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Passing of Cyndie Dorsch and Stepan Matkovski

I am completely shocked by this. I have been out of communication with the rworld for several days and when I came back online this morning I realized this very sad incident...

Cyndie Dorsch and her Husband, Dan, as well as her Dance Teacher, Stepan Matkovski, died on Sunday in a plane crash on their way home from the Manhattan Dancesport. Her husband was flying the small plane carrying 4 (?) people. Anyone that is on Facebook "knows" Cyndie, as she had absolutely no problem making friends online as well as at competitions. Her facebook status is from that morning and how she was waiting on her husband to fly her home.

I spent some time talking to her and Stepan at Manhattan Dancesport the other day and she was so energetic and full of spirit. She told me how she started dancing and how much she loved it. Stepan was cute and sweet, nice to chat with as well, so sweet. I am sure the everyone at MDC had a great time with her in the ballroom, you could not help but smile when they walked by and spoke to you.

The Dorsch family asks that any letters of condolence be sent to Fun Bike Center Motorsports, 1845 E. Memorial Blvd., Lakeland, FL 33801.



NTSB Identification: ERA09FA376
14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Sunday, July 05, 2009 in Raphine, VA
Aircraft: PILATUS PC-12/45, registration: N578DC
Injuries: 4 Fatal.

This is preliminary information, subject to change, and may contain errors. Any errors in this report will be corrected when the final report has been completed.

On July 5, 2009, about 1002 eastern daylight time, a Pilatus PC12/45, N578DC, registered to Nicholas Elliott & Jordan LLC, impacted in a pasture near Raphine, Virginia, following an in-flight loss of control. Visual meteorological conditions (VMC) prevailed in the area of the accident site and an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan was filed and activated for the 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91 personal flight from Teterboro Airport (TEB), Teterboro, New Jersey, to Tampa Executive Airport (VDF), Tampa, Florida. The airplane was destroyed by impact and the certificated private pilot and three passengers were killed.

According to preliminary air traffic control (ATC) information, the IFR flight plan intended the cruise portion of the flight to be flown at flight level (FL) 260. The flight departed TEB about 0824:45, and while en route, ATC communications were transferred to several facilities. The airplane was ultimately cleared to FL300.

Approximately 0926, the pilot established contact with the R52 sector of the Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center (Washington ARTCC) and advised the controller that the flight was at FL300. While in radio contact with the controller, the flight remained at FL300 on a southwesterly heading. Approximately 0953, the pilot asked the controller if he saw an area ahead clear of weather. The controller responded that ground based weather radar was depicting heavy weather ahead from his three to nine o’clock positions. The pilot then requested to deviate 40 to 50 degrees to the right which was approved. Approximately 0954, ATC communications were transferred from the R52 sector to the R37 sector of the Washington ARTCC.

Preliminary ATC information further indicated that the pilot contacted the R37 sector controller approximately 0954 and requested a climb to FL320, which was approved.

Preliminary radar data indicated the airplane reached a maximum altitude of FL310 while flying in a southwesterly direction. It then descended toward FL308 and turned to a westerly heading. The flight remained on the westerly heading until 0959:43, when the flight turned to the left and proceeded on a southerly heading at FL308.

Approximately 1000, ATC communications were transferred back to the R52 sector controller, and during the pilot’s first contact with the controller, he stated that he needed a “…little dee gee heading I lost my panel…” and was in the weather. The R52 sector controller questioned the pilot about what he had lost and whether he needed a heading. The pilot did not clarify for the controller what panel he was referring to but responded that he needed a heading. The controller then questioned whether the pilot was clear of weather and the pilot replied he was. The controller provided a heading of 230 degrees, for radar vectors to the JOINN intersection.

The preliminary radar data depicted the airplane flying in a southerly direction between 1001:01, and 1001:38. Approximately 1001, the pilot advised the controller that his altitude was going to “move a little bit.”

The controller immediately advised the flight crew of an airliner (call sign Blue Streak 503) that was climbing below the accident airplane to stop their ascent, and to maintain FL290. The controller then asked the accident pilot to advise him if he would be unable to maintain above FL300 due to traffic. The pilot did not respond. The controller repeated the partial call sign of the accident airplane and the pilot responded that the flight was in a descent with the rest of his transmission being unintelligible. There was no further recorded transmission from the accident pilot.

Preliminary radar data recorded between 1001:34, and 1002:06, showed the accident airplane beginning a right descending turn. The last two radar targets that had altitude information showed that the airplane descended from FL287 to FL221 in 14 seconds.

The captain of Blue Streak 503 reported that while climbing through FL 260, he and his first officer heard the pilot of the accident airplane make a report that he had “lost a panel.” At no point during the entire event did the crew of Blue Streak 503 receive an advisory or resolution advisory on their Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) display. The accident airplane’s heading on their TCAS appeared to curve around on their Multi Function Display. The weather conditions at FL 260 were solid IMC with no icing, and the on board weather radar depicted some green for light precipitation in the area even though there was no rain on the windscreen. There was no convective activity depicted on their weather radar, and the ride conditions consisted of light chop. Shortly after the accident, Blue Streak descended to FL 240, on a heading of 180 degrees, and encountered VMC with on overcast layer below.

A person on the ground heard a sound that he associated with a jet type engine in distress. He went outside and looked up but was unable to see anything. He went back inside and again heard a similar sound, with a sound that he thought was an airplane climbing and then descending. The sound then went silent followed by a deep thud.

Examination of the accident site revealed the airplane’s heading at the initial impact was approximately 032 degrees magnetic, while the energy path of wreckage debris was oriented on a magnetic heading of 304 degrees. The airplane was nearly completely fragmented with the exception of the vertical stabilizer with attached rudder and rudder trim tab.

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Dealernews Magazine Names Fun Bike Center Motorsports a 'Best Company to Work For'

Fun Bike Center Motorsports Also Ranked in Top 100 Dealers

LAKELAND, Fla., Feb. 25 -- Dealernews, the premier business-to-business magazine for powersports retailers named Fun Bike Center Motorsports of Lakeland, Florida a Top 100 Dealer for 2009 and Runner Up in four Merit Categories including Best Company to Work For. At a time in our history where so many vehicle dealers are in trouble, Fun Bike Center Motorsports of Lakeland has found the formula for success. The Dealernews Top 100 Awards is the industry's largest, longest running and most prestigious retail competition recognizing dealerships for retail design, merchandising approaches, promotional innovations and dedication to customer service. Fun Bike Center Motorsports has owned and operated one of the top motorsports complexes for a long time and this appointment is an honor to be named to the Top 100 operators in the United States. There are some 14,000 motorcycle dealerships in the USA and Fun Bike Center Motorsports of Lakeland has beaten the odds and is one of those very special places where all the people of Polk County, Florida can enjoy and be proud of this local story.

Daniel J. Dorsch, President of Fun Bike Center Motorsports commented: "We are delighted our work and large investment in the community and people of Lakeland, Florida has been recognized nationally as one of the top motorsports dealerships anywhere. This is really nice for the people on our team and the customers we serve." Dorsch Continued: "Our leadership style and focus on our management has produced so many winning teams over the years we just can't help but celebrate the wonderful people who work on our teams. Everything we do is with the employee and our customer in mind."

Along with being named a Top 100 Dealer, Dealernews also named Fun Bike Center Motorsports Runner Up in four Merit Categories including: Best Company to Work For, Best Display, Best Exterior and Best Direct Mail Campaign. Dorsch continued: "Leading to the Merit Award nomination of Best Company to Work For was Fun Bike Center Motorsports' Employees and Customers Come First commitment. The employees are treated to awards, dinners, holiday parties, summer picnics, Caribbean cruises, shopping sprees and many other benefits not normally associated with this industry, making this a long term place people want to work. Best Exterior runner up was assisted by contractor Rodda Construction of Lakeland who was the builder of this new dealership and local architects Furr & Wegman who designed the facility with insight from the Fun Bike Center team. Spokesperson and Marketing Executive Jenny Brown stated; "With local companies such as Rodda Construction and Architects Furr & Wegman both of Lakeland, FL who worked hand in hand with our team, of course we are tops in the category. What a place Lakeland, Florida has to call its own with the local talent to design, build and operate. Wow, we are blessed here in Lakeland."

Dealernews made the announcements on Friday, February 13, 2009 at the Top 100 Awards Gala in Indianapolis, Indiana in conjunction with the 2009 Dealernews International Powersports Dealer Expo. Fun Bike Center Motorsports President Daniel J. Dorsch, Vice President David Dorsch, long time Parts & Service Manager Dean McCracken, Marketing Executive Jenny Brown and Assistant Parts Manager Paul Seburn were all on hand for this most prestigious awards night. Fun Bike Center Motorsports was also showcased in a three-day photo gallery exhibit during the expo.

The Fun Bike Center Motorsports Lakeland, Florida campus has brought more than 100 new jobs to Lakeland and serves as a venue for great entertainment all year long. Fun Bike Center Motorsports has hosted large scale events to include bike nights, outdoor concerts, battle of the bands, StuntWars exhibitions and charitable events. Also on site is Mojo's Wings, Burgers & Beer(TM), Mojo's Liquor Store, Papa John's Pizza and the upcoming Cafe Nicky D's currently under construction. Check their calendar of events online at .

About Fun Bike Center Motorsports:

Fun Bike Center Motorsports is a 60,000 square-foot motorsports dealership with a big box, one-stop approach to the motorcycle, ATV and personal watercraft dealer business. Our showroom features the premiere brands of Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, Vespa and Piaggio. We also offer the world's top brands for parts, gear and apparel including Fox, Alpinestares, Arai, Shark, Icon, Dunlop, Joe Rocket, HJC, Oakley, Spy and more.

Our dealership includes a 25,000 square-foot service bay, where customers can drive through and drop off their bikes for service, a bike storage facility, and a fully stocked parts and tire department. We also offer complimentary stores in our dealership with appeal to the motorcycle community, including an Alltel Wireless phone store, an Optical Center, and Glamour Addiction Lingerie - Sensual Attire from Mild to Wild.

Fun Bike Center Motorsports is a recipient of the Kawasaki Ichiban Gold Award and Honda's Council of Excellence Award for multiple years and has been serving the Lakeland, Florida and Polk County communities for over 16 years. Visit

About Dealernews

Dealernews is The Voice of Powersports Dealers and is the flagship business-to-business magazine for the growing powersports industry. For 40 years, Dealernews has been delivering industry news, retail information, dealer profiles, exclusive market research and new product information to retailers of powersports vehicles and related products, including motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft and snowmobiles, and parts and accessories. The Dealernews family of publications includes Sturgis Guide, Powersports Magazine and American Big Twin Dealer. Visit for more information. Dealernews is the publishing arm of Advanstar Communications' Powersports Group, which also produces the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows presented by Toyota Trucks, the Dealernews International Powersports Dealer Expo, Big Twin West and Big Twin East.

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