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How Soccer Compression Socks Can Make You A Better Player

With soccer being an incredibly demanding sport on the leg muscles, and sometimes teams playing twice a week, recovery is more important than ever. More and more athletes have started to use alternate, previously unknown ways of making sure they are ready to play in their best form as soon as possible. Wearing the best possible soccer compression socks is one of the recovery methods in vogue right now.

In soccer compression sock can be used in two ways. Either they are worn during competition, or after the match is over. In the first case the socks can enhance athletic performance and reduce the risk of injuries. In the second case the socks help the circulatory system wash out the waste materials from the muscles.

Are You in a Hurry? The Best Soccer Compression Socks

Copper Compression Socks For Soccer
  • ✅COPPER COMPRESSION SOCKS - Copper rejuvenates blood circulation in your legs through copper fibers capable reviving blood circulation along with providing a 20-30 mmHg compression.
  • ✅REDUCE INJURIES - Provide mild squeezing for warmness and enhance blood moving through your legs. Remove stress and stimulate every cell, keeping your legs fresh in the match.
  • ✅UNIQUE MATERIAL- Our products feature a unique copper-infused, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that stays warm in cold temperatures and cooler when the temperature rises.

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4 Pair Pack Knee-High Youth Graduated Compression Socks for Soccer
  • PREMIUM SOFT GRADUATED COMPRESSION SOCKS - Enhanced performance design for support and comfort.
  • PROTECT & RELIEVE - Engineered to improve performance and endurance. Energizes legs and relieves ankle swelling, reduces risk of sprain or injury. Protects calf muscles and shins from impact during sports training, play, and high-impact activities. Provides arch support.
  • EVERYDAY WEAR - Long-lasting support for prolonged active wear or injury recovery.
  • COMFORT & STYLE - Ultra-Soft microfiber blend maximizes comfort without compromising support. Anatomic Design with toe & heel pockets. Non-Restrictive top band prevents slipping.

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Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

NEWZILL Soccer Compression Socks
  • TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL – Comfortable material and careful construction. No stitches in places where theyll rub or rip together. Stay put Cuffs Soothing feeling at the bottom and sides of foot with no pinching seen with lesser quality socks without ankle support.
  • FIBER CONTENT – Newzill CLIMA-PRO Graduated Compression Socks with a breathable material construction.
  • GRAB CONTROL OF YOUR WELLBEING IN STYLE – An Excellent compression hose very durable with a fashionable look and variety colors available.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

How do soccer compression socks work?

The circulatory system has many different tasks in the human body. For the purposes of this article, the three most important ones are:

  1. transferring of nutrients to the cells.
  2. taking waste materials away from the cells.
  3. helping the immune bodies travel inside the body.

These special socks put pressure on the legs, which help the veins pump the blood quicker towards the heart. The veins inside the legs have to work incredibly hard while the player is standing in order to transfer the blood towards the heart.

If the veins are not as tight as usual, the valves might loose their firmness, and the blood can slow down inside the veins, or even pool up in the really wide veins. By putting pressure on the skin, the compression garment tightens up the veins, leading to quicker blood flow and better overall circulation.

How can soccer compression socks enhance performance?

During competition the socks can have great positive effects on your performance on the field. The blood circulates in the body much quicker, the muscles get a better, more steady supply of nutrients. During the match or training a good supply of oxygen is crucial.

During football matches the body gets energy from two processes. One process is used when the muscles receive enough oxygen. The moment the oxygen is not enough, the body goes to the second energy system. Unfortunately this second system creates waste materials like lactic acid, which builds up inside the muscles, and leads to delayed onset muscle soreness.

How can soccer compression socks reduce injury risk?

Most soft tissue injuries happen as a result of muscle fatigue. The injuries happen as the result of the limb getting into an awkward position, where the muscles or tendons get torn. When the body takes a hit, or makes an awkward move, fresh and strong muscles can rebalance the body and prevent the limbs from getting into a position where they might get injured.

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Wearing compression socks during soccer keeps the muscles in a more confined place. The muscles don’t have as much space to make their moves, as a result they are more economical in making their movements. This means they use less energy. At the same time if the limb suddenly makes an awkward move, the garment holds the limb firmly. It doesn’t allow the limb to get into a position where it might get hurt, injured. The reason you need to choose the best soccer compression socks is because the better quality the garment, the firmer it will hold your limb.

How do they aid recovery?

These products can help in two types of recovery:

  1. Recovery from muscle soreness
  2. Recovery from inflammation

The first type of situation occurs as a result of extensive muscle work. When there is not enough oxygen available for the muscles during the game, lactic acid builds up. This is why your calves and thighs feel tight and sore after a hard match. The process by which the lactic acid is removed from the muscles and broken down is also called lactate metabolism. This process can be speeded up by putting up your soccer compression socks immediately after the game. This way the blood can wash out the lactic acid from the muscles a lot quicker, and you might be ready to train again at your full potential only 24 hours after a game.

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In the second situation, the body needs an immune response. This is when the immune bodies have to travel via the circulatory system to the inflamed parts. The compression socks can help by speeding up the blood circulation. This way the antibodies can travel and have an effect exactly where they are needed. Soccer players are the most likely to feel this inflammation at the bottom of their feet.

What do you need to know about the design of the best soccer compression socks?

Most soccer compression socks are graduated models. This means the socks put the biggest pressure on the ankles, and the pressure slowly subsides as the socks get higher up the legs. This way the socks help the veins the most where the gravity’s pull is the largest on the blood inside the veins. As the veins get closer to the heart, the help of the socks is needed less.

Some models have targeted compression technology. These models have extra padding at certain areas that require extra attention. If your achilles tendons are aching, the extra padding of the socks can help the nutrients and antibodies get to the tendons quicker. This way your achilles will heal in much shorter time, and the hurt will eventually subside.

The best soccer compression socks are extremely comfortable. They are just tight enough that they sit on your legs, you might feel a bit of pressure, but that is to be expected. Most models have seamless designs, in order to not let any muscle injuries, such as blisters or rashes happen.

It is paramount that the socks have to be constructed in a way that lets the sweat dry up during the game. After all you don’t want to play in soaking wet socks. It would not be very hygienic. Most models have a little bit of antibacterial silver woven into them, which prevents bacteria from growing as well as fungi development.

Some players don’t want to use these socks, since they don’t want to wear an extra layer under the designated socks of their team. This problem can be fixed with an easy trick. The video below shows you how:

Nowadays shoes are an important means of self expression for most players. Similarly for recreational players the colour of the socks have to match the colour of their team’s jersey. There are a seemingly infinite number of different designs and colours of these product out there. No matter what type you like, you will find the best soccer compression socks for your needs.

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what you need to know about Kids Soccer Socks

Soccer socks for kids article header

It's a frequently asked question. Do kids need soccer socks?

New soccer moms and soccer dads need to know what kinds of socks soccer players wear, how kids soccer socks are different, and how to wear soccer socks. Okay, let's dive in.

Kids who play soccer need special socks that fit over top their shin guards and help secure them in place. Most soccer leagues and organizations require kids to wear soccer socks.

Soccer socks are different than regular socks. They are thicker and longer. The soccer socks that are worn a few inches below the knee by soccer players are often called calf socks.

No matter what brand of sock a child likes, there is one basic requirement. Their socks must completely cover their shin guards. Soccer socks should be tight enough so that they won't fall down during the match, but some players put tape around the top of the sock to help stop the socks from falling down.

How tight should soccer socks be

Just like other soccer equipment, sizing is very important with socks too. How do you know how tight of a soccer sock to wear? The socks should be tight enough to stay in place during the rigors of running, sudden directional changes, and kicking that frequently occur during soccer practices and matches.

Socks that slide down during play and need to be contiguously pulled back up distract you and pull you out of concentrating on the game.

Soccer socks should not be so tight that they cause discomfort or pain and affect the ability to easily move in any direction. They should be easy to put on, feel soft with room to stretch, but still feel snug.

If your child's legs are thin or the sock is a bit loose at the top, you can use tape around the top of the sock to help keep it from falling down, but it's better to get a sock that has the right amount of snugness. 

Additionally, if you have soccer shoes that are a little bit too big, some players like the feel and fit of wearing two pairs of socks. That makes it important to match them with proper fitting soccer cleats.

How long should soccer socks be

Knee high soccer socksAbove knee
soccer socks

All soccer socks must be long enough to fully cover and secure your shin guards.

After that, personal preference kicks into play. Some kids like to wear the longest style of socks and pull the up over their knees for added protection.

Whether your kids like their sock above their knees or below their knees, the minimally tall socks must still completely cover your child's shin guards. Read my complete post for more information on shin guards for kids.

soccer socks thickness

Soccer socks with ankle protectionsSoccer Socks
With Ankle Pads

Soccer socks are thicker than traditionally athletic socks, but the thickness can vary for different parts of the sock. The tops of these taller sock are thinner so that they can be folded down without causing discomfort or leaving pressure marks.

If they were too thick at the top they would not have the same flexibility.

Likewise, not enough thickness in the sole and it's extra wear and tear on your feet.

Look at the diagram of the different areas of a professionally designed soccer sock below. This much variety in the different sections of a child's soccer sock might be overkill for many parents, but it's a good illustration of the variety of socks available.

Diagram of soccer sock sectionsLANSHI Men's Soccer Socks Compression Long Sport
Adapted from an advertisement on Amazon

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Why kids should wear soccer socks

There are many good reasons your young soccer player should wear real soccer socks. Here's a list of benefits of wearing the right socks while playing soccer.

  1. Soccer socks protect the overall health of your feet.
  2. They also provide some protection against scrapes to other parts of the legs and even the knees.
  3. Snugly fitting properly designed compression socks can decease fatigue in the legs by their compression function.
  4. Soccer socks prevent blisters that would otherwise emerge from the rubbing of your feet against the various areas within your soccer shoes.
  5. Socks keep your feet warm during cold weather play.
  6. They also deter the occurrence of athlete's foot and other infections by wicking away moisture.
  7. Good soccer socks cushion the feet and that makes you feel comfortable when you play.

In addition to socks specifically made to cover shin guards for soccer, it's a good idea to review all the soccer gear that can be involved with playing soccer.

Do your kids need to wear soccer socks?

Soccer socks covering the shin guardSoccer socks
cover shin guards

Kids playing competitive soccer need to wear soccer socks because they are required to cover their shin guards and because of the many benefits to the kids who play soccer. Getting the right type of soccer sock and the right fit are super important.

For the toddlers and preschool aged soccer players who are not wearing shin guards, soccer socks are not needed. Does that mean you shouldn't have your child wear soccer socks? No!

Young children like dressing up like the big kids do. Wearing traditional soccer socks has benefits for the youngest soccer players too.

  • They get accustomed to wearing them-they do feel quite different than regular socks.
  • Just like wearing a real soccer jersey they make playing soccer feel more special and enjoyable.
  • They do offer some protection against cuts and scrapes.

And making soccer fun should be of the utmost priority for young kids.

Inspire a child with soccer today!

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Socks are often an entirely overlooked part of the soccer player’s kit. Most of the time they’re only viewed as a part of the uniform, something where the color needs to match. However, anyone who’s ever had a pair of socks that bunched up in the heel, gave them blisters, or didn’t hold their shin guards in place knows that not having the best soccer socks can ruin your whole day.


Top Soccer Sock Reviews

When putting together a soccer kit, one of the first things you will probably look for is a pair of cleats (or “boots”). Soccer is almost completely about your feet, so that’s understandable. But what connects your foot to your boot?

Don’t ignore the socks, as they can make the difference between being comfortable or having blisters. In addition, a good pair of socks for soccer will hold your shin guards in place, preventing the pesky and annoying constant of pulling them up.


Top Pick

adidas Copa Zone Cushion LLL OTC

Best for the Money

Copper Compression Socks

Best Cheap Pick

Soxnet Acrylic Socks


adidas Unisex Copa Zone Cushion III Soccer Socks...
QUXIANG Copper Compression Socks Women & Men...
Youth to Adult Unisex Soccer Athletic Sports Team...



Yes, 15-20 mmHg


Size Range

XS - L

S - XL

5 - 13

Top Pick


adidas Copa Zone Cushion LLL OTC


adidas Unisex Copa Zone Cushion III Soccer Socks...
Best for the Money


Copper Compression Socks


QUXIANG Copper Compression Socks Women & Men...


Yes, 15-20 mmHg

Best Cheap Pick


Soxnet Acrylic Socks


Youth to Adult Unisex Soccer Athletic Sports Team...

Best Soccer Socks Overall: adidas Copa Zone Cushion LLL OTC

The adidas Copa Zone line of socks has been a mainstay in the soccer world for a long, long time. Everybody knows that the iconic “three stripes” folded just below the knee make a bold statement. The Copa Zone Cushion III Soccer Socks (also known as the Copa Zone Cushion III) is the most popular of the line. There is a newer version, the Copa Zone Cushion IV, so be on the lookout for our review of that product.

adidas Unisex Copa Zone Cushion III Soccer Socks...

These soccer socks have multiple areas of focus with different purposes. The toes and heels are padded, the arch and ankle are supported, and there is a cooling toe channel.


As you can tell by the name of these socks, the primary emphasis of the Copa Zone Cushion III is its cushioning. There’s a substantial (but not bulky) amount of padding around the heel and toe of each sock. This helps out in a few different ways to make your time on the field more comfortable

  • Padding around the heel provides excellent shock absorption from heel strikes when running on hard fields, and a slight amount of achilles protection.
  • Padding around the toe area protects your toes when hitting the ball with your toe on a pass or shot on goal.
  • Both padding areas are focused around the main hot spots of the foot, helping to keep blisters at bay.


Compression areas around the arch and ankle provide an additional layer of support. This stability isn’t up to the level of a dedicated brace (and it’s not meant to be), but the difference is plain when you put them on. Both the ankle and the arch are places where your average sock starts to show signs of sagging, and the added compression areas on the Copa keep your soccer socks in the right place.

Cooling Toe Channel

This may sound like a silly bit of hype, but I know from personal experience that it works. There is a slight channel in the toe area of the Copa III made with a different weave that allows for more airflow. In general, walking around town you wouldn’t notice it as much, but in a match where you’re running hard for 90 minutes, that extra airflow makes a difference.

Adidas uses a proprietary climalite® fabric. This blend of nylon and spandex does a fantastic job of wicking moisture away from your skin, helping your legs and feet keep cool and dry. The lightweight nature of this material allows these soccer socks, even with padding, to keep a close fit that doesn’t bother you on the pitch.

An iconic staple of soccer history, focused technology and padding make these the best soccer socks for most players.

Product Specs

  • Size Range: XS – L
  • Material: 98% Nylon, 2% Spandex
  • True to size
  • Moisture wicking: Yes
  • Compression: Yes
  • Sold by: Per pair

Best Soccer Socks for the Money: Copper Compression Socks

They might not be the most obvious choice for soccer, but these Copper Compression Socks have some nice features that your everyday soccer sock may not.

QUXIANG Copper Compression Socks Women & Men...

Compression-specific socks have been on the market for quite a while, and for good reason. The increased blood circulation and oxygen flow gained from compression is known to help in both performance and recovery for athletes. Some of the on-field benefits gained from these socks can include reduced cramping, fatigue, and swelling.

The copper material in these socks, aside from claims of electrical conduction, actually has some positive factors in its favor.

Copper is a natural antimicrobial agent, which will help keep your socks, feet, and shoes from getting too smelly. In addition, the fibers themselves help keep the socks from stretching out after repeated wear.

QUXIANG Copper Compression Socks Women & Men...
QUXIANG Copper Compression Socks Women & Men...
  • COPPER COMPRESSION SOCKS - Copper is a great conductor of electricity, we extended its natural...
  • COMPRESSION BENEFITS - QUXIANG Compression socks are designed to promote blood circulation and...
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE - Our socks provide better fabric strength while retaining softness...

The material and weave of these compression socks are strong, durable, soft, flexible, and very breathable. They are also great at wicking the sweat away so you don’t have to deal with soggy toes.

Something to keep in mind – the material on these socks is fairly thin. If you’re used to cushioned soccer socks, keep this in mind. If your boots (shoes) are the slightest bit loose with cushioned socks, they may feel too big when wearing these.

Product Specs

  • Size Range: S – XL
  • Material: 85% Nylon, 10% Polyester, 5% Copper Fiber
  • True to size
  • Moisture wicking: Yes
  • Compression: Yes, 15-20 mmHg
  • Sold by: Pack of 7 pairs

Best Cheap Soccer Socks: Soxnet Acrylic Unisex Soccer Sports Team Cushion

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need a pair of cheap soccer socks.

Youth to Adult Unisex Soccer Athletic Sports Team...

Whether you just started going to a new pickup game for your lunch break on Wednesdays, you play 5 days a week and need some backup socks, or your dog just ate a pair and you were wanting a different color anyway, we’ve all been there.

Welcome to the Soxnet Soccer Sports Team Socks, the ultimate in cheap utility athletic socks.

Aside from the price (10 bucks or less for 3 pairs at the time of this article), these socks have additional features that make them worth a look.

Youth to Adult Unisex Soccer Athletic Sports Team...
Youth to Adult Unisex Soccer Athletic Sports Team...
  • Athletic Team Sports Socks. Unisex Soccer Socks 3-Pack and 9-Pack. All Purpose Sports Socks. Half...
  • Socks made for all sorts of team sports! Comes in 3 or 9 pairs Value pack.
  • High quality acrylic provides a more stable and stretchy finish than basic weaves, breathable,...

A cushioned sole helps prevent blisters along the bottom of the foot, and protects from impact on a hard surface.

There is a slight amount of added compression in the middle of the foot which will aid in keeping the socks in place, as well as supporting your arch.

Available in a large selection of colors and sizes, these soccer socks will perform well enough for the price and last for a long time. If you have any problems, they offer a quality guarantee.

Product Specs

  • Size Range: 5 – 13
  • Material: Acrylic
  • True to size
  • Moisture wicking: No
  • Compression: None
  • Sold by: Pack of 3 pairs

Most Fashionable Soccer Socks: TCK Sports Elite Digital Camo Over The Calf Performance Socks

TCK Sports Digital Camo Over The Calf Socks are another pair of non-sport specific athletic socks that work well for soccer.

TCK Sports Digital Camo Over The Calf Socks (Neon...

I have a pair (in purple!) that I’ve used for soccer, but I normally wear them in the gym. They have really good calf compression, hold up well on the pitch, and frankly they look awesome.

Don’t think that the multiple colors and great digital camo print running up the back of the calf are the only reasons to buy these socks, they also have some great features.

The material is stretchy, but just stiff enough that you feel the compression all the way through your lower leg.

If you are not interested in the compression and your foot size is at the higher end of their size chart, you may want to order the next size up to make sure your shin guards will fit comfortably.

The footbed, toes, and heel of these athletic socks have a decent layer of cushioning. This helps protect from blisters and impact with the ground, a soccer ball, or your opponent. Arch compression is also present like other recommended soccer socks. The breathable antimicrobial mesh help keep your feet and legs cool while fighting against smelly shoes.

The double welt top is a nice touch; these socks aren’t meant to roll down below the knees, so the double welt helps to keep them from sagging.

Product Specs

  • Size Range: S – XL
  • Material: 64% Polypropylene, 27% Nylon, 7% Elastic, 2% Lycra Spandex
  • True to size
  • Moisture wicking: Yes
  • Compression: Yes
  • Sold by: Per pair

Honorable mention: adidas Rivalry Field OTC

The adidas Rivalry Field Multi-Sport Socks don’t quite match up to our #1 pick for the best soccer socks, but they have a lot going for them, especially for the price.

adidas Unisex Rivalry Field OTC Socks (2-Pair),...

I’m sure you’ve noticed that these soccer socks are also made by adidas and most of the specs are the same, but the main difference is in the material.

While the Copa Zone Cushion III is made of mainly nylon, the base of these are primarily polyester. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but these socks will be slightly less breathable.

Arch and ankle compression is about the same, and a cushioned foot protects against blisters and hot spots.

If you’re looking for a lower priced pair of soccer socks with adidas quality, these are an excellent choice.

Product Specs

  • Size range: XS – L
  • Material: 93% Polyester, 4% Spandex, 3% Nylon
  • True to size
  • Moisture wicking: Yes
  • Compression: Yes
  • Sold by: Pack of 2 pairs

Best Premium Soccer Socks: TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer Sock

While outside of the price range of your everyday player, the TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Socks are in my opinion the best soccer socks available on the market. They have an original concept that sets these socks apart from the competition with their unique non slip sole, and the amount of comfort that the cushioning provides makes them an all-around winner.

TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer | Football...

Both the inside and the outside of the TRUSOX are covered with INEXtech pads, slightly tacky pads which secure your foot to the sock, and the sock to the shoe. This secures your foot completely to the shoe, enabling you to change direction quicker and more explosively because of the direct transfer of power.

The pads also:

  • Lock your heels down so they don’t slide out of the back of your cleats.
  • Prevent blisters by preventing sliding that causes hot spots.

Thinking about a lot of pads against your skin might make you assume that these socks are uncomfortable, but I can tell you from personal experience that they aren’t. When you’re wearing them, the only difference you feel is that your foot has stopped sliding around the inside of your boot. That small change makes a big difference in your confidence level when pivoting and cutting on the pitch.

TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer | Football...
TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer | Football...
  • MAKE CHANGES IN DIRECTIONS FASTER - non slip socks with INEXtech pads, that appear on both the...
  • HEEL WILL STAY IN CLEAT - INEXtech non slip pads secure your heel in place and it will not slip out...
  • PREVENT BLISTERS - your feet with grip socks will no longer slide around in your cleats and will...

In addition to the INEXtech pads, these socks have a moisture-wicking fabric and cushioning that runs from heel to toe.

Since this is a premium product, be sure to follow the washing instructions. Wash in cold water, no bleach, and keep them out of the dryer. Hang drying is the way to go with these socks.

Confused by the short length of these socks? Please see the additional notes on soccer socks below.

Product Specs

  • Size Range: S – L
  • Material: 60% Nylon, 39% Cotton, 1% Spandex
  • True to size
  • Moisture wicking: Yes
  • Compression: Yes
  • Sold by: Per pair

Sock Sizing

It is very important to purchase the correct size soccer socks. The best way to find your size is to try on different pairs of socks. However, if you’re buying online, here are some good tips to get you the right pair.

In general, Small fits kids sizes up to 5, Medium fits men’s shoe size from 6-9, Large from 9-12, and X-Large from 12-15. For women looking at unisex or men’s sizes, a good rule of thumb is to add 1.5 and round up (from the above example, Medium would fit women’s size 6.5, but we would move up to a Large for women’s size 7.5). Every manufacturer is different, so take your shoe size and compare it to the manufacturer’s size chart.

We’d recommend if you’re at the top of the scale (for instance, if size L is a 9-12 shoe size, and XL is 12-15), go for the XL. Socks have a tendency to shrink after a while so you’re better off with a larger size.

If the socks are too small, the curve of the sock will be in the wrong place. This ends up creating a lump of misplaced material under your heel. If the socks are too big, there will be extra material that bunches up around the toes, the heel, or both.

Materials Used in Socks for Soccer

Growing up, most of the soccer socks I had were provided by my team. These were usually acrylic or blends that would stretch out by the end of the season. For practice I wore basic white cotton socks (sometimes two pairs at a time if I had a new pair of shoes that I was supposed to grow into) that bunched up and absorbed any moisture from the grass or my feet.

The materials and designs available today make such a huge difference it’s ridiculous.

Fabrics blended from man-made materials like nylon, polyester, and spandex have breathable and moisture-wicking properties that keep your socks from getting bogged down from moisture.

They maintain their shape better over time than older materials. These socks are easier to clean, holding up better (for the most part) to washing and drying. Additional antimicrobial properties can be included to prevent bacteria growth.

Features of Modern Socks for Soccer

The automation of new weaving techniques has made the addition of multi-zoned socks possible. Older socks may have had a difference between the foot and calf area, but newer socks have many different zones with features focused on specific areas.

Girl standing on grass in red soccer shorts and red soccer socks

The most common feature is soccer sock cushioning. This is focused around the toe, heel, and sole of the foot. Because the material is thicker, it’s important that it is placed next to another area that breathes well. The Copa Zone Cushion III is an excellent example, with an included channel in the toes for additional breathability.

Cushioning can help with preventing blisters and absorbing impact from the ground, ball, or other players.

Compression has become an important part of sock technology in recent years. For me, the most important part to receive compression should be the calf. I’ve been pleasantly impressed by the inclusion of arch and ankle compression, these add a bit of stability as well as improved blood flow.

Anti-slip panels are a recent feature that have been added to many premium soccer socks (including the TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer Sock recommended above). These lock your foot into the boot to improve directional changes without sliding around. In addition, they reduce the chance of blisters my preventing hot spots normally caused by your fleet slipping back and forth inside of your cleats.

How to Wear Soccer Socks

The classic soccer socks reach up to your knee, and sometimes above it. They are this long so they can comfortably cover and hold up your shin guards, while also adding a bit of extra protection. If your socks reach above your knees, the normal fix is to fold them down, from just below the knee, back over your shin guards and calf. My preference is to roll them down to just over my kneecap.

How to Wear Crew Length Socks for Soccer

Some soccer socks, identified as crew socks, only come up to your calf and won’t cover your shin guards. These are great for training when you don’t have to worry about shin guards, but this length of sock isn’t appropriate for use in a game. You may be wondering, why are crew socks recommended above as the premium choice for soccer?

If you’ll notice from watching professional and international soccer players, a lot of their team-issued socks are cut off just above the ankle. FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, has strict regulations for team uniforms. Socks fall under these rules and the entire team must match.

What do soccer players do when they have different preferences in socks from the pair that the team issues? They will cut them off around the ankle and slide them over the socks that actually go inside the shoes. This keeps the uniform consistent while the player has the comfort and satisfaction of their preferred socks.

Woman trying on a red adidas soccer sock

How to Care For Soccer Socks

When you play soccer more than once a week, sometimes it’s hard to remember to wash all of your kit after every time you put it on. Washing your socks should be the most important part of your post-game or practice ritual. Don’t leave them in your bag!

When you leave any clothes in a closed, moisture-rich environment, it provides excellent conditions for bacterial growth. Even though a lot of newer materials have antimicrobial features, that won’t completely stop bacteria from multiplying when left in the right environment (like in a gym bag). They will start to smell, and can also be dangerous to your health if you have any cuts or open sores on your feet.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for washing your soccer socks. Different material blends require different care. Some can be washed and dried normally with the rest of your clothes, but some will need to be washed in cold water and hung out to dry.


“One can never have enough socks.”

― Albus Dumbledore

One of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life was wearing a pair of socks that were too big for me during a soccer tournament. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. By the 3rd game I had already taped up a few blisters when one of the coaches gave me an extra pair of thinner socks to wear underneath them. That saved the rest of the day, but I wish I had never been in that situation to begin with.

With today’s materials, design, and innovation nobody should ever end up in that same position. I hope the above information will help you find a pair (or more) of well fitting, great looking, perfectly performing soccer socks to make your days on the pitch as comfortable as they can possibly be.

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Tim Frechette

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.

benefits of soccer compression socks

A study published in Research in Sports Medicine examined the benefits of compression socks for female soccer players.

Soccer-induced muscle injury and fatigue are possible and unfortunate aspects of the sport. Previous studies have found various benefits of compression socks when worn by male soccer players. These benefits included a reduction in muscle stress and damage.

However, researchers have noted that soccer performance and soccer-induced fatigue and muscle damage varies among the sexes. This raised the question: do compression socks benefit female soccer players as they do men soccer players?

To determine the answer to this question, researchers examined the benefits of compression socks for 20 female players who participated in the study. The study was published in Research in Sports Medicine. For the study, players were asked to eat as they normally would, but to abstain from alcohol and caffeine. They were also asked not to exercise heavily two days prior to the study. Some players wore compression socks while others wore regular socks so that the researchers could directly compare the difference.

Before and after playing soccer, all players completed performance tests. They completed a t-test (leg), a standing heel-rise test (calf), and a yo-yo intermittent endurance test (intermittent activity performance). Furthermore, players who wore compression socks were examined for fit (tightness) and comfort before and after the match. Players’ heart rates were also noted throughout the soccer match.

Benefits of compression socks versus soccer socks

The study reported that the benefits of wearing compression socks previously seen for men, apply to female soccer players as well.

Whether they were wearing regular soccer socks or compression socks, players showed similar yo-yo intermittent endurance test results, however, post-match leg and calf results were positive in players who wore compression socks. Athletes who wore the soccer compression socks reported less post-match fatigue compared with regular sock wearers.

Players who wore compression socks physically benefited more than players who did not. Players who wore compression socks showed no changes in their agility tests, whereas players who wore regular soccer socks did. Researchers note that the benefits of compression socks may also include avoiding injuries.

A limitation of this study is that muscle damage was not closely examined. Future studies may also take this into consideration.

The benefits of compression socks include helping reduce post-match muscle stress and fatigue in soccer players. They may also help with performance. Further research on this topic could help to learn more about the benefits of these socks for soccer players.

Written by Laura Laroche, HBASc, Medical Writer


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  2. Performance enhancer: Sports compression stockings a winning advantage. 2019,, assessed 9 Jan. 2019.

Laura Laroche


Soccer socks compression are socks

Keeping your feet and legs in good condition is vital for top performance in a soccer game. Gone are the days of loose socks that slide inside of your cleats.

Newly developed compression socks not only support your feet and legs but also provide extra blood to your muscles.

What are soccer compression socks?

Soccer compression socks provide leg support and encourage blood flow. Lower-cost socks will offer little compression and support to your feet and legs.

Mid-ranged soccer socks will provide the support required to perform at your highest level, giving much-needed blood flow and circulation. 

Science has brought the game of soccer over the last 20 years and the socks are no exception.

Cleats are well talked about in the game but not many people talk about socks! If you have a bad pair of socks, your cleats will slip and slide. 

soccer players cleats and socks lying on grass - soccer compression socks

Soccer Compression Socks

Compression socks put slight pressure on your legs to press the veins so that the blood is forced to flow in your leg.

Blood circulates around the body, up and down the leg, and muscles need blood to operate.

Webmd says that compression socks are for people with;

  • Circulation problems
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Varicose veins
  • Recent surgery 

The types of people who use compression socks are;

  • Pregnant women 
  • Pilots/Air hostess
  • People who stand all-day
  • Athletes 

We normally associate compression socks with elderly people or people who are flying. But we can see listed are athletes, and soccer players depend on their legs for the game.

Any modern development in science must be adapted to the game for improvement. 

Are Compression Socks Good Or Bad?

I’ve worn socks before that feel too tight, you know when you put them on that they’re just not right – I’m sure you have had the same experience.

The sizing for socks has improved over the years, not so long ago soccer socks only came in a couple of sizes, for example, 6-10.

Now you can buy socks that are specifically made for your size – there are socks that are specific to your calf size.

So when you are buying socks, pick the correct ones for your leg size, so that they’re good for you and help your legs.

Goalkeeper soccer compression socks

What Are the Benefits of Compression Socks?

  • Increased circulation
  • Vein support
  • Pooling – a build-up of blood in an area
  • Reduced swelling 
  • Prevention of DVT
  • Prevention of leg ulcers 
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Fatigue reduction 

From the medical people at Healthline, they tell us the benefits of compression socks are;

Types of Compression Socks

There three different types of compression socks, be sure to get the ones that are designed for your needs. Otherwise, it can cause side effects. 

  • Graduated compression socks: apply more pressure on the ankle of the foot and less up your leg. They fit up to the knee and are professionally measured to suit your needs. 
  • Anti-embolism socks: Are made for people mobility problems. They also have graduated pressure and are designed for people with DVT.
  • Nonmedical support hosiery: They’re common compression socks, used mainly for flights and they do not apply as much pressure as the other two types of socks. They can be bought from most medical suppliers. 

Pro Soccer Cleats to Wear with Compression Socks


Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite Fg Mens Soccer...

PUMA Mens Future 4.1 Netfit Firm Ground...

adidas Predator Volley Swim Short, Turquoise,...

Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite Fg Mens Soccer...
PUMA Mens Future 4.1 Netfit Firm Ground...
adidas Predator Volley Swim Short, Turquoise,...


Second-Skin : Fit Soft synthetic material and a Dynamic Fit collar work together to wrap your foot and provide a second-skin feel on the field.

NETFIT, featuring our advanced NETFIT technology to ensure the perfect fit and support for any foot shape and superior lock-down

Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch


Textured for Touch : A micro texture from heel to toe gives you the touch you need for creativity at high speeds.

evoKNIT PRO upper and RAPIDAGILITY outsole for sharp bursts of speed

The adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted Connection with sport. Everything we do is rooted in sport


Versatile Traction : A versatile multi-ground plate provides traction on natural- and artificial-grass surfaces.

ADAPT: evoKNIT PRO upper featuring NETFIT for customizable lacing and freedom of movement

Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation as well as decades of accumulating sports science expertise


Sockliner for lightweight cushioning / Higher plate overlap on the toe for durability

STRIKE: 3D Havoc Frame for game-changing precision and powe

On the forefoot, raised elements add extra swerve


Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite Fg Mens Soccer...

Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite Fg Mens Soccer...


Second-Skin : Fit Soft synthetic material and a Dynamic Fit collar work together to wrap your foot and provide a second-skin feel on the field.


Textured for Touch : A micro texture from heel to toe gives you the touch you need for creativity at high speeds.


Versatile Traction : A versatile multi-ground plate provides traction on natural- and artificial-grass surfaces.


Sockliner for lightweight cushioning / Higher plate overlap on the toe for durability


PUMA Mens Future 4.1 Netfit Firm Ground...

PUMA Mens Future 4.1 Netfit Firm Ground...


NETFIT, featuring our advanced NETFIT technology to ensure the perfect fit and support for any foot shape and superior lock-down


evoKNIT PRO upper and RAPIDAGILITY outsole for sharp bursts of speed


ADAPT: evoKNIT PRO upper featuring NETFIT for customizable lacing and freedom of movement


STRIKE: 3D Havoc Frame for game-changing precision and powe


adidas Predator Volley Swim Short, Turquoise,...

adidas Predator Volley Swim Short, Turquoise,...


Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch


The adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted Connection with sport. Everything we do is rooted in sport


Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation as well as decades of accumulating sports science expertise


On the forefoot, raised elements add extra swerve

Should You Wear Compression Socks While Playing Soccer?

Soccer compression socks fall under the nonmedical support hosiery, as they’re not issued by a doctor. Modern soccer socks are elasticated and apply pressure all around the leg. 

Good socks are also padded on the sole of the foot to prevent blisters from forming. 

Studies have shown that wearing compression socks while playing soccer can reduce fatigue after a match – this trial was tested for 20 female soccer players.

There are many benefits gained from wearing compression socks, the medical industry backs up the claims along with scientific trials. 

Players training in soccer compression socks

How To Wear Soccer Socks And Shin Guards?

When you are putting on your compression soccer socks, roll up the sock so your toes go straight to the bottom and then roll the sock up the sole of your foot, then roll up to the top of your calf.

Be sure to position the padding on your foot of the sock, so that it’s a comfortable fit. Some players roll down an inch of the top of their sock, this keeps the sock in place and makes it more comfortable.

There are two different types of shin guards. One has ankle support attached to the guard and there is a strap that goes underneath your foot.

For this type of shin guard, you will have to put it on first, and then the soccer socks. 

The second type of shin guard slips into the sock, so you fit your socks on first and pull the sock forward so that you can put in your shin guard.

How Long To Wear Compression Socks After Soccer?

The socks are needed during the game to stimulate blood circulation. After a game, I would recommend that you remove the socks so that your leg can naturally return to its normal state.

Be sure to wear the socks when you are warming up so that your leg adjusts to the compression. 

Best Soccer Compression Socks

The main manufacturers in the soccer industry are Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor. These names are industry standard and are of high quality.

Be sure to buy socks from the middle range upwards. If you buy lower-end products, they don’t have all-over compression.

Some of the best soccer compression socks are;

Nike Academy socks;

  • Dri-fit 
  • Latex materials
  • High wearing 
  • Ankle support
  • Left and right foot

They’re a solid pair of socks that offer all-around compression – check them out at Amazon here.

Nike Academy Over-The-Calf Soccer Socks
Nike Academy Over-The-Calf Soccer Socks
  • DRI-FIT SOCKS: Sweat-wicking Nike socks with Dri-FIT fabric...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FABRIC: Nike over-the-calf soccer socks are made...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: A reinforced heel and toe on Nike Academy...

Adidas Team Speed II;

  • 78% Nylon,12% Natural Latex Rubber,8% Polyester, 2% Spandex
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Mesh weave for breathability 
  • Arch and ankle support
  • Extra ankle compression 

These are well designed and will give you much-needed support in a game – check the latest prices at Amazon here.

Under Armor UA Team;

  • 68% Nylon/28% Polyester/4% Spandex
  • Arch support
  • Anti-odor 
  • Moisture-wicking material 
  • Protective cushioning 

Under Armor provides extra protection for the arch, so perfect if you have issues there. See the full specs at Amazon here. 

The development of soccer compression socks has really come on over the last 10 years and is well worth it.

I’ve played over a number of years and they’re definitely worth a couple of bucks more.

This type of sock fits nicely to your foot, this reduces any chance of blisters and boosts your performance on the field. 

Be sure that your cleats are made for you and aren’t causing you pain. Check out these buying guides for soccer cleats;

For more useful guides, see the articles below or visit our home page.

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