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Trolls Themed Birthday Party That Is Easy To Recreate

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The ultimate Trolls Themed Birthday Party

Trolls themed birthday party that kids will absolutely love. Use these DIY party ideas to create a stunning backdrop and party decorations that are perfect for a Trolls world and party vibe that just screams fun. 

The Trolls party incorporates a bold rainbow design, and will be loved by boys and girls alike.Trolls themed birthday party that kids will absolutely love.  Using DIY easy party decorations and food this is the kind of party that screams FUN. Using a rainbow design, this party will be loved by boys and girls alike.

If you have seen the Trolls movie, then you can understand why a Trolls themed birthday party is so popular among kids.

It will make you sing, it will make you dance and it will certainly make you smile.

Trolls are simply happy little guys and they know how to party

I mean it&#;s totally their thing. The bigger, brighter and louder it is the better. Sounds like fun doesn&#;t it!

When my daughter turned 6, choosing a theme for her party was easy for her. She is obsessed with Trolls (particularly Princess Poppy) and she requested a Trolls themed birthday party to celebrate with all her friends.

I knew this was going to be a fun one!

Easy Trolls Birthday Party Decoration

A Trolls themed birthday party is SO easy to decorate for. 

Think bright, big and bold and you are totally on the right track.

Decorating the Party Backdrop:

I made a party backdrop to sit behind the food table and used two shades of green and white to create a garden feel.

I wanted to ensure that this backdrop didn&#;t interfere with the bold colors that would be placed on the table and other surrounding areas.

Bold is great, but too much bold is just plain garish. 

I knew the backdrop needed to be calming to cope with all the pop of color that was going to be placed around it.

Trolls themed birthday party set up

In front of the backdrop, I simply hung some tissue paper fans.

By attaching a round colored piece of paper in the middle of the fan it made them look like flowers. 

These were hung at both sides of the backdrop for a pop of color.

Tissue paper hanging decorations

Along the top of the backdrop, my daughter and I made some large clouds, and one of them we turned into the &#;Cloud Man&#; from the movie.

DIY Cloud man from Trolls

Decorating the table display:

To create the table display I found some gorgeous green fluffy material, which I used as a tablecloth. I was initially going to use some fake grass, but when I saw this material which had a shine to it, it just screamed Trolls to me.

With some fake bright flowers to decorate the back of the table, and some wooden crates, a garden theme was instantly created.

Side view of the Trolls themed birthday party table

I also purchased some small Trolls figurines to scatter all over the food table, to create a bit of mischief.

At all the parties, I purchase a cardboard paper mache number and decorate it according to the party theme. I therefore purchased a number 6, painted it bright pink and covered the top with glitter paint.

To finish off I tied some braided ribbon to it.

Number 6 decoration

Decorating the entire pergola:

I like to create some interest over the rest of the outdoor pergola and the easiest way to do this was to make some hanging lanterns.

They were super easy to make, and I used cut off&#;s from plastic tablecloth&#;s so it kept the cost very low.

Trolls party decoration using plastic tablecloths

They looked great hanging from the ceiling and helped to create a celebration feel.

Tutorial:How To Make An Easy Plastic Tablecloth Ceiling Decoration

Trolls themed birthday party set up

Homemade Trolls Themed Birthday Party Food

The star of the table was without a doubt the Trolls themed cake. Decorated with toy Trolls, the cake was simple but effective. My daughter literally gasped when she saw it.

The back of the rainbow was covered with sprinkles, which just gave her an extra shriek of delight.

Side of the Trolls birthday cake

My daughter had requested that the Trolls birthday party also have a rainbow twist. This made it super easy to know how to design the cupcakes.

I instantly knew that I was going to make some rainbow cupcakes and use sour lollies to make the rainbow. 

These have to be the easiest cupcakes I have ever made for a party, and they looked super cute.

stand of chocolate and vanilla rainbow cupcakes

Trolls rainbow cupcakes

To keep with the garden rainbow theme we made some pretzel flowers. 

The kids absolutely loved the sweet and salty combination that these gave.

They also looked stinking cute on the table.

Trolls party pretzel flowers

Other food consisted of:

Trolls party jello and marshmallow pops

Trolls Marshmallow pops

Trolls cookie fingers

Trolls chocolate popcorn

Trolls cookies

I always try and incorporate the party favors into an activity for the kids. 

I created a treasure trail around the garden and the kids had to answer 6 questions to find the location in the garden to receive their prize.

At each point in the garden I had a &#;helper&#; standing with a Trolls character and a small item to place in their party favor bag.

Trolls party favors

Once the party bag was full, this was their take home party favor bag.

Trolls party favor bags

Onto each of the bags I placed a picture of Poppy (for the girls) and Branch (for the boys). 

A thank you tag was then tied to the bags with a piece of ribbon, and each child&#;s name was written on one of the tags.

You can download these tags for free from the free printable library. The thank you tags are left blank for you to write in the children&#;s names as required.

Trolls favor bags

I always used party printable&#;s for my kids parties. Printables are great for setting the theme, and it means you don&#;t have to go overboard with buying themed plates, napkins, posters etc which can easily cost a lot.

The printable&#;s provide the theme, whilst the other decorations provide the color. I find it works great.

I designed the following Trolls printable&#;s which can be purchased now from the Etsy store.

Don&#;t forget to pick up the free favor tags from the free printable library!

Trolls water bottle labels

Trolls Candy Bar Wrappers

Would you like to see the party girl herself? 

Of course she wanted to dress as Princess Poppy, but she didn&#;t want to wear a wig. So I backcombed her hair, tied it in a pony tail and sprayed with pink hair spray.

Bear in mind my daughter has super thin hair which is as blonde as you can get.   

After a bit more backcombing and LOTS of hairspray, this was the result. She was hardly recognizable!

Girl at her Trolls birthday party

Creating this Trolls themed birthday party was A LOT of fun. It was definitely the most colorful party that I have put together, but that made it perfect for everything that Trolls stand for.

It had to be bright, it had to be bold and it definitely had to hit you in the face!

The kids were absolutely delighted with it, and to see their excitement makes it all worth while. 

The great thing is that creating this Trolls birthday party was really budget friendly.

Making the decorations did take time, but the result was worth it, especially when you consider how much money it saved.Collage of a Trolls themed birthday party

Do you have a little Trolls enthusiast that would love this party? 

Perhaps you have tried some of these ideas yourself? I would love for you to share your experiences below.

Let&#;s stay in touch. Did you love the Trolls themed birthday party? Sign up to the newsletter so you never miss our easy party, recipe and decoration ideas. You will also have access to a ton of free printable&#;s.

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Party Printable&#;s: Smart Party Planning

Trolls Cake: Sweet-Nes Cakes

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If you spend any time at all with children, then you probably already know: the Trollsmovie is still very much a thing right now. Ever since the movie hit theaters in , kids have been steadily obsessed with the wacky-haired creatures—and it doesn't look like that's easing up anytime soon. (Especially since the second Trolls movie, Trolls World Tour, is coming out in April of ) So basically, if your little one has yet to request a Trolls-themed birthday party, chances are, it's only a matter of time before they do. The good news? Thanks to the movie's colorful, happy nature, Trolls birthday party ideas are pretty easy to pull off. (Think: a rainbow color palette, but taken to the next level.) To help you prepare for the bash, we rounded up inspiration for everything you'll need to get the party started. You'll find invitations you can download and print from home, and decorations you can DIY or have delivered to your doorstep. Food-wise, since the movie naturally lends itself to sweets more than meal ideas (no complaints here!), we suggest focusing your efforts on building out an epic dessert table. Don't miss the tie-dye cheesecake and rainbow fudge ideas—they're like works of art! And if you do need to serve a meal? Well, you can never go wrong with pizza delivery!

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The Best Trolls Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a Trolls Birthday Party? We’ve got you covered with the best Trolls Party Ideas – Trolls party supplies, party favors, invitations, decorations, games, and more! We make your party planning easy peasy! 

Trolls Birthday Party Ideas

This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated when a purchase is made through these links.

Are you planning a Trolls birthday party? We’ve rounded up the very best Trolls party ideas to make your party planning simple! We’ve got everything from Trolls party supplies and favors to games and party food – just scroll through and choose your favorites for an easy-to-plan party!

Trolls Party Invitations

Every good party starts with the invitations…

These colorful Trolls Birthday Party Invitations from Bug & Bean Graphics are absolutely adorable and feature all of your favorite Trolls characters!

These peek-a-boo Poppy invitations from Mallory Hope Design are so cute!

If your party colors are more blue than pink, these Branch invitations from iDesign Printable might be perfect for you!

These watercolor Trolls party invitations from Paulaparalua are so pretty! It comes in a cute blue version, too!

Great Kids Birthday Parties has these fun and FREE editable Trolls party invitations available for download along with LOTS of other Trolls birthday party decorations!


Trolls Party Supplies & Decorations

Trolls party supplies and Trolls party decorations are not difficult to find, but there are SO many options to choose from that it can be overwhelming! We’ve narrowed it down to our top favorites to make things a little easier for you – many of these ideas you can DIY on your own, but I’ve also included links where you can purchase the decorations pre-made. Whatever works with your time and budget!

I love how MAKSCraftshop layered this cute Happy Birthday Banner over a wall of colorful crepe paper streamers for an eye-catching and inexpensive party backdrop! That paper flower at the top is adorable, too, but what about adding a BUNCH of flowers…

These gorgeous paper flowers from Paper Petals by Nena come in all shapes and colors and would make perfect party decorations! If you’d rather DIY your own paper flowers, check out this tutorial from my friend Jennifer at The Craft Patch.


Simple rainbow-colored decorations are perfect for a Trolls birthday party, and they can be re-used again and again for other party themes!

Rainbow Party Supplies are also a great choice!

You can coordinate your entire party theme with this easy-to-use Trolls Printable Party Kit from Oh Party Invitation! This kit has everything you need to decorate your party from invitations to decorations to treat bags and more!

This Trolls Party Supplies Pack is ready to go with plates, napkins, cups, balloons, and more!

This printable party pack from Party Hooray is perfect for a girl or a boy and features all of the most popular Trolls characters!



Trolls Party Food

A party isn’t a party without yummy food, and these are some of the cutest Trolls party food and dessert ideas we’ve seen!

Fondant cupcake toppers are the easiest way to take basic cupcakes from boring to awesome! These Trolls Cupcake Toppers from Cake Toppers by Maris are seriously incredible!

Pink Poppy Cookies by Sippy Cup Mom are easy to make and sure to wow your party guests!

These Flower Pretzel Bites from Two Sisters Crafting are almost too cute to eat…but they taste delicious!


Rainbow fudge…need I say more?! I love this bright and cheery version from Tastemade.

Of course, HEALTHY rainbow foods would be great for a Trolls birthday party as well, and these Rainbow Fruit Cups from My Frugal Adventures are perfect!

These Apple Fruit Donuts from Hello, Wonderful are another adorable (and healthier!) alternative to all of those sweet treats!


Trolls Party Games & Activities

Of course, your guests will want something fun to make or do at your party, so we’ve selected our top five favorite Trolls Party Games and Activities for you!

Play Pin the Nose on the Troll with this fun printable Trolls party game by Trustiti! If the bare booty isn’t your style, there’s also a Poppy version and a Branch version as well!

This Trolls Bingo Game by Luna Party Decor has THIRTY different cards, so there’s more than enough for your whole party crowd to play along!

This Rainbow Punch Pinata from Grey House Harbor would be perfect for kids of all ages – fill it up with some of the goodies from the next section – Trolls party favors!

Make Trolls Bracelets with this fun DIY kit! Each kit contains enough supplies to make eight bracelets.

Make DIY Trolls Headbands with the tutorial from DIY Inspired, or you can purchase these headbands pre-made from M and Emm Designs and just have the kids add the final flowers and embellishments.

Find lots of FREE Trolls Coloring Pages here for a fun and inexpensive party activity!

Trolls Party Favors

There are SO many awesome Trolls Party Favors that it’s hard to narrow down the choices, but these are our top favorites that are sure to be a huge hit!

Send your guests home with a goodie bag of Troll Hair Cotton Candy – one of the cutest and easiest party ideas ever! Get similar printable labels from Trustiti.

Make these adorable Troll Lollipops with the tutorial from The Keeper of the Cheerios – or you can purchase pre-made Troll Lollipops from Craftastic Paula.

These Grab ‘n’ Go Trolls Play Packs are the perfect all-in-one favor pack – each bag contains 4 crayons, 25 stickers, and a page mini coloring book.

I’m blown away by the level of detail in these Troll Cookies by Sweet by Natalie – it is incredible! 

Make Troll Pencils with this tutorial from or purchase Troll Pencils from


My kids and all of their friends LOVE Pez dispensers, so I know that these Trolls Pez Dispensers would be a huge hit at our party!

These fun Colorful Kids Jewelry Sets are a sweet and inexpensive party favor idea (that cost just over $1 per person!)!

And, of course, rainbow and flower-themed goodies are excellent choices as well!

Planning your Trolls birthday party is easy peasy with this ready-to-use Trolls party plan idea! Just choose your favorite ides from each category, and your party planning is done! Happy Trolls partying!

IN these Trolls Party Ideas for Later! 

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Trolls Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

It&#;s Hug Time! Get ready to party with Poppy and sing, dance, and hug the day away with these Trolls Birthday Party Ideas!

The trolls are led by their fearless pink leader Princess Poppy who believes the world is made of cupcakes and rainbows. Trolls love to dance, sing, and hug so make sure you leave lots of time for dancing, singing, and Hug Time at your Trolls themed party! Grab your karaoke machine, dust off that disco ball, and get the Trolls party started! Check out all my Trolls Birthday Party Ideas including easy rainbow food fit for a pink princess!

*post contains affiliate links. Amazon Prime members can take advantage of that free shipping too!

Trolls Birthday Party Ideas

I styled this party back in October for Birthday in a Box when the first &#;Trolls&#; movie came out and thought it was time to share all my Trolls Movie party ideas. If you haven&#;t seen &#;Trolls the World Tour&#; I highly recommend it because all of our favorites are back singing, dancing, and yes, hugging. We can&#;t decide which &#;Trolls&#; movie we love better because they are both so good and the music is so darn catchy!

This &#;Trolls&#; birthday party was styled with Princess Poppy in mind so it&#;s very girly and pink. It&#;s probably no surprise that Poppy, the preternaturally peppy and pink troll, is my favorite. Poppy also loves scrapbooking and glitter so I&#;m pretty sure we&#;d be best friends in real life. 

Trolls Party Invitation

Since every party begins with an invitation why not make it really stand out? Add some hot pink confetti to give it a little something extra when your guests open the envelope! 

Trolls Birthday Party Decorations

Rainbows are a big part of the movie which makes decorating even more fun. Attach sparkle balloons with matching streamers to a grass rug to create a stunning backdrop. 

Small balloon flowers can be made out of water balloons and attached to the backdrop and the table for added color and whimsy. If you can&#;t find water balloons you can also use giant paper flowers.

More Trolls Party Ideas

Keep your table simple with Trolls party supplies from places like Party City or Birthday in a Box.

Cups are great for holding crazy straws, napkins, favor bags, and treats.

Trolls Birthday Party Food Ideas

My favorite part of any party is the food. It was easy to go a little crazy with Trolls party food because there is so much you can do with rainbows! 

Rainbow Brownies

Rainbow brownies are surprisingly easy to put together. Want to know how to make these colorful brownies? Check out my post for the full tutorial. 

Rainbow Jell-O

Ever wondered how to make layered Jell-O? It&#;s not hard but it does take awhile. Once you see the looks on your little guests faces when they spy these rainbow Jell-O cups you&#;ll know it was totally worth it. Learn how to make perfect Jello layers with my easy to follow tutorial.

One of the best things about rainbow Jell-O cups is that you can create them in just about any colors you want!

Rainbow Cupcakes

Would you believe me if I told you these took me about 15 minutes to decorate two dozen cupcakes? Creating rainbow cupcakes is a lot easier than you think. All you need are bowls of different colored frosting, plastic wrap, and a frosting bag or plastic zipper bag. 

To make a rainbow swirl, create lines of frosting on a sheet of plastic wrap in the order you wish your rainbow to appear. For instance, here I did dark pink, light pink, yellow, green, then blue and repeated this one more time. Once your lines of frosting are done, roll the plastic wrap like a sausage, and twist the ends. Snip one end and drop it in a pastry bag or Ziploc bag then start decorating your cupcake. Finish with some edible glitter.

Rainbow Fruit Cups

Use fresh fruit to create a cup of rainbow color fruit. Some ideas for rainbow fruit cups snack mix include:

  • Red Fruit: raspberries, watermelon, strawberries, cherries, dried cranberries
  • Orange Fruit: oranges, cantaloupe, apricots, peaches, mango
  • Yellow Fruit: pineapple, yellow kiwi, pears, bananas, dragon fruit
  • Green Fruit: kiwi, green grapes, honeydew
  • Blue Fruit/Purple Fruit: blueberries, elderberries, grapes, blackberries, dried raisins, plums, currants

These should be prepared the day of the party if possible. If prepped too soon the juices from fruit will collect in the bottom of the cup and it just won&#;t look as fresh.

Custom Trolls Treats

I typically make almost all of the food for my parties because I love to cook and bake. I do however, know my limitations and that includes custom boutique cookies and cake pops. Luckily, I know some really talented people to call on to make me the perfect party treats.

My friend, Katherine, made these uh-mazing custom Trolls cookies for me and they are positively perfect! 

Creek, DJ Suki, and Branch cookies&#;

Princess Poppy, Biggie & Mr Dinkles, and Guy Diamond cookies&#;


Is this not the cutest box?! Charm Baked did such a great job with these cake pops! Which one is your favorite? Guy Diamond, Poppy, or Branch? I just love the expressions on Poppy and Branch!

Rainbow Slushies

I made these rainbow slushies for the kids but the day of the party I decided to go in another direction. What you don&#;t see from these photos is that it was raining buckets outside. This photo shoot was planned for my backyard. The day before we had gorgeous weather, the sun was shining, it was nice and warm, perfect shoot day conditions. As our friends arrived the sky opened up and ruined our outdoor plans. My friend and neighbor two doors down was kind enough to offer up her home because, unlike our house, she had great lighting. 

My friends helped carry the table, the food, and all the decorations down the street, in the rain. They were amazing. By the end of this photo shoot the girls were hopped up on sugar and completely over being photographed so I grabbed a bottle of champagne and poured it over the slushie cups. I had a jar of Fireball Whisky cherries that had been marinating for about a month so decided to throw that on their too. The straws I think came from the dollar store? Maybe? 

Cheers to awesome friends who helped pull this off!

Trolls Party Favors & Trolls Birthday Party Activities

Poppy really loves to scrapbook so creating a scrapbook is a great activity. If you have a portable printer like an HP Sprocket you can print pictures on the spot and give each child a picture to remember the day. 

Kids love crazy straws and they make great party favors.

Small bags of cotton candy are also great party favors&#;you can call them &#;Troll Hair Wigs&#; to stay in theme.

Give each guest their own &#;Hug Time&#; bracelet and necklace set. At certain times during the party call out, &#;Hug Time!&#;&#;it&#;s pretty cute and produces lots of giggles.

Hair chalking is also a really fun activity and one that the kids can do for each other. These five year olds were having lots of fun!

Poppy would approve.

Pinatas are always fun! If your guests don’t want to hit the piñata you can always choose the pulling string type. At this party in an effort to avoid any hurt feelings the girls were told to pull the strings at the same time. They loved this idea! No one knew who broke it and everyone ends up winning.

I hope you enjoyed my Trolls Birthday Party Ideas post!

Have you seen &#;Trolls&#;? Who is your favorite character? Tell me below!

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DIY TROLLS BIRTHDAY PARTY - Lacey's 3rd Birthday Celebration + Trolls Birthday Party Ideas!!

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