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If your kid loves and admires police and driving, then the product we will be describing here is the ideal gift that you can buy. Police power wheels are ride-on cars modeled as real police cars and they are often equipped with real emergency and siren sounds, loudspeakers, microphones, and computer screens.

More and more ride-on cars have AUX cord or MP3 jacks so the little ones can have a complete experience of driving while listening to the music they like the most. Generally, you should take notice of power wheel police car’s dimensions because some of them are better for kids under 5 years old and others are more suitable for older kids.

There are 6V and 12V battery operated electrical police ride-on cars. Depending on speed, most of them will have a speed of 2.5 mph. If your kid is older than 5 years than you could look for the one that has two-speed modes and one of them is 5 mph. It is desirable if there is parental remote control so you can manage the speed instead of kid to make he or she safer.

power wheels police car

If the doors are opening and the car makes a real engine sound, children will feel as if they were in the real car. When you add real headlights, blue and red lights, horn and siren, the ride-on car will entertain your kids without even the need of driving it. Some vehicles come with one seat, while others have two seats so your kid can bring a friend. There are many additional features such as battery life indicator, cup holder, seat belt etc.

Here we have found 5 power wheels police cars for sale on the market that could interest you. You will found all the information about their design, mechanism and other technical specifications so you can decide which one is the best fit for your kid.

Reviews of Power Wheels Police Car For Sale

Ride-On Planet Power Wheels Police Car

This ride-on car looks like a real police car. It has working imitation LED headlights and functional tail lights with lighting dashboard which all makes it very realistic and therefore a great gift for your kid if he admires police or wants to be a policeman.

There are 4 wheels made of plastic. All 4 doors can be opened. At the front are two seats and the back seats that are not functional so there is room only for two kids in the car. It is intended for kids that have 2 to 5 years. The weight capacity is approximately 130 pounds.

Ride-On Planet Power Wheels Police Car

Police power wheels are 55 inches long, 31.9 inches wide and 25 inches high. It is very easy to assemble and it will take you a maximum 15 minutes of your time. The safety of your children is ensured with long-range 2.4GHz parental remote control with remote stop function that allows you to manage the car.

If the car is in kid’s mode, a child can drive it. It has a steering wheel with the steering system that can automatically return the car into the center. Also, it has a soft start and brake system that allows the kid to gradually get faster and to gently stop. Funny features are USB, MP3 player and MP4 touch screen. Front handlebar and rear wheels simplify carrying of the device.

Ride-On Planet Power Wheels Police Car review

Benefits of this power police car for sale are the working imitation LED headlights that make it more realistic. It has a parental remote control for additional child’s safety and adjustable seat prevents that your kid outgrows the car fast. Shortcomings are that only two kids can fit into the car, even if there is room besides for two more.

Pros: It has LED headlights like the real police car. The parental remote control is included as a child-safety feature.

Cons: Even if it is visible that it has 4 seats, in the car fits only 2 kids.

Kid Trax Police Power Wheels

This ride-on car has all the features of the real police car which makes it very real and it will be a great toy for your kid. It has integrated background driving sounds such as ignition, revving, acceleration and sound of the police siren. Also, all flashing lights, a real microphone, and police computer screen are features that make this power wheels police car special and great gift for any little police fan.

Kid Trax Police Power Wheels

The electric ride-on car is powered with 12V rechargeable battery and it has two speeds modes. First is 2.5 mph and the second is 5 mph. It has forward and reverses sprocket so it can go back and forth. The parent lock-out speed control allows you to change the speed of the car so you can keep your child safe or let him drive faster.

Wheels are very big and made of plastic, but they also have rubber stripes and chrome rims. The frame is made of steel so the car is durable. It has two seats and two doors. Weight capacity is 130 pounds. The car is intended for kids that are 3 to 7 years old.  The vehicle length is 60 inches, width is 33 inches and height is 23 inches. It weighs 74 pounds. In the case of damage, you have a 1-year warranty on the ride-on car and 6-month warranty on battery.

Kid Trax Police Power Wheels review

Product’s benefits are the rubber stripped wheels that will drive well even on grass, dirt or pebble. It can go forward and reverse while parents can control two-speed modes with lock-out speed system.

Shortcomings of it are that it does not have adjustable seat so your kid may outgrow it fast. Also, the battery has to be charged for about 10 hours which is long considering it lasts 2 to 3 hours.

Pros: Rubber striped wheels are more durable. The car can go forward and reverse and has parent lock-out speed control so the kid is safer.

Cons: It has no adjustable seat and battery has to be charged for too long.

Best Choice Products Power Wheels Police Car

This ride-on car has real LED headlights and rear red lights, real siren and horn and while driving it makes real engine sounds. All this will make your kid feel like he or she is driving a real police car and this will be a great gift for them, especially if they want to be policemen. The dashboard has AUX cord to play any music they want or they can listen to already installed 3 different songs which will make them enjoy the ride even more.

Best Choice Products Power Wheels Police Car

Police power wheels with windshield, side mirrors, and multi-color LED lights border is operated with a 12V rechargeable battery. Your kid can change between two speeds with a maximum of 2.3 mph.

It is made of plastic that is non-toxic and the product is ASTM certified which ensures toy is safe for your children. An additional feature to make you secure about your kid’s safety is a remote control you can use to manage the car instead of your kid. Power wheels police car for sale is intended for kids that are 3 to 8 years old. It has 77 pounds of weight capacity.

Best Choice Products Power Wheels Police Car review

Benefits are the real siren and engine sounds that makes it very realistic and there is music which will ensure that your kids are having lots of fun. Shortcomings are that it can not go in reverse. According to costumers reviews, the wheels are having the rubber tread that constantly falls off.

Pros: Real siren, engine sounds, and music make it extra fun. It comes with parental remote control and it has two speeds.

Cons: Car can’t go in reverse and rubber tread on wheels is falling off.

Rollplay Chevy Police Power Wheels

Working horn, LED headlights, engine sound, emergency sounds, and loudspeakers are features that make this toy real police car that your kid will enjoy. If you have a child that loves driving and police, this ride-on car is a perfect choice. Also, your kid can listen to its favorite music while riding the car because there are MP3 AUX cord and speakers.

Rollplay Chevy Police Power Wheels

There are many additional features that previous models didn’t have, such as battery life indicator, cup holder and department where your kid can store toys or other stuff. It has 4 big wheels that are rubber striped with chrome rims and two opening doors.

This power wheel police car is electrically operated with a 6V battery that allows 2.5 MPH maximum forward and reverse speed. This battery is included in the package, but the 2 AA ones for loudspeakers are not. The car has one comfortable seat and dashboard with the steering wheel and other mentioned features. Its weight capacity is 77 pounds and it is intended for kids that have 3 years or more. The ride-on car is 47.1 inches long, 24.3 inches wide and 27.2 inches high.

Rollplay Chevy Police Power Wheels review

Benefits of this toy are that it has real engine sounds with music, headlights and opening doors which make this toy seem as it is a real car. It has rubber wheels so it would not get stuck on dirt or grass. The product and battery have a warranty.

Shortcomings are that there is no parental remote control for additional child’s safety. It does not adjustable seat so the kid can outgrow it fast. Also, it would be more fun if there are two seats for the kid to bring a friend.

Pros: Sounds and opening doors make it realistic and it will not get stuck on grass or pebble.

Cons: Doesn’t have parental remote control. There is only one seat and it is not adjustable.

SUPERTrax Police Power Wheels

Like previous models, this also has LED headlight and real engine sounds that make it like a real car. It is modeled as a police car so it has flashing red and blue lights, siren and horn that are activated with a switch on the dashboard. All of this will make your kid feel like it is driving a real police car and this quality product can be a great gift. It is intended for kids that have 2 to 6 years.

SUPERTrax Police Power Wheels

This power wheels police car has an MP3 player and volume control so your kid can listen to whatever music it wants while driving the real car which will make it very excited. The car is operated with one 12V 7Ah battery. When fully charged, the car can run for approximately 48 to 90 minutes. It can go forward and reverse with two-speed modes: 2mph and 5mph.

There are 2 opening doors and one seat that is 15 inches wide. The parents have a remote control to keep their child safe. Unlike previous models, this has 4 big wheels that are made from EVA foam rubber so they are functional on any terrain. This power wheels police car for sale is 48 inches long, 26 inches wide and 25 inches high. It weighs 56 pounds.

SUPERTrax Police Power Wheels review

Benefits of this car are rubber foamed wheels that will not be stuck on grass, dirt or pebble and are perfect for outdoors. Also, it can go forward and reverse in two modes and there is parental remote control.

A shortcoming of the product is one seat that has one seatbelt but it looks like it can fit two kids. Some costumers pointed out that two 2 years old could fit, but if they are older the seat is too small. Also, the car is driving less than 2 hours before the battery is empty.

Pros: It has rubber wheels for all terrain types. It has two forward and reverse speeds and remote control.

Cons: Big seat is too small for two kids, it will be better if there were two. Battery lasts maximum 1.5 hours.

Sours: https://www.kidsridecars.com/power-wheels-police-car-for-sale/

Aosom 12V Power Wheels Jeep 2-Seater Kids Electric Ride On Police Car Truck Toy With Remote For 3 - 8 Years Old Kids Camouflage Green 

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Aosom 12V Kids Electric 2-Seater Ride On Police Car SUV Truck Toy with Parental Remote Control, Red

Aosom 12V Kids Electric 2-Seater Ride On Police Car SUV Truck Toy with Parental Remote Control, Red


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Product Details

  • ✅FEEL THE POWER: The Aosom truck for kids rides with the elevated suspension at speeds of 1.8 mph- 3 mph on a set of aggressive off-road-styled tires and custom wheels. Plus, a LED light bar, headlights, and taillights, illuminated dashboard gauges, wing mirrors, and a realistic steering wheel create an experience of driving a fully loaded SUV. NOTE: The actual battery life depends on the usage.
  • ✅2-SEAT SUV: The kids car has two seats with seat belts provide space so your kids can bring a friend! Cruise around the neighborhood in style, chilling with your best pal. Recommended Ages: 37-96 months old (Always monitor your child while they are riding).
  • ✅2 WAYS TO DRIVE: A child can drive the kids toy car, commanding the steering and pedals just like a real car! But, you can also take control of the toy with the remote control to securely guide it while the young one enjoys a hands-free experience; the remote is equipped with forwarding/reverse/park controls, steering operations, and 3-speed selection.
  • ✅ENJOY MUSIC WHILE DRIVING: There is nothing like cruising in your kids truck around listening to your favorite tunes. Well, now your kids can enjoy the pre-installed music, or jam to their own music through USB, SD card, or AUX cord plug-ins.
  • ✅TOUGH STYLE & QUALITY MATERIALS: Wear-resistant polypropylene tires will not leak or burst, eliminating the hassle of inflating. Metal spring struts create a cool looking rear suspension that acts as tough as it looks.
Package Dimensions46.46 x 29.92 x 16.93 inches (118 x 76 x 43 cm)
Item Weight61.5 pounds (27.68 kg)
Manufacturer recommended age3 - 8 years
MaterialPlastic, Metal
Item Weight61.5 Pounds (27.68 kg)
What is in the boxAosom 12V Kids Electric... For more details, please check description/product details


Aosom 12V Kids Electric 2-Seater Ride On Police Car SUV Truck Toy with Parental Remote Control, Red

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Sours: https://www.ubuy.co.in/product/5O27PC-aosom-12v-kids-electric-2-seater-ride-on-police-car-suv-truck-toy-with-parental-remote-control-red
Kid Trax Police Dodge Charger - Police Car For Kids Unboxing!

Aosom 12V Ride On Police Car 2 Seater For 3 - 8 Years Old Kids W/ Parental Remote Control Led Lights Mp3 Black

Add a new addition to your kids' garage with this dynamic electric car for kids from Aosom, it features a powerful 12V twin motor along with working headlight and taillights, wing mirrors, steering wheels with music function, 2 lockable doors, dashboard, a trunk storage area, foot pedal, forward and reverses gear, to offer a complete driving experience just like the real deal. And 2 wide seats with safety belts allow kids to drive around with their passengers. Sparking imaginative play in children as they ride this realistic police truck.


  • ● 2 seat ride-on police truck with safety belts for 2 kids ages 3-8 years old
  • ● Four wheels with spring suspension for a smooth ride
  • ● Move forward or backward with the gear, pedal to accelerate
  • ● Pre-installed music and multi-media center or use USB/TF import and Aux cord plug-ins to listen to their favorite song
  • ● Features a mighty 12V twin motor that provides powerful rear-wheel drive
  • ● Non-leaking, non-burst safe PP wheels, no need to inflate
  • ● Can be controlled manually or by the remote control
  • ● Play continually for around 1-2 hours once fully charged
  • ● Assembly required


  • ● Color: Black
  • ● Material: PP, Metal
  • ● Overall Dimension:53.25" L x 33.75" W x 33.5" H
  • ● Seat Size: 19.75" W x 8"D x 12.25"H
  • ● Speed: 1.8 - 3.1 mph
  • ● Weight Capacity: 110lbs
  • ● Battery: 12V 7AH×1
  • ● Motor:12V, 55W x 2
  • ● Charger:12V,1000Ma
  • ● Recommended for ages: 3-8 years 
  • ● Certification: ASTM F963, CPSIA
  • ● Net Weight:61.6lbs
  • Note: always monitor your child while they are riding.
Sours: https://www.aosom.ca/item/aosom-kids-12v-rc-2-seater-ride-on-police-truck-led-lights-mp3-black~370-082BK.html

2 police seater wheels power

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Sours: https://www.target.com/s/riding+police+car
Sidewalk Cops Compilation Video - Episodes 3 - 7 (The Litterer - Superman Texting)

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