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Russian Manicure in Brooklyn

Getting a professional manicure is a great part of any self care routine. It’s a chance to relax and pamper yourself. Whether you like elegant, simple nails or a fun design, nails are a way to show off your personality and style.

Great nails are about more than style though. Well groomed nails tell the world so much about you. It’s often the first thing people notice when they meet you and shake your hand. Taking care of your nails gives you the chance to make a good first impression, whether on a date or in the boardroom.

Beauty Obsession Salon & Spa can help you get just the nail style you are looking for. We offer a number of manicure and pedicure options. One of our more popular options is the Russian manicure.

What is a Russian Manicure?

A Russian manicure is a technique that uses an electronic file to gently remove the excess skin and dead cuticle around your nail bed. Due to the use of the electronic file, the technique is also sometimes just called an “E-File” manicure.

The electronic file uses fine bits to carefully buff away the excess skin all the way around the nail bed. In a traditional manicure, this skin is often manually scrubbed away with a much more abrasive file. Even worse, the cuticles are often manually cut off with nippers in a traditional manicure.

Using an electronic file, the Russian manicure technique allows your nail technician much more precision in how much and how carefully excess skin is removed.

Why Does This Matter?

If you have had many manicures, you’ll be familiar with the techniques used to remove excess skin around the nail bed. This is done for a number of reasons.

First, pushing back the cuticle and removing excess skin allows the full length of your nail to be seen. This gives the appearance of long, more elegant nails.

Getting rid of excess skin also keeps your manicure looking better for longer. Applying polish, gel, or acrylics on top of cuticle skin will just lead to flaking and lifting. If you want your manicure to look good for as long as possible, you’ll want the polish or gel applied to clean, naked nails.

Unfortunately, for some people the skin around their nails can grow thick and rough. This is often due to physical trauma – from nail biting or picking – or exposure to harsh environments – cleaning liquids, dry weather, etc.

The solution is to gently remove the excess skin and cuticle as part of the manicure process. More traditional manicure techniques can be effective but are also prone to issues. The cuticles and other skin around your nails is very delicate. It is also vital to the health of your nails. Damaging healthy skin tissue can lead to infections and inflammation.

With the Russian manicure technique, these issues can be avoided with the much more precise and targeted electronic files.

You Should Only Get a Russian Manicure From a Trained Professional!

The Russian manicure technique is a great way to avoid some of the abrasive damage to delicate cuticle skin common in a traditional manicure. That being said, it’s even more important to only get the technique done by a trained and experienced nail technician.

While the electronic file used in a Russian manicure can give a nail technician more control, it is also much more powerful than a manual file. In the wrong hands, the electronic file can do more harm than good. If you have ever heard that Russian manicures are dangerous, this is why. Untrained technicians could easily over file the delicate skin around your nail leading to infections.

At Beauty Obsession Salon & Spa all our nail technicians are highly trained and experienced. We have over 15 certified specialists, averaging 15+ years of experience. Our Russian manicure option is highly requested due to the professional, high quality work of our nail technicians.

If you are looking for a Russian manicure in Brooklyn, our elegant, luxury spa is the perfect option. We offer free parking, package discounts, and a range of services from manicures to hair coloring to massages.

If you are ready to book your next manicure, give our Beauty Obsession team a call today at


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The Dangers of the Russian Manicure

by Ana Seidel, Vitaly Solomonoff & Doug Schoon

Have you ever heard the expression, “The world is getting smaller?”

It’s true.


The internet has become a double-edged sword.

We learn really amazing things from people we will never meet physically. Our lives are improved immensely.

But… we also learn really dangerous and destructive things. The “Russian” manicure is a technique that could cripple the global nail industry.

In this article you will learn:

    • Why the Russian Manicure is considered a medical procedure
    • What the skin looks like microscopically after electronic bits have been used to “buff” the skin
    • Why this manicure practice permanently damages the nails of over 90% of clients who receive this treatment
    • Global statistics revealing how the popularity of this deceptive manicure process will permanently deform the nails of millions of people.
  • And how to protect yourself today

By Vitaly Solomonoff &#; Dermatologist, Cosmetic Chemist, International Nail Judge and Author.

‘Beauty is pain’ is the well-known quote from Voltaire&#;s play, La Bégueule (the prude woman). This manifests when women are ready to sacrifice everything on the journey to aesthetic perfection.

The Russian (Dry, Machine, E-file) Manicure Defined

The ‘Russian’ manicure—a variation on high-speed microdermabrasion with e-files, is seen as an effective contemporary method of removing unwanted living skin as part of the preparation process of a nail service.

It is seen to negate the need for clipping, removers or wooden sticks. However, there are many concerns surrounding this method.


electronic-drill-bits-russian e-file dry manicure

The Function of the Matrix

Frankly speaking, we should not remove living skin surrounding the nail plate at all. The only exception would be in cases when excessive skin or hangnails can become a source of infection.

The skin is a secure and strong guard to the most sensitive and fragile structure—the nail matrix, which is the only layer of germinative cells. This is the innermost layer of the epidermis from which new tissue is constantly formed.

The function of the matrix is to produce keratin, the main substance of the fingernail. The nail matrix is so sensitive that factors of temperature, insignificant pressure, minor injuries, and skin damage lead to inflammation. These external factors may impact the formation of the normal healthy keratin in the nail plate.

There are also plenty of internal factors, such as health and skin conditions which can influence the process too. These factors include diabetes, psoriasis, and lung disorder, just to name a few.

The incorrect synthesis (creation) of the nail keratin always results when the nail grows. Changes in shape, structure, texture, color or even separation from the nail bed (onycholysis) are all symptoms of damage to the matrix.

The sad news is that all of these results are unpredictable yet can be seen immediately or months after chemical, biological, or mechanical traumatisation.

Everything we see on our nails is the result of the matrix&#;s function. In fact, when we talk nails we should consider the matrix.

cross section of human fingertip fingernail anatomy Doug Schoon Version 3

Three Year Study &#; Shocking Permanent Damage

Two years ago, my team completed the study of more than cases of volunteers who regularly undertook a manicure using this technique.

The study continued for 38 months (over 3 years) before we came to shocking results.

We found 91% of volunteers suffered symptoms of a damaged nail matrix or nail bed!

Symptoms included all signs of matrix/nail dystrophy from splitting, horizontal ridges, and slow nail growth.

Extreme cases reported painful neuropathy (nerve damage) and high sensitivity.

Less than 9% of cases were determined as safe and ‘successful.’

It was also discovered that infectious inflammation is a common issue with clients who have a compromised immune system—diabetes, etc.

This type of inflammation occurs even when the manicure is performed with sterilized implements.

Russian Manicure Damage Microscopic Photos

Immediate Damage

Microscopic cracks in the skin that are done during this type of manicure are inseminated with microflora during the few hours after the procedure. After analysis, we concluded that the source of danger from using this technique includes:

  • Vibration &#; Even imperceptible vibration injured cells and induces the local immune response.
  • Traumatisation &#; Damage, over filing or invisible (to the naked eye) micro-injuries even when a nail tech is sure his/her technique is controllable.

All together, vibration and traumatization induce acute or chronic inflammation and a syndrome of repetitive trauma, which leads to nail dystrophy.

Do We Need Inflammation?

Did I mean ‘inflammation’ earlier? Yes, it was not a figurative expression.

We get used to thinking inflammation is something unpleasant, painful and related to infection.

Actually, inflammation is not a symptom of infection, but a part of the human immune response and is a protective reaction. It occurs every time living cells—and sometimes dead ones—are damaged.

The injured cell releases an alarm signal in the form of special molecules—cytokines. Then immune cells get a call, and with blood flow travel to the place where the organism has been injured.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Along with the local immune cells, the cytokines begin a real battle against physical agents, chemical agents, or microorganisms.

Normally, inflammation leads to the healing and renewal of the tissue.

However, inflammation may end with either a positive or negative outcome.

  • Positive effects used in many cosmetic procedures from chemical peels to pedicure initiate this reaction to renew skin.
  • Negative effects include ineffective inflammation. For instance, micro-organisms overcoming the battle or when the process turns into prolonged or chronic inflammation. The two factors of inflammation, cytokines, and toxins, continuously attack normal tissue preventing tissue repair.

Acute inflammation is usually a short-term reaction accompanied by redness, itching, swelling, and pain.Russian Manicure Damage Microscopic Photos

Chronic inflammation may be invisible at the start and followed by deformity of the organs or tissues. Chronic inflammation can only be observed over time.

This is the case with the “Russian” manicure. The matrix area, nail bed, and surrounding skin are receiving constant, repetitive traumatization.

This repetitive trauma causes chronic inflammation does not allow for physiological tissue recovery.

The turnover cycle of skin is approximately 30 to 35 days. However, manicures can be performed more frequently.

It&#;s no wonder that this technique leads directly to various nail symptoms and undesirable conditions. Many symptoms are postponed and become evident only months after a single procedure.

Long Term DamageRussian Manicure Damage Microscopic Photos

The constant mechanical attacks performed on the top layers of skin pass alarm bell messages to underlying cells of the nail matrix. The chemical language of cytokines activates the immune system response.

Consequently, the frequent activation of the local immune system means chronic inflammation, which in turn affects matrix cells.

Education Matters

A deep understanding of the processes in live skin helps us develop correct techniques for any manicure system.

This requires special knowledge, training, and understanding of what happens to the skin and nails while under attack from the vibrating, sharp bits of e-files.

Regrettably, we have NOT found a safe mode for this technique.

E-files are magnificent tools so let&#;s use them for important occupations, not the manicure. In improperly untrained hands, e-files can be very dangerous.

Knowledge and advanced education are the ONLY way to make this service completely safe.

Let&#;s argue with Voltaire and prove it to our clients—beauty can be painless.

(Reprinted with permission from the author, Vitaly Solomonov and

By Doug Schoon, Internationally-recognized scientist, author and educator

We want everyone across the globe to be aware of the problems of the “Russian Manicure”.

Someone commented on my Facebook page about their concerns that many will not heed the warnings from experts and I agree.

Hopefully, this problem may be self-correcting.

When people who use these methods start seeing the reported problems associated with these types of manicures, hopefully, they&#;ll take notice and stop this dangerous practice.

Like Vitaly wrote, symptoms people will see or experience are:

  • Excessive damage to the skin around the nail plate
  • Excessive regrowth of hardened callus-like tissue
  • Redness
  • PainRussian Manicure Damage Microscopic Photos
  • Puffiness
  • Weeping
  • Water-blisters
  • Itching
  • Allergies

Not only can this method cause the expected hardening and rapid/excessive regrowth of tissue, but the damaged skin is also more likely to develop infections.

Product-related skin irritations or allergies are more likely as well.

Invaders beware—watch closely for these issues—and don&#;t blame the products.

Blame your techniques.

I&#;m already hearing of, and seeing these problems.

One of the biggest problems in the nail industry is that too many nail educators are teaching misinformation they learned in the past. They have NOT kept up with their education.

And… it’s getting worse, not better.

Pseudo Fame

Many people teaching this manicure preparation technique are well-known artists. Some mistakenly believe they know what they are talking about—but often they do not.

These educators are harming the nail industry with every class they teach!

Just because someone can bling out a nail, doesn’t mean they have a real understanding of the nail or using products and are following the manufacturers’ instructions.

“Internet famous” does NOT mean “knowledgeable”. It only means that they are artistically skilled.

There is a big difference! Don&#;t be fooled.

Sterilizing Is Not Enough

There is a potentially dangerous myth stating that sterile implements or electronic bits can’t cause infections.

What? Of course they can.

The “Russian Manicure” is considered an invasive manicure. Invasive manicures are prohibited in many states, provinces or countries because they damage skin and make it significantly more susceptible to infections.

Russian Manicure Damage Microscopic PhotosThis infection risk can last for many hours and perhaps for several days. The skin will remain susceptible to infection until the damage heals.

Cutting the skin that borders the nail plate increases the client&#;s risk of infections, even after they leave the salon. I recommend that you don&#;t do this.

Someone told me, “Well, I&#;ve never heard of that happening”.

Of course not! Who would openly admit they cut their clients skin around the nail plate and cause an infection? Yet, I&#;ve seen this occur many times!

A Medical Procedure

The use of an e-file to smooth, buff, or abrade the skin around the nail plate is considered microdermabrasion.

Many states in the United States of America restrict the use of the files to only the nail plate. Other states require special medical licenses.

In many places, nail technicians are not allowed to perform these services.

Check your local regulations and with your insurance company. This technique may not be covered by your insurance policy and can put you in serious financial risk.

Even calluses should not be completely removed from the skin due to the increased risk of infection.

russian manicure dangers microdermabrasion cutting cuticles

Is It Worth An Arm Or A Leg?

The skin on the feet or palm of the hand is many times thicker than the nail fold surrounding the skin.

Infections in the skin around the fingernail can quickly spread to bone and result in amputation of a finger or hands.

This is not speculation!

It happens far too frequently and is a problem the nail industry must solve.

Manicures should be safe and not endanger the public&#;s health.

NEVER intentionally cut or abrade the skin around the nail plate. That&#;s trouble waiting to happen.

Permanent Allergies?

It is even more foolish to place UV gel manicure products or other nail coatings directly against this damaged skin.

Damaged skin is far more likely to become irritated or develop permanent allergies to nail products. More trouble is waiting to happen. Don&#;t do it!

Protect the skin around your clients&#; nails. Don&#;t invade it.

Educate your clients about the risk of any invasive procedures and advise them against letting anyone cut or abrade this thin and sensitive tissue.

Be Proactive!

I&#;ve published “Nail Structure and Product Chemistry”, as well as a series of three books called &#;Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon&#;, Volume

I’m a nail scientist. My books are factual and based on scientific and medical research.

My opinion is based on over two decades of experience studying nail salons, products, services, and common practices.

Sadly, most nail technicians do not bother to read my books, which is why we are in this education mess.

The facts are there for those who want to learn them.

Knowledge is Power

In my view, if you are a nail educator, you MUST read all three of my “Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon” books or it is highly likely you’re are teaching misinformation.

This meansyou are part of the problem.

If you are a consumer, learn what procedures are dangerous and don’t let a nail technician hurt you. You are the best advocate for your body.

Global Access

My books are easy to read and understand, so please help to be a part of the solution and save the industry from sinking any deeper.

These books are available around the world from Amazon, iTunes, and available in the Nook and Kobo formats. They are available as both printed and e-books. They are low cost, and easy to get.

Please read them. You are responsible to provide healthy and safe manicures to your clients.

The Ultimate Test

Before you consider taking a class from ANY nail educator FIRST ask them&#; have you read all three volumes of &#;Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon&#;?

Reprinted with permission from Doug Schoon

As you’ll read below, the most startling information is how many countries do not require licensing.

This means that ANYONE can start a nail career with no training!

Educators are going to other countries teaching nail techniques without licenses to teach in those countries.

  • Market Size: $ billion
  • 56, nail salons
  • , nail professionals, 31% don’t work in a salon
  • Ethnicity: 36% Caucasian, 56% Vietnamese, 8% other
  • Licensing: Required in all states, except Connecticut
  • Market size: $5 billion (hair and nail salons)
  • Licensing: Only in Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, though outside of these jurisdictions some aspiring techs do still opt for formal education and training
  • Market size: $ billion (estimated between and for South America, Central America, and North America)
  • Licensing: Varies by country, but typically minimal or nonexistent
  • Market size: Annual beauty spending is £ (US$1,) for women and £ (US$1,) for men
  • Licensing: Inconsistent — some parts of London require licensing but each council makes its own rules; no government licensing outside of London
    • Market size: € billion (US$ billion)
  • Licensing: None for manicures or pedicures; cosmetologists (hair and skin professionals) and podiatrists (those who specialize in the health of feet) do have licensing requirements
  • Market size: R billion (US$ billion) for all cosmetics and personal care together
  • Licensing: No government licensing; many nail schools but no standard curriculum
  • Market size (beauty): USD$ billion (RUB billion) in
  • Schooling: Certificate of Training Completion earned from nail school; no license required
  • Market size: $ billion in (all professional salon services combined)
  • Licensing: None required by the government; multinational organizations and nail brands offer their own certifications via designated training facilities
  • Market size: $ million
  • Schooling: Nail courses available at beauty schools but many nail professionals are self-taught; no government licensing
  • Market size: billion yen (US$ billion)
  • Licensing: Private licensing via Japanese Nailist Association and nail manufacturers; no government licensing
  • Market size: , VND (US$42) average annual per-woman spending on beauty services (includes hair, skin, eyebrows, nails, and other professional beauty services)
  • Licensing: No government licensing; some schools issue certificates upon graduation

Statistics Source: NailsMag []

We only get one body and it’s our responsibility to care for it through the decades.

We make choices daily that are healthy or destructive to our health and wellbeing.

And, we live in a world now where we can be educated and influenced by people all over the globe.

Primum Non-Nocere

First, do no harm…Russian Manicure Damage Microscopic Photos

As you’ve learned in this article, there are certain nail care and nail enhancement processes that should be done by nail professionals.

Others should only be done by medical professionals. The “Russian Manicure” is microdermabrasion and is a medical procedure.

As a nail professional, you are responsible to learn and practice safe nail care and enhancement techniques.

Your clients&#; nails change over time.

As an artist, you are only as good as the canvas you prepare. Are you doing it right?

Are you adapting as new medical knowledge is discovered about nails?

There is a phrase in medical education which often gets aired at the welcoming lecture to medical school: “50% of what we teach you over the next five years will be wrong, or inaccurate. Sadly, we don’t know which 50%”  [Source: Blog Postgraduate Medical Journal ]

Product chemistry changes over time.

Are you learning from the product manufacturers regularly? What you learned in nail school may be very out of date.

You have a responsibility to take continuing education courses to stay at the top of your field.

You owe that to the health of your clients&#; nails.

Caveat Emptor

Let the buyer beware…

As a consumer, you are responsible to know what nail preparation procedures will harm your body.

Now it’s necessary to educate yourself.

You know the names and functions of your muscles, bones, and internal organs. You need to know the names and functions of the parts of your nails.

You decide with your money.

Do not exchange your hard earned money to let someone potentially permanently damage your nails.

If it hurts, make them stop. If you bleed, make them stop.

Do not let a nail professional hurt you because you “don’t want to hurt their feelings.”

And, do not assume that they are doing things because “they have more education.” A lot of them don’t.

Since the world is getting smaller, we owe it to ourselves and each other to keep it safer. 

Russian manicure dangers Vitaly Solomonoff Doug Schoon Ana Seidel

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Russian Manicure with Scissors Tutorial - Alternative French Nails

The Facts Behind a Russian Manicure

A manicure is a great way to take care of your nails and cuticles without the hassle of doing it yourself, plus the added bonus of escaping the busy household and having some quality me-time. Who doesn’t love to get pampered every once and a while with a pop of color on your nails and heading to a nail salon for some R&R? But do you know why a Russian manicure needs to be your next nail appointment? You have to keep reading to know the importance of this unique type of nail care!

What is a Russian Manicure?

At nail salons, the technicians use nippers to trim the excess skin growing over your cuticles. Nippers are a staple in the nail industry, but when you go to get your nails done, one of the reasons is for the professional tools they can use that aren’t available to you at home. So why have them use nippers when a Russian manicure can offer you so much more?

With a Russian manicure, a very different technique and instrument is used for caring for the cuticles. Many people grow a lot of excess skin around their nails, usually from biting, picking, and over trimming their nailbeds (sound familiar?). Using an e-file (the electronic nail drill typically used for acrylics and filled nails), this nail tool removes the excess skin surrounding the nail bed, just as a nipper does, but with a tiny e-file headpiece. This avoids cutting the nail too aggressively and allows the nail technician to have more control and avoid nipping your skin with the nippers (how many times has that happened to you??).

The name “Russian manicure” was dubbed that by an unknown source, but it gives you a pretty neat and clean idea of what this service offers you. An e-file runs fast and buffs the nail, which unless trained to handle correctly, it can result in damage to your nail bed and plate. Even nail salons have technicians who have trouble handling an e-file, therefore consider a day spa instead for this beneficial service!

Cuticle Health from a Russian Manicure

Cuticles are an important part of your nails and certainly of maintaining healthy nails. The cuticle is the layer of skin at the beginning of your nail bed and its purpose is to protect the matrix (the part under your nail that produces cells to become and form the nail plate) from bacteria or foreign particles. There is plenty of controversy on pushing back or cutting your cuticles, which is mainly done to elongate the nail as a whole. If you have naturally short nails, this is normally a staple for you.

It’s a personal preference for doing anything to the cuticle, but nearly every person who goes for a manicure has their cuticles trimmed or pushed back and we don’t blame you! Long nails are all the rage and can also help prolong the length of your manicure. While some people argue that doing anything to your cuticles can damage the skin and lessen the natural ability to protect the matrix, others don’t see any problem with it.

However, cutting your cuticles with a nipper tends to have the most uneven and on occasion, painful, results. There’s less control and visual on the nail when you use them too. You know that feeling when the nail technician pierces the skin and cuts too deeply into the skin. Not only does it hurt like crazy (especially once the polish is applied), it also remains sore and inflamed for days after. Nothing is worse for your nails than having inflamed, stinging sores that have to heal around your nail polish.

With the Russian manicure, your nail is perfectly trimmed and smooth around the edges, ideal for applying a seamless, glossy polish. Once you try this manicure, you’ll see the difference and how much easier it is to trim your cuticles without the nicks from a nipper!

Find the Russian Manicure at Botanica Day Spa

At Botanica, our chic nail salon is the perfect background for me-time and ideal Instagram Story videos! Our nail technicians give you the best manicures in town with the standard nail shaping, hand massage, and your choice of polish. The Russian manicure is available with a normal polish or gel polish, either of which will benefit from the e-file technique. (You have to try it to see the hype over it!)

Choosing to have your nails done at a spa rather than a nail salon offers you plenty more peace and tranquility. Let’s be honest, we get our nails done to hide away from life for an hour or two and that’s okay! There’s nothing better than a relaxing atmosphere with staff who cater to you like a queen. Just remember, the health and maintenance of your nails are important, aside from adding a bit of luxury to your appearance. At Botanica spa, we care about giving you the best service possible, both for outside and inside beauty!

Call us today at or book your appointment online for our fabulous Russian manicure!




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Ask Ana: The Russian Manicure, Is It Dangerous?

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