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Jujutsu Kaisen: What's the Deal With Gojou's Bandaged Eyes?

Jujutsu Kaisen's Satoru Gojou ignites major intrigue with the reveal of his hidden eyes -- but what is their significance?

The reveal of Satoru Gojou's eyes was the show-stealing moment of Jujutsu KaisenEpisode 7. While Gojou's Limitless Cursed Technique is already impressive on its own, part of what makes him the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer out there is what's known as the Six Eyes. Gojou's default is to keep his enigmatic blue eyes hidden, so the decision to reveal them against Jougo points to them being a dangerous tool in his arsenal.

It's no mystery that when it comes to the most powerful character in Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojou unanimously takes the cake -- with other Sorcerers and Cursed Spirits openly attesting this as truth. Like Naruto's Kakashi Hatake before him, this white-haired sensei also initially keeps his eyes hidden because of the power they possess. Though the full details of Gojou's mysterious Six Eyes have yet to be revealed, they are crucial to utilizing his Limitless Cursed Technique to its full potential.

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Exploring Gojo's Past

As shown in the manga's flashback arc and prequel series, Gojou hasn't always kept his eyes entirely covered, opting for sunglasses as a student of Jujutsu Tech instead of his now-signature black bandages. This shift over time is likely associated with the development of his Six Eyes, which allow him to detect the presence of Cursed Energy, even within cursed weapons, and analyze someone's Cursed Technique.

He has a heightened awareness of threats and the possible advantage of knowing how an opponent's attacks work. However, there have been instances of people exploiting the Six Eyes weakness, namely Megumi's father, Toji Fushiguro. He was renowned for being the only person to be utterly devoid of all Cursed Energy, making him a natural foil to Gojou's Six Eyes.

The Six Eyes & Limitless Cursed Technique

Gojou comes from one of the three prominent Jujutsu families -- Gojou, Kamo and Zen'in -- and inherited their Limitless Cursed Technique. However, he became the first person in over 100 years to be born with both the Limitless and Six Eyes. This rare combination pairs together so that Gojou gains a deeper understanding of his technique at such an atomic level he can unlock facets not reached before.

Gojou's Limitless Cursed Technique can manipulate the infinity that exists between him and anything that approaches, like never-ending decimals between numbers, stopping them from hitting him. Depending on how he uses his Cursed Energy and techniques, Gojou can both repel and attract objects. He can even completely erase something from existence.

These abilities don't come naturally to everyone in the famous Gojou family and is only possible due to the Six Eyes. With the Six Eyes extrasensory capabilities, Gojou can use them to dissect his technique's intricacies and calculate how to reach his full potential. It's such a devasting combination that Gojou's birth is said to have altered the world's balance.

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Gojou Reveals His Eyes to Jougo

When looking at the various stages of Gojou's development, his eyes gradually become more covered as time goes on. By the time Gojou is introduced, his skills as a Jujutsu Sorcerer have advanced to a point where he may need to conceal the Six Eyes. Revealing his eyes during the fight with Jougo feels significant, a moment where he takes off his kid gloves to showcase what he can do with his Domain Expansion: Infinite Void.

With the exact truth still to be explored, fans speculate that Gojou's decision to keep his eyes covered could stem from an attempt to avoid sensory overload that could come with the Six Eyes. With the amount of information they're able to process and the nature of working with "infinity," a strong case could be made that Gojou must use the bandages to restrict and protect himself while conserving energy. Regardless of whether it's a necessity or merely a killer fashion statement, Gojou's signature look of keeping his eyes covered adds major significance to the moments he chooses to show them.

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Ever since the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen premiered in Fall 2020, it’s undeniable that the whole series got us hooked. From MAPPA’s amazing animation, to the catchy music, and the interesting characters and plot, this shōnen series has risen through the ranks as one of the season’s fan favorites.

In the extensive list of great characters, there’s one guy who has become nearly everyone’s new favorite teacher—Gojo Satoru, the strongest (he even says so himself). Who wouldn’t be intrigued by a white-haired man wearing a blindfold, looking like a reverse Hatake Kakashi? Let’s not forget that his voice actor is Yuichi Nakamura, who voices other fan favorites like Kuroo Tetsurō from Haikyuu!! and Hawks from My Hero Academia

Throughout the season, we see that Gojo’s eyes are always covered by a blindfold, and sometimes a pair of dark sunglasses. The season ended last March, leaving us with tons of questions about what’s yet to come. However, there might be a particular one that has you wondering: why does Gojo wear a blindfold?

He only seems to take off his blindfold whenever he starts to get serious in battle, as we saw in his fight with Jogo (Episode 7) and at the near end of the Sister School Exchange Event arc (Episode 20). Other than that, some of us are still probably unsure of how he could exactly see underneath the blindfold.

Lucky for us, Gege Akutami, the creator of the series, addressed this in the Jujutsu Kaisen official fanbook released last March 2021. It’s only available in Japanese, so Twitter user @kaikaikitan has provided us English-speaking fans with a translation.

Basically, Gojo’s Six Eyes (his family’s inherited cursed technique) allows him to view cursed energy in incredible detail. Due to this powerful ability of heightened sight, it leaves him easily tired without the blindfold. So the blindfold serves as an object that can tone down the intensity for him. Either way, he can still sense everything properly underneath it. It’s no wonder that we only see him take it off during battles—he saves it for when he has to use his full power! 

Some of us have four eyes (if you know what I mean) yet it still leaves us with blurry vision. While the thought of having clear eyesight is appealing, I don’t think I can imagine how tiring it is to see everything hyper-enhanced and in such fine detail all the time with the Six Eyes. At least our question has been finally answered by Akutami-sensei.

If you were in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, would you want to be blessed with the Six Eyes?

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When we first saw Satoru Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen, his eyes were covered. Looking at it anyone could assume that either he was blind or his powers let him look at things without his eyes. But, later in the manga chapters we came to know why he was always covering his eyes even though he was not blind. It is because of his [SPOILER].


What is Six Eyes?

Six Eyes is a technique that gives the user an ability to locate Cursed Energy.

Though Satoru have never described the technique himself, but while fighting his opponent, they have described some of it.

What Six Eyes does is it gives Satoru the advantage while fighting his opponent. Since he can see their Cursed Energy, he can understand their weakness and hence, it makes it easy for him to defeat even the strongest opponents.

You can say it is somewhat likeSixth Sense. Most people can perceive information through five senses, but if anyone awakens their sixth sense, they become a different human being. Their capability of thinking and making decisions changes and they are always one step ahead of everyone.

And this we have always seen while Satoru is fighting his opponent.

Is there any Weakness of using his Six Eyes?

As of now we don’t know whether the Six Eyes have any weakness or not. But, we can assume that even though the Six Eyes does not have any weakness it may put strain in Gojo’s eyes. Maybe this is the reason he always covers his eyes when he is not fighting seriously.

On top of it, Gojo’s eyes are intimidating and may scare most average humans.

How Powerful is Satoru Gojo?

Satoru Gojo is a prodigy. He is the first individual in 100 years to have both the Six Eyes and the Gojo family’s Limitless Curse Technique.

This alone makes him the most powerful human being in the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe. He have actively accepted that he can easily kill the higher tops, but would choose not to because it won’t fruit any result.

When Sukuna possessed Itadori, he was easily subdued by Satoru. Even the possessed Sukuna confessed that Satoru was surprisingly strong. We must understand that Sukuna is the most powerful demon in existence and even after more than 1000 years he is feared.

Jujutsu Kaisen Jogo

While fighting Satoru, Jogo unleashed his full power (Domain Expansion) and even then he was unable to put a dent on Satoru. We have to recall what Jogo did to even the best in class Shamans.

[su_spoiler title=”What Jogo’s Power did to First Grade Shamans! SPOILER!!” style=”fancy”]Gojo single-handedly defeated Nanami and Maki. They are one of the best Shamans whom even Satoru put his belief on. He burns 60% of Nanami’s body.[/su_spoiler]

Is Satoru Gojo Invinsible?

No!Satoru Gojo is not Invinsible. Even though he is considered as the most powerful human being in existence, he has weakness.

He is particularly weak towards enemies without any curse.

He was almost killed by Toji Fushiguro since, Toji didn’t have any Curse Energy. Hence, Toji was the natural enemy of Satoru.

In a Flashback, we see that Toji was able to penetrate into Gojo’s defense and critically harm him.

What is Satoru Gojo’s Limitless Curse Technique?

Satoru belong to the Gojo clan and he naturally inherits their signature technique which is the Limitless Curse Technique. But, what sets Satoru apart from other Gojo members is that he has Six Eyes.

In short Limitless Curse Technique enables the user to manipulate Space at an extremely precise atomic level. Now, mix it with Satoru’s Six Eyes. He easily become almost invincible.

Also, since Satoru has sensitive senses due to his Six Eyes, he is always covered with his technique that makes it impossible to make contact with his physical body. Even the strongest punch cannot touch him.


Hence, here it is. What is the Six Eyes and how it makes Satoru Gojo the most powerful human being in existence.

Satoru has explained himself that he can achieve anything if he tries, so he chooses not to get involved with anything.

Satoru Gojo is too Overpowered for a character in a series, and losing him would be the lost of humanity in the hands of demons. So, rest assured there is no death flag as of now.

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Every Gojou Satoru being Gojou Satoru Moment - Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo Satoru's Six Eyes Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen episode 7 reveals Gojo's Six Eyes, which remains exclusive to those in his family. Here are its many powers & nuances explained.

Jujutsu Kaisen episode 7 featured an iconic moment with its reveal of Gojo Satoru’s eyes, which remained hidden until the sorcerer’s fight against the cursed spirit, Jogo. The reveal of the mystery of the Six Eyes, in conjunction with his Limitless Cursed Technique, only serves to elevate Gojo’s position as a formidable jujutsu sorcerer within the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. While more details about his Six Eyes are yet to be revealed in the anime series, a deep dive into Gege Akutami’s serialized manga shows what this power entails.

The Six Eyes are also referred to as Rokugan and are a rare ocular jujutsu inherited within the Gojo family, akin to the Sharingan, the kekkei genkai of the Uchiha Clan in Naruto. The Six Eyes grants an extraordinary amount of power to the user, mainly in the form of enhanced perception and the ability to use the Limitless Cursed Technique to its full potential. Despite the inheritance-based qualities of the ability, Gojo remains the first sorcerer to be born with both the Six Eyes and Limitless in the last hundred years within the manga’s timeline.

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It's interesting to note that while any member of the Gojo family can inherit the Limitless, only those who possess the Six Eyes can master the technique. This ability allows Jujutsu Kaisen'sGojo to process visual information in an accelerated manner while aiding him in manipulating the nuanced energies of the Limitless. Since every technique requires complex cursed energy manipulation to function, the pairing with the Six Eyes remains crucial, especially when engaged in a fight against special grade cursed spirits. Gojo also seems to have mastered the Six Eyes to the extent that he never runs out of cursed energy, as the amount of energy lost during the technique is close to zero. As Gojo keeps his eyes hidden throughout the initial episodes of the anime, the reveal of the Six Eyes against Jogo is especially noteworthy.

Moreover, the reason why Gojo chooses to keep his eyes covered in the early episodes of Jujutsu Kaisencan be attributed to the overwhelming eye powers of the technique, since it grants the user the ability to translate one moment in time into an expanded temporal stretch. This time dilation allows the user to gauge positions and tactical strategies almost instantly within a vast range. This could potentially explain why Gojo keeps his eyes covered when not engaged in a fight, as it would only lead to sensory overload. Also, Gojo’s Six Eyes allow him to detect different kinds of cursed energy, helping him better understand the person wielding it.

Although the anime shows this technique is near-infallible in the case of Gojo, this power does come with its own limitations. When used to perform a reverse cursed technique, the processing abilities of the Six Eyes can be deemed limited and holds the risk of taking a toll on the user’s psyche, driving them to the edge of sanity if overused. However, when used in conjunction with the Limitless, they can read incoming projectile threats and reversed cursed techniques automatically. Although Gojo is still able to exercise enhanced perception with his eyes bandaged, he needs to uncover them in order to unleash Limitless techniques such as Hollow Purple. While the intricate and sophisticated powers of the Six Eyes remain untapped, viewers can hope that the upcoming episodes of Jujutsu Kiasen will grant much-needed answers.

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Every Gojou Satoru being Gojou Satoru Moment - Jujutsu Kaisen

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