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Acceleration Acceleration Acceleration tests are conducted on a smooth, flat pavement straightaway at the track. Time, speed, and distance measurements are taken with a precise GPS-based device that’s hooked to a data-logging computer.
0 to 60 mph 0 to 60 mph (sec.) The time in seconds that a vehicle takes to reach 60 mph from a standstill with the engine idling.
Transmission Transmission Transmission performance is determined by shifting smoothness, response, shifter action, and clutch actuation for manual transmissions.
Braking Braking The braking rating is a composite of wet and dry stopping distances and pedal feel. Braking distance is from 60 mph, with no wheels locked.
Emergency Handling Emergency Handling Several factors go into the rating, including the avoidance maneuver speed and confidence, as well as how the vehicle behaves when pushed to its limit.
Comfort / Convenience Comfort / Convenience
Ride Ride Our expert judgment of how well the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body on various road surfaces.
Noise Noise Our expert judgment of the vehicle&#;s interior noise level in everyday driving.
Front Seat Comfort Front Seat Comfort Our judgment of how comfortable the front seat is for drivers of various heights.
Rear Seat Comfort Rear Seat Comfort Our judgment of how comfortable the rear seat is for two passengers to sit across.
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GMC Terrain

GMC Terrain is a generously sized compact crossover sport-utility vehicle, best suited to young families or active couples. It seats five in a well-designed, nicely finished cabin, with state-of-the-art powertrains, advanced safety systems and convenience features, and class-leading fuel economy.

The Terrain represents its fifth year of production, having been introduced as a model. Except for one new color choice, little has changed for the model year, except for revised wheels. New inch aluminum wheels are standard on SLE and SLT1 models. Chrome-clad inch wheels are now standard on the SLT2, and available for the SLE2 and SLT1. Also new for are text message support and Siri Eyes Free connectivity.

Technically a compact SUV, the Terrain crossover is nearly large enough to be considered a mid-size sport-utility, with lots of space inside. Terrain competes against compacts such as the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and Ford Escape, and midsize models such as the Ford Edge and Nissan Murano.

Terrain&#;s most obvious strength might be its spacious, well-equipped cabin. The interior is comfortable, quiet and well isolated from the noise and chop of the roadway. Design and workmanship are quite good.

The GMC Terrain shares its platform and mechanical components with the Chevrolet Equinox, but the two vehicles don&#;t look much alike. Terrain is geared toward GMC&#;s truck image, and its angular styling is polished and rugged at the same time.

Terrain comes standard with front-wheel drive, but all-wheel drive is available for improved all-weather capability, even with the standard four-cylinder engine. All models come with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The base horspower, liter four-cylinder engine delivers good performance and great fuel economy, earning an EPA-estimated 22/32 mpg City/Highway with front-wheel drive (20/29 mpg with all-wheel drive). A liter V6 is optional, rated at horsepower and pound-feet of torque, earning an estimate of 17/24 mpg with front-wheel drive (16/23 with AWD). The V6 increases towing capacity from 1, to 3, pounds, the latter sufficient to pull a light boat or a pair of personal watercraft or snowmobiles.

Terrain SLE comes well equipped, with a nice audio system, satellite radio hardware, GM&#;s OnStar emergency and communications system, and a rearview camera. The standard rear seat ranks among the best in class. Terrain&#;s seatbacks recline, and both sections slide fore and aft up to eight inches to maximize either passenger or cargo space, according to personal preference.

Terrain SLT trim levels (SLT1 and SLT2) offer the widest range of available premium features, including navigation, streaming audio, heated seats and memory, but they&#;re still available with the four-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive. Buyers don&#;t have to take the big engine or all-wheel drive to get the technology features.

The GMC Terrain comes standard with front-wheel drive and a horsepower, liter four-cylinder engine. A horsepower, liter V6 ($1,) is available, except in SLE trim. In the Denali, the V6 option ($1,) includes inch wheels. Each model may be equipped full-time all-wheel-drive ($1, extra).

Terrain SLE ($25,) comes with cloth upholstery, manual air conditioning, a full complement of power features, driver&#;s seat with power height adjustment and power lumbar, rearview camera, inch alloy wheels and six-speaker audio with single CD, USB and Bluetooth connection, touch-screen controls and satellite radio hardware. The rear seats split, fold, recline and slide back and forth to maximize leg room or cargo space. Terrain SLE2 ($27,) adds Pioneer eight-speaker audio, automatic temperature control, an eight-way power driver&#;s seat, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and roof rails. It also opens Terrain to the V6 engine and a handful of other options, including a sunroof ($) and GPS Navigation ($).

Terrain SLT ($29,) upgrades with leather upholstery, heated front seats, and remote starting. The SLT2 ($32,) adds a driver&#;s seat memory, sunroof, rear park assist, underbody skid plats, inch chrome-clad aluminum wheels, and a power/programmable liftgate. Also included for are forward collision and lane departure warnings.

Terrain Denali ($35,) includes blind-spot assist, side blind-zone alert, cross-traffic alert, a ride/handling suspension, leather/wood steering wheel with audio and cruise controls, and a memory driver&#;s seat.

Options include 8-way power heated front seats; a power liftgate ($); Cargo Package ($) with rear cargo cover. cargo net and roof crossbars; tow package ($) with hitch; inch wheels ($1,), and special paint.

Safety features on all Terrain variants start with dual-threshold front airbags, front-passenger side impact airbags and head-protection curtains for all outboard seats. Standard active safety features include antilock brakes (ABS), GM&#;s Stabilitrak stability system (ESC) with rollover mitigation, rearview camera, and OnStar telematics with a six-month Crash Response subscription. Terrain SLT is available with rear park assist as well as optional forward collision alert with lane departure warning. Side blind-zone alert and rear cross-traffic alert are standard on the Denali. Optional all-wheel drive can enhance safety in slippery conditions.


GMC Terrain is built at the same plant as the Chevrolet Equinox, and it&#;s on the same platform with the same mechanical components. Yet the Terrain is intended to appeal to a different buyer. Technically a compact, the Terrain looks bigger. Its dimensions (and those of the Equinox) come close to some mid-size SUVs and crossovers.

Terrain measures 15 feet, 5 inches bumper-to-bumper, on a inch wheel base. The distance between its wheel hubs is slightly longer than the wheelbase of the big Ford Explorer, and the Terrain is slightly larger than a Ford Edge in most dimensions. GMC engineers have used acoustic blankets between the engine and dashboard to minimize engine noise streaming into Terrain&#;s cabin. Acoustic laminated glass helps manage wind noise, while the doors are triple-sealed for further quieting and efficient climate control.

GMC is a truck brand, so the Terrain has bolder styling with a larger, more distinctive grille than the one on the Equinox. Especially when viewed from the front, the Terrain&#;s wide stance and high beltline leave a substantial, well-planted impression.

Terrain&#;s body makes use of broad, sheer surfaces with a rectangular shape to the wheel wells. The side surfaces are clean, with chrome accents on the door handles and windows. Along the bottom of the exterior panels is a textured anti-chip layer of paint, conveying the message that the Terrain could be functional in harsher environments, both urban and rural. A sleek roof rack provides additional cargo capacity. =

Three wheel sizes and styles are available, including inch aluminum wheels, and and inch chrome-clad wheels.

GMC Terrain makes a comfortable, versatile, flexible vehicle for families with two kids, or for couples with active lifestyles. Such details as a standard touch-screen interface make Terrain even easier to live with, but a third-row seat is not available. Buyers who occasionally need space for seven or eight will have to look at something larger, like GMC Acadia.

The Terrain cabin features curving lines and close-fitting panels. All surfaces are soft and nicely grained. Interior space is open and relaxed, with lots of room to stretch in back. Seats are styled using a contrasting inset with exact red stitching. The dashboard is low and leans away from the front occupants, creating a generously spacious feel.

The driver gets a high seating position, offering the same kind of vision and command of the road as traditional body-on-frame SUVs. Terrain&#;s step-in height, however, is relatively low, making entry, exit and rear-seat loading a bit easier than with the truck-based SUVs.

Seats are comfortable and adjustable enough to prevent squirming as the hours wear on. We found the Terrain has more than enough legroom for an average-size person, and it was easy to position the seat comfortably in relation to the steering wheel. GMC says special attention was paid to accommodating shorter drivers. Interior designers worked extensively to optimize the accelerator pedal so the driving position could be close to ideal for a wider range of body types.

The dashboard and controls are lighted in orange, with bright white instrument numerals. The interior lighting creates a well-lit, but not overly bright, nighttime environment.

The floating center stack is positioned so that the most-used controls are within easy reach. It looks high-tech, but isn&#;t overly complicated, and there&#;s enough space for a center storage bin that&#;s big enough for a laptop computer. The center console also has a tall, deep box, which has two advantages: It makes a great armrest, and there&#;s plenty of room to put things inside. Four power outlets are spread through the cabin for phone chargers, laptops and other portable devices.

A seven-inch touch screen mates with the standard audio system. Essentially, GMC has been building all Terrains with the HD screen for the navigation system, even if they&#;re not equipped with navigation. For customers, this brings the added benefit of making the optional GPS system much less expensive. The touch graphics look something like a cell phone, and they allow more functions to be integrated into the system. OnStar and SiriusXM satellite radio hardware are standard, with a six-month subscription to OnStar and a three-month subscription to SiriusXM included. If a Terrain buyer likes either, there will be an ongoing cost.

Bluetooth comes standard on all Terrains, allowing the driver to operate cellular telephones hands-free using the Terrain&#;s speakers, a hidden microphone, and the touch screen. In the SLT2, occupants can also stream audio from hand-held devices and control them with the touch screen. With navigation, there&#;s an SD card slot to transfer music to the system&#;s hard drive.

All Terrains comes standard with a rearview camera. It&#;s a great safety feature, as it can help the driver spot anything, including children, behind the vehicle when backing up. The standard touch screen helps considerably here.

The Terrain&#;s rear seat is one of its best features. It&#;s split 60/40, as is typical, but each seatback reclines individually, like those in front. Better still, each portion slides forward or rearward up to eight inches, favoring either cargo room or passenger room as the situation dictates.

A power-operated, programmable rear hatch is available on all but the base Terrain. It can be set to open to three different heights, depending on the size of the operator and the overhead clearance available.

Cargo space is good, but not best in class. With the rear seat moved furthest forward but up to hold passengers, there is cubic feet of volume behind it. That&#;s twice the space available in the typical compact sedan&#;s trunk.

With the rear seat folded, volume expands to cubic feet. That approaches the cargo space available in some larger crossovers like the Toyota Venza or Ford Edge, but it&#;s less than what&#;s available in some smaller ones, including the Ford Escape. And there are no standard cargo helpers with the Terrain. If you want a net pouch for grocery bags or a cover to hide what&#;s in the cargo area, you&#;ll have to spring for the optional Cargo Package, which also adds cross rails for the roof rack.

Driving Impressions

The GMC Terrain delivers a nice balance of attributes on the road, getting along in a fashion that complements its interior features and all-purpose versatility.

The dynamic balance tilts toward comfort, but the Terrain is reasonably nimble around town, and very easy to manage. It accelerates nicely regardless of the engine, and fuel economy with the four-cylinder is outstanding. The optional all-wheel-drive is suitable for graded trails, and it&#;s valuable in wintry climes.

Many buyers will find the optional forward collision alert and lane departure warning to be worth the extra cost. For starters, the Safety Package (including rear park assist) is relatively inexpensive, and it works as well as others that cost a lot more, with less distraction. On the other hand, it&#;s a bit distracting itself, until the driver becomes familiar with it, because the warning device is front and center on the dashboard. The driver sets the warning distance to an appropriate length. Once that&#;s settled, if he or she happens to glance down at a phone or back at a toddler at an inappropriate instant, the warning system will beep loudly and flash if the Terrain is closing too quickly on another car or object. It gets the driver&#;s attention fast, and that&#;s really all there is to it. It&#;s a good idea.

Both Terrain engines are technically advanced, with direct gasoline injection and sophisticated control technology to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. The liter V6 is rated at horsepower and pound-feet of torque. Fuel economy is an EPA-estimated 17 mpg city, 24 highway with front-wheel drive, or 16/23 mpg with all-wheel drive. The Terrain V6 is rated to tow up to pounds.

Acceleration is pleasantly capable even with the liter, horsepower four-cylinder engine, making the V6 less essential. Towing capacity is reduced to pounds, but overall drivability is close to comparable, and mileage ratings increase significantly. The four-cylinder gets an EPA-estimated 22 mpg city, 32 highway with front drive, and 20/29 mpg with all-wheel drive. Both ratings are near the top of the class.

GMC&#;s 6-speed automatic transmission helps make either engine appealing for propelling the nearly 4,pound Terrain in satisfying style. With a gear for every situation and intelligent programming, the transmission can sense the difference between subtle variations of throttle input. Sixth gear is a very tall overdrive, so the V6 Terrain cruises at highway speeds easily and quietly, loafing along at low rpm.

With its own quick-shifting 6-speed automatic, the four-cylinder easily powers the Terrain around town. With just a little more effort, it supplies confident on-ramp acceleration and no-downshift passing power on the highway. Its transmission has slightly lower gearing than that used with the V6, but it shifts just as smoothly and follows throttle input just as well. Especially for those who feel fuel costs will become a significant factor over the next few years, the four-cylinder powertrain is worth considering.

Any GMC Terrain is commendably quiet in just about every respect. It feels substantial around town, not the least bit tinny; but it&#;s also reasonably agile, with a progressive turn-in and little side-to-side sway at normal speeds. The suspension delivers a smooth, isolated ride, as we discovered on some straight, fast and sometimes potholed Midwestern roads. Relatively little vibration leaks through the steering wheel or other touch points.

In other words, the suspension is on the soft side, but handling around town and on more demanding roads is not hugely affected by body roll or brake dive. Cornering is quite predictable and secure, enhanced by a relatively wide stance. All things considered, we think the Terrain offers a comfortable dynamic balance, appropriate for a multi-purpose SUV. It&#;s not going to win an autocross, but the Terrain is solidly planted and nicely balanced.

Summary, Prices, Specs

The compact GMC Terrain seats five. Its roomy, substantial cabin has enough rear legroom and interior volume for comfort on long trips. Terrain starts with front-wheel drive and car-like unit-body construction, so it&#;s comfortable and maneuverable on the road, and loaded with technology and safety features. The standard four-cylinder delivers good acceleration and great mileage; the upgrade V6 increases towing capacity to 3, pounds. Optional all-wheel drive, available with either engine, makes Terrain suited for just about any environment.

J.P. Vettraino and John Stewart contributed to this report.

Model Line Overview
Model lineup:GMC Terrain SLE ($26,), SLE AWD ($28,); SLE2 ($27,), SLE2 AWD ($29,); SLT ($29,), SLT AWD ($31,); SLT2 ($32,), SLT2 AWD ($34,); Denali ($35,), Denali AWD ($36,)
Engines:hp liter inline-4; hp liter V6
Transmissions:6-speed automatic
Safety equipment (standard):front-impact airbags, front passenger side-impact airbags, full-cabin head protection curtains, antilock brakes (ABS), Stabilitrak electronic stability control (ESC) with rollover stability protection, tire-pressure monitor, daytime running lights (DRL), On-Star with six-month Crash Response subscription
Safety equipment (optional):rear obstacle warning, rearview camera, Forward Collision Alert with lane-departure warning; all-wheel drive
Basic warranty:3 years/36, miles
Assembled in:Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada
Specifications As Tested
Model tested (MSPR):GMC Terrain SLT2 ($31,)
Standard equipment:automatic climate control, leather seating, eight-way power driver seat with memory, heated front seats, eight-speaker Pioneer audio with single CD player, seven-inch LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity, USB connection and XM satellite radio hardware with three-month trial subscription, power windows, mirrors and locks, cruise control, leather-wrapped tilt/telescope steering wheel with audio controls, center console with storage box, overhead map lights, illuminated vanity mirrors, four volt power points, carpeted floor mats, power sunroof, remote start, deep-tinted rear glass, rear wiper, roof rails, rearview camera, rear obstacle warning, fog lamps, inch chromed aluminum wheels
Options as tested (MSPR):liter V6 ($1,); all-wheel drive ($1,); GPS navigation system ($) with SD card slot; Cargo Package ($) includes convenience net, cargo cover and roof rails; Trailering Package includes heavy-duty cooling system and hitch ($); forward collision alert ($) with lane departure warning; Carbon Black metallic paint ($)
Destination charge:$
Gas guzzler tax:N/A
Price as tested (MSPR):$37,
Layout:all-wheel drive
Engine:liter inline-4
Horsepower (lb.-ft @ rpm): @
Torque (lb.-ft @ rpm): @
Transmission:6-speed automatic
EPA fuel economy, city/hwy:20/29 mpg
Wheelbase: in.
Length/width/height:// in.
Track, f/r:/ in.
Turning circle: ft.
Seating Capacity:5
Head/hip/leg room, f:// in.
Head/hip/leg room, m:N/A
Head/hip/leg room, r:// in.
Cargo volume: cu. ft.
Towing capacity: Lbs.
Suspension, f:independent MacPherson strut, stabilizer bar, hydraulic bushings
Suspension, r:independent four-link with coil springs, stabilizer bar, hydraulic bushings
Ground clearance: in.
Curb weigth: lbs.
Brakes, f/r:vented disc/vented disc with ABS, EBD
Fuel capacity: gal.
Unless otherwise indicated, specifications refer to test vehicle. All prices are manufacturer's suggested retail prices (MSPR) effective as of December 8, Prices do not include manufacturer's destination and delivery charges. N/A: Information not available or not applicable. Manufacturer Info Sources: -
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Clean Retail Price

The MT clean retail price reflects a reasonable asking price by a dealership for a fully reconditioned vehicle (clean title history, no defects, minimal wear) with average mileage.

5-Year Cost to Own / Rating
$26,$12,Coming Soon / N.A.
$26,$12,Coming Soon / N.A.
$27,$12,Coming Soon / N.A.
$28,$12,Coming Soon / N.A.
$29,$13,Coming Soon / N.A.
$29,$13,Coming Soon / N.A.
$31,$14,Coming Soon / N.A.
$32,$14,Coming Soon / N.A.
$34,$15,Coming Soon / N.A.
$35,$16,Coming Soon / N.A.
$36,$17,Coming Soon / N.A.

Cargo (Std/Max):

32/64 cu.ft.

GMC Terrain Expert Review

Staff Writer


  • Available V-6 power
  • Smooth ride
  • Premium Denali model


  • Four-cylinder power
  • Fuel economy
  • Handling could be better

While mechanically similar to the Chevrolet Equinox, the GMC Terrain offers more upscale, boxier sheetmetal. Two engines are offered on the Terrain: a hp liter I-4 with lb-ft of torque and a hp, lb-ft liter V-6 mated - both engines are mated to a six-speed automatic and are available in front- or all-wheel drive. The liter is EPA-rated / mpg city/highway depending on the number of drive wheels, while V-6 models are rated / mpg. For those who want more, the Terrain Denali steps up the two-row crossover's luxury quotient.

We weren't impressed with the discontinued hp liter V-6 in our Terrain First Test, saying "It'll get out of its own way, but don't expect brisk acceleration." Last year, the liter was replaced by a more powerful yet no less efficient liter V After a quick comparison test between the GMC Terrain Denali and Kia Sorento SX, we said: "Based on a mere four hours spent comparing the GMC and Kia, we're not in a position to call a definite winner, but we horsepower junkies are fully prepared to praise GMC's decision to offer more power at no cost to fuel efficiency."

With the arrival of the more powerful liter in , there are few changes for the Terrain. SLE and SLT1 models now feature standard inch wheels and inch wheels are standard on SLT2 and available on SLE2 and SLT1 trims. New Siri Eyes Free and text message support offer safer smartphone integration. Silver Sky Metallic is a new exterior paint color. The GMC Terrain crossover has a four-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA (out of a possible five stars) and is considered a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS for cars built after November

Silver Sky Metallic joins the paint palette for Other exterior updates include standard inch wheels on SLE and SLT1 trims while inch wheels are standard on the SLT2. Eighteen-inch wheels are optional on SLE2 and SLT1 models. Inside, Siri Eyes Free and text message support offer safer smartphone integration.

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One of GM's better offerings

2014 GMC Terrain Interior Review

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Terrain 2014 review denali gmc

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