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Sorority Big/Little Reveal Basket Ideas

Looking for the perfect gifts to give your little on big/little reveal or throughout reveal week? Look no further - I’ve got your back. Having gotten a little last year, I’ve experienced first hand the excitement and the stress that comes with planning the perfect reveal. Hopefully these cute big/little gift basket ideas will help you create the most memorable reveal. 

Shirts to Match Your Theme!

A must have in any big/little basket is of course matching shirts! Greek House has the cutest big/little shirts in our retail store! If your whole fam is getting shirts, we also have our design gallery where you can find the perfect big/little design or make your own!

Bid Little Reveal - DesignBig Little Reveal - Design

Big Little Reveal - Design Big Little Reveal - Design

Angel Energy Gift Basket!

This reveal theme is so popular right now and you could make adorable canvases and letters to match. Include pink lemonade, pink starbursts and angel energy big/little stickers to bring your basket together!


Big Little Reveal StickersBig Little Reveal Stickers

Baseball Caps!

Including matching big/little baseball caps in your little’s basket is perfect for not only a baseball themed reveal, but any theme! You and your little will get the cutest photos with these caps.

Big Little Baseball CapsBig Little Baseball Caps

Basket Checklist

1. Matching shirts!

2. Cute canvases

3. Personalized letters & paddle

4. Little's fave snacks & drinks

5. Stickers and other chapter merch!   

I hope you found inspiration for your upcoming big/little reveal basket! Big/little is so special and including these gifts in your little's basket will be sure to make them feel welcome and loved! Be sure to check out the Greek House Store for more items to include in your little's basket!



It's finally here- The Sorority Secrets Master List of BIG LITTLE REVEAL 2013! We couldn't have done it all without our loyal readers and followers so we want to thank you all for all of your submissions!

Big Little season is probably one of the most exciting times of the year besides Bid Day (we have a Master List for Bid Day themes too! Click here!) and we know that every chapter and school does their Big/Little  Reveal a little differently!  The Sorority Secrets is all about reuniting and helping one another with different and creative ideas so we thought we would create a Master List of Big/Little Reveals!  

Check out the following list of different reveals our amazing followers have submitted on what their chapter does for Big/Little Reveal! If you didn't get a chance to submit, feel free to comment below (add your sorority & school)!

1. Alpha Chi Omega at California State University of Fullerton 

"We have all the Littles line up along the walls of the house and then Bigs will come up behind them with crates full of goodies and their new letters on.  When the lights turn on, all of the Littles will turn around to see who their Big is!" - @stephanielaine 

2. Sigma Kappa at Florida Atlantic University

" Bigs will make large boxes that they can hide in and we go to the beach and form a heart out of the boxes for Sigma Kappa and to symbolize the Bigs' love for their Littles.  Littles will arrive and steps in front of their boxes and on the count of 3, Littles will open the boxes to find their new Big!" - @stacytally

3. Alpha Chi Omega at CMU

"We have all of the Bigs park their cars in a parking lot and all switch around who hides in them so you aren't hiding in your own car.  We decorate the cars, cover the windows, and play music and the Littles are given the car keys to find the car the key opens!" - @kalliezardus

4. Sigma Kappa at University of La Verne

"Littles go to a three story building with an elevator and went to a room full of balloons with the Littles' first names on them.  The Littles will then have to pop the balloons with their names and find a number inside of the balloons.  The Littles will then have to wait in order depending on their number they got to go down the elevator to find their Big!" - @miss_j_ro

5. N/A

"We give all of the Littles hair bows in different colors and have them stand with their backs to the Bigs.  Then the Bigs (sneakily) put the matching hair box in their own hair.  Then, we have the Littles turn around and find the matching hair bow on their new Big!" - @a_hunter_9

6. & 7. Alpha Gamma Delta at Indiana University

"At Alpha Gamma Delta- Beta Delta chapter, we've done two different reveals.  One reveal is that Bigs hide behind umbrellas and Littles enter one or two at a time.  Everyone counts down and then the Big undoes the umbrella!  The other reveal we do is we wrap up the Bigs in wrapping paper, then the Little enters the room and unwraps them!" - @oh_emdee

8. N/A

"All of the Bigs have a ball of yarn that they string throughout the house (the whole house looks like a web!).  The Littles are given the end of her yearn and they wind it all back up until they reach their Big!" - @oh_emdee

9. Chi Omega at Florida Gulf Coast University

"We have the Littles stand at a table and face a wall and unwrap a picture frame with their Big's picture in it.  Then the Littles turn around and her Big is standing right behind them!" - @jessthemess1308 

10. Kappa Alpha Theta at Purdue University

" We have the Bigs and their families hiding in cars in the parking lot.  The Bigs are usually hidden in the trunk!  The Littles will then get a car key and has to run and figure out which car their key goes to!  Once they find the car, they open the trunk to see who their Big is and everyone in her new family!" - @allie_haseley

11. Chi Omega at University of Central Florida 

"The Littles find a bag with their name on it and then close their eyes while the Bigs go next to their Littles and take pictures with them!  The Littles will then open their eyes to find their new Big and will find a picture frame in their bag to frame the picture right before the reveal!"

 - @leximeowritt

12. Gamma Phi Beta at University of California, Riverside

"The Delta Lambda Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta has all of the Littles wear crazy socks that match their Big.  They come into a room and there are blankets up and all you can see is the Bigs' feet (in the same socks).  You stand across from the matching socks and once everyone has found their matching pair, the blankets drop and their new Big is revealed!" - @sarahadassa

13. Phi Mu at University of Texas, San Antonio

"We decorate stools and line them all up.  The Bigs will hide while the Littles come out and find their stool.  Then the Bigs come out behind a sheet and on the count of 3, we drop the sheets and our Littles open their eyes to see us in front of them!" - @bee_onkaa

14. Kappa Delta at Virginia Tech

"We place cut out shapes in a big room.  The Littles are released to find their shape on the wall with their name.  They run around the house looking for the puzzle piece shape that fits the one in their hand on a door.  They have to knock and wait for a question, 'how badly do you want to come in?', they answer (most Littles scream) and the door opens and their Big is waiting on the other side!" - @katecashwell

15. Pi Beta Phi at Florida State University

"We have the Big get huge boxes and wrap them with wrapping paper and their Little's name on a tag and the Big sits inside of the boxes and have the Little open the boxes!" - @coolkidseatlemons

16. Alpha Chi Omega at Washington State University

"We do a Big Little week that leads up to reveal.  The day before reveal the Littles receive pajamas that will match their Bigs'.  On reveal their Big will wait in our formal with big blankets covering their bodies.  The Littles in their pajamas come up in waves of 5.  We count down to five and their Bigs correlating to the 5 Littles drop their blankets and run to one another in love!! We do this until everyone is revealed!" - @elikadianasudo

17. Alpha Phi at Towson University

"We have the Big and their family hiding in a car while the music is blasting in a parking lot.  The Littles do activities across campus and find different clues.  THe last clue leads them to the parking lot full of cars and has a certain song in the index card.  The Littles have to go pass the cars to try and find the car that is playing the song that matches their index card.  When the Little is approaching the car, the Big runs out!" - @chelsguagliardo

18. Sigma Kappa at Florida Atlantic University

"We always do our reveals on the beach and this past year we did a flash mob!  We made signs with our Little's name on it and they stood behind us.  We had a whole choreographed dance and at certain parts of the song, the Bigs would turn around and reveal themselves and run to their Littles.  It was a lot of fun and it was an easy choreography to learn!" - @kspector

19. Sigma Kappa at Cal Poly, Pomona

"We have our actives stand in a circle at our formal called Pearl Premiere and the new girls enter the circle with a candle and their Big will blow out their candle, maybe after a walk around the circle a couple of times!" - @alexxleann

20. Gamma Phi Beta at University of South Florida

"Our Littles have to pop three balloons to get the puzzle pieces with numbers on them, then they must find the gift bag with that number on it!  In the bag there will be socks waiting.  The Littles put on the socks and go around our sorority house to find a matching sock on the door!  The Big will be behind the door with one sock on!  The Little opens the door and voila, she found her Big! :)" - @mo0she_2336

21. Sigma Kappa at University of Arizona

"Our chapter puts balloons around the entire house and has the Littles lead around by Active Members to find all of their balloons.  Then they are lead outside with their balloons and walk around a circle that the Actives have made while the Actives sing one of our sisterhood songs.  And then slowly one by one Bigs start to pop out at their Littles and then the Littles let their balloons go!  Most of our families have a theme of some sort so the Littles receive a hat or animal ears or something that represents their family at that point and then PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!" - @aves444

22. Phi Mu at Penn State

"We decorate shoes to match our Littles and stand behind a BIG cardboard wall and they match their feet up to ours and then we drop the wall between us!  We also have done a candle pass in the dark and the sister who blows out the candle is your big and it's pitch black and then you turn on the lights to see who it is!" - @marisasimonee

23. Kappa Alpha Theta at Arizona State University

"We have an entire week dedicated to Big Little reveal!  A couple weeks before Big Little reveal week, the Littles are given a couple survey questions (their favorite candy, favorite colors, favorite patterns, etc.).  The week of the reveal on Monday through Thursday, the Littles go to the house everyday to pick up a different present everyday that has one clue per day on who their Big is.  On Friday, the Littles will go to their designated spot where their present usually is to find something to wear or put on (mask, crown, ears, etc.) that their Big left and they run around the house and go in each room until they find their Big!  After the reveal, each family usually goes out to dinner to celebrate their new member in their family!" - @jacquelinemeyer

Thank you to everyone who submitted!  Again, if your school is not on here- comment below with your sorority and school! 

**Submission may have been slightly changed due to clarification of each reveal.

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Big/Little Reveal Ideas

So Big/Little reveal is this Friday and I was wondering if anybody had any fun/cute ideas for how to reveal to my little that I'm her big! My chapter doesn't have a group method of doing it so people are free to do poems or songs or whatever they want (the cutest I've seen is someone making one of those stories with the candy bar wrappers in it). If anyone has some unique ideas, I would love to hear them! <3


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My favorite was when each big picked a different color of yarn - and made a real maze of yarn (think starting with the yarn in one place, then wrapped around door knobs, over and under the OTHER pieces of yarn, around furniture, etc.) Each little had to follow her yarn through the house to the end - where the bigs had the yarn end up at a bag filled with goodies and a card with the name of the big! You could do it all in one room, if need be. The whole scene was a sort of crazed Twister with the pledges going over and under each other and all the stuff in the room.

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Ok, this one is nuts, and I don't know if it'll make sense. Have the NMs line up with empty champagne (sparkling cider) glasses. Their bigs can decorate each one with the NMs name (paint pens!). Then all of the bigs take turns filling the glasses up with a little sparkling cider. The other chapter members can sing while they're doing it. When the big gets to her real little, she overflows the glass. So yeah, you find out who your big is when you have cider on your toes! It was crazy when we did it!


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Originally Posted by SWTXBelleView Post

My favorite was when each big picked a different color of yarn - and made a real maze of yarn (think starting with the yarn in one place, then wrapped around door knobs, over and under the OTHER pieces of yarn, around furniture, etc.) Each little had to follow her yarn through the house to the end - where the bigs had the yarn end up at a bag filled with goodies and a card with the name of the big! You could do it all in one room, if need be. The whole scene was a sort of crazed Twister with the pledges going over and under each other and all the stuff in the room.

We did that. It was wonderful.

I'm told it was stopped because it couldbe considered hazing. I disagree strongly with that assessment.

I also heard that with an 8-week pledge period, it's hard to get to know your little well enough to provide appropriate clue gifts or goodies.

It's still one of my favorite memories from collegiate days.
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I've heard one idea that I thought we could try this semester.

Have the Bigs stand at one end of a room or grassy area holding a candle. Have the Littles stand at the other with a match (lighter, etc.). Each little then crosses the room and lights the candle of the person who they think is their Big. If the match is correct, the candle stays lit. If the candle is blown out by the Big, the match was incorrect.

It seems like it might result in hurt feelings, but I've never seen it done before.

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Originally Posted by ECUJacobView Post

I've heard one idea that I thought we could try this semester.

Have the Bigs stand at one end of a room or grassy area holding a candle. Have the Littles stand at the other with a match (lighter, etc.). Each little then crosses the room and lights the candle of the person who they think is their Big. If the match is correct, the candle stays lit. If the candle is blown out by the Big, the match was incorrect.

It seems like it might result in hurt feelings, but I've never seen it done before.

I agreee...that could be cute but would be EXTREMELY tricky. We have, however, done a similar candle reveal that involved each NM passing a lit candle around the entire group seated in a circle. We would sing our candlelighting song and pass the candle until the Big blew it out.


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hey thats my sister! ^^ now, just imagine 3 floors of string and 60+ girls running around.. it got pretty intense.


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all of the pledges got a little box, inside was a pair of underwear. all of the active stood in front of the new girls and pulled down their pants for 2 seconds and they had to try to see whose underwear matched. Sounds kind of crazy but it was way fun!


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At my house, the Moms (I'm Gamma Phi, we've got Moms and Daughters...same thing really) get pajamas for their daughters, and then the pjs are delivered, and the Moms hide somewhere in the house. The daughters run around and find their moms, who are hiding, and whoever has the same pajamas is the mom. I get to do this in a few weeks...I can't wait to find my mommy!


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Originally Posted by SECdominationView Post
A friend of mine tried to explain how intense it was to follow a string around the house to find her big. I thought it was lame, until I saw this picture.
Wow, she is going to the wrong college. She's way too cute to be a gator.


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haha our chapter also does the string game!!! however we did it in one of the ed buildings on campus. so the string went through lecture halls, hallways, outside....Prettty intense! at the end of the string is your big and they have a present for you. As a little this game is sooo frustrating but worth it at the end! I cant wait for my little to have to do the same thing fall 08!

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Sorority BIG LITTLE Reveal! - Chi Omega at Baylor 2019

You just received the best news ever! You are officially the Big to your dream Little and you are bouncing off the walls with excitement! You’ve been preparing for this day for weeks and now you have to get serious because Reveal is only a little over a week away! Here are the five steps to planning the best Big/Little reveal possible!

Step 1: Plan Each Day

You know you are going to shower her with endless crafts, sorority gear, and love but what’s the best way to do it? When planning each day of spoils, I suggest you create a theme for each day. Every day should have an even amount of crafts, sweet treats, and sorority swag! Maybe even consider making each day of spoils better as the week goes on! Check out our Big/Little Week Gift Ideas post to read about our Big/Little week experiences and what we did to spoil our littles.

A-List’s Favorite Spoils Themes

  • Spa Day – Pamper your little with face masks, nail polish and lotion galore!
  • You Are My Sunshine Day – Spoil your Little with everything sunshine themed to brighten her day!
  • Movie night – Who doesn’t love cuddling with their best friends, snacking on popcorn and watching your favorite movies?! Surprise your Little with all the movie treats, a blanket with your letters on it and maybe even matching jammies with a promise to a girls night in!
  • Over the Top Sorority Pride Day – After all, this is her first few weeks being in a sorority so she is pumped to be showing off her chapter in every way possible! Spoil her with a pin box, sorority jewelry, water bottles, and wooden letters for her wall! Head on over to our Big/Little Gift Guide on to view our favorite sorority gifts for your new little.
  • Her Favorites – Fill her basket with her favorite snacks, colors, quotes, celebrity crushes, and goodies!

*Bonus Tip* Everything is more exciting when it’s a surprise! Trick your Little into thinking you are someone you aren’t with a few false clues! She’ll be confused but beyond excited when you finally reveal yourself.

Shop all your favorite Big/Little Week Gifts!

Step 2: Decide How

Some chapters have their Big/Little Reveal traditions, and others leave it up to the new Big to decide the best way to reveal herself to her little. Either way, you can tailor your reveal to make it the best surprise for your Little. Whether you jump out of a box or peep out of a curtain, be ready for your screaming Little to run full force at you with hugs and excitement! Sorority Sugar has compiled a list of the cutest reveal theme ideas, that you can read here for inspo!

Step 3: Include the Whole Family:

We all love close Greek families and the best way to keep the whole fam going strong is by including everyone in the spoils and reveal process. Ask your Big, Grand Big and even Great Grand Big to write a letter to your Little to put in her spoils basket and invite them all to the reveal! There is no better way to welcome your Little into the family than to have one big happy family reunion!

Step 4: Plan a Fun Outfit:

Grab your goofiest socks, make a tutu and order some shirts for your entire family to wear on the day of Reveal! Select an outfit that best matches your family’s personality and sport it around everywhere you go that day! We love all the food and movie character ideas this list has!

Step 5: Celebrate Afterwards:

You can officially take a break from all that crafting and finally celebrate the new addition to your Greek fam! Plan a day of activities to officially welcome your Little into the family! Today is the day to start or continue family traditions…whether it’s a mellow movie night, a spa day, or a day at the amusement park, family bonding is a must when ending one of the best weeks of you and your Little’s lives!Big & Little Ice Cream ShopNow that you’ve spoiled your little beyond belief and planned the best reveal, its time to start bonding with some family traditions! Check out our favorite Greek Family Traditions free printable and start making some memories!Get Your Free Printable

This entry was posted in Members Only: A blog for chics and Greeks alike. and tagged Big/Little, Reveal, Spoils.Sours:

Ideas reveal big little

Three girls posing together. The text overlay reads, "25 trendy big little reveal ideas"

Looking for Big Little Reveal ideas for 2021? Check out these 25 Big Lil Reveal ideas that are cute, creative, and trendy!

Big Little Reveal is the second best, if not best day, of your entire sorority life.

It’s a moment you’ll want a ton of photos and videos of to remember the day you got the sorority big or sorority little of your dreams.

However, planning a Big Little Reveal can be tricky!

There are so many different themes to choose from and with so little time to plan, you have to get yourself together and start planning literally the moment you get the call from your New Member Educator telling you who you got as a little.

If you or someone in your sorority family is in a Big Little Reveal idea rut, look no further. In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing with you 25 picture perfect Big Little Reveal ideas for 2021.

We’ll also discuss what Big Little Reveal is, how it works, and the different types of reveals that your sorority chapter may do.

These Big Lil Reveal ideas are sure to be a hit, make your littles’ Reveal night one for the history books, and your job as a new sorority big way easier.

Two women posing for a photo after Big Little Reveal. Text on image says, "sorority big little reveal ideas."

*This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing a product or service through an affiliate will earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you. Please read our Disclaimer Policyfor more information about the use of affiliate links on this site.

Big Little Reveal Ideas for 2021

If you’re looking for the perfect Big Little Reveal theme idea for your upcoming Reveal, look no further!

These 25 Big Little Reveal Ideas for 2021 are on-trend, insta-worthy, and sorority little approved. Many of these themes can also be adapted for an online or virtual sorority Big Little Reveals.

1. Harley-Davidson

For the sorority family that’s a little more edgy, a Harley-Davidson Big Little Reveal is perfect. Pair these Harley-Davidson Big Little shirts with ripped black jeans or a ripped dark wash denim skirt and you and your fam are ready to rock n’ roll.

2. Barbie

You don’t have to a California girl to put on a trendy Barbie Big Little Reveal. Pair these Barbie big little shirts with flare jeans and you’re good to good!

3. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is such a classic Big Little Reveal theme, but it is timeless and, honestly, who doesn’t love Meredith Grey?

You can easily create a box or a sheet using the quote from Derek Shepherd, “it’s a beautiful day to save lives,” and wear blue scrubs like these or wear Grey’s Anatomy inspired big little shirts like these.

4. Fuller House

Everyone can relate to having a dysfunctional, but loving family. Thats why Fuller House makes the a great Big Little Reveal idea. It’s super easy to implement too with these adorable shirts, a simple pair of jeans, shorts, or even a denim skirt, and hair scrunchies for 80’s and 90’s vibes all around.

5. Lightening Bolt

Add some spark to your big little relationship with a lightening bolt Big Little Reveal. This theme idea is perfect for sorority families who want to keep it chill, but on trend.

6. Angels

Whether it’s the classic angel reveal or a Victoria’s Secret Angels reveal, this is a classic Big Little Reveal idea you’ll see at least once in your sorority life. I personally did this reveal idea when I took my second Little, Little A and it was absolutely perfect!

7. Cowgirl/Western

This up and coming Big Little Reveal idea is great for sorority families with southern vibes. You can even get these custom sorority letter cowgirl hats for added flare.

8.Cheetah/Leopard Print

Animal print is coming back and it’s better than ever with leopard and cheetah print. If your sorority family wants to stay basic, but on-trend, simple sorority big little cheetah or leopard print shirts paired with jeans is perfect for the big Reveal.

9. Winnie the Pooh

Pooh and Piglet make the perfect duo! This Big Little Reveal theme is perfect for larger sorority families who want to dress up as the entire Hundred Acre Wood gang or even for sorority twins.

To easily recreate the Winnie the Pooh Big Little Reveal, you can get these Pooh and Piglet ears and then pair them with this shirt (for Pooh) and this shirt (for Piglet), but you’ll need to draw stripes on it with a black marker or paint.

If you have a large sorority fam, then you can get shirts for all the Winnie the Pooh characters on Etsy.

10. Butterfly

A simple, yet trendy Big Little Reveal is the butterfly theme. It’s easy to make theme idea as simple as you want with these butterfly t-shirts or go all out with costume butterfly wings.

11. Krisy Kreme

If your fam has a sweet tooth, why not do a Krispy Kreme Big Little Reveal? This reveal theme also makes the perfect excuse to go out for donuts right after reveal. Win-win am I right?

12. Girl Gang

Sororities usually promote the saying, “girls supporting girls.” And this is especially true when it comes to your sorority family aka your girl gang. So why not use it as a Big Little Reveal theme?

13. Space

Hopefully your sorority family rocks your world! A space, galaxy, or NASA Big Little Reveal is perfect for all the star struck additions to your sorority family. And if you are looking for greek letter NASA inspired reveal shirts, check out these ones on Etsy.

14. Gucci

The iconic Gucci design is trending as a Big Little Reveal theme idea and it’s perfect for the sorority fam who want to feel high-end on the day of Reveal.

15. Sporty

The sports team theme idea has been around awhile in the sorority Big Little world, but it is so versatile. You can get custom t-shirts like these, wear your university’s sports team jerseys, or pick a sports team jersey of you and your Little’s both like.

16. Cheetah Girls

The movie Cheetah Girls is Disney’s classic sisterhood movie and it’s the perfect throwback Big Little Reveal theme. Styling this Reveal is easy with colorful velour tracksuits like these from Amazon.

17. Oversize t-shirt reveal

If you want an excuse to be in total college girl comfort for Big Little reveal, then these blue oversized Big/Little t-shirts are perfect! And to spice up this reveal, you can make or buy flower crowns like these for a picture perfect fam photo!

18. Girl Scouts

Throwing it back to the good ol’ days in elementary school, you can give give your Girl Scout uniform a glow-up and make it into the sweetest Big Little Reveal theme. You can get simple green skirts from Amazon and pair it with a white t-shirt or crop top for Thin Mint vibes.

19. Hershey Kisses

This simple, but sweet Big Little Reveal idea is easy to pull off, but super trendy. You can easily pair a white shirt with these metallic blue shorts and easily make Hershey Kisses with some cardboard and paint.

20. Bratz

Bring your favorite Bratz Girls to life with a Bratz Big Little Reveal. You and your family can pair these Bratz sorority family shirts with simple bottoms (like light wash jeans, shorts, or a skirt).

21. Baseball

Getting the sorority Little (or Big) of your dreams is like hitting a home run. So having a sorority baseball theme is absolutely perfect! To make this reveal picture perfect, you can get these adorable baseball t-shirts, henleys, or go all the way with these jerseys.

22. Brandy Melville

The classic Brandy Melville Big Little theme is another go-to, trendy theme if you just don’t want to spend time scrolling through Instagram for ideas, but want a cute, Insta-worthy theme to show off your newest additions and your sorority fam.

23. Rock N’ Roll

If your sorority family loves classic rock music then this theme is such a great idea. You can even get a custom painted vinyl record to give to your little as a hint so she knows how to locate you at Reveal.

24. Christmas

Who said you couldn’t celebrate the holidays early? A Christmas Big Little Reveal is perfect for the sorority fams who can’t get enough of the holidays and want to celebrate the greatest gift of them all, their newest additions to the fam!

25. Ray of Sunshine

Hopefully the newest additions to your sorority family are your rays of sunshine. This theme is perfect for fams who always love keeping the vibes positive.

What is Big Little Reveal?

Big Little Reveal is an event where initiated sisters reveal their identity to the new member they got a a Little, or vice versa, an event where the new members learn the identity of their sorority bigs and officially get their sorority bigs.

It’s a huge party, kinda like a mix of Halloween and a family reunion, where girls dress up in costumes or cute matching outfits with their sorority fam and celebrate the newest additions to their sorority families.

And then, usually, after Big Little Reveal, each sorority family will go out an have dinner or have a slumber party.

If you’re still confused, check out this Big Little Reveal video on YouTube below.

Big Little Reveal 2020 at the University of Alabama, Madi Westbrooke on YouTube

When does Big Little Reveal happen?

Each sorority chapter will vary on when sorority Big Little Reveal happens, but generally it occurs a few weeks before Initiation.

If your sorority does recruitment twice a year (in the fall and in the spring) expect there to be two Big Little Reveal events as well.

Also, Big Little Reveal usually occurs later in the week or on the weekend and in the evening when most girls will be out of class (or have no class) and most likely able to attend this event.

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In my experience, my sorority chapter always had Big Little Reveal on a Thursday and it would last from 5 PM to around 8 PM depending on sisters’ and new members’ schedules.

However, your New Member Educator, or sorority sister with the equivalent title, will keep you up-to-date and informed on all things big and little, so make sure you attend your chapter meetings!

How does Big Little Reveal work?

Big Little Reveal is quite complex. There is a lot that a new sorority big needs to prepare for to welcome her new sorority little into the fam.

Planning the perfect Reveal includes, but is not limited to:

Planning for Big Little Reveal. What theme will you chose for your little’s reveal? Will your sorority family chose a collaborative theme or will each branch of the sorority fam do their own reveal theme?

Crafting Big Little Reveal materials. If your sorority chooses a sheet reveal, you’ll need to make time to paint a sheet or have another sister paint it for you.

If you have a box reveal, that’ll take time to source the right box to jump out of and decorate it too.

What about a car reveal? You’ll need to spend time planning and decorating your car trunk.

Putting together the perfect Reveal outfits. Depending on the Big Little Reveal idea you chose to go with, you’ll want to look the part, so it will take time finding and buying the right costumes or outfits for yourself, your sorority family, and most importantly, your sorority Little.

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Putting together a gift for your Little for the day of Big Little Reveal. Wondering what to get your little for Big Little Reveal?

It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as the gift baskets you already prepared for Big Little Week leading up to the day of Reveal, but you can make another gift basket if you’d like.

But honestly, it can be as simple as a cute picture frame with a photo you two took together or a gift card to Starbucks with a cute note.

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Choosing what to do as a fam after Reveal. This probably is the easiest thing you’ll need to decide on, but you gotta pick somewhere to eat or something to do after Reveal. Just calling it a night after the Big Lil Reveal isn’t enough.

You gotta make the night last and make memories, so be sure to pick a restaurant your family frequents or ask your new sorority little where she would like to go.

Alternatively, your sorority fam could have a sleep over. Or even better, both, dinner and a slumber party.

Once all the planning and prep work is done, Big Little Reveal works like this:

Sorority bigs and new members will be given a time and location for Big Little Reveal. The time will usually be in the early evening and the location for Reveal is usually somewhere on campus, like a large auditorium, classroom, or large field area.

New members will also be separated from the rest of the chapter until they are called to go out for their Reveal. My pledge class waited inside the business building of our campus.

Sorority bigs will be called at random to set up for Reveal. To ensure everyone is at Reveal and supporting one another, you will not (usually) know what time your Reveal will be at. However, this gives you the opportunity to help other sister with their Reveals.

You may be asked to hold other sisters Reveal sheets, act as a “fake” Big to trick a new member into thinking she got a random big, or taking photos or videos of Reveals.

Personally, I always did my Reveals last and while it stunk, it did give me tons of time to watch and support other girls getting their new littles.

Once you are called to do your Reveal you will set up and your Little will run or walk out to the Reveal location. When it is your turn to Reveal yourself to your little or littles, you will set up with your sorority fam and hide in your box, behind your sheet, in your car, or whatever it happens to be.

Then your little will be called out with other girls in your pledge class and they will line up in front of where you are hidden. But don’t worry you’ll give them, anonymously, a hint on the day of Reveal.

The hint will be a notecard or a gift related to the Reveal theme, so they know exactly where to go.

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The countdown begins. As soon as everyone is in place, the New Member Educator will start a count down, “5…4…3…2…1…” and on “1” every big will reveal themselves to their new, official sorority little.

There will be tons of hugs, photos, videos, and even some screaming and crying (of joy).

Types of Big Little Reveals

Although each soon-to-be sorority big will chose their own individual Big Little Reveal theme, the sorority as a whole will have a certain type of reveal that everyone uses as a template for their individual reveals.

For example, if the sorority chapter chooses a box reveal, all of the bigs will decorate large boxes related to their individual theme to jump out of on Big Little Reveal.

Each big little season, your New Member Educator will chose or run a poll with the soon-to-be sorority bigs of what type of reveal the sorority chapter will do as a whole.

Examples of types of Big Little Reveals (*links are to YouTube videos or posts on Reddit):

Concluding thoughts on Big Little Reveal Ideas for 2021

Big Little Reveal is one of the best days of ever, especially if you are a sorority big taking your first little or adding a new little to your existing sorority family.

However, choosing the perfect Big Little Reveal can be challenging and overwhelming. In this blog post, we covered 25 trendy Big Little Reveal ideas for 2021 and went over the process of how big little reveal works.

Hopefully from this blog post, you have gotten a ton of inspiration or an idea you want to take action on for your upcoming Big Little Reveal.

And whatever you end up choosing, I know you’ll pick a Reveal theme your sorority little and family will absolutely love and remember for years to come!

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These TikTok Ideas For Sorority Big Little Reveals Are Too Cute

Joining a sorority can feel like one exciting reveal after another. It starts with Bid Day when you find out which house you’ll be joining, and continues with the Big Little reveal when you’re finally given your pledge family. As a Big, you’re there to mentor your Little and welcome them in with arms wide open, which is why you may need some TikTok ideas for sorority Big Little reveals to really show your new sis how much you care.

For some sororities, the Big Little reveal is a week-long event. Leading up to the big day, surprise your sis with various gift baskets filled with their fave candy, a cute tote bag, and even some tees with their letters on them. On the final day, you’ll want to have a matching outfit planned so you can immediately take some family photos together after you’ve revealed yourself. Since everyone is trying to be as creative and unique as possible, it can be hard coming up with fresh ideas on your own.

Luckily, TikTok has so many Big Little reveal videos filled with ideas that’ll inspire you. There are even some adorable ideas for the exact moment you surprise your sis and reveal which Big they’re getting. Everything you need to prepare is right here with this list of eight Big Little reveals on TikTok.


These Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Themed Costumes

It’s easy to provide your sis with some matching tees to wear on Big Little reveal day, but TikToker @nannersrose took it one step further by providing her Little with a costume. It’s not just any costume, though, but something from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you’ve bonded with your sis over a movie you love, you might want to think of a themed group costume for your pledge family photo.


This Surprise Box Reveal

For the surprise part of the Big Little reveal, wrap up a cardboard box that you can pop out of. Use cute wrapping paper and bows to really make it look like a giant present. Just make sure the top is covered with something like tissue paper so it’s easy to break through and you don’t get stuck like TikToker @carsonroot4.

TikToker @kdcofc has rounded up some super cute pledge family themes that you and your Little can dress up as. For instance, there’s a Mean Girls theme with pink shirts (obvi) that say “I’m a Little duh” and “I’m a Big duh.” Just don’t forget the mouse ears. The Grey’s Anatomy theme is also super cute with matching scrubs and some “Pick me. Choose me. Love me” signs you can hold up.

If you need some inspo for what to put in your Little’s basket throughout the week, TikToker @thedeadbxch can help. Looking at all of the different baskets in this TikTok can give you ideas for snacks and goodies you may have totally forgotten about. There’s also some ideas on how to decorate your basket each day with fun garlands and pom-poms.


Poses For Your Pledge Family Photo

After your Big Little reveal, it’s time for a pledge family photoshoot. Take some inspiration from TikToker @xoxogossipgirl024’s video for cute pose ideas. If you’ve got a big family with a Little, Big, Grand Big (G-Big), and GG-Big, capture a plandid of you all walking hand in hand down the street. If your campus has a fountain or gorgeous quad, get a pic all together in front of that as well a shot featuring all your matching ‘fits.


Dua Lipa’s “Levitating”

Turn your Big Little reveal into a TikTok reveal by making a video together. Dua Lipa’s song “Levitating” is perfect for this. All you need to do is record your Little at the beginning, like TikToker For the lyrics “you want me,” record yourself lip syncing along, and when it’s time for the lyrics “I want you, baby,” that’s when you record yourselves together hugging.


The “Let’s Move Out” Trend

Another fun idea for a Big Little TikTok reveal is to use the “let’s move out” sound. It’s perfect for dorm room reveals and Big Little ones as well. Just record your Little’s room before, like TikToker @beccadipaolo, and close the door. After the explosion sound, open up the door to reveal how you’ve decorated it all with gift baskets and goodies.


This Cute Basket Delivery

Have your baskets hand-delivered each day in a special way. Recruit the help of some fraternity brothers to serenade your Little with each delivery, like TikToker @nikkik01 did. When they’re in class, you could also arrange to decorate their room with streamers and balloons to color-coordinate their basket. It’s the little details that will make your reveal stand out even more.


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40+ Big Little Reveal Themes

So you’ve survived your first Recruitment, your first full year as a sister, then Recruitment again and FINALLY it is your turn to get your own Little and continue on your family line. But you have the IMPORTANT task of picking a reveal theme! You want it to be funny, but cute for photos, inexpensive, but unique. 

Here are some Big/Little reveal themes to help you make your decision. 

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Now remember a Little should be regarded more of a “mentee” than a best friend. You are supposed to be mentoring and guiding the New Member/Sister with the adjustments of sorority life, college and all the above. 

Think of a Little as a Roommate. It is better to be Roommates (or big/little), than best friends. Because what if you get in a huge fight with them? You still have to see them at all family and sorority function (it’s like a roommate, you can’t ignore them if you’re always with them…). 

I know people who are best friends with their sorority family and others who only hang out with them during sorority events. 

At the same time it is  also okay to get a random person, you never know how it’ll end up. 

Also if you get a sister that wasn’t your number one, 1) don’t be rude to that girl and 2) you can still be friends with the original girl you wanted. There is no rule saying you CAN’T friends with other New Members. 

Checkout Pinterest for inspiration. I have a whole board dedicated to Big/Little Themes.

  • Number of people in your family -play with numbers and maybe you can take characters/roles 
    • Is it just you and your little? Gbig?  
    • Do you have to consider a “cousin” or “aunt”?
  • Timing -are you going to just buy a large T-shirt and hope it fits her, or are you going to wait until you know who it is and wait to order the shirt before hand 
  • Movie/TV characters 
  • Profession -you all can be the same “profession” 
  • Objects/Things in Nature -They can mix and match 
  • Or you can just have Big/Little shirts that have a cute font, and not actually have a “character” 

Anothing thing to be considered is BUDGET. Very important. Most of the time the Big is just giving the Little the shirt and tell them (through a note on her last gift day, or a message on her fake Insta/Facebook) to wear something specifically like black spandex and converse, or blue jeans and riding boots. However, I have known girls who have given their Littles a full outfit to wear to reveal. So it’s all up to you. (Also, if you have family members, be considerate if they have a budget to work with too. Unless of course you’re paying for everything…). 

DIY crafts and Etsy are every sorority girl’s best friend! 

Note: Some photos that I’ll share are just “Halloween” costumes and don’t even say “Big/Little” on them, HOWEVER, you can use that as inspiration and make it more Big/Little appropriate (since Halloween costumes tend to be a bit scandalous) 

Movie/TV Characters/ Famous Groups 

You’re All the Same “Thing” 

Just Big/Little 

Themes By the Numbers 

2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People 
Big and Little Dipper Power Puff Girls Cheetah Girls Spice Girls 
Mario and Luigi Alvin and the chipmunks Mean Girls Inside Out Feelings
Pooh and Piglet Sully, Mike, and BooSeasons 
Spongebob and Patrick Cosmo, Wanda, PoofElements 
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy3 Blind Mice 
Thing 1+2Hocus Pocus 
Salt and Pepper Donna and the  Dynamos 
Peanut Butter and Jelly Incredibles 
Woody and Buzz Marvin, Dory, Nemo 
Lilo and stitch 

General Themes: 

  • Lifeguards
  • Angels  
  • Sailors 
  • Mermaids 
  • “Friends” 
  • “Holes” 
  • Barbie 
  • Slumber Party 
  • Space Theme 
  • Adidas
  • Kardashians 
  • Flowers 
  • Winnie the Pooh 
  • Spongebob 
  • Astro World 
  • Camo
  • Cow Bells 
  • Fruit 
  • McDonald’s
  • Bachelor’s 
  • Taco Bell sauce 
  • Power Rangers 
  • Flappers/ Gatsby 
  • Minions
  • Witches 
  • Grease 
  • Superheros 
  • Disney Princesses 
  • Beanie Babies 
  • “The Parent Trap” 
  • Bee’s and Bee Keepers 
  • The Seven Dwarves

Regardless of the theme, I’m sure it will be AMAZING and you’ll get tons of cute photos together. 

Happy Big/Little Season! 

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