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The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle by David Dobrik

Unlike your mother, YouTuber-turned-TikTok star David Dobrik may actually be made of money. With the help of his sponsors, he’s given away a lot of it. But the problem with giving away money is that eventually everyone is going to want some.

“One of the most common comments I see is you guys asking me for money,” the year-old Slovakian-born “Dreamer” said in a TikTok video last month.

“I’ve finally figured out a way to get all of you guys money,” he continued. “I sound like a scam but this isn’t a scam. Listen, I made this puzzle. It’s called the Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle by David Dobrik.”

Once completed, the puzzle reveals a QR code that you scan with your phone to find out what you’ve won, “anywhere from 25 cents to $,,” Dobrik says.

This type of stunt may seem like nothing new for Dobrik. He’s received plaudits for his perceived generosity, from gifting a homeless man a car to handing out money to strangers on the street to paying a friend’s college tuition. For the last election, he used a Tesla giveaway to encourage people to register to vote (as a DACA recipient or “Dreamer,” Dobrik cannot vote himself).

But this latest endeavor appears to be nothing more than a cash grab.

There are two things about the “giveaway” that Dobrik leaves out of his TikTok pitch: First, in order to “get” the puzzle, as Dobrik puts it, you need to pay $30, which is a lot for a puzzle and also may not include the cost of shipping. Second, according to a breakdown of the prizes in the official rules of the game on, your chances of winning enough to recoup the price of the puzzle and any shipping costs are less than one percent.

The most likely outcome, at around 95 percent, is that your QR code reveals a prize of 25 cents. Only one person wins the $, grand prize. Meanwhile, as some who have done the math have noted, Dobrik walks away a much richer man.

The rules also state that you can enter the contest by requesting a QR code through the mail (&#;alternative entry by mail&#;), meaning consumers don’t even have to piece together the puzzle to get a QR code, making it seem more like gambling than harmless fun. (Of note, while the rules say you have to be 18 or older to be eligible to win, nearly a third of TikTok users in the U.S. are between the ages of 10 and )

It’s unclear whether the game has run out of QR codes. The puzzle’s website says the product is sold out but to enter an email address “to know when we restock.” According to the rules, the game ends on March 31 or when the , QR codes that were created for the contest are depleted.

The puzzles were scheduled to ship earlier this week. After they arrive and are put together and scanned, Dobrik may end up regretting his last words in the TikTok video: “Do me a favor: Record your reaction because you’re going to win anywhere from 25 cents to $,” reached out for comment through the puzzle&#;s website. Check back for updates.

Find more of our coverage on the gamification of gambling here.

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David Dobrik’s latest venture sold half a million dollars’ worth of jigsaw puzzles&#;yes, jigsaw puzzles&#;in one hour.

Launched Dec. 10, The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle promises that anyone who purchases it will win some amount of cash, with prizes ranging from a single humble quarter to a $, jackpot. Each puzzle costs $30, and when completed will form a unique QR code. Scan the code and that puzzle’s prize will be revealed.

Viner-turned-YouTuber-turned-all-around-digital-content-creator-and-entrepreneur Dobrik tweeted shortly after the project’s debut that within its first hour, fans had snapped up 17, puzzles. At $30 per, that equals sales of $,&#;and counting.


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According to rules posted on The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle’s website, there is a total of , puzzles available for purchase. Prizes break down like this: 95, puzzles will reward their players with $; 1, will pay out $; 1, will pay out $1; 1, will pay $10; will pay $50; 50 will pay $; 50 will pay $; 50 will pay $; 50 will pay $1,; and one will pay $,

Total prize pool: $,

Puzzles will begin shipping Jan. 25, per the website. Players must complete and scan them by March 31, , to claim their prizes. (For those wondering, there’s no reference image to use for completion, since each individual puzzle will end up with a different QR code. Putter-togetherers are on their own.)

This is just the latest in a long string of ventures from Dobrik. Ahead of last month’s election, he got more than 80, people to register to vote by partnering with voter action nonprofit Headcount and giving away five Teslas. In October, his nascent social media company, Dispo, raised $4 million in a seed funding round led by Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian. In September, he launched his own fragrance company, David’s Perfume. (He’s reportedly cooking up a foodie business called Doughbrik’s Pizza, too.) And, earlier this year, he hosted Discovery TV series Dodgeball Thunderdome.

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The $100,000 Puzzle That Took Two Years to Solve

How does the QR Puzzle work?

  • After purchasing your puzzle, you have to assemble it.

  • Once assembled, scan the puzzle with the camera on your mobile phone or tablet. If you have trouble, try moving your device farther from the puzzle. Also make sure there aren't bright reflections on the shiny surface of the puzzle.

  • You will be directed to a web page where you’ll enter your secret prize code (from the paper insert in your box) and learn what you’ve won, from 25 cents to 1,, dollars.

  • Fill out your information and select your payout method (PayPal or Venmo).

Where can I find my secret prize code?

Your secret prize code is printed on the paper insert included in the box with your puzzle. Take a picture of it so you can't lose it!

How hard is the puzzle?

On a scale of , 10 being the hardest, it’s a 5.

So, who wins what?

Everyone wins something. There are no losers. Once the puzzle is assembled, there’s a chance to win twenty five cents, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, or one million dollars.

Is there a reference for the puzzle?

There is not. That would be cheating.

How do I scan the QR code?

Once the puzzle is assembled, open your camera on your phone or tablet and point it steadily for seconds towards the QR code. Whenever scanning is enabled, a notification will appear. If your camera has trouble detecting the QR code, try moving it farther away from the puzzle (up to several feet) until the camera picks it up. You may even need to stand above your puzzle. Also, make sure there aren't any bright reflections on the surface of your puzzle obscuring the patterns from your device. If none of this works, try going into your settings app and enabling QR code scanning. 

Is there an age restriction?

3+ to assemble the puzzle and 18+ to be eligible to win. If you’re not over 18, you can still buy the puzzle and have your parents or anyone over 18 accept the prize money for you.


You'll be paid within days via a digital check which you'll receive at the email address your ordered with. You may print your digital check, or deposit it directly from the internet using your mobile banking app. You may also opt to have a printed check mailed to you. Please allow weeks for delivery. 


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