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Spilled food, chemical spills, greasy equipment, coffee stains, and muddy footwear are just a handful of things you need to worry about when it comes to tarnishing your factory installed carpets. Protect your upholstery with a set of floor mats and you'll be able to contain stains and spills while preserving the value of your vehicle. There are several styles of floor mats and floor liners available in multiple colors and finishes, such as: Custom Molded Floor Mats: Better known as floor liners, these are custom fit for your vehicle. They’re easy to install and offer the best fit of all the floor liners you’ll find. Custom-molded floor mats are usually made of a rubber or elastomeric material that can even withstand harsh chemicals like oil and battery acid. Carpet Floor Mats: If you’re looking for maximum protection, but with a softer feel, then carpet floor liners are what you’re looking for. Available in custom fit and universal, there are over 20 models from which to choose. Carpet floor mats are perfect for keeping your floors clean without having to sacrifice comfort. Cargo Liners: Anyone who has ever had something break or spill open in their truck bed should know what a lifesaver cargo liners can be. As the name implies, cargo liners slide into the cargo area of your car, van, SUV, or CUV, keeping spills and stains off of your upholstery.

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With the ever-increasing popularity of the mini-van, the big van sometimes gets overlooked.

This doesn't mean the big van is on the skids. For carrying lots of people, lots of cargo, or towing a large load it has no substitute.

This week's test vehicle is the Dodge B Ram Wagon with inch wheelbase (supplied by Rothrock Motors, 15th Street and Route 22), the middle- size vehicle in the lineup. It has an overall length of inches, width of inches, height of inches and curb weight of 4, pounds.

Since the Ram Wagon is basically a box, interior room is cavernous. From the driver's seat back, the interior measures inches long, inches wide and inches high. Load space totals cubic feet.

The test vehicle had seating for eight - two individual seats up front and middle and rear seats - and still had more than cubic feet behind the last seat.

It also had lots of doors to open. The big sliding side door on the right allows passengers to enter and exit with some dignity, and the large swing-out door in the rear provides a wide opening for loading and unloading large objects. The driver and front seat passenger do have a high and somewhat awkward climb over the front wheel well, but that's typical of full-size vans and even some minis.

Once in and seated, everyone should be happy with the stretch-out space. The high ceiling, large window area and overall openness of the interior add to the feeling of spaciousness. To all of this add a smooth ride from the long wheelbase and it's easy to see that it could be a great way to go on long trips.

The Ram Wagon test vehicle was not a difficult vehicle to drive. Because of the long wheelbase, the vehicle has to be driven around corners, not cut through them. The driver has to use all three mirrors for maneuvering and parking. The parking will take a little practice.

The high seating position, large glass area and the mirrors give a driver a good command of the road. The suspension is simple - coil springs up front, leaf springs in the rear - and provides decent handling, actually better than one would expect from this type of vehicle. It's not a sport sedan, but how many sport sedans carry this many people and this much cargo?

Two options on the test vehicle, which I would recommend for any Dodge Ram van or wagon, are the fuel-injected liter V-8 engine and the four-speed automatic overdrive transmission. This powertrain combination provides good power throughout the entire driving range and decent fuel mileage, at least for a large van.

The engine is really the venerable V To many, it's one of the best, if not the best, engines ever produced for the money. The , which has powered millions of Chrysler Corp. vehicles, is rugged, reliable and long living. It does require a little attention - such as checking the oil every now and then - but has been known to thrive on benign neglect.

The fuel-injected version of the was introduced just last year. Like all preceding versions, it runs great. The fuel-injection features a low- pressure single-point system that Dodge claims varies from previous low- pressure single-point fuel-injection systems used in passenger cars by employing a throttle body with two bores, with separate injector for each bore. A percent increase in throttle area provided by the throttle body, new roller-tappets and revised valve timing increase power output 20 percent over the two-barrel version.

The engine is rated at horsepower at 4, rpm and foot pounds torque at 2, rpm. As big as the Ram Wagon is, those rear tires will spin when the accelerator is kicked to the floor.

The impressive four-speed automatic transmission became available during the model year as an option for the The overdrive unit will, of course, provide better highway economy and reduce engine noise. It also features a lockup torque converter and manual fourth gear lockout. The lockout shifts the vehicle from fourth to third when a little extra power is needed (such as climbing a steep grade or passing) by simply pushing a button on the instrument panel. An instrument panel light indicates when overdrive is in the locked-out position.

Fuel mileage for the test vehicle averaged 15 miles per gallon on the highway and 9 mpg in the city. The vehicle was new, so mileage could possibly improve a little. Unleaded regular can be used, and with its gallon fuel tank, the Ram Wagon goes a long way between pump stops.

The standard powertrain for the vehicle is a liter/cubic-inch V-6, rated at horsepower at 4, rpm and foot pounds torque at 2, rpm and a five-speed manual transmission. (This engine is really the minus two cylinders.) A three-speed automatic is available as an option.

For all it offers, the B Ram Wagon is reasonably priced. The base is $14, and includes a whole bunch of standard equipment: power brakes, steel- belted radials, AM Stereo/FM Stereo with clock, five-passenger seating, automatic transmission, tinted glass, bright 5x7 dual mirrors, 75 amp alternator, stainless steel exhaust system and power steering.

With a destination charge of $, full price on the test vehicle came to $20, Options included: Royal S.E. Decor Package, $1,; eight-passenger seating package, $; four-speed automatic transmission, $; V-8, $; air conditioning, $; upgraded radio, $; upgraded tires, $93; aluminum road wheels, $, and two-tone paint, $

The vehicle is backed by Chrysler's 7-year, 70,mile limited powertrain warranty and corrosion protection against outer body panel rust perforation.

Sours: https://www.mcall.com/news/mc-xpmstory.html
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If you spend any time on the Instagram photo-based social media platform, you may have come across one of the numerous accounts run by adventurous souls who have traded many of their worldly possessions -- including a fixed address -- for a camper van in which they travel the continent, stopping only to visit friends and see the sights.

Most people who have adopted the van lifestyle do so in relatively modern vans like Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, a version of which Dodge sold for a short time, when Chrysler and Benz were tied up in an ill-fated merger. Our latest Find of the Week hearkens back to a simpler time for Chrysler and its venerable full-size vans, as we take a look at a compelling candidate for anyone looking to hit the road, either permanently or part-time.

The van in question is a Dodge B in extended-wheelbase form that has been subjected to what appears to be a quality camper conversion, for sale in the nation's capital with nearly unbelievably low mileage for a vehicle intended to be used for getting the heck out of, um, Dodge.

In the description, the seller says he and his wife have put about 5, km on the van, with the five-digit odometer showing a total of 63, km. Naturally, that leaves room for a fair bit of ambiguity as to whether the total is actually ,, but the seller says the pre-purchase inspection he had done before he bought the van suggested that what you see is what you get.

Our seller also suggests that in his time with the L (or cubic inch) V8-powered van, its fuel consumption has averaged " km per gallon." Given the van's metric gauges and the seller's Irish nationality (as revealed in a YouTube walkaround video linked in the ad), we're going to assume he means the litre Imperial gallon, which works out to L/ km, based on 25 km/gallon. According to Natural Resources Canada's fuel consumption database, a Dodge Ram van was rated at / L/ km (city/highway) with a four-speed automatic, and / L/ km when fitted with a three-speed transmission. All that to say we're inclined to believe that L/ km is an accurate enough real-world figure for this particular home on wheels.


If that's the case, this is a surprisingly efficient van, considering the L was never exactly a paragon of efficiency. The seller says the previous owner removed the propane and water tanks originally fitted to the van's frame in order to save weight, which would help explain the impressive economy figures.

Nevertheless, that L engine was a product of its time, and it generated all of hp and lb-ft of torque in this application, and you'd need all of that to move a vehicle we figure weighs at least 2, kg.

So, if you're not in a hurry, read on: our seller says the previous owner changed the van's interior layout, moving the rear passenger bench seat to a front-to-back orientation behind the driver's seat, leaving seatbelts for four people. These seats also fold out to create temporary, but not incredibly comfortable, sleeping space. New stuff includes a portable toilet (located in the closet and apparently unused since its installation by the previous owners), curtains for the windows and bug screens for both the side and rear doors. Dining seats at the back convert into the main sleeping accommodations that the seller says are plenty large enough to accommodate his five-foot-ten-inch frame.

Other amenities include a two-burner propane stove with a five-pound tank, a fridge that will run off either AC or DC electricity or propane, folding table, portable gas BBQ with four new tanks, toaster oven, coffee maker, kettle and a stow-away awning. While the water tank is gone, the seller says all the plumbing still works when hooked up to a campground water supply. The kitchen also features a slick tile backsplash.

In his YouTube video, the seller points out a couple of rust spots behind the rear wheels, and another on one of the side doors, which he said the previous owner was quoted $2, to fix. The video also shows five brand new tires, including the spare.

There are power locks and windows and air conditioning that all work, and the skylight windows installed during the camper conversion are said to be totally leak-proof.

The main question here is whether this van's $11, asking price is fair, and while we aren't up on camper conversion values, we suspect it's not a bad deal at all. We found one other Dodge camper conversion for sale on AutoTrader.ca, a model with , km on its odometer but boasting ducted central air conditioning and an asking price $1, less.

It's easy to be charmed by some of the slick home- and custom-designed van interiors you'll see in those Instagram feeds. While we figure a year-old van would come with its own "charms," but all told, this week's Find of the Week looks like a perfectly comfortable travel vehicle perfect for explorers who consider the journey at least as important as the destination.

Sours: https://www.autotrader.ca/newsfeatures//find-of-the-weekdodge-bcamper-conversion/
1989 Dodge Ram B250 Van Xtravan Xplorer Campervan RV

Be Smart, Check in Advance. CARFAX — Your Vehicle History.

CARFAX — Your Vehicle History Expert

Sometimes what you don't know can't hurt you, but that's not the case when buying a used car. As an independent vehicle history provider, at CARFAX we've made it our mission to tell you everything you need to know by uncovering as many events as possible from the previous life of a used car. Our primary goal is to help you get to know your next car from the inside out before deciding to make an investment that will be part of you and your family's everyday life. We believe your next car shouldn't be hiding anything from you.

CARFAX Vehicle History Reports contain over 28 billion historical records from 20 European countries, the US and Canada, which are updated daily with new information.

Even if you live in a country we don't collect vehicle data from, it's still always worth checking the Vehicle Identification Number without obligation. The used car import and export market is booming and many owners would be surprised to find out exactly what happened to their vehicle during its previous life abroad.

Privacy for Customers — Transparency over Vehicles

Let's be clear: Although we strive to find every detail of a vehicle's life so far, we are focused only on the vehicle's history, and do not collect any information on previous owners. The information we provide relates solely to the vehicle, its odometer reading, any accidents that have been covered up, where the vehicle comes from and much more — it never gets personal. We've uncovered irreparable damage several times in the past, but other times our vehicle history checks draw a blank — and sometimes that's actually a good thing.

Second Hand — Not Second Best

Did you know that considerably more used cars are sold than new cars? We think this second-hand system is nothing short of fantastic. However, it goes without saying that it gives rise to different methods and tactics: Some sellers will disguise a car that's been in an accident under a fresh coat of paint, tamper with the odometer or conceal theft. This is one of the less appealing aspects of buying second hand. Our goal is to establish trusting relationships between buyers and sellers, since this is the best way to help customers make the right decision. Your new car should be reliable and make you feel safe, as well as make you feel like you haven't paid too much.

But more than anything else, we don't want you or your family unknowingly sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle that isn't % safe. This is why we strive to take these vehicles off the road, which not only makes the used car market safer but our streets safer too.

CARFAX — 35+ Years of Experience in Vehicle Histories

CARFAX was founded in the US in and expanded into Europe in Around team members spread across six European offices process vehicle information from 22 countries.

Fostering strategic partnerships with registration authorities, law enforcement agencies, government departments, insurance companies, inspection centers and numerous other leading companies around the world has enabled us to compile a unique international database for vehicle histories. We use this database to help make the used car market more transparent. We give everyone in the process of buying a used car access to what is currently the world's most comprehensive source for vehicle history reports, and is growing day by day.

We remain neutral and independent despite our partnerships — our sole purpose is help customers make an informed choice and ensure their safety and the safety of their family. This includes never collecting any personal details — we do not accept any PII from data sources amongst the information we provide about a vehicle. We ensure that data protection laws are observed at all times. Furthermore, we always collect our data in compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks — in all the countries in which we are active. We expressly distance ourselves from illegal activities such as data theft, scraping and hacking.

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Ram van dodge interior 1988

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1987 Dodge Ram Van - Gateway Classic Cars - Kansas City #00384

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