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When one thinks of a series that is ongoing in both Manga and Anime, then One Piece comes to mind. Eiichiro Oda has written and illustrated the franchise. Currently, it has 98 volumes in tankōbon format and over chapters. The animation series has episodes, and without any doubt, it will keep increasing as we are nowhere near the end.

Since the series started publishing in Shueisha&#;s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. Its fanbase keeps ascending, and the credit goes to the storyline, actions, unique characters, adventure, etc. So, it can be said that there are many One Piece merchandise out there. And today, we will be listing the Top 10 Best One Piece Products on Amazon.

Top 10 Best One Piece Products on Amazon-

  • One Piece Woolen Blanket &#;
Best One Piece Products on Amazon

What is better than a soft blanket on a rainy day or in cool weather? This blanket is made up of flannel fiber, and sadly, the print is on one side only. Not only is it soft and lightweight, but it is also comfortable. Moreover, one can gift the product to friends or family or daily use it. The most important factor is it has antifading and wrinkle-free.

Hallowen shop

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  • 9. One Piece Poster Thousand Sunny Print on Canvas &#;
Best One Piece Products on Amazon

This product is quite well known among the people who are interested in wall decoration. One Piece Poster Thousand Sunny Print comes unframed, and one has to buy the frames separately. It uses canvas painting, is waterproof, and is also resistant to fading. Furthermore, interested one can choose the sizes, and the print also comes in various designs.

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  • 8. One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy 3 Piece Gift Set &#;
Best One Piece Products on Amazon

Want a mug but also want the One Piece keychain? Worry not, this product comes with both of them. Moreover, a notebook is also included in this 3 piece set. And all of them feature Monkey D. Luffy, so fans of Luffy are in luck!. One can wash the mug in a dishwasher without any problem. This merchandise is also officially licensed.

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  • 7. One Piece Luffy Figure with Night Lamp &#;
Best One Piece Products on Amazon

Another Luffy product and that too with a lamp! If anyone is wondering if the night lamp works, then the answer is positive. It is made of synthetic resin and has a fixed size. One can use it as table decoration or decorate a miniature garden with it. Not only children love this product but also grown-ups. Well, who doesn&#;t like mini decorations?

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Best One Piece Products on Amazon

UNO lovers will definitely like this and Mattel Brand brought it. Each card features different characters from One Piece Anime and it is also up to date with the ongoing series. Most of all, the prints are clear and colorful. Even the box is sturdy, unlike other UNO card packs. Now, one can play with their favorite characters!

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  • 5. One Piece Heat-Sensitive Reactive Ceramic Cup &#;
    Best One Piece Products on Amazon

The material of the cup is ceramic, and the approx. Volume is ml. It is suitable for any type of hot beverage, and one can guess what it does from the title. The background of the mug changes once it comes in contact with something hot. The only sad part is that it can be washed by hands only. Surprise your loved ones with this gift!

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  • 4. One Piece Anime Tapestry Wall Hanging &#;
Best One Piece Products on Amazon

Next comes the One Piece Tapestry! It can be used as a wall hanging for any occasion, be it a picnic or party. On a side note, one can also use it to hide cracks or holes in the wall. Polyester fiber is the main material of the Tapestry, and the print is digital printing. So, the colors are vivid and long-lasting, a perfect gift for loved ones and also for oneself.

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  • 3. One Piece Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger Leathercraft Wallet &#;
Best One Piece Products on Amazon

Thinking of buying a One Piece-themed wallet? Then this product is perfect for that opportunity. It is made of PU leather, i.e., artificial leather, and the overall size is &#; H x &#; W. Moreover, it has a snap closure for extra security and also has 1 micro SD card slot. Also, a bill compartment with a zipper and 4 hidden slots. The front of the wallet features the Straw Hat Pirates symbol, while the back of it has Monkey D. Luffy&#;s name imprinted.

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  • 2. One Piece Canvas Art Print &#;
Best One Piece Products on Amazon

Before we discuss the product details, one should know this is another merchandise that comes without frames. But the fun part is one can choose from numerous One Piece designs. This one has Sabo and Luffy as the main characters, and it is printed on high-quality canvas paper. 8&#;10 frame or any larger frame is preferred for this art print, and one can hang them anywhere, be it office or living room.

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  • 1. One Piece Skull Skeleton Baseball Cap &#;
Best One Piece Products on Amazon

Wondering what to gift ones&#; lover or friends? Then this cap can be considered as one of the best gifts for One Piece fans. It has a plastic buckle closure, so it is adjustable and can fit anyone. Not only is it stylish, but it is also warm and comfortable. It is made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton. One can wear the cap on any occasion, and it further complements one&#;s dress style.

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We have reached the end of today&#;s topic, and sadly, we have to conclude here. Let us know your favorite One Piece merchandise and which one caught your eye from this list. All the products are available on Amazon, and we have chosen the best ones from them. We will be back with more recommendations like this. Interested readers can go through our website for more suggestions and news. Till then, stay tuned, stay hyped, and stay safe.

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Evangelion Breaks Streaming Record Following Amazon Debuts

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the best sci-fi anime to ever go live, and its legacy speaks volumes within the fandom. Even the newest of fans have heard of thee series, and Evangelion proved its worth not long ago when its latest Rebuild of Evangelion movie was released. And as it turns out, the movie just broke a special record on Amazon Prime.

The situation looks a little something like this. Evangelion + Thrice Upon A Time was released on digital home video in Japan recently. Amazon Prime Video streamed the movie for viewers, and it confirmed the film earned the "highest number of launch-day" streams since the platform launched.


Clearly, that is an impressive feat for Shinji to pull. There is no doubt Asuka is happy about the record, and Evangelion is doing well in North America as well. The anime's latest film just launched in the United States via Amazon, and its debut sparked a handful of trending topics.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Evangelion franchise, let's just say you have a lot to catch up on. The series was created by Hideaki Anno in , and its dark themes made it one of the most ambitious sci-fi titles of its time. The series has gone on to become a critical darling, and Evangelion has welcomed tons of movies, manga, and merchandise. This latest film ends Anno's Rebuild of Evangelion series which aimed to re-contextualize the hit anime. So if you want to know more about the story, you can find its official synopsis below:

"In , the "Angels" have returned, and Shinji Ikari, a fourteen-year-old child of the new Earth, is forced by his father Gendo—commander of the secret organization NERV—to pilot the monstrous biomechanical weapon called "Evangelion" to match the Angels' fearsome power"


What do you think about this broken record? Will you be checking out Evangelion soon or? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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Ninjas living in hidden villages. A city floating in the sky. Pirates pillaging the seven seas to look for hidden treasure. Marksmen protecting their walled city from giant titans, and pretty much everything in between. Ever since they first started becoming famous in Japan, anime has managed to capture and ignite the imagination and hearts of countless people from all over the world, making it one of the most influential things to come out of its home country.

With its own brand of humor, art style and out-of-this-world stories, anime has sparked a cultural movement, and otakus from all over welcome it with open arms. If you’re one of these otakus, then there’s no better way to show your love for your favorite show than buying merch. Problem is, it can be tricky to find good ones.

Here, we’ve listed down some of the best anime merchandise on Amazon for fans of Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and so much more!

1. Ripple Junction Naruto - Shippuden Akatsuki Cloud Sweatshirt 

You can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned sweatshirt for all those chilly days, and this one featuring the red cloud is a quintessential piece for the Akatsuki stan in you. Also comes at an affordable price, and is made with comfortable and high quality material.

2. Dcoolone 3PCS Anime Naruto Face Mask for Kids

Keep yourself safe and in style with these Naruto-themed face masks. Made from % polyester, these masks will keep you safe with its 2-layer protection, while the designs will surely make you want to binge-watch Naruto once more.

3. Ripple Junction Naruto and Nine-Tails Adult T-Shirt 

Show your love for the nine-tailed future Hokage with this stylish Otaku shirt from Ripple. Made from cotton, this t-shirt is as comfortable as much as it is a statement to your fellow Otakus. And did we mention that it’s highly rated and is also quite affordable?

4. Naruto and Kakashi Hand Sign Drinking Glass, 16 oz, by Just Funky

If you need more Naruto in your life, then consider getting a couple of these Naruto-themed drinking glasses. Made by Just Funky, these high-quality glasses feature the famous Kakashi and Naruto duo, making it a perfect gift for anyone that aspires to be a Shinobi.

5. Yozone Naruto Hidden Leaf Necklace 

The hidden leaf village might not be real, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock its famous insignia in necklace form. Made from environmentally friendly alloy, this Naruto necklace is perfect for everyday use. Wear it with pride!

6. Naruto Bag, Naruto Gift Set for Fans

Looking for good gift ideas for your Otaku friend? If so, then look no further than this gift bag, which contains a drawstring bag, cartoon lap stickers, an acrylic keychain, a lanyard, a pendant, button pins, and even a necklace, all for a very affordable price point.

7. Professional Naruto Makeup Brushes Set 

Just when you thought you can’t inject more Naruto in your life, along comes this Naruto-themed brush set. Made to look like your favorite ninja weapons from the show, this brush set is perfect for any cosplayer preparing for their next event/shoot.

8. Funko! POP Anime: Naruto Action Figure

Everyone loves Funko! Pops, and everyone also likes Naruto. So why not combine both? One of many Naruto-themed Funko! Releases, this figure shrinks down our favorite loud ninja into Pops form, which suits him quite well.

9. Bandai Anime Heroes-Naruto 15cm Uchiha Sasuke

Recreate your favorite Naruto scenes with Bandai’s Anime Heroes action figure line. In this Sasuke Uchiha variant, the figure comes with a highly detailed Sasuke in his Shippuden outfit, two blades, extra hands, and even a chidori effect. Perfect for posing and playing around.

Naruto Box Set 2: Volumes with Premium Stickers 

If you have the cash to spare, then go back to old-school by copping yourself this Naruto manga box set. Featuring volumes , this box set is the perfect Naruto-lover gift, and is sure to provide endless hours of ninja entertainment. What Otaku wouldn’t want that?

GE Animation GE One Piece Luffy's Straw Hat Pirate Flag

Show your loyalty for the Straw Hat Pirates with this wall flag made by GE Animation. Officially licensed by the Great Eastern, this high quality flag is the perfect way to let anyone know that much like Luffy and the gang, you also won’t mind searching for One Piece.

Big Fun One Piece Wanted Posters cm×cm, Set of 24 

Decorate your room with a piece of shonen anime history with these One Piece posters featuring all your favorite straw hat pirates in their wanted posters. Each set comes with 24 posters, enough to fill up your wall, or share with a friend or two.

YJacuing One Piece Keychain with AirPods 1 & 2 Protective Case Cover (Black II)

Keep your AirPods safe in this high-quality One Piece-themed carrying case! Coming in sleek black, it’s the perfect way to charge your AirPods while on the go. But watch out for that Luffy keychain, he’s a well-known pirate!

Wildforlife One Piece Collector's Edition Touch LED Watch

What time is it? Oh, it’s time to get your own One Piece-themed watch! Featuring an LED touch screen, 3ATM water resistance, and the Straw Hat Pirates insignia, this deluxe-looking watch will make sure always on time… to watch your favorite anime, that is.

Wildforlife Anime One Piece Jolly Roger Leathercraft Wallet

Keep your money and other cars safe and secure with this One Piece wallet. Featuring numerous compartments inside and an embossed Straw Hat Pirates insignia out front, this wallet is the perfect everyday Otaku essential.


What’s better than an UNO set? A One Piece UNO set of course! It’s the same fast-paced card game we all know and love, only this time, laced with some Straw Hat Pirate goodness!

Bandai Hobby Thousand Sunny Model Ship One Piece - Grand Ship Collection

Ever wanted your own Grand Ship? If so, then this model kit is perfect for you. Made by model kit masters Bandai, this 1/ model kit requires no glue to be built, and can be snapped together in one afternoon.

UMiCHOi One Piece Beanie 

Keep your noggin safe and comfy with these high-quality anime beanies. While it comes in different anime styles, this variant features the logo of Cap Skull, perfect for any One Piece fan.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Part 1 Manga Box Set

Already finished the last season of Attack on Titan but still craving for more? Then go over the story of Eren and his friends again in manga form with this box set. Featuring four volumes that go over the first 13 episodes of the anime, this box set is the perfect way to enter the world of titans once more.

2PC COMBO SET 37" Attack on Titan Foam Swords

Dressing up as a member of the Survey Corps for Halloween? Complete your look with these foam AoT blades made by Innovative Concepts. Coming in a 2-pack, these LARP swords are perfect for slicing any Titan… or impressing everyone at the party.

Shingeki No Kyojin Cloak - Green

You may not have an actual 3D maneuver gear, but you can still look the part with this Attack on Titan cloak, as worn by the Survey Corps from the anime. Made from high quality fabric, this one-size-fits-all cloak is the perfect accessory for your next AoT cosplay.

Bloomytree Attack on Titan The Survey Corps Logos Pendant Necklace

Exquisitely crafted and high quality, this Attack on Titan necklace by Bloomytree is the perfect everyday accessory for any AoT fan.

Attack on Titan Socks Cosplay (5 Pair) - (1 Size) 

Keep your feet warm and cozy with these colorful and cute Attack on Titan socks! Made from polyester and coming in packs of five, these adorable socks are the perfect Friday night binge-watching companion.

Good Smile Haikyuu!!: Yu Nishinoya Nendoroid Action Figure

Channel your inner Haikyuu fan with this Nendoroid figure of your favorite Haikyuu character. Featuring a high quality PVC build, numerous posing options, and three facial expressions, this Yu Nishinoya figure is perfect for any fan of the anime series.

Acolor Haikyuu Kenma Kozume Anime Body Pillow Cover 59in x in 

Sleep better at night with this Haikyuu body pillow case from Acolor. Made with anti-wrinkle fabric and featuring Kenma Kozume from the hit anime series, this pillow case is perfect for night cuddling and resting.

Xiao Maomi Haikyuu Karasuno High School Volleyball Uniform 

You may not know how to play volleyball yourself, but you can still look the part with this Karasuno High School volleyball team uniform from Xiao Maomi! Made with exquisite fabric, this uniform is perfect for just cosplaying, or actually serving balls in the volleyball court.

Tokyo Ghoul Canvas Paintings Unframed - 5pcs

Make your room come alive with this Tokyo Ghoul 5-pc. Canvas painting featuring the only and only Kaneki himself. Featuring HD anime scenes in high quality canvas, this set is the perfect house decoration for any Otaku.

CoutureBridal 2 Pack Tokyo Ghoul Face Mask with zipper, xinches

You may not have your own Kagune, but you can still look the part (and stay safe in the process) with this Tokyo Ghoul kaneki facemask. Made from breathable cotton and featuring the iconic zipper design, this face mask is perfect for cosplaying or simple everyday use in the new normal.

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Earrings (for men and women)

Release your inner demon slayer with these white drop earrings similar to the ones that Tanjiro himself wears in the famous anime. Ideal for both men and women, these acrylic earrings are stylish enough to go from cosplay to casual wear.

BLGWHS Demon Slayer Theme Case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6s / 6p / 6sp / 7/8 / 7p / 8p / X/Xs / 11 / 11p / 11p max


Protect your precious smartphone and show your love for anime at the same time with these deluxe phone cases. Made from TPU plastic to make sure the design never fades, these custom cases come in different shapes and sizes for different iPhones. Simply pick your phone model and design.

Anime Amazon Haul!

29 awesome anime gifts, as recommended by a huge fan of the genre

anime lamp

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

There's a lot going on in the anime world right now. AT&T agreed to sell anime streaming service Crunchyroll to Sony's Funimation Global Group, bringing together two fan-favorite anime streaming services; Attack on Titan recently began airing its final season, so viewers are waiting to experience an emotional superstorm at the creative hand of Hajime Isayama; and there's a new skateboarding anime set to air in early

Blending together ever-advancing animation, distinct artwork, and dynamic dialogue to tell a complete story, anime has thoroughly embedded itself in both popular and graphic culture across the globe. By proving itself to be a cultural phenomenon, the art medium has been able to maintain a vast audience outside its origins in Japan and allowed aspects of Japanese culture to become better understood and appreciated. Of course, anime is fun to watch — but there's a lot more going on beneath the surface.

I love anime, and it is by far my favorite source of entertainment. I watched Naruto when it first aired (I'm still a huge Itachi stan) and I've lost track of how many shows I've completed.  As a big fan of the genre, I've rounded up the best gifts for the anime fan in your life.

Here are 29 gifts anime fans will love:


Amazon anime one piece merchandise

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