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Collegiate Chapters

The Matrix of Middle Georgia Undergrad Chapters

Gamma Zeta (Fort Valley State University) May 15,
On the eve of May 15, , on the campus of Fort Valley State College under the guidance and leadership of Brother Joseph E. Adkins, who was an initiate of the Fort Valley Alumni Chapter the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was chartered with his strong motivation and leadership. With Brother Adkins love of performing arts, The Joseph Adkins Players Guild on the campus was named after this founding member. He initiated eleven brothers who helped to lay the foundation of the chapter, which would go on to initiate many successful brothers who proceed to achieve in all fields of human endeavor. The first initiates were: Brodis J. LaMarr, Chester A. Wheeler, George R. Street, Hobie L. Williams, John T. Walker, Nathaniel Shropshire, Raymond Booth, Ulysses Byas, Welborn Crenshaw, and William H. Lyles. Of the first 11 initiates, one still survives and resides in the Macon, Georgia area. Brother Ulysses Byas has two elementary schools named in his honor and has produces several publications in the areas of education which have gained great recognition. The Gamma Zeta Chapter is the third oldest chapter in Georgia and the fifth oldest chapter in the Southeastern Province. Members from the Gamma Zeta Chapter were also present during the chartering ceremony at the Gamma Chi Chapter at Savannah University and is recognized in their chapter’s history.

The ’s was a very tough time for the chapter, being that many members had to withdraw from school to join the military to fight in war. Of the second initiates in November 18, Brother William Perry Burroughs who currently resides in Warner Robins, Georgia still actively participates in Fort Valley State University and Gamma Zeta activities providing excellent leadership and innovating ideas in both venues.

The Gamma Zeta Chapter has always been very prominent, detailed, and prides itself on passing on the history of Kappa Alpha Psi to many other chapters throughout the United States. Particularly to six chapters throughout the state of Georgia. The Gamma Zeta Chapter was instrumental in chartering six other chapters with the first chapter being Delta Xi at Albany State University on May 26, The second chapter Gamma Zeta helped to charter was Zeta Iota Chapter at the University of Georgia on April 16, The third chapter being founded on the campus of Mercer University, Theta Pi. The fourth chapter that Gamma Zeta helped to construct is the Lambda Phi Chapter at Valdosta State University in The fifth chapter being the Lambda Psi Chapter on the campus of Georgia Southwestern. The sixth and last chapter to be founded by Gamma Zeta is the Mu Psi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi at Georgia College State University.

During the s the Gamma Zeta Chapter started to gain its identity as the Sing-Sing Chapter because of its rich tradition in the pledging process. During this time many of the initiates were either hospitalized or either injured during the pledge process. During the s the Gamma Zeta Chapter continued its legacy of passing Kappa history to new initiates and other chapters around the region. Brother Greg Lloyd was initiated in the Summer of He is a graduate of not only Peach County High School, but also of the Fort Valley University. Brother Greg Lloyd was recognized for his outstanding achievements as a professional football player. He was selected for the Pittsburg Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The s was a turbulent time for the National Pan-Hellenic Council as a whole, which in turn effected the pledge process. Because of deaths throughout the Divine Nine organizations the above ground pledge process was discontinued as a whole and the Membership Orientation Process was adopted by all Greek letter organizations. From to present the Gamma Zeta Chapter still carries on its rich tradition of passing the history of Kappa to its new initiates. The chapter currently participates in Reading to Kindergartners at the local elementary schools, clothing drives, Miss KAY pageant, Kappallo, Good Health Awareness programs and the Kappa Ball. The most notable community service that Gamma Zeta participates in is its strong Kappa League program. Many of the Middle Georgia Kappa Leaguers who participate in this Guide Right program go on to different institutions of higher learning where majority of them become brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi. Throughout Gamma Zetas 60 plus years of existence the chapter has had several brothers who went on to become prominent members and hold very high positions within the fraternity and within their own profession.

Theta Pi (Mercer University) May 15,
The Theta Pi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was founded on May 15, by fifteen distinguished men. Larry S. Wildgoose was the first of these men to grace the campus of Mercer University in as a transfer student from Fort Valley State University. The remaining members consisted of Willie Alexander Jr., Donoval M. Bethel Jr., Paul Bryan, Murphy Cooper, McArthur Freeman, Calvin Hobbs, Ernest Lee, Kenneth McCallough, Tilman McDaniel Jr., Michael McQueen, Harold Rollins, Scylance Scott Jr., Calvin White Jr., and Paul Williamson. Together, these men had a vision to empower the Mercer community with an unyielding desire to achieve academically, socially, and spiritually.

On September 29, the Dedication Ceremony took place, as Greeks were offered on-campus housing. While blessed with an opportunity to have an on-campus fraternity house; The Theta Pi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. for 34 years has continued to excel in academics and service, while remaining in good standing with Mercer and the fraternity.

The Theta Pi Chapter has been collaborating alongside the Macon-Warner (GA) Alumni (SE) Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi for years, and has continued to assist Macon’s youth through Kappa League and Youth mentoring Programs. We have had the pleasure of working with Macon-Warner robins as we hosted the Guide Right Kappa League Conference in Macon, GA. on February

Mu Psi (Georgia State College & University) March 7,
Kappa men were first active at Georgia College, in the late 70’s and early 80’s. William Denerson had transferred to Georgia College from the Beta Chi Chapter at Hampton University along with Willie B. Collins a graduate student from Georgia Southern University. They set the precedence for men like Michael Jinks, Rudy Grant, Cedric Miller, and Leonard Moore to pledge Kappa Alpha Psi through a joint affiliation with Mercer University and the Theta Pi Chapter. To start a chapter you must have another undergraduate chapter to birth your existence. The Gamma Zeta chapter at Fort Valley State College is the Mother Chapter to the Theta Pi Chapter at Mercer University. Theta Pi was chartered through Gamma Zeta and Mu Psi was chartered through Theta Pi.

In , 6 young men matriculating at Georgia College came together and planted a seed that soon grew and developed into a chapter at Georgia College. Those men were called the Persevering Prophets of Integrity (PPI); they were Albert Armstrong (deceased), Vascoe Rozier, James Robinson, Dwain Evans, Jarius McColumn and Rickey E. Smith. They were inducted into the Scroller’s Club and began a journey to reach Phi Nu Pi. During that January 1 member, James Robinson lost sight of the prize and is now an eternal Scroller of Kappa Alpha Psi. PPI was initiated into the Theta Pi Chapter on March 11, Kappa named the group a “Colony at Georgia College.”

In the cold winter of , PPI inducted 3 men into the Scroller’s Club; they were called Dynamic Men of Courage (DMC). Those men were Pierre Clements, Kenneth Washington, and Jonathon McColumn. They were initiated into the fold on March 6, The men of PPI and DMC applied for a charter of their own at Georgia College, the Grand Board did not grant their wishes.

In the hot spring of PPI and DMC chose 3 men to help fulfill their destiny. These men were inducted into the Scroller’s Club and named the Bonded Men of Wisdom (BMW). Bruce Colbert, Randy Smith and Alden Brown were initiated on May 25, Working together PPI, DMC, and BMW developed a Guide Right Program, raised monies for the cost of the charter in Kappa Alpha Psi and presented a colony portfolio to the Grand Board of directors at the National Headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Grand Board approved the request. On March 7, the Province Polemarch James B. Hardy along with representatives from almost every chapter in the state chartered the “Colony at Georgia College”; the charter was to be called Mu Psi. From that day on the men of PPI, DMC, and BMW were listed as founders of Mu Psi. Each of their names has been engraved into the Golden Scroll of Kappa Alpha Psi.

The first initiate into the Mu Psi Chapter was William Watson, known as “The Chosen One (TCO)” in the spring of In the spring of the Courageous Disciples of Discipline were initiated. The brothers on that line are Christopher Watkins, Darrell Thomas, and Derrell Williams. In the fall of (FPD) was initiated, they were Tyrone Evans, Christopher Smith, Reginald Stephens and Robert (Bobby) Thomas. In the winter of Unconquerable Men of Endurance (UME) was initiated, they were Jerel Harris and Antwon Kilcrease. In the fall of the line (HTP) were initiated, Lucian Anderson and Kenneth Brezial. In “2 Thieves of Krimson Prosperity” was initiated and they were Treymane Hall and Keenan Foster. In the Seven Knights of the Resurrection was initiated and they were James Turner, Walter Burke, Paul Robinson, Reginald Turner, David Butts and Thaddeus Dixon. In the fall of “The Soul Survivor” known as Solo Lannie Milon was initiated. In the spring of came Three Kings of Resurrection and they were Dondrea Geter, Stacy James and Sean Baldwin. The chapter has been blessed with the brotherhood of Adrian Adkins, Eric Latimore. Spring , Three Tastes of Distinction, John Williams, Tialdray Wiley, and Donald Crawford. In the fall of Soul Keeper of the Diamond and he was Dexter Mack, after him came G.H.O.S.T-Gods, honorable one standing tall spring Michael Williams. I know several brothers from the Macon-Warner Robins (formerly Fort Valley Alumni) served as advisors. Including the names of Brothers Nathaniel Harris, William Denerson, James Lunsford, Jacob Griffen, Alex Fain, Cody Blenman, Rodrick Sylvester, Corey Chapman, Chris Chapman, Chris Clay, Shaun Keaton, and Marcus Kendall as part of the Mu Psi history.

Today Mu Psi brothers are extreme achievers in various professions like: chemist, vice-president of sales, directors, pastors, teachers, military officers, bank officers, sales manager, business professionals, artists, doctors, principals, and event coordinators. The bond is strong and the chapter has memories that will last forever.

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List of Kappa Alpha Psi chapters

Name Chartered Institution Location Status Notes Reference Kappa Alpha Illinois State UniversityNormal, ILActive Kappa Beta University of MemphisMemphis, TNActive Was originally Memphis State University but in became University of Memphis Kappa Gamma West Chester University of PennsylvaniaWest Chester, PAActive Was originally West Chester State College but in became West Chester University of Pennsylvania (WCUPA) Kappa Delta Miami UniversityOxford, OHActive Kappa Epsilon Texas Christian UniversityFort Worth, TXActive Kappa Zeta Atlanta University-Graduate Division Atlanta, GAInactive The third "Intermediate Chapter" in the fraternity. Composed of graduate and professional school students enrolled in programs at universities within the Atlanta metropolitan area. In Clark Atlanta University was formed by the consolidation of Atlanta University, which offered only graduate degrees, and Clark College, a four-year undergraduate institution oriented to the liberal arts. Kappa Eta University of Arkansas at MonticelloMonticello, ARActive Kappa Theta Georgia State UniversityAtlanta, GAInactive Kappa Iota University of Southern MississippiHattiesburg, MSActive Kappa Kappa University of Alabama at BirminghamBirmingham, ALActive Kappa Lambda Clemson UniversityClemson, SCActive Kappa Mu State University of New York at New PaltzNew Paltz, NYActive Was originally State University of New York College of Arts and Science New Paltz but in became State University of New York at New Paltz. Although this chapter is chartered at SUNY New Paltz, it also includes the United States Military Academy at West Point, Marist College, Iona College, Mercy College and Pace University Kappa Nu Sam Houston State UniversityHuntsville, TXInactive Kappa Xi North Carolina State UniversityRaleigh, NCActive Kappa Omicron California State Polytechnic UniversityDiamond Bar, CAActive Kappa Pi Washington State UniversityPullman, WAActive Kappa Rho State University of New York at AlbanyAlbany, NYActive Commonly known as the University at Albany or University at Albany, SUNY Kappa Sigma Western Carolina UniversityCullowhee, NCActive Kappa Tau University of KentuckyLexington, KYInactive Kappa Upsilon Oakland UniversityRochester, MIActive Kappa Phi University of Illinois at ChicagoChicago, ILInactive One-collective chapter for Chicago area universities and colleges, with the exception of Chicago State University, Northwestern University, and Loyola University Kappa Chi American UniversityWashington, D.C.Active Although chartered at American University this chapter also covers Georgetown University, The Catholic University of America, and George Washington University Kappa Psi California State University, ChicoChico, CAActive Kappa Omega Shippensburg University of PennsylvaniaShippensburg, PAActive Was originally Shippensburg State College but in became Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Kappa_Alpha_Psi_chapters
Kappa Alpha Psi- Zeta Beta Chapter 45th

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Zeta Zeta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity brief history

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