Retirement gifts for flight attendants

Retirement gifts for flight attendants DEFAULT

Flight Attendant Retirement Gifts

flight attendant gifts retirement

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For example, if you are travelling to or from Australia you flight attendant retirement gifts can select to stop somewhere in Asia.

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flight attendant gift

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a flight attendant? Whether you’re seeking ideas for a special friend, a recent graduate or something for members of the crew, we have you covered.

Live Free and Fly Necklace

A cute little airplane pendent necklace that comes in a box that reads “may your heart soar and your dreams take flight, reaching far beyond the highest height.”

Travel Shoe Bags

Help your flight attendant keep his or shoes looking spick and span on the road and in the air. This four-pack of bags are water resistant and built with a heavy zipper for maximum durability. A great practical gift idea.

Flight Attendant Watch

A truly adorable wristwatch made just for your flight attendant by Whimsical Watches. The face features a flight attendant and little symbols of her daily life including a pretzel. Comes with an attractive blue Italian leather strap.

Travel-Size Lotion Set

If you spend a lot of time on airplanes, you may notice you need to apply more moisturizing cream. That’s because the humidity is typically set to only about 20%. This variety pack of six TSA-size approved lotions includes Coconut Foot Cream and Shea Butter Hand Repair, among others.

Safe Travels Bracelet

If you have a close partner or friend flying, they’ll appreciate that your thinking of them while up in their air with this adorable bracelet that reads “safe travels wherever you go.” Complete with little engraved airplanes.

Mini Jewelry Storage Case

Keeping track of jewelry while traveling can be a headache. This little helps her keep all her valuables organized and looks cute to boot. Consider adding a couple little jewelry gifts to the box.

Vintage Airline Poster

Give your flight attendant some retro home decor with a vintage airline poster. We like this United Airlines poster featuring Disneyland.

Airport-Themed Scarf

This lovely scarf is tastefully printed with airport/airplane sketches. It has a light, airy feel and is flexible for many different occasions.

Airplane Stud Earrings

Made from 925 grade sterling silver, these cute airplane stud earrings make a fabulous gift for your fashionable flight attendant. Just subtle enough to catch the eye without becoming a distraction.

Dear Passenger: Welcome to My Wacky World as a Flight Attendant

This memoir from Elizabeth Calwell, written after three decades serving passengers in the air, will have you in absolute stitches. It’s well written and easy to read, recounting some crazy, cute and downright bizarre passenger behavior. A fun gift for a flight attendant in training to see things from the perspective of an industry veteran.

Let the Adventure Begin Bottle Opener

A great idea for a newly minted flight attendant, help him or her celebrate this exciting new career with this fun airplane bottle opener. If you happen to be looking for a bulk gift for a class of flight attendants, you can order these in multiples of 48 and 96.

$1.99 ($1.99 / Count)

$5.62 ($5.62 / Count)


Airplane Popup Card

If you’re looking for a card for a special occasion, consider this fun airplane popup. Open the card and the airplane unfolds in 3d with space for a message from you. There is no text on the card, giving you the flexibility to use it for anything ranging from graduation to birthdays to a thank you card.

Vintage Pan-Am Cat Pillow Cover

This Europe-imported pillow is woven to the high quality requirements of European National Museums. A quality gift idea a discerning flight attendant will absolutely adore.

Flight Attendant Brooch

A gorgeous rhinestone brooch that would be a fitting gift to any flight attendant. Perfect for parties and other special events, it will be a classy addition that will be noticed. Depending on airline policies, she may attach it to her flight uniform for an extra touch of glam.

Airplane Self Pull Cork Screw

If your flight attendant is a wine lover, look no further than this cute airplane-inspired cork screw. A twist of the propeller is the perfect way to open up a bottle of wine and relax after traveling.

Model Airplane

For hands-on flight attendants (and their kids) who geek out on all things aviation, a model airplane painted with their airline’s livery is the perfect gift idea. Pictured here is an American Airlines 777-300. Other airlines are available at the link. The pieces easily snap together.

Crew Cooler

Custom-designed for flight attendants, this stylish bag meets all the needs of the frequent flyer to carry food on board. The bottom compartment has six sides of insulation for ultra-cooling capability while the top compartments has two zippers to easily access your dry goods.

Love Flight Attendant Shirt

Being a flight attendant isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle- here’s a tasteful T-shirt shirt any attendant will truly appreciate. This lightweight classic-fit shirt is 100% cotton and is a gift that will stand the test of time.

Evian Facial Spray Set

The classic choice of flight attendants to care for their skin, this TSA-approvedspray can be carried on board any flight. An ideal size for your purse or carry-on bag, this facial spray sets makeup while protecting your skin from chlorine and salt.

$42.00 ($4.12 / Fl Oz)

$42.00 ($4.12 / Fl Oz)


World Traveler Necklace

These charming pendants are food for the traveler’s spirit. Made in the United States, the globe and plane pendants are silver-plated, kind to skin and lead free- a timeless gift to be cherished by the frequent flyer.

Lonely Planet Travel Book

The essential reference guide for travel from Lonely Planet, the most trusted name in travel guides. Never lose inspiration for your next trip, with profiles of every UN-recognized country on the planet; featuring stunning photography, useful statistics and fascinating insights into every country.

Rubber Duck Bath Stewardess

Make bath-time fun with this glamorously cute air stewardess rubber duck. The classic squeaking toy has had a makeover and is ready for take-off- a hilarious gift to any flight attendant or someone who’d love a cute companion in the bathtub.

Pan Am: Complete Series

All the glitz and glamor of 60s flight in captured in Pan Am: The Complete Series on DVD. Featuring Christina Ricci and Kelli Garner, the award-winning series is a fabulous gift to any flight attendant or someone who will appreciate the golden age of commercial flight.

Cactus Tea Light Candles

These cacti tea candles make a fabulous decorative addition to any bedroom, bathroom or living space. The 6 petite paraffin candles are unscented and burn for 30 minutes, with 3 cute designs and 2 of each variety. A fun, unique idea for a flight crew.

$5.99 ($1.00 / Count)

$15.99 ($2.66 / Count)


Jet Fuel Mug

Literally fuel up every morning with this funny mug.
Flight attendants and pilots will find it a great conversation piece. Printed on top quality mugs for long-lasting durability.

Airplane Ice Mold

Help your flight attendant be a great host not just in the air but at home. Create fun cocktails with this well-made ice mold featuring detailed little airplanes. The parties are sure to be a hit!

Ferrero chocolates

Looking for something sweet to give a crew of flight attendants or a special someone? Take it up a notch with this variety pack of Ferrero chocolates. They make the perfect antidote to a stressful day of flying.

$7.00 ($1.52 / Ounce)

$10.99 ($2.39 / Ounce)


Airplane Clock

This fun airplane clock adds a touch of personality to any room and really livens up the living space. The quality of craftsmanship for the price makes this a great value.

Airplane Tree Ornament

Liven up a Christmas tree with this lovely hand-painted, glass-blown ornament in the shape of a jumbo jet. A great, high quality holiday gift idea for the flight attendant in your life.

$15.53 ($15.53 / count)

$16.99 ($16.99 / count)


Need more flight attendant gift ideas? Search 100+ more on Amazon

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International Women’s Convenience Kit

The prospect of getting the perfect gift for the flight attendant in your life may be a bit daunting. They are the ones who are traveling the world and who have access to all the best souvenir spots. What can we give a flight attendant that will not just seem like daily fare? Like with any other gift, it truly is the thought that you put into it that counts.

As a society, we tend to over-romanticize the job of a flight attendant. Yes, they get to fly around the world, see new places, and meet new people… and all in a day’s work! But, their job isn’t always as romantic as it may seem. Flight attendants have all the experience of the airport waiting and flight exhaustion, but never feel the passengers’ relief when they hear: “you are now free to move about the country.” Instead of the chance to visit the sights, they may just be headed to a new flight to attend to other cranky and travel-worn passengers!

Flight attendants rarely receive first-class treatment in their day-to-day job. Usually, they are being called to clean up spills, bring more food, or go get extra pillows or blankets. So, when it is time to show some love to a special flight attendant, lavish them with a gift that lets them know they are appreciated, and that will make their next flight a little brighter!

Here are some of our best gift ideas we found for flight attendants.

Best Flight Attendant Gifts

 Convenience Kits International Women’s Premium 21-Piece Kit with Travel Size TSA Compliant Essentials, Featuring: L'Oreal Paris Hair Products in Stylish Cosmetic Bag

This is a great gift for the flight attendant that is always on the run! The travel cosmetic bag comes filled with a set of 21 personal care items from name brands like Dove, Colgate, L’Oreal among others. It can be a perfect way to show someone special that they are loved. Sometimes the simple things matter the most!

Handheld Espresso Maker

Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Ground Coffee, Hand Coffee Maker, Travel Gadgets, Manually Operated, Perfect for Camping, Hiking

If you know someone that has a hard time leaving the espresso behind, or could use an extra kick of caffeine while flying, this handheld espresso maker may be a perfect choice! This compact espresso maker is manually operated and can make a foamy espresso anywhere you can find hot water. It is made to be lightweight so it is ideal for travel. This may be the one thing your flight attendant needs that they never even knew existed!

Hey Girl Tea Infuser Bottle

Hey Girl Tea Infuser Bottle - Insulated Stainless Steel Tea Thermos & Water Bottle - No-Slip Exterior - Leak-Proof Seal - 6 Colors with Motivational Message - Ideal Gift & Cute Packaging - 15 oz. Pink

The Hey Girl tea infuser is a way to steep tea on the go. It is made out of stainless steel with double walls to insulate drinks. Drinks will stay hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours! This tumbler comes with an insert to steep and filter tea grounds or tea bags. It can be a useful, indestructible gift for the tea-lover in your life! You can pair it with a flight attendant’s favorite tea to make this gift extra-special.

Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer

Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer

What better way to make traveling seem shorter than a good book like Flying by the Seat of My Pants to carry with you on the journey. In this book Marsha Marks relates her personal journey as a flight attendant with humor and wit. This is a story that can give a laugh and also show a flight attendant that someone else knows how it feels to be in those shoes! It may even inspire a flight attendant to tell his or her own story!

The Flight Attendant: A Novel

The Flight Attendant: A Novel

A book is a great idea for a gift that can easily fit into a carry-on, and give a flight attendant a temporary escape from the daily grind. The Flight Attendant is a thriller and murder mystery in one with plot twists that keep the suspense levels high. This riveting story is one that will keep your flight attendant awake even on the longest overnight flight.

Flight 666

Flight 666

Flight 666 is a story about a crew on an international flight being attacked by unseen forces. If the flight attendant you know likes horror or sci-fi genres, this may be right up her alley. This book can make her (or his!) job look like a walk in the park by comparison. A page-turning like this one may be just what they need to escape from the daily grind.

Flight Attendant Keychain: “Getting High is My Job”

Lywjyb Birdgot Flight Attendant Gift Flight Crew Gift Cabin Crew Gift Stewardess Gift Getting High is My Job Flight Attentant Keychain (Getting High is My Job)

This keychain can show respect for flight attendants and what they do, and also give them a laugh. It is made from high-quality stainless steel so it won’t tarnish or rust. It could be perfect for keeping keys from getting lost while on the job. The long motto tab makes keys easy to find in a purse or handbag. Share a bit of fun with a flight attendant you know!

How Flight Attendants Swear: Flight Attendant Coloring Book

How Flight Attendants Swear: Flight Attendant Coloring Book For Swearing Like A Flight Attendant: Flight Attendant Gifts | Birthday & Christmas ... Crew | Steward | Hostess | Skycap | Purser

The How Flight Attendants Swear is for the flight attendant with an artist’s soul and a quirky sense of humor. Studies have shown that adult coloring aids in decreasing stress and in relaxing the brain. This coloring book also adds a laugh to the mix by brutally honest thoughts. Having a way to release some of the job’s frustration in a healthy way can be cathartic. Since many pages drop the F-bomb, you would probably want to know the person well before giving this as a gift!

“If You Can Read This”:  Aviation Themed Socks

MBMSO Pilot Gifts Airplane Socks Aviation Gifts Airplane Themed Gifts Crew Scheduling Premium Dress Socks (1 Pairs Pilot Crew Scheduling)

For a bit of comfy, warmth, and humor, these aviation-themed socks fill the bill. The phrase is stitched into the fabric instead of printed so it won’t rub off with wear. These socks can be a great gag gift for a flight attendant just starting on his or her career, or headed towards retirement. This gift is practical with a light touch! They can give those in the cabin crew a much-needed laugh.

riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder

riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder Free Hand Drink Caddy - Hold Two Coffee Mugs - Fits Roll on Suitcase Handles - Gifts for Flight Attendants Travelers Accessories Grey

This riemot luggage travel cup holder is a unique and practical gift…  I wish I had known about it sooner when traveling, myself! The cup holder holds not one, but 2 cups, and also has a pocket in the back for a phone or passport. It adjusts to fit to your luggage handle and is foldable to fit inside your luggage when not in use. It is also machine washable so you don’t have to worry about small spills while hoofing it through an airport.

So, instead of having to juggle a cup of coffee and water bottle while trying to drag your luggage, you can now let your luggage carry them for you and have a drink in easy reach. It can be a life-saver for the flight attendant always on the run through airports.

Travel Cosmetic Bag: “To Fly to Serve to Travel”

Flight Attendant Gifts for Women-to Fly to Serve to Travel-- Makeup Travel Case,Makeup Bag Gifts

This is a great gift for a flight attendant who has a job to do and wants to “look fabulous doing it.” The makeup bag has a waterproof exterior so it should be protected from coffee drips. Also, it should be easy to wipe down and keep clean after an airport run. It is a nice size to keep all make-up together instead of digging for that lipstick, lotion, or face powder that you know is somewhere in your handbag. To make the gift extra special, you could give your flight attendant a headstart by filling it with some of her favorite make-up products or toiletries.

Travel Cosmetic Bag: “I am a Flight Attendant”

G2TUP Flight Attendant Gifts for Women Stewardess Aviation Travel Cosmetic Bag Flight School Training Graduation Gift I am a Flight Attendant (I am a Flight Attendant)

This travel cosmetic bag is a nice way to show some love to a flight attendant. She can keep her make-up handy in this waterproof bag. If she isn’t a make-up girl, she could also use this clutch to keep necessities together, such as her passport, keys, hand-wipes, phone, and Starbucks gift cards. Many buyer reviews have said the material is a bit thinner than expected, but overall the receivers of this gift were very pleased.

I’m A Flight attendant What’s Your Superpower: 100 Pages Blank Lined Notebook

I'm a Flight Attendant! What's Your Superpower?: Lined Notebook, 100 Pages, 6 x 9, Blank Journal To Write In, Gift for Co-Workers, Colleagues, Boss, Friends or Family

This “what’s YOUR superpower” notebook is a nice gift idea for someone just beginning their courses or graduating from flight school. These 100 pages of blank, lined pages can be a great place to write down thoughts and keep notes. I’m sure he or she will have a story to tell after all those hours spent in the air! You can pair this gift with a name engraved pen or a copy of Marsha Marks’s book for story-telling inspiration.

Early Aviation Vintage Wall Art Poster Set,  8×10 Photo Unframed

Early Aviation Airplanes Patent Art Prints, Vintage Wall Art Poster Set, Chic Rustic Home Decor for Living Room, Family Room, Man Cave, Bedroom, Gift for Pilots, Flight Attendants, 8x10 Photo Unframed

These Early Aviation Airplanes Patent Art Prints can an interesting bit of decoration and history for pilots and flight attendants alike. They can be a conversation piece in the living room or can decorate a pilot’s man cave. This vintage look with its earthy colors can add a nice backdrop to almost any room. You can gift it as-is or find sleek 8 x 10 frames to frame them for a friend.


Live Free and Fly Airplane Necklace (Rose Gold Plated Brass)

My Very Best Live Free and Fly Airplane Necklace (Rose Gold Plated Brass)

The  Fly Airplane Necklace (Rose Gold Plated Brass) is a way to send good thoughts with someone special on their journey. It is made of gold-plated brass is a subtle addition to match almost any wardrobe. This could be a great gift for a flight attendant as she begins her career, or as a sweet reminder that someone will be missing them on their journey. You can pair this gift with the travel jewelry box for safe-keeping when she takes it off to sleep!

Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, 3 Count Individually Wrapped Chocolate Candy Gifts, (Pack of 24)

Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, 3 Count Individually Wrapped Chocolate Candy Gifts, (Pack of 24)

Ferrero Rocher pralines are some of my personal favorites in the chocolate/praline category… and I’m pretty sure I am not the only one! These can be a nice “thank you” treat for flight attendants… especially in the holiday season when many are having to be away from their families to get you close to yours. These chocolate pralines can make a flight attendant’s day a little sweeter. They might even return the favor by getting you an extra pillow or blanket while you’re on board!

Nomader Collapsible Sports Water Bottle – 22 oz (Orange)

Nomader BPA Free Collapsible Sports Water Bottle - Foldable with Reusable Leak Proof Twist Cap for Travel Hiking Camping Outdoor and Gym - 22 oz (Orange)

Hydration is very important in a flight attendant’s active job. The Nomader Collapsible Sports Water Bottle is a great way for a flight attendant to be able to stay hydrated on the go. It is made of BPA-free silicone, is dishwasher safe, and it collapses and folds when not in use. This sports bottle is made for hot or cold drinks, and you won’t have to worry about it shattering on the run.

A flight attendant will be able to fill it with a Starbucks drink on layovers and skip out on the onboard coffee that always seems to taste more like water than coffee. This is a very thoughtful and practical gift!

Ferrero Raffaello Almond Coconut Candy (48 count)

Ferrero Raffaello Almond Coconut Candy (48 count)

TheFerraro Raffaello coconut candies can be a good choice for flight attendants who are not chocolate fans. These are a sweet way to say “thank you for your service” to your flight attendant. You can bring a combination of Ferraro Rocher and Ferraro Raffaello to have treats available to chocolate lovers and coconut fans, alike. Leave a box at the cabin and let them distribute as they please!

Universal Travel Power Adapter – All in One Worldwide Wall Charger AC Plug Adaptor with 5.6A Smart Power and 3.0A Type-C for USA EU UK AUS (Rose Gold)

Universal Travel Power Adapter - EPICKA All in One Worldwide Wall Charger AC Plug Adaptor with 5.6A Smart Power and 3.0A Type-C for USA EU UK AUS (Rose Gold)

The universal travel power adapter is a very practical idea for a flight attendant who is traveling around the globe. It has a 6-way charging option so it is handy for when all your devices are dying and you only have a limited time to get them all back to 100%. Check the list of phones that this device supports to know if it will suit your flight attendant’s phone. When the flight attendant is overnighting in a foreign country he or she will certainly thank you for your thoughtfulness!

Safe Travels Cuff Bracelet

ENSIANTH Safe Travels Bracelet Pilot Gift Airplane Cuff Bracelet Traveling Bracelet Aviation Jewelry Flight Attendant Gift (Silver)

This airplane cuff bracelet is a great way to send a good luck charm with someone dear on their flight. The message “safe travels wherever you go” will be a sweet reminder of the loved ones waiting for their safe return. It is made of stainless steel so it shouldn’t tarnish or rust. The two engraved airplanes on the inside are a subtle addition to this classy bracelet.

Travel Jewelry Box Organizer for Rings Earrings Necklace (Blue)

Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Box Organizer Display Storage Case for Rings Earrings Necklace (Blue)

This travel jewelry organizer can be a helpful addition to any travel bag. When a flight attendant is overnighting on planes or in hotels, this a great way to keep small jewelry from tangling or becoming lost on the journey. It has compartments and a pocket for organization and comes with a zipper for an extra-safe close. This thoughtful gift and can be a life-saver for a traveling flight attendant!


How We Selected Gifts For Flight Attendants

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift at any time, but with flight attendants, there are even a few more factors than usual. There are a host of flight attendant gifts on Amazon, but when you are looking for the perfect gift for a flight attendant, you should take into consideration:

Size and Weight

Things like paperweights, bookends, or ceramic mugs can make a lovely to gift a flight attendant at their home, but if you are catching up with them in transit, no flight attendant will want to add that extra weight and bulk to their carry-on. We recommend practical gifts for flight attendants that are small and pack easily like bracelets, foldable cup holders, and make-up bags. These flight attendant accessories add almost no weight to a bag and can make great, thoughtful gifts.


Convenience is another important aspect of a flight attendant gift. Snacks for flight attendants like chocolates, candy, and dried fruit snacks can be a pick-me-up while on duty. It is a tasteful gift that will be appreciated when energy runs low. Since it is consumable, it won’t require baggage space allotment throughout the journey.


Flight attendant must-haves like shampoo, lotion, or perfume are a nice touch for flight attendants to freshen up and feel spoiled. Make sure any liquids are the right size to be TSA compliant. For flight attendants more isn’t always better if they will be entering and exiting airports. A little can go a long[er] way!


FAQs About Gift For Flight Attendants

We’ve answered some of the most asked questions about how you can take care of a flight attendant while they are taking care of you! Here are some of our thoughts.

What Gifts to Give to a Flight Attendant Stranger While Flying

Some of the gifts we recommended are for friends, colleagues, or loved ones who have chosen a flight attendant career. But, if you yourself are traveling on a flight, flight attendant gifts can be a nice gesture. Many flight attendants have said that acts of kindness from strangers have brightened their day! While certainly not mandatory, gifts can be a nice touch for flight attendants who are having to spend important holidays on the road and away from their family and friends. A simple lotion pack or box of chocolates can give them a little recognition and encourage them on their journey.

What Gifts Flight Attendants are Allowed to Receive

It may come as a surprise, but flight attendants are not allowed to receive any and every gift. Flight attendant regulations say that they can’t carry cash on them, so a flight attendant won’t be able to receive monetary tips. Also, handmade goods are not allowed because of safety issues. Any food gift should come wrapped and sealed.

Many flight attendants have said that they have appreciated gifts like individually wrapped candies or a box of chocolates that a passenger gave to share with the crew. Also, Starbucks gift cards have reportedly been a hit.

How to Give the Gift of Kindness to a Flight Attendant

When you are flying remember that flight attendants are often travel-weary just like you are! A simple ‘hello’ when your flight attendant greets you to board the flight can go a long way. Many flight attendants have noticed that many people do not even respond to a simple greeting. While onboard, remember to greet a flight attendant and thank them for their service… and a small gift certainly never hurts!

Wrap Up

Flight attendants often are overlooked and underappreciated. It isn’t easy to keep a smile on your face while traveling and taking care of others, and yet this is what flight attendants do day in and day out. Gifts can be a great way to let a flight attendant know that you see their hard work appreciate what they do!

On our list of ideas for the best gifts you can give to a flight attendant, you can choose from:

  • Funny flight attendant gifts
  • Edible flight attendant gifts
  • Practical flight attendant gifts
  • Pretty flight attendant gifts

A gift that is practical, pretty, and affordable (and one of our personal favorites!) would be the international women’s convenience kit. We love that it has a wide variety of name-brand toiletries for a fair price. This gift of 21 practical items can keep a flight attendant feeling fresh on long flights.

Convenience Kits International Women’s Premium 21-Piece Kit with Travel Size TSA Compliant Essentials, Featuring: L'Oreal Paris Hair Products in Stylish Cosmetic Bag

These are some of our favorite gifts to give a flight attendant! We tried to pick a variety of gifts to make the difficult job of choosing the perfect gift a little simpler. Of course, you know your flight attendant best and which gift will bring a smile to his or her face.

Whether it’s your friend, loved one, or the attendant taking care of you for the duration of your flight, a gift that shows you care will always be welcome!

Alex Praytor

I am an ESL instructor, a wife, and a full-time mom to two energetic kids. I have traveled extensively in the U.S. and I have also made it across the pond to Europe! I enjoy meeting new people, drinking great coffee, and finding the perfect gifts for loved ones around the globe.

23 Best Retirement Gifts For Women in 2021

A flight attendant gift guide.

Are you looking for some great gifts for flight attendants? Then scroll down and check out this gift guide filled with flight attendant gift ideas to help you find the best gifts for flight attendants. Whether it’s for their birthday, retirement, or to say thank you, you’ll find some fun and useful gifts for a flight attendant right here.

(Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links for which I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase)

1. A Dual Time Zone Watch

 double time zone watch - gifts for flight attendantThis is probably one of the best gifts for flight attendants out there. It’s a watch with two displays. One a simple clock face and the other a digital display you can set for a different time. You can also use it to set an alarm or show the date. There are some other color options available, though this one is the easiest to read the time on in dim lighting. It’s also not made from metal, which means you won’t have to take it off to go through the metal detector. It’s a great gift idea for frequent travelers to keep track of the two time zones.

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2. A Cashmere Scarf to Stay Warm

 cashmere scarf as a gift idea for flight attendantIt can get pretty chilly on an airplane and depending on where you’re flying it’ll be cold there as well. A high-quality cashmere scarf like this is worth its price because it’s a staple in a traveler’s wardrobe. It comes in a lot of different colors, so look for one that will go with their uniform colors, and there you have a nice and thoughtful gift for a flight attendant. The scarf comes in a nice box that makes it even better as a present. It’s the perfect Christmas gift idea for a flight attendant.

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3. A Dainty Airplane Necklace

 a dainty airplane necklace (best gifts for flight attendant)This pretty gift idea comes in three different colors: gold, silver, and rose gold as pictured here. It’s a cute small gift idea for flight attendants that they’ll love to get. It’s subtle enough to wear on a daily basis and is a nice reference to their passion of traveling, since you have to love it to do it every single day. This piece of jewelry would also be a great stocking stuffer for a female flight attendant that’s both small and affordable.

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4. A Gift Set of Travel-Sized Hand Creams

 travel sized hand creme: bring gifts for flight attendantsFrom being in the dehydrating environment of an airplane to using disinfectant and washing their hands often, the hands of a flight attendant can use some care and moisturization. This pretty tin contains 12 travel-sized hand creams in 6 different tubes perfect for traveling and on the go. It comes in a nice metal tin that turns a set of hand cream into a nice gift to give flight attendants. There are other gift boxes of this brand, though this one looks the best in my opinion.

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5. A Set of Travel Bags to Protect your Shoes

 shoe packing bags (how to impress a flight attendant)Packing shoes in your suitcase can be a bit of a hassle, since you don’t want dirty shoes touching your clean clothes, yet you need shoes. These bags are a great solution and would make any frequent traveler or flight attendant really happy if they get it as a gift. You can get a set of 2, 4, or 10. Though, it’s unlikely they’ll ten of these bags. It’s a very practical set of gifts for a flight attendant, so it’s great for a friend or family member who is an airline stewardess who can use something like this.

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6. A Detailed Watercolor Travel Map

This gorgeous watercolor print of the world map is made by ArtPrintsVicky on Etsy and comes in a couple of different sizes to choose from. It would be a great piece of home decor to give a flight attendant, with the added benefit of the colors being really pretty. There’s also a lot of detail on this map which makes it a great conversation piece and handy spot for a flight attendant to explain where they’ve been to kids. This is probably one of my favorite gifts for flight attendants on this gift guide.

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7. Airplane Cufflinks as Gifts for Male Flight Attendants

 airplane cufflinks: gifts for flight attendantsIf you’re looking for a nice small gift for a male flight attendant, then getting them these cufflinks is a great idea. These silver-colored cufflinks are shaped like tiny airplanes are a great gift to give anyone in the aviation business. They’re really affordable and come in a nice box which means that they could also be a great stocking stuffer gift idea for Christmas this year. Anything airplane-shaped is a good idea, and these cufflinks are perfect for air stewards.

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8. A Vintage Airline Travel Poster

 retro airline poster as how to thank a flight attendantYou’ll find vintage airline travel posters like this for pretty much all popular destinations out there on Amazon. It’s a nice piece of wall art to give as a gift to a flight attendant. This one from New York is really nice with all the colors of central park with the skyline in the back. You can get these posters in a couple of different sizes, depending on where you want to hang them. They’re a great affordable present for a flight attendant to give for Christmas or for their birthday.

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9. A Kindle for Reading while on the Road

 a kindle (gift for flight attendant)Reading a good book is a great way to pass time while you’re on the road, flying on an airplane, or having to wait. The downside is that books take up a lot of space. So, an e-reader is great for frequent flyers and flight attendants, since you can take as many books with you as you want without adding any extra weight to your luggage. This Kindle Paperwhite by Amazon is a great option as a good-quality e-reader that doesn’t cost a fortune, and to make it even better, it comes in 4 different colors.

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10. The Lonely Planet Travel Book

 the lonely travel book as gifts for flight attendantsThis book is not made to take with you, since it weighs 4 pounds. However, it’s a great resource to get an idea of where you’re going and what the must-see places to visit. It covers pretty much all destinations in the world and is a great coffee table book to give as a gift for a flight attendant. If you’re looking for something to encourage them to spend more time discovering the places they’re going, then this a great gift to give.

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11. Airplane Stud Earrings for Flight Attendants

 airplane earrings: flight attendant gifts amazonAnother great piece of jewelry on this list of best gifts for flight attendants is this pair of small stud earrings. They are made from sterling silver and perfect for a stewardess, since stud earrings are much preferred over dangling earrings which are less practical for travel and work. It’s a great small gift to give and would work really well for your girlfriend if she’s a flight attendant or as a Christmas gift for a family member. All in all, a really cute gift idea for her.

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12. A Stewardess Rubber Duck

 flight attendant rubber duck (flight attendant gifts etsy)If you’re looking for a funny gift for an airline hostess, then this rubber duck is the perfect gift to get. It’s ridiculous with how useless it is, but it will put a smile on their face when you give it. Sadly enough, I haven’t been able to find a male version, so this is more for female than for male flight attendants. It’s a good-sized rubber duck that is a great gag gift to give, since no one can really use it but they’ll probably put it in their bathroom anyway.

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13. A Lighted Travel Compact Mirror

 travel compact mirror as cabin crew accessories This is probably the perfect mirror for a flight attendant. It has two mirrors, a magnifying one and a normal one, and has a built-in LED light to make sure you can touch up your makeup in a dimly-lit space (like an airplane during the night). It’s also slightly larger than most compacts to make sure it’s easy to use. It comes in three different colors to choose from and is just a must-have for makeup touch-ups while on the go. It’s probably one of my favorite gift ideas for flight attendants on this list.

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14. Travel-Sized Evian Refreshing Facial Sprays

 evian travel sized - funny flight attendant giftsThese travel-sized refreshing sprays by Evian are perfect for long-haul flights or long shifts. You can use them to freshen up your makeup or to just freshen up yourself. They give a nice mist of hydration that’s great in the dehydrating environment of a plane or in a warmer climate. This set of two small bottles is a nice gift to give a flight attendant, since they’ll sometimes feel a bit worn-out without having anywhere to properly freshen up.

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15. A Handy Travel Jewelry Pouch

 travel jewelry pouch - retirement gifts for flight attendantsTo keep your jewelry organized and together, it’s a good idea to have someplace to store it while traveling. This zipper pouch makes sure you won’t lose any jewelry on the road and can store a lot of different pieces. You can also use it to store your phone charger as well. It comes in two sizes and several different colors, though the small one is probably the perfect size for a stewardess to carry with her. It’s a really nice present to give that they’ll surely use.

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16. Noise-Isolating Earbuds

Most modern earphones are now wireless and noise-canceling, which uses a buzz to block out any sound. However, that’s not very practical for a flight attendant. These ones are wired, which means you can’t drop and lose one and they’re noise-isolating, which means you can also use them as earplugs for sleeping. And to make it even better, they look pretty and are really cheap. They are probably your best choice of earbuds as gifts for flight attendants.

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17. An RFID-Protected Travel Wallet

 rfid wallet as a flight attendant gift ideaTraveling around for their job means that they have to carry around a lot of important documents. This zipper wallet will protect them all and can fit all your cards and tickets you need as well as your passport. It comes in a couple of different colors to choose from and is RFID protected, which means no one can use a scanner to get information and digital access to some of your documents. It’s the perfect size, because it can even fit a pen and most smartphones, so the perfect travel wallet to have.

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18. A Set of EOS Lip Balms

 set of lipbalms as gifts for flight attendantsChapped lips are something most air stewardesses are constantly struggling with, so a great gift idea that they’ll love and use is some lip care. This set of 4 different eos lip balms, doesn’t only look great, it also tastes delicious. It’s a great small gift that any flight attendant would love to get. It’s also one of the cheapest gift ideas on this list, so if you’re looking for a Christmas stocking stuffer for flight attendants, this is a great option.

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19. A Small Freezable Cooler Bag

 a freezable cooler bag accessories for flight attendantsThis bag is perfect for storing food and drinks while on the road. You can fold it down to be a lot smaller, but is basically a cooler bag you can freeze before use to make it even longer-lasting. It comes in six different patterns and colors to choose from and is a really handy and practical gift idea for flight attendants. If you’re looking for even smaller bags, then be sure to take a look at the other freezable bags this brand has to offer on Amazon.

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20. A Compass Bracelet for Traveling

 compass bracelet - gifts for flight attendant girlfriendThis dainty bracelet with a small compass charm in the middle is a great present for flight attendants to always find the way home. It’s a nice and subtle reminder of home while they’re on the road for their job. It also comes in a rose gold version, though that one is a bit too pink, in my opinion, so the silver version is probably a better option. All in all, it’s another great addition to this gift guide filled with gifts for flight attendants that they’ll love.

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Now that you’ve gone through all of these gifts for flight attendants, I hope you have found some gifts of ideas on what to get a flight attendant. This flight attendant is a great way to find gifts to give or to find some inspiration and tips on what to get a flight attendant for their birthday or Christmas.

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