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Inspired by the world’s greatest chefs, and some of the world’s best designers, SMEG’s line of ranges cover a multitude of aesthetic styles, sizes, cooking options, and configurations, with an option that’s a perfect fit for every kitchen.

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With as many as three convection fans in larger SMEG ranges, air is kept continuously circulating throughout SMEG’s oven cavities, creating even heat and perfect cooking conditions at all times



SMEG “Portofino” aesthetic line of ranges and hoods features the lightness and brightness of Mediterranean hues, from sea-to-sky, alongside SMEG’s engineering and metalworking know-how.  Available in eight vibrant colors, all-gas or dual-fuel, and in three sizes, the Portofino range is a sleek and bright addition to any kitchen, being versatile enough to stand alone, or slide seamlessly into cabinetry

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SMEG’s many decades of experience in enameling and technological innovation have created a perfect combination where special manufacturing processes coat the interior of SMEG ranges in a way that reduces the adherence of grease and grime, making them easy to wipe clean.  Alongside automatic pyrolytic cleaning on some models, burning away any residue in a flash, keeping the inside of your SMEG range clean is a snap!



Beautiful To Use

When we cook, we take pride in the food we make and share. It is the same feeling we get when working with the best cooking appliances.

It is the feeling we get from perfectly balanced temperature dials that give the right friction and feedback when they are turned, or the cool feel of stainless steel that communicates quality of craftsmanship.

Fisher & Paykel ranges are designed not just to be stunning showpieces in any kitchen, but also to deliver a beautiful experience with every use.

Turn Heat into Results

At its heart, cooking is a simple transformation. Using heat, we transform ingredients to a nutritious meal, turn soft dough to crispy cookies, and take foods from pale to golden brown.

Understanding the relationship of how different foods respond to different types  of heat helps in selecting the right suite of cooking appliances to match your needs.


Baking is an exacting science that brings together temperature, timing and carefully measured ingredients that work together to rise, crisp, brown and firm. Our products feature various adaptations of the bake process to cover every scenario.


Much like the outdoor grill, the oven broiler cooks food quickly and under intense heat. A precision Broil function allows you to cook meat to a perfect flame-grilled finish, toast bread crumbs, or crisp cheeses atop a lasagne.


Searing requires intense heat to bring oils and fats to temperature in an instant. We know instinctively when steak is seared at the right heat from the sizzle as it hits the pan. Flash frying with healthy fats or oils browns and caramelizes the outside of the steak, melting fats and sealing the exterior so the steak cooks from the inside.

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48 inch All-Gas Range 6 Brass Burner and Griddle

Heritage Series

48 inch All-Gas Range 6 Brass Burner and Griddle | Bertazzoni - Avorio


The new Bertazzoni ranges are superb cooking appliances designed, engineered and made in Italy. All Bertazzoni appliances integrate seamlessly into style-harmonized suites for a true, high-performing kitchen.

The high-efficiency maintop with 6 brass burners and electric griddle features 2 dual ring 19,000 BTU power-burners that boil water in under 6 minutes (best in class), and 4 additional MonoBloc burners of variable size and power to suit every style of cooking, with delicate simmer at 750 BTUs. The stainless steel griddle with integrated cover provides additional cooking options.

The 4.7 cubic feet main oven cavity is the largest in its class, with dual convection fan for balanced airflow and even temperature baking and roasting on 7 shelf levels. The elegant large temperature gauge monitors the actual temperature in the oven. The extra wide infrared gas broiler is ideal for grilling and searing at high heat. The 2.4 cubic feet auxiliary oven is perfect for smaller dishes and for warming. Both ovens include convenient features such as smooth telescopic glides for the oven shelves and soft-close doors. The edge-to-edge interior oven glass door maximizes interior volume and can be wiped clean without effort.

All Bertazzoni appliances are covered by a 2-year warranty. Products and packaging are 99% recyclable.

The new Collezione Metalli offers decorative details to enhance your Heritage Series range, hood, dishwasher or fridge. You can choose from three real metal finishes: Gold-plated, Copper-plated and Black Nickel-plated. 


  • Size48 in
  • Number of gas zones6 burners
  • Knobssolid metal
  • Burner typebrass
  • Main oven typefan assisted gas
  • Auxiliary oven typegas conventional
  • Worktop
    • Size48 in
    • Cooking zones7
    • Number of gas zones6 burners
    • Griddle zoneselectric
    • Worktop typeelectricgas
    • Knobssolid metal
    • Burner typebrass
    • Gratescast iron
    • Continous gratingyes
    • Thermocouple safety deviceyes
    • One-hand ignitionyes
    • Backguardyes
    • Wok ringyes
    • Simmer ringyes
  • Cooking zones
    • Power burners1300 BTU/h - 19 000 BTU/h (2)
    • Medium burner1500 BTU/h - 5900 BTU/h (2)
    • Simmer burner750 BTU/h - 3500 BTU/h (1)
    • Griddle power1100 W
    • Griddle dual controlyes
    • Griddle drip trayyes
  • Oven cavity
    • Oven configurationdouble
    • Oven fuelgas
    • Oven convection systemdual horizontal fans
    • Main oven typefan assisted gas
    • Main oven broiler typegas
    • Main oven functionsbakebroilerconvection bake
    • Main oven volume4.7 ft³
    • Auxiliary oven typegas conventional
    • Auxiliary oven broiler typegas
    • Auxiliary oven functionsbakebroilerconvection bake
    • Auxiliary oven volume2.4 ft³
    • Inner oven doortriple
    • Removable inner glassyes
    • Cooling fanyes
    • Oven levels7
    • Door hingessoft-close
    • Sliding shelves2 sets of telescopic glides
    • Wire-shelves2 each cavity
    • Tray1 enamelled
    • Grill trivet for trayyes
    • Oven lightsdouble lateral
  • Bottom
  • Technical specifications
    • Electrical supply120V 60 Hz - 1200W 10 A


48 inch All-Gas Range 6 Brass Burner and Griddle | Bertazzoni

Designed for speed and efficiency

  • Category-leading time-to-boil water - under 6 minutes
  • Dual ring power burners for sear and simmer
  • Multiple size monobloc burners
  • Continous surface cast iron contour grates
  • Thermocouple safety device standard on every burner
  • Product shown features brass burners, available on select models
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Most even-temperature baking and roasting

  • Dual convection fans for even heat distribution on 7 shelf levels - best-in-class
  • Largest oven volume in its class
  • Full-width gas infrared broiler
  • Elegant temperature gauge for control of oven temperature during pre-heating and baking

Colors and finishes

Bertazzoni prides itself on bringing together industrial production methods and engineering skills with elegant Italian design flair. Inspired by the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship, these special finishes are the embodiment of that thinking.

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Gold gas and range black

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