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5 Inch Circle Template, Free Printable

Use this template for your embroidery, cross-stitch, quilting, and sewing patterns.


  • Printable template
  • Size: 5" diameter circle template
  • Paper size: 8 1/2 x 11
  • Circles: 2 circles per page
  • Editable file with Adobe Illustrator, pdf, jpeg


  • File Formats : Adobe Illustrator Artwork vector, JPG, pdf



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Free Printable Circle Templates – Large and Small Circle Stencils

This collection of free printable circle templates has multiple sizes of circle pattern from 1″ up to 16″!!!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone around your kitchen measuring bowls trying to find one that was just the right size for a project!

With these free printable circle templates, you won’t have to do that any more!

Today I’m sharing a crazy large variety of circle stenicls, as well as tips for how to use these circle printables, that will save you a lot of time and hassle in the future!

17 sizes of free printable circle templates

This post may include affiliate links, which means I may make a commission on purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you.

Circle punches

Before we get into the circle templates, I want to let you know that the smallest circle is 1″.

If you need to make just a few circles smaller than that, try scaling down the print out.

For example, for 1/2″ circles, simply print at 50%.

If you need to make a lot of circle cut outs, look for acircle punch. I’ve done a whole lot of crafting in my life – trust me when I say you do not want to cut out a zillion tiny circles by hand! 

Even a 1″ size becomes pretty tedious to cut out in quantity! If you think you’ll need a lot of 1″ circles, I really recommend just getting a circle punch.

You can also find larger circle punches.

I’ve used my 2″ punch a lot of homemade gift tags over the years. It probably isn’t worth if for a one-off project where you just need a few circles, but if you anticipate cutting a lot of circles for projects, a DIY wedding, etc., it is totally worth a few dollars. 

TECH-P Creative Life 2'+1'+5/8' inch Punch Set Circle Hand Press Album...
TECH-P Creative Life 2"+1"+5/8" inch Punch Set Circle Hand Press Album...
  • ★ Spring-action lever makes the punch easier and more comfortable to use and gentle your hands.
  • ★Create stencil shapes, die-cuts, and templates for all of crafting; Use with other nesting punches to create perfectly graduating layers; Punches...
  • ★ Package include:3PCS circle 2"+1"+5/8" punch circle.Material: Plastic; Craft punch Large Size: 5/8"-6cm(L)x4.9cm(H)x3.5cm(W);...

Free printable circle templates in sizes 1 to 16

Large & extra large circle patterns

Please make sure to follow the links to download at the PDF printable circles. Do not right click and save the images – they are very low resolution and will not print well.

Many home printers today can print with margins as small as 1/4″ (a lot of printers geared towards printing photos can even print borderless!)

Assuming you can print with a .25″ margin, this large circle template should be 8″ across. If you have to print with larger margins, the circle will be slightly smaller.

Download the large 8″ circle template

8" printable circle template

Need a bigger circle? No problem!

This template creates a circle up to 10 inches across! Cut it out, trace it, then flip the template to create the second half of the circle. You can also print two and tape them together, if you prefer.

Download the extra large 10″ circle outline template here

10" printable circle template

Still not big enough for you? This circle is an enormous 16″!

Only one quarter of it fits on the page, so I highly recommend printing at least two copies and taping them together.

Printing four copies and taping them together to form a circle will lead to more accurate results. Enjoy your extra large circle template!

Download the 16″ circle template here

16" printable circle template

Don’t want the hassle of downloading all these circle templates individually? One PDF document with all of the pages is available in the Member’s Resource Library! You’ll also receive access to lots more exclusive free printables!


Medium and small circle template & circle shapes to cut out

For your convenience, I created circle templates all the way from 1″ to 8″ in .5″ increments! I’ve seen people other places asking for 2.5″ circles, 3.5″ circles, and other half sizes, so I hope you enjoy these circle shapes!

tiny circle outlines – small 1″ circle templates

1" printable circle template

1.5″ small circle templates

1.5" printable circle template

 2″ circles

2" printable circle template

2.5″ circle templates

2.5" printable circle template

medium 3″ circle printables

3" printable circle template

3.5″ circles

3.5" printable circle template

4″ circle printable

4" printable circle template

4.5″ circle outlines

4.5" printable circle template

5″ circle printable pattern

5" printable circle template

5.5″ circle

5.5" printable circle template

6″ circle printable

6" printable circle template

6.5″ circle

6.5" printable circle template

large 7″ circle outline

7" printable circle template

7.5″ circle printable template

7.5" printable circle template

And, finally, a selection of different sized circles on the same page! This page has 1, 2, 3, and 4 inch circles together for easy use with crafts and other projects that need multiple sizes of circle template!

Download the multi-sized circle templates here

multiple sizes of circle printable templates

If you enjoy these circle templates, please become an Artisan Life subscriber! There are more great free printables in the member’s only Resource Library and I add more printables all the time!


Ways to use circle outline templates

There are a lot of ways to use these printable circle patterns! Here are just a few:

  • Use them patterns tomake your own reusable beeswax wrap.
  • Grab your sewing machine and stitch them to make a sewn circle garland.
  • Don’t have a sewing machine? Fold circles in half over a piece of baker’s twine and glue them to create a cute and super easy bunting!
  • Use smaller circles as homemade game pieces or play money.
  • Use several sizes of circle for kid’s crafts like a circle penguin, circle frog, or caterpillar.
  • Cut a circle out to create a circle pattern for stenciling.

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These free printable circle templates and outlines ranging from 0.5 inches to 10 inches will save you precious time and money for your crafting projects.

Circle Templates Mockup

Whenever I’m doing crafts with my kids, I always find myself grabbing random objects (like mugs, cups, or bottle cups) to trace circles.

While I love doing crafts with my kids, most of the time, I can’t even find a circle-shaped object in the size that I need. And even then, when I do find one, sometimes the lines that I draw come out wonky (because some objects, like bottle caps have ridges).

As a result, I figured that it would be a good idea to create my own circle templates to help all the people who have found themselves in the same situation. These printables are completely FREE to download and print.

Not only will these circle patterns save the time and hassle of finding a round object to trace, but they’re also incredibly easy to download and print.

These circle printables come in a variety of assorted sizes, ranging from 0.5 inches to 10 inches, making them perfect for almost every craft or project!

For example, they’re great for stenciling, art, bulletin boards, and more! Truth be told – their potential is only limited by your imagination. Use them in your everyday life with ease and print them out as many times as needed.

Printable Circle Templates

Extra Large Circle Shape to Cut Out

These extra-large circle templates are perfect for bigger crafts. For example, if you’re trying to decorate a bulletin board, these will definitely come in handy! You can write fun facts on them and post them up.

Or, you can print the circle outline on colorful paper and then cut them out to make an elegant abstract background that kids will love.

10-inches Printable Circle Template

The printer papers you typically buy are 8.5″x11″, so this extra-large circle template will not fit on a regular printer paper. You need to use paper that is at least 11″x17″ for this 10″ circle template, or the circle will be cut off!

10 Inch Circle Template

10-inches Half-Circle Template

In case you don’t have access to 11″x17″ paper, I got you! This 10″ half-circle template fits on regular printer paper. You can either trace half of the circle and then flip the template to trace the other half and complete a full circle, or you can simply fold the paper in half, trace and cut out the half circle, and unfold to reveal a full circle.

10 Inch Half-Circle Template

Large Circle Stencils

If the 10 inch circle is too big, try using the following templates. The circles for each measure 7 and 8 inches.

8 Inch Circle Template

8 Inch Circle Template

7 Inch Circle Template

7 Inch Circle Template

Medium Circle Template

Ranging from 4 to 6 inches, these circles are great for a wide variety of artistic projects. As a kid, I used to make pom-poms out of yarn and I wish I had access to these templates back then. The circle shapes that I would cut out would always come out lopsided.

Luckily, you won’t have to deal with that when you have these!

6 Inch Printable Circle Template Shape To Cut Out

6 Inch Circle Template

5 Inch Circle Template

5 Inch Circle Template

4 Inch Circle Template

4 Inch Circle Template

Small Circle Template

These smaller circles vary in size from 1 to 3 inches. With these, you can make cutouts and glue them onto a piece of paper to make a cool polka dot background for a piece of art. Or tape them in a string to make a garland that little ones will love.

These small circle stencils are also perfect for crafting eyes on cute paper plate animals or even painting a beautiful full moon.

3 Inch Circle Template

3 Inch Circle Template

2.5 Inch Circle Template

2.5 Inch Circle Template

2 Inch Circle Template

2 Inch Circle Template

1.5 Inch Circle Template

1.5 Inch Circle Template

1 Inch Circle Template

1 Inch Circle Template

Variety Set of Small to Medium Circles

Some projects call for a variety of circles of different sizes. Sometimes you don’t know what size circle will fit the best so you need to cut out several and figure out by trial and error.

This set has 6 different sizes on one page for your convenience, ranging from 0.5″ circles to 4″ circle. They are labeled accordingly so you can pick and choose which one(s) will work the best with your project.

Small Circle Set Template

How to Use Our Circle Templates

These circle outlines are perfect for little ones that find joy in the simplest things. Give these templates to a toddler and let them color in (or outside!) the lines for some fun.

Of course, these outlines have other uses as well. Place them against another piece of paper to cut out round stencils in mere seconds.

Here are some marvelous ways to use these templates that people of all ages will love:

  • Paste the small circles on a piece of paper to create beautiful polka dot designs and other circle patterns.
  • Use the small circles to label gift tags and presents.
  • Tape the medium circles onto a piece of string to create a garland that your children will love.
  • Use the medium circles as a template for creating yarn pom-poms.
  • Use the medium circles to label jars and other storage containers (bonus points if you laminate them!).
  • Print the large circles in different colors and paste them on a bulletin board to create an abstract background.
  • Use the circles as small stencils for spray painting shapes onto a shirt.
  • Improve the dexterity of small children by teaching them how to trace these different size circles.
  • Print these templates out and let young children color them to their heart’s content.

This list isn’t even everything that you can use them for. The possibilities are endless!

How to Download the Free Circle Outlines

To grab your free circle stencils and templates, simply fill out the out the form below. The PDF file with all the templates listed above will be delivered to your inbox.

You can print as many of the templates as you want. However, keep in mind that these templates are for personal or classroom use only. If a friend or family member wants a copy, kindly refer them to this post!

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Cutting Circles
different-sizes-circle-template pattern-stencil-small-medium-large-free. Printable circles. Circle outline. 2 inch circle template pdf.

These free printable circle templates are perfect for any DIY project ideas where you need circles. You can use printable circles for drawing, scrap booking, various projects for kids, crafts, and more.

Below you will find printable circle stencils of many different sizes ranging from 10 inches super large circle template to 0.5-inch small circle templates.

Make sure to scroll down the page to see more printable circle outlines.

Free Printable Circle Templates (PDF)

The circle templates are in PDF format. You can download and print any circles for your personal needs. To download, simply click on the link below the template size you need.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.Read the full disclosure.

Extra Large Circle Shape To Cut Out (10″ Diameter)

10 Inch Super Large Circle Template

<<Download 10″ large circle template>>

10-inch-Extra-Large-Circle-Shape-To-Cut-Out-Printable. 10 inch circle. Half circle stencil. Circle template pdf. 10 inch circle template printable.

8 Inch Circle Template

<<Huge 8″ Circle Template PDF>>

8-inch-Free-Printable-Circle-Shape-Template-outline-Cut-Out. Circle template. Printable circle. Large circle template. 8 inch circle template. Different size circles template. Circle stencil printable. 8 inch circle stencil. round template printable.

7 Inch Free Printable Circle Template

<<7″ Free Printable Circle>>

7-Inch-Free-Printable-PDF-Template-Stencil-Shape-To-Cut-Out -outline

6 Inch Printable Circle Template Shape To Cut Out

<<6″ Printable Circle Template>>

6-inch-Printable-Circle-Template-Stencil-Shape-Cut-Out-Free-Download-outline. Circle to print. six inch circle.

5.5 Inch Free Circle Template Stencil

<<5.5 Inch Circle Template Printable>>


5 Inch Free Printable Circle Outlines

<<5″ Circle Template Outlines>>

5-Inch-Circle-Template-Shape-To-Cut-Out-Printable-free-download. circle pattern printable. different size circles printable.

4 Inch Circle Template Printable

<<4 Inch Circle Template Printable PDF>>

4-Inch-Free-Printable-Circle -template-Stencils-Shape-Cut-Out-free-PDF-Download. 4 inch diameter circle template.

3 Inch Circle Template Printable

<<3 Inch Circle Template Outlines Printable PDF>>

3-Inch-Free-Printable-Circle-Shape-Cut-Out-Templates-PDF. printable circles to cut out.

Other Small Circle Templates

Instructions on how to print and use the Printable Circle Templates

1. You can open and download any of the printable files you like by clicking the image or the hyperlink next to the image. If you do not have a PDF reader to view these files you can download it for free.

2. If you would like to print in color, you need to change the printing settings of your printer. You can also use colored construction paper.

3. If you want to color the Printable Circle Templates, use crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, or markers.

4. You can only use our free printables for your own crafts and other activities.  All printables on our website are for personal and non-commercial use only. Please, do not republish, upload, or alter the PDF files.

5. Please share any printables by providing a link to the webpage containing the PDF file.


Inch circle 5 template printable

circle template, free circle templateI love anything that can save you time, like these circle templates.

At first they seem like pretty basic cut outs but once you see how practical and useful it is to have a deck of circle templates that you can just refer back to its pretty darn nice.

some awesome ways you can use these circle templates are if:

You need circle templates for your next art project

You need smaller sized circle templates for a paper garland

You need circle stencils to paint or create a mural

paint a wall in your home with exact circle measurements (stencils work great for this too)

Circle templates for a student project

They’re great for bulletin boards

To stencil in polka dots

To make a fabric polka dot pattern on your favorite piece of fabric

To create all kinds of art

Use your circle templates for drawing

To simply color in!

If you’re looking for more stencils and cut out templates besides these free circle templates, here is a list of a few that you might find really useful for your personal projects:

To download the circle template PDF of your choice, all you have to do is click on the link under each template and you’ll get an automatic PDF downloaded to your computer.

I love creating free resources that my readers can use in their everyday lives. I love being able to create things and put them out there for virtually anyone in the world to use. And its no different with these circle templates, which is a simple yet genius idea if I may say so myself!

Please note that these circle templates are for personal use only. They are not to be distributed, reproduced or resold without written consent of the owner (which would be me). Enjoy your circle templates. Now get to downloading! ?

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1.5 inch circle template

1.5 inch circle template

>> Download Circle Template Here <<

2 inch circle template2 inch circle template

>> Download Circle Template Here <<


2.5 inch circle template

2.5 inch circle template

>> Download Circle Template Here <<


4 inch circle template4 inch circle template

>> Download Circle Template Here <<


5 inch circle template

5 inch circle template

>> Download Circle Template Here <<


6 Inch circle template6 Inch circle template

>> Download Circle Template Here <<


7 inch circle template
7 inch circle template

>> Download Circle Template Here <<


8 inch circle template

8 inch circle template

>> Download Circle Template Here <<


Large circle template stencilLarge circle template stencil, 8.5 x 11 letter sized big circle template

>> Download Circle Template Here <<

A circle template is pretty useful to have

After using free circle templates, if you aren’t convinced that they’re pretty useful to have around, then I’m not sure what will! 

Make sure you bookmark this page, or pin the pin up at the beginning on Pinterest. That way you always have easy access to this post as a resource, and you can share it with your friends when they need some circle cut outs or stencils.

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Did these circle cut outs help you? What will you use them for?

Join the conversation and leave me a comment below!

Happy crafting! ?

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HQ Mini Circle Templates

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