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6 Backsplash Ideas for Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinets are a great compromise between lively, bright white kitchen cabinets and dark, mysterious black kitchen cabinets. However, figuring out the best backsplash designs to pair with your gray kitchen cabinets can be somewhat confusing. Do you want a neutral look, or something more bold? Should you go with darker tones or should you keep things light?

There’s a wide variety of backsplash designs that can be paired with your gray kitchen cabinets, and kitchen cabinets come in a number of different shades of gray. This can easily add to your conundrum. If you’re confused about choosing a backsplash for your particular shade of gray kitchen cabinets, the following kitchen designs can help!

Gray Kitchen Cabinets & Marble Backsplash

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Marble (or granite or quartz engineered to look like marble) is probably the most versatile backsplash choice to pair with your gray kitchen cabinets because it naturally consists of a variety of shades of gray. No matter if you choose a light or dark shade of gray for your cabinetry, a marble backsplash is bound to be a gorgeous match.

You may feel that a marble backsplash is only appropriate for classic, traditional kitchen styles, and while it is most often use in this context, it can absolutely be used in more modern and contemporary design styles, just as in the kitchen pictured above. Marble backsplash designs can be customized to your liking, all it takes is a bit of imagination.

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets & White Backsplash Tiles

If you’ve chosen a lighter shade of gray cabinetry, you may find it a bit more difficult to find a truly complementary backsplash. You may love the subtle yet inviting look of combining light gray cabinets with a white tile backsplash, but you might fear that it will look too bland or boring. A great way to work around this is to choose white tiles with a unique, eye-catching shape or design.

The intricate, pillowed look of the tiles used in the kitchen above is a great example. Trying to find complementary colors can be difficult, so choosing a neutral color tile with an interesting shape is a great way to put your new gray cabinetry on display without any clashing design elements.

Light Gray Cabinets & Bold, Colorful Backsplash

If you’re looking for a bold modern or warm contemporary way to style your light gray cabinets, then choosing a solid colored backsplash is the way to go. The color you choose will have a great impact on the overall look of the kitchen. Blues and greens will give the kitchen a darker, cooler look while reds, oranges and yellows will give the kitchen a warmer aesthetic.

While a bright red backsplash runs the risk of looking too brash or intimidating, light gray cabinets can help to temper the look a bit. This particular red backsplash is covered with glass which gives it a reflective look that pairs well with the stainless steel elements, giving this gray kitchen a modern, futuristic look.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets & Metallic Backsplash

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This is a look that may not come to mind immediately, but once you see it, it makes complete sense. Gray cabinets of all shades look amazing when paired with metallic elements, but they look particularly extravagant when placed on the shiny backdrop of a metallic backsplash.

Of course, warm metals such as copper will not have the striking effect that stainless steel or chrome will have. The look works because the gray hues of the metal elements are enhanced by the metallic effect, adding a subtle yet striking visual appeal to an otherwise neutral look. For an even more amazing, sparkly visual effect, choose a mosaic backsplash using a variety of small metal tiles.

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets & Dark Gray Backsplash

This kitchen is primarily styled with dark gray and white, with a few hints of warm accents. The backsplash design features the exact same shades of gray and white, giving this kitchen a fairly neutral look. However, this kitchen is anything but simple.

The chevron-style backsplash makes the entire kitchen a whole lot more interesting than a simple subway-style tile would. Using interesting shapes and designs is a great way to add visual interest to a kitchen that does not have very many colors. Adding an elaborate chandelier or other interesting feature is a great way to make your neutral kitchen pop!

Warm Gray Kitchen & Brown Backsplash Tiles

While most people pair their gray kitchen cabinets with similar neutral hues such as black and white or bold primary colors such as red and blue, there are other more complicated ways to style your gray cabinets. You may not think to pair your gray cabinetry with brown elements, but as the kitchen above proves, the look can be pulled off when done right.

Of course, lighter gray cabinets are the best choice for pairing with browns as darker colors may clash. Warm, yellow lighting is key to set the ambiance for the room, allowing the gray to blend rather than clash with the wooden and brown elements in the floor, countertop and ceiling beams.

However, the key to truly marrying the gray cabinetry and darker wood and brown elements is the backsplash. These various shades of cream-colored tiles act as something of an intermediary between the lighter gray and darker browns. This backsplash also helps to keep the kitchen from looking too dark.



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How to Work with your Existing Granite when Updating your Kitchen

​Most of the clients we work with are trying to bring their late 1990's- early 200o's Tuscan kitchen into the white/gray/cream updated kitchen of the moment. Many of them are also looking to update their backsplash, but keep the granite. One of my favorite color experts, Maria Kilim has coined the phrase, "Bossy Granite" and rightly so. She says there should really only be ONE busy pattern in a kitchen. If you've got granite with multiple colors and movement- That's your ONE pattern. And it's the BOSS. The Boss of your color palette for your kitchen. 

If ​your are updating your backsplash, you've really only got one option when working with Bossy Granite- a solid color tile. My preference is white or cream subway tile. It's classic, timeless and it let's the granite be the boss without a fight.

Solid color tile is the ONLY option for most people trying to update their kitchens with bossy-busy granite.

Solid color tile is the ONLY option for most people trying to update their kitchens with bossy-busy granite.

While we are talking about backsplashes. If your granite was installed with the 5" granite backsplash on the wall-that's it. You don't need another backsplash. That is your backsplash. It looks wrong to install a back splash on top of that. I should know- I did it in our last house. As a matter of fact- I broke all my own rules before I had any rules. How do you think I learned them????

When NOT to install a tile backsplash. And HOW not to select tile for your granite

When NOT to install a tile backsplash. And HOW not to select tile for your granite

Dana's Rules for working with granite in a kitchen update

  1. If your granite has orange, yellow or brown- your cabinet color should have a touch of cream like SW Creamy or SW Navajo White.
  2. If your granite is black- you are good to go for a classic black and white kitchen. My favorite whites are SW Alabaster, SW Pure White, and Porter Delicate White. You could also use your white trim color. 
  3. If your granite has a touch of gray- you can usually pull off "greige". My favorite is SW Accessible Beige.
  4. If you have Bossy Granite- use a solid color subway tile for your backsplash. ​You can use a solid color patterned tile like Arabesque, but those tend to get pricey. 
  5. Your best flooring choice for Bossy Granite will always be a wood floor. 

This arabesque tile works beautifully with these granite counters.

I love the arabesque tile in this kitchen designed by Karen Viscito.

Sometimes just a color change can make your whole kitchen feel updated without changing anything else. 

Stove hood before painting

BEFORE painting

stove hood painted

AFTER painting. Same countertop-same tile

Tuscan kitchen BEFORE

Tuscan kitchen BEFORE

AFTER- updated Tuscan kitchen with painted cabinets

AFTER- updated Tuscan kitchen with painted cabinets

Once you've updated your kitchen with freshly painted cabinets and a new solid color backsplash you can start saving your money for the NEXT BIG THING-- Quartz Countertops. Read what Kristie Barnett- The Decorologist has to say about Quartz Countertops. 

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🔴 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For Dark Cabinets

Should Backsplash Tile Match the Countertop Color?

Designing a kitchen allows you to go wild with your decorating ideas. A kitchen home improvement project puts your creativity on the front burner because the kitchen is a room you'll use throughout the day and provides a central hub for socializing. When you coordinate your design elements and architectural features, colors don't have to match, but they should coordinate. Your backsplash tile doesn't have to mirror the color of your countertops, but it should blend, harmonize and support the rest of the features in the room.

Matching Colors

When you match backsplash tile with the color of your countertops, the result is a continuous color flow that makes your kitchen appear uniform and connected. For example, cream, beige, brown or gray backsplash tile often matches granite, wood or neutral-color synthetic countertops. This is advantageous if you have small appliances or decorative accessories in colors such as such as red, black or turquoise that contrast with your tile. Matching your backsplash tile colors with your countertops creates a simple background that's versatile and well-balanced.

Contrasting Colors

Opt for backsplash tile colors that contrast with your countertops to create an artistic or visually dramatic kitchen space. Consider other colors in your kitchen, such as your flooring, decorative accessories, appliances, light fixtures and window treatments, and select a color that coordinates with your overall kitchen design. For example, you might install metallic silver backsplash tiles with slate countertops and stainless steel appliances, or you might opt for gray-blue tiles with wooden countertops and Wedgewood blue damask window treatments. The goal is to create a kitchen area that flows as a harmonious, well-coordinated space.

Coordinating Colors

You might opt for a backsplash tile color that matches or coordinates with a specific fleck or hue in your countertops, reports Painterati. For example, soft gray backsplash tile might appear striking against charcoal granite countertops that contain light gray color flecks. Or, warm honey-color subway tile might look appealing against soft brown, golden or beige marble countertops, and terracotta backsplash tile might blend nicely with maple countertops that have peachy undertones. Before you buy or install tile, hold backsplash tile samples against your countertops to see which ones are most appealing.

Mosaic Tile Colors

Backsplash tiles don't need to be one color only because you can mix and match coordinating colors or purchase premade mosaic tile strips. You might choose a repeated tile color that matches your countertops but add other tile colors to coordinate with other elements of your room design, says MSI. For example, you might choose light gray, silver, pearl and beige backsplash tiles to coordinate with your darker gray granite countertops and silver appliances. Or you might opt for pale green, silver, turquoise and light blue backsplash tiles to blend with green marble countertops. Mosaic backsplash colors and patterns are fresh, contemporary and visually appealing.


Gray brown backsplash and

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🔴 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For Dark Cabinets

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