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Bed Frames & Box Springs

Shopping for Bed Frames & Box Frames

Choosing the right bed frame and quality box spring is important to keep your mattress in good shape.

Box Springs

Box springs are the mattress foundation. They support the mattress and are responsible for its overall comfort level. When purchasing a new mattress, it's best to buy the box spring at the same time as they are meant to work together. Try not to use old box springs with a new mattress, as they might not make a perfect fit, and you're comfort level might be affected. In addition to being the mattress foundation, box springs also add height to your bed. This high-profile setup can make it easier for some to get in and out of bed. There are box springs to fit every size of bed from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California King (Cal King). A newer box spring design is called low profile which means, as its name implies, that the box spring is lower to the floor and provides the look of a platform bed. Low profile box springs are about 4 - 6 inches tall while traditional box springs are 9 inches tall. Choosing a low profile or a traditional box spring is a matter of taste. Some decorators advise a low profile box spring if your room is small to keep the bed height low and thus your room will appear larger. Another innovation in box spring design is the bifold box spring. Unlike the traditional hard, heavy-duty box spring, a bifold box spring is flexible so it can be folded in half. This is very helpful when moving it into tight corners and small spaces. A third box spring type is a split box spring, which is essentially two smaller box springs placed side by side to support the mattress. They are easier to move, but require center support where the two split box springs meet so the mattress doesn't sag down the middle.

Are Box Springs Always Necessary?

There are certain times when a box spring foundation is not needed. Platform beds, for example, are designed with ample mattress support and so a box spring is not needed. Memory foam mattresses also do not need box springs to provide mattress support. Memory foam mattresses provide enough support themselves that you can eliminate the box spring and place the mattress on the floor, bed frame or bunkie board, which are typically a wooden slat design that serves as the mattress foundation for a bunk bed. What Are the Best Box Spring Brands? Sam's Club carries a variety of box springs from leading brands such as Beautyrest, Serta Zinus and more. Metal box springs are heavy-duty and designed to last. There are also wood box springs available. These are sold as a kit and are easy to assemble in the bedroom, avoiding hard-to-maneuver corners and doorways.

If I Use a Box Spring, Do I Need A Bed Frames?

The next important component of a bed set is the frames for the bed. Bed frames can not only help preserve you mattress, but also the box springs. The size of the bed frame will depend on your mattress. The height of the frame, however, will depend on how comfortable you are getting off and on the mattress. Choose a bed frame that will suit the interiors of your bedroom or living space; one trick is to choose a dark-colored frame if you want to make your bedroom appear smaller, and vice versa. Some bed frames come with headboards and some are adjustable so you can elevate a portion of your mattress to watch tv or read, for example. Like box springs, this final element in a mattress foundation comes in all sizes including twin, twin xl, full, queen, king bed frames.

Complete your bed foundation with a bed frame and box spring from Sam's Club. Shop online today and save. For the complete setup, we also offer headboards, comforters, blankets and more.


The 8 Best Box Springs of 2021

A box spring is basically a bed base. While not all beds call for one, the foundation is essential in many cases—and some people just prefer having one. Usually made of wood or sturdy metal with a cloth cover, box springs make up the bottom portion of a bed, bridging the gap between your mattress and the floor. They traditionally featured internal springs, but many modern designs use metal rods instead.

If you have a good mattress and a headboard you love, a box spring might be all you're missing. Besides elevating your bed, some mattress warranties require a foundation because it absorbs impact.

A box spring is mostly hidden underneath your mattress and bedding, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it any thought. There are various types, tiers, and features, all of which you should consider when shopping around. To make things a little easier, we rounded up the best box springs available today.

Check out our picks below.

Our Top Picks

9 Inch Smart Metal Box Spring

For an all-around great box spring with solid construction and durable engineering, we recommend the Zinus Smart Metal Box Spring. Since it's made of heavy-duty steel, all sizes above a twin bed can support up to 700 pounds of weight, with a five-year warranty to back it up.

This high-profile platform is 9 inches tall, so it's perfect for those who like their bed to be a little more elevated. The Smart is super easy to put together and comes with all the necessary tools. It has a soft knitted cover and can go over any bed frame or platform bed.

The 10 Best Beds of 2021

Metal Box Spring

If you're looking for something a bit more affordable, the Wayfair Sleep Metal Box Spring is a solid choice. Made of steel with rods instead of springs, it's exceptionally sturdy and easy to assemble—all you'll need is an Allen wrench.

This box spring has a breathable netted fabric cover that'll match virtually any bedding set or bedroom decor scheme. It's available in either a 5-inch or 9-inch profile height and is compatible with most bed frames.

Smart Box Spring

Constructed out of ultra-sturdy steel, the Mainstays Smart Box Spring can support a memory foam mattress and any combination mattress with gel, latex, or intersprings. It comes with a white jacquard cover, which is removable and machine-washable.

This versatile 5-inch box spring can be set up in seconds—no tools needed. Plus, if you need to move it or store it, it folds back up into a conveniently compact configuration.

The 8 Best Mattresses in a Box of 2021

Flat Foundation

With solid steel struts, a non-skid top, and reinforced corner guards, the extra-sturdy Beautyrest Foundation is designed to minimize any motion or shifting. The low-profile option is 5.5 inches tall with a clean, minimalist look.

This box spring has a neutral gray cover and can be used with any mattress or bed frame. However, if you use it with a Beautyrest bed and mattress, it's backed by a 10-year warranty.

The 3 Best Adjustable Beds of 2021

Wood Mattress Foundation

Unlike most others in its category, the Spinal Solution Mattress Foundation is constructed out of wood. The support slats are designed to evenly distribute the weight of the mattress, which can help minimize tossing and turning. Though it weighs only 40 pounds, it supports up to 800 pounds of weight.

This box spring can be set up within seconds and is easy to store and transport. It comes in two profile heights, 4.5 inches and 7.75 inches.

Tuft & Needle box foundation

Tuft & Needle's take on the box spring is this 7-inch Box Foundation. Whether you want your bed to sit a little taller or need something to go over a standard bed frame, you can't go wrong with this handy base.

With sturdy wood construction and a woven stone-gray cover, the Box Foundation is durable with a mid-century feel. It comes in a compact box and can be set up in minutes. Also, the non-skid fabric cover ensures your mattress stays in place, so you won't have to worry about readjusting it each night.

Linen Cotton Box-Spring Cover

Most box springs come with covers, but like bedding, they don't last forever. If yours needs replacing or you just want something that complements the vibe of your sleeping quarters a little better, we suggest this chic cover from West Elm.

The top is 100 percent cotton, and the sides are a linen-cotton blend. With a 200-thread-count weave, the rich, crisp fabric has a high-end appeal. It's 16 inches deep and can fit effortlessly around most box springs.

Thanks to its structured corners, you'll have a clean, tailored finish every time. This box spring cover is available in three neutral colors, white, tan, and beige, to complement almost any bedroom decor style.

The 8 Best Storage Beds of 2021

Final Verdict

The best box spring currently on the market is the Zinus 9 Inch Smart Metal Box Spring (view at Amazon). We appreciate its reasonable price tag, heavy-duty metal construction, and high-profile design. That said, the 5.5-inch Beautyrest Flat Foundation (view at Pottery Barn) is an excellent choice if you prefer a low-profile look.

This shopping guide was written by Theresa Holland, a freelance writer and homeowner with extensive personal and professional experience researching furniture and home goods. Check out more of her work on Byrdie and MyDomaine.

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Set yourself up for a great night's sleep with the Mainstays 5" White Jacquard Smart Box Spring. This innovative box spring is designed to easily fold up for convenient storage and transport when not in use. Providing ultra-sturdy support for any innerspring, memory foam, or combination mattress, the box spring features 100% polyester jacquard covering durable powder coated steel for a long life of reliable use. The Mainstays 5" White Jacquard Smart Box Spring sets up in seconds and is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes to create the perfect sleeping platform in any bedroom.


  • Constructed with a durable powder coated steel frame for a long life of reliable use
  • Easy to assemble with no tools required
  • Twin and Twin XL can support up to 1200 lbs. total weight capacity
  • Full, Queen, King, and California King can support up to 2400 lbs. total weight capacity
  • Twin dimensions: 74" x 38" x 5"; 23.83 lbs. Twin XL dimensions: 79" x 38" x 5"; 24.43 lbs. Full dimensions: 74" x 53" x 5"; 34 lbs. Queen dimensions: 79" x 59.5" x 5"; 37.4 lbs. King dimensions: 79" x 75.5" x 5"; 44.58 lbs. California King dimensions: 83" x 71" x 5"; 43.63 lbs.

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How to Setup ZINUS Metal Box Spring?

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