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MapleStory: 15 Best Classes In The MMORPG, Ranked

By Matthew D&#;OnofrioUpdated


MapleStory has been around for years, but is still attracting new players. These are the best classes the MMORPG has to offer.

When MapleStory launch initially in , only four different classes were available. These classes, known as Explorers, were Warrior, Magician, Thief, and Archer. On top of that, there were different branches of jobs for advancements. Warriors had Fighter/Crusader/Hero, Page/White Knight/Paladin, and Spearman/Berserker/Dark Knight. Magician had Wizard, Mage, and Arch Mage of Ice/Light or Fire/Poison, as well as Cleric/Priest/Bishop. Thief had Assassin/Hermit/Night Lord and Bandit/Chief Bandit/Shadower. Archer had Hunter/Ranger/Bowmaster and Crossbowman/Sniper/Marskman.

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Eventually, more classes were added. One of them was another set of Explorers: Pirates. Pirates have Brawler/Marauder/Buccaneer and Gunslinger/Outlaw/Corsair. The others are Adele, Angelic Buster, Aran, Ark, Battle Mage, Beast Tamer, Blaster, Blaze Wizard, Cadena, Cannoneer, Dawn Warrior, Demon Avenger, Demon Slayer, Dual Blade, Evan, Hoyoung, Illium, Jett, Kaiser, Kinesis, Luminous, Mechanic, Mercedes, Mihile, Night Walker, Pathfinder, Phantom, Pink Bean, Shade, Thunder Breaker, Wild Hunter, Wind Archer, Xenon, and Zero.

Updated September 7th, by Russ Boswell: MapleStory first released to players way back in With the game's 20th anniversary rapidly approaching, it's no wonder there's an absolutely massive amount of content for players to sift through. Anyone joining MapleStory in is likely overwhelmed by all of the character choices and classes available. But what exactly is the best MapleStory class in ? To help new players get a better grip on all of the possible MapleStory classes, the following list has been updated. Even more choices have been added to make a more comprehensive list of the best MapleStory classes.

15 Fire Poison Mage

  • Fire Poison Mage is an Explorer/Magician that uses Wands/Staves and Intelligence.

The "Fire Poison Mage" is exactly what it sounds like, a Magician, Wizard, or Arch Mage that has specced into a specialized tree for Fire and Poison. These powerful magic users attack enemies with Damage Over Time (DOT) spells and create multiple stacks to inflict massive amounts of damage over a few seconds to large groups of enemies. Even better, the come equipped with an ability that allows them to do more damage based on the number of DOT stacks affecting an enemy.

14 Hero

  • Hero is an Explorer/Warrior that uses Swords/Axes and Strength.

Heros are powerful melee warriors that use "combos" to help increase their damage against enemies. Their attacks will generate special orbs that can be collected to make them stronger. They're also capable of consuming these orbs to debuff their enemies. Their bread and butter is a specialized skill called Enrage, which lets them focus on fewer enemies but increases their damage. This class is great for taking down tougher enemies and bosses.

13 Night Walker

  • Night Walker is a Cygnus Knight/Thief that uses Claws and Luck.

Night Walkers are pretty diverse when it comes to dishing out damage. Being the "thieves" of the Cygnus Knights, they're capable of attacking quickly and use ranged stars to deal damage. Unlike other thieves, Night Walkers are capable of jumping while they attack to allow them to deal damage faster and to more enemies. They're also capable of summoning bats to dish out DPS, attacking mobs with DOT damage, and can even increase their own HP with useful siphon abilities.

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12 Dawn Warrior

  • Dawn Warrior is a Cygnus Knight/Warrior that uses One-Handed Sword/Two-Handed Sword and Strength.

Those looking for a more "traditional" warrior in the Cygnus Knights can opt for Dawn Warrior, a class with interchangeability on the battlefield. These powerful damage-dealers can use one-handed or two-handed swords and have the ability to switch stances between Falling Moon and Rising Sun. Falling Moon will decrease their attack but double their attack count, allowing them to handle multiple enemies. Conversely, Rising Sun raises both damage and attack speed.

11 Thunder Breaker

  • Thunder Breaker is a Cygnus Knight/Pirate that uses Knuckles and Strength.

For players that want to dish out melee damage close up but also like the thrill of "spellcasting," Thunder Breaker offers a great middleground. These storm-loving Pirates are capable of chaining together their weather-based attacks and abilities, giving them great maneuverability and damage output. They also have an ability that lets them ignore 5% of an enemy's armor values for each lightning-based buff they carry.

10 Ark

  • Ark is a Pirate who uses Knuckles/Abyssal Arms and Strength.

This class has a high base attack, converts Magic Attack into Attack, uses only two manuals buffs, possesses bind skills, hits multiple platforms, performs vertical and horizontal flash jumps, and gets innate healing. But, it requires micro-managing of buffs, consumes HP for skills instead of MP, needs proper combo to be effective, has low defense and avoidability, and suffers from cooldowns with weapon skills.

9 Illium

  • Illium is a Magician who uses Lucent/Magic Gauntlets/Wings and Intelligence.

This class has loads of burst damage, insane mobbing, pretty good support skills, dominates small and medium maps with multiple platforms, and utilizes some of the best flying mechanics in the game. But, it is quite squishy (low defense), has few lines of damage, does not handle bosses well, and requires lots of stacks and charges which are not instantly refilled.

8 Aran

  • Aran is a Warrior who uses Polearms/Mass and Strength.

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This class has the ability to reduce damage from monsters, skills that heal themselves (therefore consuming fewer potions), handles bosses well, trains efficiently, and a handful of powerful buffs. But, the button mashing is strong here (in order to maintain the combo) so players will need a decent keyboard and tough fingers.

7 Kinesis

  • Kinesis is a Magician who uses Psy-Limiters/Chess Pieces and Intelligence.

This class is insanely mobile for a magic-based class, does not need any MP potions at all, fights bosses well, trains efficiently, takes down mobs and collects mesos like no other, utilizes vertical range decently, boasts great damage, and even follows an interesting storyline. But, it takes practice to play effectively, attacks a bit slowly, and offers virtually no worthwhile buffs.

6 Demon Slayer

  • Demon Slayer is a Warrior who uses Scepters (Mace/Axe)/Force Shields and Strength.

This class gets a headstart with level, does not use any MP (due to Demon Fury), boasts a high defense as well as HP, tanks phenomenally, battles bosses decently, has flashy skills, benefits from percent stance, uses an aura that allows passive grinding, and enjoys awesome mobility. But, Demon Fury requires constant attacking and management, plus the Scepters used cannot be traded.

5 Kanna

  • Kanna is a Magician who uses Fans and Intelligence.

This class gains levels insanely fast due to the exclusive story quests, does not require any MP whatsoever, uses skills that heal constantly, enjoys high HP, has high damage output, attacks quickly, teleports far, increases spawn rate from summons, has flashy skills as well as weapons, and handles maps like no other. But, the Spiritual Power system needs proper managing and it does not get good (or even fun) until the third job.

4 Hoyoung

  • Hoyoung is a Thief who uses Buchaes/Tassels and Luck.

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This class does not require much management, runs on a quite minimal amount of keys, enjoys excellent mobility, generally has high damage, and clears maps like a boss. But, paying attention to the gauge needs practice, the rotation of skills gets complicated, and it is squishy (low defense).

3 Cadena

  • Cadena is a Thief who uses Energy Chains/Warp Forges and Luck.

This class is the master of AoE (area of effect), mobs like no other, enjoys a ridiculous amount of mobility, bosses decently, has fantastic evasion by nature, and gets the best Dark Sight skill ever. But, it is not for the faint of heart (regarding difficulty), the skills require linking for effective damage output, suffers from spam when grinding, does not get good until the fourth job, and dies easily.

2 Blaster

  • Blaster is a Warrior who uses Arm Cannons/Charges and Strength.

This class only has a few buffs so there is little managing needed, enjoys amazing mobbing skills, utilizes mobility that is out of this world, gets a high damage output, and even reduces some damage thanks to Blast Shield. But, much dodging is needed for it to be efficient, drains MP potions like no other, spams here and there, and offers no buffs for the party.

1 Adele

  • Adele is a Warrior who uses Bladecasters/Bladebinders and Strength.

This class is visually impressive, requires little management (despite the Aether bar), mobs insanely well (especially for a physical attacking class), handles small maps phenomenally, needs few potions for HP and MP, and bosses like no other. But, it does call for some practice to perform best, wants lots of focus from the player regarding skill cooldowns, and has kind of a weak storyline.

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Matthew D&#;Onofrio ( Articles Published)More From Matthew D&#;Onofrio

There are five basic roles in Maplestory: Warrior, Mage, Thief, Archer, and Pirate. Within these basic roles are further specializations.

If you&#;re wondering what the best classes of each role are, we&#;ve got you covered. This list is based on empirical evidence and stats. Keep in mind though that items and equipment have a larger effect on how strong your character is compared to the class itself.

Alright, let&#;s get into the best Maplestory classes of each role.

Best Warrior Class: Blaster


  • Consistently high damage output
  • Extremely mobile
  • Excels at both bossing and mobbing
  • Super fun to play


  • Lower survivability compared to other Warriors
  • Requires high funding to maximize potential
  • Mechanically intensive
  • Low utility in party settings

Since Blasters were introduced in , they&#;ve consistently ranked at the top of the Warrior role in terms of overall strength and damage output. Warriors are typically known for their low mobility, slower attack speed, and lack of consistent DPS, at least compared to the other roles.

Blasters flip all these stereotypes upside down. They are a speed-based Warrior that neutralizes these three weaknesses with superb mobility and consistent DPS (with or without fifth job skills).

Compared to other Warrior classes, Blasters are a bit less tanky since they lack frontloaded damage mitigation from enemies. Blast Shield and Vitality Shield are the only two defensive skills they have. This isn&#;t a huge issue, but just something worth pointing out.

The biggest drawback Blasters have is they are the hardest class to play in Maplestory. They are mechanically demanding, moreso than Zeros, Arks, Cadenas, etc. There&#;s a reason they are known as the finger destroying class, which is why they are the least played Warrior type.

If you enjoy playing skillful characters and dishing out tons of damage though, Blaster is the perfect class for you.

Best Mage Class: Kinesis


  • Incredible mobbing skills
  • Very high DPS against stationary mobs
  • Highly mobile flash jump
  • Enemy dispel


  • Downtime waiting for Psychic Points to recharge
  • Difficult to fight against mobile targets

Kinesis is one of the few Mage classes that has managed to largely escape the nerf hammer. Other Mage classes like Ice/Lightning, Fire/Poison, Luminous, Blaze Wizard, Evan have all been gutted in some way or another. Unlike other Mages that attack really quickly, Kinesis&#; attack speed is actually fairly slow, but they make up for this with greater raw numbers.

As their name implies, Kinesis&#; power comes from telekinetic power. In terms of mobility, they don&#;t have a teleport skill but do have a double flash jump. Being able to alternate between double horizontal, double vertical, or a combination of those gives them versatile mobility

Kinesis have one of the best mobbing strengths in the game, given all of their skills have huge range and can essentially clean out entire maps with you standing still.

Kinesis also make great party members, with their enemy debuff skills and binds, alongside their amazing mob clearing. They can also dispel enemy buffs.

Being strong across the board does come with some drawbacks, though. The biggest of which is that Kinesis are resource constrained. Psychic Power takes a while to recharge so you&#;ll experience some downtime. The other big weakness they have is their unreliability against mobile targets.

Best Thief Class: Night Walker


  • Consistent DPS
  • Best mobility in game
  • High single-target burst damage
  • Excellent attack speed with animation canceling


  • High cooldowns
  • Requires Sticky Keys
  • Lacks stability in boss fights

The Night Walker class has been creeping up the ranks for a while due to small buffs here and there while Night Lords keep getting nerfed. With the Fifth Job skills, it&#;s now safe to say Night Walkers are the strongest Thief Class.

Night Walker are similar to Night Lords but with a more mobile and flexible playstyle, in exchange for amplified weaknesses. The character essentially has bigger risks and rewards.

With their excellent mobility and two instant reposition abilities, Night Walkers excel against bosses. By animation canceling their attacks, Night Walkers have one of the best consistent damage outputs in the game.

Despite being notoriously squishy, they do have some excellent survivability tools. Passive revive every 30 minutes and partial lifesteal makes these the best bossing classes in the game

After the recent Fifth Job skills, Night Walkers are also now one of the best mobbers in the game.

Best Archer Class: Pathfinder


  • Unrivaled single-target damage and mobbing ability
  • Insane mobility
  • High, consistent base damage
  • Strong early, mid and late game


  • Relatively low party utility
  • Relies on stacking debuffs to maximize DPS
  • Squishy without Ancient Astra and Obsidian Barrier active
  • Requires Sticky Keys

As of , Pathfinder is considered the best class in the game, so it&#;s no surprise that they&#;d make this list. While Archers have always been at the top of the rankings, Pathfinders manage to take all the pros and few of the cons of the other Archer classes.

Most Archers perform best attacking from afar while kiting enemies, using their trademark Hurricane skills to maximize DPS. Pathfinders, on the other hand, do most of their damage from short to midrange burst without a Hurricane type skill. Most of their damage comes from chaining skills together and using Cardinal Force and Ancient Force, which combined make for a fun playstyle.

Despite their short to mid range, Pathfinders are actually one of the best mobbers in the game, thanks to their skills having ridiculous horizontal and vertical range. And while they may be slightly weaker when it comes to Bossing compared to Angelic Busters and Blasters, their mobility and high single-target damage is still more than enough for them to solo bosses.

The only real weakness Pathfinders have is their lack of power stance without Mihile Link, making them pretty squishy. But this is pretty negligible, considering late game bosses all one shot you anyway if you let them hit you.

Best Pirate Class: Angelic Buster


  • Highest base damage ratios
  • Strong mobbing and single-target DPS
  • No resource bar
  • Very strong midgame


  • Low defense for melee class
  • Weak early game
  • Slower attack speed than other Pirates

Like most of the other strongest classes listed here, Angelic Busters also rely on chaining combo skills. They also tend to be one of the lesser played classes, probably due to their mechanical difficulty and acquired taste.

With no resource bar and instead relying on Resource Charge, almost all of Angelic Buster&#;s skills have an internal cooldown. These cooldowns have a chance to be reset with every skill you use, which makes for a unique playstyle.

When Angelic Busters were first released, they were the only class to be able to go beyond the 1 million damage cap. Between and , the damage cap was upped to 50 million and ABs were strong but not great.

After Fifth Job came out though, Angelic Busters once again reign supreme with the highest damage ratios in the game. With new skills that grant her huge buffs, recharging is also a non-issue, allowing you to keep % uptime. Her slow attack speed has also been mitigated.

In terms of weaknesses, Pirate classes aren&#;t exactly known for their supportive capabilities. Busters do have a strong debuff with Finale Ribbon, but aside from that don&#;t offer much in party situations. She&#;s also quite squishy and lacks self-peel, so everything depends on dodging attacks and external items. And while ABs are great at both single-target damage and mobbing, she can only really do one or the other.

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There is no best Class in MapleStorySEA. The reason for this is that the Game Creators go through a process called "class balancing". If there was a best Class, everyone would be playing on that Class and there would be no need at all for a variety of Classes. Game Creators create an array of balanced Classes, to make sure that varied playing experiences are available. Each Class has its own pros and cons.

Therefore, the hard part is deciding which Class fits you the best. It might be because of the massive damage, looks, or just for fun, but your class should fit your playing style. Otherwise, you'll probably become bored quickly and MapleStory won't be fun for you. Be aware, though, of the costs to run your character. If you are confused, just remember this; the more mesos you have, the better the character can be.



Warriors have characteristics of tanks; they are able to take a lot of damage and can deal them back with Power Guard. As they are melee fighters, they cannot use ranged attacks, so they are given much more health and defense to compensate. While they can prove to be quite powerful later, Warriors are generally eclipsed by some classes in the 1st and 2nd job (you probably aren't playing for purely that). The life of a Warrior requires much patience, but to those willing to tough it out, it will be a rewarding experience.


  • Highest HP and defense of all classes.
  • Choice of eight different weapon types.
  • Proficient at both mobbing and single targets.
  • Generally good in the Monster Carnival.
  • Very high raw damage.


  • No ranged attacks until 3rd job.
  • Lowest MP of all Classes.
  • Damage is unstable in 1st job.
  • Low accuracy and avoidability.
  • Warriors are usually asked to join a party for the Kerning City Party Quest to help kill all the monsters other than King Slime as they usually miss against it.


Fighters are a powerful class, with incredible damage for single as well as multiple targets. They get powered-up attack skills such as Final Attack and Rage, making them desirable for many Party Quests. The Weapons available to them are Swords and Axes. Their damage-dealing capability is further enhanced by their advancement to Crusader and even further to Hero. Unfortunately, they lack the range compared to other classes.


  • Highest [HP]] in the game
  • Acquires Rage, which raises their Party's attack by a significant amount
  • Deals more damage than the other two Warrior classes on single elementally-neutral monsters in 3rd job, and on mobs of two or three in 4th job.
  • The skill Panic deals ENORMOUS damage at high levels instant
  • Really high damage


  • Lowest MP in the game.
  • Poor mob control in 2nd job
  • Charging up Combo can lead to a string of unstable damage, regardless of being equipped with Axe or Sword.
  • Panic needs to be charged up in order to deal good damage.


Pages focus on Swords and Blunt Weapons, and also receive higher HP than Spearmen and more MP than Fighters. With the advancement to White Knight, Pages become capable of dealing damage sometimes exceeding Fighters with any enemy weak to elemental attacks. On top of that, Paladins have a skill called Sanctuary that does an incredible , on 15 monsters.


  • Rarest warrior
  • More HP than Spearmen.
  • More MP than Fighters.
  • Deal more damage than the other two Warrior classes on single elementally-weak monsters in 3rd and 4th jobs, as well as on elementally-weak mobs of in 4th job as a Paladin.
  • Become a very defensive class by 3rd and 4th job.
  • Incredible 4th job skill.


  • Less HP than other Fighters.
  • Less MP than Spearmen
  • Lose their mob control in 2nd job, but regain it in 3rd and 4th.
  • Poor damage in earlier jobs makes it difficult to level Pages.


Spearmen use Polearms and Spears. Generally, their attacking speed is quite slow. However, their 3rd jobs skills are very powerful and out-damage almost every other class. Because of the length of their weapon, they also have the best range out of any other Warrior class. The good mob control and good party skills such as Hyper Body puts them in high demand for parties. They can advance towards Dragon Knight-hood and further towards Dark Knight-hood.


  • High maximum damage.
  • Masters of mob-control.
  • Acquire Hyper Body, essential to Crossbow and Claw users in Boss run survivability at 3rd job and beyond.
  • Balanced HP and MP.
  • Larger melee range than Fighters and Pages.
  • Stable damage at 3rd job and beyond.
  • Hybrid (those who use both weapons) Dragon Knights experience greater mob versatility that the other two Warrior classes at 3rd job and beyond.
  • Also are good at Monster Carnival (as all warriors).


  • Least HP among other Warriors if not made into a HP Warrior but there is Hyper Body to compensate for that.
  • Most unstable damage in 1st and 2nd jobs.
  • Slow attacking speed.
  • Beaten by the other two in 3rd and 4th job on single targets.
  • Most common Warrior.
  • Less defense than other warriors as Polearms and Spears are two-handed weapons(meaning they can't equip shields).


Magicians are very abundant in the MapleStorySEA community. Magicians have very low HP, but the ranged spells like Energy Bolt and Magic Claw, as well as the protection of Magic Guard more than make up for it. Magicians have good damage until 3rd job, when other classes get much more powerful attacks. Also, once they reach 2nd job, you have a skill named MP Eater, which allows you to drain MP from enemies.


  • Fastest leveling throughout the whole game.
  • Incredible amounts of MP and MP recovery.
  • Stable damage throughout the game.
  • Can attack both up close and ranged.
  • Can attack through obstacles (Magic Claw).
  • Can take more damage earlier than other classes with Magic Guard.
  • The 'Ultimates' (Blizzard, Meteor, Genesis) are by far the most powerful mobbing skills in the entire game, able to 1-hit-KO all ordinary monsters. (Not including Bosses or Monsters in the Temple of Time). Don't be fooled by their poor DPM (Damage Per Minute).
  • Highest damage among all Classes in 1st job
  • Clerics have some nice supportive skills in 2nd job
  • At low levels, they deal the highest DPM (Damage Per Minute).
    • This is due to attacking with magic and the fact that monsters have poor magic defense at lower levels. (Example: While you're Lvl 10, you can hit Dark Stumps. However, other Classes are stuck with Slimes.)


  • Very low HP without Magic Guard.
  • Lots of money spent on MP Potions (but less on HP Potions) until you get MP Eater in 2nd job, unless you know how to conserve well.
  • Due to the reliance on elemental weaknesses, the Leveling process can pit you against same enemies over and over
  • Bad DPM (Damage Per Minute) at high levels.
  • If Sealed, Magicians have no hope (unless they have All-Cures)
  • Magic Guard makes it so that both HP and MP go down when hit, which leads to trickier consumption of Potions.
  • Worst single target damage in 4th job, not generally wanted for Boss runs (other than Clerics).

Magicians can 'jump attack' by pressing the spell's assigned key and jump at the exact same time. Magicians who are 2nd job and above can also 'telecast', which is similar, but replacing the Jump key with the Teleport key. Ice strike can be used while jumping if done at the same frame.

Although other classes overpower them in 3rd class, Magicians have strong mob attacks and Party skills that are liked among Parties.


Fire/Poison Wizards deal a lot of damage and can drain away at the Monster's HP using poison spells. They are the fastest-leveling Magician at 3rd job due to Poison Mist's large area of effect.


  • Rarest Magician (Basically nowhere near how common other Magicians are).
  • Impressive 3rd job leveling speed because of Poison Mist.
  • Effective drain against high-leveled enemies with poison attacks.
  • Fire has the second most elemental advantage, second to Holy.
  • Fast 4th job leveling with Meteor Shower (as with the other Magician Classes).


  • Poison is not much of a use in early levels as a Fire/Poison.
  • Poison can be difficult to use if inexperienced.
  • The only fire-offensive spell for 2nd job, Fire Arrow, is blocked by terrain (as with Assassins).
  • Poor Bossing
  • Meteor Shower uses an incredible amount of MP.


Ice/Lightning Wizards can freeze their opponents and bombard them with spells that hit multiple enemies at once.


  • Always have skills capable of hitting multiple monsters (Thunderbolt at 2nd job, Ice Strike at 3rd, and Chain Lightning/Big Bang/Blizzard at 4th).
  • MP Eater with Lightning will often get a great amount of MP back.
  • Cold Beam isn't blocked by terrain.
  • Constant freezing spells usually means lesser potion use due to lack of HP loss.
  • Damage on Ice/Lightning-weak monsters is generally more than a Cleric's/Priest's's/Bishop's damage on Holy/Heal-weak monsters


  • Damage on Ice/Lightning-weak monsters is generally less than an Fire/Poison's damage on Fire-weak monsters
  • Lightning has the second least elemental advantage
  • Blizzard uses an incredible amount of MP.
  • Unwanted for Bossing.


While Clerics don't deal as much damage as the other Magicians, they do possess the unique ability to Heal, which tends to have the opposite effect on the undead, and can affect up to five monsters of this type at a time. Dark Monsters are also vulnerable to Holy Arrow.

Although Clerics are perfectly capable of solo-ing, they are widely acknowledged as a Party class. This is especially true once they reach the third job advancement, as Priests receive excellent supportive skills.


  • Can self-Heal, eliminating the need for HP pots (unless Sealed)
  • Heal is a great mobbing skill for undead monsters
  • Great support skills, making it easy to find a party
  • Able to jump-attack freely with Heal
  • Can gain small amounts of EXP from healing other players
  • Holy Symbol, a 3rd job skill, gives % EXP when the priest is in a party. (Still gives % when not)
  • If a Cleric has reasonable SP on MP Eater, and Heal and MP Eater is used together on un-dead monsters (eg. Zombie Mushroom), the Cleric will never run out of HP or MP.


  • Weakest damage at 2nd and 3rd job
  • Leveling process pits you against same enemies over and over
  • Limited enemies are affected by Heal (the only mob skill until one reaches mid-level Priest)
  • Most common Magician class
  • The low HP limits training options for Priests to almost exclusively training with Dark Knights.
  • Genesis, while still very powerful, is the weakest compared to Meteor and Blizzard (assuming that the Arch Mage/Blaze Wizard has Element Amplification).

In 4th Job, all Mages get a skill where they can have infinite MP, but of course, to use the skill itself, it uses a big amount of MP, only lasts for 40 seconds, and has a cool-down timer of 10 minutes.


Thieves are a very unique class in MapleStory. They can jump-attack with throwing-stars and attack up close with daggers. Thieves don't have much defense, but they have high avoidability, so enemies tend to miss them. They get fast attacks instead of few strong blows.


  • Very fast attacks.
  • Can attack with range or melee.
  • Can jump-attack.
  • Haste is a lot of fun.
  • Highest avoidability and second highest accuracy.
  • 'DEX-less' or 'Pure LUK' thieves are known for their high damage.


  • Low defense.
  • Very common job.
  • Rather expensive, even if using a normal AP build.


An Assassin (often abbreviated 'Sin') is the ranged thief using throwing-stars and claws. They have more stable damage than Bowmen but do less damage in general than Bandits because of unstable damage. With Haste, they are very fast.


  • Ranged attacks from throwing stars.
  • Slightly more stable than Bowmen.
  • Pretty good single-target combat.
  • Can often do critical shots which is very useful.
  • Fastest-moving class in the game with Haste + Flash Jump
  • Triple Throw with Shadow Partner shoots stars per minute.
  • Required class for bossing due to 2nd highest DPM (Damage Per Minute) to a boss.
  • Can Jump-attack without pressing both attack and jump at the same time.
  • With Meso Up, they can earn more money easily.


  • Poor at short range/melee combat.
  • Do not shine at mobbing (no mob attacks in 2nd or 4th job).
  • Lucky Seven is their main attack skill until the 4th job.
  • Low HP becomes a hassle in 3rd job, as with Bowmen.
  • Equipment and Scrolls are expensive.
  • Good Throwing-Stars are very expensive.
  • Only one weapon avaliable for Assassins on Victoria Island; the Garnier.
  • Can't hit with Throwing-stars too close or too far away from the monster.


A Bandit (abbreviated 'dit') is the melee dagger thief. Although they have less HP and defense than Warriors, they have high avoidably and generally fast attacking. They get a high-damage skill (due to attacking 6 times) during the 2nd job skill called Savage Blow.


  • Has more HP then Assassins
  • High damage potential with Savage Blow.
  • Less common than Assasins
  • Very versatile (mobbing, single targets, Meso Exploding).
  • Acquire Meso Guard in 3rd job, granting them survivability parallel to Warriors and Magicianss, and also saving money.
  • Meso Explosion is one of the biggest damage dealers in the game.
  • Better damage than Assassins in 4th job on mobs.


  • No long-ranged attacking skill before 4th job, meaning a lot of damage inflicted on them
  • Savage Blow's multiple attacking means it being more affected by monsters' weapon defense, which becomes a problem later in the game.
  • Meso Explosion wastes A LOT of mesos.
  • Lowest DPM (Damage Per Minute) in 1st job
  • Though it has higher HP than Assassins, they are not great tankers

Dual Blade[]

The newest Thief class. Dual Blades favor Kataras and Dagger as weapons.


  • Fast attacks
  • Possesses Many mob skills
  • Strong from Lvl 20+
  • Gains skills quickly


  • Must go through many quests in order to start as a Dual Blade
  • Kataras are hard to acquire
  • Require Mastery Books for many of the multi-attack skills
  • Skills have high MP requirements


Bowmen can use ranged attacks and hit hard with them. Although useless at close range combat until the 3rd job with Arrow Rain or Arrow Eruption, their high ranged damage capability makes up for it. If a monster gets close enough, the archer might whack it back a long way, and as bows are fast on speed, they can shoot it then. They are not totally useless. They have unstable damage at first, and jump-attacking with a bowman requires precision timing. Now, bowmans don't usually jump-attack. When they shoot the arrow, it will curve up or down a bit, allowing the bowman to hit monsters on other platforms. This is the same with Assassins


  • Highest accuracy among all classes. (Bowmans can train on monsters many Levels above their current Level, while other jobs are stuck with the lower-leveled ones)
  • Has a knockback ability.
  • Has excellent range.
  • Large arsenal of mob attacks.
  • Needed in boss runs for Sharp Eyes, one of the best party buffs in the game


  • Unstable damage until the 2nd Job Advancement.
  • Nearly impossible to attack while surrounded in 1st, 2nd, and 4th job (Arrow Rain/Arrow Eruption in 3rd job, but is just too weak in 4th)
  • Restricted jump-attacking.
  • Low HP and no HP protection skills become a hassle in 3rd job, as with Hermits/Night Lords.

There are such Bowmen who do not use Arrows, just knocking back monsters a long way and inflicting damage that way. DO NOT try this unless you are extremely bored with the other jobs and have a lot of funding, as the 'whack' only hits one monster and does horrible damage.


Hunters are Bowmen who use Bows. Hunters attack faster, but they do less damage than Crossbowmen. They can move onward towards becoming a Ranger, and further towards to Bow Master.


  • Faster attacks.
  • Acquires a stunning (Arrow Bomb) mob skill in 2nd job and high-damaging fire-based (Inferno) mob skill in 3rd job.
  • Acquires Hurricane, an attack skill that fires normal damage arrows (%) at a rate of per minute.
  • Third best DPM (Damage Per Minute) at 4th job, making them valuable for bossing.


  • Less damage than Crossbowmen .


Crossbowmen are Bowmen who use Crossbows. Crossbowmen do higher damage at a slower attack rate. They can move on towards becoming a Sniper, and further towards Marksman-ship. Since it is the least common class, we suggest you TAKE PRIDE in your crossbow!


  • Higher damage.
  • Acquires a high-damaging (Iron Arrow) mob skill in 2nd job and a freezing (Blizzard) mob skill.
  • Acquires a powerful mob attack similar to Iron Arrow (Piercing).
  • At 4th job acquires a skill that kills all but boss monsters in one shot (Snipe)


  • Slower attacks.
  • Iron Arrow can't fire upwards or downwards like Arrow Bomb.
  • Marksmen have poorer bossing ability than Bowmasters, they are more suited to mobbing.


Pirates are the 2nd newest Adventurer class in MapleStory. They have the semi-unique ability to be range or melee players, shared only with Thieves. They have the option of two types of weapons; guns (ranged) and knuckles (melee). Like warriors, it is highly recommended to pick a weapon type and stick with it. Pirates also have a highly unique skill set.


  • Wide variety of skills.
  • Transformations/Battleship have extremely high damage potential.
  • Gunslingers are mostly ranged, but can attack close up, and even Brawlers have pretty long range melee attacks.
  • Dash is always good for mobility, but don't use it on Brawlers since you'll be switching directions a lot with your skills in 2nd job.
  • Time Leap is an awesome skill to use on high-leveled Bosses like Zakum, Horntail,and Pink Bean.


  • Less Maple Weapons due to being a new job.
  • Both have rather little damage at earlier levels


Gunslingers are the ranged Pirate class. They are very accurate, and attack extremely fast. They are a combination of Bowmen (attack style) and Assassins (unique skills).


  • Very high rate of fire.
  • Stable damage.
  • Battleship has highest DPM (Damage Per Minute) in the game.
  • Extremely powerful from 3rd job onwards.
  • Can shoot up close unlike some ranged classes.
  • Wings + Recoil Shot is VERY fun, especially when you effectively use them while training.


  • Poor mobbing ability until they get to 3rd job.
  • Although Battleship has highest DPM, Night Lords still out-damage them at bosses because of the poor durability of Battleship.
  • Very weak at 1st and 2nd job.


Infighters are the melee Pirate class, but don't be fooled with that information alone, for every job enhancement they go through, they get at least 1 very long range melee attack. A few examples of this are Corkscrew Blow, Backspin Blow, Shockwave, and Dragon Strike, all of which hit multiple enemies at the same time. In the 2nd job enhancement, they get 2 stun attacks; Backspin Blow and Double Uppercut, which are further made useful by the 3rd job enhancement's Stun Mastery. They are a hybrid mix of a Warrior and a Bandit.


  • High attack power of a Warrior.
  • Fast attacks and unique skills of a Bandit.
  • Long ranged melee attacks (skills only, otherwise very short range).
  • Transformations increase accuracy and avoidability as well as attack power by insane amounts.
  • Great at mobbing.
  • Awesome-looking attacks, especially in the 3rd and 4th jobs.
  • Time Leap is a great party skill for higher-leveled Buccaneers
  • One of the few melee classes that get Criticals.

Brawlers are very good at CPQing, and can solo from k Carnival Points


  • Some skills and knuckles alone are very short range.
  • A few of the 3rd job skills require that you transform before you can actually use them.
  • Very slow throughout 3rd and 4th jobs
  • Once you get transformation, you won't be able to use most of the powerful skills till 4th job.
  • In 3rd job, you will have to use many different attacks, which take up, like half your keyboard.
  • Tends to burn HP pots due to having to stay close to the monsters.



The Legend class of a warrior, Aran, uses a Polearm as a choice of weapon. Unlike the Spearman, it uses skills that speed up its attack in the first job. Also like the Spearman, they have an extended distance of attack. They have the biggest close range mobbing skill (biggest mobbing skills are 'Ultimates' that hit fifteen monsters) that hits twelve monsters. They advance but still have the same name, Aran.

A very quick way of training from Lvl 30 through 40 is at Monster Carnival. If you can hit Toy Trojans, go into room 3 or 4. Ask the other team to mass summon Toy Trojans and spam attack. You should level at a considerable speed.


  • Has a skill which attacks multiple monsters during 1st Job.
  • Hits the largest number of monsters in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd job.
  • Great in Monster Carnival at any level.
  • Only class with combo system.
  • Combo Drain greatly reduces the need for potions.
  • Combo attacks can range up from %% of your attack, depending on your job advancement.
  • Uses an element (ice) like the Cygnus Knights.
  • Combo skills use no MP.
  • Has Critical unlike other warriors
  • Combo Barrier makes monsters attacks weaker.
  • Higher MP than other warriors.

Though Arans have higher MP than other warriors, they use much less MP than them, as skills which require combos (eg. Combo Smash, Combo Drain) do not require any MP. All it requires an amount of combos.


  • Lacks party skills as only one is available (Combo Barrier).
  • Hero's Will uses five skill points as opposed to one.
  • Repeatedly presses the attack key for attacks.
  • Accuracy problems like all warriors.
  • Lower HP than the average warrior.
  • Compulsory to do quests to obtain skills.
  • Seduced and Stun break the combo count, due to Arans's dependence on their combo count.


The Legend for Magicians. The previous Legend, Freud, fought the Black Mage long ago. His dragon, Afrien, was wanted by the Black Mage, so that he could become stronger. His plan failed, so he decided to freeze Freud in ice. The other Legends saved him by diving in front of him. That's why Aran is frozen in ice, and Evan isn't. Afrien died saving Freud. Freud saved an egg, and hid it so somebody, someone could find it, and become the Hero's successor.


  • Has a party skill that allows to resurrect 1~2 random party members.
  • Has a party skill that gives resistance to magic attacks.
  • A skill like Berserk, but only for MP.
  • Combination of Fire, Ice, Lightning and Dark elemental attacks.
  • Can deal critical damage, unlike other mages.
  • Early mobbing skills.
  • Very powerful throught the whole game.
  • Very easy to level up throught the whole game.
  • Gets a few NX Items for free at levels
  • The Dragon has 10 growths in total (10th Growth at level ).
  • Acquires 31 skills in total.


  • Dragon only attacks in the direction you are facing.
  • No MP Eater, MP Recovery Increase or Improving Max MP skills.
  • Very' Common class.
  • Have to do all of the 'New Hero' quests for getting enough Skill Points in order to max all his skills.
  • The free NX items that given to him are available for 1 week only.


Hopefully, you have realized that there is no best class to MapleStory. All classes have their good points and bad points.

Remember class-balancing and keep in mind that although one class might dominate at a certain level, at later levels your class may be stronger than they are. Do not forget that you should also allow your personality to dominate the decision on which class to choose, rather than choosing a class because many people choose it, or because it is recommended by your friends.

A brief description and general overview for each class would be the following.

Magicians aren't meant for bossing, they are more of a fast training class, with skills such as Blizzard, Meteor and Genesis. These skills can attack up to 15 of the strongest monsters in the game and can kill them with a few attacks depending on the level, therefore making them the best mobbing / leveling class.

Thieves are an attacking class, Night Lords being the best class for bossing and having almost the best DPM in game as well as being most mobile. Shadowers are good for attacking as well and can fight close or mid ranged and have good endurance with meso guard.

Warriors are another good class for attacking. Dark Knights are the warrior class that are needed for bossing due to HB as well as good attacking skills. Paladins are a very unique class, least played in the game but are powerful. They don't boss as much as heroes or drk's but have a lot to offer. Heroes can hit some of the highest numbers in the game and are good for bossing and wanted for rage.

Archers with Bow Masters and Marksman are a ranged class with the highest accuracy and good stable damage. They aren't as strong as Night Lords or Corsairs but they are very close to their damage. Bow Masters are needed in parties for Sharp eyes allowing more critical hits and they are a powerful class, as is marksman.

Pirates with corsair and marauder are a powerful class with corsair providing highest DPM and Marauders with good damage as well along with a popular party skill that increases everyone's attacking speed.

10 Amazing Bossing Classes - MapleStory 2021 - GMS

MapleStory Class Tier List | Best Classes, DPM and DPS Chart (October )

This MapleStory Best Class Tier List will help you out, especially if you are new to the game. Find out more information about the characters and their ranking from S Tier to A, B, and more. So, scroll down and read below to find out more about the classes, DPS/DPM chart as well as the best bossing class.

MapleStory Best Class Tier List & DPS/DPM Chart (October )

Fire Poison MageS20,
Demon SlayerA18,
Dawn WarriorA17,
Thunder BreakerA17,
Night WalkerA17,
Angelic BusterB16,
Ice Lightning MageB15,
Dark KnightB15,
Night LordB14,
Dual BladeC14,
Battle MageC13,
Bow MasterC13,
Blaze WizardC13,
Wind ArcherC12,
Beast TamerF12,
Demon AvengerF12,
Wild HunterF12,
MapleStory Best Classes Ranked Tier List

Tier S Class

  • Adele
  • Blaster
  • Cadena
  • Fire Poison Mage
  • Hoyoung
  • Kanna

The best of the best. These should be your go-to choice of characters in the game.

Tier A Class

  • Demon Slayer
  • Kinesis
  • Hero
  • Aran
  • Dawn Warrior
  • Thunder Breaker
  • Illium
  • Night Walker
  • Ark
  • Shadower

The ones that seldom get attention. These characters do stand pretty tough on their own and make valuable additions to the squad.

Tier B Class

  • Angelic Buster
  • Pathfinder
  • Mechanic
  • Ice Lightning Mage
  • Kaiser
  • Evan
  • Buccaneer
  • Dark Knight
  • Hayato
  • Kain
  • Night Lord
  • Marksman
  • Xenon

Play a good bench role. Helpful in filling up slots.

Tier C Class

  • Dual Blade
  • Luminous
  • Shade
  • Mihile
  • Phantom
  • Battle Mage
  • Cannoneer
  • Mercedes
  • Bow Master
  • Blaze Wizard
  • Zero
  • Corsair
  • Wind Archer

These classes should really be your last choice while making up a team.

Tier F Class

  • Beast Tamer
  • Demon Avenger
  • Jett
  • Wild Hunter
  • Bishop
  • Paladin

The ranking says it all. They are the worst of the bunch and are better left alone for good measure.

MapleStory Best Bossing Classes Tier List

There are certain classes that you should pick if you are to have any chance at beating bosses. You can go with either of these classes:

  • Night Walker: Night Walker is one of the best bossing classes as it has a high DPS combined with high output weapons.
  • Hero: Hero falls under the warrior of the explorer branch. What works to its benefit as a bossing class is that its attack speed works in GMS.

  • Dual Blade: Dual Blade is also a good example of high DPS combined with high output weapons.

This is everything you need to know about the MapleStory Best Class Tier List. While you are here have a look at the complete MapleStory Training Guide.


Mobile class most maplestory

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Picking a Main Character in MapleStory - GMS 2021

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