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Tiësto: Club Life - Volume 2 Miami

About Club Life Volume Two Miami:

International superstar DJ and producer Tiësto announces the April 24th release of his new Mix album, CLUB LIFE &#; Volume Two Miami, via his own record label, Musical Freedom. The second installment in Tiësto’s exciting CLUB LIFE series is inspired by Miami &#; one of the world’s premiere dance music cities.

Tiësto explains, “I picked Miami because it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. There’s so much to do, the club life there is amazing, it’s a very glamorous city. I play in Miami a couple times a year and that’s where I got my inspiration from on this album.”

CLUB LIFE &#; Volume Two offers unique access to Tiësto’s Miami, a city renowned for its world class night life, beautiful party goers and everlasting summers. Tiësto crafts the CLUB LIFE experience masterfully, using his own exclusive original productions and remixes as the driving force behind the album. Exclusive songs, written by Tiësto specifically with the Miami club culture in mind, include the enormous Wolfgang Gartner collaboration “We Own The Night,” the aptly titled “Chasing Summers,” and a high energy team up with Russian trio Swanky Tunes on “Make Some Noise.”

“I wanted to create songs that give fans the opportunity to experience the sound of Miami clubs, whether they’ve been there or not,” Tiësto says.

Showcasing his pre-eminent remixing abilities, Tiësto has created a handful of remixes for Volume Two. Coldplay’s “Paradise” gets a shot of patented Tiësto adrenaline; Gotye’s international chart topper, “Somebody That I Used To Know,” is reimagined as a late night party starter; and lastly The Naked &#; Famous’ indie anthem “Young Blood” gets tag teamed by Tiësto and young Dutch star Hardwell.

Commenting on his remix work Tiësto says, “With the remixes on this album, I took a handful of songs I love and created remixes filtered through the CLUB LIFE sound. I’m really proud of how they’ve turned out and am excited for people to experience them.”

Rounding out the mix, Tiësto calls on his fellow DJs and producers, sprinkling in personal favorties from his Musical Freedom label as well as exclusives: Baggi Begovic’s ”If A Lie Was Love”, Sultan + Ned Shepard’s emotive “Walls” and Avesta’s festival anthem “Arena” all inject a perfect dose of contrast and balance as only Tiësto could.

Tiësto’s official online store is selling exclusive CLUB LIFE &#; Volume 2 Miami merchandise bundles, including signed copies of the album, t-shirts, posters and more.

Tiësto will be supporting the album throughout , starting with his March 23rd headlining performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami and continuing with more than dates on the CLUB LIFE WORLD TOUR.

Club Life: Volume Two Miami Tracklist

1. Tiësto – Miami (Original Mix)
2. Tiësto – Chasing Summers (Original Mix)
3. Tiësto &#; Wolfgang Gartner – We Own The Night ft. Luciana (Original Mix)
4. Tiësto – What Can We Do (A Deeper Love)(Third Party Remix)
5. Baggi Begovic ft. Josie Cotton – If A Lie Was Love (Original Mix)
6. Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used to Know (Tiësto Remix)
7. Coldplay – Paradise (Tiësto Remix)
8. Sultan + Ned Shepard – Walls ft. Quilla (Original Mix)
9. The Naked &#; Famous – Young Blood (Tiësto &#; Hardwell Remix)
John Dahlback – Life (Original Mix)
John De Sohn ft. Andreas Moe – Long Time (Original Mix)
Ivan Gough &#; Feenixpawl ft. Georgi Kay – In My Mind (Axwell Mix)
Avesta – Arena (Original Mix)
Afrojack &#; Shermanology – Can’t Stop Me Now (Tiësto Remix)
Tiësto &#; Swanky Tunes – Make Some Noise ft. Ben McInerney of New Navy (Original Mix)
Tiësto – Maximal Crazy (Original Mix)

Club Life, Vol. 2: Miami
Release Date: 04/17/12
Label: Musical Freedom

Sours: https://www.tiestoblog.com/tiesto-club-life-volumemiami/

Club Life, Vol. 2 - Miami

compilation album by Tiësto

Club Life, Vol. 2 - Miami is the seventh mix compilation by Dutch disc jockey and music producerTiësto, released on 21 April The second installment of the Club Life series, the album serves as a homage to the nightlife of Miami, Florida, a city renowned for being a focal point for electronic music. As well as collaborating with producers such as Axwell, Wolfgang Gartner, Afrojack, and Hardwell, Tiësto developed remixes of "Paradise" by Coldplay, Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" and The Naked and Famous' "Young Blood".

Music critics reacted favorably to the album, who cited its bombastic approach and musical composition as highlights. Critics also felt that the album effectively reflected the dance culture in Miami. Club Life, Vol. 2 - Miami performed successfully in several countries including Canada, Russia, Switzerland and the United States, where it peaked at number sixteen on the Billboard

Background and development[edit]

Tiësto was impressed with the nightlife of Miami, Florida (pictured) upon arriving in the United States.

Club Life, Vol. 2 - Miami is the second installment of the Club Life series, succeeding its predecessor Club Life, Vol. 1 - Las Vegas ().[1] The album serves as a tribute to the nightlife in Miami, Florida, a city internationally renowned for being an epicenter for electronic dance music.[2] Upon arriving in the United States in , Tiësto was instantly enamored by the city's vibrant electronic music scene, as the genre had yet to garner mainstream popularity throughout the rest of the country. "Literally the first place I came to in America was Miami," he recalled, "and since then I've always been in love with the city. They've always been very supportive of my music. Like, even in the beginning of , when the whole of America was not really into dance music, Miami had already embraced my music here and played it in all the stores."[2] Tiësto, who performs in the area annually, sought inspiration from varying discothèques in the city.[3] He explained, "I wanted to create songs that give fans the opportunity to experience the sound of Miami clubs, whether they’ve been there or not."[4]

Tiësto collaborated with multiple record producers and disc jockeys in the recording process of the album, which include Afrojack, Wolfgang Gartner and Swanky Tunes. Club Life, Vol. 2 possess remixes of Coldplay's "Paradise" (), "Somebody That I Used to Know" () by Gotye and The Naked and Famous' "Young Blood" ()—songs that Tiësto professes to be some of his favorites. "With the remixes on this album, I took a handful of songs I love and created remixes filtered through the Club Life sound", he explained.[5]


The album opens with the interlude "Miami" and "Chasing Summers", which are homages to the summers in the city.[6] The collaborative effort We Own the Night follows as the third track; the song features vocals from English recording artist Luciana, which coincides over electronic basslines.[6] After transitioning from "What Can We Do (A Deeper Love)" and "If a Lie Was Love", the respective seventh and eighth tracks—the remixes of "Paradise" and "Somebody That I Used to Know"—follows suit; the latter contains an upbeat melody with pounding synthesizers.[6] It continues with "Walls", the album's ninth song, which contains an upbeat melody and a house-inspired breakdown.[6]Hardwell's remix of "Young Blood" constitutes the tenth tune of Club Life, Vol. 2 - Miami, which albeit retains the original song's banger themes, provides a "euphoric sound with progressively sweet vocals building next to synths before releasing a thumping beat".[6] The thirteenth track, "Arena", commences after "Life", "Long Time", and the "electric summer sound" of Axwell's "In My Mind".[6] "Can't Stop Me", a collaborative work between Tiësto and fellow Dutch producer Afrojack, is drenched with thumping percussion and grandiose vocals.[6] "Maximal Crazy" serves as the album's concluding number.[6]


Club Life, Vol. 2 - Two Miami has been well received by music critics. The album provoked Elektro Daily's Cynthia Conte to conclude that Tiësto "drops some serious fierce beats that will have you dancing all day and all night".[7] Analogous sentiments were echoed by Sanam Wadhwani, who concluded: "Overall, Club Life, Vol. 2 - Miami is a perfect symphony of sound for all listeners of music and is a must buy."[8]iEnlive commended the album's bombastic approach, and asserted that it accurately embodied Miami's electronic music scene. "As the time is finally here, the international DJ maestro presents his finest work as the album is a home to stellar productions, including collaborations with Wolfgang Gartner and unique remixes of Afrojack's latest hit 'Can’t Stop Me Now' as well as Gotye's 'Somebody I Used To Know'. It’s big, and it’s here."[5] Writing for Brig, a publication from the University of Stirling, Stuart Kenny avouched that the album contained a plethora of potential hits "that will unleash excessive amounts of euphoria when blasted from a live stage".[6]

Club Life, Vol. 2 - Miami performed successfully in several countries. It debuted at number sixteen on the Billboard , becoming Tiësto's highest-charting album in the United States. Subsequently, it charted at number three on the Independent Albums Chart and topped the Dance/Electronic Albums Chart.[9] The following week, Club Life, Vol. 2 - Miami descended forty-eight spots to number sixty-four on the Billboard [10] In Canada, the remix album ascended and peaked at number seven on the Canadian Albums Chart.[9]Club Life, Vol. 2 - Miami attained similar successes in European markets. It garnered its highest position in Switzerland, where it debuted within the top three.[11] The album acquired top-ten positions in Austria,[12] Russia,[13] and the United Kingdom,[14] while also obtaining top entries in Spain and Denmark.[15][16]

Track listing[edit]

"Las Vegas" (Moska Remix)Tiësto
  • In the iTunes Bonus Edition, "Miami" is a part of "Chasing Summers."
  • The digital download of "Make Some Noise" has its own cover art but the song is not identified as a single.



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A teasy


posted on YouTube Tuesday showed a wide shot of what looked to be Ti&#;sto's Ultra Music Festival set. The caption below it read, "Any ideas what this might be the first track from?" And on Thursday (March 8), the dance music heavyweight confirmed that his next album drops April Indeed, the moody, building song preview that the clip is set to will be the opening track of the second installment in his Club Life mix album series, Club Life: Volume Two Miami.

And with dance music enthusiasts counting down the days to Miami Music Week (March 20 through March 25), an occasion that will see the EDM faithful from around the world heading to Miami's pools, parks and Ultra Music Festival, the new album's title makes perfect sense for this time of year.

"I picked Miami because it's one of my favorite cities in the world," Ti&#;sto explained in a statement. "There's so much to do, the club life there is amazing, it's a very glamorous city. I play in Miami a couple times a year and that's where I got my inspiration from on this album."

Camp Ti&#;sto revealed quite a bit about CLV2M: Expect a Ti&#;sto original in "Chasing Summers," an "enormous" collaboration with Wolfgang Gartner on "We Own the Night" and "a high-energy team-up" with Swanky Tunes on "Make Some Noise."

On the remix side, CLV2M will feature Ti&#;sto's already smoldering remix of Coldplay's "Paradise," Gotye's popular hit "Somebody That I Used to Know" and the Naked and Famous' "Young Blood," an effort that partnered him with Hardwell, his hometown buddy from Breda, Holland. Fans will be ecstatic to know that the mix album will also include a remix of Afrojack's latest smash success, "Can't Stop Me Now," which the statement describes as a "muscular, floor-filling affair."

Ti&#;sto is set to headline Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and his label, Musical Freedom, will showcase an as-yet-unannounced roster of talent at the Fontainebleau Hotel's Arkadia Nightclub on Friday night, March

Additionally piquing the interest of many fans is a possible charity Holland vs. Sweden DJ soccer match, which may take place during the week in Miami. Rumors swirling in the Twitterverse indicate that the Swedish House Mafia gents, Afrojack, Dada Life, Otto Knows, Sunnery & Ryan, Avicii, Alesso and more will be taking part. MTV News will have more on that if and when details emerge (fans can check out @DJFootballGames on Twitter as well).

Club Life: Volume 2 - Miami will also feature Baggi Begovic's "If a Lie Was Love," Sultan + Ned Shepard's "Walls" and Avesta's "Arena."

Sours: https://www.mtv.com/news//tiesto-club-life-volumemiami-april/
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