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Smoke Shop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States


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Address: E Franklin St #, Chapel Hill, NC , USA
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Retailer stocking vaporizers, hookahs, electronic cigarettes &#; other smoking-related products.



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Chapel Hill - North Carolina - Smoke Shops - United States
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High Life Smoke Shop Management reviews

Low Pay, Terrible Upper Management, No Growth

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) - Charlotte, NC - September 19,

The overview at High Life is simple: THERE'S WAY BETTER OPPORTUNITIES!

1) Terrible below average wages: No Holidays Off except Thx, Christmas & NY and NO HOLIDAY PAY AT ALL
2) Huge amounts of turnover
3) No Growth within the Company

I was the Marketing Manager at High Life Smokes for over 4 years. Halfway through my time there, management changed for the worse. Management benefits on the "ignorance" of their employees. Time after time Upper Management will try to implement rules that employees do not know illegal, the biggest one: illegal car searches. Under new leadership the goal of High Life is to cut cost and survive until the owner realizes he's losing money For that reason majority of the staff is uneducated and trained for their position. Most are hired due to availability and willingness to accept low pay. Within my own position, I was paid 25k less than the average Manager in NC. Even with my degree, multiple certifications and experience, High Life refused to pay more a working living wage.

It is not uncommon to see High Life ALWAYS hiring. Due to the company not having a HR Dept and refusing to hire a hiring manager turnover is extremely high. Within the last 2 years I personally watch this company go through more than 8 District Managers, when the company has only 2 districts.

One benefit of the company is commission and bonuses. However while most companies pay out 3%, High Life gives out $$ opportunities. Those in Upper Management, receive no bonus btw.

Overall, stay away from this brand. I've personally seen employees and staff encouraged - 

Sours: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/High-Life-Smoke-Shop/reviews?fcountry=ALL&ftopic=mgmt
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High Life Smoke Shop

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High life smoke shop

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