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The Best Shoes to Wear All Day at the Salon

The Best Shoes to Wear All Day at the Salon MODERN asked our Facebook fans: What are the best, least painful shoes to wear on the salon floor all day—while still maintaining some style? Here's what you had to say:

Yvette Feekes Have to say Dansko. My first pair looked alarmingly like Dutch wooden shoes from the Tulip Festival, but the latest ones are actually nice looking.

Chasity Bogard Danskonot the cutest but they have helped with the leg and back pain.

Caitlin Hopper Blowfish flats! They are inexpensive and super cute!!

Arwen Mimosa Wedges are comfy and easy to walk in!

Torrey Scott For the guys: skater shoes (not to dressy, and normally has a little of support) I prefer Supra Footwear or even Vans. If you're a little more dressy then ECCO Shoes all the way.

Maria Godino Sketchers Share Ups not the best looking but comfortable.

Candace Rickborn Nike shocks. Not high end fashion but my pick on extension days!!!

Deirdre Flannery I live in my Borns at work. They have everything from flats, heals, wedges to boots. I can run a 12 hour day and not be in pain.

The Best Shoes to Wear All Day at the Salon Cindy L. Rolenc Aerosoles are the best or Impo are also my favorite for comfortable stylish boots.

Corinne-Anthony Lam My husband swears by his Clark's. Good arch support and style

Ellina Manuel ‎5Finger Shoes now make SUPER CUTE Fur and Leather, Buckles and Bows, Chains and Bling- Boots ankle, calf, and knee length. 5Fingers are great for posture, you can even go mountain hiking in them! I'm a stylist who loves the outdoors, so I recently got my first pair of 5Fingers Fashion shoes. Try them I swear they are way worth the price!

Christine Michaud They don't have a tonne of style, but my favorite comfy shoes at the salon are a pair of black Birkenstock clogs with an enclosed back. They have lots of support and my feet never hurt when I wear them.

Tammy Schwieder I wear Fit Flop boots. Awesome support for standing 6 plus hours and somewhat fashionable.

Jen Thomas I've done Born, Ecco and Earth but can't find anything that shouts STYLE-however me limping at the end of the day doesn't either so I have to make choices.

Kristin Newman I've found wedges are great. I have been working in heels for years so my feet are usde to them but wedge heels feel the best.

Aubrey DiBenedetto I have a pair of Sam Eddlemen platform wedges. LOVE. You would think they would hurt but not one bit.

Susan Moore Love my Chuck Taylor's and they get better with a little drip of color lol of course with arch supports while standing on my Rhyno mat:)

Jennifer Croffoot Alegria shoes or AK sport dress shoes but most of all what is lots of support for your feet..comfy and support should come first before style esp. for long days! I've worked for 25 yrs to 60 hr. weeks and have already had the vein surgery twice so take care of the feet and legs

Amy Paquette ALEGRIA!!!! All the way. Can work a 11 hour day come home and feel great. They have memory foam inserts. It is like wearing slipper all day.

Andrea Barnett Day I love Converse but they don't have good support, but Crocs came out with a canvas tennis shoe that look just like converse but have the Crocs sole on the insideso comfy, and if you go to the Croc website they have many styles now that do not look like they are Crocs but feel like them on the inside!!

Michelle Tessel ‎15 Different pair of Chucks, for every occasion- with proper orthotic inserts of course!

The Best Shoes to Wear All Day at the Salon Paula Gordon Hamer Easy Spirit Anti-gravity, Nike Shocks (I wore my silver ones out, and haven't found a decent replacement yet), New Balance; all worn with Spenco arch supporting orthotics. 32 years behind the chair and planning on at least 20 more!

Alicia Iannone If you wanna wear heels I suggest ones with a platform and Mary Jane style with the little strap around your ankle. I can run a marathon in them! Great support. Or if I'm working a long day I'll rock a cute pair of boots or patent leather flats.

Shelby Smith Dr. Scholl has some shoes at DSW that have some really cute options! I have a pair of wedges from them that I love and have gotten a lot of compliments on. I could wear them all day.

Amy Stevens Sketchers! I found a pair that were the most comfy ever! I worked in a Dr offices so I was always on the run, but My feet never knew. They are one of the athletic ones they have.

Tammy Alender Avias! After having a broken back, complicated back surgery, and being told you'll never work again, stylish shoes go out the window & youre grateful for anything comfortable that allows you to do the work you love.

Ann Woodworth Weinacht Softspots, Monroe, Walking Cradles = am no longer sacrificing my comfort for style!

Kimberly Johnson Esser Algeria's Rock! They have different styles and the variety of color, designs and texture are amazing. You can find them at some major department stores or at places where they sell nursing supplies (Lamberts). A little expensive but worth every penny.

The Best Shoes to Wear All Day at the Salon Peggy Hargrave After forty two years I have to say Fit Flops make the most salon friendly shoes.If you cant wear between the toes,we can because we sell them,they are coming out with some that don't go between toes.They make boots,tennies and mules all with the special bottom that helps your body.

Rebecca Shideler Klogs they are the best, after 15 years of Danskos, i had to find something with cushion and bingo, i found them at a uniform store in northern cali, won't go back either, lots of styles to choose from also, you won't be dissappointed my friend(brand name= Klogs)

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Dr. Liana Korytowski-Seldin

"Therafit sneakers have the perfect arch support for plantar fasciitis sufferers. I wear them and recommend them to my patients."

Dr. Liana Korytowski-Seldin

Dr. Lisa Masterson of the Emmy Award- winning series, The Doctors, Co-creator of Therafit Shoe

"Women are on their feet all day, and wearing uncomfortable shoes can send shockwaves of pain throughout your body. I created Therafit Shoe to alleviate the aches & pains that come with long days on your feet - at work, at the gym, or just running the countless errands that we do."

Dr. Lisa Masterson of the Emmy Award- winning series, The Doctors, Co-creator of Therafit Shoe

Wendy, Miami, FL

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY SHOES FOR ALL REASONS.. the colors, the style, the quality, but most of all .. because now i don't have plantar facitis anymore..AND my feet do not hurt after a full day of work."

Wendy, Miami, FL

Debbie, Quebec, Canada

"I love the shoe. After being on my feet in the hospital all day I get a lot of pain particularly in my heels, With the adjustable support I can relieve the pain and my feet feel so much better at the end of the day."

Debbie, Quebec, Canada
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The Best Shoes For Hairdressers – As Voted By Hairdressers

We asked HJ&#;s Facebook and Instagram followers what the best shoes for hairdressers&#; are. 

The below are the brands and styles that keep soles singing, arches ecstatic and backs saying &#;bring it on&#;. Any brands you rate out of the below? Or any you&#;d add?

&#;Can&#;t work without my Skechers these days&#;
James Whitaker

&#;FitFlop – I&#;ve just got some and they make a huge difference&#;
Samantha Ross

&#;Vivo barefoot! Osteopath recommended them to help my back, they brilliant&#;
Amy Thatcher

&#;Josef Seibel&#;
Nicola Forsyth

Amanda Bruce

&#;Dr Martens &#; nothing else eases my aches and pains after being on my feet all day like they do&#;
Katie Wainwright

&#;Salomon trainers, get arch support now I&#;m older&#;
Sara Mortimer

Sally Hooper

&#;Always wear shoes with a rubber sole, whatever kind they may be and I&#;ve always had a thick rubber mat surrounding my stylist chair when I work.&#;
Elizabeth Bavor

&#;My dr Martin sandals !! Lived in them since returning to the salon !&#;
Joanne Hull

&#;Reebok combat shoes the best.&#;
Jurge Pocuite

&#;Clarkes cloud steppers ( brinkley sea ) flip flops in the summer and blowfish boots in the winter&#;
Jo Wilkinson-Lister

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What Shoes Are Best To Cut In? (My Top 3)

The Best Shoes for Cosmetologists

The patented KURUSOLE technology is designed to create a more natural fit by shaping to your unique foot. No other shoe gives you the amazing benefit of a dynamically flexing heel to cup and support your heel as you move.

When you spend long hours on your feet each day, you need a shoe that gives you total comfort and support. So many shoes we wear on a daily basis are flat and unsupported inside that it is time for a shoe that gives you more.

Common foot pain, arch pain, and conditions like plantar fasciitis can result from wearing poor quality footwear during your busy day.

For your life on your feet, KURU shoes are the best shoes for cosmetologists. With more cushioning and support than any other active shoe, KURU is the ideal shoe for long hours on your feet.

A high quality orthotic technology makes KURU shoes the most comfortable shoes for cosmetologists. Isn’t it time to discover the difference?


Comfortable shoes hairdressers most for

Best Shoes for Hairdressers Reviewed

Wearing a product without sufficient support as a hairdresser, is a quick way to land yourself in a world of suffering, so spending the time to find the right balance is not without perks. It is important to note that those that are too flat tend to lack heel and arch support. Heel and arch support are necessary to avoid foot ailments such as painful fallen arches or plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the heel that can manifest as a stabbing pain through the foot. Conversely, those with too high a heel adds tension and stress to leg muscles and the lower back. As a hairdresser, you're likely on your feet most of the day, and should avoid having these conditions develop simply because of your footwear being uncomfortable and unsupportive.

To find a supportive pair, consider the different layers of the shoe, namely the insole, midsole and outsole.

The Insole
A firm insole will give good structure to a product and increase its stability and durability, but it will also increase the weight of the overall product and be less comfortable. A softer insole might be more comfortable, but that comes at the expense of stability and durability. We tried to balance these weights when evaluating our products, but each reader and wearer is different, so be aware of this trade-off.

The Midsole
The midsole is designed to provide cushioning and shock absorption, nestling the foot in comfort. Whereas running options tend to have thick midsoles, flats and thinner ones not designed for high-impact activities often have thinner midsoles. The reason for this is simple: you need more shock absorption and vibration dampening during high-intensity movements or activities to maintain comfort and prevent foot injury than you otherwise would with a regular one, flat or sandal.

The Outsole
A poorly-constructed outsole will lead to discomfort, slipping and foot or other bodily injury. For this reason, many manufacturers use materials that are water-, weather-, heat-, and impact-resistant. Depending on the type of footwear, one will often see outsoles made from natural or synthetic materials, such as PVC, EVA, rubber and leather. Each of these has its advantages, depending on the purpose; however, as a general rule, they each are resistant to the aforementioned factors. They are also flexible enough to support a proper foot cycle when in motion, but they are not so flexible that they feel like a pair of socks.

Final tips on support:

  • Avoid shoes that are flat and lack heel and arch support.
  • Too high of a heel adds tension and stress to the muscles, especially in the lower back.
Top 10 MOST COMFORTABLE Sneakers of 2021

Nothing makes a worker who works on their feet all day feel better than a good pair of well-fitted shoes. On the other hand, nothing can make your day worse than an uncomfortable pair of shoes that rub, chafe, and leave a trail of destructive blisters in their wake. Painful feet spell misery and soreness when you have to be on them + hours a day working to earn a living. It’s even worse when you know you have to get up the next day and do it all over again!

This can be the misery and the agony of a hairdresser with a poorly fitted pair of shoes. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Below, we have listed some of our favorite picks for comfortable shoes for hairdressers to wear during those long days in the salon.

Best Pick for Women

The best pair of shoes for female hairdressers are Aetrex Women’s Lyla Ballet Flat, which generally run moderately in price. These shoes are made of imported leather and are made with a synthetic sole. They have a memory foam footbed for support, balance, and alignment. Memory foam cushions provide the ability to help provide customization and comfort for fit. Anti-bacterial technology will help you keep your feet healthy and clean.

This shoe is a classic flat so no heels or uneven surfaces bother your feet during a long day at work. The flats also come with a cork shim, designed for narrow feet. The shim can be inserted under the footbed for a slimmer fit. These are currently available in a beautiful bronze color. 

Best Pick for Men

The best pair of shoes for men are the Dansko Men’s Wayne Slip-On which range in price from quite moderate and reasonable to a bit pricey depending on the exact shoe you choose to order. The Dansko Men’s shoes are made of imported leather and have a synthetic sole. The platform on these measures about ”.

There is dual elastic side goring on the shoe, and the upper parts are made of full-grain leather. These shoes are lined in leather and have a lightly padded collar. These shoes have moc-toe stitching details and run about average in size. For now, they are available in black.

Tennis Shoes for Hair Dressers

For the more casual, jean-types of days there is nothing more complimenting to finish an outfit than a comfortable pair of tennis shoes. Since you will be on your feet all-day comfort is the most important. Ensuring you can work at your best all day long! Here are our recommendations for the best tennis shoes for hairdressers:

Best Pick for Women

The best pick in tennis shoes for women are the Saucony Originals Women’s Jazz Original Sneaker which have prices varying from rather low to the pricier side depending on which style of shoe you choose to buy. These Saucony Originals shoes are made of imported leather and textile materials and the shoes possess a rubber sole.

These are original retro runner sneakers featuring a wavy “S” logo overlaying each sneaker with tonal stitching. These shoes have a padded tongue and collar as well as a tri-layer platform mid-sole. These shoes are currently available in over 25 color schemes and tend to run about average to normal shoe sizes.

Image of the Saucony Originals Women's Jazz Original Fashion Sneaker, Grey/Green, M US

Best Pick for Men

The best pick in tennis shoes for men are the Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoes which run from the design orders. These shoes are made of synthetic and imported materials make up the shoe. Synthetic material creates the sole of the shoe as well. Trail-ready running shoes with water-resistant and anti-debris mesh are featured on the upper part of the shoe.

These shoes are fit with Sensifit technology and Quicklace systems. These shoes have a protective rubber toe cap and Ortholite insoles. They have dual—like density EVA midsoles and have mud and snow Contragrip with non-marking rubber outsoles. There are over 25 different color schemes currently available and these shoes tend to run very true to size.

Image of the Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe,Dark Cloud/Black/Light Onix,12 M US


For those spring/summer days when your feet need to breathe it’s vital to have a comfortable pair of sandals. We are talking sandals you can wear all day without having any foot pain or leg or back problems. There are plenty of great picks out there, and the following are our favorites for those who will spend their entire day on their feet in the salon:

Best Pick for Women

The best pick in sandals for women is the Birkenstock Florida Soft Footbed Sandals, which are moderately priced. They have a Birko-Flor acrylic and polyamide felt fiber that creates the body of the shoe. Some of these sandals are made in the USA and others are imported. The soles are made of cork. The shock absorbing sole is flexible, durable, and lightweight as well as repairable and replaceable.

The raised toe bar encourages natural gripping actions of your does. The contoured footbed supports four different types of arches to ensure equal weight distribution and proper posture while standing. Deep heel cups cradle the heel and keep the natural cushioning in place under the heal bones. Jute Fibers provide two layers one of which wick away moisture and the other which provides the strength of the shoe.

Image of the Birkenstock Women's Florida Soft Footbed Mocha Birkibuc Sandal 43 R (US Women's )

 Best Pick for Men

The best pick in sandals for men are the Orthaheel Tide Slide in Orthopedic Slides which are moderately priced. These shoes are made from imported materials and have a manmade sole. These are made of woven polyurethane on the upper shoe.

The EVA footbed cushions the foot and the shoe is made of a TPR outer layer with padded neoprene upper line. The shoes are available in 6 colors and they run pretty true to size.

Image of the Vionic by Orthaheel Womens Tide II Sandal Black Size 10


A good pair of shoes can be the difference between some comfort for someone who spends their entire day on their feet, or the entire day of complete and total misery and discomfort. Choosing the right shoes can also provide for fewer foot, leg, and lower back problems in the future, too, as your weight is properly supported and balanced throughout a long day of work.

Moreover, avoiding blisters and sores on your feet certainly make life much more pleasant as well. A good pair of shoes can be rather pricey, are some that are listed above can prove, but they also can make your job a new world easier. So go ahead invest in yourself and spend the money on a good pair of shoes now to help you stay working hard later. Your feet and body will thank you. So will your customers when you are much less grouchy!

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