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The Complex and Captivating Stranger 2

After a successful run in , Stranger (also known as Forest of Secrets) came back for a second season and managed to surpass the popularity of the first. Following more corruption and tangled mysteries, Stranger 2 concluded last weekend with a similar message from its first season: justice will prevail but not without its consequences.

This review contains spoilers.

For a recap, the first season of Stranger centred around prosecutor Hwang Si-mok (Cho Seung-woo) and police lieutenant Han Yeo-jin (Bae Doo-na) who worked together to solve a string of mysteries and the larger corruption scandal behind it. It is important to note that Si-mok underwent a surgery as a child that leaves with him with almost no emotion or empathy; his lack of emotion and attachment to others helps him in his dogged pursuit to expose the bad deeds that he uncovers. Yeo-jin, while also a determined truth-seeker, is the opposite. She is caring and empathetic, and the two strike up a friendship that continues into the second season.

Stranger 2 picks up two years after the conclusion of season one, with some new faces added to the main cast. One of the new faces is Choi Bit (Jeon Hye-jin), who is Yeon-jin’s boss at the Intelligence Bureau and her unofficial mentor. Another is Woo Tae-ha (Choi Moo-sung), who becomes Si-mok’s boss at the Supreme Prosecutor’s office. The last addition is not an unfamiliar face; Lee Yeon-jae (Yoon Se-ah) was the wife of the late Lee Chang-joon (Yoo Jae-myung) who committed suicide at the end of the first season. She is the new head of chaebol group Hanjo, and she is not below dirty tricks to protect her company.

The second season starts out with a joint police-prosecution council that immediately clashes, though this council is only a background conflict for even more corruption that occurs on both sides. Stranger 2 features similarities and differences from the previous season, with one of the most prominent differences are characters and their developments. However, Stranger 2 is consistent with the first season in terms of its complex plot, with layers that continue to be peeled away until the very last episode.

One of the ways that the series diverges from the first season is through the increased role of female characters. Season one did have a junior prosecutor named Young Eun-soo (Shin Hye-sun), but Yeo-jin was arguably the only woman to play a critical role throughout the whole series. However, in season two Choi Bit and Lee Yeon-jae, whose role was upgraded to a more important one from the previous season, complete the trio of main female characters.

Choi Bit is Yeo-jin’s direct supervisor though she is strict and ruthless, Yeo-jin clearly admires her and thinks of her as a mentor. Choi Bit, to her credit, sees potential in Yeo-jin and wants the best for her career-wise and her subtle rapport with Yeo-jin is a gem amongst the tension that underlies most interactions in the drama. However, she toes the line between likeable and unlikeable, remaining an enigma until her history is fleshed out at the very end.

Lee Yeon-jae, on the other hand, suffers from weak incorporation into the main plot. Though she is the CEO of fictional chaebol group Hanjo, which plays a key role in both the first and second season, her scenes often feel disconnected from the rest of the plot. For most of the drama she interacts solely with her right hand man Managing Director Park (Jung Sung-il), and her role as one of the “bad guys” is murky at best.

Another key difference between the first and second season is the friendship between Si-mok and Yeo-jin. The first season introduced our two protagonists who grew to develop a friendship, in large part due to Yeo-jin’s brash and outgoing nature. This season features a more subdued Yeo-jin; her promotion also led to more conflicts with coworkers, and she no longer doodles whoever, whenever like she did in the first season. Si-mok, on the other hand, remains more or less the same though this time around his coworkers and the audience are treated to a rare smile from the stoic prosecutor here and there.

Their reunification in this season is bittersweet because they have been pitted against each other in the joint police-prosecution council. As a result, the two work together less and against each other more, though their bond in pursuing what is right is never questioned. Ultimately, they are still the partners-in-exposing-crime that the audience has grown to love and root for.

Despite the differences, viewers of the first season of the drama will recognize how Stranger 2 also excels in pulling off a complex storyline. Starting with an accidental death at a foggy beach to the kidnapping of Si-mok’s colleague Seo Dong-jae (Lee Joon-hyuk), season 2 features a multitude of incidents. Not much about the plot is straightforward; Si-mok and Yeo-jin have to continuously dig for the truth facing many opponents, including their own superiors. The death of two university students, a bullying and suicide incident at a police station, and Dong-jae’s disapperance all tie together, though how they are connected is slow to be revealed.

Though the series drags in the middle, with some episodes starting and ending without a climax, it pulls through and manages to get the audience engaged again. Exciting breakthroughs end up being dead-ends but serve to reveal more and more corruption. For example, letters from Dong-jae’s kidnapper and a witness who turns up out of the blue to confirm that their prime suspect is indeed the one who committed the crime. It’s all too convenient, and surprise, surprise, there is someone pulling the strings behind the whole façade.

The first season featured a surprise antagonist, and Stranger 2 keeps the theme going by keeping Si-mok and Yeo-jin, as well as the audience, on their toes guessing who can be trusted and who cannot be. Though all is revealed by the end, reality is that neither Yeo-jin nor Si-mok are hailed as heroes. Instead they are perceived as traitors by many who share their professions, but they persist and even find some unexpected silver linings in their new workplaces. However, they persist and find some unexpected silver linings in their new workplaces. Even Dong-jae, after being missing and injured for most of the series, is his usual theatrical self by the end of the drama.

Stranger 2 concludes with the predictable victory of the good and punishment of the bad. However, the drama drives home the message that justice is never served as sweet as it is expected to be. For now, though, the audience can be content with the knowledge that the morally just were successful and have triumphed over the wicked.

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Stranger 2

After a successful season one, Stranger drama has released a season two. On Netflix, this drama has already reached the climax with a few episodes to go. This crime thriller has political tussles, power showdowns as well as some tinge of horror. The ongoing drama is a must-watch for October binge-watch sessions.

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Story 10

Acting/Cast 10

Music 10

Rewatch Value

An excellently written masterpiece that will make you feel intelligent.

Season 2 of Stranger follows the journey of Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mwok and Superintendent Han Yeo Jin in their relentless persuit of the truth even when everyone around them seems hella shady.

If you don't remember season 1 at all, I suggest you give it a rewatch before going into this or else find a friend who is a MASSIVE stranger fan to run you through the past events like I did. Why? Because, even though S2 follows a whole new storyline, the characters are the same. There are no re-introductions as their personalities have already been established in the previous season. And this season deals with the aftermath of a lot of things that went down in the past.

I, for one watched it 3 years after finishing the first season and because of my goldfish memory, I remembered absolutely nothing. Despite that, however, the story hooked me in and kept me with it throughout.

Stranger 2 is less action focused and takes more of a philosophical note for the most part. It's a critique on the system that runs a country. It shows how power is exploited. How the media, the prosecution, the police and the conglomerates influence the very foundation of a nation and yet there is always some conflict of interest between them.

The story starts with a battle between the police and prosecution as they debate over investigative rights. A lot of dirty politics is involved as both the sides try to one up each other. From there on it branches out to multiple plotlines as more and more cases, mysteries and problems come to light. Nothing is handed to you on a plate. The drama gives you a serious mental workout as it forces you to pay attention to everything. Slowly but surely, all the various plotlines come together to meet and punctuate the overall message with multiple punches.

The show, like its predecessor does not bank on thrill or 'the next big moment' instead it takes its time, moving with this undercurrent of tension you can't look away from. All along, you feel like something important is happening and you just can't miss it even when there are no huge developments.

The beauty of it is that nothing that's happening is stupid. This is not a show that is trying to pretend to be complicated and fool viewers into thinking it's smart with lazy writing. It's actually fucking smart with zero plotholes as the story flows smoothly, connecting all dots as episodes progress. And it hits home beautifully as the final episodes approach and the intensity skyrockets.

However, I will say that this is not reccomended for those who like their shows easy to digest. Who don't like heavy dialogues and aren't fans of politics, debates and philosophical questions. 'Cause there is a LOT of that stuff. To the point that I actually felt productive after watching each episode. I felt my mind broaden and working overtime and I absolutely loved every second of it.

Ofcourse, with a show like this the biggest danger is of it going in the direction where it becomes clinical, preachy, dry and boring. And that's where the drama wins by using small but extremely powerful interactions between characters that does wonders to humanize everything and make you emotionally connect with these people.

Shi Mwok, our emotionally stunted prosecuter is so clueless and indifferent about feelings that it's simply hilarious and adorable. Han Yeo Jin, with her quirky personality and chill as fuck persona is extremely endearing.

We saw the camaraderie between them in season 1 and that was one of the major selling points of the show. But, in this one, for the majority of the drama our duo stands on opposite sides confronting each other and you feel rather starved for their interaction. So when it happens, it's all the more impactful.

With incredible small gestures and tiny moments they show how they care for each other. How she's still his best friend. How they are the ultimate team. How she's the only one he feels comfortable around and how they just seem to get each other. And it's absolutely glorious.

These two are badass in a very real sense. There's no posturing or camera effects or cheesy dialogues/action scenes that make their badassery known. It's the effortless good in them and their dogged pursuit of what's right, realization of their own mistakes and unimaginable strength that wins your heart.

It also helps that both the main leads have extremely natural and nuanced acting. Bae Doo Na and Jo Seung Woo just killed it. With the latter blowing your mind with the subtlety of his expressions and the former making you invested by the transparency of her emotions.

The season also explores a plethora of other characters, with their own motivations and personalities that are extremely well developed. Strong women in power. Morally grey characters who come through deliciously. The acting is outstanding across the board and the soundtrack is phenomenal.

You think the OST (an instrumental with no lyrics) is nothing special? Wait till it makes the simple act of two people talking business in an office, the most thrilling thing to ever happen to you. Simply stunning.

The show also has one of the most beautiful endings I have ever seen. It's so full of hope and warmth that it made me cry.

Even as it highlights the never ending corruption, the ugly politics that makes one feel that their country is too far gone to make a change, Stranger comforts and shows what it could be. How, in these murky waters, being true to yourself is the real power because it gives you dignity, confidence and most importantly, peace.

So all in all, I'll say that while Stranger 1 is kinda like everyone's cuppa tea as a crime/thriller, Stranger 2 is definitely an acquired taste. It's still excellent though and completely unique in its genre with masterful execution. Hopefully, some news of a 3rd season will come to save all of our souls soon enough.

So hey, if you wanna leave the mainstream behind, feel a little bit smarter after every episode and question everything you know about the system, then this show is your go-to!

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Stranger 2 (비밀의 숲 2) Korean Drama 2020


With the help of a gutsy female detective, a prosecutor who has lost the ability to feel empathy tackles a murder case amid political corruption.
Starring:Cho Seung-woo, Bae Doona, Jeon Hye-jin
Creators:Lee Soo-yeon, Park Hyeon-seok, An Gil-ho
Bae Doona from "Sense8" and Cho Seung-woo from "Inside Men" and "Tazza" lead the cast in this crime thriller series.
Watch Episode 1. Episode 1 of Season 1.

As a teen, prosecutor Hwang Si-mok received surgical treatment for his abnormally developed brain, but the procedure left behind serious side effects.

Watch Episode 2. Episode 2 of Season 1.

The convict's strong plea for his innocence prompts Si-mok to review the CCTV clip. At the Yongsan police station, he runs into officer Han Yeo-jin.

Watch Episode 3. Episode 3 of Season 1.

Si-mok volunteers to appear on live national TV to discuss Kang Jin-seob. He also makes a bold promise to find the culprit within two months.

Watch Episode 4. Episode 4 of Season 1.

Rumors quickly spread about Si-mok's violent nature. Regardless, he persists in his investigation. He finds his mentee, Young Eun-su, suspicious.

Watch Episode 5. Episode 5 of Season 1.

Si-mok, puzzled by the details of the most recent murder case, visits the victim's home to seek more clues. Yeo-jin joins him in the investigation.

Watch Episode 6. Episode 6 of Season 1.

New pieces of evidence only increase the list of possible suspects. In the midst of the confusion, a few begin to question Si-mok's innocence.

Watch Episode 7. Episode 7 of Season 1.

Si-mok and Yeo-jin team up to covertly pursue Seo Dong-jae. Just as Dong-jae is about to throw something into the Han River, Yeo-jin stops him.

Watch Episode 8. Episode 8 of Season 1.

Enraged by what the police did to Park Kyung-wan, Yeo-jin tries to confront her superior but is stopped by Si-mok, who warns her of the consequences.

Watch Episode 9. Episode 9 of Season 1.

Si-mok selects key lawyers and police officers to be part of the special investigations team. Their probe begins with Dong-jae as the starting point.

Watch Episode Episode 10 of Season 1.

Fearing for Ga-young's safety, Yeo-jin proceeds to transfer her to a different hospital. A nurse informs Yeo-jin of something strange that happened.

Watch Episode Episode 11 of Season 1.

The truth behind Ga-young's convulsions is revealed. Chang-jun's wife receives a travel ban. Woo-gyun asks Chang-jun to help him get out of his mess.

Watch Episode Episode 12 of Season 1.

Si-mok and Yeo-jin discover perplexing leads while searching Kyung-wan's basement. Dong-jae goes back to Chang-jun's office to fetch his cell phone.

Watch Episode Episode 13 of Season 1.

Returning home from the rooftop party, Si-mok discovers that an intruder has left something in his bedroom. Yeo-jin and Geon come over right away.

Watch Episode Episode 14 of Season 1.

Yeo-jin suspects a new killer is involved in the latest murder incident. Meanwhile, Si-mok collapses after leaving the autopsy.

Watch Episode Episode 15 of Season 1.

Yeo-jin collects evidence as Si-mok interrogates the suspect. Many questions get answered, but the most important problem of all remains to be solved.

Watch Finale: Episode Episode 16 of Season 1.

Si-mok sets out to meet the one he believes is the real murderer. He gets his hands on a bag that will determine the futures of many people.

Watch Episode 1. Episode 1 of Season 2.

On a foggy night, two college students drown at the beach. While Si-mok investigates, Yeo-jin tracks down a man who was at the scene of the incident.

Watch Episode 2. Episode 2 of Season 2.

Police and prosecutors each prepare members for joint discussions on investigative authority. Dong-jae brings Woo Tae-ha some cases of interest.

Watch Episode 3. Episode 3 of Season 2.

Yeo-jin recruits Geon. Digging into a policeman's death ruled as suicide, Si-mok and Dong-jae find signs that point toward a different story.

Watch Episode 4. Episode 4 of Season 2.

In a heated first session with prosecutors, Geon makes a pointed argument. At Hanjo, Lee Yeon-jae faces an oncoming family power struggle.

Watch Episode 5. Episode 5 of Season 2.

At the prison to interrogate an inmate, Yeo-jin runs into Si-mok and Dong-jae. Choi Bit has Yeo-jin deliver a mysterious file to an assemblyman.

Watch Episode 6. Episode 6 of Season 2.

Si-mok is ordered to find out what Yeo-jin knows about Bit's file. Ahead of a vote on the fate of her seat, Yeon-jae sets up an important meeting.

Watch Episode 7. Episode 7 of Season 2.

When Si-mok hears who’s gone missing, he starts gathering clues by going through phone records. Yeo-jin begins her own investigation.

Watch Episode 8. Episode 8 of Season 2.

Leading police efforts to locate Dong-jae, Yeo-jin connects the case to that of the dead policeman. Si-mok pays Yeon-jae a visit.

Watch Episode 9. Episode 9 of Season 2.

A perplexing photo containing a disturbing message surfaces. The police consider the possibility of the culprit being one of their own.

Watch Episode Episode 10 of Season 2.

Si-mok turns his attention to an unusual case involving the sudden death of a former prosecutor, and finds that nothing quite adds up.

Watch Episode Episode 11 of Season 2.

A witness, who says he saw the kidnapping, steps forward to identify the perpetrator. His claims could mean serious trouble for the police.

Watch Episode Episode 12 of Season 2.

Taken off the case, Si-mok and Yeo-jin return to their work on the police-prosecutor council. Tae-ha and Bit head to a sensitive meeting together.

Watch Episode Episode 13 of Season 2.

Kang Won-chul weighs a dilemma, and fields questions from Si-mok about the deceased attorney. A young prosecutor has something to show Si-mok.

Watch Episode Episode 14 of Season 2.

A suspect is arrested, but Dong-jae remains nowhere to be found. In the interrogation room, Si-mok and Yeo-jin try to draw out a confession.

Watch Episode Episode 15 of Season 2.

While getting to the truth about the night of the attorney's death, Si-mok and Yeo-jin learn about the involvement of a mystery person.

Watch Episode Episode 16 of Season 2.

Details of the cover-up become public, but Si-mok isn't finished asking questions. The police-prosecutor council is called off.

Cho Seung-wooBae DoonaJeon Hye-jinChoi Moo-sungLee Jun-hyukYoon Se-aLee Kyoung-youngYoo Jae-myungShin Hye-sun

Drama korean stranger 2

Stranger (TV series)

For the fantasy novel by Erin Hunter, see Forest of Secrets.

South Korean TV series

Stranger (Korean:&#;비밀의 숲; RR:&#;Bimileui Sup; lit.&#;Secret Forest) is a South Korean crime thriller drama television series. Produced by Signal Entertainment and IOK Media, it was created by Studio Dragon writer Lee Soo-yeon and broadcast on tvN from June 10, The series was renewed for a second season, which premiered on August 15,

The series was a hit with both domestic and international viewers,[1] and received favorable reviews for its tight plot, gripping sequences and strong performances.[2][3] It was featured on New York Times list of Best TV Shows of ,[4] and won several awards including the Grand Prize for television at the Baeksang Arts Awards.[5]


In the first season, Hwang Si-mok (Cho Seung-woo) is an exemplary prosecutor who suffers from hypersensitivity to certain sound frequencies. After undergoing corrective surgery, he lost his sense of empathy and lacks social skills. While investigating a murder, he meets Police Lieutenant Han Yeo-jin (Bae Doona), who assists his efforts to solve the case. As they begin to unravel the mystery behind the murder, they find that their efforts are continually being obstructed by participants in a major corruption conspiracy between the Prosecutors' Office and a private chaebol (conglomerate).

In the second season, set two years later, a dispute arises between the Prosecutors' Office and the National Police Agency, with the former wanting control over all investigative proceedings while the latter seeks autonomous authority to conduct investigations. In the midst of their respective agencies' conflict, Hwang Si-mok and Han Yeo-jin team up to conduct their own independent investigation of a concealed case.[6]

Cast and characters[edit]

Main article: List of Stranger characters


Main article: List of Stranger episodes



The entire series was written by Lee Soo-yeon who was inspired by the Korean adage "We cannot rule those who want nothing" to create the character of Si-mok.[7] Ahn Gil-ho directed the majority of the first season with the assistance of Yoo Je-won, while Park Hyun-seok took over the filming duties for the second season.[8] Unlike usual South Korean dramas, the series was developed as a potential multi-seasonal program, with most of the filming have already been pre-produced prior to its broadcast.[9][10]


In January , Cho Seung-woo and Bae Doona were offered the lead roles. The same month Shin Hye-sun was added to the cast.[11] It was the first television drama Cho Seung-woo had accepted since God's Gift - 14 Days in , after venturing into musical theatre for seven years.[12] For the second season, cast members Cho Seung-woo, Bae Doona, Lee Joon-hyuk and Yoon Se-ah, were all confirmed to reprise their roles. Jeon Hye-jin and Choi Moo-sung were also confirmed to join the lead cast in January [6]


Filming of the first season began in April , preceded by the first script reading with the cast at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul.[12] Script reading for the second season took place in January [6]


An accompanying soundtrack compilation to Stranger was released by Mog Communications and Kakao M on September 13, , in South Korea.[13] It was later reissued by Universal Music Group in overseas markets on May 11, [14] A three-disc album, the latter two discs features music composed by Kim Jun-seok and Jung Sae-rin for the program.[15][16] Ten songs were released from the soundtrack as singles in numbered parts from June to July "끝도없이 (Ad Infinitum)" by Richard Parkers, "먼지 (Dust)" Everlua, "소나기 (Downpour)" by Oohyo, "괴물처럼 (Monster Like)" by Tei, "웃어요 (Smile)" by Han Hee Jung & Sorae, the titular track "비밀의 숲 (Stranger)" by Yoon Do-hyun, "사랑할 것 처럼 (As if to Love)" by Kim Kookheon of Myteen, "물결 (A Billow)" by Yein of Lovelyz, "굿바이 잘가요 (Goodbye)"/"Back in Time" by Peter Han, and "묻는다 (Ask)" by Jung Won-bo of NeighBro & Jun Sang-geun.[17] Of these, the songs "소나기 (Downpour)" and "사랑할 것 처럼 (As if to Love)" have managed to enter the South Korean Gaon BGM Music Chart at numbers 80 and 79, respectively.[18][19]

Stranger OST Track listing[15][16]

Season 1 soundtrack

1."끝도없이" (Ad Infinitum)Richard Parkers
2."먼지" (Dust)EverLua
3."소나기" (Downpour)Oohyo
4."괴물처럼" (Monster Like)Tei
5."웃어요" (Smile)Han Hee-jung & Sorae
6."비밀의 숲" (Stranger)Yoon Do-hyun
7."사랑할 것 처럼" (As if to Love)Kim Kook-heon of Myteen
8."물결" (A Billow)Yein of Lovelyz
9."굿바이 잘가요" (Goodbye)Peter Han
"묻는다" (Ask)Jung Won-bo of NeighBro & Jun Sang-geun
"Back in Time"Peter Han
1."비밀의숲" (Stranger)Kim Jun-seok
2."사라지는 비밀" (Secret to Disappear)Ju In-ro
3."끝을 알 수 없는 사건" (Unsolved Case)Go Bon-chun
4."시초가 되는 나무" (From Root to Tree)Jung Sae-rin
5."범행 장소" (Scene of Crime)Go Bon-chun
6."설계된 진실" (Designed Truth)Kim Jun-seok
7."공허한 단서" (Empty Clue)Ju In-ro
8."적폐 침묵의 대가" (The Price of Silence)Jung Sae-rin
9."후회" (Regret)Lee Yoon-ji
"법불아귀" (Law)Lee Roo-ri
"황시목의 적" (The Enemy Inside)No Yoo-rim
"수사 브리핑" (Investigation Briefing)Lee Roo-ri
"범인의 흔적" (Criminal's Trace)Lee Yoon-ji
"범행의 의도" (Criminal Intent)Kim Hyun-do
"심문" (Interrogation)Kim Hyun-joo
"그날, 그 시간" (That Day, That Time)Jung Sae-rin
"잃어버린 길" (Lost Way)Kim Jun-seok
"스며드는 감정" (Infiltration)Lee Roo-ri
"어둠 속의 추리" (Reasoning in Darkness)Kim Jun-seok
1."용의자" (The Suspect)Kim Jun-seok
2."무감각의 시선" (An Insensitive Gaze)Jung Sae-rin
3."썩은 뿌리" (Rotten Roots)Kim Jun-seok
4."추격" (The Chase)Ju In-ro
5."용의자의 행적" (Suspect)Lee Roo-ri
6."감춰진 증거" (Hidden Evidence)Go Bon-chun
7."사건의 줄기" (Stem of the Incident)Kim Jun-seok
8."내부이탈자" (Insider)Kim Hyun-do
9."수상한 낌새" (Suspicious Secrets)Lee Yoon-ji
"흔들리는 마음" (Feelings)Lee Yoon-ji
"덫" (Trap)Kim Jun-seok
"흐릿한 감정" (Hazy Emotion)Lee Yoon-ji
"보이지 않는 손" (Invisible Hand)Kim Hyun-joo
"되돌릴 수만 있다면" (If Only I Can Get It Back)Jung Sae-rin
"신경전" (War of Nerves)No Yoo-rim
"내부의 적" (The Enemy Inside)Kim Hyun-do
"알리바이" (Alibi)Kim Hyun-joo
"배려" (Consideration)Lee Yoon-ji
"어릴 적 상처" (The Wounds of Childhood)Jung Sae-rin

Season 2 soundtrack

1."Stranger" (비밀의 숲)Kim Jun-seok
Total length:
Part 1
1."Crisis"Sunwoo Jung-a
2."Crisis" (Inst.)&#;&#;
Total length:
Part 2
1."In This Silence" (침목)Ha Hyun-woo of Guckkasten
2."In This Silence" (침목) (Inst.)&#;&#;
Total length:

Part 3

1."Wish" (바람)Gaho
2."Wish" (바람) (Inst.)&#;&#;
Total length:
Part 4
1."Another Door" (또 다른 문)Lee Yoon-chan
2."Another Door" (또 다른 문) (Inst.)&#;&#;
Total length:


The pilot episode of Stranger aired on June 10, on tvN, replacing Chicago Typewriter. Netflix secured the worldwide streaming rights for the series for US$, per episode, except in Korea and China, and released them in simultaneous broadcast with tvN as a Netflix original program. The Korea Times reported that Bae Doona, who had previously appeared in the Netflix original series Sense8, proved to be crucial in the purchase of the drama.[20] tvN affiliate tvN Asia also aired the program in selected Asian markets beginning on June 16, [21] A second season was commissioned by tvN, set to be released with Netflix on the same day.[22] It premiered on August 15, , replacing It's Okay to Not Be Okay.[10][23]


Critical response[edit]

In an article by columnist Dena Daw for Screen Rant, Stranger was described as a "domestic and international success".[24] Though ratings-wise, the program was not a "smash hit", pundits and audiences praised it as a "league of its own".[7] Korean culture critic Ha Jae-geun described the character as a "fantasy that was borne out of a time of distrust".[7] In her review for The Korea Times, columnist Park Jin-hai commended the writing as "finely intertwined", and wrote that audiences gave a strong response to this "drama for thinking people".[7]The New York Times listed the series in tenth place as their The Best TV Shows of [25]

At the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards, the series received eight nominations, including two considerations for Grand Prize for Television, winning one for the whole series.[26] Cho Seung-woo and Lee Soo-yeon also won Best Television Actor and Best Television Screenplay, respectively.[26] In a Gallup Korea poll, audiences aged 19 and above selected Stranger as their 12th favorite show in July [27] While Google Korea listed the series as the ninth most-searched television program of [28]


According to data published by Nielsen Korea, the pilot episode of the series was seen by % of total nationwide viewers, in metropolitan Seoul, it earned % rating, which made it the highest-rated program of the day among non-terrestrial channel programs.[29] The program achieved its highest rating on the first-season finale, earning % nationwide rating and a % rating within Seoul-based viewers.[30] On average, it was seen by % of total viewership.[31] On the TNmS rating system, the series premiered with a % rating and ended its first season with a % rating.[32] The last episode recorded noticeably a strong rating performances as it took the lead rating for the first time against hit variety show Hyori's Homestay that aired in same time slot and became the highest rated program of the day among non-terrestrial channel programs.[33][34]

Stranger&#;: South Korea viewers per episode (millions)
SeasonEpisode numberAverage
Source: Audience measurement performed nationwide by Nielsen Media Research.[35]
Ep.Original broadcast date Average audience share
AGB Nielsen[36]TNmS[37]
Nationwide SeoulNationwide
1 June 10, %%%
2 June 11, % % %
3 June 17, % % %
4 June 18, % % %
5 June 24, % % %
6 June 25, % % %
7 July 1, % % %
8 July 2, % % %
9 July 8, % % %
10 July 9, % % %
11 July 15, % % %
12 July 16, % % %
13 July 22, % % %
14 July 23, % % %
15 July 29, % % %
16 July 30, %%%
Average %%%
  • In the table above, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
Ep.Original broadcast date Average audience share
(AGB Nielsen)[35]
Nationwide Seoul
1 August 15, % (1st)% (1st)
2 August 16, % (1st)% (1st)
3 August 22, % (1st)% (1st)
4 August 23, % (1st)% (1st)
5 August 29, %(1st)%(1st)
6 August 30, % (1st)% (1st)
7 September 5, % (1st)% (1st)
8 September 6, % (1st)% (1st)
9 September 12, % (1st)% (1st)
10 September 13, % (1st)% (1st)
11 September 19, % (1st)% (1st)
12 September 20, % (1st)% (1st)
13 September 26, % (1st)% (1st)
14 September 27, % (1st)% (1st)
15 October 3, % (1st)% (1st)
16 October 4, %(1st)%(1st)
Average %%
  • In the table above, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

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