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By Rachel Gobep

After entering Steel Valley Nightmare and Escape, players must unlock the demons that possess the house of

Steel Valley is a horror-themed live gameplay escape room in Girard — about eight minutes away from Youngstown State University. Players have an hour to find clues, solve puzzles and ultimately escape the demons that lurk in the darkness.

There are three ratings: PG, R and X. While PG can be considered family-friendly, X-rated provides an experience with adult content.

To enter this attraction, players must first choose their level of scare.

Then, they must choose from three difficulty levels: easy allows three clues, medium allows hints to two puzzles and hard offers no help.

Reservations must be made in advance to book the challenge, and at least two people must play, but there is a maximum of eight players. 

This is the third theme the owner, Paul Patterson, has developed since it opened in August

To reserve a game, go to its Facebook page, Steel Valley Nightmare and Escape, or call The cost to play is $25 per person. 

Jambar TV anchors Rachel Gobep and Brandon Terlecky tried to escape from Steel Valley Nightmare and Escape but failed. Their best reactions will be featured in Jambar TV’s special Halloween episode on YouTube.

Though they chose X-rated, they chose the easiest difficulty and were able to ask three questions to help them escape. 

Read their firsthand accounts of “Escape ” below:

RACHEL GOBEP: The minute I stepped into Steel Valley Nightmare and Escape, I felt uneasy but in a good way. 

The escape room is unlike any experience I have encountered in my life, and it definitely is not your typical escape room. Not only was I trying to escape the room, but I was trying to escape Elizabeth — the demon that made me live my worst nightmare. 

This makes the experience 1 million times better because it is so much more difficult to concentrate when you know that at any moment you might be caught off guard and be absolutely terrified to even move.

Brandon Terlecky attempted to help me escape, but I ended up being his knight in shining armor — opening the locks, going first into rooms and even deciding to separate myself from him and our videographer, Collin Headley, to try and win the game.

Brandon cowered in fear and even hid behind me, but his reactions were priceless, and I’m so happy I got to tackle this challenge with him.

“If you think I’m stepping over there, you are out of your mind. It’s not for the camera. It’s not for anything,” he yelled, as I was trying to get him to help me find a clue.

Ultimately he screamed, “Why did I agree to this?”

Although we didn’t win, I am craving more and even conquered some of my fears. From the minute I left Steel Valley Nightmare and Escape, I couldn’t stop talking about it because it is so exhilarating. 

All I can say is I’ll be back soon.

BRANDON TERLECKY: Anyone who is looking for a fun and inexpensive Halloween haunt experience in should add Steel Valley Nightmare and Escape to the list of things to do in the Valley. 

We hear so much about haunted house experiences that we have around us, but nothing really puts you in the driver’s seat while fearing what characters lurk in the darkness around you at the same time like Steel Valley does. 

You may have heard of simple escape rooms that leave you feeling nervous or high-strung as you look for a key to get into the next room, but you have not had a storyline of crazed serial killers or a woman that follows you through every room as you have to search for hidden clues at the same time. 

When I first entered the room with my partner in crime, Rachel Gobep, it was easy to point out who was going to be the hero when it was all said and done. 

Rachel took over the game while I was glued to her side waiting for the next scare to pop out of wherever we were. Everytime something bumped or moved, I was jumping out of my skin. 

This was an overall tremendous experience, and we had a blast in the end. The owner delivered a safe, scary and enjoyable time for all of your friends to enjoy. 

As we got to the end of the game and the hour was winding down, we were unable to finish the challenge. However, when it finally came to an end, I was a little disappointed because I wanted to keep going.  

Although I was in a frenzy when we began, this was one of the best experiences I have had in quite some time. Escape rooms should leave you wanting to come back. Steel Valley Nightmare and Escape does just that. 

When you walk in, you are already in trouble in the best way possible. It will have you begging for more once you walk out the door. 


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Team Houdini reviewed this Escape Room on June 6,

Final Score:


WARNING! The following review is for mature audiences and may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

We had recently heard about an escape room located in Girard, OH from a few escape room owners we&#;d met from reviewing their rooms. They would not tell us much about this room other than it was extreme, it was adult, and it is a unique experience. It piqued our interest, so we reached out to Steel Valley Nightmare and Escape in Girard, OH to see what this attraction was all about.

Steel Valley Nightmare is a unique experience in many ways from the typical rooms we have experienced. They only offer one attraction; however, they change the puzzles and themes quite frequently. They have kept an interlocking storyline through each new iteration.

Even if you haven’t played any of their prior rooms, you won’t be lost. But, for those hardcore returning fans, they will get an intertwining plot.

Steel Valley Nightmare considers itself more of a horror attraction than an escape room. It is what some would consider an extreme attraction. Live actors, nudity, vulgarity, physical interaction and more can and may happen. SVN can also adapt to its patrons &#; making no two shows alike. They can up the hardcore X rating for adult contenders or if kids are present they can provide drop it down to an appropriate rating. Finally, out of the 21 rooms we have reviewed and over 30 we have attended they are only the second to have live actors in their rooms.

We feel Steel Valley Nightmare is best experienced with the least amount of information possible. The fear of the unknown adds to the excitement of the show. So be warned &#; spoilers ahead!

Atmosphere &#; Customer Service:

We were able to find Steel Valley Nightmare fairly easily by entering it into Google maps. It is located in an unassuming, bright blue, brick building next to a furniture company. There are two small signs on the building advertising Steel Valley Nightmare and Escape.

Inside, there was a small waiting area. The lobby was claustrophobic with odd pictures and funny signs hanging around. The walls had a wood appearance and the ceiling tile was colored to look moldy. There were no chairs &#; just standing room only. There also were no pre-game puzzles, which was fine as we were immediately greeted by Ashley, the owner’s wife. She provided us with waivers to sign.

Then Dick popped out. Dick is the owner and the twisted mind behind SVN and the life of the show. Dick has a background in the haunt industry creating animatronics for haunts. A likable guy, ardent about his skills and intimidating; perhaps it was because he mentioned cramming a penis down our throats two minutes into the conversation. We all laughed and then looked around and wondered what the Hell did we get ourselves into!? He then explained the rules and safety concerns of the facility. Finally, we were ready to explore Purgatory.


As mentioned, the previous incarnations all tie together. The first theme was to escape a serial killer&#;s lair, the second was to escape from his brother’s “psycho surgery,” and the last was to escape the aforementioned brother’s sister’s possession &#; got all that? Now they are all deceased and we are trapped in their “Purgatory” where we don’t deserve heaven and Hell is too good for us. Three completely different realms are designed to destroy the mind, body, and spirit.

As mentioned any detail could greatly spoil the enjoyment, therefore my descriptions here will be more vague than usual, but there are* some spoilers ahead.

Each area does provide a unique feel, as if you are in a dream that switches location instantly causing confusion and readjustment to your surroundings. After we completed our trip we found out that everything in the rooms was real. If it’s legal to have the real version of it then it is real; including weapons, dead animals, teeth, and more. Each realm provided a realistic and authentic look and feel to match that theme.

Sound effects were used sparingly in the first two areas. In the first area, it was dead quiet; the only noise was our bewildered voices and maybe someone else’s. This may have been an intentional way to provide a greater feeling of isolation from the outside. In the second area, the only sounds provided were from the animatronics, which were purposefully repetitive and distracting. We feel that additional sounds could be beneficial to add to the realism and immersion. However, it did not take away from the severity of the rooms. The third realm had some background music that fit the setting as well as another character that we will discuss later.

Lighting was used well throughout each section providing a realistic atmosphere, especially in the third room.
The story was very original and we found it intriguing how it coincided with the previous rooms. We only wish we would have had a chance to experience them. It was a fresh take on the horror escape room genre. Most “horror” -themed rooms focus on a serial killer or haunted house, whereas this theme adds a new spin to the genre.
The theme was interesting and executed convincingly.

Since no one knows for certain what Purgatory is, it gives the creator lots of liberty with the design. The knowledge of the previous storylines makes the theme more consistent, but without it, things may have seemed a little confusing.

All in all, it felt like we had entered a sadistic world of torment &#; not only frightening, but frustrating&#; what we&#;d imagine Purgatory might be: not peaceful, not completely evil, but a constant uneasiness of what’s next and what to do. We noticed no real distractions from the immersion outside of the normal.


Steel Valley Nightmare was a humbling experience. As Dick told us, it is difficult. We quickly noticed that our conventional ways of thinking and prior experience reviewing rooms did not help all that much here. It was a new process of thinking for us and we struggled.

The puzzles were still logical but not what we were used to. We would say there were fewer puzzles here than most escape rooms, but they are each more challenging. Not to mention how the interactions with the actors affect the flow of the gameplay. Locks and puzzles mainly consisted of Gen-1 and Gen-2 styles and were all designed by Dick.

Before entering, we were provided with a rosary that provided us three hints. To ask for a hint, we all had to agree to ask, raise our hands, and scream DDDDDIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! We need help! Either Ashly or Dick would assist. We used these up pretty quickly and, by the time we reached the final realm, we were &#;f#&ked&#; as Dick told us.

Ashley did a great job providing us answers via an intercom system (“voice of God” style), or by physically entering the room. We did feel this took out some of the realism; however, I think this may have been our fault as we were so far off from figuring out the puzzle she couldn’t simply explain it over the intercom. We were way off in left field.

I would imagine that, in the final room, answers would be provided by the character as he was very interactive with us. He provided hilarious commentary and some hints. His creepy serpent-like voice was exceptional, his comments were quick-witted and hysterical. His performance rivals some of the best haunt actors we have seen.

In the beginning realm, there is a timer that tracks your time. But, as we moved into the deeper realms, your knowledge of time is harder to track, with occasional time checks dropped in via the intercom system. At one point, the final character informed us we had exactly &#;f&*ked&#; minutes left, and he was correct.

Although difficult, we enjoyed the mix of puzzles and interactions offered. My only suggestion would be to tweak the way hints are provided to fit the theme a little more accurately.

Entertainment &#; Value:

Steel Valley Nightmare was an immensely entertaining time. Even though we failed to escape, we had an incredible experience. It is definitely a must-experience for escape room fans, horror fans, and people that aren’t quite right.

On Friday the 13th, they offer a special show for their fans. You must call in person to reserve a position and it is a more-extreme version of the escape room with a &#;Fear Factor&#;-ish spin. (You remember that old show with Joe Rogan?) After I heard the details I knew I was out, but I will defiantly return to see the next incarnation.

At $25 a ticket, it is slightly below the average cost of an escape room. However, this is far from your average escape room. Steel Valley Nightmare is an extreme escape room with a unique story, R-X rated adult situations, theatrical sets, and live actor interactions, providing an exciting, terrifying, and hilarious adventure that you have to see!

How Did We Get These Scores

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Our Rating System

Each of the category scores in this review are calculated using a weighted average of several questions that we rate on a scale of 1 to

The following breakdown explains what these scores typically mean. All of our Teams use this as a reference for providing accurate ratings:

&#;Peak Performance&#;
This score is treated as if it has a chastity belt on it. &#;10&#;s&#; are reserved for the best of the best; those that we feel could not possibly improve on what they&#;re doing.

9: &#;Innovative and Groundbreaking&#;
It rocked! Nearly everything seemed to go as planned and it was one of the best we&#;ve ever seen! These guys are leaders in the industry, and attractions like this are truly hard to come by.

8: &#;Solid&#;
A high score on our scale. They had a good handle on it and, overall, they knew how to use it well. Most attractions can learn from what these guys are doing.

6 to 7: &#;Good&#;
We could tell that a good effort was made. However, we&#;ve seen this done much better at other places, or can detect areas where significant improvements can be made. This is about the top end of what we&#;d call &#;Family Friendly.&#;

5: &#;Average / Fair&#;
Compared to the competition, they weren&#;t the best, but definitely not the worst. Scares and Special Effects in this range are usually considered &#;Family Friendly.&#;

3 to 4: &#;Below Average&#;
We could see that a clear attempt was made, but most other professional attractions are doing a much better job at this.

1 to 2: &#;Poor&#;
It appeared that very little time, thought or effort was contributed to this aspect.

0 (Zero): &#;Non-Existent&#;
No apparent effort was made to make this a significant contributor to the attraction.

This rating system is standardized across all of The Scare Factor&#;s official haunt review teams. However, keep in mind there will always be minor differences between Teams, as we all have varying levels of experience. Regardless, we do our best to remain true to our core values, which is to promote all haunted attractions!

Perhaps the biggest thing to remember is: sometimes the score &#; in and of itself &#; doesn&#;t tell the whole story about an attraction&#;s merits. This is why we provide detailed explanations for each category&#; to help you better understand how and why we chose the score/s that we did.

We do our best to not let feelings or emotions rule our judgement, while also viewing the attraction through the lens of the typical haunt-goer. But, because all reviews with ratings are inherently subjective, this is nearly impossible to completely prevent. Though, when in doubt, we tend to give slightly lower scores than our original &#;gut feelings&#; to account for this, and also give the attraction more room to improve over time.

We also do our best to be fair and consistent across all of the haunts that we review. We know that you&#;ll be looking at these scores and comparing them to other attractions, so we hope this review helps you out in that aspect.

Do you have some feedback about our review system? Contact Us Here to let us know what you think!

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Top of the line FX and puzzles. Enter if you dare, discover the clues, solve the puzzles and escape if you can.



In this horrific look into the afterlife you must make your way through all 3 layers of Purgatory facing all 7 of the deadly sins! Your goalEscape and save your soul!

We are open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Game times are located on the booking site. You may also book a game during the week upon request, simply give us a call to make reservations.


The Price of admission is $ per person. Book your appointment by clicking the booking link or just give us a call @ () and we will get you set up.





Anthony Musmanno

Steel Valley Transformation, by Michael Kamuf – Score \u0026 Sound


Paul Patterson, owner of Steel Valley Nightmare and Escape. An ecape room with a horror theme. An adult theme, not for the kiddies. The theme right now is Escape is based on the house Paul and his family grew up in Braceville Ohio. Listen to the many many stories that happened in this horror house his entire upbringing. The house caught on fire 3 times. Yet the grand parents still refused to move. You can reach Paul on Facebook and [email protected]
If See More you have a story to share or aree paranormal related and would like to be on the show, you can reach me at or [email protected] You can catch Ghosts In The Valley podcast at Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeart, Google, Stitcher and many other podcasting sites.

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