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How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet

Painting and making over a metal file cabinet is an easy, fun way to transform an ugly black cabinet into a beautiful, decorated cabinet. It’s perfect for a classroom or home office.

I was way overdue for a four-drawer metal filing cabinet. For years, I’ve been cramming tons of important paperwork in a two-drawer cabinet and leaving everything else (like my old teaching files) in boxes. But every time I went to purchase a cabinet, I hesitated because black metal filing cabinets are so ugly. Every attractive filing cabinet I’ve found has terrible reviews. So I’ve kept making do with my two-drawer cabinet.

BUT. You can paint and decorate a file cabinet. Two years ago, I’d never painted anything larger than a 16×20 canvas by myself. Now that I’ve painted multiple rooms and pieces of furniture on my own, I’m less afraid to tackle bigger painting projects. I finally bit the bullet and got a filing cabinet,  fully prepared to paint it and make it look attractive for my office.

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet - True Value's Baby Chick (satin) and Krylon's Surf (matte) |

Supplies for a file cabinet makeover:

  • New or old file cabinet. I purchased this file cabinet. (Order it online and get a few percent back with Ebates!)
  • One quart acrylic latex paint. I used True Value’s Baby Chick, satin finish. (The pictured can is a gallon because I’ve used this paint color for multiple home projects. But a quart is plenty for this project.)
  • Two cans spray paint. I used Kylon’s Surf, matte finish.
  • Small foam roller paintbrush.
  • Painter’s tape.
  • Decorative items for the file cabinet (i.e., fabric, magnets, photos, etc.).

You’ll also need some large cardboard sheets, paint canvas, or other protective covering for the garage floor or ground. I cut up the file cabinet box.

Here’s the new file cabinet in our entryway. See my little photo bomber?

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet |

If you’ve bought a new file cabinet, take it out of the box. Remove the large Styrofoam pieces and any plastic coverings.

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet |

My cabinet had protective coverings on the label plates. I left these coverings on until I was finished painting.

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet |

Take the drawers out of the cabinet. This task was easier said than done. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a great tutorial either. You may have to experiment a little bit to figure out how to remove them.

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet |

Remove the drawer handles. This task was pretty straightforward. I used a large flathead screwdriver because the screws were in pretty tight, and a Phillips head would have stripped them.

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet |

Lay down your cardboard or other protective covering on the garage floor, driveway, or other flat surface in a well-ventilated area. Transfer the file cabinet base and drawers to the work surface. Tape off the edges of the unpainted areas so you don’t get paint all over the inside of the file cabinet.

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet |

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet |

Start painting! The picture below is midway through the painting process. I did 3 coats of paint for both the base and drawers plus a few touchups. The color of the file cabinet and the paint will dictate the number of coats you need.

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet |

When you’ve finished painting the cabinet, reattach the drawer handles, remove the painter’s tape, and slide the drawers back in place.

Freshly painted 4-drawer metal file cabinet. A simple paint job makes such a difference! Click through for the full tutorial. |

Painting the file cabinet makes such a big difference. Instead of having a big black hole in my office, I have a lovely, bright organizing unit. After painting the cabinet, I decided to add a few decorative elements.

Metal File Cabinet Painting Makeover! I decorated my file cabinet with fabric panels, magnets, and photos. Click through to learn more about how to paint and decorate your own file cabinet. |

Metal File Cabinet Painting Makeover! I decorated my file cabinet with fabric panels, magnets, and photos. Click through to learn more about how to paint and decorate your own file cabinet. |

The large squares are fabric. Some of them are from Jo-Anns, left over from my inspiration cork board. The other fabric squares are this nautical fat quarters bundle from PhatQuarters. We live half a block from Lake Michigan and love incorporating a few subtle nautical elements into our home (remember the guest bedroom?). I finished the edges with pinking shears.

I’ve also added a handful of button and music magnets and a selection of photos. I talk more about my button magnets here and explain how I make my music magnets here. I also have a couple magnets from our recent trips to Montana and New Orleans. A few of the photos are favorite photos with text overlays of favorite song lyrics. The rest of the photos are from my test roll with the Canon AE I can’t even tell you how excited it makes me to have some prints of photos I shot with a film SLR camera.

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet DIY Tutorial |

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet DIY Tutorial |

I’m so happy with the final result. My file cabinet blends right in with the rest of my office, and I have all of the storage space I need for my files.

Save the project on Pinterest to make it later!

How to Paint and Makeover a Metal File Cabinet Before and After

Have you ever painted or made over a file cabinet?
I’d love to hear your best tips and tricks for this process!

Continue your office makeover with a
DIY fabric covered inspiration board.

DIY Real Life Inspiration Board for a creative office or studio. |

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The Best Rolling File Cabinets For On The Go Storage

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Last updated: 20 Jul
From important receipts to appliance instructions and invoices, everyone has some documents that have to be kept. If you're presently storing these documents in a drawer or bed’s side table, it's time to upgrade to a file cabinet. File cabinets, believe it or not, do not have to be unattractive or overpriced. There are many various types available, ranging from simple black metal cabinets to rustic wicker baskets, to discover an appealing, effective file system that meets any budget. However, choosing the best rolling cabinets in is no easy feat. This detailed guide will help you out in making the best decision.

Best Rolling File Cabinet Worth Considering

VASAGLE Rolling File Cabinet – Best Rolling File Cabinet Overall


Key Features

  • Rustic brown and black color
  • The maximum load capacity is 50kg
  • The weight of the cabinet is 21kg
  • Made up of steel
  • A solid well thought design

Maybe the unusual combination of rustic brown particleboard and black steel frame will motivate you to be more creative at work. A robust, sturdy, and lasting office cabinet is made from high-quality particleboard and a steel frame, and it deserves a long-term contract. Everything can be placed in this file cabinet, which has an open shelf for clips and a stapler, an upper drawer for notepads, and a deep drawer for A4 and letter-size files. There&#;s also a top surface for a wonderful plant. This enables the movable cabinet, like a competent employee, to adapt flawlessly to various conditions.


  • It has degree rotating wheels
  • The drawers fit A4/letter-size papers
  • Vasagle file cabinet remains steady

BirdRock Home Rolling File Storage – Runner-Up


Key Features

  • Bamboo material
  • Versatile storage
  • Four Rolling wheels
  • Weighs pounds

With its artistic appearance, the file organizer is the ideal storage box for all of your critical papers, files, and papers while also creating a gentle touch to the room/office. This storage organizer can accommodate both letter and legal-size files, depending on your filing style. Two of the cabinet&#;s wheels include brakes, allowing you to lock it in place if necessary. This mobile storage file bin has carrying handles and a cover that keeps files and other stuff hidden. Outside of files, the basic organization tool may be used to store toys, pillows, blankets, dog toys, wardrobe decorations, and other stuff.


  • It is perfect for storing fragile things or documents
  • It is easy to set up
  • It comes with a lid


  • Some customers complaint it to be a bit flimsy and cheaply made

Oceanstar Metal File Cart – Honorable Mention


Key Features

  • The shelves&#; height may be modified thanks to the tapering sleeves
  • Best to accommodate letter and legal-size folders
  • Two of the caster wheels include locking brakes to hold the file cart in place safely and securely
  • During transport, the metal edges assist keep objects from tumbling off the trolley

This oceanstar metal rolling file cart comes with 4 rotating rollers (2 standard, 2 locking) for convenient mobility. To separate documents, it comes with one hanging divider. It also includes a sturdy bottom shelf that may be used to store supplies. On the top frame, this file cabinet perfectly holds letter and legal size file folders. It includes adjustable shelves to accommodate your filing and storage requirements.


  • It is made of sturdy metal
  • It is highly durable
  • The cabinet only weighs pounds


  • Some customers said that it doesn’t stay together and is a bit hard to assemble

DEVAISE Locking File Cabinet – Also Consider


Key Features

  • DEVAISE file cabinet has three different colors White, Black, or Dark Gray
  • Product Dimensions &#; L x &#; W x &#; H
  • The maximum load capacity is pounds
  • Each drawer has a pound load capacity

This filing cabinet with a contemporary finish is a stylish addition to your home office and offers plenty of storage. With a built-in lock and two keys, it&#;s ideal for use in the workplace or at home. It protects your privacy and keeps your documents safe. Letter-size, A4-size, and Legal-size hanging file folders may be stored in the bottom file drawer, which has a detachable divider. On top, there are two utility drawers for office supplies, pencils, and scissors, among other things. This rolling file cabinet has two front wheels with brakes and one center wheel to keep it from tipping over.


  • It has removable stationary trays
  • It has smoothly moving drawers
  • It has an interlock system with 2 keys
  • It accommodates letter, A4 size, and legal-size documents


  • It may falls over when the drawer is pulled out in the wrong way

Safco Rolling File Cube


Key Features

  • Can hold letter-sized documents
  • Composed of high-quality steel
  • Has 4 wheels for easy mobility
  • Compact and small

This Safco Onyx Mesh Rolling File Cube is a mobile file cart with a drawer design that can be collapsed. Safco Rolling File Cubes can hold letter-sized documents. It comes with a collapsible bin that can handle letter-sized file folders. It&#;s small enough to fit beneath most work surfaces and saves room. It is composed of steel and has a strong powder coat finish that makes it last for a long time. On four swivel wheels, this Safco Rolling File cart is movable (two lockings). Safco Rolling File Cubes require assembling.


  • It is cheap and efficient
  • It is perfect for compact file holding
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is great for small spaces

Lorell Rolling File Cabinet


Key Features

  • It weighs only pounds
  • Dimension is 24 x x inches
  • Can hold letter-sized papers without folding them
  • It has 4 casters for easy storage

There are four rollers on the Lorell Mesh Rolling File Cart. It&#;s constructed of steel, so it&#;ll last a long time. Letter-size papers may be stored on the Lorell Mesh Rolling File Cart. It includes built-in handrails and hanging file folders. Lorell Mesh Rolling File Cart has four casters, making it easy to transport it to another location. Lorell Mesh Rolling File Cart has an open top and a perforated steel frame. Lorell Rolling file cart has a storing shelf on the bottom tier as well.


  • The size of the item is ideal for easy portability in rooms
  • It has sturdy material
  • It is a space saver
  • This nice design is easy to assemble


  • It has poor craftsmanship

Bonnlo Rolling Office File Cabinet


Key Features

  • It has 3 drawers to provide enough space
  • Made up of alloy steel
  • Round corner design
  • Premium locking mechanism

The Bonnlo File Cabinet includes a built-in lock that locks all three drawers at once using two folding keys, making it secure to store goods within. It has an anti-tilt system that prevents it from tipping over by preventing numerous drawers from being opened at the same time. Our Bonnlo Upgraded File Cabinet, unlike the standard cabinet, features smooth corners that are safe for children. Additionally, the curved corners give it a lovely and sophisticated appearance. The drawer opens entirely using Full Extension Drawer Slides, allowing you to easily access the items at the rear of the drawers.


  • It has heavy-duty casters
  • It comes with spacious drawers
  • It has a removable tray
  • The cabinet had smooth edges which makes it safe


  • Sometimes comes with a dent on the top due to poor handling

Rolling File Cabinets Buying Guide

No matter how hard we try to shift to a paperless world, we will feel the need to have something written on paper. Contracts, files, personal records, and kids’ report cards all require to be neatly and also safely stored for us to be productive. However, what sort of file cabinet should be utilized? Should you use the same file cupboard for my home office that you use at the workplace? What are the advantages of lateral file cabinets, vertical file cabinets, mobile file cabinets, and fireproof file cabinets?

To help you out in finding the answer to these questions, we have curated this best rolling file cabinets buyer’s guide.

What Are Some Key Considerations of Buying The Best Rolling File Cabinets?


In some areas, such as a classroom or little workplace, you might be needed to keep the paper file in a little area. You may not have space to fit a short and lengthy filing closet, but you can offset that horizontal room by choosing a vertical filing cupboard. Think about the room you need to devote to filing closets initially.

Storage Capacity

The next factor to consider is the size of the files you will require to store. For example, if you operate in an art classroom and need to maintain student work portfolios handy, a fundamental letter-sized file closet will not fit your demands. Instead, you might select a lateral file closet with broader spacing and suit big folders of work over conventional filing. You might also choose a level documents cabinet system intended to secure the operation in each drawer.

Think of the amount of paper you will certainly require to stock for the next number of years. If you prepare to revolve files out regularly, you may not require a huge storage room. If you need to maintain documents accessible over a longer period, nonetheless, it may be smart to buy enough area to match your demands for the next 5 years or even more.

Material and Color

Depending upon your demands, you may require to match a color design, or maybe you just prefer your filing closets. Many cabinets are constructed of fire-resistant or resistant metals and also give remarkable toughness and protection with an enamel coating. Usual colors include beige, grey, and also black. Various other systems, such as the cabinet/hutch mix and specific various other filing arrangements, may be made out of a laminate and offered in a range of timber surfaces to match your present design.

Various other Considerations

If you are storing the sensitive files, consider looking for a reliable solution that comes with locking features. A stand to keep the cabinet greater off the flooring might be offered separately in some configurable options. Sometimes, you might need to consider the option for growth without investing in a substantial or massive filing system now. Seek modular remedies that will accommodate your requirements currently and also into the future. If fire safety is a worry, some steel filing cupboards may be much better furnished to secure your products and ought to be carefully thought about.

What Are The Different Types of Rolling File Cabinets Available?

After you have identified your storage and space requirements, you can start checking out the various sorts of filing closets on the market.

Pedestal Cabinets

These filing cabinets are on wheels for simple movement. If you intend to relocate your workspace often or need to make use of a closet in multiple areas, seek cupboard choices that allow you greater wheelchair on wheels. With these closets, you can move your file off the beaten track without using up much office. These cupboards are normally more portable and also permit two or three various cabinets of equivalent or various dimensions. They are best for an office setting.

Lateral Filing Cabinets

These multi-use cupboards feature hanging rails for convenient storage of letters or legal files. Without the rails, you can also keep other products that you may need to keep on hand. Side file cabinets generally hold a lot more files than other solutions because of their boosted width in cabinet dimensions. Whether you need a lot of areas or a portable service, these filing cupboards are readily available with 2 or even more upright cabinets to fit your requirements.

Flat File Cabinets

Flat file cabinets are much shallower than other file cupboard counterparts but are larger in length and deepness to save big paper products. They are excellent for saving large pieces of paper like blueprints, artwork, or any kind of product that needs to be archived. The metal level file solutions are offered in configurations of 5 or 10 cabinets. However, it is also modular to permit more storage room. Seek open flat file storage space shelves suitable for artwork that needs to dry flat and be accessible again by students within a classroom.

Vertical File Cabinets

These traditional filing cabinets include smaller-sized cubbies for letter-sized files. These solutions fit well in small rooms and are fully configurable for 2 or more collections of drawers. A lot of include a thumb lock to secure the easy-gliding drawers in and out of the closet system. For office spaces, open locations, and homes, these conventional filing cabinets are a great remedy with a tiny impact.

Cabinet/Shelving Combination

If you work in a typical workplace as well as prefer timber or laminate to steel cabinetry, you can locate mixed filing cupboards with hutches that enable side storage room on the bottom and showcasing books or regularly-used files on the top. These solutions are unobtrusive as well as appealing in any type of setup.

Open Filing Systems

These remedies are usually utilized in medical professional’s workplaces to store numerous patient records in one streamlined place. The open nature of the system enables very easy accessibility in busy environments while safely storing all of the documents.

Rolling File Cabinet FAQ

How Can You Buy The Best Rolling File Cabinets?

When it involves filing closets, you might locate you need numerous services to satisfy your needs. Mix as well as match various cabinets to develop the ideal mix for the files, folders, as well as other materials you will be storing.

Why Should You Consider Having Multiple System Cabinets?

Multiple systems will permit you to create a detailed and user-friendly filing system that can be quickly kept up gradually. Conserve room and maintain your workplace, class, or reference location arranged by applying a flexible, smooth filing system.

Which Holds More: Lateral Or Vertical File Cabinet?

Side (not upright) file cabinets hold more. While vertical file cabinets are commonly selected due to the fact that they occupy much less wall room, it’s the side file cabinets that keep the most documentation.

James Coleman
From mid-century modern to minimalist design styles, James is known in his community as a versatile and imaginative interior designer. He loves taking risks with bold color schemes and interesting furniture pieces that give homes a truly unique touch of character.
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The 8 Best File Cabinets of

Final Verdict

Lorell’s two-drawer file cabinet takes home the prize for the best file cabinet simply because it offers plenty of functionality (as far as file cabinets go) at a reasonable price. It’s a good size file cabinet for light storage, and while the drawers may not extend fully, there’s no loss of access to files and documents in the back, plus the ¾ extension will likely prevent the file cabinet from tipping as well.  And finally, with steel construction, you can bet it’ll be durable, and with one lock, both drawers are secure. 

What to Look For


When you’re shopping for a file cabinet, the size of the cabinet should be one of your first considerations. Think about how much you need to store and the size of your documents and purchase accordingly. Most cabinets will accommodate standard x 11 paper; however, if you work with legal-size documents, archival material, blueprints, etc., obviously, you’ll need to find a file cabinet that will accommodate these sizes.


While plastic models may be less expensive, they can’t accommodate efficient locking mechanisms, so if you’re storing sensitive documents, you may want to invest in wooden or metal file cabinets. In addition to protecting your documents from prying eyes, you should also consider protecting them from other types of accidents. To that end, steel file cabinets tend to provide the maximum amount of protection; not only are they impact-resistant, but they can keep the contents safe from water damage as well. 


Even a cursory search will reveal file cabinets come in a wide range of price points. They can run as low as $40, and well into the hundreds. For light storage and home offices, a $40 file cabinet will likely suffice and serve its purpose to clear away clutter and help you keep household documents organized. For a business, however, you may want to invest in something a bit more durable. Look for something that can handle wear and tear over the years and one that offers a bit more security for sensitive information in a busy office. 

Meet the Expert

This roundup was written by Sharon Brandwein, a lifestyle writer who specializes in commerce content and buying guides for The Balance SMB.

How To Install A File Cabinet Caster

<p>Looking for a durable storage unit that will help you stay organized? Metal filing cabinets, also called steel office files, typically accommodate both legal and letter size documents so that you can keep all of your paperwork together in one spot.</p> <p>Vertical and lateral units can come with as few as two drawers or as many as six to suit your business needs. Metal filing cabinets can also be found in lockable versions with keys for added security.</p> <h2>Steel Office Files—Lateral & Vertical Cabinets</h2> <p>Metal filing cabinets from top-rated manufacturers like HON and Fire King come in a range of neutral color options including putty, light gray, black and more so that you can match them with your office decor. Steel office files with lateral or vertical drawers are built to withstand frequent daily use and won’t scratch or chip the way home wood files might. You can also find these sturdy units in flat versions, which are ideal for housing blue prints and artwork. Steel office files from HON are not only good for business use, but for home use as well, as many can be securely locked with a set of keys. </p> <p>Are you in need of a lot of reliable storage in a small space? Metal lateral files can accommodate plenty of paperwork, and most units have the ability to hold both legal and letter size documents. You can even find a variety of different styles of files including flat, mobile and fireproof in matching colors like light gray. <a href="/file-cabinets">Filing cabinets</a> of all types will enhance the functionality and organization in your workspace.</p> <p>Looking for something a little more traditional? <a href="/files/wood-veneer">Wood veneer filing cabinets</a> are quality constructed to give your office a rich, elegant appearance. Whatever your storage needs may be, you’ve come to the right place for furniture that works. <a href="/">National Business Furniture</a> has been proudly serving office needs across the United States for 40 years.</p>


Metal cabinets black file

How to paint a Metal Filing Cabinet: 5 Simple Steps

In the previous article, we covered the essentials you need to know before buying a filing cabinet for your office. In this article, we will focus on renovating your old metal filing cabinet by painting it accordingly to your office or home décor. As filing cabinets must match your décor unless you are least concerned with the color and appearance of your furniture.

Painting a metal filing cabinet can be cumbersome if you have never tried your hand at painting. However, this article will provide you with complete information so that you can complete the job successfully in your very first attempt.

Even if you’re looking to re-decor your office, you will need some sense of styling to do because adding a little bit of style in your workplace will never be amiss.

Importantly, there are a number of essential you must know before working on the idea of painting your metal filing cabinet. These are:

1. Preparing the space for painting

It is the first step in the process of " how to paint a metal filing cabinet" series. You can use an old cloth or a fabric, to cover the entire floor of your room or office so that your costly equipment including your computer, desk, carpet, and furniture are safe from getting any paint marks.

Professionally, spray painting is always preferred in a controlled environment that involves no direct sunlight, wind or high humidity. It is highly unlikely that you have a dedicated spray painting room at your helm; hence, it is important to prepare one in order to paint file cabinets. To do that you will have to purchase old cardboard boxes from an appliance or grocery store. The cardboard boxes can be assembled and used with newspapers adequately for carrying out the spray paint job.

Preparing space for painting

Further, you must make sure that the room in which you’re going to paint your filing cabinet. Generally, the spray paints available on the market are aerosol-based that can cause respiratory troubles for you, if the ventilation in the room is poor. Besides that, you must always wear proper rubber gloves and a respirator mask to protect yourself against the vapors and fumes of the paint.

2. Prepare the Filing Cabinet that need to paint

This is the second and the most important step in the process of painting your metal cabinet. It involves using a distinct sandpaper ( or grit) over the surface of your filing cabinet to smoothen it out. Besides, it also ensures that the previous coating of the paint is removed completely. It is essential to note that the new coating of paint will stick perfectly to the sanded surface. In comparison to primer coated or bare metal surface, the sanded surface provides a great level of cohesion with the new paint coating. While sanding, it is important to use a green abrasive pad for molded profiles. It has a better ability to sand in the intricate spots as compared to the normal sandpaper.

Preparing your filing cabinet before painting

Another advantage of sanding is that it comprehensively removes any oil on the surface of the metal cabinet so that the new paint coating can adhere completely to the metal surface. To ensure a smooth painting job and proper paint adhesion, you will have to make sure that all the sanding dust from the metal surface is removed. You can use a soft brush to remove it or you can also use a small vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the metal surface. After that, you can also paint thinner on the surface to remove any remaining sanding dust.

Many painters use tack clothes to remove the dust on the painting surface. Using a tack cloth requires you to unfold it and bunch it over the surface, and then wipe it to pick up the dust particles. It can be used multiple times depending on the amount of dust on the metal surface. However, by multiple usages, it will lose its dust carrying ability, and you will have to use a new one to remove any remaining dust.

Many times, there are certain pieces of hardware attached to the filing cabinet such as handles, knobs, and locks. It is important to remove them before applying a new coat of paint. However, if you are unable to remove them, you can cover them by using a masking tape that will secure them from the new paint.

While painting a metal surface, you must know if you’re painting a ferrous or galvanized metal. It is an essential consideration before applying the primer coat. Ferrous metals require a clean surface which must be rust-free as well. Scuff pads are effective in removing rust, and thus, can be used to clean the surface. However, there can be areas in your metal cabinet which cannot be reached by a scuff pad. Hence, you have to use certain rust removers to remove the rust from such areas.

Importantly, it is essential to apply the primer as soon as you can, after rust removal to avoid the formation of flash rust on the surface. On the other hand, galvanized metal surfaces can be easily washed with a detergent solution to remove any dirt or oily residue. Many times, galvanized surfaces have some white oxidation which requires you to use a sandpaper on it.

3. Using a Primer to Paint File Cabinets

Primer coating is an essential part of painting metal filing cabinet. However, you only need to apply a coating of primer to the surface if it contains several bare metal spots so that the new coating of paint can stick to the surface easily.

Use a primer for painting filing cabinet

Another important factor while applying a primer is to select the right primer for your surface. You can use a separate coating of primer before applying the new paint, or you can use a paint that already contains primer mixed in it. Many traditional painters prefer to use a fast-drying primer over the metal surface as a first coat. It saves time and streamlines the process of applying subsequent coats.

While using a separate primer for your surface, try using spray paint primers because the manual coating of the primer can leave brush marks on the surface.

Another important step before applying the first coating of paint is to even the metal surface. You can look out for holes, dents, and dings on the surface and fill it with the required filler. It is always a good idea to check the surface under bright light to easily spot and fill any number of holes or dents.

Additionally, dust can settle in the primer coating as it is left for drying. Hence, to ensure a smooth coating, you can use a sandpaper (grit) to smoothen the surface before applying the original paint coating.

4. Using the Appropriate Paint for metal filing cabinet

Now, you’re ready to start painting your metal filing cabinet. It is important for you to select the best available paint for your metal cabinet. It is recommended to use a spray paint instead of a brush paint to avoid brush marks. Besides, spray paints are also efficient to secure the surface against rust.

While painting, you will have to make sure to use light sprays evenly on the entire metal surface. Make sure you have enough paint for the entire task. Intrinsically, two or three coatings of the paint are essential to comprehensively cover the surface. However, make sure that you don’t spray too much on every coating as it can cause drip marks all over the surface.

Using appropriate paint for metal file cabinet

Further, the finish coat will need at least three to six coatings. The paint must be applied in thin layers so that smoothness of the surface is intact. Usually, the first coat of paint is always very light. It is also known as ‘tacking’ coat. The first coat never completely covers the entire surface and it is just done to ensure that the subsequent coats adhere well to it.

The following coatings can be a little thicker than the first coat but ensure that there are no dripping marks over the surface. Additionally, using heavy coats of paint can also cause it to sag. Thus, make sure that you apply the paint lightly, evenly, and smoothly over the metal surface.

The spray paints are available in a variety of colors and types including metallic colors, specialty paints, and high-temperature paints. It is important for you to select the right color and type of the spray paint in accordance with your needs and décor. You can use bright colors if your office has no exposure to direct sunlight. On the other hand, dark colors can be used if your workplace has a direct sunlight contact.

5. Implementing the Right Technique

Painting a metal surface involves the use of the right technique. Before beginning, don’t forget to shake the spray can for about 40 to 60 seconds. Besides, subsequent shaking can also be done while painting.

Moreover, when you’re using a spray paint, it is necessary that you use the on/off action method. Usually, expert painters prefer spraying three inches of air before the paint makes contact with the metal surface, followed by spraying till the end of the surface and then leaving the trigger. You can move your hand in the opposite direction before depressing the paint-can trigger again. Thus, passing across the surface and letting go of the trigger again.

Implement the right technique for painting

Intrinsically, spray painting a metal cabinet involves on/off motion accompanied by the left to right and right to left movement of your hands. Still, if you’re in a dilemma to smoothly paint the surface, start painting the back of the filing cabinet first so that you can get the clear idea of how the spray paint works. Besides, it will also allow you to try it multiple times as the back surface will not be noticed by anyone.

Many times, people have the tendency to keep spray painting as long as they can’t see the primer coating. This method shouldn’t be practiced as it can cause uneven paint accumulation over certain areas, which you to have to remove with subsequent sanding. During time to paint file cabinets, you shouldn’t pay much heed to the primer coating below, as it will be gradually covered as you apply new layers of coating.

You can also create a design on your metal cabinet with the help of painter’s tape and masking paper. First, let the base coat dry for at least 24 hours and then use a painter’s tape with masking paper to create the required design. After covering the designated areas, you can use the spray paint to paint the exposed areas with a different color.

When the coat dries, you will have to scuff it and then spray a second coat of paint over it. Then, remove the tape along with the masking paper after the second coat has dried properly. Additionally, you can also utilize a third layer of paint as well. However, you must wait for about 48 hours before you can use the final layer of paint over the surface.

After completing the painting job, make sure to cover the metal filing cabinet and lightly seal it with a masking tape to protect it from dust, bugs, and dirt. You can take your spray paint cans outside and turn them upside down while depressing the nozzle. This will ensure that the nozzle will seamlessly work for the next coats.


Can I spray paint a metal file cabinet?

Professionally, spray painting is always preferred in a controlled environment that involves no direct sunlight, wind or high humidity. It is highly unlikely that you have a dedicated spray painting room at your helm; hence, it is important to prepare one to paint file cabinets.

What kind of paint do you use on a metal filing cabinet?

The spray paints are available in a variety of colors and types including metallic colors, specialty paints, and high-temperature paints. How to spray paint metal? It is important for you to select the right color and type of the spray paint in accordance with your needs and décor. You can use bright colors if your office has no exposure to direct sunlight. On the other hand, dark colors can be used if your workplace has a direct sunlight contact.


In this article, all the details required to make sure how to paint a metal filing cabinet from scratch are provided. The main focus of this article is to inform the reader about the various requirements, techniques, and conditions related to painting the metal cabinet. As of painting a file cabinet requires proper planning, the reader can benefit from the information provided in this article.

This article is also an important tool for the people who are seeking help related to adding manual designs in painting and ways on how to spray paint metal. The article also provides comprehensive information related to sanding, rust removal and surface smoothening. Besides, information related to various tools and equipment required for the painting of a metal cabinet is also detailed.

Conclusively, the painting of a file cabinet is a patient job. Hence, you must read the provided information carefully and slowly build your knowledge to complete the job successfully. If you want to replace with a new filing cabinet, don’t forget to shop at Autonomous with many smart office accessories which help you improve productivity.

Painting a Rusty Metal Filing Cabinet in Annie Sloan's New Colour: Oxford Navy

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