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Telfar Shopping Bags always sell out — but here's how to get one

For the most part, last year's biggest shopping trends were pretty easy to predict. From tie-dye sweatsuits to the nap dress, we were looking for items that would keep us comfortable while we stayed home and adjusted to our new normal. So when the Telfar Shopping Bag became one of the most wanted accessories of the year, it was somewhat surprising.

While other luxury brands struggled as the economy took a serious hit, Telfar, helmed by Liberian-American fashion designer, Telfar Clemens, seemed to have its best year yet. The global fashion shopping platform Lyst revealed in its Year in Fashion Report at the end of that searches for the brand saw a percent increase week-on-week since August.

Telfar makes a variety of products, from shoes to apparel, but none are quite as popular as the cult-favorite Shopping Bag. It ranges in price from $ to $ and is nearly impossible to get, since each iteration always sells out almost as soon as it's released.

Today, however, anyone who has the item on their wishlist will get the rare opportunity to add one (or a multiple) to their closet, as Telfar just launched its third Bag Security Program. Here, we're breaking down what you need to know about the bag's popularity and how you can get one for yourself.

Why are Telfar bags so popular?

Clemens started the business back in and launched the bags in But it wasn't until more recently that things really took off. In , the brand (and the Shopping Bag specifically) had some of its biggest moments to date. Then, Clemens earned industry recognition when he won the American Accessory Designer of the Year award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America and the brand got love from celebrities who were spotted toting the bag around, adding to its appeal.

And then Oprah gave it her official seal of approval. She named it one of her "favorite things" of Following that announcement, the brand launched the bags on Amazon for the first time ever — of course, they sold out almost immediately afterward.

While the bags have become big among well-known names, at the same time the brand, which uses the slogan "not for you — for everyone," has been lauded for its focus on inclusivity, something that you don't always find in the world of high-fashion — and that has created legions of supporters. In fact, in March, Telfar fans came to its defense when Guess' G-Label Tote bag used a logo and design people felt was too similar to Telfar. The handbag licensee of the Guess tote, Signal Brands, later announced it was discontinuing the bag.

The Shopping Bag has been dubbed the "Bushwick Birkin," thanks to its popularity with the Brooklyn crowd. Marketing campaigns for the company showcase diverse faces, and the low price point makes it feel more accessible. Sure, starting at $ the bags seem much more expensive than your average purse, but when compared to other designer bags, like those from Birkin, they're practically a steal.

How can you get a Telfar bag?

For a long time, the only way to get one of the brand's coveted bags was by waiting for Telfar to announce a restock and hoping that you'd be able to add one to your cart quickly enough to make the purchase. But just last month, the brand announced the debut of Telfar TV, a streaming network that will serve as the main destination for all future bag drops (or "drips" as they're now being called). QR codes are randomly broadcasted on the channel, which leads viewers to a link to purchase the bag. The idea is that the new process will ensure bags get in the hands of actual fans as opposed to bots (which has been a problem for the brand in the past).

But by far the easiest way to score a bag is through Telfar's Bag Security Program. And today, the brand is bringing the event back for the third time. For just 36 hours, starting at 12 p.m. ET on Oct. 5 and ending at p.m. ET on the 6th, customers can go to the Telfar site and order the Shopping Bag in any size, color and quantity. Unlike the brand's usual drops, where there are only a limited number of bags available, during the event, any bags that are ordered will be custom-made. After the event, the company will begin production and the bag is guaranteed to ship by March 31, Since each one is being specially made, there are certain restrictions, so you won't be able to make changes to your order or get a refund after you've made your purchase.

Each bag is made from vegan leather and features both cross-body straps and handles so it can be worn multiple ways. It comes in a variety of colors and blends fashion and function, thanks to the sleek design featuring the now-iconic Telfar logo and a decent amount of carrying space. (The medium can hold a laptop and a few other items, while the large is roomy enough to be used for a weekend getaway.) You can find more details on the Telfar site, but below we're highlighting a few popular options that you'll be able to preorder starting today.

Telfar Shopping Bag Small Black

Telfar Shopping Bag Medium Red

Telfar Shopping Bag Large Tan

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Emma Stessman

Emma Stessman is Shop TODAY's Editorial Assistant.


Telfar Bag Review: I (somehow) got the small &#; medium bags

I hate when people caption their photos on Instagram, or whatever the latest social media is, with…

“You can’t sit with us.”

telfar shopping bag review

1- That’s not even the best quote from Mean Girls.
2- Why do you want to make other people feel bad?

Honestly, that caption feels noxious and obnoxious.

Then there’s this brand called Telfar — ok saying “this brand” is unfairly underplaying them because Telfar Clemens (of, well, Telfar) won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund in , designed uniforms for White Castle employees the same year (and donated the proceeds from it to bail funds), was nominated for a CFDA Award for Accessory Designer of the Year in , won a CFDA award for Accessory Designer of the Year in , regularly does drops that benefit important projects, is self-described as a “genderless, democratic, and transformative brand,” and is just an all around champion for all things right &#; fair — their message is…

“Not for you — for everyone.”

Now, that feels like a rush of fresh air that I can get behind (or in front of).

Six years late to the Telfar bag party, I set a series of alarms on each morning of the drops and bought 2 Shopping Bags — one small and one medium. Here’s what they are like..

Telfar Bag Sizes

You probably all ready know this, but, Telfar’s shopping bags come in 3 sizes.

Small&#;s dimensions: Height 4 3/4&#;, Width 6 5/8&#;, Depth 3 1/8&#;, Drop 21&#;

For a closer look, here’s how the Small Oxblood looks on me (I’m 5’” and I swear that ” matters…).

telfar small shopping bag review

Medium’s dimensions: Height 10 3/4&#;, Width 15&#;, Depth 5&#;, Drop 21&#;

… and the Medium White Shopping bag looks like this on.

telfar medium shopping bag review

… and large is: Height 14 1/4&#;, Width 19 1/4&#;, Depth 8&#;, Drop 21&#;

Fun Fact: The sizes are all modelled after Bloomingdale’s shopping bags sizes.

In the Financial Fashion Times, Telfar Clemens explains…

“When I saw people carrying a shopping bag during the holidays, specifically the Bloomingdale’s one, I was like, ‘Wow, they look so good. They just went shopping— look at the smile on their faces.’”

These shopping bags totally put a lasting smile on your face.

What Fits in a Small Telfar Bag?

Here’s what’s in my Small Shopping Bag…

Between the “The #1 Lipstick You Need” or “13 Signs He’s Not That Into You” articles, at some point, every magazine offers this tip: keep your essentials in a pouch to transfer from your day bag to night bag. While those articles &#; magazines are mostly filled with dribble, I follow their advice and keep my essentials in a pouch so I can transfer bags easily.

telfar small shopping bag dimensions

… and that pouch that has all the essentials, fits perfectly in the Telfar Small Shopping Bag.

telfar small shopping bag dimensions

What Fits in a Medium Telfar Bag?

A 16” MacBook Pro fits (almost) perfectly in the Medium Shopping Bag.

Normally, because of the magnetic closure, I’d be nervous about having my laptop in there. Apparently though, computers that have an SSD are fine to put near magnets. If you’re nervous, check what kind of laptop you have before putting it close to the magnet.

Here’s what can fit in a Medium Shopping Bag for day-to-day purposes:

telfar medium shopping bag dimensions

Laptop, essentials pouch, sweater, and sunglasses case.

When you’ve got your laptop and whatever else in there, I’d suggest carrying it by the handles because it’s a little heavier.

telfar medium shopping bag dimensions

If you’re decent at folding, you can also use it as a weekend bag:

what fits in a medium telfar bag

x2 tops, x3 underwear, x1 shorts, x1 pair of jeans, x2 sweaters, x1 slip dress, x1 pair of shoes, makeup case, x1 iPad.

The shoes will pop out and the bag won’t be able to totally close, but it still works…

what fits in a medium telfar bag

How I’m Styling These Bags

Anyone and everyone can style their Telfar bag in any way they want.

As a result, I’m staying true to me and wearing them how I wear everything else…

Small Shopping Bag Outfits

Telfar small shopping bag outfits

Left to Right: Nili Lotan slip dress with vintage earrings and Isabel Marant Denvee boots; the Vampire’s Wife skirt with a Re/Done ’s t-shirt, Isabel Marant x H&#;M earrings, and Isabel Marant Dicker boots; James Perse sweater with Rag &#; Bone skinny jeans, Isabel Marant x H&#;M earrings, Isabel Marant Devis belt, and Isabel Marant Denvee boots; Réalisation Par Violette dress with Isabel Marant Freak Out earrings, and Isabel Marant Denvee boots.

Medium Shopping Bag Outfits

Telfar medium shopping bag outfits

Left to Right: Rag &#; Bone t-shirt, Re/Done jeans, Dorsey necklace, and Repetto Camille flats; Isabel Marant Étoile Ilaria shirt, Rag &#; Bone shorts, vintage earrings, and K. Jacques Epicure sandals; Everlane bodysuit, Kate Moss x Topshop fringe suede coat, Isabel Marant x H&#;M earrings, Isabel Marant Zap belt, Rag &#; Bone skinny jeans, and By Far Becca boots; Nili Lotan Atwood turtleneck, Rag &#; Bone skinny jeans, Johnstons of Elgin wrap, vintage ring &#; hoops, and Isabel Marant Denvee boots.

How to Clean Your Telfar Bag

All Telfar Shopping Bags are % vegan leather.

To clean them, they officially recommend…

-Clean with cool water and gentle diluted detergent. Use a soft white cloth to gently remove marks.
-Do not wash in a machine or bleach
-Do not dry clean

It&#;s important to only use water and diluted detergent with a soft white cloth to wipe the PU surface clean. Avoid using strong detergent that could bleach or damage the PU surface and avoid using any heat sources on the bag.

This could be considered sacrilege, but, Panamá, where I live, is under a pretty strict lockdown and I don’t want to leave my house that often and I certainly don’t want to take a handbag with me… but I wanted to see how easy it is to clean a Telfar bag — so, I took a dirty sandal and stamped (OK, more like smeared) it on the bottom my white Telfar bag.

… but, I’m also lazy and don’t want to mix detergent &#; water, so I used an unscented baby wipe to clean it.

The marks totally came off and the vegan leather looks like new.

I love these bags… but you know what I like more? Telfar’s entire spirit.

Before it-items were produced on a mass level, but priced for the 1%, and brands basically bought out Coachella, fashion was a space for everyone to be themselves. It wasn’t just about buying $3, &#;new&#; Bottega bags or $+ tickets to a “concert” solely for the ~Instagram post~. People had a playful, and mostly non-pretentious, open mind to what style and fashion meant — it wasn’t just for The Plastics who could afford it.

To me, Telfar represents everything that was exciting about fashion in the beginning (OK, my interest in fashion’s beginning, so I mean from like ). When you’d have to get on a waitlist for a Jeremy Scott x Longchamp bag or Chanel Jade nail polish… when strangers on the street would hand out compliments on your outfit or ask how you got your mint green lacquered paws on that bottle of nail polish.

Maybe I’m simply stuck in nostalgia, or maybe I&#;m merely feeling malice for what Instagram/social media has done to the fashion scene, or worse, maybe I just sound like the girl who doesn’t even go here, but Telfar is an incredibly inclusive brand in the fashion world.

… and their bags are so fetch.

Telfar Shopping Bags are available in drops from, the small bag retails for $ USD, medium is $ USD, and large is $ USD. Sign up to their newsletter or follow them on Instagram to find out when the next round will go on sale.

Worldwide shipping (duties &#; taxes included!) is also available — my bags arrived directly to Panamá via DHL a week after they were shipped.

FWRD and SSENSE sometimes have a bunch of Telfar bags in a variety of colours and sizes&#;

Alternatively, you could buy one secondhand from Vestiaire Collective or The Real Real, but honestly, re-sale prices can be so inflated and you don&#;t know for sure if it&#;s a replica… plus, I think it’s more exhilarating to get one from a drop.

Note: newinspired uses affiliate links which costs you nothing&#; but means a lot to me. When you use these links, the money newinspired earns gets reinvested in blog content. Absolutely nothing on newinspired is &#;gifted,&#; I purchase each item with my own money. Affiliate commissions are used to purchase new items to honestly &#; thoroughly review. If you found this review helpful, consider using them to support newinspired.


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Used Telfar Medium White Shopping Bag
WHITE TELFAR PURSE UNBOXING! Unbagging my first Telfar!!!

Teflar is the unisex brand championing inclusivity through its everyday staples, taking inspiration from classic typography, logos and branding to recreate an all-inclusive iconography and brand essence. Founded in by Liberian-American designer and winner of the CFDA, Telfar Clemens designs with everyone in mind, living and breathing the motto “It’s not for you—it’s for everyone”. The Small Shopping Bag is crafted from faux-leather in a grained finish, cut in a shopping bag silhouette and features two top-handles, two shoulder straps, magnetic closure, front raised logo and twill lining. Faux-leather in a grained finish Two top-handles Two shoulder straps Magnetic closure Front raised logo One main compartment Interior slip pocket Twill lining Modern design Material % Vegan Leather.

TELFAR Medium Shopping Bag in White

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Telfar Medium Shopping Bag In White

Medium Shopping Bag In White

Teflar is the unisex brand championing inclusivity through its everyday staples, taking inspiration from classic typography, logos and branding to recreate an all-inclusive iconography and brand essence. Founded in by Liberian-American designer and winner of the CFDA, Telfar Clemens designs with everyone in mind, living and breathing the motto “It’s not for you—it’s for everyone”. The Small Shopping Bag is crafted from faux-leather in a grained finish, cut in a shopping bag silhouette and features two top-handles, two shoulder straps, magnetic closure, front raised logo and twill lining. Faux-leather in a grained finish Two top-handles Two shoulder straps Magnetic closure Front raised logo One main compartment Interior slip pocket Twill lining Modern design Material % Vegan Leather.


Bag white telfar medium shopping

I put my hand lower, with only one purpose - to feel, touch. At that moment I had a feeling that our life depends on my movement - I caressed you with such trepidation and tenderness. My fingers quickly got wet - you still like it.

Telfar Medium Shopping Bag - Unboxing

She immediately tried to run away, but I caught her by the hair again and put her. On all fours next to her. Her ass was right in front of my face.

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