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ITH G-Tube Pad Cover Flower


G-tube pads are great for absorbing around the tube site and help keep granulation tissue away.  They are made to overlap edges a bit and snap in place so the pad stays on for any activity.
These are made % in the hoop for 4&#;4 Hoop
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What are MyButtonBuddies?

Picture of MyButtonBuddies

MyButtonBuddies are cloth pads designed to be worn around the G-tube (Gastrostomy - feeding into the stomach), J-tube (Jejunostomy - feeding into the small intestines), GJ-tube, and PEGs. These enteral feeding tubes are also called "buttons". These colorful pads are used in place of medical gauze that is typically used around the "button". Each cloth pad is about 2 - inches across (diameter).

MyButtonBuddies is a product of Szilagyi Associates, LLC.

(Note: Previous MyButtonBuddies shown here may no longer be available.)


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Easy to use.

  • Just open and place pad around and under edge of the "button" and secure the soft velcro closure.
  • No more buying, cutting and using medical gauze!
  • No more sticky tape to irritate sensitive skin.

Highly absorbant.

  • Better absorbs leaks from formula and stomach fluids than medical gauze.
  • Keeps wearers dryer and more comfortable.
  • Better protects clothes from being stained.
  • Customers report less granulation tissue when using MyButtonBuddy pads compared to gauze.
  • Less need to change and wash clothing due to leakage.

Washable and Reuseable.

  • MyButtonBuddy cloth G tube pads are washable and can be used over and over again.
  • Wash in any temperature water like any cotton clothing.
  • To keep colors bright use any non-clorine bleach or laundry spray to remove stains.
  • A laundry bag is helpful to keep these small pads together while washing and drying.
  • No more throwing away medical gauze. MyButtonBuddies are a green product, good for the environment.

Fun for Kids

MyButtonBuddies also add a little FUN into the lives of children who need G-tubes or gastrostomy tubes. The colorful child-friendly designs excite their imagination. Some of the designs have characters that seem to also have a G-Tube "button" coming from their bellies, like the friendly frog or silly whale. Or, maybe their "button" is a fire hose nozzle on a fire truck. Younger children can be distracted with the pad while you clean the stoma, making life less stressful for you.

Children love to choose which different creative ButtonBuddy design they will wear that day. Encouraging early decision-making in young children is good for their healthy development.

Because MyButtonBuddy pads are so cute and colorful, they make the G-tube "button" look less scary than white medical gauze to the G-tube child, his/her playmates and anyone the child interacts with. ButtonBuddies look less like a bandage or a "boo-boo". With MyButtonBuddies, children with G-tubes can have something special for themselves in a happy and positive way.

Practical for Adults as well.

Flesh-colored (ivory, tan, brown) cloth pads are available for adults with a G tube "button" that are practical and neater looking than medical gauze.

Contact us.

If you have any ideas or questions, we would like to hear from you. Contact Us 


  • $ each
  • Week supply of seven (7) for $ A discount of 14% or $ savings.
  • Shipping within the USA using US Postal Service (USPS) for a low flat rate of $
  • We are willing to ship anywhere in the world. See PayPal for shipping costs when ordering.
  • If your country is not listed when ordering, just contact us and we will set it up.

How MyButtonBuddies are made ?

Three Layer Picture
  • Three layers of material sewn together:
    • Soft fleece next to the skin for comfort and to wisk away moisture.
    • Absorbant Cotton terry cloth in the middle to prevent leaks.
    • Colorful Fun Designs.
  • Soft Velcro closure securely sewn in place.
  • Hand made in the USA with Love.
  • Washed in Dreft ® detergent for sensitive skin and ready to wear right out of the package.

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Having a feeding tube as a child can be super scary, and even adults can be a little worried too, especially with the reoccurring though of how to make sure everything is properly stored, tasty, and that their child is happy. While talking to my friend the other day over coffee, her little girl who has a G-tube ran over to me and proudly lifted up her shirt to show me her “accessories”, aka her G-tube pad, which just happened to be Hello Kitty that day. If you&#;re unsure of what I’m referring to, G-tube pads are cotton fabric pads that are designed to fit beneath your child’s G-tube, preventing any friction that could arise, and it protects the stoma!

Kids love these pads because they have their favorite superheroes, cartoons, animals, and princesses on them! Below are just several of the pads that my friend has for her daughter!

Gtube pads pile

Now, if you’re like me and instantly took one look at these and thought to yourself, “how in the heck am I going to make these”, don’t be alarmed, because my friend has kindly given me a pattern and detailed instructions so that you guys can use to make all the G-tube pads that you would like!

Along with these super adorable G-tube pads, I have also found some other websites that have supplies for your child, like feeding tube backpacks, which are great to keep their G-tube and feeding bags in while they are playing!

For the winter months, or just the nightly bedtime routine, I have a tutorial for how to make footed pajamas for your child that has pockets perfect for G-tube access. All of these projects are very simple to make, and I am sure your child will love them just as much as you do!


How To Make a G-Tube Pad


  • Flannel – cut to approximately 2 ¾ &#; 3” circles (2 for each pad)
  • Terry Cloth or other absorbent fabric (cotton fleece, hemp, bamboo) and cut to the same measurement as the flannel. (1 for each pad)
  • Snaps or Velcro

**Depending on the age and size of your child, the circles could be bigger!**


Step 1: Lay your flannel circles right side facing up and place the absorbent circles on top.

Step 1

Step 2: Cut a slit through all 3 layers, straight up the middle of the circle about 2”. This may vary depending on the size you are making)

Step 2

Step 3: Stitch the 3 layers together and around the slit you just made. BE SURE to snip the corners of your stitching on the edges of the slit so the pad will lay flat!

Turn the pad right sides out. This can be a finicky process, so take your time!

Step 3

Step 4: Now that it’s turned right side out, it is time to stitch the layers together, so it is recommended that you pin the layers together when trying to sew it.

When you are sewing the outside, you can do a zigzag pattern around the edge to make it seem smoother and more neatly finished.

Once sewn, apply your snaps or Velcro!

Step 4


How To Wash the G-Tube Pads

Now that you’ve made all of those cute G-tube pads, the real question is how are you going to clean and store them all! To ensure that these pads have a long lifetime, it is recommended to hand wash them, or wash them on a gentle cycle with cold water.

When storing them, this is how my friend keeps just a few of hers (She has over 30!) This is a super great and genius idea to have them hanging like this so they can dry evenly, and keep them from filing up all of your drawers!

Gtube pads

Other G-Tube DIY Activities

If you are feeling adventurous, and want even more goodies for your child, feel free to check out these sources below that teach you how to make your own feeding tube backpacks and footed pajamas for bedtime!

Footed Jammies

DIY Feeding Tube Backpack

If making your own backpack is not your cup of tea, there are many companies that sell these backpacks pre-made, along with other great essential accessories for both you and your family!  Feeding Essentials is a great place to get Feeding Tube backpacks and “Line Tamers” which hold the IV, feeding, and monitoring tubes! Many of these items you can make yourself! I encourage that you step outside the box and see what you can create, and incorporate your whole family into the projects!

Do you have any feeding tube accessories that you or your kids love? Leave a comment below and tell us able!

Like this:



Sours: https://lynnklinenutrition.com//06/26/diy-tubie-accessories-for-kids/
Machine Embroidery In the Hoop G-Tube Cover Tutorial Video sold by iranjo.com

I have a couple of little friends in my life that have a g-tube. Their moms asked if I could make the little wrap around pads that help absorb any moisture or leakage where they connect. I couldn't find a tutorial for any, so, I made one and wanted to share it here in case someone else might find it useful.

Supplies Needed:

Flannel - Cut to approximately 2 3/4 - 3" Circles (2 for each pad)

Terry Cloth or other absorbent fabric (cotton fleece, hemp, bamboo) - Cut to the same measurement as your flannel (1 for each pad)

Snaps or velcro for closure. I have used Size 20 KAM Snaps, because this is what I had available from other projects, but a Size 14 or 16 would work well also. I typically order my snaps in bulk online, but many stores like JoAnn have started carrying them in the area where they sell cloth diaper materials. 

I've sewn these in several sizes now, with the last ones I made for a little guy, so I cut 2 3/4" circles. 

2 circles of flannel, 1 of absorbent fabric. 

Lay your flannel circles right sides facing and place the absorbent circle on top. 

Cut a slit through all 3 layers, straight up the middle of the circle about 2". (This may vary based on the size you are making. You'll want to stop your cut about 1' from the top.)

Stitch the 3 layers together around the slit you just made.

 **BE SURE to snip the corners of your stitching here so the pad will lay flat when turned. 

Now, it's time to turn your pad right sides out. This can be a little fiddly, so just take your time with it and you'll have a nice smooth result. I also suggest carefully pinning as shown below. 

You're ready to top-stitch your layers together, starting along the center opening. 

 Then you will either serge or zig zag the outer edge all the way around.

I found that I liked my 3 step zig zag stitch best for this, even more than the serged ones. They seemed smoother, and more neatly finished. 

 Apply your closure and you're done!

I personally prefer using snaps on these since velcro can be scratchy and irritate this sensitive area if it gets flipped.


Before you know it you'll have a pile of these little pads and make some people very happyWhat a treat that is! 

And this is a PERFECT way to use up fabric scraps! All of these were made from trimmings of other projectsbibs, lounge pants, pillowcasesthat would never have been useful otherwise. LOVE THAT! I can assure you I will now have a use for these small fabric pieces!

If you run into any questions making these, just email me, I'm happy to help. 

Update with photo of one of the pads in use.

You can learn more about what a g-tube (Gatrostomy Tube) is here.
Sours: http://hopefulthreads.blogspot.com//11/g-tube-button-pads-tutorial.html

Tube covers pattern g

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Tubie2go - Gtube pads / Tubie pads

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