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I'm currently level 66 and I just beat Shadar. But I was barely able to do so. I found an older topic about this, it seems like some people are able to beat him on lvl 61 while some have problem at level 74. While I don't want too much spoiler, can someone tell me does the final boss one hit your entire party? I have enough money to buy a 180 phoenix feathers, so as long as he doesn't one hit ko my entire party, I think I should be able to grind him down. But if he can, then I have no choice but to grind. Thanks.

when in doubt toko for an hour <3

I think I entered the Ivory Tower at Lv. 68 and faced the White Witch at Lv. 74 (there's plenty of Tokotocolds on the last dungeon, so you'll level up quite easily!)

even with level 45 he cant 1 hit entire party

beaten him while i was lv67

easy fight but pretty long

Playing Tales of Berseria best JRPG 2016

I'd recommend buying Great Sage's Secrets and Sprite Dews on the Casino instead of a thousand Phoenix Feathers (some come in handy, but the first ones will help you out A LOT).

I'd also recommend having a Greater Naiad with Aurora Curealis, because that spell REALLY helps; and a familiar with Upsy-Daisy to wake up unconscious allies.

While the final boss (in all of its forms) doesn't have instant-kill spells (not that I recall), the final form DOES have a REALLY nasty spell called Chaos, which you're gonna be glad if you can defend in time. If you can't, spam GSSs and Sprite Dews and Aurora Curealis all the way.

Neolith with Yoo-Hoo is a god send. You'll need a formidable tank, as the boss summons like 6 different satelites and they wreak havoc.

3DS FC: 3737-9528-6968

JustPlainLucas posted...

Neolith with Yoo-Hoo is a god send. You'll need a formidable tank, as the boss summons like 6 different satelites and they wreak havoc.

Well, the satelites are quite easy to deal with if you just spam Astra and Cut Loose a couple of times :)

Trickster242 posted...

JustPlainLucas posted...
Neolith with Yoo-Hoo is a god send. You'll need a formidable tank, as the boss summons like 6 different satelites and they wreak havoc.

Well, the satelites are quite easy to deal with if you just spam Astra and Cut Loose a couple of times :)

Evenstar works also, I killed him with a lvl 62 Oliver using it. Yes Oliver makes a crappy tank while trying to cast it but 4-5 casts later they dropped dead. Believe I used 5 great sage's secrets during the battles though.

Overall as long as you have ~60-80% of your health remaining he can't really one-shot you. That's without using Defend. With defend his biggest attack will probably take <25%.

Cool, thanks for the replies. I guess I'll grind a little bit and buy some Sage's Secret potions before attempting this.

Level 60 is all you need. It's more about having a familiar with defense on each party member and having good AOE capability (which oliver covers with Evenstar) I don't count Astra as people won't get it unless they use a guide or are very very lucky in finding it. If you have two good tanks with heals/buffs (Neolith and Lumberwood come to mind) you will be fine. There's only one attack you need to consistently defend, the rest can be ignored and there are adds you need to AOE down like the jelly boss.

The recommended level for dlc quests SUCKS
After spending 3+ hours on the last part of the Labyrinth dlc I was finally ready to face the final boss. I was a level 136 and the recommended level was 120, but when I faced the boss, it knocked out my entire team and all of our healing items in less than 5 mins. I had 800+ damage weapons (which I now don't have because I died ;_;) and 400 defense armor. I also upgraded higgledies / spells / manuals to the max. Leading up to this fight, everything was a piece of cake. I fought off EVERY enemy at EVERY other part with such ease and this comes out of nowhere.

And its the same with A Tale of a Timeless Tome dlc! I go to fight the final bad guy and it is SO much harder than any of the precious enemies!

I've used the recommended levels from the start of the game, and I know that they are only showing the level of the enemy you are going up against, but when it says "recommended level" I expect it to be doable with good weapons, armor, higgledies, spells, manuals, and 10+ levels on top of it. But it's just not possible.

I'm sick of wasting hours and hours of my time, only to end up dead because of OP bosses. Do you guys have any advice for how to fight these stupid bosses? Should I just grind until I'm 50+ levels ahead of it, or is there some trick to it?
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Ni No Kuni: The 15 Best Familiars, Ranked

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch originally launched in 2013 for PlayStation 3 to critical acclaim. It went on to have a sequel with Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom for PlayStation 4 in 2018. Fortunately for fans who missed out on the first title, the game was re-released for PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

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Ni No Kuni follows the story of Oliver, a young boy who discovers that he belongs in another world and is actually a wizard. It's up to Oliver and his companion Drippy to save the other world from the evil wizard Shadar. There are familiars that can help in battles, an,d once Esther has joined your team, you can recruit even more familiars. Check out the best familiars below, excluding the golden versions, which are stronger counterparts but are only available post-clear.

Updated December 19th, 2020: Christmas is already here and it can be a real struggle to buy for some of the gamers in your life. If you're looking for something great for a younger gamer, or something a little different for the RPG-lover in your life — Ni No Kuni has got you sorted.

Available on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, this adorable RPG features superb animated scenes from Studio Ghibli, an intriguing storyline, and the ability to collect and train familiars. People love to hunt down and collect various monsters in games, and the Ni No Kuni familiars are perfect for this. Check out these 15 familiars that we recommend you utilize in your team.

15 Seed Sprite

You'll unlock the Seed Sprite familiar very early on in the game, but it's largely not useful until you unlock the fourth character who has an affinity with the Nymphae genus of familiar. This familiar is perfect for that character and is a great healer to have on your team.

Additionally, it can be found on Ugly Duckling Isle if you want a different Seed Sprite than the one the game gives you. Its secondary form is Sprout Sprite, and when it comes to choosing the third form, we recommend that you choose Sugarplum Sprite over Sweetpea Sprite.

14 Griffy

The great thing about the re-release of Ni No Kuni for PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch is that all ticket familiars will be given to you at some point. So, for example, Griffy was originally a pre-order bonus ticket familiar from Amazon, but now you can just cash in your in-game ticket after the trials.

Griffy is one of the best attackers that you can assign to Esther and as it is of the Aves genus, Esther has an affinity with it too. Its secondary form is Greater Griffy, then after that, you can choose to make it either Griffurnace or Griffrigerator.

13 Ice Maiden

Ice Maiden is another great choice for the secret fourth character you will eventually unlock as she is of the Daemonia genus, which he has an affinity for. Ice Maiden can be found in the north region of the Winter Wonderlands.

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Her next form is Ice Queen, then you have the choice of Eldritch Empress or Sinister Sovereign. We recommend Eldritch Empress as it's a fantastic tank with high physical and magical defense, as well as the Defend command, making her a perfect tank choice.

12 Thumbelemur

You'll be given a Thumbelemur as part of the storyline in Ding Dong Dell, but you can also later catch them from Swan Island. As a member of the Bestiae genus, it makes an ideal partner for Swaine and is a decent attacker.

Its next form is Dumbelemur and when it metamorphoses for the third time, we recommend choosing Aye-Aye Sir over Aye-Aye Catcher, as the latter fulfills the role of healer and there are better healers to choose from than Aye-Aye Catcher.

11 Lagoon Naiad

Lagoon Naiad is another great choice for the fourth character you unlock, and as it is of the Nymphae genus, he has an affinity for this familiar type. It can be found on Friday Island and its secondary form is Sea Naiad.

This familiar is a great choice for a healer, though there is a better one for this character later on in the game. When it comes to the third metamorphosis, we recommend the Greater Naiad over the Lesser Spotted Naiad.

10 Dinoceros

As part of the Dracones genus, Dinoceros is an ideal familiar for Oliver. It is vulnerable to poison but has nothing that it is highly vulnerable to. Additionally, it's easy to level and has some very powerful moves.

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Dinoceros can be found at The Genie's Steps, and it metamorphoses into Destroceros, before becoming either Catastroceros or Demoliceros. To ensure its final form is the powerhouse you want it to be, you should wait until Destroceros learns Belly Buster at level 16 before metamorphosing it into its final form, and Catastroceros is usually the preferred choice.

9 Whippersnapper

Whippersnapper is arguably the best familiar to fulfill the role of a tank for Oliver. As part of the Vermes genus, it has an affinity with Oliver. It can be found in the Deep Dark Wood area.

Its next evolutionary form is Trapper Snapper, and then it can morph into either Snaptrap or Claptrap, both of which are good. However, if you find you need a little extra help, choose Claptrap as its final form, as it has some healing tricks it can use to support the party.

8 Bonehead

Bonehead is part of the Mortui genus, and this makes it the perfect choice for an attacker for Swaine who has an affinity with this genus. Not only does it deliver strong attacks, but it also has a resistance to physical attacks. Boneheads can be found in the Golden Grove-South area and morph into Bone Ranger before its final forms of either Bone Brigadier or Bone Baron.

Bone Baron is the recommended choice for players, which can also be found in the Shimmering Sands desert area. Generally, however, it is better to level your familiars yourself to make them as strong as possible.

7 Hooray

Hooray is part of the Aquatica genus, and this makes it an ideal attacker for Esther's team. Arguably, it is the best attacker for her, as not only is it a powerful attacker, but it has high speed and defense too. Additionally, it has a good range of offensive tricks at its disposal.

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Hoorays can be found in the sea just south of the Summerlands, generally around Castaway cove. It metamorphoses into Hip-Hooray before its final branching forms of Grimray or Springray.

6 Oroboros

Oroboros is part of the Vermes genus, making Oliver the best choice for this critter due to his affinity with them. It has a high magic stat that makes it a brilliant spellcaster or healer choice for Oliver to use depending on the final form that the player chooses.

Oroboros is found in the Rolling Hills area and metamorphoses into Chloroboros before its final forms of either Obscuroboros or Fluoroboros. For a healer role, choose Fluoroboros, but, for a spellcaster role, choose Obscuroboros.

5 Monolith

Monolith is part of the Automata genus, so it is best used with Swaine who has an affinity with this type. Monolith is a brilliant tank choice for Swaine, as it has a natural resistance to physical attacks as well as a high defense.

Monoliths can be found in The Bayous area near Castaway Cove and metamorphose into Megalith before its final forms of Paleolith or Neolith. Both final forms are good, but Paleolith has a handy trick called "Upsy-Daisy," which revives an unconscious ally.

4 Napcap

Napcaps are exceptional spellcasters and very handy healers to have in your party. As part of the Flora genus, they are best used with Esther.

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Napcaps are found in the Golden Grove area and metamorphose into Duncecap before its final forms of Madcap or Nightcap. To make it the most efficient healer, you might want to get it to level 32, as Duncecap to learn "Second Wind," before morphing it into a third form. Nightcap is the better healer/support role of the final forms based on the tricks it can learn.

3 Sillymander

Sillymander is the fastest familiar in the game and can also hit hard, making it a great choice for an attacker in your team. As part of the Vermes genus, they are best used with Oliver who has an affinity with them.

Sillymanders can be found in the Vault of Tears, and it metamorphoses into Slamander before it transitions into its final forms of Pyromander or Petramander. Pyromander is the best choice, as Petramander has a weakness to physical attacks.

2 Lumberwood

Lumberwood is of the Flora genus and is best suited for Esther. It is the best tank in the game, and, if you have Esther set to defense and she has this little guy out, she essentially never dies.

Lumberwood can be found in the No Longer Mine area and metamorphoses into Limberwood before turning into either Umberwood or Wildwood. Wildwood is the preferred choice of most players, but, if you find you are struggling a little, then choose Umberwood as it has some healing tricks.

1 Toko

Toko is capable of becoming one of the best powerhouse healers if the player is willing to put the time in. Not only is it a grind to obtain as it only has a 2% chance of being recruited and is prone to running away, but it also takes a long time to build it up to its final forms.

Tokos can be found on Ugly Duckling Isle and give massive amounts of EXP as a reward, so that's one upside to farming them. Its next form is Tokotoko, eventually metamorphosing into either Tokotocold or Docotoko. Tokotocold can heal the entire party with its Healing Rain trick, while Docotoko is a good choice for party buffs and removing status ailments as well as being able to revive party members. It's a perfect choice for the fourth party member's team.

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Ni No Kuni - Best Level Grinding Spot For Mid-Game
I'm at Hamelin and the familiars are destroying me. I'm still using Mighty Mite - Level 23, Strongo - Level 24 and Bone Ranger - Level 20. They all have the best equipment, but enemies are doing a ton of damage to me. Is there a better party I can use at this point in the story?

Hey, I'm Ryan.

Yes and no. That is the point in the game where the difficulty peaks, but it's more about familiar setup than about levels. You should recruit some better familiars that are obtainable now, especially tanks.


Lumberwood for Esther (in an island south of Autumnia called Not Mine Island)
Monolith for Swaine (outside Castaway Cove)


Purrloiner for Oliver (outside Castway Cove) OR Naja (in Ding Dong Well)
Hoo-Ray for Esther (in the sea around the Summerlands)
Bonehead for Swaine (aroudn Al Mamoon)


Oroboros for Oliver (around Ding Dong Dell)
Napcap for Esther (Golden Grove)

If some of these seem too far away to bother, you will get the Trave spell relatively soon, so you may prefer to wait.

DMCM posted...
Yes and no. That is the point in the game where the difficulty peaks, but it's more about familiar setup than about levels. You should recruit some better familiars that are obtainable now, especially tanks.


Lumberwood for Esther (in an island south of Autumnia called Not Mine Island)
Monolith for Swaine (outside Castaway Cove)


Purrloiner for Oliver (outside Castway Cove) OR Naja (in Ding Dong Well)
Hoo-Ray for Esther (in the sea around the Summerlands)
Bonehead for Swaine (aroudn Al Mamoon)


Oroboros for Oliver (around Ding Dong Dell)
Napcap for Esther (Golden Grove)

If some of these seem too far away to bother, you will get the Trave spell relatively soon, so you may prefer to wait.

Thanks man!! Should I level these familiars at Hamelin as well? I went to the toko island and the monsters destroyed me haha

Hey, I'm Ryan.

This is sorta inline with what DMCM recommended.

I just copied this...but be weary, familiars have different growth rates. Some of these have late growth which means maybe 80+ they start getting more stats so others may be better if you don't plan on really leveling.


Kuni ni recommended levels no

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Wiki Guide

Toko genus creatures always run away from your party. They have very high evade, but only about 100 to 400 HP. In battle, they tend to use tricks to try to disable your party, then they will escape, robbing you of the exp and gold. Tip: use special attacks that involve cutscenes on the Toko when it is attempting to run away, this will bring them back into the center. (Cutscene attack example, Mite's Cut Loose)

The best approach to attacking a Toko party is to attack from behind. This way, you have 15 to 20 seconds to attack it before it can act and escape. That said, you will want to earn the Jack in a Box merit award to sneak up on enemies in the overworld. Recommended level when facing the Toko is a Level 32 Oliver, but can be done with a Level 20 it will just take more time. 

Note that Toko will not always appear as the leader of an enemy group, but they may occasionally by found in a party at the above indicated location(s).

Ulk are Located at The Giant's Tabeltops and reward you with 2300-2900 XP. They are frequent in the area and less time consuming to grind.


By setting the text speed to slow, you can have Oliver cast an innocuous spell like Seek Fortune (on the overworld) or any of the interior spells (Levitate, Chart Chests, etc.) to trigger on-screen text.

While the text message is being typed in the message box, enemies will be frozen in place. This allows Oliver to catch (or avoid) enemies easily, since you can move Oliver while the text is being printed.

Note that the Veil spell (from Horace's Riddles sidequest) will allow you to sneak up on enemies with 100% success ... but only if you've purchased the "Jack in the Box" from the Merit Awards.

Tricks \u0026 Tips: Ni No Kuni - Grinding

Ni no Kuni Walkthrough: How to Level Up Easily Using Tokos

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Like any good RPG, Ni no Kuni requires that you level your characters. Without levels, you'll be trounced on by stronger enemies in the game, and that… that just wouldn't be a fun game. Unfortunately, even in a game as fun as Ni no Kuni, grinding can become a bit of a tiring slog after a while.

Fret not. There are three areas in the game where you can earn massive amounts of experience points with relatively little effort, and all three feature enemies from the same evolutionary line: the Toko branch.

What Are Tokos?

Tokos are squat, fuzzy creatures that look like they're straight out of My Neighbor Totoro. They're generally harmless creatures, and will spend most fights trying to get away from your party. Manage to kill one, though, and you'll earn a ton of experience for your troubles. There are five variations of the Toko line, three of which are fantastic for levelling.

1. Toko

The first is Toko, the base creature. Tokos are found on Swan Island, to the northeast of the Summerlands (Ding Dong Dell). You can access this island chain when you first get the Sea Cow, though it's not advisable to challenge the monsters here until your familiars are in at least their mid 20s. The island is small, so you don't have a ton of space to move around, but persistence will eventually pay off.

Exp. Earned

Beating a Toko will earn you 2,000 experience apiece, which should blow any other experience amounts you earn at this point in the game out of the water.

2. Tokotoko

The second is the Tokotoko. Probably the easiest of the three to find, Tokotokos are located in Billy Goat's Bluff, the path that stretches south and west of Perdida. You can get to Billy Goat's Bluff as soon as you have Tengri, though you won't be able to access Perdida until you get a key item from Hamelin. The enemies here require a team in its mid 30s to early 40s for easy battles.

Exp. Earned

Tokotokos will earn you 8,000 experience apiece, a massive amount at any point in the game and typically only rivalled by boss fights.

3. Tokocold

The third is the Tokocold. Tokocolds will appear in the Ivory Tower, and it's entirely possible if you've beaten the game that you've already run into a Tokocold or two. You can find them anywhere, though the wide hallways on the second floor are the easiest places to search. Your level should be in the 50s, at the very least, to challenge the Ivory Tower.

Exp. Earned

Grinding a bit to get there is worth the effort, as Tokocolds are worth a whopping 24,000 experience, by far the most you'll get from any enemy in the game (more even than you get from the Guardian of Worlds, and it's a super boss).

Two More Tokos

The other two Tokos are the Docotoko, a third-tier metamorphosis that doesn't appear in the wild, and gold Tokos from the post-game Vault of Tears. Gold Tokos offer up a ton of guilders and almost no experience, which, while not bad, isn't nearly as helpful in the post-game as heaps of experience.

Sounds pretty sweet, doesn't it? Your levelling woes are over? Not quite. Killing Tokos is not so simple as killing other enemies.

How to Find Tokos

The Toko line is both rare and skittish. If you luck out and find one on the world map it will run, and it will run fast. Tokos can also be encountered by engaging other enemies from the same region in combat, though the chances of finding a Toko among their ranks are slim - and you have no chance of running into a magical two Tokos that way. Oooo, mass experience.

Your best bet for hunting Tokos quickly is to combine the Veil spell, acquired from Horace in Perdida, with resetting the game. If you want you can wander the fields until a Toko appears, but if you restart and reload your game on the field you'll stand a good chance of seeing a Toko nearby. Once you do, use Veil to mask your presence and rush the poor thing. You'll catch it off guard and get in a round of attacks before it can flee.

Don't have Veil? It's still possible to catch a Toko by surprise, and you very much want to catch them by surprise. Simply stalk the Toko with caution. Watch which way it goes from a distance, not getting so close that you spook the beast. Once it's facing the complete opposite direction you're coming from, dash up and catch it in the back. If you do accidentally spook a Toko, pull back and give it some room to breathe. You can't outrun these things, and they disappear if you freak them out for too long.

How to Kill Tokos

One way or another, you're now in a battle with a Toko, hopefully with a full round to attack without the Toko being able to react. You want to focus your strongest tricks on it immediately. Tokos don't have a ton of HP or high defenses, but they will evade almost every normal attack you throw at them. They can't evade tricks.

Focus only on the Toko or the thing is almost certain to get away from you once its turn comes up. If you're facing two Tokos, use an area-striking or all-hitting attack instead, and consider swapping characters so you can direct everyone towards attacking these beasts.

Killing Tokos requires patience, but not as much as you might think. They're not outrageously rare, and you'll probably come across one with five or ten minutes of dedicated searching. Remember: Veil is your best friend when hunting Tokos! If you don't have this spell, get it!


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