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Light your tasks with energy efficient Philips fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tube lighting from Philips offers long life and quality, energy-saving task lighting. Available in a broad range of colors and sizes, including soft white or daylight plus for extra brightness. Find circuline, U-bent, and linear tubes. Philips also has fluorescent tubes for aquariums lighting and black lights for special effects. Innovation has reduced the mercury level in Philips tubes without sacrificing life or performance.


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How to read a light bulb part number: linear fluorescent tubes


Does reading a light bulb part number make your eyes want to cross or glaze over?

Just like languages, some light part numbers can be extremely hard to translate and understand. It doesn’t help that each manufacturer speaks a different dialect.

Linear fluorescent light bulbs fit into that group of complicated products to read. But generally, there is a structure that linear fluorescent light bulbs follow.

Here is an example of a common part number:

F32T8 / TL / ALTO

Really, what that translates to is this:


We will explain exactly what all the numbers and letters mean but keep our example part number in mind as we go along.

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Shape and wattage in fluorescent part numbers

The first section in the part number tells us the shape and wattage of the lamp. It’s important to note we’re talking in generalizations, but there can be manufacturer nuances in this section.

Here is the section of the part number we’re breaking down: F32T8. We can split it up into three parts.

F = type of lighting

32 = wattage

T8 = shape

“F” stands for fluorescent, which is the type of lighting. That part is pretty easy. Next, the wattage.

Fluorescent tube wattage

In our example, the wattage is 32.

Wattage is the power required to operate the linear fluorescent tubes. In this case, the wattage tells us two things. The amount of electricity the tube is consuming and the length of the tube.

The diameter simply tells us how thick the tube is, but we need the wattage to tell us how long it is.

Fluorescent tube shape

Now we're explaining what T8 means. Linear fluorescent lamps typically include a “T” in the shape abbreviation with a number following it.

This “T” stands for tube and the number that follows is the diameter of the tube. That number is divided into 8 to translate into inches. So a T8 has a one inch diameter.

Here's a helpful diagram that the various diameters of  three common fluorescent tubes:


Manufacturers abbreviate linear fluorescent shapes differently.

Here is a list of common abbreviations:

Manufacturer T5T8T12


If you're ready to order new linear fluorescent tubes, make sure you sign up for a business account to receive discounted pricing.

CRI and color temperature in fluorescent part numbers

The second section in the part number tells us the CRI series and Kelvin temperature of the tube. There can also be manufacturer nuances in this section.

As a reminder, here is the second section of our example part number: TL. We will break this down into two parts.

TL7 = CRI (Color rendering index)

41 = Color temperature

CRI of fluorescent tubes

If the CRI for your linear fluorescent tube looks different from the example above, it's probably a different manufacturer. Each major manufacturer seems to designate their CRI series differently.

Here's a breakdown of common CRI series on products today:

 CRI SeriesPhilipsSylvaniaGE
T8 SeriesTL88SPX
T5 Series888

Choosing the right CRI for your linear fluorescent tubes is very important depending on the application.

CRI is a number between 0 and that predicts how well a product renders color. The higher the number, the more true colors should look.

The CRI series follows the same guidelines. An series means the CRI is between 80 and These are a good option for areas where you are not too concerned about the quality of colors, like stairwells and parking garages.

A series means the CRI is 90 or higher. This is a great option for commercial offices and retail stores.

If you pull a linear fluorescent from your ceiling and it doesn't match any of these, it might be a series. Production pretty much stopped on series after EISA (Energy Independence and Security Act) was signed.

It could also be a T Today, manufacturers of T12 tubes will frequently leave the CRI series out of the part number. 

Color temperature of fluorescent tubes

The CRI series is partnered with a number that represents the Kelvin temperature, or color temperature, of the tube.

In our example, the color temperature is represented as 41. That means the tube has a Kelvin temperature, or a very cool (blue) light source.

In other cases, manufacturers will use letters like "CW" (cool white) to represent the color temperature.

To learn more about CRI and how it impacts your lighting, check out our Guide to CRI and CCT.

Descriptions of fluorescent part numbers

The last section is where those manufacturer differences really come in. In the industry, we call this final section the "description." It gives us extra information about the tube. For example, it’s energy efficient, low mercury, and which ballast starting method it uses. There can be multiple descriptions or none at all.

In our example, the last part of the number is ALTO. That's what Philips uses to note low mercury.

Here is a list of common descriptions you’ll see at the end of part numbers:

RS – Rapid Start

HO – High Output

VHO – Very High Output

ECO – Low Mercury (Sylvania & GE)

ALTO – Low Mercury (Philips)

SS – Super Saver (Sylvania)

EW – Econo Watt (Philips)

WM – Watt Miser (GE)

ADV – Energy Advantage (Philips)

XPS – Extended Performance (Sylvania)

If this still sounds like a bunch of gibberish to you, that’s okay. We take the time to really understand the complexities of part numbers in order to make your job simpler and easier. Contact a lighting specialist for more information. Or you can always search for a light bulb part number in our online store. 



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T12 Fluorescent Bulbs

T12 fluorescent light bulbs (or lamps / tubes) have been around since the dawn of commercial fluorescent lighting in , and the almost universally used 48" 40W T12 lamp was introduced the following year. Although today's T5 and T8 lamps are more efficient (providing more light or "lumens" per watt of energy), many fixtures still house T12 bulbs, making it simplest when lamps burn out to replace them with new T12s.


That's why Lighting Supply continues to carry a wide selection of these well-known bulbs, with dozens to choose from including a choice of lengths, watts, color temperatures, brands, color rendering (CRI), and more. Plus we offer high output T12 lamps, bringing more light and longer lives to an established lamp format.

If you're ready to upgrade your T12 fluorescent tubes to newer technology, we also offer a selection of T12 LEDs.


With high 3rd party ratings, a commitment to professional, friendly service, and super fast shipping, we hope you'll look to Lighting Supply as your #1 choice for T12 lights and ballasts, as well as all your lighting supplies!


How to choose the right fluorescent tube?

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Installed these in my wife's artist studio. The high K and high CRI give her just the light she was looking for. I had tried led's and she found those too harsh.

Identical to the Philips 98 CRI K bulbs we fitted in remodels, these bulbs have become rare but current products are not a close enough match. We use these for room indirect area lighting, mostly crown moldings to bounce the light off ceilings painted gloss white (untinted base white) and walls painted eggshell "cottage white" (very slight yellow tinting) for maximum SADS-fighting daylight effect and minimal color shift. We had these bulbs in mostly 36" which are now unavailable; these bulbs are so accurate to the originals that we're rebuilding our fixtures to use the 48" bulbs still available.

The lights are giving me a clean, pure white light in my painting studio. Thanks.

I recently purchased this bulb for my art studio. I am a painter and was looking for the highest rated CRI bulb I could find. The color rendering is excellent. I would recommend these to all artists.

8/12/15 (Arroyo Grande, CA)

These bulbs are working well in my studio. Also the packing job was thought out.

I spent quite a bit of time finding the "right" light for my new art studio. These bulbs are perfect. I ended up purchasing commercial fixtures so that I could get the maximum use of these bulbs. I called Phillips directly and spoke to a technician and he advised against getting residential fixtures, they would not push the bulbs to perform to their intended rating; hence the commercial fixtures. The lighting is perfect, not too yellow or too saturated. I have 8 bulbs for a room with about square feet, two small west facing windows and one north facing window. I couldn't be more pleased.

3/06/14 (Springville, UT)

Excellent bulbs for art studio. Finally I can see daylight color in my basement studio.

bulbs worked fine specs of bulb were as stated…
good color and good quality bulb…
one bulb had the pins crooked…fortunately they went into fixture without any problems

1/01/14 (Springfield, VA)

The tubes were installed into new ceiling units about a month ago and are burning brightly. They're in an aviary where 14 cockatiels love their brightness and good rays. Thank you!

I love these light bulbs. I've used them in the past and they give phenomenal light and last a long time.

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