Shoulder length bob braids

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To give your hair a totally fresh appearance, various hairstyle designs can be done. You can both go with a bright, stylish short haircut and few layers with blade cut for those who have average and long hair.

Nevertheless, if you do not need to skip your hair or don’t have time to visit a stylist, then converting it into a braid, pony or updo style, you can wear a different look. Bobs like small trendy cuts, choppy bob haircuts, pixie cuts, updo hairstyles, blunt bobs, etc. are greatly popularized.

Hairstyles with side bangs hanging on eyes or asymmetrical hairstyle designs are very attractive. Here are several short haircut ideas which look very cute.


All You Need To Know About Bob Braids

The bob braids stop the most traditional protecting haircuts for lots of ideas. Firstly, it is ideal for girls who do not have time to style their hair for hours every morning. Secondly, braids hairstyles look gorgeous. Thirdly, even though they do not need any styling, you can style them in various styles if you need to.

Although long hairstyles are very common, some girls prefer bob braids that can make life much more comfortable, particularly in the summertime.

Bob style braids change from the long braids a lot. It may show that girls with great hair believe that if hair does not reach the ground, a haircut cannot be deemed to be accurate. Because ladies who cut box braids within a bob convince us that you do not have to have long hair to look beautiful!

Now braids hairstyles are even more productive: there are loads of excellent ideas to enhance them and freshen up the entire look. Eye-catching shades, gems, threads, bands, and other cool accessories can be used. They also look fabulous with caps and beanies!

As we have previously stated, braids do not have to apply to be beautiful: braided bob is a classic mix of standards and creativity. Such haircuts are sheer awesomeness! They preserve the sources, they change women with various face shapes, and they are easy to style and maintain, there are no cons just pros!

So if you are engrossed in this elegant hairstyle then take a look at the following 35 gorgeous Bob Braids hairstyles and also check Step by Step Guide of How To Do Bob Braids.

1. Bob Braid Hairstyle With A Long And Short Cut

This hairstyle, as the name suggests, it has a very unique amalgamation of both the shortcut hairstyle as well as the long length. The twist of the hairstyle lies in its asymmetric length. The balance between the front long lock and the side short makes a perfect duo.

The side of the hairstyle incorporates a cornrow style. A couple of beads will make the braids even more ornate. Try some beads in gold and copper tones to add a subtle note of a vintage aura to this ever stylistic modern hairstyle.

Bob Braids


2. Thick Braids In Long Bob Hairstyle

The Bob cut hairstyle is indeed a very trendy one. Bob is one style that is known as a short hairstyle, the length of which is maximum till the shoulders. However, variation is the essence of true style. This thick braid hairstyle is indeed interesting.

The bottom of the thick braids has a small gold clap on beads. Every alternate bottom has it. This makes a very decorative appeal. This hairstyle is indeed a very pretty one. So what are you waiting for? Give this a try for sure if your length is as mentioned in this style.

Bob Braids


3. Red Bob Braid Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the USP of the look is the bright color. Here the braids are braided in fat short braids. The color chosen for the braid is bright red. Such bright colors always look ultra-stylish when it comes to showcasing fashion.

Since color resonates with a vivacious spirit; thus, it can be an ideal hairstyle for teenagers or women who love exploring new hairstyles and colors to make a new style statement. The side of the braid has cornrows and the other side has the fall braid hairstyle. Give this hair a style if you want to play with color a little.

Bob Braids


4. Bob Box Braid Hairstyle

Box braids in a bob look so much like natural locks. However, the difference is that these are much more manageable and because they are thick braids that are considered as the locks, they are not frizzy like single hair stands are in an open bob hairstyle.

This bob braid hairstyle follows the famous style of asymmetrical braided hairstyle and the broadness of the braids impeding some amount of volume. The golden beads on the braids support the brightness of these beautiful eyes. Also, do not forget the cute cylindrical beads of gold color that make your hair look gorgeous.

Bob Braids


5. Partitioned Tie-Up Bob Braid Hairstyle

Well, this hairstyle is very different. The braids have the aura of micro weaving yet it does not resemble it entirely. In the bob hairstyle, one advantage is that no matter what style distinct you incorporate, the result has to be a very adorable one.

So in this hairstyle, the hair is partitioned. With the help of a narrow white string, two braids are taken out to braid them in a narrow structure. This white thread inclusion in the black braided backdrop looks quite a monochrome style trend.

Bob Braids


6. Blonde Shaded Bob Braid Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the primary attraction is the various subtle shades. The brown, blonde, burgundy and light golden colors at the bottom of the hairstyle adds a lot of color variations and brightness to the style.

The scalp incorporates the knots such that they form a square-like area along the knot as the braids are originated from the knots. These braids will look great with any complexion as the initial color from the scalp is that of brown and as the style reaches the bottom, it becomes all pretty and colorful.

Bob Braids


7. One-Sided Fat Bob Braids

When it comes to hairstyle, what is important is the kind of style you choose. Well, the style picking also depends upon a lot many factors and one of the factors is that the face shape. In this hairstyle, the shape of the face is oval.

The oval shape is enhanced in this look. This one-sided fat bob braids incorporate small tiny beads that add to the ornamental note to this hairstyle. The braids are pretty fat and hence the entire look is somewhat adorable as well. Pair the style up with a plum shade lip color to make the look complete.

Bob Braids


8. Second, Attached Braid In Bob Hairstyle

If one notices minutely, they will see that the hairstyle has two braids where one is attached to the other. There is one braid that is tied front the scalp and the second braid is on that is attached pretty close to the first from slightly downwards.

Again a bit of space is kept and then again the braiding is done. Such distinguishingly unique styles are possible only with braids. The hair color here is also interesting. This is a very nice maroon shade hair color which makes the complexion look very bright.

Bob Braids


9. Wrap Upbraid Bob Hairstyle

The wrap-up styles are pretty famous. The wraps mean when a short braid is tied around with a pretty colorful string. Twist the origin of the braid and then with the usual three-strand braid hairstyle, the braid is ornate. If you wish, you can include a colorful wrap-up string with it like a red or a bright blue.

Yellow would also be a nice color pick that will look indeed gorgeous. The length of the hair is till the shoulders. The bottom of each braid has golden bottom beads that end the hairstyle perfectly.

Bob Braids


Center Partition Hairstyle

This hairstyle is simple and has a very happy enigmatic appeal. With a simple hairstyle, women love easy maintenance thing. Also, the hairstyle is very effortless. Styles like these are easy on the go and one can be indeed content having such subtle and elegant hairstyles.

A simple middle or center partition can do so much and it&#;s indeed worth trying. If you have a round face, then this hairstyle will suit you quite well.

Bob Braids


The Pixie Bob Braids Hairstyle

With Bob braids, the amount of variations that can be done is umpteen. In this pixie-cut Bob braid hairstyle, the adorable quotient is just too high. This hairstyle is also a very common one when it comes to box braids.

Such braids are very pretty and easy to tie. You can either side part your pixie Bob braids or you can center part them. Either way, you know you will look adorable. If you have a pixie cut, then definitely give this hairstyle a try.

Bob Braids


Highlighted Cross Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a stylish one. The hairstyle incorporates braids that are tied in such a manner that there is a square formation on the scalp. As the braid goes down, the color combination switches from a warm time of brown to a brighter shade of blonde.

So if you like a shaded hairstyle that will have the amalgamation of two colors, then this style is a sure try-on. Also, because of the shade, the hairstyle has a very sensual appeal to it.

Bob Braids


Brown Shaded Hairstyle

The braids are very balanced in this hairstyle. It is not entirely thick neither is it too thin. The hairstyle has a very poised note added to it. Because of bob haircut, the braids are up to a certain length. The length adds a very somber tone to the entire style.

The color is a lovely brown shade. Such shades look great on women whose complexion is a bit toned down. Also, these color shades are very sophisticated. So if you love grace yet on a subtle note, then this is your bid.

Bob Braids


The Spring-Up Bob Braid Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the braids are tied up in such a fashion that it seems like they are springing up. The base has a ponytail-like effect.

The hairstyle is very cute and it will beat suit young girls who have to attend parties like a birthday event or a get-together at a friend’s place. Such hairstyles have a very funky side added to the look. Playfully pretty, this is one hairstyle that is appropriate for youth and the younger lot of generation.

If you have a teen sister or a daughter, you know what hairstyle is there now. Also being a protective one, it will allow the young ones to be carefree and enjoy without bothering about the style being messy.

Bob Braids


Angled Highlighted Bob Haircut

This box braid hairstyle has an angular cut. This hairstyle is a very simple and pretty one. The braids are tied in such fashion that the highlights fall loose on the braid somewhere in between and somewhere at the base. This hairstyle is stylish in its way.

Once you tie the hair, the style becomes so easy on the head that there is no effort required to keep the hair in place. In this hairstyle, the USP is a shortcut. Also, such a style is indeed very adorable. Such styles make a great everyday look as well.

Bob Braids


Cool Braided Bob Hairstyle

This is a classy-looking braided bob that highlights brown tone color braids. The maximum of the braids is brown but there are some around that have a slightly warmer shade.

Even though the color change is suggestive in comparison to the more throbbing looks, it is still really attractive and stylish. Something like this is exceptional for the ladies that desire to combine some new glow without being too bright. This braid indeed is a cool hairstyle that one can try.

Bob Braids


Box Braid Hairstyle With Chic Appeal

It highlights delicate braids that are in a side frame and that are cleared into a beautiful complex flow. Braided bobs similar to this are an excellent option if you fancy a hairdo that is easy and attractive or if you have a particular event coming up.

It is a different haircut that accommodates the celebration fall of the season. You could hold a bob like this designed in any shade. Decide and pick your preferred color or something bright that will enlighten your entire look.

This chin-length haircut has equivalent parts which make the appearance charming and sensuous, making it ideal for individuals who try it for the first time.

Bob Braids


Blonde Bob with Crochet Braids

This adorable braided bob is a contemporary take on the classic style. You could remodel a hairstyle like this with various braid widths and also supplement it with some lively shades. If you require to prepare a fresh appearance for summertime, then this hairdo could be the one.

The box hairstyles are light and have a blonde light-hearted summer look. More precise braids like these are simple to manage and feel free on the head; that is, there is no heavy feeling. On holidays, a haircut like this will resemble fabulous especially in summer. Light blonde is fashionable. So try out this hairstyle now!

Bob Braids


Short Asymmetrical Braided Bob

Not every box hairstyle&#;s bob styles ought to be identical. In particular, you can present this vintage hairstyle with a new twist. This easy, beautiful bob hairdo has a beautiful contemporary side to it.

Simply because you desire small bob box braids, that no way implies you have to cut off with your extended hair finally. In reality, you can get both short or as well as long on either side. Complete off this spirited look with a nice spray of hair fragrance.

Bob Braids


The Half Up Half Down Box Braids Roll Hairstyle

Consider half up half down box braids ideas with a contemporary variation like a top knot. In the front view, very comfortable and relaxing techniques can look quite beautiful. Indeed, box braids are cool and on their bottom, you can build any haircuts.

You can flaunt your box braids with the upper hairdo as well. While on the opposite hand, you have a hairstyle that is inviting and practical, the rest gets hair away from the front and creates a cool look.

So most beautiful appearances can be obtained with the half up half down box braids roll hairstyle that you could always have held informal and common.

Bob Braids


Bright Red Bob Braid Hairstyle

If you like box braids but need to try something a bit strange think to opt for the rich red shade. The charming style, which highlights this red color, presents the hair look different and chic. To design the look, your stylist will tie your head in cornrow form before using a machete to tape box braid expansions into your real hair.

This hairstyle is a perfect regression to the decade of the ’90s with a modern touch to it and that is the vibrant shade. If you love colors, then surely give this a try.

Bob Braids


Middle Parted Bob

Recognition to the middle part and the way these braids are carelessly thrown back, this is one bob that happens off a Boho charm.

The beads add some glamour quotient, and some of the frames braids of a contrasting color act as a beautiful articulation you may make obvious or very suggestive like in this instance. You can give this model hairstyle a contemporary update by scoring a little glitter accessory to the edge of these braids.

Bob Braids


The Fun Braid Hairstyle In A Bob

Well, as the name suggests, these braids are indeed playful in their appearance and have a very charming are to the style. The look that is created is indeed fun. The braids have no distinct partition and crop up from all over the scalp.

Also, this braid is fun to sport and makes a look very funky and cool. So if you have a playful personality, then bravo! Go for your ideal style with the fun braid hairstyle in a bob. This hairstyle can be simply described as short and fun.

Bob Braids


Grey Toned Single Wrap Box Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is short and elegant. The braids are thick and sit perfectly right with everything else on your face. Also, in this hairstyle, the braids are tied in such a way that every braided bottom has a tread tie-up.

One of the braids is taken and wrapped into a subtle color threadlike, lavender or grey or light purple. The complete look of the style emerges only when the whole look is all finished.

Bob Braids


Side Indented Bob Box Braid

In this style, the hair is first braided completely. The box braid style is followed. Thereafter the hair is then put to one side. These sides make a great look and the complete look is that of a very smart and contemporary look.

Be it at any events, parties, or even on vacation; you can catch up all the limelight there is with such a hairstyle.

Bob Braids


Hair Updo With Gold Thread

The beauty of any hair updo is that it instantly makes your hair look more playful. Adding one or multiple braids with gold threads can add a very glamorous twist to the complete look. Once you try this, you can&#;t stick just to the standard braided look. 


bob braid hairstyles

Symmetrical Bob Braids With Centre-partition

The best thing about classic bobs is that you can carry them with or without any statement jewelry. A classic symmetrical Bob braids hairstyle is stylish enough in itself for you to not need any accessories to make it look chic. It&#;s also free of hassles. Worth giving it a try!


bob braid with middle part

Sleek Knotless Braids With a Side Part

A good side part can make any hairstyle look classy. The same goes for this sleek knotless braided Bob hairstyle. The hairstyle can make you look fantastic. The overall appearance of the hairstyle is very neat, modern, and fun at the same time.


black woman with bob braid hairstyle

Blunt Mid-parted Bob

A blunt Bob bend is a tricky hairstyle. You need to burn the edges of your hair to keep a short slight curl. Keep your hair parted in the middle for a more posh look. Maintaining this hairdo with brown or blonde hair works amazingly. 


short bob braid hairstyle

Fulani Bobbed Braids With Silver Rings and Beads

As an iconic braided hairstyle, this one could be one of those interesting braided Bob hairdos. Even though it can take time, it&#;s totally worth it. The braided Bob is further enhanced by adding accessories like silver rings and beads that make you stand out in the crowd. 


bob braid hairstyle with beads

Bob Braids With Gold Beads 

Having multi-colored beads can give a basic Bob the vibrant, young appearance. It looks playful and very chic at the same time. What makes this hairstyle even better is the addition of gold-colored beads that can add elegance to it. Choose a vibrant color and pair it with gold beads.


red bob braid hairstyle

Platinum Highlighted Triangle Box Braids

For any braided Bob hairstyle, the most important part is the pattern. Of course, most people go for square patterns, but you can also try the triangle pattern which has recently invaded the trend. Give your hair platinum blonde and blonde highlights to make it look spectacular. 

popular bob braid hairstyles

Colored Asymmetrical Braids

Even if you don&#;t want to add gold beads, you can just keep the unicorn in you happy by having colored Bob braids. Pink, blue, or any other color (even ombre shades) can make a simple asymmetrical braided Bob hairstyle look even more stylish and youthful. 

bob braid hairstyles for women

Asymmetrical Bob Braids

The best thing about this Bob braids hairstyle in asymmetrical shape is that it does not need any statement jewelry to stand out. An asymmetrical braided Bob style can make you look fun, youthful, and stylish at once without even trying too hard. 

black girl with bob braids

Classic Blonde Fulani Bob Braids

Fulani braids have been the ultimate grace of special red carpet events recently. So, why not give it a blonde twist and own the style? Your short hair will have a unique appearance with a classic Fulani braided style in blonde color. 


braided bob hairstyles


Braided haircuts do not squander their reputation. This can be defined by their versatility, low sustenance, and the way they resemble. Nevertheless, nothing stays fixed, however, and now we have lots of cool contemporary versions of braided hair.

Unlike long braids braided bob hairstyles are not too large and not too plentiful, this is a sort of a comprehensive mix that all girls fantasize about. If you are interested in this hairstyle, then all the above mentions style variations will surely intrigue you a lot.

With these amazing hairstyles, make a new style statement this season. You know the best awaits those who experiment. So get a hold on the style that allures you the most!

Bob Braids Hairstyles

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By Jennifer Ford·

You’re not hallucinating; bobs are in fact everywhere lately. Get tickets to the ESSENCE Street Style Block Party!Rihanna, Tessa Thompson, and Teyana Taylorare just a few celebs we’ve recently spotted rocking the signature 90’s hairstyle and its resurgence is causing a wave of nostalgia. Although the chin-length chop is far from new, it’s always refreshing to cut a few inches off our strands during the summer, which is why everyone— and we mean everyone— is obsessed with shorter style this season. But of course, we’re still fully committed to protective styles during the current heat wave, so the braided bob is our coiffure de jour! You can achieve cool variations of the iconic hairdoby revamping your box braids, all while keeping your natural hair unbothered by humidity&#;s frizzing effects. Scroll through to see how it&#;s done in our Instagram roundup of must-try braided bobs.

Off-Center Bob

A deep off-center part makes it easy to keep your strands out of your face.


Salt and Pepper Bob

This salt and pepper bob has flavor.


A-symmetric Bob

This a-symmetrical bob puts the &#;a&#; in amazing!


Chunky Bob

Chunky braids are our favorite because they require less time to install and look dope too. To achieve this look, section your hair into large box part and add 3 finger widths of braiding hair to each plait.


Midlength Bob

To make your bob appear a bit more natural, try incorporating a middle part and secure the ends of your braids with rubber bands instead of burning them.


Ombre Bob

We love that you can customize your color when it comes to braiding hair. To get this ombre look, mix together colors 1b and


Wig Bob

The gag is it&#;s a wig. If you&#;re concerned about tension, this realistic unit is just for you.


Bob with Bangs

This hairstyle is the perfect trifecta:  bob, braids, and bangs.


Color Block Bob

It&#;ll be pretty easy to achieve these cool color block braids. Braid half of your hair with a dark-colored hair and the other half with a lighter hue.


90&#;s Bob

We have 90&#;s it girls like Jada Pinket and Nia Long to thank for this fresh do.


Feed-In Bob

You can take your bob&#;s to the next level with incredible feed-in braids.


A-symmetric  Lob

Picking the length of your bob can be a daunting task. So when you&#;re straddling the fence between a chin length and shoulder length style, this asymmetrical lob is the perfect solution.


Cornrow Bob

The cornrows are fresh and fabulous.


Classic Bob

This bob is definitely in-Vouge.


Bob with Highlights 

To spice up you bob, add a pop of vibrant color.


Blunt Bob

To get a blunt bend, carefully burn the ends of your braids until you form a slight curl.


Shoulder-Length Bob

A summer classic.

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20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles

Is there anything as chic or sophisticated as the timeless bob? As a matter of fact, there is – bob braids are both elegant and edgy, plus they&#;re always in fashion. Easy to style, universally flattering, and extraordinarily versatile, bobbed braids run the gamut between funky and conservative.

Bob Braids Hairstyles for Inspiration

From short to mid-length and long, there&#;s a whole world of braided bobs – so maybe it&#;s time to explore a brand new &#;do?

#1: Simple, Chic and Bobbed

This is everything a box braids bob is supposed to be. It&#;s an angled bob style that curls under the chin, just like the classic bob. That&#;s a flattering ‘do for just about anyone because it frames the face so beautifully and features the perfect length.

#2: Bob Braids with Bangs

A bob with bangs is its own special look. The bangs add some precious youthful playfulness to the look, not to mention the way they accentuate those big, bright, beautiful eyes!

#3: Asymmetrical Bob Braids

This bob is so cool! It is an absolute perfection from root to tip. The side part has a slimming effect which is a big plus for round faces. These braids are the ideal length for a face-framing &#;do that doesn&#;t need a single accessory to make it stand out.

#4: Long Bob with Thick Braids

Longer braided bob hairstyles are amazingly versatile. Having this hairstyle, it&#;s easy to pull off dozens of different styles, ranging from buns to ponytails and updos. The thickness of the braids creates lush, enviable bulk that’s also manageable and free of frizz.

#5: Rolled Half Updo

This half updo somewhat reminds us of Victory rolls, but it’s much easier to do especially if you have such a great base for it. Simply divide, twist and pin. This is a stunning way to style a braided bob for anyone who loves retro-inspired hairstyles.

#6: Short and Chic Bob Braids

Many bobs tend to be chin-length, but there&#;s no saying they can&#;t be a bit shorter than that. The short bob pictured here is a modern update of the classic hairstyle. It also works as a pretty protective style for African-American hair.

#7: Layered Bob Braids

Marvel at the perfection of these tight, tiny braids, the lovely color combo, and the beautiful silhouette of this bob. It&#;s on the shorter side and, thanks to the layers, it&#;s inverted. Because it&#;s layered that way, it angles longer toward the front, providing beautiful ascending lines that make the style edgy.

#8: Two-Tone Tiny Braids

Pixie braids in a bob suggest unlimited options in styling because these braids are usually small and manageable. Sweep them to one side, throw up into a half bun or braid the bangs… What else can you add? Some color – your favorite color or the one that compliments your skin tone.

#9: Long and Short Bob Braids

It’s time to upgrade your short bob with an asymmetrical twist. Side parted styles are sexy and chic, so why not to try this awesome style with beautiful diagonal lines? A couple of purple braids will make it brighter.

# Braided and Wrapped

This box braid bob is full of style where every detail is considered. The braids start as cornrows and end as freely hanging tight plaits, sealed and curled under. This is definitely our favorite braided bob with highlights and accents, but let’s see what other ideas the following pictures reveal.

# Center Parted Bob

Thanks to the center part and the way these braids are carelessly thrown back, this is one bob that gives off a Boho allure. The beads add some glitz, and a few face-framing braids of a different color work as a lovely accent you may make noticeable or very subtle like in this example.

# Multicolored Bob

Look how fun and vibrant this bob is on the photo! Imagine it in real life. Classic bobs are sleek and smooth, so why not shake it up a bit with the addition of vivid colors woven into the braids? The tousled styling is simple but undeniably cute.

# Braids and Buns

Once you get your new braided bob, you’ll be happy to wear those fun braids freely hanging for a while, but then you’ll wonder how else you can style them. Two Minnie Mouse buns are something simple and very girly-cute you can do within two minutes.

# Purple Pixies

Not only do pixie braids lend themselves well to the bob hairstyle, but they look gorgeous in vibrant, unexpected colors. Purple is a perfect choice, clearly, but almost any hue will work. It just takes confidence to pull off a sizzling, attention-grabbing hairdo like this.

# Bob Topped with a Bun

High buns and top knots offer an alternative to boring half-ponytails. Braided buns, in particular, are easy to create, plus, they open up the face. This is something that can effortlessly be achieved with bobs of any length and braid thickness.

# Half Up Box Braids

Box braids in a bob are like natural locks only much more manageable and free of frizz. This bob follows the popular asymmetrical style, and the thickness of the braids adds some serious volume. The golden beads on the braids support the brightness of these beautiful eyes. Notice also the cute purple and dark blue highlights. We love that they are not loud.

# Black Shoulder Length Braids with Accents

One of the best things about bobbed braids is definitely the possibility to add color effortlessly. Specifically, it&#;s easy to throw in a few braids in different colors, as seen here. Platinum blonde and golden accents refresh this long bob letting it reveal another layer of intrigue and depth.

# Pretty Pinned Back Half Updo

Here&#;s a fairly laconic bob style – chic, chin-length, and elegant. The bob braids are parted on the side and softly pinned back – a simple, easy style, but isn&#;t it beautiful?

# Bumped and Bobbed

Thanks to the bouffant and pulled back plaits, these bob box braids give off a glamorous retro vibe, reminiscent of the &#;60s and &#;70s. Let a few braids pass across the forehead to make the bouffant seam even bigger and create a nice angle with your flawless eyebrow.

# Stacked and Angled Bob

These braids are carefully layered for a cute cropped style with maximum volume. If you want a really short stacked style don’t, attach any braids to the nape. Let it serve as an undercut.

There&#;s a reason the bob is a timeless hairstyle, prone to popping up as a new must-have hairdo every other year. It&#;s versatile, easy to style, and it doesn&#;t take much effort to make it look phenomenal. Who can resist such a magical ‘do? And with bob box braids your style will be a sheer pleasure to wear.

How I Style \u0026 Install My Short Box Braids

43 Cute Medium Box Braids You Need to Try

Want to change your hair but don&#;t know what style to choose? If so, you are in the right place. We have found 43 stylish medium box braids looks. We have something for everyone, including beautiful color ideas, chic medium braids and ideas on how to style them. Take a look, you will be spoilt for choice!

1. Cute Medium Box Braids

The first medium box braid idea we want to share with you is this cute braided bob. This is a beautiful and easy to wear hairstyle that will suit anyone across all ages. Create a hairstyle like featured to keep the look simple and stylish or if you want bolder hair, add some colors or accessories.

2. Medium Box Braids with Gold Cuffs

Next, we have medium box braids that look fit for a Queen. The braids have been styled into a medium length bob with a middle part and are finished off with gold accessories. This is a stunning hairstyle that will look amazing if you want to look like a glam goddess.

3. Accessorized, Chunky Medium Braids

When choosing accessories you don&#;t have to stick to one style, you can combine them together like our next hairstyle. The hair has been braided into chunky braids with cords and braid cuffs. We love the cords and cuffs together because they look trendy and unique. You can choose gold like featured or try different cord colors.

4. Blonde Medium Box Braids

If you want a new hairstyle that gives your look a lift then blonde braids can be the way to do it. Blonde will give you a trendy, sunkissed and brighter look, no matter the season. A stylish way to wear blonde is like the image featured. You can see how beautiful the blonde looks when braided with other colors. Choose multi shades for a natural looking style or one blonde tone for a statement hairstyle.

5. Box Braids Bob

Our next idea features a medium sized box braids that have been styled into a chic bob. The bob is sleek and stylish due to the very neat and quite thin braids. The overall look is beautiful and easy to wear. You can a wear a hairstyle like this anywhere and you will look amazing.

6. Trendy Medium Length Box Braids

Looking for a trendy new &#;do? Then this hairstyle is for you. Here we have chunky medium length box braids that have been styled into a side part. The braids have also been accessorized with stylish cords. This is a gorgeous look that will suit anyone and you can create a unique look by adding different color cords.

7. Statement Medium Braids with Beads

Next, we have a chic and statement making idea. These mid length box braids have been sleekly styled and have beautiful beads at the bottom. This is a stunning example of how you can match your hair accessories to your makeup and outfit to create a trendy, coordinated look. We love this!

8. Medium Jumbo Box Braids

Prefer chunkier braids? Then this next look is for you. Here we have jumbo box braids that have been styled into a beautiful bob. You can recreate this look or choose longer braids to suit your taste. Style with or without the hair accessories because either way, you will have a gorgeous hairdo.

9. Small Medium Box Braids

Want a chic and elegant look? Then this is the hair idea for you. Here we have a box braid bob that features thinner and smaller braids and has a center part. All of these elements create a beautiful hairstyle that will look amazing on anyone. You don&#;t have to add any color or accessories because hair like this looks stunning as it is.

 Half Up, Half Down Style

Our next idea is a trendy half up ponytail. We love braided ponytails because they look so edgy and stylish. This one features chunky box braids in a medium length ponytail. The hair has also been accessorized with cords and cuffs. A ponytail like this would be amazing for summer and vacations.


Bob shoulder braids length

By doing this, she opened access to her breasts. Her bust was beautiful. The nipples stood out against the background of the areola.


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If at this moment I had not been holding her with both hands (and with one more part of my body), then most likely.

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