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Customizing the Camera

Built-In Settings¶

Common camera settings can be configured directly within Roblox Studio:

  1. In the Explorer window, select the StarterPlayer object.

  2. In the Properties window, scroll down to locate the Camera section. Using these options, you can easily configure your game’s camera.

Zoom Distance¶

Together, CameraMaxZoomDistance and CameraMinZoomDistance set the span in which players can zoom the camera in respect to their player character. Setting a very high maximum like will let players zoom the camera far out in space.

If you want to lock the camera to a specific distance away from the player, set both of these properties to the same value.

Camera Mode¶

The CameraMode property sets the overall behavior of the camera:

Setting Description

Classic The classic Roblox camera which allows players to zoom in and out (unless zoom is locked) and rotate the camera around the player.

LockFirstPerson Locks the camera to first-person mode. When in this mode, all parts/elements of the player’s character are invisible to them, except for equipped .

Occlusion Mode¶

The DevCameraOcclusionMode property controls camera behavior when the player cannot see their character:

Setting Description

Zoom If the player’s character moves behind an object with lower than , the camera zooms in very close to the character so that he/she can be seen. Once the character moves back into a viewable position, the camera zooms back out.

Invisicam If the character moves behind an object (opaque or transparent), the camera remains in position but the object becomes semi-transparent so that the character can be seen. Once the character moves back into a viewable position, the object returns to its normal opacity.

Uh oh! Your browser doesn’t appear to support embedded videos! Here is a direct link to the video instead.

Movement Mode¶

The DevComputerCameraMovementMode (computer) and DevTouchCameraMovementMode (phone/tablet) determine how the player can move the camera around.

Setting Description

Classic The camera remains at its zoom distance between the player’s view and their character, tracking the character as it moves around the world. The camera can also be pitched up/down and rotated in an orbit around the character.

Follow Similar to “Classic” but the camera will rotate to face the player’s character if it’s moving in any direction that isn’t parallel to the direction the camera is facing.

Orbital The camera remains at its zoom distance and tracks the character as it moves around the world. It can be rotated in an orbit around the character, but it can not be pitched up/down.

UserChoice Allows players to choose their desired camera movement mode from the in-game Settings menu. Note that “Orbital” is not an option through the menu.

Full Customization¶

If you prefer to script your own camera system, see the related articles below for guidance.

***Roblox官方链接:Customizing the Camera

roblox shift lock not working

Roblox’s camera angles definitely aren’t its specialty, which is something that pretty much everyone will agree with. The camera feels a bit clunky at times, which is actually quite frustrating when you’re playing a few specific games. To get rid of this issue, Roblox offers all of its desktop players the option to enable shift mode.

Shift mode is a handy little feature that basically allows you to enjoy the game through a perfect third-person camera angle that doesn’t feel clunky or slow. If you’re trying to play Roblox using shift mode but it won’t fully activate, here’s what you need to be doing.

How To Fix Roblox Shift Lock Not Working

  1. Game Compatibility

The first thing that you absolutely have to make sure of before you begin your troubleshooting regarding this issue is that the game you’re playing has support for shift mode. There are many cases in which creators tend to block off shift mode because it ruins the experience that said creators are trying to provide with their Roblox games.

It could be that you’ve just started playing a Roblox game that doesn’t support shift mode. Try to check if it is still working with other games. If it is working with others, then you know that this is the issue. However, if it works with no game at all, then you should move on to the solutions below.

  1. Change Movement Mode

Make sure that the movement mode on your Roblox account is set to mouse + keyboard. This is vital if you’re trying to get shift mode to work, as this is the only movement mode in which the feature works properly without any issue. This can be changed through the settings of the game, and you should do it immediately if you’re trying to get shift lock to work.

Once the movement mode has been changed successfully, you should try checking if the shift lock is working or not by stepping into a game. If it is working now, there’s no need to further worry about the issue. However, if even this wasn’t enough, then it is recommended that you revisit the first solution or take a look at the next one.

  1. Change Camera Mode

You can also try changing the camera mode by default, which will allow you to get the shift lock to work again and keep the camera in one place while you try to play Roblox. There are two main different modes. One is the original classic mode, which keeps the camera in one place unless manually adjusted. The other is the follow mode which drags the camera with your character, following players with every turn that they make.

Switch it back to classic, even if that isn’t your preferred option. Once you switch it back to classic, try to use shift lock once again to toggle between both modes and check if shift lock works again. This should be more than enough to get the feature working again.

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I made a handy resource for Roblox developers to support &#;Mouse Lock&#; (aka &#;Shift Lock&#;) mode in their games for mobile players!


Also consider getting the Model from the Roblox website so it&#;s available in Studio&#;s toolbox and on your Roblox account!

View this post on the Roblox Developer Forum instead →

What is mouse lock (shift lock)?

Ozzypig running into the sunset, with shift lock enabled. The cursor is visible just to the right of his head.

This handy feature faces your character in the direction your camera is facing, and is highly useful in with melee combat and role-play games. Roblox players who have used the mobile app have probably noticed that the &#;mouse lock&#; or &#;shift lock&#; doesn&#;t exist on touch-enabled devices by default. It gives the player far better control over the direction their character is facing than the keyboard or on-screen joystick.

Unfortunately, this great feature is unavailable by default on mobile Roblox. I may not be able to change that, but I can provide fellow Roblox developers with this nice little package which enables them to add it to their games and experiences!

Want your favorite Roblox game to support mobile shift lock? Send them this post! I&#;ve made this pack super straightforward to install.

What&#;s in the box?

  1. A replacement PlayerModuleLoaderLocalScript for placing in StarterPlayerScripts. This overrides the one Roblox inserts by default with one that does some fiddling before it loads the entire PlayerModule.
  2. An imitation TopBar ScreenGui containing a button that toggles the lock mode. If you don&#;t want it, you can make your own button using the code in it! It&#;s just an example that I built to look nice with Roblox&#;s default UI.
  3. An &#;INSTRUCTIONS&#; ModuleScript for those who need the nitty-gritty.

How to enable shift lock

  1. First, insert the object into your place
    • After getting the model from the Roblox website, open the Toolbox and insert it, OR
    • Drag the downloaded model file in your filesystem onto Roblox Studio
  2. Move the PlayerModuleLoader LocalScript into StarterPlayer → StarterPlayerScripts.
  3. Put the MouseLockToggle ScreenGui inside StarterGui.
  4. Stash the original folder with the INSTRUCTIONS in ServerStorage you can find it again, just in case.
  5. That&#;s it! Test it out by turning on Studio&#;s device emulator, select a touch device and press play. You should be able to click the button to toggle mouse lock like in the video.

But how?

Lines of code from the CameraModule which limit developer access to the API

This was made possible by EgoMoose&#;s CameraModule API Public Override. It&#;s an interesting injection trick which fiddles with a part of the camera portion of the PlayerModule, which is normally locked down by the FFlag (see above). But, by using some really clever Lua environment injection via the , the is essentially tricked into thinking the flag isn&#;t set. Therefore, it exposes the object to the developer without needing to fork the entire PlayerModule system. Genius!

Lines of code which initialize the MouseLockController only if on a non-TouchEnabled device

Moreover, I noticed that the constructor for the simply didn&#;t construct a object when running on non- devices (see above). I added a small bit to the loader script that creates it manually if it got skipped over by the default code. The end result: it works exactly the same now.

Some Fine Print

  • This will probably work for a while, though changes Roblox makes to the camera and mouse-lock parts of the PlayerModule may break or cause issues.
  • I’m not liable if you break your game with this &#; no warranties included :–)
  • Perhaps in the future Roblox will have formal support for mouse/shift lock for touch &#; it’s up to you to know whether or not that has happened yet. Search #updates:announcements on the DevForum  just in case.
  • I’m also probably not going to provide support or updates for this. But, you’ve got the wonderfully talented DevForum community is at your fingertips and can help you solve your problems.


Here&#;s that download button again in case you don&#;t want to scroll up all the way:


That&#;s all folks! Hopefully this helps Roblox developers add a well-loved feature to their games.

&#; Ozzypig

Advanced Roblox Scripting Tutorial #28 - Camera Manipulation (Beginner to Pro 2020)

ROBLOX Camera Lock-on causes spinning

The camera spinning when on top of the entity's head could be because you're trying to reach a point that you're vertically on top of.

To help you imagine this, visualize if you were trying to use a compass that points towards the north pole to reach the north pole, and you can only walk in the direction the compass is pointing. Once you got near the north pole, the compass would point towards it. But, if you kept walking forwards, eventually you'd walk OVER the north pole and pass over it. Then the compass would spin around and point backwards, so you'd walk backwards. Eventually you'd walk over top of it again and the compass would flip around again.

Eventually you'd get to a point where you're going back and forth over top of it very fast but you never get QUITE directly over top of it. Because the compass always points towards the north pole, you would see the compass spinning around very quickly because you're moving around it very quickly very close to it, but never exactly over top. The closer you get, the smaller movements make a bigger impact on the direction of the compass.

I think this is what's happening, where the camera is locked onto the target and the player is walking forwards. Once you get ON TOP of the target, the camera tries to keep pointing towards the target, but since you're so close, you pass back and forth over the point on the target the camera is pointing to and it whips around trying to point to it.

Maybe you could insert a check like this:

The distance is up to you to determine but the general idea is that if you get close enough to the target that the camera starts whipping all around, it will stop tracking and function normally. Alternatively, if the issue only occurs when ABOVE the target, then try including another condition to check if the player is directly above the target and to stop tracking then.

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How to lock camera roblox

Roblox is a fun game that can be played on both PCs and mobile devices such as iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, and Mac OS X. On this website, you may play a variety of games. Everything you&#;re seeking for in terms of thrill and pleasure may be found right here.

Roblox is a popular online game platform for users of all ages. We are confident that if you are looking for a specific sort of game, you will find it on Roblox.

It&#;s a dream come true to be a member of Roblox&#;s enormous design community. Robux allows you to obtain a broad variety of things for free or at a low cost. The number of alternative outcomes appears to expand after a few games.

It’s no wonder that Roblox offers so many different game genres. On Roblox, users may also play a variety of games including action simulationshorroradventuresracingshooting games.

Whatever game you like, the Roblox network is bound to have it. There are almost too many Roblox games to list, especially given how quickly new ones are launched.

Roblox is the most popular gaming and playing platform among teens, with more than half of all Roblox users under the age of 16 in the United States.

Shift mode is a useful little feature that allows you to experience the game through a great third-person camera viewpoint that isn&#;t cumbersome or sluggish. If you&#;re attempting to play Roblox in shift mode but it&#;s not working properly, here&#;s what you need to do. Here is How to shift lock on Roblox PC/ Mobile. So, without any further ado, let&#;s get started.

How to shift lock on Roblox

Shift Lock is a Roblox client feature that allows players to lock the camera&#;s perspective with the player&#;s movement in a 3rd person perspective by pressing the shift key. In other words, the player will be in the third person and move in the first person. It is only available on PCs, Macs, and other computers.

This may be particularly handy for complex techniques like obbies or sword fighting tournaments. However, in the case of BrickBattles, it has garnered mixed reviews because some players think it is less genuine to play with than the unlocked camera mode.

Developers can deactivate the function in their own areas, which results in the notice &#;Set By Developer&#; appearing in Roblox&#;s in-game options menu.

Some games have a shift lock button that has been written specifically for mobile players. Tower of Hell is one of the games that have this, as are most of the difficulty chart obby games.

  • STEP 1 &#; Use the RunService

Let&#;s get started on the script; the following code will center the mouse. We make use of RunService. RenderStepped to execute it every frame to keep the mouse in the center.

  • STEP 2 &#; Take the camera above

Now that we&#;ve centered the mouse, we want the camera to be a little above and to the right of the character, similar to the Shift-Lock effect. Humanoid is used for this. CameraOffset. It will shift the camera away from the Humanoid.

  • STEP 3 &#; Don&#;t use MouseBehavior for shift lock

Finally, and most critically, *the camera is not pointing in the direction of the mouse. This, as far as I can tell, is why most users don&#;t use MouseBehavior to force-enable shift lock.

  • STEP 4 &#; Add a BodyGyro

However, the answer is pretty simple: simply add a BodyGyro that will rotate the Character in relation to the mouse. The character will be forced to confront the Mouse Direction as a result of this.

  • STEP 5 &#; You can now turn on/off Shift lock

When you hit the play button, you should be in the “Shift lock mode” that we established. To turn it off, simply press shift lock(false).

Fix: Roblox shift lock not working

Roblox&#;s camera angles are clearly not its expertise, as almost everyone will agree. The camera may be a little awkward at times, which can be rather irritating when playing a few particular games. To address this issue, Roblox provides all desktop players with the option to enable shift lock mode.

  • STEP 1 &#; Check game compatibility

The first thing you must ensure before further with your debugging of this issue is that the game you are playing supports shift mode. Many times, designers will disable shift mode since it spoils the experience that said creators are attempting to offer with their Roblox games.

  • STEP 2 &#; Check other games for shift lock issue

It&#;s possible that you&#;ve recently begun playing a Roblox game that doesn&#;t support shift mode. Check to see if it still works with other games. Working with others indicates that this is the problem. If it works with no game at all, you should go to the solutions below.

  • STEP 3 &#; Try changing the camera movement setting

Make sure your Roblox account&#;s movement mode is set to mouse + keyboard. This is critical if you&#;re attempting to get shift mode to function, as it&#;s the only movement mode in which the feature works flawlessly. This can be adjusted in the game&#;s options, and you should do it right away if you&#;re attempting to get shift lock to function.

  • STEP 4 &#; Recheck the game after settings are changed

After successfully changing the movement mode, you should attempt stepping into a game to see if the shift lock is functioning or not. There&#;s no reason to be concerned about the problem if it&#;s functioning now. If this isn&#;t enough, it&#;s advised that you go back to the original solution or look at the following one.

  • STEP 5 &#; Try changing your camera mode

You can also try changing the camera mode to default, which will allow you to reactivate the shift lock and keep the camera in one place while playing Roblox. There are two distinct modes. The first is the original classic mode, which locks the camera in position unless manually modified.

The other option is the follow mode, which drags the camera along with your avatar, following players with each turn they make.

  • STEP 5 &#; Change the option back to classic

Even if it isn&#;t your favorite option, change it back to classic. When you return it to traditional mode, try using shift lock to toggle between the two styles again and see if shift lock works again. This should be more than enough to reactivate the feature.

How to use shift lock on Roblox mobile

  • STEP 1 &#; Gon into the player scripts

First, go into the game in-studio, then into your player, and last into Player Scripts. Player Module can be found. You must duplicate that.

  • STEP 2 &#; Copy to directory game

Finish that test session and copy it into this directory game.

  • STEP 3 &#; Follow the tutorial for the scripts

StarterPlayer. You may alternatively follow the method of the Other Tutorial with StarterPlayerScripts (At The Bottom of this tutorial)

  • STEP 4 &#; Add scripts to create a leaderboard

Next, we&#;ll create a leaderboard-style script that will determine if the Shift lock should be turned on or off. When a player joins, this script adds a bool value. Place the script in the Server Script Services folder.

  • STEP 5  &#; Create ScreenGui

The next step is to create a ScreenGui with a TextButton within. Also, within the Text Button, put a Script.

  • STEP 6 &#; Script will detect the touch screen

If they have a touch screen, the script will detect it and activate the shift lock when the button is pressed.

  • STEP 7 &#; Check if the value is true or false

Finally, go to the Camera Module in the Player Module, scroll down to line , and click enter. Type this line, which will update every so often (We believe per frame), and if the value is true, shift lock will be enabled, else it will be disabled.


1. How to use shift lock on Roblox

Shift lock is a great feature in Roblox where each player may lock the camera such that the main player becomes the third player and the third player becomes the main player.

When you start hitting the Shift key, this function will activate, and you may do it on a PC, computer, or even a mobile device. Of course, this will make moving the character you&#;re using simpler.

First, launch Roblox on your computer. Then, once within the game, select the three-line menu in the upper left corner.

After that, go to Settings. Then, in the Shift Lock Switch section, toggle shift lock to ON. The shift lock technique in Roblox PC has then been completed successfully.

2. How to shift lock on Roblox mobile

Shift lock may be activated in Roblox mobile as well as on Roblox PC. Open the Roblox game and log in.

Then display the vehicle, which might be a car or a motorbike. Then, on your Roblox, magnify the camera. Get aboard the car if you&#;ve zoomed in.

You can then exit the vehicle immediately. The shift lock technique in Roblox mobile has now been completed.

That’s all for today’s guide on How to shift lock on Roblox PC/ Mobile. Do check out all the sections and know you should know how to enable shift lock in Roblox. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage

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