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YouTube Gaming has acquired some huge names in the streaming space lately, and the momentum continues with the platform introducing a pair of features fans have been eagerly awaiting.

YouTube Gaming head Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt shared today that Theatre Mode for mobile users will now allow both chat and gameplay to be present at the same time. Wyatt also announced the addition of Member Milestone chat.

Theatre Mode is something that has been available on PC for YouTube Gaming, but now mobile users of YouTube Gaming will be able to read chat while watching the gameplay simultaneously. Member Milestone chat will allow fans of channels that have been paid members for months to celebrate this occasion with a notification banner in chat that announces their milestone. They can also write a unique message to display on this banner.

In the clip Wyatt shared, an example of the Valkyrae’s stream was shown. This is another feature Twitch has used for many years, be it without the messaging function, and something that fans have been requesting YouTube to implement.

YouTube continues to bolster its streaming service with the goal of attracting more content creators to take advantage of the service. One of the barriers between converting users from Twitch has been the lack of features present, but with these latest additions and likely more to come, the gap between the two services will likely begin to get smaller.


Adds an enhanced theater mode to YouTube livestreams with the following features:
- display chat next to the video
- move chat to the left side
- show chat on top of the video
- hide or popout chat
- display livestream information (title, view count, description, ) without leaving theater mode

Available settings:
- force dark theme in theater mode
- chat width (next to video)
- chat width (over video)
- chat over video margin top & bottom
- display livestream information on hover over the video / info-icon
- overlay and chat over video background opacity
- default chat side and mode
- shortcut to toggle livestreams theater mode

- storage permission is needed to save settings

Other browsers:
- available as a Google Chrome extension:

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7TV’s latest update added free emote slots to both Twitch and YouTube and is adding a &#;True Theater Mode&#; to YouTube streaming. 

The third-party extension is an emote service focusing on both platforms and is compatible with existing extensions, such as Better Twitch TV and FrankerFaceZ. Several well-known streamers like Sodapoppin, Summit1G, and NymN already use the service since it enables more emotes and some that have been previously banned.

This update’s focus on YouTube comes at a pivotal time in the content platform’s venture into streaming. Many prominent Twitch streamers, like DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and Dr Disrespect, have all made a permanent move to YouTube. Though audiences have largely followed these streaming goliaths to YouTube, a piece of the &#;streaming culture&#; has been lost since YouTube doesn&#;t inherently support the same emotes or features as Twitch.

In a sense, 7TV seeks to recreate a more &#;Twitch-like&#; viewing experience on YouTube. Many of the emotes added in this recent update include images that frequent Twitch chatters are likely familiar with, including but not limited to the many variations of Pepe and peepo the frog.

True Theater Mode also addresses a criticism of the YouTube streaming structure since it now gives a side-by-side view of the stream and chat. Again, seasoned Twitch users can recognize that this new layout is reminiscent of a typical Twitch stream. 

You can pick up the 7TV extension today in the Google Chrome Store and start spamming your favorite emote on enabled streams across Twitch and YouTube.

Why would you post this?
This website uses cookies to store the options you modify in the settings menu. That's it. Also, if you are blocking cookies you might have issues loading chat.
Keyboard / mouse shortcuts?
- F11 to fullscreen with chat
- Hold Shift to add streams without chat
- Hold Ctrl to close menu after an action
- Hold Shift when reloading a stream for it to remember its volume, quality, etc.
- Scrollwheel to change dropdown options
Which services are supported?
Mainly Twitch and Youtube. Facebook and Smashcast are somewhat supported. When adding Twitch streams, you can use channel names as is, but for others you might have to use the link to the stream or video instead.
Which links are supported?
- Any Twitch stream, clip, or video link
(including video "collections").
- Any Youtube stream, video or playlist link.
- Any Facebook live stream or video link
- Any Smashcast stream link
- Links from other multi websites
Please message me with links that are not working.
Can I add multiple channels at once?
Yes! Just separate them by spaces, comas or forwardslashes. Add links one at a time.
How does drag-and-drop work?
Drag links (like thumbnails) from other windows/tabs, and drop them anywhere on this website. Subsequent streams should be added using the menu (which also supports drag-and-drop).
Timestamps (and sync) for videos
TwitchTheater supports parameters when adding videos. The time parameter (for example) allows you to specify the timestamp where a video should start playing at when added. This is supported for videos from Twitch and Youtube. You may assign timestamps via the menu controls or manually like so: &t=11h22m33s
Loop / shuffle videos and playlists?
To loop videos or playlists, use the "&loop" parameter when adding videos. To shuffle the videos on a playlist use "&shuffle".
How do I copy the link to my setup?
Right click the link and select "Copy link address" or "Copy link shortcut". On mobile, tap and hold to see the option.
These are measures taken by modern web browsers to prevent websites from playing loud unwanted audio and/or wasting your valuable mobile data. Either manually click to play/unmute the players or change the website permissions on your browser settings.
Twitch might prompt you (multiple times) in the middle of watching something to go watch streams directly on their website. This is probably due to advertising policy conflicts on embedded players (my guess).
Streams hosting other streams
For now, you have to add the stream that is being hosted.
(1) Chat replay is not yet available for 3rd party websites. (2) There is no difference between a Youtube video link and a Youtube live stream link, so videos might get added with a "video unavailable" chat window.
Facebook live chat is not yet available for embedding on 3rd party websites.
Chat dark mode not working?
This setting will be applied to new chats. Existing chats need to be reloaded. If it stops working try re-enabling dark mode on the main website.
Only one chat loading when added?
This setting defaults to disabled to help people with slow connections.
Changing audio not switching chat?
This only works with the menu controls.
How does smart auto-unmute work?
When the only player with audio is removed or goes offline, it will try to auto-unmute a different one. It will also auto-unmute streams that come back online if no other player is playing audio.
Default video quality not working?
This feature is currently only working with streams and VODs from Twitch.
Wrong video quality got set?
The selected video quality was not available on one or more streams. The closest video quality on that player was used instead.
Play/pause, mute/unmute not working?
Some of the menu controls will only work with supported embeds from Twitch and Youtube. Other players may not yet support play/pause, mute/unmute, volume, and video quality menu controls. These include Twitch clips.
Video controls messing up?
The video controls are by no means perfect. Desync might happen when trying to seek multiple videos at the same time. This is due to the fact that these embedded players were not developed with this kind of use in mind.
Twitch VOD frame skip, play speed?
Only Youtube supports these menu features currently.
How to hide the address bar?
Some mobile web browsers allow you to hide the address bar (when not in fullscreen). To do so, zoom in using your fingers, scroll down, then zoom out.
What is the website's link format?
Streams go after the website address separated by forwardslashes. Chats can be added after, in the same way, but only if they are preceded by a "/c/". If this chat parameter is omitted, then Theater will consider everything after the address a stream, and will add chats based on it. To prevent chats from getting added just add this parameter with no chats. If you use this parameter with no streams nor chats you will prevent previous sessions from loading.
How does session saving work?
It will store the streams and chats you are using and will restore them next time you open or reload the page. When loading the page with streams/chats in the URL, it will use that instead (and will store them).
Search Google for an "online color picker", make the color of your choice, then copy the color code with a format like: # (with or without the hash character). Dark colors recommended.
Watch multiple live streams and videos from Twitch, Youtube and others in theater or fullscreen mode, with the live chat of your choosing. Play with the wide variety of options and menu controls to make the experience feel more like you. I passionately develop this website independently on my spare time and it's here for everyone to enjoy, so I really hope you do! :)

Please share your thoughts, suggestions, bug reports with me on twitter (tweets and DMs)

Website code and images: Luis Figueroa
Video players and chat windows are embedded from (and developed by) the respective services and not me.

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Theater for youtube mode twitch

This extension forces YouTube to open its player in the theater mode by default. You can simply switch back to the normal mode by pressing the button in the player, however, next time you open youTube it will be in the theater mode again! The extension does not have any options. It just works. Note that I am not using CSS or JS tricks to simulate theater mode. This is actual theater mode that YouTube offers.

To have this option in the incognito mode, you need to allow extension to be active on this mode as well.

For bug reports, use the discussion section of

My YouTube Enhancer Extensions:

If you think this add-on violates Mozilla's add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this form.

Please don't use this form to report bugs or request add-on features; this report will be sent to Mozilla and not to the add-on developer.

This add-on needs to:

  • Access your data for sites in the domain

1. imporves player detection even when video starts with ads

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