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Everything you need to know about Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day

Bunny Day is back.

This Animal Crossing: New Horizons event has an infamous reputation as it converts some of the materials players need to collect daily into Easter eggs. As millions of people flocked to Animal Crossing: New Horizons following its March release, they were accosted by a manic rabbit called Zipper T. Bunny and a flurry of colorful eggs everywhere. It’s colorful and festive, but the event can potentially obstruct whatever progress you may be trying to make in the game.

Whether we want him to or not, Zipper is coming back, though a few small changes have been made to the second annual Bunny Day in New Horizons.

From start and end dates to new items, here’s everything you need to know about Bunny Day

When are the Animal Crossing Bunny Day start and end dates?

Bunny Day returns a bit earlier this year. Instead of trolling players on April Fools’ Day, Bunny Day will begin on March 28, , according to Nintendo. Once it begins, Zipper T. Bunny will appear on your island, and the event festivities will begin. The event will resemble last year’s. Eggs will start appearing in the place of wood, stone, fish, fossils, etc.

In turn, those eggs are used to craft special DIY recipes for Bunny Day items. Nook’s Cranny will also sell one special item from this series every day, so you’ll want to check out the store as part of your routine if you’re interested in getting some new Easter-themed decorations.

The event will run until April 4, Like last year, this means Bunny Day will end on Easter Sunday. After that, Zipper T. Bunny with pack up and leave your island until next year. While your island will still become an egg-infested isle during the event, it thankfully only lasts eight days this year instead of That should be more than enough time to gather the necessary eggs for crafting

What are the new Animal Crossing Bunny Day items?

Every Animal Crossing: New Horizonsupdate adds quite a few new items for players to collect. While Bunny Day returns, its items won’t all be the same as last year. While you’ll still have the chance to get eggs for DIY recipes you missed out on in , Nook’s Cranny will exclusively sell the new Bunny Day series items during every day of the event.

So far, most of these items haven’t been revealed by Nintendo. The only new one we know of is a Bunny Day Sign featured in one of the new screenshots for the event’s return.

As more news items are revealed, we’ll update this post. Also, we expect that you’ll be able to craft the following items from Bunny Day

  1. Bunny Day Arch
  2. Bunny Day Basket
  3. Bunny Day Bed
  4. Bunny Day Festive Balloons
  5. Bunny Day Flooring
  6. Bunny Day Glowy Garland
  7. Bunny Day Lamp
  8. Bunny Day Merry Balloons
  9. Bunny Day Rug
  10. Bunny Day Stool
  11. Bunny Day Table
  12. Bunny Day Vanity
  13. Bunny Day Wall
  14. Bunny Day Wall Clock
  15. Bunny Day Wardrobe
  16. Bunny Day Wreath
  17. Wobbling Zipper toy

If you already hated Bunny Day, it doesn’t seem like this year’s event will do much to win you over. You should at least be thankful that it’s a bit shorter.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now for Nintendo Switch


Animal Crossing Bunny Day All recipes and rewards for the Easter event explained

Bunny Day, which is Easter in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is upon us.

This egg-themed event not only sees the return of Zipper T. Bunny, but allows you to collect a variety of special furniture and clothing rewards, which will only be available during Bunny Day.

Below you'll discover everything we know about the event, including the dates for this year's Bunny Day and the final Bunny Day reward.

On this page:

What's new with Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

There are three main difference between Bunny Day in and the first time the event ran last year in New Horizons.

The first is the event related dates - in the egg hunt began on Sunday, 28th March, while Bunny Day itself will be on Sunday, 4th April.

As you can see, the Bunny Day event is shorter than last years. This is great for players who've had the game since launch, since it means the egg invasion won't last as long, but does give new players a shorter amount of time to find all of the Bunny Day DIY recipes.

The second is that you can buy a new selection of Bunny Day themed items for sale in Nook's Cranny. These items will be located in the seasonal items section of the shop and you'll be able to buy a different one every day.

Here are the new Bunny Day items, along with how much each one costs:

  • Bunny Day Candy - Bells
  • Bunny Day Garden Flag - Bells
  • Bunny Day Planter Box - Bells
  • Bunny Day Topiary - Bells
  • Bunny Day Tree - Bells

Finally, if you collected every single Bunny Day DIY recipe last year, then Zipper will give you a number of eggs, rather than a Bunny Day DIY recipe when you first talk to him.

How to start the Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

Bunny Day may be officially on Sunday, 4th April in New Horizons, but your egg hunt begins from Sunday, 28th March.

First, however, you need to ensure that you've downloaded the necessary patch for Bunny Day. You'll know if you've done this currently because either Tom Nook or Isabelle will announce the upcoming Bunny Day event in their daily announcement.


If it doesn't come up, then try closing and re-opening the game.

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Once you've seen this announcement, it's time to hunt down Zipper T. Bunny, who'll be hiding somewhere on your island. Sadly, you won't be discovering the mystery of who exactly in this bunny suit, because it is a costume - check the back for the zip.

We found Zipper hiding behind a tree, but that doesn't mean you will. If you're trouble finding Zipper, then keep your ears open for the sound of them jumping up and down.

If you can hear the low, slightly ominous, sounds of weird costume feet hitting the ground, then Zipper is close by.


Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

Once you've found Zipper for the first time in New Horizons, they'll explain that they've hidden six different types of eggs around the island.

It's up to you to find these eggs and use them to create the Bunny Day furniture, which will also be hidden around your island in the run up to Bunny Day.

Every day leading up to Bunny Day Zipper will hide a new Bunny Day DIY Recipe around your island for you to find and create.

If you craft all of the Bunny Day DIY Recipes by Bunny Day itself, then Zipper will have a special surprise for you.

Let's go through those Bunny Day recipes now


Bunny Day recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In celebration of Bunny Day, Zipper T. Bunny has hidden a variety of egg themed DIY recipes around your island and, the closer we get to Bunny Day, the more DIY recipes they will hide.


There are a variety of ways to find these DIY recipes and Zipper will help you begin your collection by giving you the DIY recipe for the Bunny Day bed. They will also mention that if you can find and craft all the Bunny Day DIY recipes by or on the actual Bunny Day (Sunday April 12th), then Zipper will have a special reward for you.

There are a number of ways that you can find the other Bunny Day DIY recipes, which include:

  • Receiving the DIY recipes from talking to villagers
  • Shooting down Bunny Day themed balloons
  • Finding Bunny Day message-in-a-bottles on the beach

Below you'll find all the Bunny Day furniture recipes:

If you collect enough of one type of egg, you'll eventually discover the DIY recipe for the outfit themed around the design of that egg.

How many eggs you need to find appears to be random for each player. We discovered the Leaf-egg outfit recipes after finding nine Leaf eggs, but it took catching over 15 Water eggs (not a hard feat) to find the recipes for the Water-egg outfit.

Below you'll find all the Bunny Day outfits:

Once you've found all the DIY recipes for the egg inspired outfits, you'll discover the DIY recipes for both the Egg party dress and Egg party hat. This will happen immediately after you discover the sixth egg outfit DIY recipe and doesn't, thankfully, require you to craft any of the egg outfits.

Below you'll find the DIY recipes for both the Egg party dress and Egg party hat:

Outfit PieceMaterials
Egg party dress
3x Earth egg
3x Stone egg
3x Leaf egg
3x Wood egg
3x Sky egg
3x Water egg
Egg party hat
2x Earth egg
2x Stone egg
2x Leaf egg
2x Wood egg
2x Sky egg
2x Water egg

Bunny Day final rewards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To get the final rewards in Bunny Day, speak to Bunny T Zipper on Bunny Day itself - Sunday, April 12th.

They will give you a new recipe - a Bunny Day Arch.


You must craft this and all the above recipes (you don't need to do clothing) to receive the Wobbling Zipper Toy recipe.


Craft that, and you can then create the final Bunny Day reward - a Bunny Day Wand.


You're finally done! Remember you can also receive a Bunny Day Basket by handing over one of each Egg - no receipt or crafting required.

Also, if you are short on an Egg, you can give three of one Egg type for another.

Bunny Day event dates in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

Bunny Day will only occur once a year in New Horizons and, this year, it will start on Wednesday, April 1st and end on Sunday, April 12th.

This gives you a whole 12 days to go completely egg crazy.


Coming soon is the huge Animal Crossing update release date. Until then, if you're new to Animal Crossing, our New Horizons tips can help with the basics. From the off, there's fish and bugs to catch, flowers and fruit to grow with Leif selling seeds, villagers to add or remove and tools such as the new ladder and vaulting pole to collect. Once you have settled in, you'll want to be making as many Bells as possible, start collecting K.K. Slider songs and work on your island star rating, increase your HHA ranking, incorporate Feng Shui into your room design and acquiring kitchen furniture. You can also buy fake art from Redd, use the Dream Suite and island backup.

How to access Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

If you want to take part in Bunny Day in New Horizons, then you need to make sure that you've downloaded all the currently available patches for the game.

To do this make sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to the Internet and then try to start playing New Horizons. If there's a patch available, you'll be prompted to do so.

Now simply follow the instructions on your Nintendo Switch and wait for the download to be completed.


With that done you just have to wait for Bunny Day to arrive to take part in this egg filled event.

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Let’s be honest here. Does anyone actually like Zipper T. Bunny? Last year, for Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Bunny Day event, players spent the majority of the time bullying the creature. Forget Animal Crossing, Zipper may as well have been pulled from horror games Five Nights at Freddy’s or Silent Hill 3.

Regardless, Zipper is back for Bunny Day again in , though Nintendo didn’t make much of a mention of him in its Tuesday morning announcement. Instead, the Animal Crossing team highlighted the return of eggs and DIY-crafted items specifically for the event, as well as some new Bunny Day exclusive items available to purchase at Nook’s Cranny. But if you look into the background of Nintendo’s New Horizons press images, you can, indeed, see Zipper lurking in the shadows, as always.

Great! Thanks, Nintendo.

The New Horizons Bunny Day event will likely work much like it has in the past, with eggs and DIY recipes hidden around islands. You can dig for them, fish for them, and shake them out of trees. Some eggs can be harvested by hitting rocks, while others can be carved out of trees as if they were wood. Let’s ignore the science behind this magic.

Please stop reading if you don’t want us to spoil the surprise, but last year, Bunny Day ended the event by absolutely trolling players. The gift he promised at the end of the event — for all the hardship surrounding the tedious egg collection? A Zipper toy.

The good news is, Nintendo did announce a whole suite of other features coming with the spring update.

Bunny Day itself is back on April 4, but you’ll find eggs popping up as soon as March The exclusive Bunny Day items will be available at Nook’s Cranny from March 28 to April 4 — one per day.

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To help you out with the last bit of crafting, he'll also give you 1 type of any egg in exchange for 3 of another egg type. You can do this as much as you want, which can be helpful if you've been stockpiling certain types.

After crafting all applicable Bunny Day DIY projects (look for the full list in the links below), Zipper T. Bunny will have one final challenge, crafting yet another recipe for the Wobbling Zipper Toy, which requires 4 of each egg.

Craft this recipe by trading for eggs or gathering more on your island, and then return for your real reward - a Bunny Day Wand Recipe.

Tip: If you don't want to keep your Bunny Day Wand, know that it sells for a high 11, Bells!

As an added bonus, you can turn in 1 of each type of egg to Zipper to get a free Bunny Day Basket item, and you can turn in as many as you want to get more baskets.

What to Do With All The Bunny Day Eggs

After you have crafted all possible Bunny Items including the Bunny Day Wand and traded six eggs for a Bunny Day Basket, you may still be sitting on a mountain of eggs. Wondering what you should do with all the eggs? Craft items and sell them, of course!

Don't be a dummy bunny by selling the eggs for just Bells each! And don't waste eggs on more Bunny Day Baskets (they're just worth 1, Bells -- or, Bells per egg). Craft away and get twice the return. Note that Zipper will let you exchange eggs for different types at a ratio, but if you're just after Bells, ignore his unfavorable exchange rate and craft any available items to maximize your income.
  • Craft any Bunny Day item from your crafting list. Each item sells at double the price than the value of its components. So, a Bunny Day Table which is made from 4 eggs, an Bells value if you sold the eggs on their own, sells for 1, Bells.
  • The fastest way to make money on Bunny Day if you have a lot of each egg type is to make the Egg Party Dress, using 18 eggs (3x Earth Egg, 3x Stone Egg, 3x Leaf Egg, 3x Wood Egg, 3x Sky Egg, and 3x Water Egg). The dress sells for 7, Bells (again Bells per egg).

2021 acnh bunny day

Animal Crossing | ACNH

Bunny Day (Easter) Guide - Recipes, & Items

Check this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide for Bunny Day (Easter), including start time, egg types, Bunny Day items and Bunny Day recipes!!

Bunny Day Event Overview

Check Out The Rest Of The Event Calendar Here

Bunny Day Latest Info

Bunny Day Date

Bunny Day
Event DurationMarch 28th to April 4th
※ Bunny Day itself is April 4th

Eggs Appear From March 28th

Bunny Day will be held on April 4th. That being said, you'll be able to start picking up eggs from across your island starting on March 28th! You can still get recipes from Zipper during this one week period, so don't miss it out.

Furniture Available At Nook's Cranny

Sale PeriodMarch 28th to April 4th

Items previously not available last year have been added to Nook's Cranny. You can purchase these special Bunny Day items directly here. They are not to be confused with the other Bunny Day DIY recipes Zipper gives you!

Bunny Day Furniture List

Requires Version

The Bunny Day update will require you to download patch , made available on March 18th. If you don't have this, you won't be able to access the new event, so make sure you connect to the internet and pick this up!

More Info On The Update Here

Bunny Day Event Unplayable

Even if you go back in time by changing th esettings on your Switch, you will not be able to play the version of the Bunny Day event.

Bunny Day (Easter) - Event Information

Watch Our Video Guide On Bunny Day

Event Time And Duration

Bunny Day Event Guide
TimeMarch 28th - April 4th

Bunny Day will be active for one week from March 28th to April 4th. New DIY Recipes will be be available every day, so it's important to check in daily!

Check Out Other Things You Should Do In April!

Collect Eggs & Recipes

bunny day

Bunny Day is all about collecting Easter eggs & getting special DIY recipes. You will be able to use the eggs you've found as materials to craft Bunny Day items.

You Need To Update Your Software

In order to participate in Bunny Day , you'll need to update your Animal Crossing New Horizons to version

Learn How To Update Your Software From Here

Bunny Day (Easter) - Event Details And Flow

Bunny Day Event Flow

StepWhat Happens
1Talk to Zipper on April 4th or receive mail from Zipper
2After listening to Zipper's explanation, gather DIY recipes
3Collect eggs and use those eggs to craft new items
4Craft all Bunny Day items (There are 18 of them)
5Talk to Zipper to get a reward

Start Bunny Day By Talking To Zipper


On April 4th, you can find Zipper wondering around in your island. Zipper will give you a DIY recipe to officially kick off the festivities.

Learn How To Meet Zipper Here

If You Can't Find Zipper

If You Didn

If you were unable to find Zipper on April 4th, you will receive a letter in the mail from him. There will also be a Bunny Day recipe for a Bed attached in this letter as well.

Exchange 6 Eggs To Get Bunny Day Basket

Exchange 6 Eggs To Get Bunny Day Basket

During Bunny Day, if you have 6 eggs in your bag, you can exchange them for a Bunny Day basket furniture.

How To Get Bunny Day Recipes (DIY)

4 Ways To Get DIY Recipes

1Opening presents you get from shooting down baloons
2From message bottles
3Talking to villagers
4Coming up with new recipes when collecting eggs.
(For Clothing recipes only!)

The main ways to obtain DIY recipes are as listed above. We were able to confirm that you won't get a DIY Recipe from a Bottle on the first day - they'll start appearing after day 2.

Also, there's no limit on the number of recipes you can get from balloons in one day!

Collect All 18 Recipes & Get Rewards


Zipper has hidden a total of 18 recipes on your island (Excluding the recipes you discover when collecting eggs!). By crafting all 18 special items, you'll get a reward from Zipper!

Check Out DIY Item List From Here

Trade Your DIY Recipe In Our Forum

already know

If you have some leftover DIY Recipe cards which you already know, how about trading with other player? Go visit our Friend Code Exchange Forum & see if you can exchange DIY Recipes with others!

Visit Our Friend Code Exchange Forum Here

How To Find Each Bunny Day Eggs (Easter Eggs)

List Of All Eggs

Fish Up Eggs From 9am ~ 4pm


If you are looking for an efficient way to fish up Water eggs, our recommendation is to go fishing between 9am to 4pm. In the Northern Hemisphere, there are no fish with a medium-sized shadow in the river during this time, so you can be sure that all such shadows are Water Eggs!

Check Out List Of Fish In April

Exchange Unwanted Eggs On April 4th


On April 4th only, you'll be able to exchange 3 unwanted eggs of same type for one different type egg of your choice. Gather eggs that are easy to find as much as possible and exchange them on April 4th.

Get More Eggs At Mystery Island Tour

mystery island

If you need additional eggs, you can always get new eggs by attending mystery island tours. You'll need a Nook Miles Ticket to do so.

Learn More On Mystery Island Tour From Here

Use Your Secondary Account


Log in with your secondary player account which shares the same island (& same Nintendo Switch device). Message bottles and other Bunny Day key items respawn when you do so! Perhaps making another new account for farming Bunny day recipes and materials might be a good idea.

List of Bunny Day Items

List Of Bunny Day Furniture

Check Out All Bunny Day Furniture Recipes Here!

Total Amount Of Eggs Required To Complete

EggAmount required
Water eggs 21
Sky eggs21
Other 4 eggs22 each
Total eggs

List of Bunny Day Clothing

Required Eggs To Discover Recipes:p: (※) The following numbers represent the amount of eggs our team needed to unlock each respective recipe. The exact number may potentially differ for you!!

List Of Bunny Day Clothes

Check Out All Bunny Day Clothing Recipes Here!

Total Amount Of Eggs Required To Get All Clothes

EggAmount required
All varieties of eggs12 each
Total72 eggs

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: BUNNY DAY 2021 CHANGES (Differences \u0026 Details Explained) March Update

Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) Bunny Day Event Guide

This is a guide to the Bunny Day event, the Easter-themed event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH).

Learn how to get the Bunny Day recipes and items, such as the Bunny Day Wand, arch, eggs, and all the other event rewards and prices.

All March Update Information

ACNH - Bunny Day Event - When is Bunny Day (Easter) in ?

Bunny Day DateApril 4,
Event DurationMarch 28 to April 4,

April 4th, is Bunny Day! Zipper will visit your island from March 28 to April 4,

Nook's Cranny will start stocking up on Bunny Day Items on the days leading up to the event. Make sure to check what's in stock!

List of Bunny Day Items and Recipes

ACNH - Bunny Day Event - Talk to Zipper Before Bunny Day
Before Bunny Day arrives, Zipper will visit your island to give a short introduction on the upcoming Bunny Day festivities!

When you first talk to Zipper, he'll give you the DIY recipe for a Bunny Day Bed. After this day, you won't see him again until Bunny Day arrives.

ACNH - What to Do During the Bunny Day Event - Hunt for Bunny Day Eggs
Zipper has scattered 6 types of eggs all around your island that are exclusive to the event.

You'll need an axe, fishing rod, slingshot, and shovel to hunt all 6 eggs.

How to Get Bunny Day Eggs

ACNH - Bunny Day Event Find Bunny Day DIY Recipe.png
You can also hunt for Easter-themed DIY recipes during the event!

Some of these you can learn from DIY recipes in balloons, or by collecting a certain amount of eggs!
How to Find Bunny Day DIY Recipes

ACNH - Bunny Day Event - Talk to Zipper During Bunny Day
On Bunny Day, you'll find Zipper outside of Resident Srvices. Talk to him and he'll give you the DIY recipe for the Bunny Day Arch.

You can also trade Zipper any extra eggs for different types!

Give ZipperReceive
• 3 eggs of the same type• 1 egg of another type
• 1 of each egg type• 1 Bunny Day Basket

ACNH - Bunny Day Event - Receive the Final DIY Recipe
Once you've crafted all the Bunny Day DIY recipes, excluding Clothing items, Zipper will give you the Wobbling Zipper Toy DIY recipe.

While you can use this as decoration, it's also a DIY material for the Bunny Day Wand. You can obtain the the DIY recipe by talking to Zipper after crafting the Wobbling Zipper Toy.

ACNH - Bunny Day Event - Get DIY Recipes from Zipper

While most Bunny Day DIY Recipes are found through the special balloons, message bottles, or finding Bunny Day Eggs, some require you to craft all other items or discover all clothing DIY. For a full guide on how to get all the recipes for Bunny Day, check out this guide!

How to Get Bunny Day DIY Recipes

See all the DIY Recipes and how to get them over on our List of Bunny Day Items guide!

List of Bunny Day Items and Recipes

See all the how to get the Bunny Day Basket and the new Bunny Day Items over on our List of Bunny Day Items guide!

List of Bunny Day Items and Recipes

If your Nintendo Switch has not connected to the Internet since before midnight on April 1st, the Bunny Day Event will not start.

Although a notification for an update may not occur, your Switch will still need to connect to the Internet to gain access to the event.

Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) Events
List of Events

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