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Umm… I don’t know if anyone will care. But this is a question to any and all of my fanfic writers and more importantly readers. I wrote something for the first time in years. It’s super short like or more words.

But the thing is. When I wrote it I had a bunch of my ships (which I have a lot of) in mind. I can’t pick just one to post it for. So I was thinking maybe to post it under the 3 or so ships and shows that I can see this scene in. On AO3. That site I’m pretty sure allows that. (In the way of adding all the characters and shows or something like that.)

And the reader can pick who they want to see it for. I could even make it into a series or something.

I’m worried that would piss people off. It wouldn’t me. But I’m just happy to be able to write something again. Thoughts anyone.

I’ll add that it would be kinda like a chose your own adventure. Ship so to speak. It’s written with he and she used. So you’d pick who you’d want it to be about about of the tagged shows and ships. Or whoever really. I think it could work but I don’t know.

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Jackson and April Avery Haven

I still see certain April fans blaming Jackson for the therapy not working last season…

Here are my 2 cents about the situation. 

I think Jackson just wanted a sincere apology from April and her understanding of his pain when she abandoned him TWICE. Since April still refused to admit her errors and truly show compassion/understanding during the therapy sessions….what else could Jackson do? Continue to go to sessions and hear the same excuses? Therapy sessions weren’t going well because April still stuck to her own beliefs and refused to admit her mistakes…no point in therapy if the person refuses to own up. You can’t move forward unless you recognize the mistakes…

How was Jackson to know that April wasn’t going to abandon him again if he got back with her? Keep in mind, this is a man whose father had abandoned him. It’s a serious issue for him. It’s not something he can “gloss over” and forget. Abandonment by the person you love the most…nothing hurts more than that. 

I’m glad Japril are doing better this season…but I still believe that the writers made a mistake by never having April actually truly own up to leaving her husband…not once…but TWICE and the second time knowing that a divorce would happen. 

Jackson has no fault in this situation at all. If anything, he was there for April when they lost Samuel….holding her, comforting her…she was the one who didn’t “need” him at that time and chose to leave. (Yes, obviously, it’s understandable why she felt the need to leave)…but when you are in a marriage, you make decisions TOGETHER. You are not “single” anymore…you have a partner for life.

Jackson needs to feel like he has a partner for life who won’t abandon him when things go terribly wrong. In life, heartache and horrible things occur to people…and a real marriage can only work if both parties stick together and heal…not when one decides to go away for her own needs (even if we understand why she left…) 

Sorry but it still bugs me when April fans try to blame Jackson for this whole situation…

As a side note, Jesse/Sarah deserve BETTER writing than this BS. They are talented actors who shine…and the writers just keep letting them down with terrible writing material. Or basically NO screen time/focus. Japril is a hugely popular pairing…and they literally get a few seconds of scenes. You can’t have a pairing grow with no screen time…Or have an actual storyline if all they get is a few seconds…

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A little something for all you Japril fans…

Word count:


New beginnings.

They’re easy in movies. Fade in, fade out, next scene. But this was real. And she had Harriet to think of now. Sweet, tiny Harriet, who was babbling away in the back seat, eyes glistening in the morning sunlight. Her father’s eyes.

April loaded the last few boxes into the trunk and lowered herself into the driver’s seat. Her grip tightened on the steering wheel for a moment as she took a deep breath. This was real.

Matthew had made his choice, this was hers. Boston. Jackson. She was going back to him, but it didn’t feel like going backwards. Of course, she knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Nothing between them ever had been. But this felt right, and she had faith in their perfectly imperfect journey.


Thank you @justagirlinafandomworld for hosting this awesome challenge! x

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Jackson \u0026 April - their love story

I took out my cock and tilted it in. Front of the girl's face. She realized that I want, and gently slobbering him, took in her mouth.

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Everything is on fire there, but he hugs me and hugs me, and I do not break free, I already want to obey him. He starts to move, I start to moan. With his hand he begins to caress my clitoris, God, this sensation covers me. I no longer feel pain, I feel some kind of crazy sexual intoxication.

april \u0026 jackson ❖ falling [17x14]

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