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 I am looking for a roof rack, what type of roof do I have?

Your vehicle's roof should be one of the following:

  • Naked / Bare Roof
  • Factory installed raised side rails
  • Factory installed flat tracks or fix points
  • Factory installed roof rack with crossbars
  • Raingutter

What is A Naked Roof?

A vehicle with a naked roof (or bare roof) would not have tracks or rails. With a naked roof, you need a clip kit, leg kit and crossbars to create a complete roof-rack system. The installation process may vary slightly for each vehicle. 

   Rhino Rack Roof Rack Naked Roof

Clip kits
are custom designed to ensure the strongest and best fit for your vehicle. They kit will include pads and clips that fasten to the outer edges of your roof by connecting to pre drilled holes, or by clamping around the door jam.
Leg Kits include four feed that connect to the fit kit and provide attachment points for the crossbars.
The crossbars are the portion of the rack that carries the accessory and is the last part of the system to be installed. 

Use the Cargo Management Vehicle Search to look up the correct parts for your roof rack. 

What are Factory Installed Raised Side Rails?

Factory installed raised side rails are most common on minivans and SUV's.  They run front to back on your vehicle's roof and can provide attachment points for an aftermarket roof rack system. This design requires a leg kit and crossbars. Use our Cargo Vehicle Search guide to find the correct system for your vehicle's naked roof. 

Rhino Rack Roof Rack Raised Side Rails

What are Factory Installed Flush Rails?

Factory installed flush rails run from front to back on your vehicle and are flush to the rood without any space between the rail and the roof. There is typically a inner and/or outer groove that allows connection of a crossbar. To mount a roof rack on this type of roof system, you will need a clip kit, leg kit and crossbars.

Rhino Rack Roof Rack Flush Rails

What are Fixed Points?

Fixed connection points are factory threaded fasted down points that are typically located on the outer edge of the roof at toe points on each side. The connection points are located under a roof trim piece, a removable panel or flip up panel. 
There are two types of fixed points; Crossbar Overhang and Crossbar Terminating. They require leg kits and crossbars. 

Rhino Rack Roof Rack Fixed Points

What are Raingutters?

Raingutters still exist on some late model vehicle's but typically are found on full sized cargo and passenger vans. Raingutters require Leg Kits, Gutters, and Crossbars.

Rhino Rack Roof Rack for Raingutters

Now that you know what roof style you have, use our Cargo Vehicle Search to look up the correct roof rack system for your vehicle. 

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Why it's important to select the correct vehicle and tyre size


There are a surprising number of vehicles that cannot use traditional snowchains, the types that put chain on the inside of the wheel as well as on the tread. This is usually because there is not enough space between the wheels and the shock absorbers; this can be a problem for ordinary SUVs and 4x4s as well as for high performance cars.

You will find this important information in your car handbook - please check this before using your snowchains! Our database is intended to do the basic work for you but, with so many new vehicles and tyre sizes, it should only ever be treated as a guide.

Tyre size

Please also check your tyre size - if you buy incorrectly-sized chains they will be either too tight or too loose.

Ladder track chains

The good news is that car handbooks usually only refer to "traditional snowchains". Ladder track chains such as the Polaire GRIP and Spikes-Spider range only put chain over the tyre tread, so are not subject to these restrictions. They are also ideal for use on rear wheel drives where there is minimal space between the top of the wheel and the wheel arch.

Roof bars overview

Identify your specific model

About our brands

Are aluminium bars worth the extra money?

Through bars or flush bars?


Sours: https://www.roofbox.co.uk/roof-bars/
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Roof Rack For Flush Roof Rail

$85 is for one bar, as the most time the front bar width is different from the rear one, You can buy two bar and select two different size bar to fit your car better Aluminum alloy universal roof rack, It is suitable for cars and vehicles like Hyundai Santa Fe, Audi Q5, Kia Sportage with flush roof rails Can be installed bike rack, roof box, ski rack, boat rack Multiple Size ranging from 90 cm cm Each one is adjustable to extend by 4 cm Model A CM Flush Rails inside distance CM Model B CM Flush Rails inside distance CM Model C CM Flush Rails inside distance CM Model D CM Flush Rails inside distance CM Model E CM Flush Rails inside distance CM Model F CMFlush Rails inside distance CM Width cm Capacity kg After you buy now, please inform me of the width of the roof rail, front width, and back width of roof rail is different, shown in photo number four, or you can select directly by yourself Model A-F No anyone roof rack can fit all car, So if it is possible, you can come to our warehouse to check if the roof rack is fit for your car. The real install example you can check https://kiwisafety.co.nz/blog/flush_roof_rail/

Sours: https://kiwisafety.co.nz/roof-rack-for-flush-roof-rail.html
Flush Rail Gen 3 Prorack Roof Rack Installation Video

Roof Racks for Cars with Flush Roof Rails

flush roof rail rack diagram
Flush rail roof rack towers (feet) generally clamp to the rail in some way. There are many different clamping methods and specialized hardware for the many shapes of flush roof rails. The diagram above is just one example how such an attachment.
Flush Rail Roof rack - refers to the method of attachment of a roof rack to a car or SUV roof. Raised rails are rails on a car roof that run parallel to the length of the car, there is one on each side. Flush - means not raised,that is there is not vertical space between the bottom of the rail and the roof of the car, (it does notmean flat), the standard test is: you cannot wrap your hand around the rail because there is no room underit. Raised roof rails are usualy found on SUVs and on station wagons. A raised-rail roof rack consists of three main components: the rack cross-bars, the rack feet (sometimes called stays or towers), and a vehicle specific pad and hardware kit. The hardware kit contains specialized hardware that attaches to the rails and to the feet offten by squeezing the rail like a vise. They can sometimes be positioned wherever desired along the flush rails. The protectiveness of this clamping is an issue, but not so much as for raised rails since the flush rails are often not visible from ground level.
Sours: https://www.cargogear.com/roof-racks/Flush-Rail-Roof-Racks.aspx

Rail roof rack flush

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Roof rack bar with flush railing Thule Edge Wingbar Suzuki SX4 S-cross

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