost your curb appeal.

I’m aware, choosing a paint color can be stressful. I find people tend to get so overwhelmed with all the choices there are. That’s one of the reasons why I like putting together lists like this one. I already have a list of BM Best Grays to prove my love of list-making. I also find that a lot of people tend to have an easier time choosing from paint colors that have been already tested and loved.

Also, isn’t everything ten times easier when the choices are narrowed down for you? I mean who’s against an awesome list?

You’ll be happy to hear that today I am providing 20 of the absolute best, most inspiring Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors. Yes, I said I told you I really love making lists.


painting checklist

Kendall Charcoal HC


Kendall Charcoal is a very popular Benjamin Moore paint colors. It’s a deep rich gray that has a little bit of warmth to it. It also has a slight green undertone to it. It works beautifully on a home’s exterior. Kendall Charcoal looks best with a bright white trim like BM Oxford White.

Revere Pewter HC


Revere Pewter is such a fantastic classic color, especially for the exterior. Being that this is a light neutral pewter color, it will look a bit lighter outside. Revere is a light gray with warmer undertones or as what we lovingly call a greige. It also has a bit of green in its undertone. On the exterior, it looks pale with almost a bit of a creaminess to it.

Amherst Gray HC


Amherst Gray is another popular darker shade from Benjamin Moore. It’s similar to Kendall Charcoal, but not quite as dark. Amherst also has a green undertone. This is a timeless color that works well with all styles of homes. Like all paint colors, Amherst gray will look lighter on the exterior.

Need a lighter gray to coordinate with Amerst? Try BM Gray Owl.

Simply White OC


Benjamin Moore’s Simply White is an excellent shade of white for a home’s exterior. I know you may de thinking, Cate, white is white. Choosing a white paint color can be confusing. Trust me, there are off-white, cool whites, true whites, etc. I can go on and on but I’ll save that for another time.

Simply White is an off-white which makes it an amazing exterior paint color option. It is a warm white with a touch of yellow in it The warmth in it keeps it from looking too blindingly bright on the exterior. The subtle warmth provides an overall soft and timeless feel.

Charcoal Slate HC


Charcoal Slate is another dark gray paint color. This one is slightly different than some of the others mentioned in that it has a blue undertone to it. This deep rich gray is a color that is very on trend at the moment. Charcoal Slate is bold yet very elegant at the same time. Its an excellent exterior house color option.

Chelsea Gray HC


Chelsea Gray is another Benjamin Moore color that is very popular. It’s a gorgeous mid-toned gray that has a very slight green undertone to it. Chelsea is more on the warm side however unless it’s compared to a cool gray paint color, it’s hard to distinguish. Chelsea Gray looks beautiful with all types of stone.

Storm AF


Yes, another BM gray paint color. I have to give the people what they want, and GRAY is it. Now, in terms of this particular gray paint color Storm, it is slightly cooler than some of the other gray options I’ve mentioned. It’s medium toned yet a bit lighter than colors like Chelsea Gray and Amhurst Gray. Another fantastic neutral gray exterior color option.

Swiss Coffee OC


Swiss Coffee is a beautiful light exterior color. Not everyone wants a dark, bold paint color for their home and that’s when lighter, colors such as Swiss coffee come into play. It is a warm, creamy off-white with the perfect balance of yellow/ gray undertone to it. The gray in the color keeps it from going too yellow and the yellow is what gives it it’s warmth. Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee is an excellent off white exterior color option.

Newburg Green HC


Newburg Green is my personal favorite from this list. If you know anything about me, you know I’m a fan of blue/green colors and Newburg is one of those colors. I’d consider this color on the teal side. It’s a darker rich teal that reminds me of my favorite teal Sherwin Williams paint color Riverway. Newburg Green is a gorgeous exterior color option.

Hale Navy HC


Hale Navy is a very trendy Benjamin Moore paint color. We are seeing deep rich navy blues like this everywhere now. Hale Navy is exactly what you think of when you think of the color navy blue. It’s not too bright, which makes it a fantastic option as an exterior paint color.

I think now is a good time to talk about testing paint samples.

Instead of physically going to your nearest paint store to grab your samples, you need to try  Samplize Peel & Stick paint samples.

Why should you try Samplize?

  • Super affordable
  • Mess-free
  • Non-damaging
  • Made with real manufacturer paint
  • Displays color just like a wall
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reusable

These peel & stick paint samples are super affordable and allow you to test a paint color in all different areas of a room without the mess of a traditional paint sample! 

 You know how I feel about testing paint colors, it’s a must! 

Don’t create more work for yourself. OrderSamplizenow and have them shipped directly to you.  No-fuss, no mess! Check them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


Oxford Gray


Oxford Gray is a beautiful slate blue paint color. Slate blues work wonders on exteriors because they are not blindingly bright. They have some gray in them which mutes the color a bit and keeps them more on the neutral side. Oxford Gray is the perfect example of a gray blue paint color. Another fun fact is that Oxford Gray is part of the Color Trends Palette.

Copley Gray HC


Copley Gray is, in fact, another gray. However, it is a warmer gray that can be considered a greige. Like most paint colors, it tends to look different than the paint chip when painted on a surface. Copley Gray is a Medium Gray with a little bit of a green undertone in it. A great complementary paint color to use with it would be BM Thunder. If you tend to prefer warmer gray, Copley Gray may just be the exterior color for you.



BM Normandy is another one of those dusty blue gray paint colors that we all know and love. It’s blue, but not excessively blue. The gray in the color keeps it from looking like a baby blue. Normandy is a fantastic choice as an exterior paint color.

Black Satin


Black and dark charcoal colors are what’s trending now in exterior paint colors. These beautiful dark colors are popping up everywhere. They are so bold and really make a statement on the exterior of a home. Benjamin Moore Black Satin is a rich deep color with a bit of a green/blue undertone. Its striking hue is a sensational choice for a dramatic exterior color.

Sag Harbor Gray HC


Sag Harbor Gray is another gray paint color option. I know, I know. But, hear me out. Sag Harbor Gray is a complex gray that can look different in different settings. There are times it looks more like an olive-gray color and then at times, it will look more greige. In regards to using it as an exterior paint color, it tends to look more like a green-gray.

Fairview Taupe HC


Taupe is a fantastic color. It’s a great go-to warm neutral especially for the gray trend because it’s cooler and grayer than beige and warmer than gray. Darker taupes like Fairview Taupe work better for exteriors. Fairview is more of a grayed down brown. It’s a valuable color to use when you have stone on your home as it works well with many types of stone.

Weekend Getaway


Weekend Getaway is probably the most appropriately named paint color. This Benjamin Moore color is a beautiful shade of light green. It’s exactly what you picture when you think of a weekend getaway home. It’s light and airy and would look stunning on an exterior of a beach home.

Collingwood OC


Collingwood is a gorgeous neutral paint color that has a mix of warm and cool undertones. This color leans more on the greige side and will read as a light and creamy gray on the exterior. Collingwood is an excellent option for when you want something light, but not quite white.

White Heron OC


If you are looking for an exterior paint color that is light bright and airy, White Heron may be the color for you. This shade of white has a blue undertone and is cooler than Swiss Coffee and Simply White. White Heron is a clean crisp white that works well with cool grays such as BM Storm.

Hawthorne Yellow HC-4

Hawthorne Yellow is the perfect shade of yellow. This yellow has a slight gray undertone to it, which makes it a very usable color, especially on an exterior. Hawthorne Yellow would make another great beach house color. I know yellow can be a bold color choice for a full exterior and it’s not for everyone one. Instead, try using it on your front door for a fantastic pop of color!

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QUICK LIST – The BEST Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors

Here’s a quick list of all the fantastic Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors I mentioned.

  1. Kendall Charcoal
  2. Revere Pewter
  3. Amherst Gray
  4. Simply White
  5. Charcoal Slate
  6. Chelsea Gray
  7. Storm
  8. Swiss Coffee
  9. Newburg Green
  10. Hale Navy
  11. Oxford Gray
  12. Copley Gray
  13. Normandy
  14. Black Satin
  15. Sag Harbor Gray
  16. Fairview Taupe
  17. Weekend Getaway
  18. Collingwood
  19. White Heron
  20. Hawthorne Yellow

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors – Final Thoughts

As I come to the end, I have a few final thoughts I’d like to add regarding Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors.

First and foremost, the color you see on the computer screen will look different in a real swatch. That’s why I always suggest swatching your paint colors first so you can see firsthand how the color will truly look. Choosing the wrong paint color is an expensive painting mistake you do not want to make

*Try Samplize to easily test out your paint colors.

Secondly, you want to keep in mind that when you are choosing a Benjamin Moore exterior paint color, the color will look a bit lighter on the exterior. This is because it’s outside in the sunlight. So again, SWATCH SWATCH SWATCH! But seriously, swatch some colors you originally like and a few that are a shade darker. You’ll be surprised at how lighter some of the darker colors will look.


I know this list consisted of several shades of gray but gray is a classic neutral paint color that works well as an exterior paint color. There no denying that painting your exterior is not cheap, I can attest to that. That being said, if you plan on investing that money into having your home painted, you want to make sure you choose a paint color you will love for all the years to come.

I have to say this list of Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors is a great place to start if you are looking for an exterior color option. There are a few timeless classics that will never go out of style, then there are a few darker, more trendy colors. Whatever it is you are looking for can be found on this list.

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