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  • I was referred here by my PCM, to see Dr. Larson.  I served 30 years in the Army and my knees are shot.  I ended up needing a bi-lateral knee replacement.  I had my left knee done by Dr. Larson and he simply did a great job.  He didn't push me into having it done or encourage me not to.  He gave my wife and I all of the information and told us to let him know which way I wanted to go and when.  

    Again, he did an excellent job, in my opinion, told me all of the potential benefits and pitfalls and kept us informed throughout.  
    I would recommend him to anyone, including my family, without hesitation.  

    The only drawback to the business is the front office staff could be a lot friendlier and less SHORT.  The receptionist (short lady with black hair) is very rude and snippy.

  • We have had a lot of experience with Ortho specialty clinic. I had my acl repaired here a few years ago and have since recommended them to family, friends and neighbors. Recently my son hurt his foot and we saw Dr. Waverly.  He explained everything to him in terms an eight year old could understand. He had us laughing and really put us at ease. My husband went to a different doctor here for his back and was pleased with his experience. My neighbor is having a lot of different issues and has been extremely pleased with his care as well. Every time I recommend this clinic on our neighborhood Facebook page others join in and say how wonderful their experiences with this clinic were too. Everyone that works there has been helpful, polite and kind.

  • Dr. Xhaferi was the nicest! As a matter of fact, I had a positive experience with the entire staff from the people that took your temperature at the door due to coronavirus, to the staff that checked me in, the nurses all the way up to Dr. Xhaferi. Dr. Xhaferi assisted my grandma that day to examine her hip. He was nice and professional. It was a possibility my grandmother needed a biopsy to further examine her hip. He wasn't pushy to have it done at his office. He advised that it can be done by her hematologist and oncologist or his office could do it. Just an awesome experience.

  • I had both my knees done by Dr Larson and Now I have bionic knees. I am 69 yrs old and had them done 2 yrs ago on one and 18 mo ago on the other. My knees were so bad they crunched when I walked and hurt terribly. Dr Larson was my surgeon, he did an excellent job, I recovered quickly and now my knees are like I'm a kid again. No more pain! I can walk hours in Walmart spending money.. lol. Dr. Larson is a great surgeon!!!

  • I have been seen at this facility for the past 2 years and have had only positive experiences with Dr Kirshmier, Dr Sen, and Apryl Young PM. As a chronic pain patient, pain management has been overseeing my care. The past doctors have been so caring and compassionate about my severe condition and pain but now all is changed as a new pain management doctor Tina Dailey was hired at this location. During my first appointment with her she was very dismissive and didn't want to hear anything about my pain or my condition (Scheuermanns Disease). She never examined me and basically told me that every doctor that I have seen had been wrong about my pain. I would not recommend seeing her or doing any sort of pain management through Orthopedic Specialty Clinic. If you already are a patient highly suggest going to see a different doctor.

  • I have had two knee surgeries and a broken back from sports and horseback riding and I have seen PA Mark Ford for many of these injury follow ups. I would pit him against any doctor any day. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a great "bedside" manner. My knee surgeries were done by Dr. Kurt Larsen and he did an excellent job. I highly recommend this practice.

  • Their call center is the worst in the world. Every time I call they have a hard time understanding me. At my first appointment they got my name wrong okay they fixed it. Fill out the paperwork and they never updated them. Scheduled a follow up appointment and when I showed up for my appointment they said they had to reschedule my appointment and was unable to contact me. Checking my pH number they got it all wrong. I took a day off from work and wasted my time. Why do we waste our time to fill out paperwork if they don't even look into it

  • This was a wonderful place before the new pain management Dr was hired. I have been seen at this office for over 5 years, the staff was always very caring, and I felt like they really took the time to get to know me. The PA I had been seeing for the past year left, the head pain management dr is now seeing all pain management patients and I quickly became a name on a file and not a person. The new dr saw me, looked at my file, did not examine me, and basically told me that the treatment I was given the past 5 years was not appropriate, that they had done a disservice to me, she did not care what I had to say, and quoted CDC guidelines that were blatant lies. It honestly angered me to have this Dr whom I have never met before in my life, that doesn't know me from Adam, telling me at my first appt with her that the drs that I have known for years and know me personally had treated me inappropriately.  She made up her mind about me before even meeting me. I inquired with other drs in the area that said many patients were being treated the same way since she took over. I think they will lose alot of patients as she is basically pushing pain management patients out the door. It's really sad since the staff has always been so caring in the past. The nurses in PM have always treated me wonderfully, and not made me feel like they were judging me. This new Dr is the only one who has ever made me feel this way, I wouldn't recommend going to see her for pain management, and if you're already a patient and haven't had your intro appointment yet, I'd start looking for another Dr if I were you.  I had to wait several days to calm down enough to be able to write this post, as this dr is messing with myself and others quality of life.

  • Billing department was a disaster. Idk, maybe if you're paying fully out of pocket it may be different. I feel this way evidenced by their lack of interest communicating with insurance companies. It took me at least 5+ hours total on the phone to solve what probably would have taken a trained billing department of an ortho clinic to solve in 15 min.  Actual care I received was ok (fractured bone). Each concern I had was answered with an undertone equivalent of an eye roll. Very dismissive. I ended up not even following through with my final evaluation appointment or PT. I thought it was not worth going through the billing problems again in addition to the meh care I received. I ended up following up and doing my physical therapy in dumfries.

  • This place is the absolute worst medical practice I have ever experienced and I never even stepped one foot in the door. My son was referred by his school (no less) to see this office due to a shoulder injury. I called a CELL phone February 7th, 2019 in the afternoon listed on the school's flyer and was told I'd be called back at the end of the night to set an appointment. I never heard back from them. I called again this morning (2/11/2019) and set an appointment up. The gentleman who answered and set the appointment said a lady from the office would call my husband's cell to complete the registration process. After speaking with the "office", and the lady having told my husband that they require $250 in CASH upfront (since we are uninsured), my husband and I reviewed our options. We had never heard of a doctor's office not taking credit cards and using cell phones to set appointments. The whole thing seemed very bizarre and unprofessional. We then decided to take our son to an urgent care facility that we had used in the past. The urgent care doctor reviewed the xrays of my son's shoulder and referred us to an orthopedist. I called OSP right after having left the urgent care office and the lady who answered named Marie, very rudely told me that my husband had already cancelled the appointment that we had this afternoon. I tried to explain to her my hesitation and she again very rudely told me that all uninsured patients have to pay $250 in cash because people cancel their credit cards. I asked if we could still proceed to make an appointment with a doctor and she told me it would be better to make an appointment with the Physician's Assistant. I asked her why she was so hostile and I tried again to explain apologetically why we had cancelled our initial appointment and she tried to talk over me and rudely interrupted me. I told Marie I was not done speaking and she hung up on me. I called back, waited on hold for 15 minutes. When Marie answered, I told her I needed to make an appointment for my son who injured his shoulder and the lady who was on the line previously hung up on me. Marie did not apologize and proceeded to ask me my son's name. When I asked her if she was the lady I was speaking to earlier, she said yes. When I asked her why she hung up on me, she advised me untruthfully that the line had disconnected. Needless to say, I made an appointment with another orthopedist. It would seem that this office may have a prejudice against self-paying patients which is a crying shame. I DO NOT recommend this office and will never use them.

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COVID-19 Update

We are seeing patients Monday through Friday, during normal office hours.

Please note the following before your appointment:

  • We want our patients to know we are doing everything possible to keep you safe while visiting our office.
  • Due to COVID19, ONLY THE PATIENT will be allowed in the building. Exceptions will be made for minor patients and patients with special needs. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Please wear face masks or face coverings to all your appointments for the protection  of patients and staff and to help prevent the spread of COVID19. 
  • For the protection of our patients and our staff, we ask that if you do not feel well, if you are coughing, and/or you are running a fever or have flu or cold symptoms, that you stay home rather than come to your appointment.
  • We will be waiving all no show fees for the foreseeable future.
  • Our appointment lines are available to reschedule or answer your appointment questions weekdays at 540-361-1830 or after hours and weekends at 540-604-0779. (Please be aware that we cannot give medical advice over the appointment lines.
Sours: https://www.orthospecialty.com/
Dr Larson, our founder, talks about what we do at Orthopedic Specialty Clinic

Erik M. Krushinski, MD

Unless otherwise indicated, this information has been self-reported and has not been verified by the Board of Medicine.

Primary Practice Address

Last Updated 1/8/2013

Orthopedic Specialty Clinic, Ltd
2800 Wellford Street, Suite 100
Fredericksburg,, VA 22401

Location Details

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  • Days that practitioner sees patients at this location:
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    Type(s) of Translation Services Available:
    Non-English language(s) spoken
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Additional Practice Address

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Orthopedic Specailty Clinic, Ltd.
9530 Cosner Drive, Suite 101
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Location Details

  • Practitioner spends 75% of time at this location.
  • Days that practitioner sees patients at this location:

Additional Practice Address

Last Updated 1/8/2013

Orthopedic Specialty Clinic, Ltd
9530 Cosner Drive, Suite 101
Fredericskburg, VA 22408

Location Details

  • Practitioner spends 50% of time at this location.
  • Days that practitioner sees patients at this location:

Years in Active Clinical Practice

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Does Not Participate in the Virginia Medicaid program
Is not accepting new Virginia Medicaid patients

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Is a Medicare participating provider
Is accepting new Medicare patients
Virginia Hospital Affiliations

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Stafford Hospital Center (admit)
Mary Washington Hospital
Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center (admit)
Hospital Affiliations in States Other Than Virginia

Last Updated 1/8/2013

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