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Why GoodReads Should Be on Your Social Media Radar—Plus, 5 Accounts to Follow

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As a social media editor, I basically spend all my waking hours on the Internet and am addicted to all social media platforms. Snapchat? You bet. Twitter? Always logged in. Facebook? Making a status update right now. But if I am truly honest about what my favorite social network is, especially on my own time, I’d have to make a slightly nerdy confession: I’m obsessed with my GoodReads account.

GoodReads is like Yelp meets Facebook for the literary set, which is basically the best combination ever. I can follow my best friend’s progress on the biography of Zelda Fitzgerald while also seeing what my favorite writer, Kiese Laymon, has reviewed, and then I can “like” and comment on my college professor’s reading list. If I get tired of any of that, I can dive into an author interview or review GoodReads quotes, which is very handy when you’re trying to find that exact quote from that one book you read five years ago. Basically, it’s literary heaven, and I am here for it.

I’ve also found that it’s a good way to keep myself accountable, by tracking and reviewing the books that I’ve read and making a list of the books that I want to read, whether by suggestion or finding it through the feed. I actually started using my GoodReads account this summer after I realized that I hadn’t finished a book in a few months; I’d pick up a book, read it until I got busy or bored, and then never pick it up again. I decided that I was going to try to read a book a week, which has actually gone swimmingly for most of this year, thanks to my GoodReads account, where I faithfully chart my progress with every book.

My favorite part of GoodReads, however, are the groups that you can join. Within these groups (some of which are created by GoodReads and others by users), you can participate in forum discussions, get book recommendations, and see what other people with similar interests are reading. In case you want to get a jump start on your own GoodReads account, I’ve selected the top groups that you should be following.

  1. The F-Word: This group is for “anyone who loves to read and identifies as a feminist.” Expect great feminist literature from authors that skew from classic (Virginia Woolf) to contemporary (Roxane Gay), as well as thoughtful insights and suggestions from the group members on the discussion board. It’s a great way to fight the patriarchy while supporting woman/feminist writers.
  2. What’s the Name of That Book?: Ever want to read a book, but you can’t remember anything about it, save for a few random details? This is the group for you. The discussion board is filled with vague plot twists, character descriptions, and requests for titles.
  3. Addicted to YA: Young Adult literature is one of my guilty pleasures, and this group only serves to fuel it. You’ll find at-length dissections of John Green next to heated discussions about Harry Potter plotlines. The discussion board is one of the best-organized on the site, with categories for heroes/heroines, debates, series, romances, and the like.
  4. Around the World in 80 Books: Consider this your guide to world and travel literature. With more than 9,000 active members from around the world, the selections are diverse, and the reading is enlightening. Also cool: Group members track where they have traveled in the world through what they’ve read, from Algeria to Zimbabwe.
  5. Food and Fiction: If there’s anything that I love as much as reading, it’s definitely food. This group combines a love of cooking and eating with reading. Look for discussions of food in famous novels, as well as literary-themed recipes.
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The Top 50 Most Followed Authors on Goodreads

1.Stephen KingStephen King
Bangor, ME
15 books, 2,495 friends87,796 followers in the last 12 months2.NeilNeil
Minneapolis, MN
33 books, 5,348 friends51,524 followers in the last 12 months3.Rick RiordanRick Riordan
The United States
311 books, 11 friends47,468 followers in the last 12 months4.Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica Parker
New York, NY
84 books, 0 friends38,739 followers in the last 12 months5.Cassandra ClareCassandra Clare
Amherst, MA
128 books, 1,383 friends36,697 followers in the last 12 months6.Brandon SandersonBrandon Sanderson
American Fork, UT
16 books, 2,709 friends36,516 followers in the last 12 months7.James PattersonJames Patterson
New York, NY
22 books, 672 friends34,712 followers in the last 12 months8.Colleen HooverColleen Hoover
Saltillo, TX
141 books, 5,521 friends34,486 followers in the last 12 months9.PatrickPatrick
Freedom, WI
1,437 books, 4,919 friends32,800 followers in the last 12 months10.Michelle ObamaMichelle Obama
New York, NY
0 books, 0 friends29,781 followers in the last 12 months11.Kristin HannahKristin Hannah
South Colby, WA
327 books, 2,779 friends29,393 followers in the last 12 months12.Emma GiordanoEmma Giordano
The United States
598 books, 5,000 friends28,966 followers in the last 12 months13.Neil TysonNeil Tyson
Ashburn, VA
21 books, 0 friends26,878 followers in the last 12 months14.Miranda ReadsMiranda Reads
The United States
2,056 books, 4,718 friends26,576 followers in the last 12 months15.Celeste NgCeleste Ng
Cambridge, MA
966 books, 25 friends25,047 followers in the last 12 months16.Ilona AndrewsIlona Andrews
San Marcos, TX
0 books, 6 friends23,992 followers in the last 12 months17.Wil WheatonWil Wheaton
Pasadena, CA
290 books, 4,997 friends23,778 followers in the last 12 months18.Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon
The United States
157 books, 53 friends23,427 followers in the last 12 months19.Marissa MeyerMarissa Meyer
Tacoma, WA
0 books, 5,000 friends23,049 followers in the last 12 months20.MelanieMelanie
Las Vegas, NV
1,383 books, 4,700 friends22,765 followers in the last 12 months21.Jesse (JesseTheReader)Jesse (JesseTheReader)
The United States
596 books, 4,999 friends22,579 followers in the last 12 months22.Marie LuMarie Lu
The United States
121 books, 544 friends21,734 followers in the last 12 months23.Melinda GatesMelinda Gates
Seattle, WA
28 books, 0 friends21,067 followers in the last 12 months24.Chuck PalahniukChuck Palahniuk
The United States
52 books, 100 friends19,542 followers in the last 12 months25.RoxaneRoxane
The United States
1,122 books, 4,997 friends19,485 followers in the last 12 months26.LaurenLauren
Mattituck, NY
295 books, 4,925 friends17,952 followers in the last 12 months27.Jeffrey KeetenJeffrey Keeten
Dodge City, KS
3,741 books, 5,001 friends17,821 followers in the last 12 months28.Gretchen RubinGretchen Rubin
New York, NY
513 books, 1,872 friends17,579 followers in the last 12 months29.Otis ChandlerOtis Chandler
San Francisco, CA
1,189 books, 2,017 friends17,266 followers in the last 12 months30.Mitch AlbomMitch Albom
The United States
53 books, 1,721 friends16,607 followers in the last 12 months31.Christopher MooreChristopher Moore
San Francisco, CA
219 books, 1,305 friends16,322 followers in the last 12 months32.Cindy PhamCindy Pham
San Francisco, CA
962 books, 4,722 friends16,308 followers in the last 12 months33.HannahHannah
The United States
507 books, 4,921 friends16,136 followers in the last 12 months34.Blake CrouchBlake Crouch
Seattle, WA
40 books, 1,838 friends15,762 followers in the last 12 months35.chan ☆chan ☆
Austin, TX
1,999 books, 4,970 friends15,568 followers in the last 12 months36.MichaelMichael
Luray, VA
772 books, 4,995 friends15,409 followers in the last 12 months37.L.J. SmithL.J. Smith
The United States
422 books, 2,902 friends15,068 followers in the last 12 months38.Brené BrownBrené Brown
Houston, TX
0 books, 0 friends15,012 followers in the last 12 months39.Kobe BryantKobe Bryant
The United States
78 books, 0 friends14,993 followers in the last 12 months40.N.K. JemisinN.K. Jemisin
Brooklyn, NY
87 books, 477 friends14,962 followers in the last 12 months41.JanetJanet
Los Angeles, CA
1,041 books, 1,523 friends14,735 followers in the last 12 months42.ZoëZoë
The United States
478 books, 4,946 friends14,734 followers in the last 12 months43.ReganRegan
The United States
1,026 books, 4,740 friends14,601 followers in the last 12 months44.Will ByrnesWill Byrnes
Wilkes Barre, PA
2,262 books, 4,927 friends13,787 followers in the last 12 months45.Christine FeehanChristine Feehan
The United States
222 books, 1,135 friends13,652 followers in the last 12 months46.Anne BogelAnne Bogel
The United States
868 books, 4,767 friends13,396 followers in the last 12 months47.Helen HoangHelen Hoang
San Diego, CA
64 books, 285 friends13,079 followers in the last 12 months48.Margaret AtwoodMargaret Atwood
The United States
0 books, 71 friends12,852 followers in the last 12 months49.DitaDita
The United States
1,443 books, 633 friends12,574 followers in the last 12 months50.Tamora PierceTamora Pierce
The United States
2,722 books, 4,523 friends12,227 followers in the last 12 months
Sours: https://readersentertainment.com/2020/05/26/the-top-50-most-followed-authors-on-goodreads/
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The Most Followed People on Goodreads

Goodreads is a popular reader destination site that launched in December of 2006 (though many sites credit the founded year as 2007) by Otis Chandler. Later, Amazon bought the site and it has continued to grow.

Goodreads includes both readers and authors. You can talk about books, series, tropes, authors, industry, and just about anything to do with books at all.

With a site as large as Goodreads with approximately 90 million members. There are over 2 million books listed there.

So, being one of the most-followed people of all time on Goodreads is an incredible fete. Though the list can fluctuate, it’s been pretty steady for some time.

The list is made up of authors, readers and celebrities. Who do you think is on the list?

You can see the entire list HERE

No big surprise that the most followed person by far is Stephen King.

Here are the top 10 most followed on Goodreads-


Stephen King

Bill Gates

Sarah Jessica Parker

Colleen Hoover

Rick Riordan

James Patterson

Neil Tyson

John Green

Emily May

Neil (Gaiman)


Here are some people we recommend you follow on Goodreads-

Christine Feehan

Jonathan Maberry

Sheila English

Lisa Kleypas

Austin Camacho

Karen Rose






Sours: https://readersentertainment.com/2020/11/28/the-most-followed-people-on-goodreads/
How to Use the Goodreads App (for Beginners)

These Goodreads Hacks Will Totally Change The Way You Use The Site

If you're a bookworm with an extensive TBR that you can't keep track of, or if you can't read a book without checking the reviews first — then I'm guessing you've already discovered the bookish wonders of Goodreads. The bookish social media site is the go-to place for book-lovers to mark the books they'd like to read, as well as to rate and review books they've finished — but it also does so much more than that. With these twelve Goodreads hacks, your reading experience might be about to change forever.

Once you've learned these handy little tricks, Goodreads will transform from just a place to record your reading journey into a vibrant social community, bursting with personalized recommendations just for you. Goodreads can interact with your home bookshelf, and it can give you information about your local library. Thanks to these sneaky Goodreads hacks, you can even get some of the most exciting new releases seriously reduced, or you might even be able to nab them for free. You can chat to your favorite authors. You can push yourself to new reading heights. It's every book-lover's dream — and a ton of users have no idea that these features even exist.


Get Cheaper Books

Did you know that Goodreads has a whole team dedicated to getting users amazing deals on books? They'll even send you an email alert if there's a deal on one of the books on your Want to Read shelf, or from an author that you follow — so that's all the more reason to keep your Goodreads feed up to date.


Link Your Kindle

If you like to read on your Kindle, then Goodreads gets even more useful. Your Kindle and Goodreads accounts will work together to keep track of everything you're reading — and when you're ready to buy something new, your Want to Read shelf is ready to browse.


Show Off Your Favorite Quotes

Once you've linked your Kindle to your Goodreads account, it's super-easy to show off your notes and highlights. If you highlighted a quote you think your Goodreads friends might enjoy, you can choose to share it, or the note you made along with it, and spark some great online discussion.


Scan Books With Your Phone

It's never been easier to add books to your Want to Read list; you don't even have to type the title on your tiny iPhone keypad. When you see a book on your friend's shelf, and you want to add it to your TBR, just open up the Goodreads phone app and scan the book straight in. You can either scan the barcode, or you can get really futuristic and just scan the front cover.


Create Your Own Exclusive Shelves

If you're a Goodreads beginner, you might be content with the three standard shelves: Read, Want to Read, and Currently Reading. But if you want to take your Goodreads use to the next level, it's time to set up your own exclusive shelves. From your My Books page, click the "edit" button next to your list of bookshelves, and open up a whole new world of possibilities. Maybe you could have a shelf for books about feminism, or for books recommended by Bustle?


Compare Reading Tastes With Your Friends

Everyone's reading tastes are different, so you want to know whose reviews to trust before you go taking book recommendations willy-nilly. Goodreads lets you do just that, by comparing which books you and your friend both own, and what ratings you gave them; it will even calculate a reading compatibility rate!


Flag Your Favorite Genres


Set A Reading Challenge

Let me guess, you set a New Years resolution to read more books. But how do you know if you're on track? If you set up a reading challenge on Goodreads, you'll always be able to see how many books behind or ahead of schedule you are — and you can adjust your goal as you go to make a bit more achievable, or even more challenging.


Delve Into Your Reading Habits

This is one of my favorite features on Goodreads: the reading stats page. Here's where you can see how many books you read each year, and how many of them were 5 star reads. The site will also show you which was the longest book you read that year — and if you want to get really impressed with yourself, you can even see how many pages you read.


Win Free Books

There are always a ton of giveaways on Goodreads; you just have to know where to look. Entering the giveaways just takes the click of a button — and then you have a chance to win some of your most anticipated books for free. And of course, if a book on your Want to Read shelf goes up for grabs, you'll get an email about it. So keep filling those shelves!


Ask Your Fave Author A Question

A lot of authors use Goodreads to chat to their fans, and Goodreads makes it super-easy to ask them whatever you'd like. See who's around to answer questions at the moment, or follow your favorite authors to get a notification when they're taking questions.


Search Your Local Library

Goodreads has a special feature that library-users are going to love. Go into your account settings and add your local library to your Book Links; that way, whenever you're looking at a book you'd like to get your hands on, there'll be an easy link right there on the page ready to take you to that book's page on your library's website. Pretty neat, huh?

Sours: https://www.bustle.com/p/12-goodreads-hacks-that-will-totally-change-the-way-you-use-the-site-51935

Goodreads who to follow on

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6 Goodreads Tips \u0026 Hidden Features

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