1 year bodybuilding transformation

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Transformations don't happen overnight. They take time—hours upon hours spent training, eating well, and putting health above all else. There is no easy route when it comes to making lifelong changes, but perseverance and determination go a long way. Whether you're battling health issues, facing an uphill fat-loss battle, or you've hit a plateau on the way to your goals, these Bodybuilding.com readers prove that when you officially decide to change, nothing can stop you.

presents a clean slate and new chance to rebuild your strength, test your limits, and prove to yourself that you can make strides in carving out your own personal fit life.

Check out these inspirational transformations. Then, after you read these tales of triumph, use your skyrocketing motivation to kick off your own fitness journey. The best way to begin your journey is to sign up for BodyFit by Bodybuilding.com.

1. Jesse Shand

Jesse Shand Before

Age: 26, Height: 6'1'', Weight: + lbs. 

Jesse Shand After

Age: 28, Height: 6'1'', Weight: lbs. 

Imagine not leaving your house or seeing your friends for years. Imagine not bathing in nearly that long because your body had grown so enormous that it could no longer fit in the shower. Imagine looking down at the scale and seeing the number staring back at you. That was Jesse's life a few short years ago. With the support of the Bodybuilding.com community, he was able to shed pounds and regain control.

See Jesse's transformation.

2. John Glaude

Proving that slow and steady wins the race, John transformed the right way—through diet, exercise, patience, and consistency. In two years, he lost pounds and finally gained comfort in his own skin.

See John's transformation.

3. Rashard Keen

Rashard Keen Before

Age: 30, Height: 5'11'', Weight: lbs. , Body Fat: 40%

Rashard Keen After

Age: 31, Height: 5'11'', Weight: lbs. , Body Fat: 5%

The birth of his son fueled Rashard's desire to change, but progress took him from simply fit to stage-ready. With the support of his family, Rashard had no fear. In May , barely a year into his fitness journey, he won first place at his first-ever bodybuilding competition!

See Rashard's transformation.

4. Andrew Chilson

Andrew Chilson Before

Age: 29, Height: 5'7'', Weight: lbs. , Body Fat: 33%

Andrew Chilson After

Age: 32, Height: 5'7'', Weight: lbs. , Body Fat: %

Andrew didn't let the debilitating effects of Crohn's disease get in the way of achieving his best self. What started out as a slow process of figuring out his nutrition proved worthwhile once he revamped his meal plan. Andrew changed with the help of Kris Gethin's Week-Muscle-Building Trainer and Jim Stoppani's Shortcut to Shred.

See Andrew's transformation.

5. Tiffany Hatfield

Tiffany Hatfield before

Age: 30, Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 30%

Tiffany Hatfield After

Age: 33, Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 18%

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, Tiffany resolved to change her life for the better at the start of —and stuck with it. The feel-good endorphins she got from exercise helped change her outlook and forge a healthy lifestyle.

See Tiffany's transformation.

6. Katie Anne Rutherford

Katie Rutherford before

Age: 19, Height: 5'7'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 25%

Katie Rutherford after

Age: 23, Height: 5'7'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 8% (competing)

Katie went from restricting her food to make weight for track to regaining control of her meals and owning the iron and stage. She won her NPC class one weekend, won her powerlifting meet the next, and finished her three-week string by taking home her pro card in a national figure competition the following week! She's living proof that anyone can be lean and strong.

See Katie's transformation.

7. Kate Jones

Kate Jones before

Age: 24, Height: 5'1'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 25%

Kate Jones after

Age: 26, Height: 5'1'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 10%

With help from Jamie's Eason's LiveFit trainer, Kate changed her sedentary ways, dropped the "freshman 15," and learned how to reconnect with her inner athlete. By making her health a priority, she dropped 15 percent body fat in less than two years!

See Kate's transformation.

8. Pete Crawford

Peter Crawford before

Age: 41, Height: 5'11'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 40+%

Peter Crawford after

Age: 44, Height: 5'11'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 15%

Pete went from chasing beer with McDonald's Quarter Pounders and zero exercise to following strict meal prep and chasing miles on his cycle. He lost pounds in three years, kept it off, and never looked back.

See Pete's transformation.

9. Samantha Bowman

Samantha Bowman before

Age: 47, Height: 5'7'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 34%

Samantha Bowman after

Age: 47, Height: 5'7'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 12%

After tight size pants left her feeling less than stellar, year-old Samantha took matters into her own hands. With a little help from a friend, she took on Blueprint to Cut, lost more than 40 pounds in 10 months, and took second place in novice figure. She's proof that there's an inner athlete in all of us.

See Samantha's transformation.

Jon Welch

Jon Welch before

Age: 31, Height: 5'10'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 30+%

Jon Welch after

Age: 35, Height: 5'10'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 11%

After ditching his all-or-nothing mentality, Jon was able to make small, sustainable changes that led to a pound weight loss and a newfound hunger for continuous self-improvement.

See Jon's transformation.

Isaac Velarde

Isaac Velarde before

Age: 35, Height: 5'10'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 46%

Isaac Velarde after

Age: 39, Height: 5'10'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 4%

Isaac's childhood trauma led him to use food as a comfort. When he decided to let go and transform his body, he dropped pounds and became fit, happy, and successful!

See Isaac's transformation.

Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker before

Age: 29, Height: 5'10'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 26%

Jason Tucker after

Age: 31, Height: 5'10'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 8%

Highly disciplined naval officer Jason Tucker learned that unwanted weight gain can happen to anyone. After giving up his laid-back college life, he set a goal and got shredded!

See Jason's transformation.

Laura Picton-Hildereth

Laura Picton before

Age: 45, Height: 5'1'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 30%

Laura Picton

Age: 49, Height: 5'1'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 10%

A bone tumor was a wake-up call for Laura. After finding a smarter way to eat and train, she was able to slash her body fat by 20 percent, lose more than 50 pounds, and take the stage—earning a top-three finish!

See Laura transformation.

Christin Rossano

Christin Rossano before

Age: 17, Height: 5'2'', Weight: 95 lbs. , Body Fat: 10%

Christin Rossano after

Age: 21, Height: 5'3'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 8%

With the strength she drew from her supportive family, Christin was able to meet her goal of gaining weight. She found a meal plan that worked for her and gained muscle mass.

See Christin's transformation.

Vanessa Garcia

Vanessa garcia before

Age: 22, Height: 5'12', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 32%

Vanessa Garcia after

Age: 25, Height: 5'2'', Weight:  lbs. , Body Fat: 16%

Vanessa struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food, but after using her pregnancy as an excuse to eat, she committed to a healthier lifestyle and lost 40 pounds!

See Vanessa's transformation.

Sours: https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/transformations-that-prove-you-can-change-your-life.html

A couple of years ago, at the height of the notorious 'dad bod' craze, people started to realize that Drake was ripped. He had been training for over three years, but the world only noticed when his Instagram page suddenly started heating up. Of course, like most other things, Drake has turned into a trend, and his followers flocked to gyms around the world on a body transformation quest to get 'swoll' like Champagne Papi.

Now, this is not to say that everyone who takes the benefits of exercise seriously these days is doing it because of Drake, but it's clear that 'making gains' is back in style, and people are going from skinny to shredded faster than half of us can blink. If it's done right, building muscle mass can actually give a lot of health benefits - prolong your lifespan and improve cardiovascular and bone health - as well as increase your chances of people sliding in the DM. Faster isn't always better, though. Each person inherits different strengths and weaknesses from the gene pool, so it's important to take your time and found out what gym workout is best for your unique body. To dispel that last little thought in your head, no - steroids are never a good option unless you want to add the increased risk of heart disease and stroke to your exercise routine.

Here at Bored Panda, we decided to compile a list of people who bulked up big-time and barely look like the same people in their 'before' photos, from women fitness maniacs to guys who have managed to get ripped using no exercise equipment at all. We've also included the timespan of their progress, but keep in mind that everyone builds at a different pace!

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Sours: https://www.boredpanda.com/before-after-body-building-fitness-transformation/
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Body Transformation: Zero To Hero In One Year!

Why I decided to transform

My passion for bodybuilding started when I was a mere 9-year-old. My father used to compete in bodybuilding himself, and he'd watch CDs and DVDs from his collection with bodybuilding competitions, movies, and training.

Although I had no idea what was going on, I remember how I admired these muscle-packed, shredded physiques. I thought to myself: "Man, if I ever get to be half as big as these guys are, I'll be more than happy." I admired and looked up to my father, looking to his medal and photos with pride and hoping to one day become national champion as he once was.

As time passed by, I kept reading bodybuilding magazines and watching videos, but I never got motivated enough to actually start going to the gym and train. When I turned 16, I'd begun to think more seriously about bodybuilding and asking my father about taking me to the gym and training.

On the night of the March 8th , my father told me he'd take me to the gym the next morning. On our way there, I set up my goal: I would compete next year at the National Championship.

AGE 16 / HEIGHT 5'8" / BODY FAT 9%

AGE 17 / HEIGHT 5'8" / BODY FAT %

Post To Fitboard

How I accomplished my goals

Starting out lifting, I didn't really know much. Under my father's guidance, however, I learned many new things and managed to improve at a steady rate. I became interested in becoming better and stumbled upon Ben Pakulski's intelligent approach to bodybuilding, which hooked me immediately.

My appetite for knowledge seemed insatiable. I wanted to learn as many things as possible to become the best version of myself. I also discovered and fell in love with Kai Greene's more poetic and philosophical way of seeing things. (An interesting thing about Kai is that being the best bodybuilder in the world today doesn't let it get to his head and is very humble and nice.) I owe my motivation, knowledge, and progress to these three guys—my father especially.

There surely were moments in which I thought about quitting, but one glimpse of my father's photos in my room I got right back on track to sleeping, training, and eating properly. As of April 27, I am proud of myself because I've succeeded in taking part in the competition.

Although I was disappointed in my placing (4th place), the experience was unforgettable. Everybody congratulated me for what I've managed to do in one year of training.

What aspect challenged me the most

When I started out, I didn't pay much attention to what I was eating, not counting my macronutrients and calories. When I saw that I gained a few pounds of fat, I started tracking everything, avoiding the same mistake again.

I also used to stay up late and play video games, which prevented me from sleeping enough and recovering from my training. I let that passion die and now go to bed earlier, so I can get at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

My future fitness plans

I've begun training for competing next year at the National Championships. I intend to compete at a heavier weight class with at least 10 more pounds of muscle than I did this year.

Of course, I hope to win the title and bring it back to my family. My dream is to take part at the Arnold Classic Europe in 2 or 3 years either in physique or classic bodybuilding. I am willing to learn, train, eat, and be as dedicated as possible in order to achieve this goal.

"Research the field. Gaining knowledge is just as important as gaining muscle."

I also have high hopes of studying physiology, as bodybuilding has put me on this path.

Another thing I love doing is sharing the things I know with others, helping them fulfill their fitness goals, and I've promised myself I will never let anything get in the way of this. There's this quote I love, and it goes something like: "Strong people don't put others down…they lift them up."

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

  • Research the field. Gaining knowledge is just as important as gaining muscle.
  • Make a diet plan and assess the results every 3 to 4 weeks, tweaking the plan accordingly.
  • Never quit. If you believe in yourself, you will succeed eventually.
  • Do not waste your time on your haters. Do not listen to what they say.
  • Motivate others just as others motivate you.

How Bodybuilding.com helped me reach my goals

I visit Bodybuilding.com on a daily basis. I look for inspirational people, product reviews, new exercises, training plans, competition results and photos, threads on the forums, and more. It was the place I could find the most information about tanning for my competition, which was crucial and helped me a lot.

The database of information here is huge, and everybody should take advantage of it to know more things, which might prove helpful in their fitness journey. Anybody who wants a change in their physique should get on Bodybuilding.com. It provides everything one could need.

Horia Paul's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "Till I Collapse" by Eminem
  2. "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park
  3. "Coming Undone" by Korn
  4. "Animal I Have Become" by 3 Days Grace
  5. "Du hast" by Rammstein

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How To Lose + Pounds In 1 Year!

If Steve had downtime, he was either training or preparing meals. That dedicated plan of attack drove him to lose pounds and 30 percent body fat in one year!

Sours: https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/body-transformation-zero-to-hero-inyear.html
1 Year Body Transformation From Fat to Muscular (17-18 years) Natural!

If you&#;ve entered looking a little worse for wear, you will have undoubtedly set yourself the New Year&#;s resolution to lose weight and get into good shape. Of course, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome to achieve said goal is summoning the motivation and dedication to commit to a fitness regime and a new diet to go along with it.

Securing yourself a good personal trainer can help kickstart your new fitness journey, and you will be able to show them images of physiques you&#;ve seen on Instagram that you want to achieve. Naturally, Instagram should be taken with a grain of salt, as the people in the images could have manipulated them using Photoshop, or they&#;ve been working out since they could crawl.

One particular post that caught our eye recently, however, provides a much more honest approach to what can be achieved if you devote some serious time to the gym. Posted to the Tanksgoodnews account, one man has revealed his incredible transformation achieved over the course of 12 months.

It must be said, achieving such results in what is realistically a short period of time, is nothing short of seriously impressive, especially when you consider super-ripped middle-aged Jason Parrish took a couple of decades to reach his staggeringly low levels of body fat. It would also be fair to assume that this man put himself through a serious fitness regime for the first time, which, as this Instagram post shows, is the prime time to achieve maximum muscle growth.

In your first year of training, you can expect to gain around 2 lbs/g of muscle each month, but in subsequent years this figure will slowly decline. This is a known phenomenon within the fitness industry, referred to as a plateau. When you come from no major fitness background, your body will be shocked when you start putting it through its paces. Your body will react well to this and you&#;ll notice your fat mass drop and your muscle mass increase significantly.

Once you have some decent size and strength, it then becomes more difficult – or at least, more effort is required – to continue to make significant gains. In order to maximise your potential, you will need to make sure you&#;re eating in a calorie surplus, which, as you continue to grow in size, will need to increase too.

The number of calories you need to consume, as well as the amount of training you need to put your body through, will also be determined by your body type, whether it be ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph. While endomorphs will find it easiest to gain muscle, they will also gain body fat if they don&#;t work out in the right ways. Ectomorphs, meanwhile, will struggle to gain mass of any kind, but Jaden Smith has previously proved that this body type can still achieve incredible results.

Ultimately, anyone can achieve the body transformation of their dreams, they just need to stick to a program and eat the right foods. While you may not see quite the same results in 12 months, don&#;t let this put you off. Maintaining a routine will not only result in a healthy body, but a healthy mind, too.

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Bodybuilding transformation year 1

8 Inspiring Weight Loss Transformations You Have to See to Believe

Chris Anderson grew up eating large portions of pizza, Chinese take-out, and ice cream. Eventually, a sedentary lifestyle made it difficult for him to maintain his weight. By 31, Anderson weighed pounds.

Frustrated, he changed his diet and worked out. Although, Anderson saw some success he'd regain the weight.

“It became a vicious cycle, which was bordering on becoming an eating disorder,” he told Men's Health.

Anderson once again weighed Through online research, he discovered the UP Encyclopaedia of Personal Training, by Nick Mitchell, founder of Ultimate Performance. This led him to using thee Live UP program, an online training package.

After 16 weeks, Anderson lost more than 30 pounds and gained an immeasurable amount of confidence.

“I’ve had waiters in restaurants come up to me and ask how I got in the shape I am in,” he said.

Read more about Chris' transformation.

Sours: https://www.menshealth.com/weight-loss/g/weight-loss-transformations/
1 Year Natural Body Transformation (16-17)

And she with a gentle, but firm hand pushed him into the elevator. But what about. - only he had time to shout. See you tomorrow, at the same time, - she answered, and the doors closed. Almost nine.

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Only after that Vadik. Allowed her to finish. The brunette spread her legs wide to the sides and pulled them to her chest. Vadik watched with interest as her hands nimble between widely spaced thighs, shining with sweat and moisture, hot thighs.

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