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How do you remove back seat on a 1991 Honda accord?

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Wanting to take care of the small problems to be made to your vehicle is turning out to be more and more common. In fact, the annual budget allocated to a car is substantial, so attempting to repair it yourself appears to be a wise idea. Regardless it’s to access your fuel pump, change your seat, wash a stain, or exceptionally transport bulky things, some of you are wondering how to remove the back seat on Honda Accord. We will try on this page to tell you the different options depending on the year and series of your Honda Accord.


How to remove the back seat on Honda Accord with bolt system

Let’s commence with the first situation. If you are trying to find a way to remove the rear seat of your Honda Accord which is mounted only by 4 bolts, the technique is most certainly the simplest. In fact, to do so, you just have to unscrew the two nuts at the back of your seat, accessible from your trunk, using a Torx bit. Then unscrew the two nuts at the front of the seat, which are located under the seat at the level of the passenger footwell. This will enable you to completely remove it from its fasteners and remove it.

How to remove the back seat Honda Accord with clip system

Process now a little more long to achieve because we tend to be skeptical of ties that are fixed in force, always afraid to pull too hard and destroy one. How do I remove the back seat of my Honda Accord that has a clip system? Generally these clips will be located under the seat, you will see them when you lift the seat of the bench. These clips are often made up of a plastic part and a metal iron that clips in it, to release them you will have to press on the plastic part with a screwdriver and pull the metal part. On some series if this solution doesn’t work, generally pulling will be enough to release them.

How to remove the rear seat Honda Accord with folding system with bolts only at the front

Finally, the last solution to take out the rear seat of your Honda Accord, some years have a folding seat that is not fixed on the rear part, in this case, it is the most simple solution you can have to conduct. You will just need to tilt the seat to the front and you will have access to the Torx nuts that hold it to the vehicle’s chassis. Once these nuts are unscrewed, you should be able to remove the rear seat of your Honda Accord.
That’s it, now you should have all the info you need to remove the rear seat of your car serenely. If you are looking to dismantle other parts like the bumper of your Honda Accord, we have also made some tutorials to help you in these missions.

To find more tips on the Honda Accord, take a look at the Honda Accord category.

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Automotive Forums .com Car Chat > Honda > Accord/TSX/Accord Hybrid > 1989 Accord Sedan Rear Seat Bottom Removal

1989 Accord Sedan Rear Seat Bottom Removal


03-24-2009, 04:15 PM

I am trying to remove the rear seat bottom in my 1989 Accord DX 4-door. The bottom is held to the floor by two wire hold downs that seat in slots in the floor. For some reason, they won't pull out or release. There are no bolts in the floor pan. What is the procedure for removing the seat bottom? Any help here would be appreciated. I have been struggling with this for a few days now.:banghead:


03-24-2009, 07:12 PM

OK, I finally figured this one out on my own. But this seat is not installed the way I expected or as I have seen in other cars. The seat bottom is bolted to the floor pan at the rear of the seat where the passenger seat belt comes out between the seat bottom and seat back. You have to fish between the seat bottom and seat back to find the bolt. Once the bolt is removed, you have to lift the rear of the seat bottom up and vertical to release the metal wire retainers that hold the front corners of the seat to the floor pan.


03-25-2009, 11:25 PM

Remember, Hondas are not like other cars. In most cases, they far exceed anything with an American name and also exceed most Japanese name cars except for the Toyota line.


03-29-2009, 10:20 AM

Honda's are not necessarily "exceptional", just different.

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How to replace / change Rear Seats for a 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Honda Civic REPLACE DIY

Q: Removal of rear seat

asked by

Margie R

on February 18, 2017

I need to know how to remove my rear seat on my 2003 honda Accord coupe so I can put on new seat cover. I know it has 2 hooks at the front of the seat but don't know how to get the hooks to release. I guess the real question is how do I remove the rear seat so I can secure new seat cover. Thank u.

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Back honda remove accord seat

Rear seat Removal



T A Terminator
Reaction score
8th gen 2.4 Manual
Hi Paul if it’s like my 8th gen saloon it’s very easy.
If you lay the back of the seats flat there is 1 bolt in the centre of the seats at the back towards the boot.
Also there are 2 plastic clips at the front of the 2 main seat panels underneath.
Go careful with these as there easy to snap.
Once uncliped just lift the hole seat out.
I had this out last year to change the petrol fuel filter.
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_06551_zps16877260.jpg" style=""></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo 1a30ead12b5799ee4c7f519123a797de_zps2vsu5cen.jpg" style=""></a>

How do I Remove the Back Seat of a '96 Honda Accord?

The 1996 Honda Accord's rear seat is a four-piece unit. Whether you want to remove the Accord's carpet or replace the rear seat, its four pieces must be removed individually, which is not a difficult procedure and should take about 15 minutes.



    Unbuckle the rear seat belts.


    Locate the bolt in the center part of the rear seat, between the cushion and the seat-back. Remove the bolt with a 6 mm socket wrench.


    Push down firmly on the front edge of the rear seat cushion and pull it toward you to unhook and remove the rear seat cushion. Push the seat belt stalks through the center holes and lift the cushion out of the Accord.


    Pull the lever on the side of the rear seat bolster to lower the rear seat-back, which must be in the down position to access its bolts.


    Slide the center seat belt toward the passenger side of the vehicle. Move the loop over the edge of the seat-back to prevent it from hindering removal.


    Remove the three bolts from the bottom edge of the rear seat-back, using an 8 mm socket wrench. One bolt is in the center; the other two bolts are on either side.


    Pull the rear seat-back out of the Accord. The remaining sections of the seat should be the two side bolsters.


    Remove the bolts from the bottom of the side bolsters with a 6 mm socket wrench. Push firmly against the first side bolster. Push it upward to slide it out of its mount. Repeat the process on the bolster on the other side to finish removing the Accord's rear seat.


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How to Remove the Seat on a Honda Accord

After years of use, the seats in your Honda Accord tend to wear down, and maybe even tear. You may also want to take the seats out to make room for any cargo you may be hauling. While some people might rush to take their Accord into an auto shop, replacing the seats in your car is not as daunting a task as it might seem. In fact, you can remove the seats in a matter of minutes.

Step 1

Fold the seat down by pulling the release latch, making sure that the seat is all the way forward.

Step 2

Pull back the seat assembly and fold down the seats. Pull up the carpet around the seat by using a trim removal tool to release the rivets.

Step 3

Unscrew the bolts holding the seat frame down using a socket wrench. There are two sets of bolts on either side of each seat. You will also have to remove the seat bracket. If your car has a power seat, disconnect the battery before attempting to remove the bolts.

Lift the seat up and out of the car door. You may have to turn the seat on its side to negotiate it out of the car.


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